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This program is captioned live. Lighting strikes twice - an even bigger superstorm bears down on Queensland. Middle East crisis - continuing to pound Israel with rockets. The region braises for all-out war. The new technology that let's the paparazzi snap anybody anywhere. Meet the second biggest lieuer from the US presidential campaign. What's next for the man with a Mitt Romney tattoo on his face? It's Sunday 18th November 2012! Good morning to you. All going outraging last night?No, getting old last night.Party, party, in my house.There was a party next door to mine.I had my nephew's engagement party and I got harassed by the thana's.All of the young people in one corner and me and the nannies in the otherThe Great Cash Giveaway is back with bonus $25,000. The first call - you can win $5,000 every day twice a day by picking up the phone within five rings and saying "I wake up with Today".And if you know the special dailli bonus words you win an extra $5,000. If nobody knows the bonus word, it doubles.Today's code word, write this down, is, "Breakfast" and is worth a possible $25,000. We've big breaking news in the world of NRL. Make sure you are watching in 15 minutes' time. We'll cross to Danny Weidler. Taking a quick look at the weather.

Two monster storms ripped through Queensland yesterday. It was hit hard. Was the city prepared for these storms?Good morning, Deb. Everybody was expecting storms to come. They weren't expectinging them to be quite so severe. Or to arrive so early in the day. The first came after 10:00. It was the most populated pars fs south-east Queensland. There was heavy, intense rain, winds of 90km/h. There has been a lot of damage. The ceiling of the ground level of an hotel in Brisbane collapsed. Trees fell down all across the city in Brisbane. One speared through the ceiling of a classroom at a school on the northed is. There was another severe storm last night. The Weather Bureau says it was less structured. Falls of 40mm within half an hour, so really quite heavy. The SES received more than 120 calls for help. And then there was this incredible lightning show around 22,000 strikes last night, after 11,000 strikes yesterday. There's been many fallen powerlines. Around 50,000 people were without power at some stage yesterday. Most of them have had it restored quite quickly though. The Weather Bureau copped a bit of criticism yesterday. It issued its first official warning for the storm yesterday at 10:50 areas. Many areas had been hit by then. It had put out a general warning for storms on the day. The timing of them is too hard to predict.It's impossible to say where they will develop and when. I'm not sure we will ever be able to do that. Once the storms develop we can take it to the next step and go with warnings.What's the forecast for today?The bureau says the weather is still very unstable. Anybody who has looked at the radar this morning will see there is more activity. It will start around the southern area, expecting to hit the Gold Coast north and further north. There are expected to be winds gusting, heavy rains and hail today. The Weather Bureau says it's on it's way, they can't predict the time so it's a case of wait and see. The office of the Hama Prime Minister has been destroyed overnight. 75,000 Israeli army reservists have been called up, preparing for a possible ground offensive and all-out war. Drones carved the sky above glausa, firing and guiding missiles like this rocket which hit a Hughes home close to the house of the Prime Minister. The target list has widened to Hama offices and homes whichs rails believe are harbouring senior officials.This man ran a charpentry shop next to this house. The militants have gone underground so finding them isn't easy. On the streets, locals keep one eye out for air strikes. Another for the hated collaboraters who help with targeting. These emotive scenes have done nothing to weaken support for Hama in Gaza. Instead, they are building support. With Israeli troops poised to go in there is very little time for and sign of a diplomatic solution.Peter Stefanovic is on the Israeli Gaza boarder. We'll cross to him later. Some pensioners are so desperate for money they are selling their prescription pain killers on the black-market. It's prompted calls for patients to be routinely drug tested. The storms in Queensland have forced schoolie celebrations to finish early overnight. Despite the wet weather school leaverings took to the streets. Chris O'Keefe was among them. How did they behave? Good morning, Deb. It's been a wet old night down here T didn't stop the thousands of schoolies celebrating. The storms we heard about before forced the closure of the main stage ten minutes early. Forcing thousands of schoolies onto the streets. We saw a few minor arrests. The main problem we've had and in years past has been non- schoolies. One incident there was two groups of four men involved in a fight. One man was king hit and was unconscious and had to be taken to hospital. Police pra pretty happy with the behaviour of the schoolies. -- were pretty happy. Bad storms in Brisbane. Do you remember your schoolies week?I was on the Gold Coast and it was heaps of fun.Deb, do you remember your school formal?How demure I was. Deb, you look younger now than at school?I didn't have the team of make-up artists.We will be embarrassing ourselves.The most important photograph.We'll retouch that later in the show.She was just talking about my outfit. It was the '80s.Weather and your first sports news is next. Who took out the clash between Victory and Mariners This program is not captioned. MAN: (SINGS) # Anything you can be WOMAN: # I can be greater
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Good morning, Melbourne. Looking a little bit grey today. You are in for showers and a top of 19 degrees. A lot of sport around today. This weekend there's big news coming up. Let's find outside what's happening with Roz kel he will.The Wallabies have their second away win this year -- Roz Kelly. They bounced back with a 6-point victory over England this morning. It was shaping as another kick fest trading penalties throughout the opening half before a dash from Nick Fibbs broke the Wallabies try- scoring drought. England replied minutes later, taking the lead with a thrive their own. The trustee booted Barns slotted three further penalties for the first win of the European Tour. Adelaide United has taken top spot on the competition ladder grinding out a 1-0 win over Victory. Two red cards had both sides finish the match with ten men. All of the points came in the first half. Andrew Naboot secured the draw for Victory though. A second half strike from Jeronimo saw the Reds notch up their seventh win of the season. Chelsea has lost ground in the title race after going down 2-1 to West Brom. Arsenal handed Tottenham their first defeat. Defending champions Man City sent a clear message to their rivals. Adam Scott is flight contention for his first victory this year, heading into the final round of the Masters just one stroke behind leader Ian Poulter at 13 under. The English man fired an impressive front nine. Scott finished with three consecutive birdies on Kingston Heath. Jamie Whincup's closed in on a fourth V8 supercar title, taking out the first of this weekend's two races in Victoria. He needs to finish ahead of Mark Winterbottom today in race two and the championship will be his. Frosty hoping for a better finished. He was pipped on the line four third after running out of petrol in the final few meeters. These two must be the most understanding husband and wife ever - sharing the blame for this mishappen in the rally of Australia. I can't believe how calm they both are.(LAUGHS) .Would you call that a bad case of female map disorder.She says go left, go right. He just going where he tells him. Isn't that a regular marriage.Stevie, you are outnumbered. Be careful.I need support. I'm not going to get it. Emma Freedman is on Norfolk Island. We're having a terrific time. We were here yesterday. To give you a little refresher. This is exactly where Norfolk Island is, north-east of Sydney takes 2.5 hours via plane to get here. About 8 km in length. They have about 17,000 people population. This morning we are at Bird Markets. All of the locals Ger around to share a gossip and sell produce as well. We'll show you what's happening Place today.

Place today.
There is huge breaking news in the world of NRL coming up - Danny Weidler will break this story, next on Weedend Today. This program is not captioned. SONG: # Let's do the hop... #
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on Weedend Today.
Sydney - chance of an afternoon storm with a top of 23 degrees today.Well, we've been teasing it for the last 20 minutes. Danny Weidler is here with a big breaking NRL story this morning. Good morning, Danny.This involves Russell Crowe and south Sydney what are have you got?There have been rumours that rus very crow is looking to get out of south Sydney. -- Russell Crowe. He in fact texted me last night to say that he will no longer be part of south Sydney next year. He will go through 2013 as a south Sydney owner, after that he will sell out. He has been there since around 2006 when he tookover. They were a club that was battling. He bought the club and spent amazingly around $11 million on south Sydney. The time has come when he feels the club is in a good position, a position he is happy for the club to move on without him. He will be getting out. It's a major story in rugby league and Australian sport.You've been in contact with him. What's the real reason behind him selling up? He's made no secret that he loves the Bunnies.He is a mad south Sydney supporter. He was a supporter before he was an owner. He wanted to see them become a great club again. I have no doubt it relates to his family situation. This is all about Russell Crowe simple will youifying his life. People want to say otherwise, he is worried about losing money and other things. Maybe it's putting family first and refocusing on them.What do you think this sale of the club will have? What sort of impact on the team and fans? They will be incrediblely disappointed.South Sydney as a football team is bigger than Russell Crowe and all of the players. They will continue to go on. However, they became a sexy shrub, a worldwide brand where we saw rock stars and movie stars wearing south Sydney caps. That will probably stop now. Souths became the club to go to. They have some of the best players, like Greg Inglis. Those sort of thing also change. I don't think they will be as attractive a club to go to anymore. Hopefully, Russell Crowe changed them and changed them forever in a good way.-- sexy club. News, sport and weather next. Why Barack Obama's victory means a new era of space exploration is about to begin. When will man reach another planet? This program is not captioned. (THE BLUE DANUBE WALTZ PLAYS) Sharing. We've been sharing food for as long

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What a great way to wake up with a bonus Great Cash Giveaway.We've only a lazy $25,000. All you have to do is answer the phone within five rings, say "I wake up with Today". If we ask you for the Benus word - it's the B word. Breakfast! Write it down.That could earn you extra bonus cash today.Now, we're talking formal photographs today. Because Deb myself and Layla we're in the 'Sunday Telegraph' took very daggy. We thought we'd include you in on the embarrassing moment. Let's take a look at Roz Kelly. Why pee. You guys put your hand up to do it in the paper.That was three three days ago for you wasn't it? My reunion was last night.Did you dress to match the bus?That was my accessory.A great accessory. That was my actual school bus, my bus driver offered to take me and my friends.He wasn't your date was he. Nobody gets out of this alive. Nobody. We have everybody's form will photograph coming up.Why mine first.We have the hottest men in the universe today, so I don't want to get those two confused. Good morning, to you. Soust east Queensland is bracing for more wild weather today after two monster stormed smashed the region yesterday. They had destructive winds, flash flooding, homes and cars from destroyed and thousands of people left without power as the destructive storm swept through. The roof of a city hotel caved in under the deluge of water. -- south-east. The conflict between Israel and Hama is intensifying, raising tensions across the Middle East. Militants unleashed an estimated five rockets. It's believed around 40 Palestinians have been killed and another 400 injured. Three Israelis have died. Now, into the fourth day of fighting, neither side looks close to agreeing to a ceasefire. We will cross live to Peter Stefanovic on the Gaza border after 8:00. Families in southern Egypt have made the grim search for signs of a loved one after a school bus was hit by a speeding train at a railway crossing killing at least 49 people. Authorities believe the crossing was not closed as the train sped towards the bus. A railway guard has been arrested after apparently falling asleep on the job. Hundreds of people have turned out to a commemoration service in Sydney since Quakers Hill which killed 25 people. It started at 6:00am to mark the moment the last survivor was brought out of the building.My grandfather still sees the black wall of smoke and he can smell and taste it too.The nurse charged over the murderers pleaded not guilty earlier this Monday and will stand trial in the Supreme Court next May. Damning claims that Australia's health system is broken with families forced to sell homes to pay medical bills. Families are facing bankruptcy and raiding superannuation as Medicare fails to keep up with rising medication. Hiccups can be extremely annoying - imagine having them for two weeks straight. Mick clean clean lost 7kg throughout the ordeal. -- Mick clen clen. It hurts. It's like doing a sit-up every time I do a hiccup. The medical mystery isn't that uncommon. Thousands of people are hospitalised in the US every year with persistent hiccups.I'd try a good ole fright.It's like doing exercise. His wife should be happy. Look on the bright side, mate. The Wallabies have beaten England 20-14 in the European match. Nick comes comes finally found the line scoring shortly before half-time. Berrick Barnes booted three penalties in the second half to seal a much-needed victory. South Africa held out Scotland 21-10 and the All Blacks smashed Italy by 32 points in Rome. Back home - after seven A-League rounds Adelaide United has totalled its number of wins have last season, score ago 1- 0 victory over Melbourne Heart yesterday. Injuries on mow scored much to the commentator's delight. -- Jeronimo. In cricket - the test future is up in the air while selecters wait for Shane Watson to prove his fitness. Rob Quiney says he's not mentally battled by being back-up batsman. It's a good limbo. I would rather be in this limbo than not at all. If Shane gets fit that's beneficial for the team, it's an important series, with the first game being a draw. Sebastian Vettel is again the man to beat - topping the time sheets in practice at the US grand pre- this morning. The German edging out Louis Hamilton in Texas this morning. Mark Webber finished seventh fastest. Australian surfer Tom Whitaker was among the standouts overnight, mastering the growing Hawaii surf.It combines tubes and big powerful turns, forehand and backhadn't. It's great to get some solid surfing going for these guys. It started off small and now it's just pumping.Some of the big guns, including Kelly Slater and Sunny Garcia will hit the water later today. Recapping - Danny Weidler broke news that Russell Crowe is selling out of the south Sydney club.Fans will be really disappointed. He really invigorated this. Big support from a big Hollywood star. It will be interesting to see how they go. Time for With Emma Freedman. Good morning to you, Stevie and Sarah. One of the beautiful things about Norfolk Island is the heritage here. A lot of people come from descendents of English sailors as a result there are some traditions that are still in play, like hat mat and basket weaving which Greg, Lily are displaying for us this morning. It takes a lot of dedication and mental strength. It can take up to 18 hours to create one of these great hats. We will have a go at making one of the hats after we look at the weather in your neck

The process is a lengthy one. You are plating with four pieces of grass and can take up to 18-hours. Basically, the process goes one over one under, two over one under. About right. And they use a whole variety of things like corn husk, whatever they can find on the island, these are very sought after these crafts. Coming up - we will look at the delicious fresh produce you can find here on Norfolk Island which is one of the highlights of my trip over here. $25,000 bonus call is coming up shortly and Most Clicked up nexted - including cats falling from This program is not captioned. Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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# Clear welcome back to Weedend Today. First up - skydiving cats on Most ClickedThis is obviously photo shopped. No, it's animation surely.They are doing formation stunts.They are so cool cats. That's got to be real.(LAUGHS) Next up - bowling like you've never seen it before. And watch out for celebrity cameos in this one.No idea who that is.Is this real?I love these trick shots.Is that mat Newton?It looked like it.He would be throwing the ball at something. Stop it, stop.These are sort of celebrities.(LAUGHS)

. That's pretty cool.Well, this one's cool too. A motorcyclist who just doesn't have time to go to the gym. Check it out. Do not try this at home. Again, this isn't fake either. We're bringing out all of the real things this morning.That takes serious balance.It might be good for the core strenght.Finally - an American talk show host has had fun with unnecessary censorship. Mercy for animals is accusing (BLEEP) of killing its (BLEEP). David Petraeus had an extraordinary career. With (BLEEP) and (BLEEP) great distinction.Whoa this world is seriously (BLEEP)ed up.I reckon we need one of those for some of the stupid things we say on Sunday mornings.Hey, you won't believe how far away the paparazzi can be and still snap a crystal clear shot of celebrities. NASA has new plans to send man to This program is not captioned. Where is my other sock?

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Welcome back to Weekend

Welcome back to Weekend TodayWe strt to see the big flash of light. You have to look away or put your glasses back on.Glasses back on, everybody. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) That was it.That's our own ray of light. Our own little moon river. Jonathan was the star during the eclipse and he is here to talk about man's plans to explore another planet. Was this an election promise by Barack Obama to send man to the other side of the moon?The Barack Obama administration said they would use the moon as a stepping stone. There's been lots of plans to go to the moon and not Mars. This is the rocket think will use to get there. This has not been confirmed. It's rumoured that it's around. They say NASA has been waiting until the election was over to see which person came in because mit rom really may not have wanted to do this. -- Mitt Romney. The idea with this is not to land on the moon but send a far station to the dark side of the money or the far side of the moon. There are places in orbit where the moon's gravity and earth's gravity balances out.So you don't need fuel or anything. Just a little thrust here and there to stay on the spot. The gravity balances out. It's a very efficient way of doing things. The idea is to put a station there to hover over the moon to look out into further space, if you have the earth in the background and the moon, if you are around the far side you can't see the earth. You could get a radio observe try there. You could have Rovers trundling around and control them from this space station, because the signal delay is half a second from earth to moon is three seconds. That's not good enough if you are going over the cliff or something. It's affordable because they think they can use existing designs of modules and things from the Space Station and Space Shuttle and spare bits of hardware that are ready to go up, divert them to this. So I think it's a fantastic plan. I'm a sinic of moon plans because so many have come and gone as governments change and the fiscal situation changes. But this one is more affordable and feasible. They could get it done in ten years. Is this a stop-off point for men to go on and explore Mars?We need to ex- employer space. You don't get the nasty radiation from space, out there you would. They need to live in deep space before going onto Mars.It's the final frontier. A live report from Israel as the region sits on the brink of war. That's 15 minutes' away. We'll have Hollywood gossip up next. What's happening Michele Mahone?Taylor Swift has got herself a new man. Stay tuned. # We are never ever # Getting back together.

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Welcome back to Weekend Today. It's great to have your company this Sunday. Let's get the Hollywood headlines with Michele Mahone. The relationship with Harry Styles and Taylor Swift has been confirmed?She was performing on X Factor and Mario Lopez is one of the cohosts. He sees Harry hanging out. Harry motions towards Taylor Swift and they wall off holding hands and Mario Lopez was an eyeball witness. So we have it confirmed. This was like another 18-year-old for her. ConKen Ken was also 18. I think she likes to get 'em young so she can mould 'em how she wants 'em.It's also another album waiting to happen isn't it really.The break-up song will be out.The relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber has hit a bit of a snag.They went to a Japanese restaurant each in separate cars. It lasted all of ten minutes and Selena Gomez went streaking off in her car and Justin Beiber followed her. He gets to the house and she's locked herself in and locked the gate. He is literally hanging on the gate calling out to her. That's always a good look.We'll get more Hollywood gossip from you Michele Mahone throughout the morning. Here are the top stories on Weekend Today. Lightning strikes twice - one day after wild weather tore through Brisbane, an even bigger superstorm bears down on Queensland. Middle East crisis - as militants continue to pound Israel with rockets, the region braises for all out war. The new technology that let's the paparazzi snap anybody anywhere. And meet the second biggest loser from the US presidential campaign. What's next for the man with the Mitt Romney rom tattoo on his face? It's Sunday 18th of November 2012. You have to be keen to get a tattoo on your face. We have the Great Cash Giveaway back with a bonus of $5,000 twice a day every day by picking up the phone within five rings and saying "I wake up with Today". If you know the special daily bonus word you'll win another $5,000. If nobody wins that jackpots. SMS your details to: Our first call could be worth as much as $25,000. That's in less than an hour. Stay tuned. We better get a hit of news now with Deb Knight. South-east Queensland is mopping up after two monster storms hit the region yesterday. Destructive winds and heavy rain reek havoc on the city. The clean-up is under way this morning. It's not over yet, is it?Not at all, Deb. It's raining lightly here in Brisbane. We are expecting more severe storms during the day today. This comes as many people are still recovering from yesterday's two severe storms. The first one hit just after 10:00 this the morning. It came in from the west across Brisbane and brought heavy rain and incrediblely gusty winds with, causing a lot of damage. A ceiling in an hotel in Brisbane city caved in, forcing the evacuation of 100 people. A tree speared through the ceiling of a classroom at a school on Brisbane's north side. Trees fell on cars, other cars were swept away by the flash flooding. So there was a significant amount of damage from that storm yesterday morning. Then the second storm hit last night around 7:00. It was less structured so the bureau says it wasn't quite as destructive. That's what we've noticed from looking around the city this morning. There was heavy rain, 30-40mm in the space of 30 minutes. The SES received a lot of calls for help, a lot of people had leaking roofs and an incredible amount of lightning. 22,000 strikes recorded. Everybody affected yesterday was nervously awaiting to see what today's storms bring. An amazing amount of damage.The Gold Coast is expected to be hit first as the new system passes through this morning. Nine's weatherman joins us live from Surfers Paradise. This has been so destructive everybody is waiting to see what this next storm will bring. What's a supercell?A supercell consists of a trough system and surface trough system. As they push together, it creates it's own weather within that storm itself. You get a lot of rotation and it creates a lot of larger hail. We had hail yesterday recorded up to 10CM in diameter. That's a large ball of hail T sucks in a lot of wind around it. You can see the supercells pushing across the coast. They are not unusual during the spring months. We are expecting more a across the south-east today. It's a matter of how dark they get when they hit the coast.Will it be as destructive as yesterday?Some of that activity yesterday was unforeseen. We never thought it would get that heavy at times. Up to 100mm of rain since yesterday morning, today they are still forecasting some severe storms to come through and some supercells possibly in the south-east sector. This morning and this afternoon will be the two prime times from the Gold Coast north towards Brisbane and the region further north. We have to keep a close eye on it. Storms are on the forecast. With 100km winds ripping through the city, that's not something we want to see again that. Dodgy series of trough systems will pass later tonight and tomorrow leaving us with fine days until at least Thursday where more trough systems are forecast. Egypt's Transport Minister has resigned after an horrific school bus crash that killed almost 50 children overnight. One witness says the vehicle was pushed 1km down the track. The head of the railway authority has quit while a railway guard in charge of the crossing has been arrested after apparently falling asleep on the job. Firefighters have made a disturbing discovery while battling a blaze in Melbourne's nofrt night. Emergency crews were called to Roxburgh Park around 11:00pm to hose down the flames. They found a sophisticated hydroponic drugs set- up and a second illegal power supply.You wouldn't expect a house like this to have this level of activity in it, especially suspected hydroponics in such a nice residential area.Police are still searching for the offender. Anybody with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers. One teenager remains in hospital after violence erupted during schoolies. More than 42 toolys were taken into custody, despite the storms creating havoc on surf. It could be seen as a case of devienge intervention. A retired priest in the US became an overnight mim nair after stumbling across a winning lotto ticket while spring cleaning his office. His wife didn't believe they'd won. -- divine intervention. Overnight millionaire. We begin break breaking rugby league news. There is confirmation from Russell Crowe who will pull out of south Sydney. He will continue as the club's owner but will sell the club at the end of 2013. We cross live to Danny Weidler for all of the details. He has spoken to Russell Crowe himself, that's up in the next ten minutes. The Wallabies opened their European Tour account with a win over gland this morning. Bouncing back from the embarrassing loss to France. Both sides opted for the points in the opening exchanges. That disappeared shortly before the break. Nick comes comes crashed over snapping the Wallabies try scoring drought.

scoring drought.
Forget Paris, this is where it's happening now. Great to see. Their lead was short lived when the hosts hit back minutes later. Berrick Barnes took it back with three penalties to security the first victory of the Tour. Back home - Adelaide United has continued their best start to an A-League season snoching up their seventh win to defeat Melbourne Heart 1-0 while there was no separating the Mariners and hearth.

Mariners and hearth. The second half strike helped the Reds take top spot on the ladder. No such luck for Chelsea and Man City. The bluz went down 2-1.

bluz went down 2-1. Adam Scott will tee off with Ian Poulter later today in the final round of the Australian masters at Kingston Heath.

Heath. Scott finished the day with three consecutive birdies as he chases his first victory of the year. Jamie Whincup can almost taste his fourth V8 supercar title. The Holden driver took out race one yesterday, he needs to finish ahead of Mark Winterbottom in today's second race and the title is all his. Frorsy was pipped on the line after running out of petrol in the dying stages. Just recapping - Russell Crowe pulling out of south Sydney coming up. How do photographers get those up close and person shots of celebrities? There are people that do paparazzi photography that don't have any limit and I think it comes down to the individual.That will be coming up in the next 12 minutes.Somebody who is regular in contact with the paparazziWant to wear your desk wear. The kids from the local school here on Norfolk Island has taught me. They learn potry in senior level and the local language which is a combination of English, originating a couple of00 years ago. Something else I discovered that I love. The kids are a little quirky. This blue hair was an excellent idea. I think I might go the pink trend in a little while.

These kids have a lovely song to enjoy your morning, Sarah. # We got to build this day # We know how # We know to build We got to do it this dayWe'll see you in 30 minutes. How did the first night of schoolies go? We'll speak to the events organiser. First to the conflict in the Middle East which is escalating. Overnight Hama continued to lob rockets towards Israel. Israel responded by broadening its air strikes on glausa. Joining us now is Peter Stefanovic. After four days of intense fighting, what's the situation at the moment on the ground?Rockets are still continuing to be fired over both sides of the border. The death toll is still rising. More than 40 Palestinians have been killed and three Israelis have been killed. Structures are continuing to be damaged according to Israel's Defence Force. It has taken out 200 targets in the past 24 hours. Including the Prime Minister's office block in glausa has been completely flattened. There are long range, medium range missiles as well. The fighting is intense and fighting here. Definitely no let-up at the moment.A few Arab nations are working on a peace plan. Is there a solution in sight?Very difficult to say that's going to happen any time soon, Sarah. The Arab League is meeting in Cairo to be the peace maker. It will send a delegation in during the next few days to look at what life is like on the ground there. It is hoping to get the two wars parties together to try and come up with a peace plan. Nothing's happening just yet. Gaza is daying it will stop firing its rocket as long as Israel does. Israel say it is will stop as long as Hama does. The rockets continue to be fired. As long as that happens, there won't be any kind of peace deal.We can't imagine what it it's like living in conditions we are seeing in the pictures coming through. How are the people holding up in the mist of all of this?Very difficult. It's very frightening. -- midst. You don't go 30 minutes without hearing the alarms that howl when ever a rocket is coming towards your direction. Put yourself in their shoes. A family, home, a rocket is coming their way, they have to go into their safe rooms and wait it out and hope that the rocket doesn't hit. There was a family we were talking to today - a fellow said that his teenage daughter doesn't stop just going to the bathroom she's so scared and his wife is continuely vomiting she's so scared that a rocket will hit their home. Another lady I was talking to today - her neighbour's home had been struck. Her place was fine. She was crying all day and couldn't believe what life is like at the moment. It's those kinds of things, it's the psych logical effects that you don't read about a lot that get to you. Everybody here steems to think it will continue and could get worse over the next few days. Very tough indeed.It's a terrifying situation. Thank you very much for the update. If you have just tuned in - big news regarding Russell Crowe and Souths. Danny Weidler has all of the details. Now to the first night of schoolies festivities as thousands of teens hit the Gold Coast. Good morning, Mark. You were out there and amongst it last night. Were the kids well behaved?The kids were great. A great vibe in surf.There are a few rat bags out there but there was a great police presence?There was. In fact, 42 arrests of non-schoolies last night. 20 arrests of schoolies. We issued over 17500 wrist bands. The comparison between schoolies and non-schoolies. Right now the schoolies were in front of the behaviour patterns. There are a lot of volunteers up there - keep the kids entertained and busy what sort of activities are in store.The primary thing is the hub fenced off area on the beach. Last night we had about 17 or an enormous number of kids coming through the hub. We got to 6500 in the hub. About 25,000 movements going in and out of the hub. We're really pleased that the hub is working. It's something we worked on for years and part of our response to get the kids out of rooms, on the beach in a safe environment to dance their brains off and enjoy themselves. Thank you very much. Kids dance your brains off but do it safely. It seems like schoolies is off to a pretty safe start. We have huge NRL news this morning - we can shrifl reveal Russell Crowe will quit south Sydney. Danny Weidler broke the story and is with me now. Russell Crowe has been a proud supporter. This must have been a difficult decision.It will hurt him deeply. He's very passionate. All he wanted to do was to see this club rise. It has risen with him being in charge and owning the club. Whether it continues like that, that's a question we can't answer at the moment. I think Russell Crowe will be viewed as somebody who is very good for South Sydney. They were a basket case and going nowhere when he took over. They have a fantastic coach, great membership. In his time there - he will be viewed as a very successful owner of the club.There may be very personal reasons behind his share?Russell Crowe is going through a difficult time in his personal life. He wants to work on his family, work on the situation. That's perfectly understandable. Yes, football teams are a great thing but family means more.The Bunnies having the backing of a huge Hollywood star was good for them. Can the club survive this? There is no doubt South Sydney will go on. They will continue to be a great club. Whether they have the same attraction for players to come to them now that Russell Crowe is not there. I don't think so. I think they have established themselves as a powerhouse. I think losing Russell Crowe will hurt their ability to attract the very best players and coaches and have the best facilities. They will say otherwise. The big fear when Russell Crowe took over, is that he would treat South Sydney like a toy. He didn't do that. He made this into a fantastic club and invested around $11 million and that's no laughing matter.It will be interesting to see how the 2013 NRL season plays-out. Russell Crowe's had a few run-ins with the paparazzi. It's an intrusive and sometimes dangerous battle. For every picture taken there are hundreds of magazines and millions of readers willing to pay. How do they get those lucrative snaps? We hit the street with two photographs to find out. It's an endless game of cat and mouse. Between the hunter and the hunted. There's a thirst, a hunger. The public want that work.On exposing the private lives of our most famous faces.Nobody is safe from the paparazzi's prying eyes.They will hire helicopters and boats and been on shoots with six and seven photographs where you will hire a range of different vehicles, park in different spaces, stake out areas and get into cavities in walls and rooftops.These pictures pulled in $300,000. A budding romance sold for $500.The goal is to get the picture. Because paparazzi photography is no picture no money no wage.But it's these stops of the topless Kate Middleton which sparked outrage and reignited the privacy debates. Showing the lengths paparazzi will go to, to get those money shots.The photographer was on a public road but he would have had a long lens. How did the paparazzo get those pictures that make celebrities snap?Today we are at Bonde peach.

snap?Today we are at Bonde peach.
-- Bondi Beach. These men are quick to tell me there's a difference in their line of work. Today, with permission we are zooming in.How far away are we shooting?About 1km. Similar to the distance of the Kate Middleton pictures taken from. These are the results. Scare I willly close, clear images. Mean mile, no chance of seeing us. The most is a dot on the hill.Hi, I'm Ben.Nice to meet you.We showed her the images and she was shocked. That's incredible. It just shows how far away you can get a picture from.Could you see us up there? Not at all. Does it surprise you how close we were able to get? Considering we're 1.5km away?It's amazing. The photographs were so clear A harsh lesson in privacy. You wouldn't want to be a celebrity. There are people who do paparazzi photography who have a limit and there are people who don't have any limit. And I think it comes down to the individual.Sunday drivers are expect a little more congestion on the roads this morning with more than 700 trucks mustaling in on the highway. It's all for a good cause.

highway. It's all for a good cause.
I hope you can hear us, there are 1,000 motorbikes behind us.Tell us, what's driving all of this traffic this morning?This is unbelievable. It's in his eight year, it's the Cab Quality Convoy. It's brought down here. It's now the world's largest truck convoy. 1,000 bikes and over 740 trucks. The entire truckie community get-together to raise money for Camp Quality. Families doing it really tough. So it's the most amazing day as you can see that it's just getting under way.The longest convoy and what will be the loudest. How much money are you hoping to raise today and how will these funds be used? Wellious these funds go to helping out families that through camp quality. It's little things like imagine being a mum and your kids are going through keepoe and they will send a cleaning lady in to help out, medication and stuff like that. It's the incredible generation of peopleThe lead truck is donating $11 10,000.We hope so. It's bigger than in the years gone by. We've raised as much money before we left today as in the years gone by. It's a wonderful cause.Keeley was not well enough last year to be here.She will be riding up front.She missed last year. So we had to make an extra effort this year to have her up the front. That brought about that bit. Everybody else that bidded up there with us, it was a tremendous effort from everybody in the community. Total goose pumps here.I hope you let her honk the horn.How can people get behind this wonderful cause?We would like you to go to the website. That's the radio station behind this. I've worked in radio for 15 years. I've never seen any radio station be a part of something so huge. It's the largest single one-day fundraiser put on by any media anywhere. I'm so proud to live here and be a part of a community who all come out. Everybody comes out.The streets will be lined with,000ings of people today for a 70km convoy. It goes right down to the Sporting Complex. And our special guest will be many people.John Travolta. Special guests are all of the kids and people that come along. (LAUGHS) As Camp Quality says - laughter is the best medicine.Thank you so much. Great work you're doing out there.Well done to all of our friends. Everybody was talking about it and tweeting about it in my home town. So good morning. Alright. You could win $25,000 if you know the code word into today's great cash give away.Plus - why INEX is calling it quits. That's part of E-wind.Don't do it. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to Weedend Today.Who is that cutey?That's me and my mum. My mum made both dresses, both matching. And I thought I was very risky. It was becomeless.Who was your date?My Swedish exchange boyfriend at the time had moved back.A Swedish exchange student. That's alright.Better get some news now. Good morning. South-east Queensland is bracing for more wild weather after two monster storms smashed the region yesterday. Brisbane was in the firing line with destructive winds and flash flooding. Homes and cars were destroyed and thousands of people left without power as the supercell swept through. The roof caved in under a deluge of water. Failing to provide enough warning was the accusation. Urging all residents to prepare for more storms today. Police are searching for a taxidriver who dragged a passenger along a Melbourne Street before driving off. The woman was taken to hospital after 1:00am. She was involved in an argument and getting out of the cab after it drove off. Police are urging witnesses to come forward. Egypt's Transport Minister resigned after an horrific crash. A train hit a school bus south of Cairo with one witness saying the vehicle was pushed 1km down the track of. The head of the railway authority has quit. A railway guard has been arrested after apparently falling asleep on the job. A man has been glassed in the head during a brawl at the Star Hotel this morning. The man was bleeding profusely along the street to get help. He was taken to hospital with serious cuts to his head. Five men were arrested and helping police with inquiries. There are calls for elderly patients given powerful medications to be drug tested. It comes after revelations that some pensioners are selling pain killers on the black-market to make extra money. Elderly patients are using the cash to pay for essential bills like electricity and rent. There is hope a life saving meningitis B vxeen could soon hit our shores with Novartis receiving positive feedback for its new vaccine. Meningitis charities are hailing the vaccine as the biggest leap forward in the field for three decades. Babies and toddlers have been known to die within four-hours after contracting the disease. Hiccups can be destroying, imagine having them for two weeks straight. Mick CHENEY has been hiccuping several times per minute for 13 days. The tried and tested cures didn't help. I sat upside down and drank water. It hurts. Basically like doing a sit-up every time I do a hiccup.It's not that uncommon apparently. Thousands of people are hospitalised with persistent hiccups.Vinegar as a cure? What's your cures, whether it's a quick fright or what. Send it through as an email or tweet us.Let's get all of the sport first with Roz Kelly. The Wallabies bounced back from last week's embarrassment beating England 20-14. Nick comes comes finally found the line for Australia scoring shortly before half-time. And Berrick Barnes booted three penalties in the second half to seal a much-needed victory. South Africa held out Scotland 21-10 while the All Blacks smashed Italy 32 points in Rome. Back home - after just seven A- League rounds Adelaide United has equalled its total number of wins from last season. The Reds scoring 1-0 victory over hearth yesterday. Jeronimo netting his fourth of the year. The Mariners dropped from top spot playing out 2-2 victory at Ethihad staidyusm. Selecters wait for Shane Watson to prove his victory. Rob Quiney is preparing as though he is playing. Rob Quiney's future could be up in the air until the morning of the second test. It's a good limbo. I'd rather be in this limbo than not in the mix. If Shane can bat and bowl it's an important series and great for the team.What a good sport. Both Australia and South Africa will assemble in Adelaide later today. Sebastian Vettel will start from poll position in the US Grand Prix in Texas. The 25-year-old needs to out score the winner by 15 points to become the youngest champion. Mark Webber will start from second row finishing third in Texas. These two have to be the most understanding husband and wife ever. John Mitchell and Jo Cadman sharing the blame for this mishappen.We're out alright.Sorry, babe.Mate, it's alright.So calm.How cute does he sound.Just recapping - the breaking news from rugby league this morning - we've been informed through Danny Weidler that Russell Crowe is leaving south Sydney. He will be selling the club at the end of the next year. That's quite a shock. Not as shocking as Sarah's formal outfit.We'll be seeing that shortly. We're seeing more of Sarah than the dress. That's true.I don't know how your mother let's you out.I thought I was the emit me of style and grace.It was the '90s.Do you know what's going on while your food is being made.

while your food is being made.Good morning Sarah and Steve here on Norfolk Island they pride themselves on being a sustainable people.This coffee is grown locally. It's delicious. A lot of people lining up for that this morning. At the market there's delicious fresh produce, everything you can think of. They have a great idea as to cook with food that's in season at the moment. Here is another example. Green bananas and these delicious peaches which are to die for. We'll show you how they cook up a storm after we look at your weather and these what's happening at your place today.

happening at your place today.Went to the master class cooking storm and show you what went downright now.I'm looking forward to cooking up a little bit of trumpet today. I selected my ingredients. I've spring onions, parsley, beautiful herbs and chilly beginninger. We'll see how this all turns out. -- ginger.Thank, Damien.Time to tuck in I think.Emma, you always look good even in an apron. We'll see what she looked like in her formal dress later on.One man in the US got a big Mitt Romney on the side of his face before the election. Madonna jumps on the Gangnam Style band wagon. That's part of the E- wind next on Weekend Today.

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Coffee can be fun. SONG: # If it glitters,
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This program is not captioned. It's been a big week in entertainment. Elton John whoaed the country with performances and twiet light saga. Richard Wilkins has it all covered in this week's E-wind. It was the week that Twihards will be waiting for with varying degrees of exciting. In Los Angeles they camped out for days ahead of the world Premier of the final instalment in the 'Twilight' sawinging 'Breaking Dawn Part Two'. And they were all there on the black carpet.It's crazy that I have less than a week and everything 'Twilight' related is done.I will hold this experience forever.We should be on the road by the end of April.Can you please not tell anybody else that.I won't. Breaking 'Breaking Dawn Part Two' in cinemas now and doing huge business.It was the week of the MTV Music Awards in Frankfurt. What a bash it was. Taylor Swift putting in a red hot performance. # We are never ever # Getting back together.Alicia Keys also awesome. # She's walking on fire.And Psy winning an award for Gangnam Style. A day later he was a continent away on stage with Madonna in snork City. She knows a good thing when she sees it. -- in New York City. Elton John was live on stage in Sydney. And Coldplay putting on a private show for the true believers. Chris and the boys onstage tonight for the second big gig in Sydney. What about boys back on the road after 20 years of making beautiful music? And it was the week the stars of 'Skyfall' hit our shores walking the red carpet for the Australian Premier. Dan ciing Craig signed on for another couple and Naomie Harris and Bern marl marl.

Harris and Bern marl marl. We got the official confirmation that Kiss will tour again and with them Mothly Crew. Something decidingly more elegant. Moscow's famous ballet will perform for an exclusive season in Brisbane next year. Those tickets are on sale now. And Keith Urban announced he's taking his friends on the road in the States. # Every rose has its torn.His US tour right after the Australian shows. Tina revealed she's coming back in February for shows in Melbourne and Sydney. Also headed our way for shows in March - the Steve Miller band. # I'm a joker # I'm a smoker.Yep, it will be busy. Still on the music front - a great new video from guy sense sense. -- Guy Sebastian.

sense. -- Guy Sebastian.And it was the week we got the sad news that INEXS are calling it a day. After a succession of singers, the band made it official on stage in Perth. They leave behind a brilliant catalogue of wonderful songs. We salute you. That's just a glimpse of what went down in the week that was in the wonderful world of entertainment. I'll have more on INEXS later in the show. Sad news - Australia has a Santa shortage. More on that in a moment. We'll explain. And our $25,000 bonus cash call is ten minutes away only on Weedend Today. This program is not captioned. SONG: # Do the cough... #
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minutes away only on Weedend Today.
Joining us to discuss what's making news is Angela from 'Sunday'. First up - the front page of the telegraph has a story of how Medicare is leaving patients short. Many people are forced to raid retirement funds to cover medical bills.I had a procedure earlier this year and just a small thing left me out of pocket despite paying taxes and medical insurance. People are living longer. We are having more treatments and medications. The sad thing is, people are not taking medication because they are too expensive. One woman with breast cancer $30,000 out of pocket. Obviously, that won't improve because of the change to the Medicare surcharge levy. There is a growing trend of taking matters into their own hands by taking their kids's bullies into their own hands. You can see how frustrated parents can get when schools don't step in. You turn into a bully yourself. You are there to be a model. You are doing the wrong thing and teaching your child to bully effectively. Schools are there and have good principals in place. If you are not happy how the schools deal with it, go to the authorities. Don't deal with it yourself. I can see of it happening on a very low level with lofts parents.These bullies are kids. Exactly.Christmas could be in trouble - Christmas and Australia has a shortage of Santas. We need extra Santas to help out. Poor old department stores. Where is Cam this morning He needs a bigger belly to be Santa.We have a shortage. It doesn't matter if you are not young or fat. There are 19- year-olds out there. I hope that their voices have broken by the time they sit down to be Santa. They've got lives now. There's a massive shortage. Kids love sitting on Santa's knee and asking what they want.I love the scary Santa photographs and the kids bursting into tears.You can see why they don't want to do the job.Over to you, Steve.Thank you very much, girls. We'll enjoy a nice dinner out with the family. What goes on inside the kitchen of restaurants? What lurks behind those restaurant doors? Are you sure you want to know. Can you imagine this. This video is from a fast food restaurant. A kitchen would worker skinny dipping in the same sink used to wash dishes. It was a dirty decision. He became an international net sensation and was then fired for obvious reason. Just one taste of what we don't know about the restaurant kitchen. Kitchens are crazy. No matter what, I see a lot of things, health violations, clenlyness. Everything's ready to go. Look at the organisation.

the organisation. Using hidden cameras to detect dining disasters. Most of which start in the kitchen. What is this fighting?Oh, my God the whole staff is on their phones. If they aren't fooling around on their phones they may be fooling around with each other.It gets hot in the kitchen and sometimes one thing leads to another and people get-together. It kind of gives romantic dinner a whole new meaning. I have walked in on twists happening in various pantrys and walk-ins into various kitchens. And this happens on food, near food, around food. And when it comes to food she has plenty of stories that may take your appetite awhich. I once served a salad with a skorpian in it. And the customer saw it and didn't really feel like eating it. And you know that bread and butter you can't wait for. Let it go. Not just for your diet but where those carves have been.I think it's an almost universely acknowledged fact that bread and butter tends to circulate shall we say from table to table.The old thing when you used to go to a diner as a kid. How many times did you wonder if you had somebody else' pickles. I figure, I eat everything that comes out to us. If you give me a basket of bread I'll eat it. I don't know whose pickles I've been eating. Those are soaked in vinegar. Probably without a doubt other people have picked through them. That chef special - may not be a position.Fresh seafood pasta is to be recommended avoiding them. Specials are on products that have been sitting around and not moving. It's not something fresh to move but to be got rid of.If you have an item three days old, it's off and here we throw it out. Which may also be good advice for you doggie baggers out there. When you ask to take something home you ask for the container and put it in yourself. Sometimes in the kitchen it gets sloppy.It cuts out a step.I don't want somebody grabbing the stuff. You have to have thongs and a set- up.A lot can happen back there. A lot of mistreatment of the food. Never going out for dinner again. Mistreatment of the food.The great Great Cash

Great Cash GiveawayIf nobody wins t will jackpot. To register: Here we G it's time now for our very first call of the morning for $5,000 plus a $20,000 bonus. And we are calling.... Jade Harrison from NSW.My neck of the woods.Don't forget the bonus word.One ring. Two rings."I wake up with Today". Yeah! Congradlations. $5,000 coming your way. But that's not all. It's time for the $20,000 bonus. Now, you must say the code word. You have ten seconds starting now.Um,, um,, um,. Oh,. Take a guess.Come on.Celebration.What's the first one?No!You were close.That was yesterday's word. Darling, you picked up $5,000 and manage to drop the S-bomb on TV on a Sunday morning.The code wa word was breakfast. Oh, no!That money jackpots to $30,000.Alright. We've got hood headlines next with Michele Mahone. Kimcardcard is trying to make friends with a certain somebody. Kim Kardashian - well, she's still trying to get with Kate Middleton. But as I told you yesterday, the Queen is having none of it. Oh, no. She's a rather unusual girl isn't she. You need leave Tinseltown and head straight to London and be our Royal reporter. Done.The wedding between Britney Spears has been cancelled. Why is that?Would you like the whole list or just the top ten? First of all, they fight no end. If you remember, Jason was made one of her co guardianship type of people. Remember, she's still under a thing with her daddy. Britney says now Jason is no fun. And she sees him more as a second dad than a romantic partner. Jason says he feels like Britney's babysitter. Maybe he can adopt her.We didn't see that one cup coming at all. A bit of a Royal wave for us, please. See

It's Sunday 18 November 2012. We've got bucket loads of cash to give away.We've just given away 5 grand. Next call how much?30,000.Good morning. South oos Queensland is bracing for more wild weather today after two monster stormsed smashed the region yesterday. Brisbane was in the firing line. Homes and cars were destroyed and thousands of people left without power as the super cell swept through. The roof of a city hotel caved in under the deluge of water. The Weather Bureau has been accused of failing to provide enough warning yesterday. It's urging all residents to reap for more storms today. The conflict between Israel and Hamas is intensifying raising continuations right across the Middle East. Gaza militants unleashed an estimated 500 rockets into Israel despite the growing threat of a ground offensive. It's believed rpbd40 Palestinians have now been killed and three Israelis have diedment now into the fourth day of fighting neither sides looks close to agreing to a cease-fire. Gip's President has ordered an immediate investigation - into an horrific school bus crash that killed almost 50 schoolchildren. Acrossing guard has been arrested for allegedly falling asleep on the job.On the way to school the children sood no chance as the speeding train slammed into their bus. Mangled wreckage was carried half a mile before it stopped. The children who died were all aged under 6. While 11 others were taken to hospital with severe injuries. Witnesses described the horrific moment tragedy struck.It was mad. Ter ter the bus was passing at 7 in the morning from the east side crossing to the Westside while the train wag coming from the south. As I was standing on the road nearby I heard a sound of clash like a bomb so we hurryed toward s the driver's engine. We found bodies children everywhere.Reports say barriers on the level cross being up as the train approached. Books and school bag were strewn along the track as rescuers helped to in the recovery operation.Hundreds have turned out to a commemoration service in Sydney to mark the one year anniversary since the quakers hills nursing home fire. The granddaughter of one of the survivors says the blaze still haunts her grandfather.He still hears the fire alarm and sees the Blackwall of smoke rolling down the corridor.Region wrer Dean, the nurse charged over the murders, pleaded not guilty earlier this month and will stand trial in the Supreme Court next May. Damning claims this morning that Australia's health system is broken, with families being forced to sell their homes to pay for medical bills. News limited reports families are facing bankruptcy and raiding their superannuation as Medicare fails to keep up with rising inflation. Last year, private health fund members paid more than $4 billion in out of pocket expenses. And in a case of big Brother in the animal world, amazing footage of a group of rhinos has been captured by hidden cameras deep in the Indonesian rainforest. The six rhino carves were caught rolling around in the mud. With only 40 of the giants left in the world it's given experts fresh hope that the speed sees is still breeding. They are amazing looking animals. All of the sport now.Thank you very much. Some major Rugby League developments this morning. Nine News has been informed that Russell Crow is pulling out of South Sydney. The club's owner telling league reporter Danny Veidler he will continue his role had next year but will sell the bunnies at the end of 2013. It's understood the decision is based on family reasons. What a difference the week made for the Wallabies with only just their second win this year. Australia bounced back with a 6 point victory over England this morning. It was shaping as another kick fest with both sides trading penalties before a dash set up Nick Cummins near half-time to break their try scoring drought.Australia have got that try. That is Australian rugby as we know T forget Paris. This is where it's happening now.England rep