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and changed around there. It was a very multipurpose band
there for a long time, the old Fleetwood Mac. Jethro Tull was
named after an inventor. Pink Floyd
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - a 17-year-old arrested over a stabbing at Eastwood Train Station. Calls for a ceasefire on the most deadly day of the Middle East conflict so far. Stand back now - the new marshals keeping city crowds under control. Claims Tony Abbott's child care policy will cost parents more. And Sydney says farewell to our famous utes in the sky. Good evening. We begin our broadcast with breaking news on a stabbing at Eastwood Train Station. A teacher has been rushed to hospital. The incident happened right here outside Eastwood Railway Station this afternoon. Members of the public were on hand and able to detain the 17-year-old schoolboy who's alleged to have stabbed an 18-year-old in the chest and arm. Let's have a listen to what some witnesses had to say.A young fella, teenager, had stab wounds and one up near his chest and arm.That 18- year-old victim is listed as in a stable condition at Westmead. The 17-year-old is at Ryde Police Station assisting with their inquiries. There's an urgent warning from police tonight after a 9-year-old boy was allegedly kidnapped and indecently assaulted in a Central Coast home. A 36-year-old local man faced court today, accused of liaring the young boy inside before -- luring the young boy inside, before locking the doordz. It's alleged the young boy -- doors. It's alleged the young boy was held against his will for 12 long hours. According to police he was indecently assaulted by this man, 36-year-old Kwai Newman. An unemployed disabilities pensioner who lives alone.I have seen him down there talking to kids with the lizer.It's scary.Police allege Newman used his pet blue tongue to lure the young boy away from the playground, across the road, and in to his flat, bolting the door behind him.Over the following number of hours, the child was not allowed to leave those premises. The boy's distraught parents called police when he didn't arrive home by 6 o'clock on Saturday night. Yesterday morning, a relative involved in the search spotted him walking towards The Entrance police station.Children should be familiar with either the person or the place they're going to.Newman was refused bail. His lawyer maintains his client is innocent. Let's go live to Sarah Harris. What was said in court today?We heard a very different version of events from Newman's lawyer. Newman claims the boy had actually asked him if he could stay the night because he was having troubles at home and the only reason why the door was locked in the first place was to keep the boy safe. Now Newman does plan to vigorously defend those charges of kidnapping and the indecent assault of a minor when he reappears in court early next year.Inghams chicken workers have taken industrial action at plants. The cispute is over negotiations for a new pay deal. Chicken sup loys at this points have not been affected. The battle between Israel and Palestinian militants have seen its bloodiest day yet. This conflict is looking very much like war.Well, the attacks are certainly continuing, Pete. Just a few hours agee the headquarters for the police force here was -- ago the headquarters for the police force here was blown up. The United Nations will head to Cairo today to try and move those peace talks along, which to most people in this region can't come soon enough. We've been in Gaza City forebearly an hour before an Israeli jet bombed a target. We arrived to find a street in chaos. Distraught neighbours couldn't believe what just happened. A building that housed a Hamas militant was flattened, as people climbed over piled-up debris and searched for the missing. The people here are pulling out surviefbgers just a few moments after this -- survivors just a few moments after this building was bombed. A massive crater is all that remains of the attack in which 10 people were killed, including four children. At the city hospital, a child screams in agony. Nursing a broken arm and shrapnel wounds to the head, he's just 10 years old. He lies next to a picture of his older brother who died in the last conflict here four years ago. It's too much for a mother to handle.

Hospitals here are filled with victims of war, too young to know what it's all about.Every 30 minutes, I receive children, five years to three years.Five days after this conflict escalated, Israel has sustained heavy rocket attacks from Gaza. Nearly half have been intercepted. For now, the US is backing Israel's actions.We're fully supportive of Israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes.Back home now a different experience for Sydney commuters today with new rail marsles put to the test. They were -- marshals put to the test. They're trying to stop the push and shove of the peak hour rush. The busiest rail platiform in Sydney is heaving and today in the middle of the scrum train marshals playing the role as referees.Please stand behind the blue line.Keeping the two sides apart. If you were too slow, the penalty is swift.Meeting was 9 o'clock. I couldn't make it. Our aim is to hold the train for 60 seconds and to safely load and reload passengers.Before today, it was every passenger for themselves. People want to barge on and off. The crush slowed the system down. The job of the marshals is to reduce dwell times, the period trains spend at the station. Under this plan it will mean some passengers will miss their train but City Rail insists they will not have to wait long. 60 seconds, no more than three minutes.We can manage the trains here for 60 seconds.The marshals are being trialled for a month at Town Hall. If they work, expect to see them at Central and Wynyard as well. There are claims parents will be forced to pay more under Tony Abbott's child care policy. The Opposition Leader said there needs to be a review in to the child care system but has made no commitment to extra funding. As Julia Gillard and Tim Mathison headed to the East Asia summit in Cambodia, Tony and Margie Abbott were in a child-care centre, promising a productivity commission review of the sector that Mr Abbott said is out of date, out of reach and too expensive.We need a system which is affordable, which is accessible, but it's got to be practical.All options including home care, such as nannies, will be considered, but no extra funding. Parents will definitely pay more under Mr Abbott's scheme. You can't take the existing money and make it go further.Today is a terrifying announcement for Australian families. Will there be a child care rebate or child care benefit? I need a hug, mate.The latest poll shows why? With his approval rating down to 37% and his disapproval still at 60%.He just wanted friends.The poll shows the Coalition would still win the election. With while the majority say the carbon tax -- While the majority say the carbon tax has had no impact, Tony Abbott is refusing to change tactic.It's a stupid tax. Frank lowy says the high -- Lowy said the high cost of renting retail space in Pitt Street Mall is worth every cent.It has a unique attraction to customers.Only Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Tokyo have pricier retail spots. Russell Crowe's decision to put family first has been praised by bosses at Souths. Despite Crowe's departure, the Rabbitohs say their future is assured and their star players are staying put. The players were doing what they do today, getting ready for next season. A year when their owner will be saying a financial farewell. How will Russell Crowe's time at Souths be remembered?As one of great success. But I wouldn't want to talk about it in the past tense.I can tell you now and a million times and people want to ignore it, this club wouldn'tby here without Russell Crowe's announcement. He will be remembered as the man who brought us back when we win our 21st premiership.Now Crowe wupbts to be a family man.-- wants to be a family man. He is making a great decision.When did you first know Russell wanted out? The decision you broke yesterday was something you broke because there would be no discussion about the timing of it all. But since then he's come out and discussed it with us.The club said no matter who bought Crowe's share that the team will stay in Sydney.Guarantee, iron-clad, not even a question mark in any way, shape or form and the day we made that decision, Shane Richardson wouldn't be here.And the fans will be happy their stars are staying put. Any players at the club who say, "If Russell Crowe is not here, I'm not here?"Not one. Police are hunting for a he who has been terrorising a tradesman -- for a thief who has been terrorising a tradesman for tools. He rigged his driveway and ute with a trap he is so frustrated. This is the unsuspecting thief walking into a booby trap.Every tradie watching. He is so fed up with being targeted by vandals, he set up a security system around his home. It would capture the robber's first strike, carefully breaking in to Mark's ute and grabbing a $2,000 haul of equipment, leaving few clues for police.I knew he would be back looking for the equipment.When he did, Mark was ready, delivering his own form of justice. The thief hits a trip wire placed in Mark's front yard, bringing a metal pole crashing down on his head and the burglar who got more than he bargained for was sent running. Mark's plan not just effective, but popular. The images have become a hit online. Police have the footage but haven't been able to identify the thief, so Mark is working to increase the quality of the vision to get a clearer image of the man's face and number plate.The CCTV is great. It does act as a deterrents. Our advice is not to set traps.Sir Elton John has been spotted relaxing on Sydney Harbour with his son and a group of friends. He's been performing around the country. His Australian tour wrapping up in Launceston tomorrow night. Stay with us. A crowd farewell a mate gunned down at a Canley Vale wedding. A new safety crackdown on backyard blow-up pools. This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC)

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This program is not captioned. Dozens of wiekies have gathered to fare -- bikies have gathered to farewell a bikie member killed when a gunman opened fire at the receps in Canley Vale earlier this month. No-one has been arrested over his death. There's a push for compulsory labelling to warn of the dangers of inflatable pools. It's a little-known fact that even the smallest pools for children should be fenced. They're the cheap and fun way for kids to cool off. But inflatable pools can be a tragedy waiting in the backyard.The dangers with portable pools are very real.In NSW, it's the law any pool which can hold more than 30 centimetres of water needs a fence, whether it's inflatable or in ground. When it comes to the blow- up variety, it's almost empossible to enforce.You're not going to put a fence around it? You always have to supervise your kids around water anyway.The National Consumer Watchdog wants tougher laws by 2014 and the Children's Hospital at Westmead agrees.We find there's an increasing trend in America. We're concerned we'll experience the same increases.In NSW, it's not here where the greatest danger lies. On average, 10 children under five will drown in backyard swimming pools every year. And there are even more who suffer brain damage from a close call. Samuel Morris was one of those children. Six years ago his mum saved him from their pool but he's not the kid he once was. His parents say retailers and manufacturers need to take possibility.Could cost a life or it could last a lifetime like it has for us.Loved by our Air Force as the big old bus, Sydney has farewelled two Hercules Transporters. It made a spectacular fly-past over the city. A lap of honour that was hard to miss. Sweeping up from the southern beaches, two Hercules, the last of their kind saying goodbye after 34 years of service.It's been there for the Australian population in the times when our back was against the wall.It was earplugs at the ready when the Hercules came to the rescue during a pilot strike. They dropped hay and supplies for farmers. And later made Baghdad and Afghanistan their second home. Flying at 300 metres, a fair chunk of Sydney heard and saw them. Never the most comfortable of aircraft, the Hercules was an airborne ute.A lot of vibration and noise. It gets you there around the world and reliably.They'll be replaced with a newer model. This old war birds will see out their final days with the Indonesian Air Force. OK, time for sport now with Ken. Good evening.Tonight - Quade Cooper's bombshell. His latest decision is set to rock rugby. Will Shane Watson play? We have the inside word. How Ricky Ponting inspired a young boy battling cancer.Wild and woolly weather for Sydney tonight. This program is not captioned. SONG: # Everyone's a winner,
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This program is not captioned. Breaking news first surrounding one of Australian sport's most high- profile stars, Quade Cooper. His latest decision is sure to rock Australian Rugby?Yes, Australian sport. Quade Cooper has decided to quit the ARU and the Wallabies. I don't know if he's told the ARU that at this stage. But that's his decision. He was offered an incentive-based contract by the ARU. One of Australia's very highest- profile players and one of the world's best players and he decided he would rather quit. He is considering options overseas in rugby. Also in rugby league. He may turn to boxing.I did a lot of training throughout my ACL injury and had a lot of down time with injury. It's something I've enjoyed the challenge of doing and the training is something elseism yeem sure getting in the ring is something else -- else. I'm sure getting in the ring is something else.The Panthers are poised to make a 3-year offer to Jonathan Thurston. Penrith want to offer him around $3 million for three years. So plenty going on in rugby and league.Good on you. Thank you. All eyes are on Shane Watson as the Aussie cricket team trains ahead of Thursday's second test against South Africa. How did he look in the nets today, Roz?Shane Watson has just returned here to Adelaide Oval. He's holding what appears to be some sort of private fitness session with the Australian physio. I can tell you he's been running quite hard as opposed to this morning when he didn't even push himself or pick up a ball and attempt to bowl. After that team training session this morning, Watson said he would only be available at a specialist batsman. This is quite interesting.The most important thing is to be able to run consistently without hurting it. Bowling is out at this points in time.In some more breaking news, South African fast bowler Steyn could not complete training today because he's come down with gastro quite badly. This return to Adelaide has been quite emotional for Ricky Ponting.When Ponting arrived in Adelaide, this was his first stop, a neighbourhood barbecue put on by a family he's become part of. Ponting and Toby have a close bond, developed during the 13-year-old's batual a brain tumour.We hang out. Play cricket together when we get the chance.To see the little kid I saw two years agee where he is today, he's playing competitive cricket again and running by himself and doing all that stuff.He's been a constant figure in Toby's fight, sending gifts and messages of support. His mum says her boy's fighting spirit has been boosted by the cricket star.I'm sure a lot of it has to do with being determined. And I keep saying, "Ricky is watching this."Now clear of cancer, it's Toby's turn to help Ponting, who is launching an Australia Day fundraiser. Planning that has been a good distraction for Ricky who received his fair share of criticism for that duck against South Africa in Brisbane. He knows selectors could soon run out of paceance. If you don't score runs, are you nervous?Everyone does. You don't want to fail four times in a row.He hasn't failed with young Toby.Magnificent. Good on you, Ricky.Wild weather thon way tonight. -- on
members. That' s tonight Next on WI Can
News... Nearly a decade on - the histor
Canberra bushfires make global renew
history Voluntary euthanasia, a spectac
renewed Greens' push And, the of
spectacular vision of a waterspout Th
off the coast - what summer holds. That' s next.

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After a warm and sunny start to the day, a cool southerly change moved in. It reached a top of 21 in the city today. Multiple super cells have been charging across the south-east in Queensland. Bringing huge hail stones, flash flooding and a spectacular lightning show. By tomorrow a high will keep most of the south-east clear.

Well done. Thank you. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

late edition - Tonight... A natu
world-first: Canberra' s biggest torna
natural disaster, proof of fire a
tornadoes. Two mums, sentenced over s
a Greenpeace stunt. And: the coast' way
s spectacular storms, more on the Post
way. Good evening, I' m Danielle B
Post, The devastating 2003 Canberra d
Bushfires have led to a world first tor
discovery Researchers say a "fire Rang
tornado" crossed the Brindabella Territor
Ranges before heading to the e
Territory' s urban fringe. Senior f
emergency officials were blamed for fi
failing to attack the fires in the reveal
first few days. Now it' s been the
revealed, on the 18th of January, with
the ferocious fire-storm brought
with it a phenomenon nobody had eve rese
witnessed. When we started to c
research true tornadoes in the fire fir
context it turns out this was the first well documented and confirmed marks
fire tornado event. Next year
marks a decade since the devastatin g
blaze which claimed four lives and Can
gutted nearly five hundred homes. videos
Canberrans who took photos and r
videos at the time have helped lead M
researchers to this tornado. RICK fr
McRAE: This graphic here was taken ou
from the back deck so you can make out the tornado as it' s approachin forme
the urban edge. +w The tornado formed in the plume of the McIntyre Brindabella
Hut Fire and crossed the
Brindabella Ranges before grazing a poin
the edge of Chapman. At several m
points it lifted off the ground and speeds
moved closer to the city. Wind two-hun
speeds have been estimated at two-hundred-and- fifty-kilometres a o
hour. This one was at least a F2 some
on the Fajita scale and there' s some indications it may have been a F3. So that' s a really significan tornado in the Australian context. where
Once a fire gets to a level thunders
where it' s creating its own diffe
thunderstorm these are really a
different beast. There needs to be t
lot of research going into finding them a lot better. That will begi wi
next year, when these researchers will collaborate once more. There s still lots of things that went o f
during these fires which we don' t fully understand.

There' s a renewed push for ACT
euthanasia to be legalised in the introduc
ACT. The Federal Greens have cu
introduced a new bill to take away Te
current legislation that stops the s
Territories from allowing it. It' topic
s a controversial and sensitive int
topic - that' s being thrust back p
into the public sphere. I want to I
put it back on the national agenda.
I want dying with dignity to be bac goin
on the national agenda and I' m bil
going to do that by introducing a
bill that would allow the Territory legi
s to enact a dying with dignity Coaliti
legislation. In 1997 - then Coalition backbencher Kevin Andrews wh
introduced a private members bill cr
which blocked the territories from legisla
creating their own euthanasia a
legislation. It' s now being touted as outdated - and there' s a renewe effort to get it changed. The wa is
the current legislation federally an
is structured is the ACT cannot do r
anything. And what we want to do is
remove that so that the ACT assembl pa
can then decide whether or not to pass euthanasia laws. New researc cent
has found more than seventy per voluntary
cent of Australians support expe
voluntary euthanasia. For people m
experiencing incurable physical and mental suffering. Opposition to it t
is sitting at twelve per cent - and sevente
the Australia Institute found about
seventeen per cent aren' t sure crit
about it. I think it' s really legislatio
critical that we introduce Parliame
legislation into the Federal Te
Parliament that says to all of the
Territories you' re not able to onc this
again introduce euthanasia. all
this is a practice which first of all brings about medicalised killin he
so that the doctors who should be sta
healing patients are the ones who R
start to kill their patients. ACT affec
Right to Life believes it would
affect the most vulnerable people i