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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. We begin on the NSW Central Coast, where a man has faced court charged with kidnapping a 9-year-old boy and indecently assaulting him. Police say 36-year- old Kwai Newman lured the child into his home on Saturday afternoon, and kept him there overnight. The boy was found the next morning by his family. And Nine's Sarah Harris will have all the details on this case at 5 o'clock. Now to Melbourne, where a woman has been shot dead in the middle of a street in the city's west this afternoon. Live now to Nine's Alicia Loxley in West Footscray. What is the latest there?Well, we are just waiting to hear from police at the moment. The Homicide Squad has actually just arrived and as you can see they are actually just down there at the scene of this shooting at the moment pwhafplt we do now is just after 2:30 neighbours called police after hearing a man and a woman fighting in the middle of the street just behind me and then hearing multiple gun shots. When police arrived they found a woman lying on the street and she had died as a result of those gunshot wounds. A man in his 50s has been taken into custody and is assisting police. I have spoken to a number of neighbours, there are a lot of people milling around just trying to get back into that section of the street where they live. A lot of people heard the shots being fired. One woman I spoke to said she heard a number of shots being fired and then half an hour later a number of shots in quick success. Let's have a listen.Just a number of shots, went, bang, bang, bang. Another it is a quiet street nothing happens.It is pretty scary, not something that happens every day. As I mentioned the Homicide Squad has just arrived on the scene here. I spoke to a sergeant a bit earlier. They expect to be here for some time this afternoon so we will bring you an update just after 5 o'clock. Thank you so much for that, we will check in with you shortly. A murder investigation is now underway in Victoria, following the discovery of a woman's body at a Melbourne home on the weekend. Police believe it belongs to 22- year-old Sarah Cafferkey, who was last seen on November 9. There's reports detectives are investigating a vital clue in the case and have a suspect in their investigation. We'll cross to Nine's Laura Turner in Melbourne for all the details later in our bulletin. Clear skies are helping residents in South-East Queensland clean-up this afternoon after 4 violent storms smashed the region over the weekend. Live now to Nine's Joel Dry. Good afternoon. How bad is the damage?Good afternoon. Well, quite extensive as you can imagine, those four super cell storms swept across the Brisbane area over the weekend and it is easy to why it caused so much damage, these pictures you can see show hailstones some as big as softballs that were accompanied by that fourth super cell storm that hit at about 6 o'clock last night. Along with those hailstones there were extremely high winds, up to 90km/hr. And also lightning strikes across the entire weekend, close to 100,000 lightning strikes were registered. That played havoc for the power system. Snrge exwere saying that 100,000 homes were shult off from power but today it was all about the clean up and people got out in and surveyed the damage. It was mainly roofs and cars that were impacted. We spoke to some of the people affected. Let's have a listen to what they told us.Yesterday afternoon it felt like a freight train had hit the house. The noise was so daefening.I was surprised that trees didn't go straight over.The cars, as you can see, this car is just shattered windscreens all around.There has been some criticism today that storm warnings came too late.Yeah, that is correct, in particular the first storm that hit early morning on Saturday, the forecast was for a thunderstorm. That was put out Thursday and also earlier in the week the bureau had said that there will be quite severe storms but in fact on that particular day it wasn't upgraded to asive veer thunderstorm until the front had actually passed through and impacted certain areas. Today the bureau came out, they gave a press conference and they defended their actions. They said they gave ample warnings on the days leading up but on the actual day they were going on information to hand and they say to some extent people need to be aware of their own conditions and they were really backing up the systems that they use. Let's have a listen to what they said this morning.There was no evidence on radar to anybody that this storm was severe until it got to the central parts of Brisbane. There was no evidence from any reports to the bureau or to - on our automatic weather stations that this was a severe storm.The alarming thing is that the bureau also told us that this isn't the ends. It is of course the storm season here in south-east Queensland and they are predicting more severe weather systems like the one we saw over the weekend to rush through and hit Brisbane so no doubt the people who were struck know how damaging it can be, and those who escaped will make sure they are prepared for the next time. Thank you for that. The death toll in the Middle East continues to rise, as Israeli forces maintain their airstrikes on Gaza. It's been the fifth and bloodiest day of fighting since the conflict began. At least nine members of one family - including children - died after a heavy bombardment in Gaza City. Britain and France have warned Israel against any ground invasion, as several thousand troops mobilise near the border. Israel says it has the right to defend itself, as Hamas militants fire more rockets over Tel Aviv, prompting fears of all-out war. The search is continuing for a diver who went missing in waters off Sydney's coast yesterday morning. It's believed the 27-year-old was pulled underwater by strong currents near Bare Island in Botany Bay. He was spear-fishing with two friends.At this stage due to the time that the male has been in the water, there is not high hopes in relation to finding him alive.Air and sea rescue teams have been unable to find the man. Childcare is a huge problem for many Australian families - it's often hard to find and, more often, too expensive. Today Tony Abbott announced a proposal for a review into the sector. Nine's Kerrie Yaxley has more.Good morning, Melbourne low. With his wife by his side, the Opposition Leader paid a visit to some little people today. Building with blocks, and playing with play dough were on the agenda. (LAUGHTER) So was the promise that if he is elected he will launch an inquiry into the child care sector.Our childcare system was formulated a century ago when people were working nine to five. He says the system is now out of date, two expensive and inaccessible for many. His plan is to ask the Productivity Commission to investigate ways the sector can better meet family's needs.We do need to look at in-home care because for a lot of people that will be probably be a good option. He is warning under a coalition government there will be no extra funding.We have to be fiscally responsible. That has the childcare union worried. It says with no extra funding including options like home care in the childcare system could leave parents worse off.Make no mistake, Mr Abbott means to make deep cuts to the benefits that families are already received. Today is a terrifying announcement for Australian families. There are zero answers about what sort of assistance will be in place if the liberal government is elected. The Queen's grand-daughter, Zara Phillips, has jetted into Sydney. The Olympian flew in from the Gold Coast, where she's been promoting her new role as an ambassador for Magic Millions - encouraging women to get involved in horse racing. The Harbour City holds a special place in the Royal's heart - she met her husband there nine years ago. Still to come this afternoon - backyard pools. Why that Christmas present for the kids could have a huge hidden cost. Also, Bond star Daniel Craig's secret mission to Afghanistan. And a little later, the big winners at the American Music Awards.I just met you # And this is crazy # But here's This program is not captioned. Eclipse Chewy Mint?


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This program is not captioned. It's one of the most popular and affordable gifts at Christmas but, if you buy an inflatable wading pool, it may have to be fenced. We're joined by Nine's Davina Smith in Brisbane. This is a law many parents are not aware of.Well, certainly the case when we spoke to a number of parents that any pool that holds at least 30cm deep of water must be fenced. This also includes wading pools and pools that can cost as much as $50 from a toy store must have a certified Australian Standard swimming pool fence which can cost a couple of thousand cars. One family that got caught out was the Reagan family. Two weeks ago the council found their inflatable pool in their backyard that wasn't fenced and ordered it to come down.We understand the laws and we were going to beville lant and follow the law but the cost for us is probably three times the amount. How widespread is this problem? Well so much so that the ACCC is considering bringing in mandatory labelling on all of these products so that when you buy them you know that you have to have a fence around it. A lot of lobby groups are behind this appeal including the Samuel Morris foundation. Remember he was found face-down in a pool six years ago. He was revived but ever since then his parents have been his primary carers and they are behind this as well.There needs to be more signage on the boxes at point-of- sale.The sellers need to participant in the whole of community approach by educating the people at the point-of-sale.It is a very expensive change that parents will have to bring in considering that these pools can be very, very cheap and at the end of the day a quarter of all the children who drown, drown in these backyard pools. You can understand why these laws exist. Yes, it is good advice, thanks for that. Police say they're pleased with the behaviour of Schoolies after their first weekend of partying at Surfers Paradise. 21,000 schoolies have flocked to the Gold Coast. Arrest numbers are at a 5- year low, despite 19 people charged overnight, including 10 for minor drug offences.To put that into context, less than 1/10th of 1% of schoolies are being arrested.More than 40 schoolies have been arrested. We're used to seeing him as an action man on the big screen, and now it seems James Bond star Daniel Craig has become the real thing. The actor made a surprise visit to British soldiers in Afghanistan, who were watching the latest 007 film 'Skyfall'. Craig had a tour of the base and was even given the chance to fire some of the machine guns used by British forces. Still ahead this afternoon, a final farewell for two old war heroes. And the pensioner helping party goers stay safe on a big night out. Right now, though, here is a Tonight, an urgent warning from police, after a 9-year-old boy was allegedly lured into a man's home and indecently assaulted. It's the first day on the job for our new rail marshals - did they pass the test? We ask commuters. Why Tony Abbott is being accused of forcing up the cost of childcare. What lies ahead for the Rabbitohs? Club bosses speak out, after Russell Crowe announced he's selling his share. And how Ricky Ponting was the inspiration for a young boy who beat cancer. See you for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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at 6 o'clock.
A man has made a tearful plea for help after his wife was viciously assaulted during a robbery at her bookstore in Melbourne's West. The frenzied attack on 61-year-old Jillian Brookes was so violent that four months on she can barely speak or walk, and has to be fed through a tube. The thieves made off with less than $200.They didn't need to do that. They could have taken the money and gone. Victoria Police have released an image of a man they want to speak to about the attack. Sydneysiders got to see the Royal Air Force's Hercules in action over the CBD this morning. The planes were carrying out their final flight before being retired from action. Flying from their base in Richmond, the aircraft flew over Sydney's southern beaches before circling the Harbour. They've been used in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and East Timor since their introduction in 1978. Manners and courtesy delivered by a Brisbane grandfather are being credited with almost eliminating violence from some of Queensland's most volatile taxi ranks. It's been so successful other Australian states and international cities are ready to embrace the scheme. Every Friday and Saturday night, 50,000 people use Brisbane's Fortitude Valley as her party venue. Over the next six weeks the intensity increases in the annual splurge of excess following the Christmas party.If people jump cabs that is when the fights were starting. People were getting very aggravated.One money is determined to eliminate the push and 1406.If you need a taxi go into the second one, please.64- year-old Len is the mastermind beline the secure taxi rank team. Speed is the essence. We have it down to a fine art. Every weekend from 11 to dawn the smoothing manner of a grandad keeps the customers in line and the cabbies moving.There is your cab, bye.He constantly cast as subtle eye over the queue.They are made to wait, they have no handbags, shoes, we ring their mum and dad and say, we have your daughter Judy here she needs you to come and pick her up.They can move 250 people through the rank in every ten minutes. Len has been keeping count, he knew when the 1 millionth customer was heading home. A milestone never achieved before in less than a year. Before that you were going to get $500 worth of taxi vouchers. The cabbies favour it because there is less violence and minimal queueing time.There is no question there were doubters from the start.Maxi-taxi customers are also asked to pay up front. Secure ranks just help everyone to enjoy the festive season, go out and have their parties and know at the end of the night they will get home safe and sound. It is having an impact far beyond Brisbane and the Valley. The concept is being looked at interstate and internationally.We have had people from overseas, we have had people from Sydney, New York, we have had people from Melbourne, we have had people from Perth. A Brisbane grandad creating a worldwide change. Still to come on Nine News - a warning for parents after a young boy is allegedly abducted. The search for Sarah. Heart break as police hunt the killer of a missing woman. Also, how little dog help avert a family tragedy. And a star- studded night at the American Music Awards. afternoon,
losing by nine points Good to
afternoon, The Federal Greens hope overturn
to introduce laws that would legal
overturn a ban on the Territory suppor
legalising euthanasia - a move Rat
supported by ACT Greens MLA Shane opened
Rattenbury. Australia Post has
opened a 24 7 superstore in the Cit sho
- to cater for a surge in online shopping. And, the Canberra Capital l
have fallen short against Bendigo, Deta
losing by nine points in Albury. t
Details in the best hour of news in the country from 6. Yes, a lot of people think this
whole area is quiet and serene, but nah. Nah, it's chock-a-block
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in here. Trapped. It's just not right. (VOICE BREAKS) Breaks my heart.

This program is not captioned. away. And find out how you can own the Wiggles Big Red Car. See you tomorrow. Four decades of the American Music Awards was celebrated in Los Angeles today in spectacular fashion. The biggest names in the industry helped mark the important milestone with mega performances - the whole show beamed to close to 200 countries across the globe. There's nothing quite like the American Music Awards. And when it's celebrating 40 years, no expense is spared. A show to end all shows and the biggest names in the industry. Mega star Pink delivered a knockout performance - burning the set with her signature acrobatics. SING: # Where there is fire there is going to be a flame.# 11-time AMA winner and crowd favourite - Taylor Swift - belted out her new single. Also picking up the award for best country female - the fifth year in a row she's taken out the category.I'm really, really happy right now and that is all because of you. Thank you for voting for this award. I love you guys! SING: # I am going out tonight...# Proving she's not a one-hit wonder, 'Call Me Maybe' singer Carly Rae Jepsen performed her new hit. And also edged out Australia's own Goyte to win new artist of the year. Oh, my goodness, thank you so much! Justin Bieber silenced the critics - taking out three awards - including the much coveted artist of the year and sent fans into a frenzy when he took to the stage. SING: # I'm coming for ya!!Kesha introduced a touch of tribal, Linkin Park injected some rock and Nicki Minaj even included gospel on a snow-themed set. The party continued with Christina Aguilera and Pitbull taking it back to the '80s. SING: # Oh, oh...# But it was the legendary Stevie Wonder who everyone made way for, paying homage to US TV personality Dick Clark who passed away earlier this year. In a night of touching tributes and explosive performances, the honour of closing the show went to a Korean rapper and his well- known tune. SING: # Gangnam Style!! You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what's happening across the East Coast right now. A man has been refused bail after allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a 9-year-old boy on the NSW Central Coast. Police are at the scene of a fatal shooting in Melbourne's West, witnesses say a woman was gunned down during an argument. And the cleanup continues in Queensland after a series of wild storms lashed the state over the weekend. Returning to our top story now. A man's been refused bail, accused of kidnapping and indecently assaulting a young boy on the NSW Central Coast. Let's go straight to Sarah Harris for the details. Good afternoon. What happened in court? Well, 36-year-old Kwai Newman faced court earlier today on those two charges of kidnapping and indecent assault of a minor. The charges relate to a 9-year-old boy who went missing at the Entrance here on the Central Coast over the weekend. Police allege that the little boy was lured away by a park by Newman who had a blue tongue lizard that that he took into the man's home. Newman has told police that at first they just watched videos but when the little boy's kur fai at 6pm came around Newman refused to let him out, locking the door. The next day the little boy managed to escape and was seen heading towards Entrance police station being closely followed by Kwai Newman. Obviously people in this neighgourhood say they are absolutely shocked that something like this could possibly happen in their street but also they are terribly worried that it could happen so worried to a police station. Have a listen.Disgusted. Absolutely disgusted. I couldn't believe it. At times he is out the back himself and that is scary, it really is.Kwai Newman meantime, plans to fight the charges. He says this is a case of a big misunderstanding, that the little boy asked to stay the night at his house because he had had some sort of argument with his brother and parents. He also said that the only reason why he had locked the door was for the boy's own safety. Alright, what have police had to say about the case?Well, this is such a scary case that it has obviously prompted some serious warnings from police. They say that especially around this time of year with school holidays coming up parents really need to sit down and have the stranger danger conversation with their kids to make sure that they don't go into anyone's houses they don't know, don't get into any cars of people they don't know. Have a listen to what police had to say.What they should do is only ever go with persons that they do know or go to places that they do know, never to be enticed into a situation like that, but you must appreciate this child is of tender years and this person enticed with an object such as a reptile and something which a child would probably want to look at and especially a young boy of that age. Obviously the case against Kwai Newman is ongoing, so at this stage these are only allegations but it is a very timely warning for parents and a bit of a reminder to make sure they do have that stranger danger chat with their kids. Yeah, it sure is. Thank you for that Sarah. Sarah Harris will have all the details on this story for our Sydney viewers at Nine News at 6. . A woman has been gunned down 23 a vote in Melbourne's west this afternoon. What can you tell us. What we do know so far is around 2:30 this afternoon a lot of neighbours in this street heard multiple gun shots. They phoned police and they told officers that moments before they heard a man and a woman arguing in the middle of the street. When police arrived they found a woman lieing in the middle of the road and confirmed she had died as a result of those gunshot wounds. Now, a man in his 50s was still here at the scene and police have taken him into custody and he is assisting them with their inquiries. Now, this of course is a frightening chain of events for the many neighbours who are still here milling around watching this unfold. He's have a listen to what they had to say in the aftermath of this shooting.The gun shots going up, bang, bang, bang.Shocked. It is a quiet street. Nothing happens. Pretty scary, yeah. Not something that happens every day.Now, as I said, we have been waiting for the past hour for homicide detectives to speak to us to shed a bit more light on what actually happened here this afternoon. We don't know what, if any, relationship there was between the man who is currently in police custody and the woman who has passed away here this afternoon, but we will have more details in our news tonight at 6 o'clock.Alright, thank you so much for that update. Hundreds of people have started filing insurance claims after four powerful storm cells battered parts of South-East Queensland over the weekend. Hail the size of softballs caused widespread damage with strong winds bringing down trees on to cars and homes.(Beep!) (SCREAMING) . Don't worry.Oh, my God!!Blue skies made cleanup effort as little easier for the residents today. Police in Victoria are investigating a vital clue in the murder case of missing woman Sarah Cafferkey. Her body was discovered inside a Melbourne home yesterday. Let's go live to Nine's Laura Turner, outside the property in Point Cook. What can you tell us about this latest development?Good afternoon. While police and detectives have been at this house all of today, as you can see over my shoulders detectives are manning the scene as we speak, they have been

Police say they do have a number of other leads that they are following closely at the moment. What is the next step, Laura, in the investigation?Well, Facebook at the moment is providing a plethora of information to detectives. They are looking very closely at conversations that this woman has had with friends and other associates in the days before she disappeared. They are looking at some conversations very close limit as for the two men who live at this house, police will not be drawn on whether they are suspects at the moment. Neighbours have told us there are two men that rent this house but police will not going into any detail as to whether they have spoken to them at this stage N saying that, they have said that they do have a suspect in mind at the moment but won't give us any more information on that person. As for the crime scene here, the detectives and forensics are expected here way into tonight and even into tomorrow so they can finally piece together just what has gone on here. Thank you for that update, we will leave it for there now. Heading overseas now and 25 people have been killed as missiles fell on both sides of the Israelly-Gaza boarder. It has been the fifth day of fighting. The international community is calling for calm before the conflict erupts into all-out war. Nine's Peter Stefanovic reports. The most devastating blow yet - at least nine members of the same family most of them children, killed. The streets of gas sa crippled by airstrikes.They are targeting civilians. They are terrorists. They are not human beings.He lost his wife and others are wounded, some of them are in severe conditions. You know, it is unhumidity.Because Hamas hired its rocket launchs in residential areas no-one knows where they can be safe. Two media buildingsings were struck injuring eight journalists. The Israel army defending the attack saying they were targeting the satellite equipment used by Hamas. This is what is left of the Prime Minister's office blocks - the building absolutely flattened. All around this city there are many more buildings that look like that. Hamas targets that have been completely wiped out by Israeli air strikes. Far away from the chaos and blood shed on the streets, behind closed doors, diplomatic talks are under way. World leaders desperate to reach a compromise and avoid and all-out ground war. US President Barack Obama on Israel's side as America has been throughout history.We are fully supportive of Israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes. And workplaces and potentially killing civilians.But as the attempts to reach a ceasefire continue, Israel's military gathers close to the border. Now to some breaking news. A man has been stabbed in Sydney's north- west. It is believed he was attacked outside Eastwood train station and he has been taken to hospital in a stable condition. Police are investigating and we will have more for our Sydney viewers in Nine News at 6. A man has been charged with property damage after driving a man into his neighbour's house in Adelaide overnight. Police received reports that the vehicle was doing burn outs. An elderly woman who was at home at the time was not injured. The estimated damage is at exest estimated at more than $60,000.

estimated at more than $60,000. The Prime Minister is on her way to Cambodia for the East Asia Summit. Julia Gillard will meet with the US President and other world leaders, to secure a new deal for free trade. John O'Doherty has the details. The Prime Minister will be here in Cambodia for the East Asia It is a chance for the countries in the region to come together to talk about the economy, education and energy and even disaster response and global health. It all kicks off tonight with a gala dinner but possibly the most anticipated meeting isn't the East Asia Summit itself but rather a meeting tomorrow morning with basm Obama, the US President. He is currently travelling through South East Asia on his first trip abroad since winning the US election earlier this month. Julia Gillard has already congratulated President Obama on his win but tomorrow will be the first time that they meet in person since the US election. Last week Julia Gillard met with Hillary Clinton in Perth. Discussions for our Prime Minister and Barack Obama will be on the trans pacific partnership which is all about developing free trade right here in the Asia Pacific. A family of four have had a lucky escape from their burning home in Melbourne. They were saved by their pet dog who woke them just in the nick of time. Nine's Chris White has the details. If it weren't for one of the family's pet dogs called Lucky I would be standing here telling you a very different, tragic story. Lucky by name and nature. She started barking and howling about 5am waking the Kitchener family, who scrambled from bed with just moments to spare. Here is how the father, Paul, described how they got out.If the dog hadn't starting barking I would have still been asleep. Not long after that it was actually exploding in the lounge, the windows were blowing out and everything, and that was only five minutes after we were all out of there, so we could have been trapped in there if we had been any longer.The intense blaze had started in the lounge room at the front of the house and it appears an overloaded power board may have within the cause. While all four family members are fine, apart from some minor smoke inhalation. Sadly one of the pet cats and the pet budgy perished in the fire. Firefighters have described it as a very close call.Another five or ten minutes I would say we would be dealing with a tragedy. What could have ended terribly has turned out to be a timely reminder for all households to check their electrical appliances and power boards. Time to get all the sports news now and round two for Australia and South Africa. It is and the test stars on Thursday. Shane Watson wants to be selected but what role can he play? Plus, he shoots, he scores. Novak Djokovic the soccer star. This program is not captioned. Now you can apply sunscreen
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This program is not captioned. Djokovic the soccer star.
The Rabbitohs have reassured their fans that the club will not be moving away from their traditional home at Redfern and could become a member-owned NRL franchise. Nine's Danny Weidler caught up Souths' CEO Shane Richardson as the club prepares to part ways with celebrity owner Russell Crowe. I am joined by South's CEO Shane Richardson. Big news at the club. Is the club in a bad situation now that Russell is going?No, not at all. One of the reasons he is able to depart as he is because we are in such a good situation, both financially, we made a profit this year, we are shooting towards 35,000 members and sitting at a good oval. That is down to Russell and Peter. We have a great korplgt governance of the club and we will go forward bigger, stronger and better. There is no reason to look back. Russell has a lot of people who want to knock him. Where would Souths be without him?As I said, Russell and Peter, particularly Russell's involvement over the last years is where we are today and there is no question. I am not sure we wouldn't be there if they hadn't become involved and we may have struggled to survive. Russell and Peter have become involved and they have done a great job for us and it is great from Russell's point of view that he can actually step back and let the club go on and go on hopefully to the 21st premiership. Does a buy ver to come in now, what is the procedure?It is pretty simple, Russell shares, if somebody wants to purchase those shares, they have to come back to the members and they have a right to purchase those shares themselves. Could we see a member-owned club?I don't want to talk about the options that Black Corp want to do, there are a lot of options but the members' rights are protected and they get a say. We can't move away from Redfern and we can't change the colours, neither can we move forward without the members being involved in it. To cricket and Shane Watson has been taking part in only some of Australia's training sessions ahead of the second test against South Africa. Nine's Roz Kelly joins us from Adelaide. Roz, how is Watson shaping up?Well, today he didn't do one of the most important things to ensure his selection and that is bowl. Watson spent about 45 minutes batting in the nets. He also did a fair bit of catching practice, lots of walking and lots of stretching. He said he is only going to make himself available as a batsman. That leaves selectors to decide whether to keep Rob Quiney as a specialist batsman at number three who does occasionally bowl who is fully fit, or bring back a half fit Watson who will only bat. TheThe most important thing is to run without really hurting it so bowling is out at this point in time. So it is just for me to be able to get out and run around and do the skills that I need to do to be fit to play as a batsman to start with.Now, both teams will hold their final compulsory training session here in Adelaide tomorrow. South Africa just wrapped up theres. Cog up in the 6pm news a very emotional story with Ricky Ponting. Looking forward to it. To the F1 and mechanical problems have again spoiled Mark Webber's race. His Red Bull car could only complete 17 of the 56 laps at the US Grand Prix. He was clearly disappointed on the long walk back. McLaren's Lewis Hamilton passed Sebastian Vettel in the most telling moment of the race. The Englishman then held him off to take the chequered flag. Vettel still leads the drivers championship, but will have to finish well in the final race in Brazil to claim the title. Sport is clearly in the genes for Novak Djokovic, the tennis world number one proved to be a football ace as well in Brazil. He slotted home a penalty in a legends match, and was hard to contain on the left wing. The Djoker set up another goal with a great pass. But after winning $10.5 million prize money this year, he's unlikely to be hanging up the racquet any time soon. Imagine having talent to burn like that!It is not far. Some people have all the talent. See you next time. Coming up we will have all of the finance with you and the latest weather with Livinia Nixon. How is it looking in South-East Queensland after those storms?At the moment it is dry with just a bit of cloud but there are storms developing over the central high land and the bureau has issued a warning for damaging winds and large hailstones for these areas. I will have all of the weather after the break. devasta
Tonight on WIN News: Why the w
devastating Canberra fires led to a over
world first. Two women sentenced th
over a Greenpeace protest And, how members.
the Raiders plan to net more members. That' s tonight MAN: The get-together.

It comes in many different forms - the wedding, the farewell...

..the catch-up...

..the knock-off, the celebration,

the girls' night out, the Sunday lunch and the reunion. It's magic bringing people together.
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This program is not captioned. on the backyard blow -up pools.
Prch good afternoon. Today Brisbane is having its warmest day since summer. It reached 34 degrees while a low continues to push a few showers across the south coast of NSW. Sydney's top today was 21 degrees. There will be a few light showers around the city this evening. Melbourne reached 24 today with blue skies. Tomorrow we will see the strong front moving across SA. Ahead of it winds will be hot northerlies and we can see the effect that will have on tells, up around 40 degrees in these areas. It will be much cooler by around 15 degrees behind it. Adelaide will hit 37 before the cooler winds arrive and there will be a possible shower or thunder in the afternoon. Melbourne is expecting a top of 28. It will be mostly sunny, just a little bit of high cloud. Sydney will have some light showers this evening and strong winds near the coast. There will be one or two early showers tomorrow, less than 2mm and then fine, partly cloudy and 22 degrees. Brisbane will there is a chance for a shower near the coast and it will be cooler than today. 26.

Just before I go, the bureau has issued a calendar for 2013. It has some beautiful photos from around the country including this one of a storm near Geelong in March this year. I will see you tomorrow. Looks great. Thank you. In finance the Australian share market ended the day's trading higher on the back of positive news about the American financial crisis.

That is Nine's Afternoon News for today. Our next bulletin is at 6 o'clock. I'm Amelia Adams, thanks for your company. Hope to see you tomorrow. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. (CHEERING) Hello, everybody. Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat
tonight. Six contestants. 15 questions.
$1 million. It sounds simple. But no-one's got the $1 million yet. Tonight could well be the night.
What do you reckon, everybody? (CHEERING)

Maybe tomorrow night! No! Good-looking, intelligent group
of contestants tonight, ready to go. We've got an excited audience,
have we? AUDIENCE: Yes!
Let's meet them tonight. They are... Hillary Greenup
was held up at a bank and thought it was
a customer playing a joke. Karen Maynard convinced
her school yearbook editor that she should be voted
'Best Eyes'. Allan Francis hitchhiked... ..after hitting some birds,
cooked them for lunch. What about that?! Chris Jones is a glutton
for punishment because he aspires to be
the top-class tennis linesman. Skydive pilot Jess Cassebohm often turns around to see a plane
full of nude jumpers. And Scott Hunter says he's only
as short as Danny DeVito if he's standing alongside Arnie. Is that right?

What a great group of people today. Let's see if we can give away
some big money. Hillary, first up. Let's go.
Come on!

Hi, Hillary.
How are you, Eddie? Welcome aboard. 49 years of age,
an office manager. Barcodes Dynamics.
Barcode Dynamics. What's that all about?
It's an IT company. We specialise in barcoding
and data capture solutions. Wow - that's a dynamic industry! It is. Very dynamic. That's right.
Fair enough. Let's go, Hillary. 15 questions,
$1 million. You ready to play Hot Seat?
Yes. Let's go. Come on!



(LAUGHTER) I think that'd be D,
game show host, Eddie. You reckon?
I think so. You have to be a genius
to be a game show host. That's right! So I've got him covered.
I've got four of them. Unlike Leonardo -
only could do three. That's it. Mmm. Correct for $100.

He might've made
a good game show host. I'm sure he would've. I'm sure he would've invented a few
questions, that's for sure. $200. (READS QUESTION)

That would be B,
human resources, Eddie. Lock in B, human resources - the number-one site for employment
and the likes is Seek for $200.

Hi to the Basset boys as well.
Founded back in 1997. $300.


Highly knowledgeable
in a particular field? 10 seconds. Actually, I'm not 100% sure
so I might pass. You're gonna pass?
Yep. Catch you, Hillary. See you later.
Thank you. Bye.

Hello, Karen.
Hello, Eddie. Karen, you have beautiful eyes!
Thank you. What did you mean you had to -
what did you do? You had to convince the bloke
in the yearbook, did you? I didn't have to work too hard.
What happened? Well, I just thought I deserved
the prize. I didn't really. The girl who actually technically
won - she was a beautiful girl - beautiful big blue eyes. But it's who you know
in these things. Yeah, exactly. That's what
it's like. Shane's your fiance. He thinks you've got beautiful eyes.
G'day, Shane. G'day, Eddie. Good, mate.
How are you? Has she got beautiful eyes?
Of course she does. That's it.
You better say that, mate. You've been going out
for eight years. Getting married
in a couple of months' time. Fantastic. That's the way. Tell me - you funded a week in Paris by acting as a human guinea pig
in medical and psychological trials. Yes. What do they do to you?
It was mainly psychological trials. It was to test reward and punishment
and how that affects you so I was put in an MRI machine. I was wired up with electrodes
and had little buzzers on my fingers and I had to play a game of Pac-Man
whilst I was in the MRI machine. They were scanning my brain to see
how I responded to when I won and I got a certain amount of money and when I lost and a ghost ate me,
I would get electric shocks. Oh, good.
Yeah, and how did you react? Well, I funded the weekend away
in Paris with the money. That's it. That'll do.
So can't play Pac-Man now, though. Come on, Karen. Let's go.