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This program is captioned live. Tonight, a man in court
and a warning to parents following a frightening attack
on a young boy. What it means
for Christmas deliveries. New pictures
of the south coast water spout and the ominous warning for Sydney. 11 members of one family killed
in relentless attacks on Gaza and Israel. And is Peter Holmes a Court
about to follow Russell, and sell his stake in South Sydney?

Good evening. Police are telling parents to make
sure their children know what to do when approached by strangers following a frightening attack
on a boy. The 9-year-old was allegedly lured
into a Central Coast home and sexually assaulted for a night
before escaping. His accused attacker
was today refused bail in court.

Kwai Newman, 36 years old,
a history of drugs and shoplifting and accused of luring a schoolboy
into his dingy flat, I really can't believe it,
to be honest.

It's terrible. The 9-year-old was riding
his skateboard on this Central Coast street
late on Saturday. Police say Newman approached the boy Instead, he was held ovenight
and repeatedly assaulted. He tried to get out,
but Newman had the keys. For a 9-year-old child
to be held overnight, away from his parents,
away from anyone he knows, I'd say it's extremely terrifying. The boy was eventually let go
on Sunday morning. His frantic family spotted him heading to The Entrance
police station nearby. Newman denies the allegations. His lawyer told the court
he took the boy in so he wouldn't roam the streets
at night. The disability pensioner
has told police he simply played video games and
watched movies with the 9-year-old. It's prompted fresh warnings
on child safety. What they should do is only go
with persons that they do know or go to places that they do know, never to be enticed into a situation
like that. Newman's bail application
was refused. He's due back in court
in the new year.

Hundreds of Sydney workers
are being locked out of Inghams chicken factories
over a pay dispute. Jodie Speers is at
the company's Hoxton Park plant. Jodie, could the dispute affect
supplies for Christmas? That's one of the concerns, Chris. Workers tell us there are three Ingham sites
which are now in turmoil - this one here at Hoxton Park,
one at Ingleburn and one at Tahmoor. At this site, workers have been
locked out for a week, and some of them are struggling
to pay their bills. They want a pay rise of 4%, which is what they've been given
for the past few years. The company is so far refusing
to offer any more than 3.5%. Many of the workers have been
with Inghams for upwards of 20 years and are worried they'd have trouble
getting work elsewhere. There's a lot of good people,
a lot of hard-working people, honest people and all they want is a fair go. They have given a lifetime here
at Hoxton Park plant. They were one of the first plant
where Ingham started. This evening's meeting
between the company and the union has so far failed to reach
an agreement. Chris.

Sydney is facing a new danger
for summer, with weather forecasters now
expecting more violent storms. It had been thought bushfires
would be our greatest danger, but supercell storms are posing a
bigger threat to property right now and the entire city is at risk.

Oh, my God! Imagine being out there. This could be the biggest waterspout
ever caught on camera in Australia. It lasted 20 minutes off the
New South Wales coast on Sunday - (THUNDER RUMBLES)

The severe storms that hit South-East Queensland
and northern New South Wales are gone but not forgotten.

Look at our roof, it's smashed! ..while SES crews
in northern New South Wales are clearing a backlog
of 150 jobs in and around Woodburn. Sydney was spared, but weather experts say
we were lucky. Next time, it could be our turn. The trouble is the whole of Sydney
is a severe storm-prone zone. We've been told to brace
for a bad bushfire season, but experts say
severe storms are an equal threat. The next trough line
could come across Sydney, and we get severe storms
in our local area. It is the season for it. It's not just storms
that have authorities concerned - the flood threat is also high. But not everyone is covered. Contact their local council to see
what flood information is available and then contact their insurer to see if they are actually covered
by flood.

From next month, emergency warnings will be sent
straight to mobile phones to alert anyone in a disaster area. Just in time too -

emergency crews expect 50 more
severe storms to hit the state this summer. It's disintegrated.

Live now to Sally Sal, when can we expect
the next freak storm? ,

,.Chris, apart from these showers and the winds that are pushing through Sydney at the moment, we are expecting calmer conditions over the next few days as drier air moves in. Whether experts are keeping their eye on the potential for some perfect storm conditions to develop around next Wednesday. At this stage, it's still very far off. These systems can change rapidly but Sydney is now in the peak of its severe storm season. We see more storms in November and December than any other time of the year. Thank you,

Private health insurance companies
are defending their proposed price increases, which could see members pay
an extra $150 per year. Some customers say it's unaffordable and they'll have to abandon
their policies but insurers insist
they're just keeping pace with rising health care costs.

Young mum Nicole Battochio knows
about the costs of healthcare. At $220 a month,
she'd love to drop it but can't. We're damned if we do,
damned if we don't. If we don't have
the private insurance, we still have to pay
for the Medicare surcharge which is ridiculous. Australia's private health insurers,
making $1 billion in profit a year, will tomorrow apply
to the Federal Government to increase premium prices
an estimated 5%. These sorts of rises
are quite extreme. For consumers,
they're yet another slug. Around 12 million Australians
have private health cover. Families paying the average $4,000
a year would see premiums jump $200. It doesn't make sense
to most people. The industry blames
health inflation. The Opposition says
it's government policies. This is a government which just doesn't like
private health insurance. For the last five years, the increases have far outstripped
inflation, sometimes by double, but one industry expert says people shouldn't drop
their policies, just review them. I think that a lot of people
will start looking to make sure that what they've got
in their policy is what they actually need
in their policy. Both the Federal Government
and the industry body refused to comment today, saying the negotiations
over health insurance premiums hadn't even begun. The final announcement won't be made
until late February.

11 people from the one family
have been killed in the worsening conflict between
Israel and Hamas in the Middle East. Rockets are being launched
day and night to and from Gaza as negotiators try to broker
a ceasefire. The deadliest day so far in Gaza. This is what remains of
a 3-storey home of a Hamas official. He was killed in the attack along with five children
and three women. (YELLING) Israel's released video to highlight
what it says is the accuracy
of its air strikes. (EXPLOSION) These satellite dishes belong
to the pro-Hamas TV stations. Unfortunately, they use their homes,
even their mosques to hide their arms.

Panic and fear on the streets
of Israel too. (SIREN SOUNDS)

Above us, Israel's iron dome defence
system intercepts another rocket - 1 of more than 100 fired
into Israel today. Some penetrated
the defensive shield. Two people were injured when one slammed into this
apartment block in Ashkelon.

Israel's digging in for a long
campaign against the Gaza militants. Here, some of the 75,000 reservists
who've been mobilised heading one way - Gaza. What you're looking at is just some of the Israeli
armoured personnel carriers that are now massing
near the border with Gaza It is, perhaps, further proof
that Israel is preparing

to expand its campaign
against the militants.

In Egypt, who's new government is
close to Hamas, the president is leading talks which he hopes will lead
to a ceasefire soon. ,

, We are live to Adrian in Tel Aviv. Is there any end to the shelling in sight. Not really. There has been another air strike over gas this morning. Three Palestinian were killed after a police station was hit of the overall, the death toll stands at 84. 81 of those, preliminary, many of them children. Efforts to try to prevent this crisis developing into a full blown war continue with talks taking place at the moment between the United Nations secretary general, the Egyptian president and an Israeli diplomat. Chris. Let's hope they broker that

A controlling stake
in the South Sydney Rabbitohs could be up for grabs, with Peter Holmes A Court telling
Seven News he doesn't know
whether he'll keep his share. That follows co-owner Russell Crowe
offering up his third, but the club insists
it's business as usual.

Souths officials believe
fans should praise Russell Crowe rather than mourn his decision
to sell up. When we win our 21st premiership, he'll be remembered
as the man who brought us back. Crowe today insisted the club's
in a great place, saying:

And the Rabbitohs predict
a million-dollar surplus next year. and saying "They can do it,
they can walk now". And they may. Co-owner Peter Holmes a Court's told
Seven News he's weighing up his options.

Crowe and Holmes a Court
are owed $9 million, and a Perth bid team would buy
the lot but not just a share. It's gotta be everything or nothing and, you know,
37.5% a lot of trouble. We've seen that
with the Manly-Warringah franchise. Souths insist
they'll never leave Redfern. Guarantee it. Guarantee. Iron clad. Not even a question mark
in any way, shape or form. But Rabbitohs fans can understand
Crowe's decision to walk. We wouldn't be here as a club,
I reckon, today if it wasn't for the input
Russell had. I think it's pretty fair. I know
if my marriage had fell apart, I'd want to get it fixed up first.

And Patrick Molihan joins us live. Pat, we just heard from fans,
what are the players saying? Chris, there'll be no mass walkouts. They're all on long-term deals. and they're determined to give him
a fairytale ending with that long awaited premiership
Russell and Bunnies' fans have been dreaming of.

As the Wiggles gear up
for their final shows, they're also waving goodbye
to their Big Red Car. The customised Beetle
is up for auction to raise money for Sudden Infant
Death Syndrome research just weeks before three
of the original Wiggles retire. The VW Big Red Car's had four
very careful owners. We call it skivvy red -
it's Murray's shirt colour. It'll go to the highest bidder
in an online auction. The details are on our website. The early word is that it could go
for up to $40,000.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - Sydney schools on alert
for a growing medical condition following a student's death.

The Sydney farewell for a reliable
workhorse of the air force.

And how this rare white lion cub
could help save the species.

That's next.

The death of a teenage boy
at a Sydney school has led to calls for teachers
and childcare workers to be better equipped
to deal with food allergies. The 16-year-old is the fifth young
Australian to die in recent years, despite the known dangers
of foods like nuts and eggs.

6-year-old Georgia Morgan knows
what can make her very sick. Eggs and nuts
and I used to be allergic to milk, but I'm not allergic to milk
anymore. It's on her lunchbox
and her school is aware, but a few years ago in child care,
she had a severe allergic reaction which her mum says
staff didn't recognise. It was clear that she was having
a severe allergic reaction - she had hives all over her body, she
had a hoarse voice, she was swollen. and experts don't know why. Food allergy in general in Australia
has doubled over the last 5 to 10 years. 1 in 20 children
have a food allergy. 16-year-old Raymond Cho died
after eating a cookie prepared in class
at Ashfield Boys High School. It contained walnuts. Raymond's death will be reviewed
by the coroner next month. Whether or not it's appropriate
to have cooking demonstrations, including products that are a danger
to some of the students. The school had an emergency plan
for Raymond. His family want its implementation
that day investigated. What was the reaction? And how was the rescue,
if we can call it that, carried out? Lawyers for the Cho family say it's hoped the inquest here
can prevent future tragedies. They expect parents of other
children with food allergies to be watching closely. The Education Department says
school staff are trained, informed and have medication to deal
with anaphylaxis. And there's an appeal from parents. They need to be prepared
for an emergency. One day it will happen.

One of the workhorses of
the Royal Australian Air Force made its final flight over Sydney
today before retiring
after 34 years of service. The Hercules C-130H has played
a leading role in war zones and during national emergencies
at home. Even workhorses get to show off
every now and then. Two C-130H in some very close
and very precise flying today, posing for a last happy snap
over Sydney before four decades of service
comes to an end. It's a big old bus in many ways.

Since 1978, they've carried
Australia's military and more. ...aid for victims
of the 2004 tsunami. Even domestic passengers

In the Middle East,
thousands of Aussie soldiers have stepped off a Hercules
into danger but stepping on,
began the journey home. Even the saddest journey of all. The Hercs would take it.

, We are flying low just a couple of hupd metres above the city. These planes have seen dangerous conditions, a quick spin in the skies over Sydney is a pretty smooth ride.

Retired at the end of the month,
most of the 12 aircraft will be sold overseas,
many getting new lives in Indonesia.

The birth of a rare white lion
has raised new hopes for the endangered species. Kwanza the cub had his first
public outing today just a week after being born
at Darling Downs Zoo. There are no white lions left
in the wild anymore, haven't been since the mid-1990s. The zoo owners
and their young daughter are now working to preserve Kwanza may be small now, but he's expected to weigh
more than 220kg when fully grown.

They may not hold him like that! Sport now with Jim Wilson - and Shane Watson is ready
to take on South Africa. Chris, he's declared himself
right to go for the second test but there's a proviso. As selectors and skipper
Michael Clarke weigh up whether to roll the dice
on the Aussie vice captain. Plus, the world's number one
tennis player bang on target
for the Australian summer.

And the long ride home
for Mark Webber

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this Christmas. ALL: Cha-ching!

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South Sydney maintain
it's business as usual despite high profile owner
Russell Crowe wanting to sell his 37.5% share in the Bunnies. Chief executive Shane Richardson
says the club's future is bright and is now pushing
the state government to come to the party to assist
funding a $15 million high performance
centre. The NRL is fully aware of it,
get it up and running. Richardson says the Bunnies will
continue to perform on the field under coach Michael Maguire. Australian vice captain Shane Watson has put all the onus back
on selectors declaring he wants to play
in the second test but only as a batsman. Watson was able to train
with the Aussies today but bowling in Adelaide
is simply not an option.

The vice-captain was front
and centre for today's team photo but will he be there Thursday? His first team run since
straining his calf two weeks ago Watson only fielded and batted. Bowling is out
at this point of time for me. It's just about to get out
and run around and do the skills I need to do That won't happen according
to the high-performance manager. Not necessarily, say selectors. Watson hasn't heard either way. then I suppose for me, all that
matters is what selectors think. I sat next to him
on the plane yesterday. He's feeling confident
and he's ready to go and he's been waiting for this
for 12 months now And it might be longer. Watson couldn't rate
his current fitness level. If I'm able to ramp it up
over the next couple of days and have no problems then I'll definitely be available
for selection, but certainly not counting chickens
before they hatch. Those who did bowl
were counting their steps. Both sides trying
to eradicate no balls. Obviously, it's a discipline we need
as a bowling attack and it's something I've personally
been working hard on in my game. There was four times
in the last game where it was sort of game changing. You know, there will be
a big emphasis in the nets and will be talked about a bit. We'll monitor it closely
no ball or not. Dynamite Dave Warner's game
won't change. It's a good thing those workmen
are wearing helmets, that's a start. Obviously, the boundaries
are bit shorter that side.

The Czech Republic has upset
reigning titleholder Spain to win the 100th Davis Cup. Radek Stepanek's victory
in the deciding singles rubber sparked jubilant scenes in Prague. It completes a rare teams double after the Czech women won
the Fed Cup. Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic has
showcased his soccer skills in Rio, scoring a penalty
in a celebrity match.

And a shock switch of sports
isn't totally out of the question. If they call me,
I would maybe consider. Djokovic will be back doing
what he does best at January's Australian Open. ,Will see it right here on


Lewis Hamilton has won
the first Formula One race at the new Circuit of the Americas
in Texas. A faulty gearbox ended
Mark Webber's hopes, forcing the Aussie
to hitch a ride back to pit lane. Hamilton took the chequered flag ahead of Sebastian Vettel
and Fernando Alonso. The trio donned Stetson cowboy hats
for the podium celebrations. Vettel and Alonso
will go head-to-head for the drivers championship,
at the season finale in Brazil. ,

How good are the hats? All we needed was JR Ewing. They were there, were they? Thank

Checking finance now - and the share market was higher on the back of better factory
and retail figures from China.

Back to Sally at Pyrmont
for Sydney's weather. And, Sal, not a great night
to be out and about. Chris, cloud is building ahead of
some wet and windy weather tonight. I'll tell you when to expect it

Cloud building across the city with some wet weather on the way
tonight. We had a cool spring day
in the city with a top of just 21 degrees,
which was 3 below average. It wasn't very spring-like today, with temperatures as much as 6
degrees below average, though, thanks to the south-east winds. Richmond and Penrith
were the warmest but still only managed a maximum
of 23 degrees, while on the coast,
Bondi had a maximum of 19. From the satellite - expect falls of around 2mm-5mm along the Southern to Central
New South Wales coast tonight. A low off the New South Wales coast has whipped up
strong and gusty south-east winds Tomorrow, that will move off
the coast but not before it brings showers
and gusty winds to Sydney tonight. Around the nation - expect a few showers and storms
in Broome and Darwin. Adelaide will remain hot with
a late shower, and it will be fine, sunny and warm
in Melbourne. On the water:

Tonight, expect a fresh and gusty
south-east change to sweep through, bringing cloud and showers
with a top of 22 degrees. Tonight will be cloudy
with a few brief showers at times, particularly along the coast. Tomorrow, those showers will begin
to clear off the coast with a partly cloudy afternoon. Looking ahead - fine weather will return
for Wednesday, with a warmer day developing as winds swing towards the north. But a cooler south-east change
will develop on Thursday resulting in a cloudy day. Later in the week, expect winds to swing to the north, bringing warmer temperatures
once again.

And that's Seven News
for this Monday but I'll have updates for you during
the 'X Factor' grand final this evening. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight',
debt collectors out of control - That's next.

Tonight, the schoolies exodus - to party where there are no rules,
no police and trouble galore.

Plus, debt collectors
so out of control, a Federal Court judge
wanted their bullying exposed. We're the number one debt collection
agency in Australia, alright?

And home truths
from our 'X Factor' finalists.

Good evening. First tonight,
the schoolies celebrations overseas where it's wilder and more dangerous than anything we see
on the Gold Coast. The strong police presence is making Surfers Paradise safer
for school leavers, but the level of security is also driving thousands
of schoolies out of the country. As Damien Hansen reports,
Bali is the new schoolie hot spot and over there, anything goes.


Steamy nights, cheap booze
and no rules. It's the dangerous cocktail the graduating class of 2012
just can't get enough of. 'Cause we're in Bali! Wooo!

South-East Asian party hot spots are fast becoming
the destination of choice for a growing number
of Australian schoolies and this is what
they've been getting up to. Get to (BLEEP) Bali, mother (BLEEP)!