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This program is captioned live. This morning -
the hunt for a convicted killer in relation to the murder
of Sarah Cafferkey. Julia Gillard dines
with the President at the East Asia Summit in Cambodia. And the rare white lion cub,
winning hearts in Queensland. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning. Julia Gillard is in Cambodia today -
meeting other world leaders to secure ambitious
new trade agreements. She's also expected to announce
a $50 million fund aimed at reducing
people trafficking. Mia Greves is travelling
with the Prime Minister. Good morning, Nat. Julia Gillard is here in Phnom Penh
for the East Asia Summit. She's here for less than two days
and there's a lot to cover. 18 world leaders are here, including
the newly elected Barack Obama. Julia Gillard was given
the best seat in the house at last night's gala ball,
sitting next to the President. And the pair will catch up
later this morning with the economy high on the agenda. The leaders will gather again
this afternoon with a new regional free trade
announcement - one the Prime Minister
has called ambitious but one she says will mean
more Aussie jobs. The Prime Minister's partner,
Tim Mathieson, and his son, Kane, have joined her on this trip. The trio paying their condolences the family to the late Cambodian
king, who recently passed away. It's the Prime Minister's
last overseas trip of the year and she's certainly
not wasting any time. She's already met
with Japan's Prime Minister In Phnom Penh,
it's back to you, Nat.

The man police want to speak to over the murder of Melbourne woman
Sarah Cafferkey had previously been jailed for stabbing a schoolgirl to death
in 1986. The man has been named as
a person of interest in the case. It's believed the house
where Sarah's body was found was owned or rented
by one of his friends.

I'm just so devastated.

I can't believe something
would happen so close to home to someone that we love. She's a beautiful young lady who's
a victim of our disgusting society. Police are also looking closely at threatening comments
posted on Sarah's Facebook page. A man is in custody
after a woman was shot dead in Melbourne's west
yesterday afternoon. Police believe the woman,
in her 40s, had been involved in an argument
with a man on the street before he pulled out a rifle
and shot her.

We believe the parties
were known to each other and it doesn't appear to be related
to any other form of crime. The 47-year-old was arrested
at the scene. Peace efforts have begun in Gaza after another 18 Palestinians
were killed in intensive Israeli rocket attacks
last night. The UN Secretary-General is in Egypt and has called for
an immediate ceasefire. (EXPLOSIONS)

A sixth day of attacks on Gaza
and still no sign of any let-up despite a day of bloodshed yesterday which was the worst since
this phase of conflict began. 18 people killed yesterday alone,
according to Palestinian sources, as the death toll on both sides
approaches 100. This morning in Brussels,
a meeting of foreign ministers was due to discuss the crisis. Britain's choosing to stress
that it was rockets from Gaza which started it. Of course, part of any ceasefire
has to be a cessation of rocket attacks
against Israel. But everyone has responsibilities. Israel has responsibilities too to take every opportunity
to de-escalate the violence. (EXPLOSION)

After another night of attacks, the number of missiles falling
both sides of the border does at least seem to be reducing. But the reservists mobilised
for a possible ground invasion remain on alert. Diplomatic efforts to create a truce
continue. Israel pointing out
that it is suffering too. The difference
for the people of Gaza is that they have no defence
against the bombs and missiles of the Israel defence force. Bombs whose targets
are Hamas headquarters, arms, bunkers
and rocket-launch sites but which are causing huge damage to the infrastructure
that supports peaceful life - water, electricity and food. With half the population
under 18 years old, it's children who suffer most.

Total fire bans have been declared
for most of South Australia today. Very hot and windy conditions
are forecast, bringing an extremely high
fire danger. A catastrophic rating
has been issued for parts of the Eyre and York
peninsulas where at least 17 schools have been
closed as a safety precaution. Adelaide is bracing
for a hot 37 degrees but at this stage no fire bans
have been issued for the city. The Weather Bureau says
it will review its actions over the weekend following the large storms
that hit parts of Queensland. The bureau has been criticised
for not giving adequate warnings about Saturday's super storm. The bureau didn't appear
to be keeping up with storm cells as they were arising on Saturday and then on Sunday, it was probably
the complete opposite. The regional director says because the storm happened
early in the morning, they didn't think
it would be so severe. Former leaders Kevin Rudd
and Malcolm Turnbull have been asked if they would ever
consider joining forces to start their own political party. The pair appeared on the ABC
last night. Mr Turnbull says he has been asked
before to set up his own party. I've had thousands and thousands
of people propose that, you know, I should set up
a new political party and I have always said the same
thing I am saying to you - that is I am committed
to the Liberal Party. Mr Rudd once again played down
any leadership speculation. There are concerns
for Christmas turkey supplies after Sydney workers were yesterday locked out
of an Ingham poultry factory. A pay dispute is affecting hundreds
of workers at three different locations. They want a pay rise of 4%

but the company is refusing
to offer any more than 3.5%. A paid mass meeting will be held
at all three sites today with Ingham expected
to table a new offer. Australia is about
to have a new music star with the winner of 'The X Factor'
to be crowned tonight. It's now down to the public vote, following some show-stopping
performances from the top three. As former stars
returned to the stage... # Tonight we going to get hip
on the floor # Nah, nah, nah. # ..the spotlight shone
of the final three - singing for the final time
for their shot at stardom.. # We found love in a hopeless place # We found love
in a hopeless place. # Boy band The Collective, the
first group to make the grand final. Perth's Samantha Jade
represents the over-25s. # And what am I s'pose to say # When I'm all choked up # And you're OK. #

Bush boy Jason Owen
rounds out the top three. # Oh, oh, oh

# I got a love
that keeps me waiting. # For the first time, they performed
the singles they'll release if they win the competition. # But girl, you move like
a butterfly, butterfly # And you sting like a bee. # A mix, that includes country... # And I never ever thought
that all the tales were through # Love at first sight
could only happen with you. # # I'm the bullet. I can fire # When you kiss me. I die # Oh, oh. # If the Twitter reaction
is any indication, tonight's winner
is in for whirlwind ride. That decision,
now in the public's hands.

Now for your first look
at Tuesday's weather.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the new app to help make
your backyard swimming pool safer this summer. But next on Seven Early News - President Obama wraps up
his historic visit to Burma. And how this little dog could help
spinal patients walk again.


(WHISTLES) VOICEOVER: In a serious crash, wearing a seatbelt nearly doubles
your chances of surviving. So, however short the journey, however long you've been driving...
(WHISTLES) ..however well you know the road, don't forget to clip, every trip.

Parents are being told to talk to
their children about stranger danger following a frightening attack
on a young boy. A 36-year-old New South Wales man
is accused of luring a schoolboy into his flat,
locking the door and assaulting him. He was refused bail
in court yesterday. For a 9-year-old child
to be held overnight, away from his parents,
away from anyone he knows, I'd say it's extremely terrifying. It's believed
the boy was riding his skateboard when he was coaxed back to the home. A hitman has been found guilty of the murder of honeymoon bride
Anni Dewani in South Africa. The 28-year-old Swedish woman,
of Indian origin, was killed two years ago after what appeared to be
a random car-jacking. A terminally ill man has now been
convicted of premeditated murder. He's currently fighting
his extradition from the UK. Barack Obama has completed
his historic visit to Burma ahead of the East Asia Summit. Tens of thousands of people
lined the streets to get a glimpse
of the US President. He visited veteran pro-democracy
campaigner Aung San Suu before delivering
a televised speech. This nation
that has been so isolated can show the world
the power of a new beginning. Mr Obama has pledged $164 million
of aid to Burma. A pet dog left paralysed
by spine damage is walking again thanks to a pioneering treatment
developed by British scientists. Jasper is like a new dog
after cells from his nose were injected into the injured part
of his back. He walks with the other dogs, he goes on exactly
the same length of walk, he goes into the same ditches,
he comes out of them. It's hoped the treatment
can eventually be used to help human patients
with similar injuries. Your first finance this Early News -
Wall Street is higher this morning.

A little-known Queensland zoo
has made history after the successful birth
of the state's first white lion cub. The species is extinct in the wild but there are now plans
to help rebuild the population. In a hot tin shed
on the Darling Downs

a tiny newborn
and a tired first-time mum. Kwanza was born on Monday last week. Good boy, good little man. (SQUEAKS) Huh! Yes, you are, aren't you? It's a first for Darling Downs Zoo,
and Queensland. There's only been two zoos
in the whole of Australia that have actually bred
white lions. The little lion went on show
for the first time. He slept for most of it,
but it didn't matter. Absolutely gorgeous! As Kwanza grows up
he'll be watched over by Maddie. A lion.
A lion. The 2-year-old
is the zoo owner's daughter and yeah, she's very spoilt. Kwanza was 1.6kg when he was born and he's put on 0.5kg
in his first week, an extraordinary growth rate
for a lion cub. It's expected
he'll grow to be more than 220kg - the biggest cat at the zoo
and prime breeding stock. White lions exist only in captivity. It is hoped births like Kwanza's
will change that, in time. If things improve in the wild,
who knows, they may be able to return
to the wild but it won't be in my lifetime. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - Olympic gold medallist
Matthew Mitcham opens up about his personal battle. But next on Seven Early News - Quade Cooper turns his back
on rugby union. And Shane Watson under pressure to prove his fitness
for the second test.

The stories we're following
on the Early News - it's been revealed
the man police are searching for in relation to the murder
of Melbourne woman Sarah Cafferkey was jailed in 1986.

He was sentenced
for stabbing a schoolgirl to death. Prime Minister Julia Gillard
has arrived in Phnom Penh for the East Asia Summit. 18 world leaders will meet
later today. And a rare white lion cub
is winning hearts in Queensland after he was born last week. Kwanza is the first white lion
to be born in the state. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Shane Watson will increase
his workload at training today as he fights to be fit for the
second test against South Africa at the Adelaide Oval
starting on Thursday. The all-rounder has already
ruled out bowling. The vice-captain was front
and centre for the team photo but will he be there Thursday? His first training run since
straining his calf two weeks ago, Watson only fielded and batted. Bowling is out at this point
in time. So for me it's just about
to get out and run around and do the skills I need to do
to be fit to play as a batsman. That won't happen, according
to the high-performance manager. Not necessarily, say selectors. Watson hasn't heard either way. In the end, I suppose if there's
a conflicting thought then I suppose for me,
all that matters coming down to it is what selectors think. I sat next to him on the plane
yesterday. He's feeling confident
and he's ready to go and obviously he's been waiting
for this for 12 months now. But it might be longer. Watson couldn't rate
his current fitness level. If I'm able to continue
to ramp it up over the next few days and have no problems then I'll definitely be available
for selection. But I'm certainly not counting
my chickens before they hatch. Those who did bowl
were counting their steps. Both sides
trying to eradicate no balls. Obviously, it's a discipline we need
as a bowling attack and it's something I've personally
been working on in my game. There was four times
in the last game where it was sort of game changing. You know, it will be a big emphasis,
I suppose, in the nets and will be talked about a bit. We'll try and monitor that
pretty closely. Legal delivery or not, 'Dynamite Dave' Warner's game
won't change. It's a good those workmen
are wearing helmets, that's a start. Obviously, the boundaries
are bit shorter over that side. Quade Cooper is set to walk away
from Australian Rugby Union just weeks
after he was fined $60,000 for labelling the Wallabies
as a toxic environment. The 24-year-old is expected
to confirm the move next week where he'll also announce
the start of a boxing career, fighting on the undercard
of Sonny Bill Williams' next bout in February. Cooper signed a 3-year deal
at the Queensland Reds earlier this season but couldn't come to an agreement
with the ARU. European and Japanese rugby
or a code switch to the NRL could be long-term options. The New South Wales Blues
have struck an early blow ahead of next year's
State of Origin series with two games to be played
at Sydney's ANZ Stadium. Queensland had been scheduled to
host the opener and decider in 2013 however, a multimillion-dollar deal
has seized home ground advantage away from the Maroons. A 7-year schedule
will be unveiled today with just one game to be played
in Victoria in 2015. The AFL Commission hearing into
the Kurt Tippett salary cap scandal has been postponed
until Friday 30 November after Adelaide sought more time
to prepare their submissions. The Crows returned
to pre-season training yesterday and coach Brenton Sanderson says the rest of the league
will be keeping a close eye on their off-field issues. This is going to make a lot of other
clubs nervous too, you know? There's a lot of greyness

surrounding, you know,
how players are paid and stuff. The Crows and Tippett have been
charged with 11 offences including salary-cap cheating
and draft tampering. Jockey Damien Oliver is expected to make
his first public statement today after he fronts a steward's inquiry
over a $10,000 bet. The 40-year-old could be banned
for up to a year after admitting to placing the bet
on a rival horse and using a mobile phone
in the jockey's room. Oliver is expected to break
his silence on the matter following the hearing.

Could be an interesting day, Nat. OK, thanks, Beretts, see you soon. Next, a closer look at the weather in your part of the country.


(WHISTLES) VOICEOVER: In a serious crash, wearing a seatbelt nearly doubles
your chances of surviving. So, however short the journey, however long you've been driving...
(WHISTLES) ..however well you know the road, don't forget to clip, every trip.



Now for a closer look
at how the weather's shaping up around the country. Taking a look at the satellite - isolated showers will clear
along the New South Wales coast as a ridge weakens. Northerly winds will result Around the capitals -

And that's Seven Early News
for this Tuesday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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