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the five day forecast temperatures twenty-six
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Sunday a top of thirty-two expected th
with some rain on the way too. And Mo
that' s the WIN News hour for this Post.....
Monday night. I' m Danielle Post.....from everyone here,

This program is captioned live. Hello. Welcome to A Currents Affair. -- Current Affair. Schoolies week is a riet of passage for many -- rite of passage for many teenagers but there are no rules, where the party continues around the clock and if you want it, you can get it.

It's insane.Crazy.The brakes are off and they've got their pedal to the metal.No rules.What did your parents say?There are no rules. No rules at all.Why not go to the Gold Coast? Why come to Bali?I'm not 18 yet.They're out of school and outlet of control in one of the most -- outs of control in one of the most dangerous places on earth for Australians.Bali!Bali!Are you OK? You alright? What have you been drinking tonight?Mushrooms. Really?Schoolies is dangerous. Look at what happens at home.

There's no doubt this place is beautiful but it can also be deadly. On average, one Australian dies here in Bali every nine days with hundreds more seriously injured. Despite these dangers, thousands of Australian teenagers are about to flock here to let loose and go wild to celebrate the end of school because here inbally there are no teachers, there are no parents and there are definitely no rules. It's 9 o'clock on the party strip of Kuta and that means happy hour for Schoolies. Free cocktails are given away at this bar. The name of the game - get wasted as quickly and as cheaply as you can. What have you been drinking? What have you got down there?Free drinks for about an hour.How many did you have?Six or seven. (Bleep) strong as!ID? What ID. You can be 14 and drinking. From 9 o'clock till 10 o'clock for free. Happy hour.Get absolutely wasted. They wake up the next morning, fall in the swimming pool and then get wasted again that night.Richard helps Aussies who get in trouble in Bali. He said the daichers of drinking cocktails like these is -- dangers of drinking cocktails like these is you don't know what's in them.They have ethanol mixed in them. You get as high as a kite but we've had quite a number of people go blind and we've had several die.Someone who knows the damage a cheap drink can do is this 25-year-old. The Aussie nurse suffered permanent brain damage after drinking an ethanol- laced cocktail called Jungle Juice. It's being served everywhere to Schoolies. How much have you had to drink tonight?Three Jungle Juices and one vodka Red Bull.Anything with alcohol.I love mushrooms. Give me a mushroom.What's that one? Everywhere you walk in Kuta, you're offered drugs. How much?I give you $100.I better not. Being offered drugs on the street?Every day. I can't walk out of my hotel without being offered some. Schoolies walking from club to club, run the gauntlet of dodgy dealers. I've been offered coke, Viagra, marijuana and they're still following me.Indonesia makes it clear if you get involved with drugs here - at the one end it's a death sentence. At theert end it goes on forever.Magic mushrooms are legal in Bali. They're sold in tiny shops like this. How many Schoolies want to try mushrooms? Lot. A lot of people.The Schoolies are crushing them and mixing them in their drinks. They cause strong hallucinations. What happens when you take it?You see lots of colours and stripes.You'll be looking at your mate and going green, blue, purple.They're fantastic.Magic mushrooms particularly, and particularly for young kids, it's really like Russian roulette.Richard says the problem with school leavers partying in Bali is there is no safety net. You can't call 000 for help if something goes wrong. Sending your kids up here with no supervision I believe that parents are at fault. Don't blame the kids. They're going to come. Sorry, Australian parents, I blame you. What did your parents say when you wanted to come over here?They were scared.My mum has given me like a thousand lectures about my drink being spiked. I'm so over hearing it.Don't go on a moped.Any messages from your parents?Don't talk to boys.The biggest danger is motorbikes. Even though many now seem to be choosing taxis instead. When the nights wears on, some still take the risk without helmets, shoes or any common sense. Do those helmets up? Are you right to driefbg?(Bleep) no!What are you - - drive? (Bleep) no! What are you doing riding the bike?Nine times out of 10 you won't- a helmet on or shoes on. And the number of accidents we have here are absolutely horrific.Are you OK, mate? Late in the night we find this young man staggering home all alone, at times in front of oncoming traffic. Get him off the road. You alright? Just stay off the road. Are you OK?I'm good. Where are you going?Just down the road.Time and time again he refuses our offer for help. I'm making sure you're going home alright.I'm good.Just want to make sure you're alright.Good.His friends eventually found him and helped him back to his hotel in the morning but he was lucky. Last year, Jake went to Schoolies and never came home. The 17-year-old was electrocuted in a freak accident. Mainly they were drunk and had problems with that but we know when the Schoolies are coming.At the Australian-run BIMC Hospital, they're gearing up for a busy couple of weeks.Can't move my arm. He was partying too hard at a party being held at one of the nightclubs. I was running and trying to tackle someone. Some other guy out of my blind spot came and tackled me. I saw him when he was there. He got my legs and I landed on my shoulder. We need a doctor to see you.The head nurse has worked at the hospital for the past 14 years. She was there for the Bali bombing and dreads this time of year when the Schoolies come to town.They can have very badly broken bones, spinal injuries, all sorts of things.What happens in Bali stays in Bali. Buy a ticket. Jump on the plane. Come with them.

We would like you to share your stories with us. Coming up - benefits for single parents slashed. I won't be able to pay my bills. Leon Mong Jaay aspired to be a police officer. His application to join the force was rejected. He wasn't going to let that get in his way. You've never been a police officer. Where did you get the police equipment from?It's criminal offence to impersonate a police officer.Why are you carrying a wallet with a police emblem in it. You have 250 business cards with senior constable. Leon Mong Jaay is not a police officer. He never has been and never will be. Impersonating a police officer is a very, very serious offence. The 20- year-old did apply to join the force but was denied. You have a big interest in becoming a police officer. You tried to get into the academy but were rejected. Turned away from the real academy, he set about becoming a cop anyway, getting a fake uniform, badge, lights and business cards. You're in a fairly serious situation. This inspector says he was caught red handed by the real deal when highway patrol officers stopped him for a random breath test.A basic highway patrol and identified the vehicle and once they've taken a step into the vehicle, they've uncovered these issues.The officers noticed unusual lights on his number plate and an extra aerial on his car. When they looked inside, officers found a haul that could fool anyone. The entire search and arrest was recorded on the patrol car's in-built cameras. Anything you say is being recorded. In his car and home, officers find photos of Leon in full police uniform. Sometimes with other officers. Who have you shown this photo too?To my friends.To your friends? Dozens of fake business cards referring to himself as Leon Mong Jaay. Have you ever worked at Parramatta? Why have you made up thesebed cards to say you do?

Parramatta? Why have you made up
thesebed cards to say you do? Have you issued them to anyone. And three metres of crime scene tape. Where did you get this from?I'm not sure.Even fake newspaper articles referring to Leon as a police officer. Who made up the articles?Me.Did you make it all up?Yes.Where did you get the police equipment from? The most concerning of all, officers find a genuine badge in his wallet. Is it a NSW police badge? Where did you locate it?Don't remember.Why didn't you hand it in to police at the first opportunity? We tried to ask Leon where it came from. You had a badge in your car, did you really find it? Why didn't you hand it in to police? His lawyer quickly rushed Leon into a cafe and took him out a back entrance. There's no denying the amount of trouble Leon went to to make himself look like a real police officer. The 20-year- old even printed off a fake certificate of appointment.It's a criminal offence to impersonate a police officer, wear the uniform or stickers, lights or sirens on your vehicle.In court, Leon pleaded guilty to four offences, including and implying himself as being a police officer. He was fined and placed on two 18-month good behaviour bonds. An impersonate police charge was withdrawn because officers couldn't prove he used his uniform to pull over members of the public. But in Leon's car, officers did find a notebook, listing number plates and information about several cars.All these entries you're writing?Yep.Are they fictional or being - if I contact the owners, they're not going to tell me they've been stopped?In accordance with police practice, Leon's face has been blurred in the evidence photos and in-car video supplied to A Current Affair. We've shown his face as a warning. In case anyone should happen to recognise him from a vehicle stop. This is the second time he's been busted for having police equipment in his car. Impersonating a police officer is very

in his car. Impersonating a police
officer is very serious. And police say if you see someone impersonating a police officer, you should contact them immediately. For more than 150,000 single parents, 200013 is shaping up as more of -- 2013 is shaping up as more of a struggle than usual. Many will be left without basic necessities. Are they victims of a Government desperate for a budget surplus, or is this the incentive they need to rejoin the work force? I'm not going to be able to pay my bills or feed my child.They're the drastic cuts the single parents welfare payments that have parts of the community up in arms.It's not fair.How are you supposed to raise your children? They're close to the pover Lee line as it is. -- poverty line as it is.From next year there will no longer be a single parent payment from Centrelink for parents whose children are in school. They'll be put on the dole.Nobody can be happy sitting around taking welfare. We have to end a culture of entitlement and say if you can work, and have time to work, you do work.This is a move that's going to affect around 150,000 single parents who are going to have their welfare parents slashed in some cases by more than $100 a week. The Government says unfortunately the case of cost-cutting that has to happen. Welfare groups believe this is a move that will push some families to the edge.There is a myth that single mothers are doing it pretty easy and it is such a myth because the evidence shows they are the poorest families in Australia.When I asked the lady what can I do, she shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know." This is exactly the kind of single mum who is about to be left in the lurch. She says it's nearly impossible to find a job that gives her the flexibility to balance her work life and parenting. She believes Government support is essential for her.I'm struggling now to pay my rent, utilities, plus look for work, put petrol in the car. I'm not going to have any of that.The changes will take affect from January 5 with the Federal Government slashing payments. Centrelink has set opspecial team of 300 employees to try and contact each of the 84,000 single mums who stand to lose up to $110 a week. They can't afford to lose any money, let alone the amount of $60 to $100 per week. These cuts will result in women losing their home, having difficulty in maintaining the school for their children, certainly food becomes an issue, healthy nutritious food becomes a luxury rather than a daily affair. I think in tough times you do have to make sort of these sort of changes.Neil Mitchell believes while they may not be popular with some parts of the community, the changes are necessary and may well encourage some people to no longer be welfare-dptd.The point -- dependent. The point is if you can work, you should go and get some work. It's a culture of entitlement we live in. Welfare payments like this are there for emergencies. What these changes are about is treating everyone equally.The changes are all about trying to encourage single parents back into the work force once their kids have reached school age.It's really important to understand that what we're requiring here is not nine to five full-time work. What we're talking about is the minimum of 15 hours a week work, part-time work which can be easily accommodated during school hours.But for so many, the looming changes mean this most definitely won't be a merry Christmas.I'm already a job-seeker. I'm already doing what I'm required to do by going to the job agency once a week, every week, applying for jobs outside those hours. There's no jobs available. So what more can I do?It's a tough situation. Those changes will take effect in seven weeks. Workers subjected to extraordinary tirades. A very scary person. The way he treated us isn't very nice.

This program is not captioned. Tanning is skin cells in trauma trying to protect themselves
from cancer. But just one millimetre deep, a melanoma can get into
your bloodstream and spread.

This program is not captioned. A few turns on the barbie -
delicious! Thank you so much. WOMAN: With Lenard's
fresh new marinades and your hotplate skills, even barbie night
becomes a night to remember. Lenard's Chicken.

This program is not captioned.

We have $20,000 up for grabs.And find out how you can own The Wiggles' big red car.Yelling, swearing, threats and intimidation. It's not the kind of behaviour you'd expect from a recruiter. Don is no ordinary employment agent. Thissperse This is Don. He doesn't like backpackers.He called us (Bleep), prostitutes, loud (Bleep). He doesn't like police.We pay your wages.He doesn't like his neighbour.A dozen short of a (Bleep) 6-pack, this fella.He mates me.Mr Martsen King, you scum -- Martsen King, you scum -- Martin King, you scumbag.This will be going on YouTube. He recruits international backpackers for farmers. The farmers get cheap labour, he gets well paid and the backpackers say they get ripped off. How would you describe your experience?One of the worst of my life. I was always afraid of him. Don't smirk. Don't (Bleep) smirk. Don't (Bleep) be smart arses.We confronted him early this year at his backpacker caravan park. Why don't you wind your window down?I refuse to.He is now loving it. Even police are a target.What a video camera can do? Isn't it unbelievable?He talks to the police about his exposure on ACA.I end up on the bloody telly for lies too.He treated us like (Bleep). I'm a proud Australian and I do well by my country.What nationality are you? Italian?When I'm (Bleep) talking, there's something in a (Bleep) language. I lost my lid. I'm quite proud of that.After we exposed Don, Fair Work Australia began an investigation. Fair Work inspectors interviewed backpackers, farmers and labour hire contractors. They heard the horror stories and then did nothing. The reason - a technicality. Even though the backpackers were recruited by Don, were taken by him to an ATM to withdraw a job-finding fee, plus a bond, and even though they stated Don's caravan -- stayed at Don's caravan park, they were unable to establish an employment relationship between the backpackers and Don. The case is closed. 10 months on Don has gone from bad to worse.Sweetheart, there's no need to cry. There's nothing to cry about. I beg your pardon? I beg your pardon? What are you saying? Have I just? Have I just? Who the sort of (Bleep) we have to deal with.Can you believe what you're seeing?I'm not seeing anything.Are you serious?It suggests to me he's directing the labour. It suggests to me he's the employer and holding himself out to be one.Chris is a lawyer who specialises in employment and dedist real lawyer. -- industrial law.Based on the facts we have got and the prohibition on forcing people to spend money, these backpackers have an ample case against Don.The latest instalment - just last week Don evicted 16 German backpackers. They claim he kept their wages and their $150 bonds. We called Don. I'm recording this, Don?Ring my lawyer.Why did you evict 16 German backpackers? (Bleep)! Them. That's all I've got to say. What they did to my property and within my business. The same old excuse. They've always damaged something, so you don't give them their money back.Watch YouTube.Are you there?

Please give us a call or send us an email if you have a story to share with us. And costly This program is not captioned. (SUSPENSFUL MUSIC) (YELLS) Run! (ROARS)


John West endures the worst so you can be your best.

This program is not captioned. SONG: # Everyone's a winner,
baby, that's no lie # That's no lie # You never fail to satisfy # Satisfy... # Cha-ching! # Ooh, ooh # Everyone's a winner # A winner # A winner... #
Cha-ching! # Hey, hey # Everyone's a winner BOTH: Cha-ching! VOICEOVER: At Big W, everyone's a winner
this Christmas. ALL: Cha-ching!

This program is not captioned.

Tomorrow night - ditch the divorce lawyers and save yourself a fortune. The real cost of divorce.$700,000. Just an absolute waste.Separated Aussie families left penniless, while the lawyers take everything. There are no winners.Now the desperate call for change.Don't go to court.That report tomorrow night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned.

NARRATOR: Tonight on RBT... I'm trying me best to be sober,
but, like, it won't let me. Why didn't you stop at the RBT site?
I was talking and I was distracted. (SINGS) # Happy birthday to me. # Hey, what's going on? (LAUGHS) (SIREN WAILS) Pull over!
(TYRES SCREECH) What are you doing, bro?! If you're going to smoke dope,
don't drive, OK? (SIREN WAILS) WOMAN: You look drunk,
sound drunk, smell drunk. MAN: You're in
some serious trouble.

MAN: No alcohol tonight?
Just count from one to ten for me.

Saturday night in the city and the RBT unit is set up
on a main thoroughfare. So, you're the party girl? I think she might be drunk.
Yeah, there's a good possibility. Yeah, then we can
go out on the town. Ah! ..for the purpose of a breath test. Drivers tonight are out to party... Any alcohol to drink?
No. ..but some may have been partying
just a little too hard. Where you going? Hey! A car filled with merrymakers
and colourful balloons drives straight through
the RBT site. Police waste no time
chasing it down.

After blowing over the limit
roadside, the driver's brought back to the bus
where the party continues. (WOMAN LAUGHS) (LAUGHS)

Never been chased by a police car
in my life. No?
I nearly died. I thought it was saying,
"Slow down." So I went real slow
and he came after me... Pauline's had a night to remember,
and out in the car, her parents and partner, KD,
keep the party going. For my birthday. I'm 80 next month. But I was jiving just the same. Pauline spent eight months making
sure that tonight's festivities went off without a hitch. It was a surprise 50th. There was about 70 people there and she was, like,
"How did you find all these people?" She hasn't seen some of them
for many, many years. Whose birthday was it? My partner's.
It was a very good night. They were all there
and they all let poppers off and... She was, like, "Wow." She wasn't expecting it. The big night has taken its toll. (COUGHS)
Are you OK, mate? Very tired. It's really tough. A big party is really tough. I don't think I'd do it again. Having said that, I'm doing a surprise 80th for my mum
in five weeks.

As the primary carer
for her elderly parents, losing her licence
would see them all grounded. Keep going, keep going... Pauline was careful
with her drinks all night, but was she careful enough?

In Coffs Harbour,
police are testing drivers on the most notorious stretch
of road in Australia, the Pacific Highway. WOMAN: Keep driving.

It's the main thoroughfare
between Sydney and Brisbane. We've had quite a few fatals in
and around this section of highway. Start counting,
I'll tell you when to stop. One, two... Despite being directed to stop, this white van
flies straight past the police line.

Senior Constable Fran Hetherington
strikes out in pursuit. (SIREN BLARES)