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This program is captioned live. On the brink - all-out war looms as Jerusalem is attacked and troops gather.Israel will continue to exercise this prudence and self- restraint while defending our citizens against terrorism.My children are afraid and crying too much. UN truce push - world leaders urge restraint. Private Petraeus - the CIA's sex scandal boss gives evidence in secret. And Brisbane lashed by a surprise storm.It was pretty fierce. You couldn't see anything. Worst storm we've had here for a long time.

Good evening. Welcome to the program. I'm Lee Lin Chin. Later, Michael Tomalaris will join me with all the day's sport. Wounded Wallabies - England rugby fans expecting a big win over Australia at Twickenham.

There has been a dramatic escalation in tension between Israel and Hamas. Israel has called up up many an army reservists. It is and 30 in the morning in the region. -- 9:30am. Jets can be heard sporadically overhead. The themes of smoke can be seen rising over of the city as air strikes continue. For the first time, rockets fired from Gaza might have hit the outskirts of Jerusalem. Air strikes have demolished the headquarters of cars are's Hamas leaders. This is much more than another round of other round of unrest. Flashes of red rockets through the night sky in Gaza City gave way to a morning of missiles. Air raid sirens sent people scrambling across Tel Aviv. Even for those who used to living in fear, the past 24 hours have shocked many. Especially in the sacred city of Jerusalem. It is normally considered strictly out of bounds. It is on the Hormuz hit- list. The city is only 77 kilometres from the border. Hamas says it . Hamas says it is fair game.

Almost 600 rockets have been fired into Israel. One third of them were blown out of the sky by the anti- missile system. Particle was at a wedding caught some of the fireworks on fire -- camera.We will defend at the next citizens against terrorism.Israel is making no apology for hammering the Palestinians. It says it is aiming for carefully selected terrorist infrastructure, in this case, it destroyed the building for the minister interior. But it is close to schools and homes.My children are afraid and crying too much.At this hospital, the injured are rushed in after every air strikes. For many, it is too late. This boy is 10 years old. He was buying bread for his mother when the rocket came. Doctors say if things get worse, they will not cope.I could not go home. I am exhausted. If I am exhausted. If I cannot stand.Israel is digging in for a fight. Reservists are being mobilised. It is unclear whether the show of force on the ground is meant to be an intimidation tactic or whether the troops are ther the troops are awaiting an order to move in or beef back.

The UN chief has called for an end to a for an end to a dangerous escalation in Israel and Gaza. He will go to the Middle East to push for a truce. World leaders are urging restraint. They are calling for Egypt to persuade her mass -- Hamas militants to and the rocket attacks. Palestinians protest over his role's offensive in Gaza. There is a show of support for Hormuz. Anti- Israeli protests are seen in Lebanon, Turkey, Iran and across the region. In Cairo, thousands of Egyptians rallied in solidarity with Palestinians. They demanded an end to Israeli air strikes and urged their new leaders to support Hamas. An offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood is e Muslim Brotherhood is in power in Egypt. The country's President called the Israeli offences a blatant aggression.TRANSLATION: This offences is an issue. We warn them. They will never rule over the people of Gaza.Egypt, the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel, has often been a mediator in the conflict. A role world leaders still wanted to play. The US to play. The US and its Western allies are pushing for Egypt to hop secured a cease-fire.We are urging those countries with those countries with influence on Hamas and other groups in Gaza to use that influence and get Adie's escalation.

There have been changes in the region since the so-called Arab Spring and called Arab Spring and the last war in Gaza. There is war in Gaza. There is a new Egypt in the post Mubarak-era. His relations with Israel are being tested by this new crisis. Ban Ki-moon is deeply worried about civilian casualties on both sides and is urging an end to the violence.Rocket attacks are unacceptable and must stop at once. Israel must exercise maximum restraint.Ban Ki-moon is planning a peace mission in the region for a truce. Britain and France appear set to tear up their Syrian arms embargo. They are planning a summit next month to rewrite the European arms deal to make it easier to justify supplying weapons to the opposition. They resume bombing, over this Melbourne town in Syria. This activist who do shows the bomb falling. -- northern town. It is evidence of a war that the opposition rebels are convinced they can win. Fighters of the Free Syrian Army insist they are taking ground from Assad. Opposition leaders have been gravely hampered by deep divisions until now. It is what makes these pictures significant. William Hague is welcoming the new opposition to discuss ways Britain can strengthen their hand. strengthen their hand.I welcome the commitment he has made to reach out to all opposition groups and committees in Syria to respect human rights, to finalise a clear plan for transition in Syria, and, of course, to demonstrate that the Coalition can be a credible political alternative to the regime. The signals from William Hague are clear. The Foreign Secretary is itching to y is itching to recognise the opposition as a government in waiting if Assad can be brought down. There is still a crisis in Syria. These refugees are risking heading home again, partly in few of winter without adequate a shorter, partly in trusting opposition rebels have to grow stronger.

The opposition group is meeting officials from up is meeting officials from the US, France, Germany, Turkey and Qatar. We have some breaking news: 40 school children have been killed when a train crashed with a bus south of Cairo. The Egyptian government has called for an inquiry. One week after news of an extra- marital affair led to his resignation as CIA director, David Petraeus has appeared before two congressional committees. The focus, the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. It claimed the lives of four Americans. This may have been David Petraeus's first engagement since news broke of his news broke of his affair with his biographer. It was far from public. He was ushered in blic. He was ushered in and out of processions in secrecy. Before answering questions, he wering questions, he apologised for his affair and was asked what he knew of the Benghazi attack.From the start, he told us it was a terrorist attack. I told him I had a different told him I had a different recollection. Ambassador Rice went on record saying it was triggered by protests against an by protests against an anti-Islamic film. It was dismissed by leading officials and by officials and by US authorities. Democrats have defended her, saying:

She used the talking points offered by the intelligence community. Criticisms of her are a completely unwarranted.Ambassador Rice have tried to politicise the intelligence report.She went beyond and She went beyond and even mentioned that under the leadership of Obama, we have decimated al-Qaeda. She knew at that She knew at that point, al-Qaeda was likely responsible in part or in whole of the death of ambassador Stevens. Ambassador Rice is widely tipped to be the next US Secretary of State. Ambassador Rice used an unjustified talking point. To say she is an close -- unqualified, it is a mistake.David Petraeus Cold War makers classified intelligence reports were ence reports were withheld to avoid tipping off the extremist groups under investigation. -- law makers. Two Croatian generals received a hero's welcome home after convictions were quashed. It is a significant reversal in the UN court's history. It has been denounced by Serbia as scandalous. A victorious homecoming. Ex- generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac arrived in Zagreb. After a tribunal overturned their war crimes convictions.

They were jailed for conspiring to expel Serbians from Yugoslavia. Serbian officials say a police in the final months of the conflict caused the loss of hundreds of innocent lives and displaced more than 200,000 people. Prosecutors say victims included the elderly and disabled who were shot in the head. Judges ruled there was no proof of such a conspiracy.

The decision, which clears Croatia's leadership of war crimes, was met with elation around the country.

It provoked an outbreak in Serbia. -- out of

-- outrage.

Of the prosecution says it deplores the warning ays it deplores the warning but will not challenge it. -- ruling. The government has approved the extradition of a Serbian war crimes suspect to Croatia. Dragan Vasiljkovic was a power military commander with a Serbian rebel group. -- paramilitary. He is an Australian citizentary. He is an Australian citizen and denies any crimes. He lost his appeal in 2010. A Christian appeal in 2010. A Christian man has had a legal win over comments posted on Facebook opposing gay marriage. His company had demoted him and cut his pay for the remarks. The High Court in Britain says he has done nothing wrong. And social networking sites, what is public and private? When Adrian Smith showed his thoughts on Facebook, it was intended only for his friends.

Today, the courts would his employers were wrong to commit him. It was the Christian Institute who supported Adrian Smith.Some things has poisoned ith.Some things has poisoned the atmosphere in Britain where an honest man like me can be punished for making polite remarks about the importance of marriage.Adrian Smith's employers demoted him from manager to rent collector. His salary was cut by 40%. In a statement, the company said:

Among those on Adrian Smith's side is this gay rights activist.Free speech should be limited in the most extreme circumstances, such as when a person incites violence against other human beings. This is not what ings. This is not what he did. He made his opinion clearer in a calm and reasoned manner. calm and reasoned manner.There has been no response yet from Adrian Smith's employ years as to if he can get his old job back. Legal technicalities limited the damage has paid up to just £100. Emergency services in Brisbane a radiant for more bad weather after a freak storm blacked-out homes and caused widespread damage. The thunder storm lashed the city with winds of more than 90km/h. Similar weather is expected across the next 24 hours. The storm slammed into the Brisbane CBD and western suburbs this morning, taking minutes to go home one day into night. -- turn one day. I thought it was 15 minutes away. It was s away. It was only three minutes away. It was fierce. The worst storm we have had been a long time.30mm of rain and hail was dumped. It brought down trees and power poles. Authorities say they have been more than 91 reports of severed powerlines, blacking out many homes. Flash flooding followed. Workers found their cars submerged by mud. Winds poured through this market. It gave Benders and customers more than they bargained for.I was holding on to the canopies. Customers were underneath. It lifted us up.The weather conditions will remain until Monday. The environment will support storms. Emergency services are bracing for the weather tonight and tomorrow. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Powerchair footballers Coming up next, tugging at the heartstrings - how gene therapy could save thousands of lives. Shortly, the Swedish supply scandal - a furniture giant admits using political prisoners as forced labour. And later, more than just a game - Powerchair footballers revel in the joys of competition.

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It is her heart defect led usually requires a transplant to survive. Scientists in Sydney have reversed an inherited disorder in an entire Australian family but identifying and treating the problematic gene. Professional cyclist Will Walker knows how Will Walker knows how stressful a big race can be. He developed a heart condition called tachycardia. It put him three years to recover.I'm trying to get on top of cycling.Today, he was riding for charity, part of an awareness campaign. These cyclists have got their heart pumping from the Gold Coasters to Sydney, hoping to raise $100,000 for medical research. Many participants are suffering from arrhythmias.

Like so many people, he did not realise how serious the issue was and how much could be done about it. Steve Quinn was diagnosed with two arrhythmias and is urging others to get a cheque.Chat with your doctor. I went from being active to inactive. I can now do something like this mething like this when I can ride 11 kilometres a week.Donations have helped to fund break through research. Scientists have saved 40 members of an Australian family with a ian family with a life-threatening genetic disorder.The person who was akin positive actually had a severe disease without being aware of it. They identified the mutated gene and treated it with a drug but he surely advise for heart patients. We were able to restore their heart function almost to normal by treating a specific gene defect. Others with inherited disorders can get back into deer as well. -- year. as well. -- year. Iranian students in Australia are facing a financial crisis. Australian banks are refusing to conduct transactions with Iran, leaving students struggling to scrape together money to survive. For this student, it is all about securing his son's future.I am doing my best for him to stay here. To grow up here without those pressures back hout those pressures back in Iran.Cost pressures on him has forced him to abandon his forced him to abandon his master's degree, leaving his family's hopes of lower life here in limbo.I could not continue to pay beef commission fees.The Iranian President takes pride in his nuclear program. The compaction to a broad have been financially catastrophic. -- compatriots. Australian banks will not conduct alian banks will not conduct transactions with their Iranian counterparts.Are they cannot transfer money to Australia. The support from the Government is limited.Iran's currency is also undergoing crisis. Students close to finishing close to finishing courses are unable to pay and nable to pay and could face deportation.You can it have money and it will destroy you.This report outlines the financial plight of Iranian students in Australia. 70% of the students surveyed say their mental health was suffering due to the sanctions. The report has prompted calls for the Government and universities to offer to wreck support, including the waving of fees if necessary.

We should have some candidacy plans in place.-- contingency plans.

Israel and Hamas moves closer to all-out war. The death toll on both sides not so. Fear and anger grows. Many of those caught in the crossfire by children. One small child has become a symbol of civilian casualtie symbol of civilian casualties. One senior no parent should have to watch. It is played out in front of cameras. This 4-year-old lies dead in the arms of a neighbour. A child of Gaza, a victim of an air strike. We went to the neighbourhood where he lived. Where were you when it happened?TRANSLATION: I was in this house. I went running out, screaming. It was a terrible scene. It was scary.This is where the child's family lives. Look at the damage to the home. He was playing downstairs when He was playing downstairs when the bomb fell. There were plenty of Hormuz flags flying in z flags flying in the neighbourhood, after the attack, there was no evidence of military activity. It is impossible to look in every building. We found the boy's father. TRANSLATION: He was sweet and intelligent.As he speaks, a plane flies overhead. speaks, a plane flies overhead. We have to leave this area or because there are air strikes. From inside Gaza City, it was possible to see the vapour trails of pour trails of the rock it launched inside Gaza towards Israel. In the hospital, the child became a symbol of the war in Gaza.

TRANSLATION: I was here and saw the child who was martyred. The blood is on both of our hands. Owls and the Egyptians' hands.Several children have died, including a child burned to death.As a human, I am crying. I cannot do anything for him. I know he has died. You cannot imagine if it is yours. How do you feel? Y?

The influx of casualties is overwhelming this hospital. This war is pital. This war is not just between soldiers, civilians on both sides of the border are enduring the grinding pain of loss.

Six of the Palestinians killed in the past four days I young people. More than half a billion people visited IKEA stores last year. The Swedish giant has revealed a dark secret. It has admitted using political prisoners in East Germany as forced labour. A spokeswoman said the company deeply regrets the policy. With that mix of bright Scandinavian style and low-price, people flocked to IKEA. Customers include those ustomers include those from Britain, China and America. Britain, China and America. The stylish modern design is popular. There is a dark side. The grim jails where IKEA used political prisoners. Today, this man is a tourist of the old Berlin Wall. Under communism, he was imprisoned for two years for campaigning for human rights. When he could to West Germany, a friend talking shopping. He recognised the furniture. He says, I realise some of the , I realise some of the furniture had been produced by has. This may have been made by me. At a press conference, IKEA admitted it new political prisoners were making its products. One manager said, they told the East German regime to stop but the forced labour continued.Some people in IKEA mood of the risks. We communicated to our suppliers that we did not want to have any involvement in that way.Prisoners say IKEA should have passed tougher questions and followed up by taking contracts away from East Germany. Political prisoners are still alive. Lawyers might l alive. Lawyers might get involved to get the compensation. The monitoring system is a tougher nowadays. Behind its image is a dark piece of history. IKEA

A national football championship has just wrapped up with NSW beating Queensland in the final - and there's a good chance that until now you hadn't heard about it. It was the National Powerchair Championships. It's the only team sport and the country that allows the use of powered wheelchairs, giving many disabled people a rare chance to experience the joys of competition. It is quick, competitive and it not for the faint-hearted. It is the fastest- growing sport for wheelchair-users around the eelchair-users around the globe.There is a lot of adrenalin when you get on the field. A lot of us have disabilities where we get sabilities where we get fatigue so easily, but we get on the field and find new energy.The spotlight has been on WA, NSW, Victoria earthier and Queensland. They are not just competing for a national title. Selection for ional title. Selection for Australia is up.It is definitely a motivation. Because one of the Australian selectors is a NSW coach, my game has stepped up a gear.The national team day bid at the al team day bid at the World Cup last year. They have managed to place 7th, with plans to go better next year. Everybody has the passion of wearing green and gold. It is just like any able-bodied person.But travelling to be competitions can be challenging.A lot of these guys have chairs that are too big for anything smaller than a 767.But when they are out on the field, it is an escape from the daily grind. It gets really monotonous every day. But being out here and knowing that everybody else is the same, you are all just getting out there and having some fun. It is a good way to forget s a good way to forget about your worries for a while.Each batch last 40 minutes, broken into last 40 minutes, broken into two halves. A classification process holds level out the s holds level out the playing field.You can only have two of the stronger category players on ger category players on the field at one time. You have to have weaker players on your team, which allows any body in a wheelchair to play.The ball is 33 centimetres in diameter. There is a speed limit - 10km/h. Every chair is tested before hitting the field. The Australian squad will head to the Asia-Pacific oceanic Cup next year. Powerchair football was created in France in 1978. It had its first World Cup in Tokyo in 2007 with eight nations competing.

Next sport. To finance - on Wall Street, stocks snapped a 3-day losing streak after political leaders voiced their determination to compromise over the fiscal quiff. -- cliff. Two goals for Alessandro Del Piero but his support is badly lacking as Sydney FC loses its third match in a row. India's new batting star celebrates a double century as England's cricketers fail to deliver.

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Good evening. Adelaide is aiming to go back to the outright lead on the A-League ladder, in tonight's home match at Hindmarsh against Melbourne Heart.

match at Hindmarsh against
Melbourne Heart. Last night Sydney's slide down the ladder continued as Brisbane rediscovered its scoring ability. Tonight Adelaide and Melbourne Heart are staging a tight battle. A resurgent Melbourne Heart travelled to Adelaide looking to set the pulses racing Matt Thompson with an early sighter.

Before the skipper again tried his luck.

Cool hands from Bolton kept the Reds out.

Before the Heart keeper then had his palms warmed.

Last week's surprise scorer attempting the spectacular.

Before an error at the back had Hearts in mouths.

The game opening up, but scoreless at half-time.

Last night in Brisbane, no reprise of last season's hostilities between Bosschaart and Berisha, but the Albanian clearly geared for the occasion.

A clumsy challenge by Ryall gave Broich a half chance.

The German taking full advantage. Less than two minutes later it was two. The interim management dumbfounded. But the solution was simple. Give it to Del Piero. With just three minutes until half-time all Sydney had to do was hold on.

They couldn't. A tactical response after the break, but again a simple formula worked for Sydney. A composed finish from the Italian maestro. But when the music stopped it was all Brisbane, Besart Berisha dancing a merry jig.

The Albanian with the bragging rights, once again. Meantime, the will-he, won't-he saga surrounding David Beckham's move to the A- League has been resolved with a definitive no.Bruce told me that this morning. First I have heard about it. No. That is the first I have heard of it. Definitely not true.It had been rumoured that both Perth Glory and Melbourne Heart had made offers for the former England star. Now to rugby. Rain appears to have stopped in London ahead of tonight's crucial encounter between England and Australia. After the Wallabies dismal loss to France last weekend, England fans

England fans are expecting their side to smash the visitors at Twickenham. The weather is bleak, the Wallabies form grim. The only light amongst the grey for a team that went backwards last week, is an opportunity to improve at Twickenham. It's not often Hugo the opportunity to go from France to England. Which is huge if not bigger for Australia. After a dismal display at the set piece against France, England is expected to target the Wallabies fragile scrum. That's an area we won't sugar coat. We will improve this weekend. Nathan Sharpe is predicting a spirited English pack, but with busting backs Many Tuilagi and Chris Ashton, its going to be a physical night out wide too. This is no different to the England teams of the past. They have potential to add flair.The men in gold have their own strike weapon on the wing. Digby Ioane back into the fray. It's just a question of getting the Reds flyer into the match. He's a great player. We need to get him the ball so he can doze thing. Robbie Deans is a man in the crosshairs. A loss against England would be the Wallabies third in a row against the old enemy. With questions about the Wallabies ball skills rife, utility Berrick Barnes has been promoted to fullback, easing pressure off play-maker Kurtley Beale. Hopefully later on in the game we will be able to interchange.The Wallabies will be hoping for a change in form at Twickenham. Wales have suffered their fifth Test loss in a row. After crashing last weekend to Argentina, Samoa have piled more misery on them with a three tries to one victory. It was their third defeat to the Pacific Islanders in Cardiff and the first outside a World Cup, to leave Wales with a 5-4

with a 5-4 win record against them. Wales was desperate to emerge from the haze after a shock 14-point loss to Argentina. Standing in their way, Samoa. Samoa's last victory over a Six Nations opponent was more than a decade ago. That seemed destined to change. Looks for support.The visitor's punchy forwards sucking in the numbers. From there it was a case of exploiting the overlap. A simple cross and it takes Samoa just over a minute to get on the scoreboard.The visitors were Mackenzie mark without the ball too. There you go.But despite being behind on possession and territory, Wales found themselves leading where it mattered. Ashley Beck's intercept flipping the momentum just before half-time. He's going all the way. What a way to cap your first match in Welsh colours.That only fired up Samoa. Welsh playmaker Dan Biggar substituted after copping it at the breakdown. It's a good clear-out in the ruck. The Welsh effort at the ruck non- existant, as Kahn Fotuali'i's blindside burst revealed. Pisi is over in the corner.There was plenty of spite at the breakdown and in the mid-field, but the most pain was being inflicted in open play. Captain David Lemi's fancy footwork, helping sealer memorable win for Samoa. Leota has and Samoa has done it again.Johnny Leota with the match- winner. Tomorrow's final round of the Australian Masters looks a race in two, with Adam Scott trailing England's Ian Poulter by one stroke after an enthralling third round, in which the pair opened up a big lead on the rest of the pack. Poulter, the defending champion was eight under today, Scott five under, and the pair will head into the final round with a clear margin over the chasing pack, led by the leader at the halfway mark, Matt Guyatt. Moving day at Kingston Heath in Melbourne's sand belt and Queenslander Matt Guyatt immediately extended his two shot overnight lead. What a great shot there.Defending champion Ian Poulter started the day five shots off the pace - but that didn't last for long. The Englishman birdying five of the first seven holes. He was deadly with the putter, even from off the green, birdying three in a row at one stage to clinch a share of the lead. You've got to be kidding. He can't miss.His playing partner Adam Scott was in trouble in the sand early, and then found his old Achilles heel with the putter. Oh, Adam.But the two-time major runner up was far more assured with an iron in his hands on the seventh. Sensational.New Zealand's Michael Henry -- Hendry began the day second, just two shots behind goat. But it all unravelled for him on the sixth, going from dirt, to sand, to the trees. There Hosni topping Poulter though, by mid-round he'd taken the outright lead at eleven- under. He's on a roll.Scott matched him step for step though, setting up a birdie on the twelfth with this amazing approach. That nearly went straight in the hole.Then taking the lead himself with another birdie on 13. We've got a new leader.The pair were trading blows, Poulter birdied 14 and took a share of the lead, before a stunning approach set up another on 15 and the lead was again shared at 13-under. What a shot from Ian Poulter. Guyatt kept himself in the hunt with this huge putt on 15, to stay three shots behind the leading pair. It's not bad. It's not bad. Got it. Yes.Poulter with another amazing approach on 18 to set up another birdie, although Scott replied with a huge

a huge Burr depot to hold the Englishman's lead to just one -- birdie putt, heading into the final day. Birdie putt. A double century to Cheteshwar Pujara and three late wickets have put India in complete control of the first Test

control of the first Test against
England England in Ahmedabad. After India declared on 8 for 521, England lost debutant Nick Compton, night- watchman James Anderson and Jonathan Trott to stumble to 3/41 at the end of day two. Friday morning and England made it acceleration, quicd made it acceleration, quick wickets. But things go at their own pace here. India batted until they got bored. Not long got bored. Not long ago we wanted if this man would ever play cricket again. In his first Test match since recovery from cancer, he made 74. His partner it completed a double century. Graeme Swann the A D English bowler who bothered him. England declared at 521. -- India. It was 1. -- India. It was trial by spin. Nick Compton lasted 15 ton lasted 15 minutes, it out for nine. Ravichandran Ashwin was enjoying herself, bawling out James Anderson. England tonight ames Anderson. England tonight they have a spin problem, but were panicking. Jonathan Trott was out for 0. England three for 0. England three wickets down, 480 behind. A huge job for England to stay in contention. It is a great opportunity for a great opportunity for Kevin Pietersen to prove he is fully reintegrated. He will resume in the morning alongside Alastairorning alongside Alastair Cook. They need them to ey need them to remain until the evening - Sunday evening. Adelaide still lead the Melbourne heart, 1-0.

Sunday evening. Adelaide still lead
the Melbourne heart, 1-0. Coming up, the weather. A side of bacon. Sydney's Art Gallery hosts the work of one of the 20th century's most innovative artists.

More on that train and bus crash in Egypt, and officials have indicated the level crossing was not closed as the train sped towards it. Nearly 50 children aged from 4 to 6 were on the bus. It is now thought 38 were killed. A trough stretching from northern Western Australia to the east coast is triggering widespread showers and thunderstorms.

Margaret Thatcher once referred to him as that man who paints those dreadful pictures. But Francis Bacon is considered by some to be the greatest figurative artist of the 20th century after Picasso. The first major retrospective of his work to be held in Australia opened in Sydney today with some valuable works on show. His works have been described as astonishingly sister by critics. And as really horrible by his partner, the subject of many of his works. Yet when asked about the violent nature of his paintings, Francis Bacon said there was more violence and horror in real life every single day than anything he could compete with. He does distort the faces and you could say that was violence. He would say, I do violence to the image in order to bring back the fact of reality more directly onto the nervous system. That's his language.Beautifully painted images of the tortured and tender human condition. Even in bursts of colour. Communicating sensations, not stories. To provoke a response. Art's traditional purpose. He was a real, serious painter. It was all about the paint, the canvas and the interaction with the individual viewer.Five decades of his work. Which, for all the expression in it, he considered realism. Much of it coming from his own life. Irish-born to a father from Adelaide, living through two world wars and in Berlin in-between. Painting in post-war Europe, Bacon's work was said by some critics to be perfectly in tune with his time, creating images of horror and despair, such as this work. The screaming mouth a recurring motif, a fascination with the sinister experiences of life. Including archival photographs and notes from Bacon's studio in London. 20 years after his death, his works fetching ever higher prices One was sold in New York for $29 million last week. Not even an entirely complete that was cut down and lost. Of course the top price ever is $82 million, still one of the highest prices of any artwork of any period.So, so they are quite valuable. But they are all very well attached to the wall,I can assure you. And will remain there, until February. Recapping our top stories now. Israel has called up 75,000 reservists as it continues to trade fire with Palestinian militants. For the first time, rockets fired from Gaza have hit the outskirts of Jerusalem as a ground invasion appears more likely. The UN has appealed for an end to what it calls the dangerous escalation in Israel and Gaza. World leaders are urging restraint. A freak storm has blacked out homes and caused widespread damage across Brisbane. The city was lashed with winds of more than 90km/h and more is expected. That's the world this Saturday. You can get all tonight's stories on line, and news around the clock, at our website and follow us on Twitter. Good night.

So you think that computer games

are more exciting
than old fashioned toys?

Maybe you should think again.

With the help
of the great British public

it's time to liberate them
from the toy cupboard,

supersize them and unleash
their true potential.

This week, toy trains.

I go to Devon in search of navvies

to build the world's
longest model railway

If you lot did the whole thing
it would take you 1600 hours

to lay the whole thing.

There's the wrong kind of rain.
Leaves on the line.


As usual with you
I've ended the day

more knowledgeable
than I was at the start.

And as usual with you
I've ended the day wetter.

Can I get this little train
to slug it out for ten miles?

I wish to make it quite clear
at the beginning of this program

that I have never ever been
a train spotter,

neither have I ever been
a railway modeller.

And yet for some reason
I absolutely love train sets.

I think it's because the train set

embodies everything that I love
about mechanics.

The locomotive is a superb piece
of miniature engineering

that has to be maintained.

The track is an inexhaustible
geometric puzzle

and toy train operation
can be as engaging and as baffling

as the real thing.

Hamburg, Germany's second city,
is home to Miniatur Wunderland,

the world's largest model railway.
I went to spy on it.

Hi, James.

You are Fredddie or Gerrit?



Nice to meet you.
Yeah, and you.

Let's have a look at your train sets.
You want to have a look?

Brothers Freddie and Gerrit
used to run a successful

and very profitable
night club and record label.

But one day they sold up,

and spent everything they had
on a massive train set.

Amazingly, it's Hamburg's
second biggest tourist attraction.

Good God!

We have about 6 metre high...
The Alps.

Those trains actually going
round the mountain.

That cranes actually moving.

Is it getting darker?

It's getting darker every 15 minutes
and the night took 3 minutes

and you can see now, in Switzerland
we have 40,000 lights going on.

We can see it now.