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This program is captioned live. This morning -
Madeleine Pulver in court to see the man who strapped
a fake bomb to her sentenced. Victoria Police hunt this man over the murder of Melbourne woman
Sarah Cafferkey. And champion jockey
Damien Oliver explains why he placed a $10,000 bet.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven Morning
News with Ann Sanders. Good morning. Teenager Madeleine Pulver
is in a Sydney court this morning to see the man who strapped
a fake bomb to her neck sentenced. Seven's Chris Reason joins me live
outside Sydney's District Court. Hello, Chris. This was the first time Maddie has
seen Paul Peters since the attack? That's correct. The first time in

person she has seen him. She has seen him on video but this is the first time in person. Very little interaction. Brazil was sitting between her pursed -- her parents. The judges delivered the sentence. We're talking about 1.5 hours into that process. Not very emotional. Except for a few times as the judge was going back through case history and the breakdown of the life of Paul Peters. He sobbed quietly. This case goes back to August last year. A story which transfixed this to -- this city and the country and made headlines around the world. As Paul Peters crept into the $12 million mansion of the family and put the device around her neck and began an ordeal of 10 hours as the police and Madoline tried to deal with it. The police arrested him in Kentucky in the USA and brought him back to face trial. The man alone made very brief comments.And now you feeling?Just like you said, Abbey it is nearly all over.There you go. Just one quick statement. She will be making more statements later. Paul Peters has already confessed his guilt. This is just a sentencing and it is under way before a packed courtroom and as soon as we have details on what the result is, we will bring them to you.

Police in Victoria are searching
for a convicted murderer over the death of Sarah Cafferkey. in the weeks before her body
was found in a Point Cook house. Laurel Irving joins me now. Good morning, Laurel. The wanted man was previously jailed
for stabbing a teenager? Good morning. That's right. 18-

year-old Jacqueline Mathews was killed in 1986 and 47-year-old Steven Hunter spent 13 years in jail for her murder. Police want to talk to him about the death of Sarah Cafferkey. They have launched a nationwide manhunt to speak to him. Police are investigating messages he left on Sarah Cafferkey's Facebook page. He also lives in Point Cook, the suburb where her body was found this week and he drives a car that matches the description of a car found in the same area that Sarah disappeared in. Forensic police have been back at her home where Sarah Cafferkey's body was found. It has become a memorial to the 22- year-old. Locals have laid flowers there this morning and are planning an informal service on Thursday to pay tribute to her. The whole community
is just absolutely devastated that this has happened and particularly happened here. Our thoughts are with
Sarah's family and friends. We don't stand for any of this.

In Melbourne, this has come a few weeks after the murder of Jill Meagher. It has brought back a lot of harsh memories a lot of people are struggling with this news this A man has been charged
with the murder of a woman in a Melbourne street. They had argued at the scene in
West Footscray yesterday afternoon after pulling up in separate cars. The man allegedly produced a rifle
and shot the woman in the head. He then waited for police to arrive. The 45-year-old was arrested
and is appearing in court today. Detectives say
the pair knew each other. More than a dozen schools
in South Australia are closed today

as the state endures
its worst fire risks. Total fire bans are in force
across the region and catastrophic conditions
are expected in three regions. Seven's Mark Mooney
is in the Adelaide Hills. Authorities are describing it as the

the worst fire danger day since last summer. But total fire down in every district except the Adelaide metro area. 17 schools have been closed on Eyre Peninsula and Yorke Peninsula. Dozens of parks have been closed. Emergency crews are monitoring a flare-up of a bushfire near Port Lincoln which destroyed properties and farmland. The CFS is urging residents there and across the state to prepare for the worst. It is a dangerous day, do not underestimate it, lives will be at risk. Any fire that this -- starts will be UN control ball and will not be able to be controlled until conditions a bait.The spike those warnings, a landowner in the Hills has been conducting turn-offs on his property. The local council gave him the all-clear a scene in the fire would be out by this morning. The neighbours are considerably concerned. Jockey Damien Oliver
will be sentenced shortly for placing a $10,000 bet
on a rival horse. Racing stewards are deciding
his punishment after hearing an emotional statement
from Oliver this morning. Leith Mulligan is at the hearing.

We're expecting a result from this hearing. He arrived facing the music on two charges. Stony-faced and smartly-dressed, it was not long before he broke down in my hearing, Oliver telling the story of how personal and financial stress led to him making a $10,000 bet on a race two years ago. It was because of the breakdown of his marriage, he turned to alcohol and mounting legal bills. In order to save his marriage. He said it was the worst time of his life. Oliver pleaded guilty to that charge and a separate one of using a mobile phone in the jockeys' room which has not allowed. Also revealed he placed bets through Mark Hunter and placed a $10,000 with the Queensland bookmaker. The defence is asking for leniency. A good record. Winner of the Melbourne Cup twice. Although having been through the stress he did two weeks ago full of -- two years ago. A penalty any moment now. Many in the industry believed he could be rubbed out of racing brought to six months. Possibly 12 months. We will wait and see. Jockey Damien Oliver
has just been sentenced

Suspended for eight months. UN chief Ban Ki-moon has arrived
in Cairo for emergency talks to try to secure a ceasefire
between Israel and Hamas. But it seems futile,
with the death toll topping 100,

and the air strikes
continuing from both sides. Seven's Adrian Brown is in Gaza.

Well, you don't have to go far in Gaza to find signs of destruction, suffering, trauma. Behind be, they are looking for the body of a 17- year-old girl. Her home was targeted by Israeli warplanes yesterday over the after three o'clock in the afternoon. It wasn't just her home that was it. Two others were as well. In total, 11 people were killed. Six women, five children. The families have been sitting down to lunch at the time. They were indoors because they thought they'd be safe there. Israel has now admitted they hit the wrong house. Down the road, we went to the local football stadium. That was also targeted by Israeli warplanes. At least three missiles were fired at it and the destruction was very extensive. It's interesting to hear the views of ordinary people here in Gaza City and to find out what it's like living here during this terrifying time. We spoke to a 23-year-old university student who has just graduated in English.We are defending ourselves. Much more powerful there and the first time and has a right, basically, definitely a right to defend ourselves.And the people support Hamas and what it is doing?And the Hamas. The resistance is not Hamas. The resistance is a lot of people and bottle of, I would call myself a resistant because I would do it in all places. A post on Twitter and Facebook and this is resistance. If Israel does carry out a land incursion into Gaza and scenes like this will be all too familiar. The diplomacy is still going on and the people here in Gaza, bound not hopeful. Back to you. Prime Minister Julia Gillard
is meeting South East Asian leaders in Cambodia to talk trade. Last night she shared a few laughs
with US President Barack Obama at a gala dinner to open the summit. Mia Greves in Phnom Penh.

Good morning, Ann. Julia Gillard is here in Phnom Penh
for the East Asia Summit. She's here for less than two days
and there's a lot to cover. 18 world leaders are here, including
the newly elected Barack Obama. Julia Gillard was given
the best seat in the house at last night's gala ball,
sitting next to the President. And the pair will catch up
later this morning

with the economy high on the agenda. The leaders will gather again
this afternoon with a new regional free trade
announcement - one the Prime Minister
has called ambitious but one she says will mean
more Aussie jobs. We are a great trading nation and we've got nothing
to be afraid of when it comes to eceonomic
integration in our region. The Prime Minister's partner,
Tim Mathieson, and his son, Kane, have joined her on this trip. The trio paying their condolences the family to the late Cambodian
king, who recently passed away. It's the Prime Minister's
last overseas trip of the year and she's certainly
not wasting any time. She's already met
with Japan's Prime Minister and will meet with China
and Thailand's leaders later today. In Phnom Penh,
it's back to you, Ann. Political rivals Kevin Rudd
and Malcolm Turnbull have ruled out
creating their own party in a colorful double act
on national television. The pair also denied
still having leadership ambitions as they both criticised and praised
each other's performance.

Sharing the spotlight
on national television, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull
were always going to steal the show. Before you jump in again, mate,
let me... Sorry. At times, the political enemies
sounded more like old friends. It remains a matter
of complete bafflement to me why the Labor Party
doesn't put Kevin back. Malcolm has smart ideas
for the country's future. I've got a few as well. It begged the question... Why don't you two join
and establish a new party? Malcolm and I could never agree
on the leadership. (LAUGHTER)

That was a joke. That's funny, 'cause you and Julia
couldn't either.

Despite opinion polls showing Mr Rudd and Mr Turnbull
are both more popular than their current leaders, But there was some sympathy
between the two.

Your mob poleaxed you because
you stood up to the factions. It was a shocking betrayal. (APPLAUSE) Removal is much more gentle
than poleaxed. It is, yeah. (LAUGHS)

Next in Seven News -
business and finance. Australia's biggest online sale. And the medical breakthrough which made this paralysed dog
walk again.

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of Australia -

Police are hunting
three ATM ram-raiders who targeted a bowling club in
the New South Wales Hunter Valley. The trio smashed then drove off with the cash machine
around 2am. They drove a ute, stolen
from a nearby suburb at the weekend. No-one was inside the club
at the time but the building
has major structural damage.

Australia's first nationwide online
sale starts tonight and shoppers are being offered
savings of up to 90%.

Big names like Myer, Target,
Dick Smith, Big Lee, Toys'R'Us, also some pure play online retailers
like Surf Stitch and Style tread. Bargain hunters are being urged
to make a list and check refund policies
before they buy. To finance now and joining me is David Halliday
from Macquarie Private Wealth. Good morning, David. How's our market
after those overnight gains? Good morning. In

Good morning. In short, disappointing. The US and Europe markets were up by 1.5%. Our market got it before the opening today by news that ratings agency Moody's had downgraded the credit rating of France. That came after the US market closed and before we opened. But kept purchases on the sidelines. A measly gain of around 14 points for us. Most expected a stronger start based on the fact that we saw those strong gains overseas. On the other side, in the market, BHP and Rio Tinto were both up between 1% and 2%. The banks were disappointing. The ANZ and Commonwealth a down by 1.5%. A bit disappointing for people, who would have expected a better start.Then dollar has risen above 104 US?You say, 104.2. Good news from the IMF. It slipped back after the Reserve Bank released its minutes from the November meeting moments ago. The November meeting is whether Reserve Bank put rates on hold as surprised the market by doing so. One important headline. The Reserve Bank said that more easing may be appropriate in the period ahead. You can expect a rate cut of 0.25 % in December.Thank you, David. A paralysed dog can walk again thanks to a breakthrough treatment
by British scientists. Cells from Jasper's nose were
injected into his injured spine. Researchers hope
it will help human patients too.

Jasper is a very happy dachshund. When I joined him and his owner for a morning walk, he ambled along merrily at our feet. Three years ago, he couldn't walk at all. A slipped disc had damaged his spinal cord and let him paraplegic. If very distressing for them.They do not understand what the heck has happened and for the owner as well seen this is a nightmare time. Scientists used a novel technique for treating Jasper. They took special stalls sells from his nose and injected them into his spine. The results were dramatic. So good, if he could eventually walk without a sling. Those special nerve cells are encouraged new nerves to grow across the break in his spinal cord. The scientists know Jasper's recovery is not complete. Thus the treatment only repairs some lost souls but they see the results with 34 dogs and it is very encouraging. The light is not as bright as we would like it to be. Many of the functions he lost not restored by this particular invention.Watching Jasper walk again, it's hard to disagree with the Medical Research Council ruse this research is tremendously important. For one little dog, and maybe for human patients as well. Next in Seven News - Shane Watson under the microscope
ahead of the second test. Also, an Australian breaks the world
speed sailing record in Namibia.

(THE BLUE DANUBE WALTZ PLAYS) Sharing. We've been sharing food for as long It's a dance as old as the wheel. As old as fire.

As old as time itself.

But that doesn't mean

Nando's. Eat interesting.

Shane Watson is unlikely to be
picked for the second test against South Africa in Adelaide after declaring himself
unfit to bowl. The all-rounder will increase
his workload at training today as he battles to overcome
a calf injury. The Australian line-up
is far from settled with quick Mitchell Starc
pushing for a spot in the XI.

If I can keep swinging the ball,
get a bit of bounce and hopefully on this track
here at Adelaide, get a bit of reverse like the rest
of the bowlers can, it's all going to help, I think. Play gets under way on Thursday.

The New South Wales Blues
have struck an early blow ahead of next year's
State of Origin series, with two games to be played
at Sydney's ANZ Stadium. Queensland had been scheduled to
host the opener and decider in 2013, however a multimillion-dollar deal A 7-year schedule will be with just one game to be played
in Victoria in 2015.

Quade Cooper is set to walk away
from Australian Rugby Union, just weeks after he was
fined $60,000 for labelling the Wallabies
a toxic environment. The 24-year-old is expected
to confirm the move next week where he'll also announce
the start of a boxing career, fighting on the undercard
of Sonny Bill Williams' next bout in February. Cooper signed a 3-year deal at the
Queensland Reds earlier this season but couldn't come to an agreement
with the ARU. European and Japanese rugby
or a code switch to the NRL could be long-term options.

The AFL Commission hearing into
the Kurt Tippett salary cap scandal

In breaking news, Paul Douglas Peters
has just been sentenced to 10 years jail for strapping a fake bomb
to the neck of a Sydney schoolgirl. We'll cross to our reporter
outside court soon. Repeating, Paul Douglas Peters
has just been sentenced to 10 years jail.

We'll cross to our reporter
Chris Reason. Chris?

Religious to send a text message. Maximum, 13.5 years, minimum, 10 years for Paul Peters. We will now start to see movement from the courtroom. It is being heard in the ground level bird courtroom. Abid of activity around me. Behind me, the court will open up and everybody will start to come forward. We're expecting a statement from the family and from some of the senior investigating officers who have been involved. They have done quite an amazing job bringing the case at this point today. We told you earlier that they had begun this investigation and had a lead within three days, an arrest within about two weeks. August 15 last year. It has led to this moment. 13.5 years maximum, 10 years minimum. The judge has just delivered of that sentence. Chris, a bit of a reduction for his guilty plea and also for his depression. That's right. Those two factors were taken into account. Basically, it was known before the sentence was handed down today that he would receive a 25% reduction or pleading guilty over this crime from the get go. His defence on top of that has been that he was suffering acute depression, diagnosed also with bipolar disorder and alcoholism. His lawyers said that his moves and his mood swings had been severe in recent years. On top of all that, and author of crime books and the court has heard through these last few weeks that he had basically been merging himself with the lead character in that story he has been writing. He immersed himself so much that he got lost between fact and fiction and he basically ended up following through what was a plot blind in one of the books he was writing. We know that the family is in court today. Obviously a very tight-knit family. The first time she has seen him face to face since that ordeal which happened at on 3rd August last year. She is a composed and brave girl. She has been throughout all of this since August last year, quite extraordinary. She started doing press appearances and interviews from the very beginning, but today was the first time she actually saw him face to face. They sat on one side of the courtroom, the family and on the other side was Paul Peters. They did not look at each other often. Paul Peters kept most of his eyeliner on the judge threw out the handing down of this sentence. A couple of moments there when Paul Peters did break down into tears and was sobbing as he sat there. Basically, as the court went through his life and the deterioration of it and his job and career and marriage. At that point, Peters started to break down but you are right, the 18-year-old girl at the time of that incident as maintain the an incredible dignity throughout all this. Her parents and family rallied behind her from the beginning. It was an extraordinary ordeal for someone to go through. Remember, Peters broke into their $12 million mansion in Mosman at about 2:30pm. He put that, bomb device around her neck and she was not released from that situation until 11 hours later, 2:30am. He declared her safe despite they declared her saved. An extraordinary ordeal and a bounce back. She was in Year 12 at the time. Really quite remarkable. Yes, quite remarkable. She was studying and sat short be afterwards some of her HSE exams which shows an almost composure. They would be pretty happy with that minimum jail sentence of 10 years. We're expecting them to appear on the steps of the court shortly and they will be talking to us so we will wait with you until they do appear outside the court. Earlier, during the hearing, the court heard he was suffering from bipolar disease and some depression. That featured quite prominently in the case. It did. In fact, a point when Peters, if we go back to the nuts- and-bolts of this case, it was so haphazard, so sloppily organised on his behalf, that the police were able to get on top of him very quickly. Peters subsequently argued that he was trying to deliberately get caught because he wanted to get access to psychiatric care. He was saying that he was begging for some sort of assistance with that. All those issues were delivered. I think from the very get go, the judge indicated that he wasn't going to take great consideration of that encounter and he pointed out, the judge pointed out that he didn't exactly cooperate with police. A short time as I say that he was arrested in America in the state of Kentucky. Where his ex- wife was living at the time. It was a bit of a struggle to get him to cooperate. Eventually did but the judge wanted to make that point. Jodie is standing alongside you. Jodie, can you talk was now and tell us what happened in court this morning? A Jodie cannot hear you. I will do it that question to her. What has been happening? Very tense scenes in court and a crowded newsroom. A lot of journalists in there and the family