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22. Correct. Inside the buzzer. Do all bats feed on blood?

Correct. The title of a 1952 movie is
'Singin' in the WHAT'?

Rain. Rain. Correct. True or false? In Greek mythology,
the god of the sea was Hestia.

False. Poseidon. What is 39 + 25?

64. True or false? The boa constrictor's common name
is the same as its scientific name.

False. True, it is, Juda. And we are out of time. Checking scores. Good game.
Ended up being very close. 230 - Curl Curl North. Well done,
Annie, Georgia, Callum. 250 - Hornsby South,
Alistair, Hamish, Remy. 280 - winners. Liam, Lauren and Juda,
Marayong South. That's a winning score for today. When we come back tomorrow, we will be in the middle
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - relief for the Pulver family as the fake collar bomber is jailed
for more than 13 years. A man arrested over the murder
of Victorian woman Sarah Cafferkey. A South Australian town under threat
from an out-of-control bushfire. And Barack Obama and Julia Gillard
share a laugh in Cambodia.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Samantha Armytage.

Good afternoon. The man who placed a fake bomb
around the neck of a Sydney teenager in her Mosman home has been jailed for 13.5 years. Madeline Pulver was in court to see her attacker,
Paul Douglas Peters, sentenced to a minimum 10 years behind bars. Chris Reason was there as well. Chris, the judge said the nature of the crime
required a long jail sentence? That's right. The Judge Peter

That's right. The Judge Peter Zahra said that Peters would if I appreciated the enormity of what he was doing and the impact of the victim. Peter's defence argued he suffered a triple calamity in his life. He lost his career, his marriage. The judge said his mental condition did little to reduce the moral culpability. He would have understood that his victim was in fear of his life. Customer back to almost three last year when Madeleine Pulver was at home studying and her 12 million-dollar home in Mosman when Peters came into the home with a balaclava and grab her and tied her to that extraordinary device around her neck. He fled and she was left to deal with the police with that ordeal with about 10 hours. A distressing thing for a young girl, 18 years old at the time, to have to endure. She is very glad it is now behind her. Let's listen to what she had to say after the sentence was handed down. I'm pleased with today's outcome
and that I can now look to a future without Paul Peters' name
being linked to mine. I realise it's going to take
quite some time to accept what happened but today was important because
now the legal process is over.

For me,
it was never about the sentencing but to know
that he will not reoffend. It's good to hear
the judge acknowledge the trauma he's put my family through. It's been a surprise to me that this year is much harder
than last year but I'm lucky enough to have
wonderful family and friends and we're all making great progress. Chris, her parents must be
so relieved this ordeal is over? They were either side of

They were either side of her and will stop Bill and blender, basically delighted that they can put a line behind this. Bill Pulver said later that there was no sign of remorse from Peters and no apology from him. That was the only downside. They both spoke glowingly of the police and the court system today. Let's listen to them and the police behind this amazing extraordinary investigation. We feel a great sense of relief and the judge made him responsible
for actions that are simply not acceptable
in this community. We supported each other and realised
what's important in life and changed our views
on certain things. We don't worry
about the small stuff. Certainly, one of the strangest
cases I've worked on before and I'm sure one of the strangest
I'll work on in the future. Really like to pay tribute
to the investigation team. I think they did a fantastic job.

Madeleine now says she is hoping to go to Sydney Gin adversity next year and try and put this nightmare behind her. -- Sydney University. Police have arrested a man over the murder of Victorian woman
Sarah Cafferkey. The 22-year-old's body was found
in a home on Saturday night. Kate Osborn is outside
St Kilda police station. Hi, Kate.
What do we know about this arrest?

We are limited in what we can say

now that someone is in custody. I can tell you the Special Operations Group arrested a 47-year-old man who around 12:30pm at a flat in the eastern suburb of Hawthorn. Neighbours say he did not resist and went with place without incident and is now being questioned by the homicide squad here at St Kilda Road police complex. Earlier today police said they were looking for a Stephen James Hunter as a person of interest in the disappearance and murder of Sarah Cafferkey his body was found at a rented Point Cook home on Saturday. A publican from Bacchus Marsh where Sarah lived told us today that he saw Sarah and Hunter sharing a table at his pub on 10th November. That's the day after she was last seen alive by friends and family. Coming after the rape and murder of Chilmark, this case has sent shockwaves through the community, particularly at Point Cook where her body was found. People are still turning up there to leave tributes. Here are two ladies whispered to earlier today. The whole community
is just absolutely devastated that this has happened and, particularly, happened here. Just that our thoughts are with
Sarah's family and friends and that we don't stand
for any of this.

This is an

This is an emotional case but police have issued a warning to people not to post hateful or insight for messages on a social networking sides saying that that could prejudice this case when it goes to trial. An out-of-control bushfire is heading towards
the South Australian town of Port Lincoln and fire authorities are warning
lives could be at risk. The fire is burning in scrub
on the Lower Eyre Peninsula but a change in wind direction
is expected.

An emergency warning has been issued
to residents in the area who have been told
to prepare for the worst. We've had plenty of fires here
over the years, but it still keeps everybody
on edge. A total fire ban has been declared
for most of the state. Three districts are at the highest
danger rating of 'catastrophic'. Champion jockey Damien Oliver
has been disqualified from riding for 10 months, over a $10,000 bet
on a rival horse two years ago. He's pleaded for public forgiveness declaring it was a one-off
during a stressful period of his life. Leith Mulligan
has more from Melbourne. Yes, thank you. Damien Oliver,
one of the best jockeys in the land, has a fair bit of time on his hands
now. 10 months to be exact. That's because he was banned
for that length of time for making a $10,000 bet in a race
two years ago and for using a mobile phone
in a jockeys' room to make that bet. Well, it has him sitting out
until spring next year and it's the timing of all of this
that has intrigued a lot of people and Racing Victoria
has come under fire because Damien was allowed to ride
during the rich Spring Carnival while the investigations
were ongoing with the hearing only held today. And then he'll return from that ban just in time for the Spring Carnival
next year. While Oliver emerged from
the hearing today saying little, making a short apology
to the 40-year-old vowing to get back in the saddle
when the ban ends. Firstly of all, I want to apologise
to the racing industry and everyone here today. I am deeply sorry for my actions and, um, yeah,
thank you to everyone. Certainly was an emotional morning
for the star jockey. Giving in evidence today,
he broke into tears claiming that
personal and financial stress as his marriage broke down led him to an alcohol problem
and making that $10,000 bet. Damien Oliver is such a star, he had a movie made about
his 2002 Melbourne Cup exploits when he lost his brother tragically but then went on to win
the Melbourne Cup on Media Puzzle. It's fair to say
there won't be a sequel with this disgraceful latest chapter
in his career.

Prime Minister Gillard has tallked
trade and security with US President Barack Obama
and other Asia Pacific leaders at a summit in Cambodia. They have agreed to an October 2013
deadline for talks on a new free trade deal
for the region. Mia Greves is there. Good afternoon, Sam. I'm here in Phnom Penh
at the Peace Palace following Julia Gillard's meeting
with US President Barack Obama and five other leaders as they work together
on a regional free trade agreement. The PM said the deadline to get
this in place is October next year. This is what she had to say
a short time ago. So, the transpacific partnership
discussions today were very good, very constructive discussions. Reducing trade barriers is certainly
a big theme at this conference where Australia is concerned. The summit brings together
world leaders, including the Asian powerhouses
China, Japan and India. Australia has also tabled
an initiative on malaria as well as funding
a $50 million program to combat the trafficking
of women and children in South-East Asia. Julia Gillard's partner
Tim Mathieson has also joined her on this trip, but at last night's gala dinner,
he looked a little left out as the PM
and the world's most powerful man shared a couple of private jokes.

I had a wide-ranging discussion
with President Obama. I congratulated him on his election, I'd had the opportunity to do that
by phone, but did it in person. Tim's son, Kane,
has joined the couple yesterday in paying their respects
to the late Cambodian king. This morning the PM said Kane
is not here at taxpayers' expense. The 32-year-old is paying his
own accommodation expenses and didn't get a free ride here
on her plane. I do want to be clear about this. He's on a private visit,
he did not travel with us. He was here in Cambodia. He's in accommodation
that is his own accommodation. Julia Gillard is here
in the Cambodian capital for less than two days so the meetings are back to back. Shortly,
she'll meet with China's premier with all 18 leaders gathering again
for a major trade announcement. From Phnom Penh,
it's back to you, Sam. Stay on Seven. After the break - Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull
get cosy on national television. And how this once-paralysed dog
is giving home to human paraplegics.

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
is in Egypt for emergency talks to try to broker a ceasefire
in Gaza. More than 100 people have now died
in the violence of the past week.

Israeli missile strikes killed
at least 24 Palestinians during the bloodiest day of fighting
yesterday. Seven's Adrian Brown is in Gaza. Well, you don't have to go far
in Gaza to find signs of destruction,
suffering, trauma. Behind me, they are looking
for the body of a 17-year-old girl. Her home was targeted
by an Israeli warplane yesterday at a little after 3 o'clock
in the afternoon. It wasn't just her home
that was hit. Two others were, too. In total, 11 people were killed -
6 women, 5 children. The search for that
missing 17-year-old girl is still going on. The families have been sitting down
to lunch at the time. They were indoors because
they thought they'd be safe there but Israel has now admitted
they hit the wrong house. Down the road, we went
to the local football stadium. That was also targeted
by Israeli warplanes. At least three missiles
were fired at it and the destruction
was very extensive. I spoke to one eyewitness
who told me what he saw. Very bad, very dangerous in the
situation. Today at 6:00 in the morning they attacked Syria
and the middle of Gaza and here, in this area
and the centre of Gaza and four bombs, OK. They destroyed all things,
all areas, all building. Today the morning was a very bad day
for all civil people. Well, if Israel does carry out
a land incursion into Gaza and scenes like this are
going to be all too familiar. The diplomacy is still going on and the people here in Gaza,
are not hopeful. Back to you.

Senior political figures
have laughed off suggestions Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull
should start their own party. The former leaders
also dismissed the idea despite performing a colourful
double act for the country. Sharing the spotlight
on national television, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull
were always going to steal the show. Before you jump in again, mate,
let me... I'm sorry. At times, the political enemies
sounded more like old friends. It remains a matter
of complete bafflement to me why the Labor Party
doesn't put Kevin back. Malcolm has smart ideas
for the country's future. I've got a few as well. It begged the question... Why don't you two join
and establish a new party? Perhaps under the name
'Team RuddBull'? It's very flattering but, uh, no. Malcolm and I could never agree
on the leadership. (LAUGHTER)

That was a joke.

Some elder statesmen of politics
also laughed off the idea. That's the sort of suggestion
you'd expect to be made on 'Q&A'. Of course. The talk about
party political realignment is fantasy land. Mr Rudd and Mr Turnbull
also dismissed as fantasy any suggestion they want to lead
their own parties again, despite opinion polls showing they're both more popular
than the current leaders. No wonder
their colleagues were happy. I believe that Malcolm gave
an outstanding performance. It was the Kevin Rudd
we all know and love. The audience clearly agreed. (APPLAUSE)

British scientists
have worked out a way to help paralysed dogs walk again, giving hope to human paraplegics. The researchers transplanted
stem cells from a dog's nose into its back. Jasper is a very happy dachshund. When I joined him and his owner,
Peter Hay, for a morning walk, But three years ago,
he couldn't walk at all. A slipped disc
had damaged his spinal cord and left him paraplegic. In a lot of pain
and just nothing in his hind legs. Just going flat along the floor
behind him. Scientists used a novel technique
for treating Jasper. They took special cells
from his nose and injected them into his spine. The results were dramatic - so good, he could eventually walk
without the sling. Jasper is now a very lively
10-year-old dachshund, just like any other happy little dog and the researchers
at Cambridge University hope the treatment they gave him
may one day help humans too. It's not a red light,
it's a green light so one might expect there to be
some degree of improvement in humans if this intervention were used. Watching Jasper walk again, it's hard to disagree
with the Medical Research Council who say this research
is tremendously important. Next in Seven's 4:30 News, the 24-hour online shopping frenzy
that starts tonight. Also, the video proving police
can also be driven to distraction. And New South Wales scores
a rare win over Queensland

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Australia's first nationwide
online sale starts tonight and shoppers are being offered
savings of up to 90%. The 24-hour sale on the
Click Frenzy website starts at 7pm. Big names like Myer, Target,
Dick Smith, Bing Lee, Toys R Us, also some pure play online retailers
like SurfStitch and StyleTread. Bargain hunters are being urged
to make a list and check refund policies
before they buy. Time to check finance and the share market has closed
higher. The ASX 200 ended the day up
24 points. And the Australian dollar is buying: Video has emerged in the US of police being distracted
by their own in-car technologies. Here, a policeman is captured
running a red light and crashing into another car. He later admitted
he'd been looking at his computer. This police driver misses a stop
sign and takes out a motorcyclist. Every police department who says
they don't have a problem with driving,
distracted driving or crashes has their head in sand. Some police cars
now have technology stopping officers using the computer
when the vehicle's moving. Sport shortly. But first Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

In news.. Calls for the Federal
and ACT Governments to make bosses accountable for workplace deaths. It's as the
mum of a 21 year old killed at Kingston last year's
written to Industrial Relations Ministers across the
country..asking for a national law to mandate jail
time for work deaths. The Administrator for local
kitchen company Douglas Joinery.. which went into administration on Friday.. says
the 30 workers who lost their jobs.. WILL get their full
entitlements. But.. it's unlikely they'll get any cash
till after Christmas take unlikely they'll get any cash
till after Christmas take vision- canberra uni gv's
Canberra Uni'll put more courses and lectures online.. in the hope
it'll boost student numbers. It's after the Federal Government
gave them 26 million dollars. It's after the Federal Government
gave them 26 million dollars. It's been confirmed a man
killed in a hit and run in Northern Territory on
Sunday is Canberra man Ricky Colosimo. Police
have charged a 37 year old woman. And..Brumby David Pocock will
train with the Wallabies in Italy tonight.. hoping to
overcome injuries and be selected for the Italian clash.

Good afternoon, everyone. Ricky Ponting says
Shane Watson shouldn't play in Thursday's second test
against South Africa, unless he's 100% fit. Watson tested his injured calf
at training today, with a decision on his fitness
to be made tomorrow. Ponting faces a different challenge, having made three ducks in his last
four innings against the Proteas. It would suggest
they've got it over me of late. But it's a fresh start this week. I would make sure that there's plenty of runs there
in the column next to my name. Paceman Mitchell Starc is pushing
for a recall to the starting XI. Rugby league's abandoned the code's
aggressive push into Victoria by rejecting a bid to play a State of Origin match
in Melbourne every year. Under a new 5-year deal, Melbourne won't get a game
before 2015 but Queensland Premier
Campbell Newman is angry after New South Wales was given
two games next season. Campbell Newman can complain
all he likes. The fact is
we've now got a fair deal. What we should agree on is the Victorians are the
biggest losers out of this deal. The Blues need help
having lost seven series in a row. Fremantle defender Adam McPhee has confirmed his
immediate retirement from the AFL. The 30-year-old
has returned to Victoria to devote more time
to his wife and young kids who stole the show
at today's media conference. I'm finding it really hard
to be serious here. Do you want to go down with Mummy? No! Just for one second. No! McPhee played 233 games
for the Dockers and Essendon. The Queensland Reds
haven't given up hope of holding on to controversial
playmaker Quade Cooper. Reds coach Ewen McKenzie expects
Cooper to honour the three-year deal he signed in June.

Quade's made a bunch of statements
since June about his desire to play
for the Reds and play rugby, so nothing in my mind
has changed that. McKenzie laughed when asked if Cooper would seriously consider
a full-time switch to boxing. Australian Paul Larsen
has set a new speed sailing record, travelling at an average
of almost 110km/h over a 500m course in Namibia. He's now celebrating, while waiting for the record
to be rubber-stamped by the World Speed Sailing
Records Council.

We should invite him to the Sydney to Hobart. Spice up the Hobart.He would win it for sure.

Good afternoon. David Brown
with your weather update. It's been warm and sunny
in Brisbane.

There in Sydney, it has been a mild and cloudy afternoon. Following a few light morning showers. Dry and warm in Melbourne with some high- level cloud sailing through at the moment. It has been a hot and windy day across large parts of South Australia. That warm air is spilling across the south-east corner. We have had a few showers continuing to affect the central part of the eastern seaboard. There's not much in this trough. It is a dry change but will bring cooler air. Temperatures will start to build across the southern half of Western Australia pushing across the south-west corner. Brisbane tomorrow, fine and partly cloudy skies. There is an outside chance of the odd shower. Sydney will be fine and partly cloudy. Melbourne continuing dry with Cormac change in the morning. A brief shower or two in Adelaide. Perth will have 36 with the risk of a storm Lleyton the day. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team.

I'm Samantha Armytage.
Enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
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