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(generated from captions) Manhattan. There,
I've done it again. I've changed. Five.
Alright, Manchester. I'll go back to Manchester.

I'm out.

What did we end up locking in?

It's not Manila.

And it's not Manhattan.

Kelvin, it's the Isle of Man.
Oh. From the old Norse name
for the island, which is situated between England
and Northern Ireland. So you weren't even close with it.
I wouldn't have guessed that. Take $1,000 and be happy with that.
Yeah. Oh, we will. We will. Good on you, buddy. Well played. Kelvin Dodds
just won a grand off me. I'll catch you next time in the
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This program is captioned live. Tonight oi owe the man behind the collar bomb extortion, jailed for ten years. I'm pleased with today's outcome and that I can now look for a future without Paul Douglas Peters's name linked to mine.We have the exclusive video evidence. Also - Julia Gillard's dinner date with Barack Obama. Ramraid destruction - the ATM thieves. Ultimate shopping bonanza - how you can cash in. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News. Good evening. Paul Douglas Peters, the man who caused unimaginable terror to a Sydney schoolgirl will spend at least the next ten years behind bars. Madaleine Pulver today came to see the man who strapped a fake bomb to her neck. Tonight we have her reaction to his sentence, plus the exclusive video showing how police cracked the case. It was the moment Madaleine Pulver has avoided for 15 months, coming face to face with the man who terroriseed her. Happy it's nearly all over.Today she watched as Paul Douglas Peters was condemned to a jail cell.I'm pleased with today's outcome and that I can now look to a future without Paul Douglas Peters's name being linked to mine.The judge said the attack was a henous ablgt and she was entitled to the sanctity of her home and her terror was unimaginable. Peters broke into Maddy's Mosman home last year, straped a suspected bomb around her neck and left an extortion note. The judge, I think, made him accountable today, for behaviour which is simply not acceptable in our community.Good to hear the judge acknowledge the trauma he put my family and me through.While Peters pleaded guilty, he maintained a psychotic episode made him do it. But the judge said the extortion was planned adding Peters initially denied involvement and showed little remorse. Mr Peters was actually, from our perspective, shown no clear remorse through this entire event. Is there anything you want to tell me about the extortion, kidnapping? The bomb placed around Madaleine Pulver's neck on 3 August?No.Are you responsible?No.It was textbook, detective work. CCTV footage, a money trial. The extortionists provided the vital clue; the email address he stuck to the fake collar bomb.The email address was obviously pivotal.Luke Ball led the team that tracked down the man who called himself 'Dirk Strewan' a character in a novel. It was important to us in identifying that this was not a figurement of someone's imagination. There was a genuine threat.This was rolling quickly?It was happening fast.This CCTV foot age gave police the face of the man who accessed that email account and they needed a name.We had an image of a person from CCTV that we thought was important to our inquiries and a motor vehicle.That tar was a gold Range Rover but the rego plates couldn't be seen, so police trawl through hundreds of RTA records of gold Range Rovers, matching car registrations with licence foe tes. -- photos. They got a name - Paul Douglas Peters. It took some old fashioned investigative work to be able to put a name to that image.Then there was the money trail. Debit card transactions, the baseball bat used to threaten Maddy, bought by Peters at Rebel Sport at Erina. The rainbow balaclava and the USB stick attached to the bomb - Officeworks at West Gosford, all paid for on a debit card bearing the name Paul Douglas Peters. By the time the pieces of the jigsaw started to fall into place, Peters had already left for the US. With the FBI on his tail, hep was soon arrested by a SWAT team in his ex-wife's house in Kentucky. There, on a table, James Cl oorbgs vell's novel, 'Taipan'.It is a total gotcha. It's one of those things that is almost too strange to be true. They had their man.Within two weeks he was sitting in a holding jail in the United States. Do you know anything about an email address with that name? 'Dirk Stuan'?Yes.What can you tell me? I had set up an email address with... Detective Sergeant Andrew Marks was reeling him in with the CCTV images. Then the twist. The USB stick contained a deleted document with the name of a multimillion dollar trust Peters himself had told police about.No comment. The collar bomber was collared. What was Paul Douglas Peters's biggest mistake?His biggest mistake was undertaking it in the first place.For Madaleine Pulver, now is the time to rebuild her life. This year has been much harder than last year. But I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful family and friends and we're all making great progress. You must be proud of your daughter, what she's done there?Madaleine Pulver is a very special young lady who handled herself with incredible poise and dignity throughout this entire event, so yeah, we're unbelieveably proud of her.Live to Simon Bouda outside Parklea Prison. What happens to Paul Douglas Peters now?He's been held here in ParkLeigh Prison. He will undergo a classification process which will mean he will probably then be classified into maximum security and probably housed in either Goulburn or Lithgoe jails. Maddy is heading to Sydney University to begin her college life and is looking forward to it. Thank you. For the rest of the day's news: a large factory fire is causing major peak hour traffic problems in the inInner West. Mark is at Marrickville.That traffic in and around Marrickville is a mess, as fire crews remain at the scene, making sure this fire does not get out of control again. The blaze started at 3.30, and furniture workers were applying a very flammable laquer when some spark in the factory iingnielted those fumes and the blaze --ic nighted the fumes and blaze tore through the building. The fire brigade were concerned the flames would spread. Two people were taken to hospital. At the moment it is under control and they're trying to work out what happened.Julia Gillard and Barack Obama have renewed their friendship, enjoying a dinner side by side at the East Asia Summit in Cambodia. The Prime Minister described it as a good catch-up as she begain formal talks with world leaders. Old friends together again. Tim Mathieson was also at the dinner, but the foi kus was on Julia Gillard and Barack Obama.We had a wide ranging discuss, and so it was a -- discussion, and so it was a good opportunity to catch up. Earlier the Prime Minister paid her respects to the Cambodian late kepbg's father. Tim Mathieson came. - his son came.He's oh on a private visit. He did not travel with us. He's in accommodation that's his own.This morning Julia Gillard had a formal meeting with Barack Obama to discuss plans for more free trade in the Asia Pacific. They want a new agreement by October. Kevin Rudd is at play, appearing with Malcolm Turnbull, and the two ruled out a return to the leadership or an audience suggestion they form a breakaway party.Malcolm and I could never agree on the leadership. (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) That was a joke. In Cambodia. A stolen ute has been driven into the front of a bowling club near Cessnock in a dramatic ramraid. Three men made off with an ATM, leaving a trail of destruction. Police hope security camera vision will help identify the thieves. There's a growing chorus of world leaders calling for Israel and Palestinian militants to end their fighting. The head of the UN has flown into the Middle East to try to negotiate a peace deal as rocket fire continues. We report from Gaza City. Captured on our camera - positioned on our hotel ball con that i. -- balcony. Another Hamas target up in a cloud of smoke. The attacks now almost a week old carried once more into the night. That was close. Listen to this. That's shelling coming from the navy ships out on the water. Within a few seconds they launch, whistle through the air, and they land off in the distance. On the streets of Gaza, the bodies of 12 family members were carried to their graves, all killed in yesterday's airstrike. The victims spanned four generations. A father raised his dead child in the air. Onlookers shed tears of pain and heartbreak. There is a mixture of feelings here. A lot of the people are sad, but also angry as well, and this is what makeings people here want to strike back to Israel. That in turn means torture and misery for more than 3 million Israelis. Residents have 15 seconds to take shelter once the sirens go off. UN chief, Ban Ki-moon, is in the region trying to broker a peace deal or a cease-fire, something to stop the rockets.

There's an important safety alert over child car seats. 60,000 anchor kits and brackets have been recalled. The warning only affects units sold since April and are identified by batch numbers 022 or 023. You will find this on the bracket. The recall includes major brands.

? In the first battle of its kind, Sydney retailers are going head to head with their online competition in a preChristmas blitz. We're live to Bondi Junction Westfield. Retailers are going to extraordinary lengths?Yes, the string quartet here and the free cocktails here as well as late opening hours are all part of an attempt to lure shoppers away from what's called "click frenzy". That is an idea that's come from the US, which means the half a million or so people who registered so far will be emailed deals and discounts from 7 o'clock tonight. Whether they spend their money online or here in store, the heightened competition means shoppers are going to be the winners. It's the one-off, 24-hour shopping war. 'Click Frenzy' fired first, driving traffic to online.The biggest online sale that Australia has seen.Catherine is almost one of a million online shoppers expected to sign up. She will be on a shopping spree from her home tonight.Sitting on the lounge, don't have to drag the kids through the sales.200 Australian retailers have signed up, including Meyer, target, Toys R Us and Dan Murphys. But David Jones is cutting prices on it website and in store first, and for one day, fashion, shoes and toys.Christmas an important time for the retail sector. It is important that it works.The sale was so popular, this afternoon David Jones' website crashed. In store in Parramatta, it was sale-on, and shoppers were loving it.It was a very pleasant surprise.There are tips to keeping a cool head in the online frenzy. Look for a lock icon on the website address to ensure it's safe. Consider purchases carefully. The deals will last for 24 hours. Check delivery.

The big sell will continue with more discounts in department stores throughout December.

Stay with us - coming up - a butcher, a paiker and a bus driver catch a robber red-handed. Residents evacuate as an out-of- control bushfire closes in on their town. Peter Harvey reports on the star-studded celebrations for the Queen's 65th wedding anniversary. This program is not captioned. ('ANYTHING YOU CAN DO'
# Anything you can do WOMAN: # I can do better # I can do anything
better than you # No, you can't
# Yes, I can # No, you can't
# Yes, I can, yes, I can... # Anything you can be # I can be greater # Sooner or later... # VOICEOVER: The all-new Honda CRV. Smaller outside, bigger inside.

That's clever.

This program is not captioned.

Every day homes are broken into right across Sydney. Their owners are left to count the cost. In Randwick, one victim, with h help of his community fought back, to catch a burglar red-handed. When Richard walked in he was angry. Get out of my house.What infuriated the father of two was how they simply ignored him.They didn't get out. They finished packing the bags full of stuff.So Richard went off them, on the streets of Randwick, as the sign suggests, help may not be far away. Good xuenty spirit.Someone called the police while the Baker gave chase, followed by a bus driver, but the butcher joined the posse. One of the guys took off him.They got one of him.The police pinned him and everyone jumped on him. He looked battered. The court was told he was on parole for serious offences including robbery and drugs. Today he was refused bail. I'm glad I did it rbs oh and I'm glad one of them got caught. An out-of-control bushfire is heading towards the SA town of Port Lincoln. Residents have been evacuated from dozens of home that are under threat. Firefighters are dealing with strong winds that are pushing the blaze towards the town. A cen Royal Variety Performances and their 65 Wedding Anniversary. Stars from around the world have entertained Her Majesty during an evening of serious glitz and glamour. The Royal Variety Performance is the Queen's big nielgt out. It's been so for years. Here she is at the show the year she was crowned. Last night, just as regal. The evening celebrated a lot of anniversaries - the 65th of her marriage and the 100th of a cert that's become her own, all within the Diamond Jubilee Year. Tonight it was her choice of stars. One Direction, the boy band. # It's you Then the man who invented ballads Neil Diamond. # Sweet Caroline And at the end, a catch-up with our own Kylie, but there was no doubt the Queen's favourite act was Ashley and Pudsey the dog. The rest of their blue sapphire wedding anniversary was celebrated in private at Buckingham Palace. Congratulations. How good was Pudsey! Pch Good evening. Tonight Quade's next move and can he make the switch to rugby league? Coming up. The pace war within the aus Australian cricket team. We will tell you who is winning. A 30 degree day in store for our west. I

This program is not captioned. Being there for others isn't just
a profession - it's a choice. And I choose HESTA
to be there for me.

choose HESTA for their super.

This program is not captioned. Being there for others isn't
just a profession - it's a choice. And I choose HESTA
to be there for me.

choose HESTA for their super.

This program is not captioned. SSonny Bill Williams says that Quade Cooper would be a smash hit at rugby league. This is Quade as we'll see him - he will turn to boxing as his next pursuit. A revelation last night that Cooper has quit the ARU, devastated his team-mates.No other guy I like having many my team more. He brings so much to the group. But it's hard to get hold of. He has to be somewhere he feels he's treated fairly. I'm playing basketball the next two years. Rugby league like union is a team game. If you don't fit in the team, then you might find yourself in a toxic environment. Quade is a fantastic footballer but no John Eel. With the Blues celebrating secures two games at ANZ, Daley says he would be welcome in NRL.He's like benji. When he has the ball he can make the opposition defence stop. Sonny Bill wants to play with Quade, loving him at the Roosters. REPORTER: How would Cooper go? Great.Do you want to play with him one day?I would love to play with Quade. You love watching him. Pretty good bloke, too. Mitchel Stark has the upper hand for the second cricket test. Roz Kelly, Stark is impressing the right people?The fight is between Stark and Hilfenhaus for the final spot in a three-pronged pace attack joining Siddle and Pattinson. Stark has outdone Hilfenhaus here in Adelaide. Hilfenhaus came here already under pressure after struggling at the Gabba. He receiveeded the backing of an influencial member. He's been pretty good. When you have someone that can bowl his pace and left arm like that that can swing, very dangerous.

And Ponting was strong on the topic of Shane Watson's fitness. He said under no circumstances should he play in a test if he's anything less than 100% fit. Thank you. Jockey Damien Oliver spoke about the worst period in his life after being suspended for ten months. Oliver pleaded guilty to placing a $10,000 winning bet on a rival horse in 2010, while his mount finished out of the placings. I'm deeply sorry for my actions. Yeah. Thank you for everyone. Oliver says the turmoil of a marriage break-up and issues with binge drinking were part of the problem. Peter it's official that the Australian rugby league commission has outlawed the shoulder charge. We have breaking news - two motorcyclists have been hit by a semi-trailer near the many 5 on- ramp at Prestons. Drivers are warned to expect lengthy delays. A glimpse of summer is on the way.

The suburbs, flagged as high risk jo
fire danger this summer, Dozens of
jobs go, as a joinery business shut cra
its doors, And, the new shopping ne
craze in Canberra. All the details next.

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This program is not captioned. We saw heavy showers across Sydney last night after 10mm fell near Camden. But it cleared to a partly cloudy day.

Well done. That is Nine News. Good night.Supertext captions by su
years. Good Night. Tonight ... The fires
suburbs, at high risk of summer overseas
fires. Click and collect, an And
overseas craze comes to Canberra.
And: A mother, meets the triple-zer bab
operator, who helped deliver her Pos
baby. Good evening, I' m Danielle fl
Post. Bushfire hot spots have been t
flagged across the region, in a bid Firefi
to urge residents take action. hero
Firefighters warn they can' t be pre
heroes, if homes aren' t properly expecte
prepared for the worst season Th
expected in nearly thirty years. jus
The Ridgeway. A lifestyle retreat th
just out of Queanbeyan, that under t
the worst conditions becomes a fire
trap. There' s only one way in an concer
one way out and that' s a bit -
concerning. Not yet marked in red a
- it' s one of several areas listed veg
as high risk. There' s a lot of t
vegetation and the bush comes up to wi
the homes. If you look out the grass
window of your home and you see b
grasslands or bushlands you need to aler
be concerned. Other suburbs on Wambo
alert include Jerrabomberra and a
Wamboin. While grass may look green ve
across the region now, it will dry
very quickly. All around this are so
there' s forrest and bush of some d
sort or rather which can get fairly g
dangerous in dry weather. If we conducive
get the conditions that are s
conducive to a fire, any grass will Wit
spread fire reasonably rapidly. r
With a troubling fire season ahead, prevent
residents also have a role in i
preventing damage. Firefighters say th
if homes aren' t properly prepared W
there may be nothing they can do.
We still do firefighting with a ris find
management approach. We can b
find ourselves in a situation where ve
bushfires can be threatening homes a
very quickly. Locals are urged to lea
also develop an escape plan - and o
leave their homes early at any sign c
of danger. They don' t want to be caught in a bushfire in a vehicle o trees
a road that perhaps got fallen i
trees on it. They don' t want to be in that position and their families D
Community forums will be held in December.

Canberra' s biggest joinery compan th
has collapsed - putting more than admin
thirty workers out of a job. An ov
administrator is currently pouring book
over the Douglas Quality Joinery books, but it' s not looking good. Just weeks out from Christmas - it "
s not news anyone wants to hear. "We looked at the financial positio t
and made the decision to terminate to
the staff because we weren' t able employe
to trade." More than thirty Joiner
employees from Douglas Quality finishe
Joinery were pulled from half blo
finished jobs last Friday. A cost b
blow out on three major projects to bl
blame - at Questacon, an apartment
block in Kingston and one in Lyons. necess
"They haven' t delivered the necessary product on time, there' s affecte
been delays there and that' s business."
affected cash flow for the m
business." The administrator will unlik
meet with creditors - but it' s W
unlikely the company will be saved. collap
Workers - first told about the
collapse on the weekend. "They' r ther
very disappointed of course but that
there seems to be a bit of sense C
that they new it was coming." The Construction Workers Union says onl memb
two of the laid off workers are employe
members. They' ll be the only "T
employees to receive assistance. g
"Two workers in that workplace will le
get the full support of the CFMEU, and
legal support, industrial support entitleme
and we will guarantee their jobs
entitlements and we' ll get them
jobs in the industry." It' s hope by
the other workers will be covered by the Federal Government' s genera redundancy
employee entitlements and get
redundancy scheme. "they should get their annual leave, their unpai wages, notice in lieu and redundancy. But under the scheme th super isn' t covered."

A Canberra man has been killed in Thir
hit and run incident in Darwin. w
Thirty-five-year-old Rikki Colosimo was hit while on his way home from Do
party in the small town of Humpty thirty-seven
Doo on Sunday morning. A