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(generated from captions) winning control of
both chambers of Congress.

ICKES: The longest walk I took
in my life was from my...

I was still in the basement
in the West Wing...

..over to the second floor
of the residence

to tell him what he already knew,

that we had lost the House
and the Senate.

NARRATOR: That Christmas
was another dismal one.

Clinton wandered the corridors
of the White House,

obsessing about his defeat.

The old question haunted him -
"What did I do wrong?"

PANETTA: In politics,
you want to be loved.

Politics is about
wanting to be loved.

And, suddenly, there's a message
that maybe they don't love you.

And how do...
how do you deal with that?

He really went through
a lot of, you know...

..of kind of internal conflicts.

But, again, typical Bill Clinton,

you know, he was...he was angry,
he was mad,

he was, you know, kind of...
"What went wrong?"

But at the same time, he was asking
himself, "How do I fix it?"

REICH: There was no doubt in my mind

that Bill Clinton could come back
or would come back.

He always came back.

Bill Clinton was constitutionally
incapable of not coming back.

The real question was how?

In what form?

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Gaza conflict - fresh strikes on Hamas reported, as Hillary Clinton rushes to the Middle East. A judge sentences the man who attached a fake bomb to a Sydney schoolgirl's neck.You know, we realise what's important in life, and it's really changed our views on certain things. And questionsorve how the sexual abuse royal commission will work, as the states lock horns with the Federal Government.

ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Ricardo Goncalves. The top commander of Hamas has moments ago told Palestinian television that its enemies will pay a heavy price. A new wave of Israeli air strikes has tonight raised the death toll to 116 in Gaza. They end a quiet night, where no-one was killed for the first time since the assault began. The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, is on her way to the Middle East, leaving a summit in Cambodia. SBS chief political correspondent Karen Middleton is in Phnom Penh. The White House has confirmed tonight that d tonight that Hillary Clinton has left the East Asia Summit in Cambodia for emergency talks in the Middle East. She goes first to Jerusalem, where she'll see Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and then on to Ramallah in the West Bank to meet with the Palestinian Authority, followed by peace talks in Cairo. She will not be meeting with Hamas. Asked whether Mrs Clinton would be asking Israel to defer any ground invasion plans, the White House said, "Israel has a right to defend itself." A White House spokesman also said they had not directly asked Israel to defer any such plans. Here's more on the Gaza conflict. Israeli ministers have decided to hold off from launching a ground invasion of a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, but the damage throughout the Hamas-ruled territory is already widespread. Among the latest targets was a bank Hamas set up to sidestep international sanctions on its rule. Elsewhere, the house of Fuad Hejazi was flattened. His neighbours say he didn't have any military affiliations, but now Hejazi, his wife and two sons are dead.

This building houses the offices of Britain's Sky News and the Saudi- owned Al Arabiya channel. It's been struck by several rockets over the past two days. Israel says it was trying to destroy Hamas communication devices on the roof, and then target gunmen inside. A senior member of a group known as Islamic Jihad was killed, but at least six journalists have also been injured.Will Israel apologise for the injuries caused in this attack?Israel does not target journalists, and I think there are very legitimate questions about Hamas using journalists as human shields. Why did Hamas put its command and control, and its communications equi, and its communications equipment, inside buildings where they know journalists were sitting?Hamas is responding with its own rocket fire, and it's refusing to stop.

But Israel's President has since accused Hamas of receiving support from Iran. Shimon Peres says it's not only encouraging Palestinians to continue firing rockets, but also acting as a supplier.We're not going to make a war with Iran, but we are trying to prevent the shipping of long-range missiles, which Iran is sending to Hamas. And According to reports, the US is sending naval ships to the East and Mediterranean Sea for the possible evacuation of Americans from Israel. Most who've wanted to leave have done so via commercial airlines, as the region's worst violence in four years continues to escalate. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is set to hold talks with the Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He is warning an escalation in violence would put the whole region at risk. Clashes on the West Bank between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians protesting the air strikes - a 22- year-old Palestiniastrikes - a 22- year-old Palestinian was shot dead. The Israeli Army says its troops opened fire during a violent and illegal riot. But Palestinian medics say lestinian medics say the man was killed in a peaceful area. UN chief Ban Ki-moon is in Cairo, hoping to add diplomatic weight to indirect ceasefire talks brokered by Egypt. We all must recognise that Israel has a legitimate security concern that must ecurity concern that must be respected in accordance with international law. But a ground operation would be a dangerous eskilation.The UN Security Council remains deadlocked, with Russia pushing for a vote on a statement proposed by Arab nations calling for an end to hostilities. One member of the Security Council - I'm sure you can guess which - indicated, sort of quite transparently, that they will not be prepared to go along with any reaction of the Security Council. Somehow, allegedly, that could hurt the current efforts carried out by Egypt in the region.That member is the United n.That member is the United States. In Pakistan, demonstrators stet fire to American and Israeli flags, angry at US support for its ally.The most important, urgent matter is to de- escalate this conflict on both sides, including the fact that Hamas is still firing rockets into Israel.The US could be forced to use its veto if Russia presses ahead with a vote in the next few hours. The man convicted of attaching a hoax collar bomb to the neck of a Sydney schoolgirl has been sentenced to een sentenced to more than 13 years in jail. Paul Douglas Peters made no reaction as s made no reaction as the judge imposed the sentence. The Pulver family arrived that Sydney District Court, thankful this day had finally come.Be pleased when today is over.Like he said - happy it's nearly all over. The attack on Madeleine Pulver in August last year one of the most bizarre to come before an Australian court.It's certainly one of the strangest cases that I've ever worked on before, and I'll sure probably one of the strangest I'll ever work on.52- year-old Paul Douglas Peters entered the Mosman home of the Year 12 student and attached a fake collar bomb to her neck with an extortion note. He was arrested 12 days later after fleeing to the United States.Any words for Madeleine?Judge Peter Zahra said Peters set in train a plot to ex tort money:

Much of the sentencing covered Peters' psychological condition:

Madeleine says she can now look to a future without Peters' name being linked to hers.It has been a surprise to me that this year has been much harder than last year. But I am lucky enough to have a wonderful family and friends, and we are all making great progress. The sentence imposed on Paul Douglas Peters was backdated until his arrest last year. He'll be eligible for parole in 2021. His full sentence expires in 2025. The trauma caused to Madeleine will remain for a long time.We've supported each e've supported each other, and we realise what's er, and we realise what's important in life - it's really changed our views on certain things.The door now opening on a new future - next year, she begins studying at Sydney University. Residents west of Port Lincoln in South Australia are evacuating their homes evacuating their homes as an out-of-control bushfire heads towards the city. The fire is burning in inaccessible bushland on the Eyre Peninsula, about 6km west of Port Lincoln. It's the second time in eight days the town is under threat. In developing news - British prosecutors are set to lay charges in connection with the phone- hacking scandal. Former News International chief Rebekah Brooks and Prime Minister David Cameron's ex-spokesman Andy Coulson are among five people to be charged with making illegal payments to public officials. The payments were allegedly in exchange for information, including the royal phone directory. ing the royal phone directory. Scientists believe they might one day be able to restore movement to people with paralysis, after a breakthrough with dogs. Two years ago, Jasper the dachshund couldn't move his hind legs. After his spine was injected with cells taken from the lining of his nose, he can walk. Study leaders say the treatment is not a cure for spinal-cord injuries in humans, but it is a significant step towards icant step towards one. Coming up - royal commission concerns - the states challenge how the sexual abuse royal commission will work.

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The Federal Government has rejected concerns it's rushing consultations for its groundbreaking royal commission into child abuse. Community groups and others have until Monday to make submissions. There's still a long way to go for the Attorney-General, as she tries to find he tries to find the best way forward for the royal commission.I don't want the drafting on.I don't want the drafting of the terms of reference in rms of reference in the consultation to turn into a royal commission itself. She's given people just one week to have their say on how the inquiry should proceed. The NSW Premier is disappointed.What I know from our public consultation process is, often it takes at least a week for people to understand there is a discussion process available. Community advocates are concerned. It's very important that they speak to all the stay stakeholders that need to be heard, and that the terms of commission are broad and considered.There's continuing debate about whether the states and territories should join the inquiry - Western Australia has refused a joint investigation.I think each of them will be looking to see what stage their inquiries are at.Tony Abbott believes at.Tony Abbott believes Labor's trying to get the states to fund the inquiry. When things are a national responsibility, it is appropriate that the national government pick up the tab.The Prime Minister says funding is not a factor.There will be a royal commission that is effective to look at the key questions here.She's confident the states and territories will cooperate. The Commonwealth believes it has the constitutional power to proceed, even if none of the states join the inquiry. It says previous royal commissions have been conducted without all of the states taking part. The Commonwealth is also trying to contain expectations about the scope of the inquiry. The Attorney- General has indicated it won't hear every child-abuse claim.Part of what we are consulting carefully on - I ng carefully on - I must say, this is actually a difficult job - is how we structure the commission to get the balance right, that enough individual stories can be told.But advocates say some people have waited decades. We can't have people missing out on this opportunity. It's just so crucial when It's just so crucial when people have been silenced in the past.She says they want the royal commission to hear their experiences. ion to hear their experiences. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is preparing to head home from Phnom Penh, as the East Asia Summit wrapped up tonight. Barack Obama has become the first US president in decades to visit Cambodia, but he's told its leaders the countrys countries won't have a full relationship until Cambodia improves its human rights. No formal meeting, but she's not complaining - at last night's gala opening dinner, Julia Gillard had the best seat in the house. They offered mutual congratulations - she for his recent electoral victory, he for hers at the UN Security Council.Well, I had the opportunity to sit next to, ah, President Obama and next to my partner, Tim.Unlike her partner, Tim Mathieson, the Prime Minister and US President weren't short of conversation.So we had a wide- ranging discussion. It was a good opportunity to catch up.Barack Obama's Cambodia visit is the first by a US President to a country shunned for decades over the comur race's genocidal regime. -- Khmer Rouge's genocidal regime. The US is concerned about detention of political prisoners, and land seizures. The President told Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen these issues remain an impediment to relations. diment to relations.

Local villagers are pleading for the President to take up their case, issued with eviction notices ahead of the East Asia Summit. In contrast with yesterday's warm exchanges in Burma, the White House is making it clear President Obama's only in Cambodia because of the summit. because of the summit. He's pushing a proposed regional free trade agreement, while an alternative has come from South-East Asia.We now look like we're going to have two pathways to the one destination.Australia's leading a renewed push to fight malaria in Asia, and human trafficking. The Prime Minister has met with the retiring Chinese Premier, marking 40 years of bilateral ties with a farewell gift - an autographed photograph of former prime minister Gough Whitlam, and Chairman Mao Zedong. Australia is among those supporting a code of conduct, regulating activities in the South China Sea. With the summit concluded, With the summit concluded, the leaders are now heading home. Julia Gillard's having a private dinner tonight, and returns to Australia tomorrow. They'll all reassemble next year in Brunei. Amnesty International says asylum seekers in Nauru are living in despicable conditions. Two Amnesty officials were granted access to the detention centre, now home to almost 400 asylum seekers. It's the first independent inspection of the facility since it opened in mid- September. Dr Graham Thom says several of hom says several of the men have attempted to commit suicide.We saw people who showed us scars where they had cut themselves. They wanted to highlight one ed to highlight one of the poles where somebody had tried to hang themselves.Two men have also been hospitalised from the effects of a hunger strike. SBS correspondent Jeannette Francis is in Nauru. She says Amnesty International is concerned over what they've seen so far. They did indeed visit the detention centre earlier sit the detention centre earlier today, and basically very concerned not just about the physical conditions the detainees are in, but also their mental state. Dr Graham Thom spoke to us about some of the conditions that they were living in, saying that there was often 14 people to a tent, for example. You can imagine, in Nauru, it can get very hot, and the rainy season is also approaching. He was quite concerned about that kind of living arrangement. He said there simply wasn't enough room for the 400-odd asylum seekers that are now currently housed in the detention centre. Jeanette, have you been allowed access to the detention centre itself?We haven't been allowed access. Iachas made quite clear that no media will be entering the detention centre on this particular trip. We do rely very heavily on Amnesty for the details, particularly when it comes to those details of living conditions of what it's like inside the tents. We do, however, rely also as well on things like Facebook and Twitter, but also local people here sending photos via e here sending photos via Twitter and things like that. But in terms of actually seeing the conditions for ourselves, we are quite limited.SBS reporter Jeannette Francis there. Pakistan court has dropped a blasphemy case against a Christian girl accused of burning pages of the Koran. The 14-year-old was held in maximum security before being released on bail and flown away from prison own away from prison in September. A Muslim cleric is facing charges after allegedly planting evidence against the girl. Western Australia says it's willing to hand over more land to China and other foreign investors, after clinching a $700 million deal to lease over 13,000 hectares of land in the Kimberley region. The vast tracks of land will be released for up to 50 years by Chinese conglomerate Shanghai Zhongfu. It plans to build a $450 million sugar mill near Kununurra, and will sublease 20% of the land to local growers. The and to local growers. The Chinese bid beat out an Australian company which wanted the land to grow cotton.You can produce papers on the Asian century, but if you don't actually engage in Asia, it's all a waste of time. Western Australia is 20 years ahead of the rest of the country in our engagement with Asia, and particularly China. This is a very welcome investment and, I think it will be the forerunner of more overseas investment, particularly from China, into the agricultural industries, maybe in the fishing industries, agriculture, other areas.The much-hyped Click Frenzy online sale event has crashed. Touted as the sale that stopped the internet, it stopped the site minutes after the sale began. This virtual crowd-control screen greeted some website visitors. Others saw a blank page for as long as an hour. The website of some participating retailers also crashed shortly after the sale began. ly after the sale
began. The Reserve Bank has hinted that it is not finished with lowering the official cash rate. Speaking in Melbourne tonight, RBA Governor Glenn Stevens Governor Glenn Stevens mirrored comments made in today's release of the board meeting minutes.The board felt that further easing might be required over time. The board was also conscious, though, that a significant easy of policy has already been put in place in the past year. The effects will still be felt for a while.A December rate cut December rate cut will depend on the pace of the global economic recovery and the rate of inflation locally. That takes us to the Australian share market, stralian share market, which continued to climb on hopes a solution will be found to America's pending fiscal cliff.

Next - the weather. And the createy kids fighting together for peace at home.

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2-time Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Damien Oliver has been disqualified from riding for eight months, after he admitted to placing a $10,000 bet on a rival horse. Oliver broke down during his testimony today, when he recounted how his marriage break-up played a part in his committing the offence two years ago. He was given an additional 2- month ban for using his mobile phone in the jockeys' room at Moonee Valley.I'm deeply sorry for my actions, and... Yeah. Thank you for everyone.Oliver will be free to participate in next year's spring carnival. Meanwhile, the Victorian Minister for Racing, Denis Napthine, has called for an independent investigation into delays and alleged mishandling of the Racing Victoria investigation into Oliver's investigation into Oliver's case. To the forecast now - a high is keeping Tasmania, Victoria and western NSW mostly

keeping Tasmania, Victoria and
western NSW mostly dry. Troughs are causing the odd shower in eastern Queensland. A trough is drawing hot, dry, gusty northerly winds into South Australia.

Sport is a matter of national pride the world over - and the Karate World Championship in Sydney this week is certainly no exception. 800 athletes from 50 countries will compete for gold, but one team made up of Palestinians and Israelis is showing the true meaning of sportsmanship. Palestinian Abed el-Salaime prepares for an attack against his opponent, Australian Jew Danny Hakim. These karate black-belt holders have every reason to inflict pain on each other. But in fact, they're the perfect team. They belong to the group called Budo for Peace, a Middle East martial-arts organisation dedicated to peaceful cooperation between Jews and Arabs.

That's breaking down prejudices, even in the light of the receipt violence.A lot of people said we shouldn't do it, it's not the right time. There's never the right time! But there's the right time! But there's always the right time to try and, you know, project the vision of peace.Senseis teach values like kindness and self- control in Hebrew, Arabic and English. The underlying message of Budo for Peace is to maintain courtesy and respect. That's why these athletes are able to fight fiercely while maintaining their friendship outside the arena. Hanan Drawshi is an Arab who lives and works in Israel. She wants to show that both cultures can learn to coexist through sport.We have a special language for us, so we can talk together with a martial art, so we can do this cooperation with a martial art. That's unique, what we do in Budo for Peace.A Japanese word "budo" literally means "the way of stopping conflict" - a language that these students are keen to turn others.Some friends say, "Why should you do such a thing like uch a thing like that? Palestinians are sending missiles at us" and stuff. I tell them that that's not true - we are 's not true - we are all Israeli. We all live in Israel. It doesn't matter if we're Arab, Christian, Jewish - we all live in Israel.Living side by side, linked by love andert. -- love and respect. That is the world this Tuesday. I'm Ricardo Goncalves. I'll see you at the same time tomorrow. Goodnight. Supertext captions . Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Bee Media -

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