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This program is captioned live. Club or family, tonight, the real reason Russell Crow is walking out on Souths. Wrecked homes and waterspouts as wild weather lashes the coast. One year on, painful memories of the Quakers Hill fire. The ordinary families caught in the crossfire between Israel and Hamas. And in cricket, a blast from the past - Viv is back.

Good evening. Russell Crowe has shocked the Rugby League world by walking out on his beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs. The Hollywood star has told Nine News that his priorities have changed, he is quitting the club to fight for his family.

Officials refer to him as the man on the balcony, it is where he watches the team that he owns and adores.I am forever grateful.It was the most unlikely view. Russell Crowe bought Hollywood to Redfern, pledging support to the club with the bigger stars. He said he would no longer be the owner by the end of next year. At the same time, he wants it to be known that he is not deserve in the team. -- deserting.

The big concern is his departure will kill the club. Relocation is the fear.Sam Burgess is bringing his whole family here. Greg Inglis has signed for five years. We hope we do not find ourselves playing out of the Central Coast.The question is why he has decided to give up the team he loves. The answer is, he is doing it for his true love, his wife and family. After splitting with Daniel Spencer one year ago, it appears he is trying to make things work again. - - Danielle Spencer.

He knows he's club a family of will be devastated.The bachelors in Redfern only have their football team.We go where -- live to our sport correspondent. What is the club saying about this?Dave praised Russell Crowe's passion and drive. South Sydney officials will hold a media conference tomorrow. There were saved the club will continue without Russell Crowe. It is up to the players to provide a Hollywood ending and win a Premiership to farewell Russell Crowe next year. Extreme weather continues to lash the eastern seaboard: near Lismore, severe storms have left four families homeless. While further south, thunderstorms created a spectacular sight, twisting off the coast. This astonishing scene unfolded around 3pm. From some angles, it looked almost apocalyptic. But within three minutes, it was all over. There are usually caused by fast-moving clouds. Thankfully, this one did not cause any damage. But these families were not so lucky. A ferocious storm last fire broke to four homes to pieces.It was like 10 trains coming through the house. It was so scary.The wind was so strong, it even bridge is petrol Bowser over. 100 millilitres of rain and a huge clean-up job.The tree is down, shed blown over.Power has been carried to the area all day. Four families are homeless tonight. But thankful to be alive.You cannot turn your back on nature. The grief and anger is still very real a year after the nursing home fire, which killed 11 elderly residents in Quakers Hill. Today those caught up in the tragedy paused to honour and to remember the victims. They gathered to remember something no-one here will ever forget. Sons, daughters, and survivors, united through last.One year on, the images are no less disturbing.A fire that devastated the home for the most vulnerable. 11 residents perished directly because of the blaze and 18 more will have died since. The Anglican Church was a place for prayer. There were as did gratitude for the emergency workers who continued to struggle with the horror.The first lady who came out, but that is when you people would lose their lives.People came to this church, searching for answers. They were troubled by anger and grief which remains very well. -- raw. Down the road, flowers for those who were lost. The building was demolished and there is a commitment to rebuild. Roger Dean, who worked as a nurse at the home, or stand trial in May after pleading not guilty. In Egypt, a speeding train has smashed into a school bus, claiming more than 50 lives - most of them children aged between four and six. The bus was hit at a level crossing south of Cairo. The guard has been arrested. He was apparently asleep on duty. The country's transport minister has resigned. There is a sliver of hope in the Middle East tonight, with a possible truce between Israel and Hamas in sight. Egypt is in talks with both sides but on the ground, the rockets keep flying, and the death toll keeps rising.

The sound of sirens and missiles. Another night and still no sign of either side backing down. Israeli warplanes pinpoint enemy targets, this one stroke to a house close to the home of Gaza's Prime Minister. The Hamas headquarters were destroyed. 300 air strikes in the past 24 hours. It is not enough to stop the militants. One rocket fired from Gaza struck this high- rise apartment in southern Israel. This is the impact zone where the rocket shut. Fortunately, the family were not here where happen. After a siren sounded, they had about 15 seconds to move. Together, they ended up in a safe room. They survived. A neighbour is exalted from the stress of constant rocket attacks. Another one was on its way as we filmed her damage home. We took shelter with her family in their safe room. What goes through your mind?

His round now has tens of thousands of troops at the ready, poised for an all-out ground war. Rocket attacks are not stopping and the tanks could role in as early as tonight. Egypt is talking about a peace deal but the Israelis are preparing for war.They basically have the Gaza Strip Serrano. There are about 100,000 army reservists are waiting for the core. The only thing the war stoppered is a potential peace deal which is apparently being worked on by the Arab League in Cairo. A delegation will be sent into Gaza, if not today, then tomorrow. Egypt's prime minister mac is acting as the peacemaker. Hamas says they will stop as soon as his Raul there has won his last has the same thing. -- soon as is rare birds and Israel has said the same thing. A man is on the run, after leading police on a high speed chase through Greenacre last night. Officers started pursuing the car just after 7pm. The vehicle eventually came crashing to a stop, and the driver fled the scene. A female passenger was injured. She is now in police custody. The effects of Government cuts to the education budget has been felt in schools across the state. Teachers say they will not stand by and watch it happen, vowing to fight every job car and every dollar lost. Standing up for public education.There is a crisis in public education policy. It has been manufactured by the Government. It was more like a party than a protest. Thousands rallying against $1.7 billion in cuts to the dee mac education budgets. -- NSW.My job is under a third, as is hundreds of my colleagues.There was just one simple message to the Government - scrap the cuts.Barry O'Farrell is to stop and listen. Watch what is happening today and understand. This is not going to go away.We are your future.There is a lot of noise here today but the Government says that's all it is. What is done is done, the cuts will stay.We have heard the message. But making sure it is done in a way that does not disrupt the teaching and learning of students.Strike action before the end of the school term has not been ruled out. He had a swagger like no other cricketer and he terrorised bowlers around the world. I am talking about Viv Richards. He was part of the cricket revolution but these days, he is just happy to wield the willow for charity. The master blaster back at the crease, proving time has done nothing to blunt his Cavalier style. Careers are built on demoralising bowlers around the world, Adam Gilchrist and Viv Richards headlined the charity match.What ever the game maybe, you take the bat in hand. The memories come flooding back.It has been five years since Adam Gilchrist hit a Test century. One delivery short of the all-time record.And did not sleep all that well. I know what he is capable of. The West Indies a legend and the man who redefined the role of Aussie wicket keeping with the latest to join the gallery in the greats of the game.It is the ultimate recognition.It leaves a lump in my mouth. I believe in the old school. This is where it all began.They touch down in the International Cricket hall of fame, thrilling of fans and making some new ones. They are officially opened the World Series exit route. -- exhibit. Fire and a tower block in the heart of Dubai. A warning to Aussies putting their lives at risk. 12 men, three months.It is the biggest This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC)

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This program is not captioned. Hundreds of people have been forced to flee, after a residential tower block caught fire in Dubai. The fierce blaze took hold in the early hours, sending pieces of the building falling to the ground. Two nearby buildings were also evacuated. There are no reports of any injuries.

Australia is a nation of international travellers but the potential for things to go wrong, is too often being ignored. Now a $2.6 million campaign has been launched, encouraging us to register our plans, and take out insurance.

For all sorts of reasons, Australians are travelling overseas in extraordinary numbers.

The number of getting into trouble rises.About 14,000 Australians get into some difficulty overseas every deer.It has been partly blamed on daring attractions -- attractions like bungee-jumping which almost killed this woman won a record sacked. -- when her cord snapped. Hearn knew of -- near fatal jump has been featured in $80.6 billion ad campaign. -- 2.6 billion.It can save your life when overseas.The minister is appealing for young people who are heading overseas to remember and local laws and culture. We can visit you in jail but we cannot fight your case for you.The cost is so high, a Senate inquiry has recommended a passport rise and a levee. The Government has rejected this. Elton John has been spotted at Sydney Airport, boarding a private jet to Melbourne. Bounding up the stairs behind him was his son Zack. Elton John will perform one show in the city as part of his tour of Australia. Hollywood's most famous landmark is getting ready to celebrate his 90th birthday. The iconic signs, high in the hills, is having some work done. Get up and -- get up close and personal with the most famous sign in the world. She was more than ready for East serious make over. A dozen men, a 3-month long job. Is it a hard job? You have to be a mountain climber.There is a lot of things that go into it. It has been pretty good.Just about everyone who comes here, is looking at her. Each letter is it getting about 1.5 weeks of pampering. There are art see you the 4th last Leader. Close- up, it is a bit worn and torn. Hollywood really needed the facelift. The man behind the plan, the city councillor, knows all the work is really a good investment for the city.If you look at me really closely, we do not look perfect. It is the greater sign in the war.The job is nearly finished. For her 90th birthday next year, and looking good. Sport is next. It was the Aussie Masters two player shootout today, with Adam Scott holding his nerve to claim the title. Our fast bowlers sense a soft spot in South Africa. Jamie Whincup secures another supercar championship.

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This program is not captioned. Adam Scott blew it big-time when had the British Open at his mercy this year, but not today at the Australian Masters.

In a head to head shootout with Ian Poulter, Adam Scott won by four shots to claim his first Masters title.

Thousands of fans were keen to see the show as. Adam Scott caught up to Ian Poulter in the second hole. A bonus birdied that are quite a while getting there. Ian Potter was not flustered. The defending champion was masterful. -- Ian Poulter. The crowd gasped in unison when Adam Scott had a hiccup. There were not many from the Australian, chasing his first win in the tournament and this year.

Spurred on by the big crowd, he seemed destined for a gold jacket. Ian Poulter made a big mistake, taking a higher bread out of the bunker. And then, he looked out on the 17th. Adam Scott landed a final birdie for good measure. He ended in style. The new jacket will need to be tailored, but who cares?It feels good to win. The Australian pace attack is promising more aggression in the second Test in Adelaide. Both teams will begin their preparations tomorrow but the Aussies have already sensed the South Africans can be unsettled by in your face cricket.Ferre back tears do not enjoy it that much. They seem to be distracted by. -- of their batters. Bookies have both teams as equal favourites. Holden's Jamie Whincup has secured his fourth V8 Supercar title after another day of frantic action at Winton. As usual the lead changed regularly but Jamie Whincup just needed a strong finish to take the honours. Whincup crossed the line in third position and with just one race remaining in the season, he can't be challenged. The Wallabies are confident of finishing their European Tour on a high after beating England at Twickenham. After last week's thrashing from France, the Wallabies responded with a 2014 victory, both teams scored a try each. There are Tests against Italy and Wales to follow. And in the Russian League - a flare hit the Dynamo Moscow goalkeeper and the game against Zenit St Petersburg was abandoned. There was also trouble in the crowd, while the goal keeper was lucky not to suffer permanent injury.

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This program is not captioned. Eat it was nicely cloudy across Sydney today.

A de low pressure trough were divided off the coast, bringing showers and powerful winds.

Here is could clock for tonight's additional 16 minutes. He is out gold-medal champion. But Matthew Newton has been hiding a terrible secret. -- Matthew This program is not captioned. ANNOUNCER: Earth. According to the internet, it houses 7 billion humans, controlled by two main superpowers - Australia and New Zealand. Their empires stretched across the planet as their kings vied for control. The battle for supremacy has gone on for thousands of years. It began when New Zealand built the pyramids. Australia countered by constructing the Great Wall of China. New Zealand produced the Rolling Stones, Australia had the Beatles. The discoveries continued as their empires grew. New Zealand won the space race and landed on the moon. Australia topped it by landing on the sun. So New Zealand blew up Jupiter! It is time for two brave men to properly determine which country is the greatest in Hamish and Andy's Caravan of Courage - Australia vs New Zealand. ANDY: Nice kangaroo. HAMISH: Oh, cheers.

Good evening.Good evening, everybody. Welcome to our Caravan of Courage - Australia vs New Zealand. Tonight we're gonna show you the Australia bit. (WHISPERS)$$TRANSMIT No, say the really... Say the big thing. Oh, sorry, tonight is gonna be the thrilling conclusion to this epic piece of televisual double night history.Wow. Thank you, Andy. Well said. Well, you heard him, gang. Season finale. OK, tense. Australia versus New Zealand - this is the show where we find out who stacks up better. Will New Zealand be like a sheep - versatile, wonderful animal with many uses, or will it be more like a sheep - just something that's full of grass, huh? Or will Australia be the sheep? I don't think... A delicious animal that you can eat and share with the family. Or will it be like a lamb - also a sheep...Again, I wouldn't have chosen this way of putting it to...No, you can. And if you don't know what sheep you are, I made a diagram. What sheep are you?No, we're not doing diagrams. Unless the diagram looks like this. It's a bit more map-like, everybody. This one shows where we went last week - the complete trip across New Zealand. Ending at the top.

top.Yeah, that's right. Once we got to the top, we took the Phar Lap Memorial Sea Tunnel across to the top of Australia, which is a very long drive and you have to do a wee stop before you start. And then we got to the top and then finally, finally we were ready. It's a great tunnel, kids. Maybe do a project on it if you'd like to learn more.Don't do a project on it, kids. Just watch the television. Yeah, just watch TV. Never do projects, kids. Just watch TV.No... You may learn something. Just a little bit. Anyway, let's see how Australia went.

Australia went.Australia. A sunburnt country. A land of sweeping plains.Sometimes it does get a bit hot and you can chafe. Still good. Sure, there are dangers at every turn, but there's also helpful strangers to guide you through them. With its vast beauty, it makes you wonder what Cook must have thought when he first arrived here. Well, wonder no more, 'cause in Cooktown, at the very top right of Australia, the local historical re-enactment association know exactly what Cook was thinking at all times.I'm Loretta.Loretta, Andy.Hello, Loretta.How's it going?I'm the president of the association.Is this where he stepped off and said those famous