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Israel hits Gaza from air and sea, while Hamas rockets target key cities.More than 500 rockets had been fired at Israel.First we got the baby. She was OK.Ceasefire hopes. The Arab League backs efforts to halt the violence. Train tragedy. 50 children killed in a horrifying collision. Thousands march in memory of a mother who was refused an abortion.

refused an abortion.I have been marching for 20 years. I am absolutely sick of it.Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Lee Lin Chin. Later, Craig Foster will join me with all the day's sport. Try time at Twickenham. The Wallabies rediscover their scoring touch to beat England. But first, the Israel-Hamas conflict today became an air and sea campaign with the Israeli navy joining the hostilities end shelling the Gaza Strip. These are live pictures of Gaza City. In the past few hours, huge plumes of smoke have been seen as air strikes and the coastal shelling continue to rattle the region. Israel has destroyed the headquarters of the Hamas leader.

region. Israel has destroyed the
headquarters of the Hamas leader. Hamas has fired dozens of rockets into Israel, including one at Tel Aviv that was intercepted. Our extensive coverage tonight begins with Israel's targeting of Hamas government buildings.

government buildings. Through an Israeli viewfinder, an airstrike on one of 200 targets in 24 hours. The headquarters of the Hamas prime minister, left

minister, left a smouldering mess. If the Israelis destroyed our buildings, they cannot undermine at GT. We will remain servant to the people who are supporting the Government and orting the Government and resistant forces.

Government and resistant forces.A media tower was also hit, injuring several Palestinian journalists. Further north in the most populated part of the Gaza strip, another bomb site in the Jabaliya refugee camp. Me and a friend were the first people here, we pulled them out, we pulled a little baby, then we started digging in and thank God we got them all out or.The brother of a Hamas security force lived here. Neighbours are cleaning up and caring for five children who were injured. His neighbours asks what her family had done to hurt Israel. The pressure is building. In hospitals, doctors are managing, but are concerned about running out of the basics if the conflict escalates. Shortages are also being felt for everyday supplies. Since the crisis started no-one is able to reach the smuggling tunnels to get fuel.This is the first time I have taken my car out. I tried many petrol stations before finding one with fuel.On the Israeli side, tank after tank is rolling in and roads are being closed, declared a military zone. Troops continue building but orders for our ground invasion haven't been given. Over 500 rockets have been fired at Israeli civilian populations. The Minister of Defence has instructed the IDF to be ready and prepared for all options.Diplomatic efforts to halt the violence are being stepped up, with Egypt's President suggesting there could soon be a truce. The Arab League has backed the Egyptian bid to secure a ceasefire and is sending a delegation to Gaza, as Israel continues to assert its right to self defence. Three crisis talks in Cairo, where education and Turkish leaders are trying to broker a truce between to broker a truce between Israel and Hamas. The Egyptian President says he has spoken to both sides.

The head of the Arab League will lead a delegation to Gaza. The Egyptian P M went there first. Now the Tunisian Foreign Minister is the latest to visit in a show of solidarity and a show of solidarity and a message for his row.TRANSLATION: What his role is doing his unacceptable. His role should note the world is changing. Israel cannot continue to use force. But Israel maintains its right to self-defence, spelling out what it will take out what it will take to end the concert.Our goal is to is restore security, stability, safety to the 5.5 million Israelis under rocket fire. There is no magic formula. They must stop shooting at us.As Barack Obama are his to South East Asia, this crisis may overshadow his first overseas trip since winning re-election. The US backs his rope, -- his role's right to defend itself while also urging aide de escalation of the conflict. Both sides continued onflict. Both sides continued to ignore this advice. At the same time, Israeli troops continue to build-up along the Gaza border. Overhead, the constant din of drone engines. On the ground, are relentless gathering of tanks and armoured vehicles. We are in an area of very close to Castor - three kilometres away. This is the Ford position of the Israeli Defence Force. This reconnaissance unit keeps an eye of the Gaza keeps an eye of the Gaza Strip. -- forward. They are close to the trees because they are afraid of taking fire. In the past few days several targets have been hit by rockets. Including a patrol of the Israeli Defence Force. The defence forces are a mess in the huge numbers here. Here we can see one e. Here we can see one of many collection points near the border area or where they after collecting armoured personnel carriers and tanks. We have seen several of these places in this area. We also know the is ready defence forces have called in thousands of called in thousands of reserves, which many people believe could lead to a ground offensive in the coming weeks. However, a defence spokesperson was not willing to say if there was a time line for this. I won't go into precise military strategy. However, it is a possibility. It is being seriously considered.The Israeli government says the operation is continuing quickly. They also say they are willing and capable to put their foot more of the gas and increase the scope of the operations. Back home, the Foreign Minister has cautioned Israel against a disproportionate response to Hamas that would feed extremism. Bob Carr's comments came as hundreds of Jewish-Australians rallied across the country in support of Israel. Songs for Israel. A minute's silence. A crowd decked out in a sea of red to reflect the rocket attack warning sirens being heard in Israeli cities. They call it a code red siren. They then have 15 seconds to find a bomb shelter before a missile hits the ground.With security on high alert here as well, the Jewish community has gathered carobs Australia to back Israel. Nobody can take joy at the death of children. It is a terrible, terrible thing. But it is not Israel that is responsible for the death of the innocents.Palestinian supporters, too, rallying over the weekend, calling for the world's support. The people of Gaza are totally defenceless against these air raids. And battling to cope with failing services and crumbling infrastructure. They are barely able to keep up in normal times. When there is a stressful situation as there currently is, the hospitals are totally overflowed so all the basic medical supplies are missing.While supporting Israel's right to defend itself, Bob Carr says it risks an international backlash if it isn't careful about it's response. Any Israeli reaction has got to two take into account of the great danger of civilian casualties, of the danger of the world seeing it as a disproportionate reaction. With a resulting risk, he warns, of a growth in extremism. For those here with loved ones living in the Middle East, it's a particularly tense time as relatives wait from afar to hear of the next move in this conflict. Israel's man in Canberra shares that nervousness. When you walk up in the morning and you know you have family in Tel Aviv, the first thing you do is make a phone call to see that everyone is OK. It's a degree of anxiety.Anxiety shared across the globe with the Middle East, once again, on the brink. We'll have more on the Mideast crisis shortly. Including a look at how the Israeli Iron Dome defence system works. But in other news, 50 children were killed and up to 17 others injured when a speeding train crashed into their school bus in central Egypt. It happened at a level crossing south of Cairo. The guard responsible for the boom gate is accused of being asleep on the job. Blood spattered on the engine. The impact was catastrophic. The bus was left a mangled wreck - pushed along the tracks by the train for nearly a kilometre. School books, bags and clothing scattered among the debris. Scores of children under six years old didn't stand a chance. I heard the crash, like the sound of a bomb, this witness said. We found body parts everywhere and the bus was broken in two. Another claims the boom gates were always left open with no-one watching. On this occasion it seems the guard was present, but instead of monitoring the level crossing he was apparently asleep. Egypt's railway system has a shocking accident record. Authorities along criticised for failing to implement and enforce basic safety standards. A crowd of grieving relatives and angry locals blocked government officials from entering the hospital where the injured were being treated. The transport minister and head of the railways authority have since resigned.

The President promised the victims and their families compensation. The guard blamed for this horrendous tragedy has been arrested. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. Julia Gillard leaves Canberra tomorrow to attend the 15th ASEAN conference in Phnom Penh. The Summit was opened today by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen who welcomed leaders from around the region. Delegates are hoping to use the occasion as a chance to strengthen economic ties in the region. More than 100,000 people opposed to gay marriage have made their voices heard in France. They were protesting against the Government's plants to legalise same-sex marriage. Carrying the slogan, everyone born from a man and a woman, protests were held in Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux and other major towns. Thousands of police officers have hit the streets of Madrid to protest against further austerity measures, which many believe may lead to corruption. The Police Union has pleaded with the government of Mariano rejoin to stop lowering the salaries of police, saying that without decent salaries, police officers may be tempted by bribery. Latin American leaders have promised to provide investment opportunities to Spanish and Portuguese companies which are struggling in the face of recession and Europe's sovereign debt crisis. The pledge came at the Ibero- American summit held in the Spanish city of Cadiz. From the very opening of the 22nd Ibero-American summit, it was clear just who needs who in the Portuguese and Spanish speaking worlds.

Historically Latin American nations were the ones faced with perennial crises. Not any more. In 2012 the

Iberian Peninsula is home to economic doom and gloom. Spain has massive unemployment, over 25%. It's in recession. As is Portugal, which today is the second fastest shrinking economy in the developed world. Back in the 15th century, Spanish and Portuguese armadas sailed to the Americas, many say to plunder its riches. But there's far more today. Colombia's economy is growing at 5%.

more today. Colombia's economy is
growing at 5%. Oil-rich Venezuela at 5.5%. Peru 6.1%. Chile 5.5%. Brazil's economy is now more than 10 times the size of its

10 times economy is now more than
10 times the size of its former colonial master. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was sympathetic to her hosts, saying Europe's demands for tough austerity budgets are harming growth.

But given Spain's woes Bolivian leader, Evo Morales, couldn't resist taking a bite at the hand he says once took food off his peoples' plates.

The leaders of six nations did not attend. Still a better show than last year when half were absent. Thousands of pro-abortion campaigners have marched through Dublin, following the death of a pregnant woman this week. They're urging the Irish government to clarify laws outlining when doctors are free to terminate an unborn child.

child. Out the young woman on peace banners stumbled under knowingly into Ivan's abortion a great career. These people great career. These people believe she paid for it with her life. Thousands marched to express their sadness at her death and t her death and demand legislation about exactly when abortions can occur. She needed the help of a medical team who understood the guidelines. They had he guidelines. They had no clarity. They needed back clarity so they could safe there.The woman was denied a termination in an Irish Hospital and later died in agony of blood poisoning. The case has galvanised those who say when it comes to deciding between the life of a mother and a foetus, the laws are broken. The Irish constitution prohibits abortions. But in 1990 to the Supreme Court decreed that if a mother'life was endangered, termination was ngered, termination was permitted. But that ruling has . But that ruling has never been legislated. It is a grey area. Those in the medical field don't know what to do. But for others, Ireland has all the abortion but and has all the abortion but this patient it needs to.The clinical guidelines state that they can treat a woman when her life is at risk. If that means inducing the k. If that means inducing the papacy, that can happen already. -- pregnancy. But the -- but the momentum is with the pro-abortion campaignersis with the pro-abortion campaigners. Politicians are under immense pressure to finally legislate on the Supreme Court ruling.The death of one ruling.The death of one woman may well sweep away two decades of did not. -- deadlock. The European Court of Human Rights has given Ireland until the end of the month to present proposals for new laws. Too little, too late. Brisbane residents furious with the Bureau's storm warning. Shortly, a look at the Iron Dome missile defence system, Israel's eyes in the sky in the Gaza crisis. From burning fuel to urban cool. The Australian city that's moving on from its gritty industrial past.

Dangerous thunderstorms are being reported to the north and south of Brisbane tonight, as residents spent the day cleaning up after yesterday's wild weather. The storms are centred on the Sunshine Coast and the Queensland NSW border. The northern NSW town of Woodburn took the brunt of the storm front overnight. Shocked and shaken, Woodburn residents woke on Sunday to face the reality of last night's almost cyclonic force winds and heavy rain. I knew there was a big storm coming. You could see. I said to the family, there's a nasty storm coming.The massive storm looked like something out of a National Geographic magazine as it approached the Darling Downs in south-east Queensland on Saturday. Local storm chasers clearly shocked by what they were recording. Oh my goodness.Its 100km/h winds destroyed buildings, uprooted trees and brought down powerlines. Residents say the winds were deafening. It was like 10 trains coming through the house. Unbelievable. State Emergency Services received more than 120 calls for help along the north coast.They vary from trees down, blocking access, trees on houses, unfortunately in 3 or 4 cases, total demolishment of their houses.10,000 lightning strikes were recorded. A woman suffered an electric shock through her phone. Power company Energex says it's working around the clock to restore power to several hundred homes and businesses across Brisbane, Ipswich, Moreton Bay and the Lockyer Valley. Saturday's storm came and went quickly and took many Brisbane residents by surprise. The weather bureau has been heavily criticised for failing to issue a warning until five minutes after it hit the city. But it says the storm showed signs of severity only when it approached Brisbane. The cost of this wild weather hasn't been tallied, but it's another financial set back for the Queensland economy and a huge upheaval for residents who were in its destructive path. While it wasn't dangerous, it was just as spectacular. This waterspout was seen off Batemans Bay, on the NSW south coast, this afternoon.

Bay, on the NSW south coast, this
afternoon. Waterspouts usually appear as funnel shaped clouds. They don't suck up water. The water in the funnel is formed by condensation.

in the funnel is formed by
condensation. Now to other stories in the news around Australia. Friends and relatives of 11 elderly people who died in a Sydney nursing home fire have marked the first anniversary of the tragedy. Three residents died in the fire at Quakers Hill. Another eight died in hospital. A man who worked as a nurse in the home has pleaded not guilty to several charges arising from the fire. Another 50 Sri Lankan men have Ben sent home from Christmas Island. The group was the largest of seven deportations carried out this week. The men arrived in Australia on recent asylum-seeker boats. 282 Sir Lankans have been sent back since early August. The Federal Government has warned its planned Royal Commission into child sex abuse will take time. Cabinet Minister Mark Butler says the government is hoping for a combined effort with state inquiries. The commission was announced last week and will examine abuse across several institutions including churches.

Since the attacks on Israel began a few days ago, more than 460 rockets have landed in Israeli territory. 33 of them in built-up areas. There would have been more, except for they Iron Dome anti-missile system. Israel's occupation of Gaza was aimed at ending such attacks. But as this reporter found when he visited the country's border areas today, the rockets are still coming in. Close to the border, is ready forces gather. We don't know if this will on't know if this will become a ground invasion. Preparations are under way. Today the Israeli military closed off much of this area. We saw tanks rolling in. We managed to get two miles from the Gaza Strip. The sound of ip. The sound of their rocket exploding nearby.You hear what is happening? Don't worry. They are used to this year. The head of the kibbutz took us to the route to show with the rocket landed. That missile came from Gaza?Yes, from Gaza. Got caught by the Iron Dome. That was the explosion you heard. This is retained for us. Back and forth. Routine situation. You are used to its? Yes.Just two weeks ago they finished installing bomb shelters at a cost of £10 million.This is a special tour. llion.This is a special tour. He showed me his safe room.His two young daughters sleep here because they only have 15 seconds warning of rocket attacks for also because the This is a scary time, she sleeps here with her sister. These pictures are of different from what you see of Gaza. But their fear is genuine forced up -- genuine. Sirens announcing any incoming rocket. These missiles may have taken out the rocket. This is the much heralded by an Dome. Israel says its bombardment of Gaza is to stop these rocket attacks. But they have not extinguish their threat after inguish their threat after four days.

threat after four days. So far, the Iron Dome system has shot down 243 rockets. Which gives it an 88% success rate. Israel is the only country in the world with it. The system identifies enemy rockets, determines if they pose a threat to populated areas, and destroys them within seconds. None of it is cheap. Each interceptor missile, which includes a radar guidance system, costs $40,000. Military analysts estimate the country has fired $8 million worth of missiles in three days.

In neighbouring Syria, the war the world has forgotten for the past few days continues to rage. Anti- regime activists estimate almost 40,000 civilians have died in the conflict. Air raids are a deadly daily presence in parts of the country. Nine members of one family in Syria's north were among those killed in just one air strike.

(PANIC AND MAYHEM).Struggling to breathe, choked by dust, Bilal Haidar survived an air strike. Another day of bombardment in Syria's disputed Idlib province. But, he would remember it as the day he lost those he loved the most. (PANIC AND MAYHEM). Two days later, the 22-year-old returned to the rubble where his home once stood. His family had gathered for lunch, when he heard a helicopter approach.

I was in the kitchen with everybody else.

Nine of his relatives were killed, including his parents, two brothers and their young children.


Miraculously, his brother Waleed's baby daughter also survived. She's now being cared for by his sister Rabha. Her house, 20 metres away, was spared. Their town, Maaret El- Nasaan is near a helicopter base controlled by the Assad regime. The family had fled only a few weeks ago. Unable to pass the border into Turkey, they stayed in a camp for those fleeing the violence. But, when the rain came and filled their tent with mud, they decided to go back. The air strike happened only a day after they had returned.

(BOMB BLASTS and CRYING). Bilal Haidar's last neighbours are packing their bags. Together with Rabha, her husband and his baby niece, they, too, will be leaving, heading, again, to the border, re- building what's left.

France has welcomed a member of the Syrian opposition as the country's ambassador, in a bid to give legitimacy to the week-old coalition.

Four years ago, boarded-up shops and empty streets marked the centre of Newcastle, in NSW. Now, the city is bustling with art galleries and cafes - the result of a project that's inspiring similar schemes across the country. The idea has been so successful it's also being picked up around the world. Inside her shared Newcastle shop, Angela Hailey is able to create and sell her jewellery in a public space. Three artists, all with young children, share the store. They got it off the ground via a scheme which promotes little or no rent for creative projects. I think it's done a genuine service to the city of Newcastle, but it has also been of benefit to landlords, and obviously, to the artists. While landlords get their otherwise-vacant properties showcased, creative tenants get a useful boost. There's also an average income of $11,000 a year that artists have to aspire to. When the heavy industry that once dominated this port city began to dwindle, so too did the centre of the once-proud city. Step in the 'Renew Newcastle' project in 2008. It seemed to me there were plenty of people who had interesting ideas, people who wanted to use them, but for whatever practical reasons, they weren't able to get hold of them. With help from the state government and city council, creatives can borrow derelict space in the short term. People are picking up on this idea from Toronto to Copenhagen, but it's also making waves closer to home, like here at Pop up Parramatta, in Western Sydney. At the African Village Market, ten women from across the continent have benefited from a council- assisted plan to rejuvenate a mall. Setting up home in Australia, after fleeing tribal conflict in Kenya, Rosemary Kariuki says the mall only had shops in a fraction of its spaces.

Oh my god! I remember that's what I said, because it was only a quarter, and the shops didn't even have things. Added to the textiles, jewellery and art, they also set up a hair salon via the scheme. The downside for them - when the landlord found a paying tenant, they had to move a few stores along.

We had to move, but because they had given us that opportunity, we had trialled and managed to see that we could also afford commercial rates. Back in Newcastle, the team is filling an old David Jones store with new tenants. And, as ever, the projects are feeding off the city's artistic edge. It's gathered together a whole load of creative artists and given them a reason to stay in Newcastle and not move on. A clear plus for a city that now finds itself a model for others. Newcastle has NSW's highest population growth rate outside of the Sydney region.

Coming up next - Craig Foster with all the day's sports news. Down for the count - Newcastle lose their goal and the match as Wellington take full advantage.

Give me the gold - Adam Scott wins the Australian Masters in Melbourne.

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Good evening. Western Sydney Wanderers have upset Perth to clinch the third win of their debut season and complete round seven of the A-League.

Last night, Adelaide beat Melbourne Heart at Hindmarsh.

At Docklands, the points were shared. This afternoon Wellington won in Newcastle thanks to a double from Jeremy Brockie. In Perth, Western Sydney hung on desperately to finish with maximum points. No Shane Smeltz, for the Glory, and Shinji Ono send to the bench for the Wanderers, his replacement with an telling contribution.

Liam Miller trying to drive Perth on. Mark Bridge wasteful in driving over. A spiteful tangle saw Youssef Hersi given an early shower. His antagonist almost drawing Perth level. Perth drawing closer and closer as the Wanderers hang on amid intensifying attacks.

In Newcastle, visitors Wellington were keen to get off the bottom of the table.

The Jets released Jeremy Brockie last year - a decision they might now rue. Injury to insult as keeper Mark Birighitti was stretchered off after this sickening clash. Brockie again on hand, as the Jets misfired. 3-0 the final score. Last night, a pulsating clash in Melbourne as Central Coast chased a fourth straight win.

Tremendous vision from Tom Rogic and clinical from McBreen.

Melbourne's young guns not to be outdone.

But, it was a veteran having an Indian Summer who hit back.

Uncharacteristically slack marking let the Victory back in before Zwaanswijk's dismissal had the Mariners all at sea. Central Coast holding on - just!

Meanwhile, Adelaide have maintained top place, after a tightly- contested win over the Melbourne Heart.

Defending champions Manchester City have gone top of the Premier League for the first time this season, after thumping Aston Villa. Elsewhere, Swansea scored their first win over Newcastle in 32 years. QPR also lost at home, to increase the pressure on Manager, Mark Hughes. Struggling Reading had their first league win of the season. West Brom continue to surprise, handing Chelsea a fourth league game without a win. Liverpool beat Wigan. Arsenal took full advantage of Emmanuel Adebayor's send off, to dispose of Spurs. Norwich shocked the Red Devils. The blue half of Manchester celebrated top spot on the ladder.

Despite a home record Manchester City had no conviction end it was a scrap the opener. As a silver lining for the home team before a touch of fortune courtesy of the assistant referee. No mistakes but a glaring one from this one from the spot bombs stop they added to the mystery from an acute angle. There was a fine cross for this tapping and the champions got comfortably through as they went to the top. Different for Manchester United as they fell behind for the 11th time this season. No late heroics this time and they hang on for a fabulous win. There was a good match in the north London derby were month one man was hogging the headlines. One man had to go. The missing man cost Tottenham Dili. -- Dili. The big guns were blazing from Arsenal. Arsenal was rom Arsenal. Arsenal was firing on all cylinders as Spurs got for losses from five. The champions of Europe, based high-flying West Bromwich Albion. Chelsea star proved a hazard in the air but the former charge had the last laugh.

A reminder - you can see the final of the Futsal World Cup tonight live on SBS TWO. It will be spectacular indoor football at its very best with Spain versus Brazil. Join us from 11pm eastern, tonight. More details on our website.

Now to rugby, and the Wallabies have shown character and commitment to beat England at Twickenham, and again ease the pressure on coach Robbie Deans.

In another busy night of Test matches, Canada beat Russia and Tonga toppled the USA. The All Blacks beat Italy in Rome. The Springboks downed Scotland at Murrayfield. France were convincing winners over Argentina. At Twickenham, the Wallabies stood up to be counted in front of 81,000 English fans.

The Queen couldn't save England from their bizarre new purple jersey - apparently designed to reflect their 'royal touch'. ('GOD SAVE THE QUEEN' PLAYS).

The men in purple playing for a berth in the Lions' tour, the Wallabies searching for redemption after being trounced by France, but again, the tourists' basic skills seemed absent. The high ball remains a major problem for Australia.Berrick Barnes' inclusion in the squad was immediately evident.For the drop goal, over it goes.Nick Cummins was having a torching day on the right wing.Good strong run from the man from the Force.While the hosts' mustachioed marksman Toby Flood was keeping England's score ticking over.Over it goes. England in front.The Wallabies went close to their opener, only for Ben Alexander to be denied by the TV match official. A cutting run from half-back Nick Phipps ensuring there was no doubting the next attempt. Cummins with the spoils. It's been a long time coming. They are rejoicing at Twickenham.

England responding swiftly, launching an attack from a quick tap. Manu Tuilagi unstoppable from short range.He reaches out. Did he get it down? He thinks he does. Five points given, replays indicating the centre may have gotten lucky.

He is short of the line.The second half wasn't pretty, but the points kept trickling in for Barnes.Over it goes.Robbie Deans' decision to select ball-players Barnes and Ben Tapuai proving effective, with the men in gold threatening to spark.

He can't link up this time.But, it was the Wallabies' desperate work without the ball that did it, holding the hosts scoreless in the second half.Berrick Barnes, well done!The Wallabies' 6-point win capturing the Cook Cup.

We would rather score tries, but sometimes you have to bank it and come back again.

Australia will face Italy, next.

Adam Scott has donned the Gold Jacket for the first time after winning the Australian Masters, with a flawless final round at Kingston Heath. Scott started the day one shot behind defending champion Ian Poulter, but the Englishman's round unravelled on the back nine, allowing the Queenslander to cruise home with a bogey-free round. The Czech Republic will take a two rubbers to one lead into the last day of the Davis Cup final against Spain in Prague.

Scott made his intentions clear with this seemingly impossible putt on the second green from more than 50 feet. That was absolutely brilliant! They traded birdies three up front nine. Scott took the lead on the 6th hole after this great approach before the defending champion got level on the 7th hole with some fine work of his own. Moments later, Scott jumped back in to the lead. On the 12 poll, everything changed. He found the sand from the tee and a brave decision to drive out of trouble was that poor are one. He found the beach three times and finished with a bogey and Scott had the lead of two and the title defence was slipping away. The Englishman missed this sitter and it was all over.Can you believe that!Scott did not need a birdie on the back nine until the final hole when he claimed the title in style.There is the champion, Adam Scott.Our been watching the Masters since it was a kid and it's a long time coming. I've had some close calls about 10 years ago. This is very sweep today s is very sweep today to be in this gold jacket and in this gold jacket and holding the trophy which I have been admiring since I was a child.He believes he has filled a high and will final role in his resume on le in his resume on this his favourite course -- course.

The Czech Republic has taken the lead in the Davis Cup. It's the 100th edition of the prestigious event and it produced another classic encounter in the doubles. Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek beating Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez 3-6, 7-5, 7-5, 6-3, in 3 hours 19 minutes.

The Czechs remain on track for a rare team double, after the women's team won the Fed Cup at the same venue in Prague, two weeks ago. In the first reverse singles tomorrow, iron man Tomas Berdych will have the chance to clinch the Cup when he takes on David Ferrer.

Sebastian Vettel will line up for his 100th Formula One race in pole position tomorrow morning, our time, after dominating final practice for the United States Grand Prix in Texas. The 25-year-old German only needs to out-score nearest rival Fernando Alonso of Ferrari by 15 points, to become the youngest triple champion in Formula One history.

Alonso could only qualify in eighth spot on the grid. Australia's Mark Webber was third quickest.

In the motor racing, he Jamie Whincup has g, he Jamie Whincup has clinched his fourth title today. That's the day in sport. Coming up - the weather, and - free wheeling. A group of cyclists taking wheelchair sports to the extreme.

Violent winds have hit southern Portugal, flipping cars and ripping rooftops from homes. Eight people were taken to hospital and many areas flooded in the tornado-like conditions. Firefighters were on hand to pull people from overturned cars piled up from the storm.

To the forecast: A low pressure trough is triggering thunderstorms in the Territory and Queensland. A high is keeping SA clear.

Rain for Brisbane, Cairns and Sydney. Cloud in Canberra.

Fine for the rest of the country, apart from Darwin with thunderstorms expected.

Showers in Wellington and Samoa. Showers in Noumea and Nadi. Partly cloudy in Christchurch and Auckland. Thunderstorms down the Malaya Peninsula. Showers in Jakarta and Phnom Penh for the ASEAN summit.

Fine for Beijing. Cloudy in Seoul and Tokyo. Showers in Hanoi and Taipei.

Thunderstorms in Tehran. Fine in Islamabad. Partly cloudy in Jerusalem.

Snow in Moscow. Partly cloudy in London and Madrid. Fine in Warsaw.

Thunderstorms for Lagos. Fine in Cairo and Addis Ababa. Showers in Algiers.

Fine in Santiago. Partly cloudy in Panama City and Caracas. Showers in La Paz. Rain in Mexico City. Partly cloudy and below zero for Denver. Sunshine in New York. Showers in Vancouver.

Finally tonight, don't try telling these extreme sports people they can't get their adrenaline fix, just because they're in wheelchairs. An increasing number of people who have suffered paralysing injuries have found a new outlet to continue their passion for adventure. It's called Gravity Biking.

No engines or pedals, just one objective to get down as fast as you can. These guys cornet gravity bike, a mountain bike with a wheelchair coming to a hill near you. Why do you do this?For a thrill, adrenalin, to prove a point to myself that Tom still capable of doing extreme things, in a wheelchair, you don't get these opportunities much.My friends were all into extreme sports before my accident. All the sudden you cannot participate. If they will ask you a long but you will go and sit in the car park. This is a massive putt of my life. It's made all the difference.He used to ride his motorbike and like many wheelchair- users he has been paralysed after a crash and aralysed after a crash and many attest the first for adrenalin never goes away. He has imported to have these gravity bikes from Canada forming a club called Rough Riders. He started to take courses but other paraplegics with a mission to prove that the disability does not have to crush your ambition.If when you worry nature you get scared of the new situation. It's like when you're paralysed, other faculties, bladder, bows, don't lties, bladder, bows, don't work normally. People are scared to go into these environments. These guys have a big vision and guys have a big vision and their existing bikes have limitations.We design and without these problems.They design a new bike with a stronger and lighter and cheaper to take these hi-tech machines globally.We need to get .We need to get a base so it's happening and have that kind of exit where people can compete nationally and internationally at and internationally at the Paralympic level.It does not sound far- fetched because it's already got people listening both disabled and non-disabled. They need to try this. The Rough Riderz team want to secure the design rights for their bikes, and plan to make the concept global.

Recapping our top stories: The Israel-Hamas conflict has extended to a sea campaign, with the Israeli Navy joining in hostilities and shelling the Gaza Strip. Israel has destroyed the headquarters of Hamas's leader. Hamas has fired dozens of rockets into Israel.

At least 50 children died, and up to 17 others injured, when a speeding train crashed into a school bus in central Egypt. The guard responsible for the boom gate at the level crossing where the accident took place is accused of being asleep on the job.

Thousands of pro-abortion campaigners have marched through the streets of Dublin, following the death of a pregnant woman this week. They're urging the Irish Government to clarify laws outlining abortion.

Queensland residents spent the day cleaning up after yesterday's wild weather. Overnight, the northern NSW town of Woodburn took the brunt of the storm front, with more rain expected.

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