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ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, first at five, with Gorgie Gardiner. Good evening. Breaking nuz from the NT, where a crocodile has been shot after a 7-year-old girl went missing. Rangers found what's believed to be human remains in the belly of the croc, but can't confirm their identity. Parts of SE Queensland are mopping up. Torrential rain and flash flooding cut power to thousands of homeings. -- homes. Sophie, when did the storm hit and which areas were worst afeblgted?Well, it's through just after 11am, smashing Brisbane with incredible force - 30mm fell in is a 15 minutes. There were winds up to 90km/h and lightning, 11,500 in an hour-and-a- half. A crane at the Ipswich hotel was hit by a bolt and caught on fire. Workers were metres away on scaffolding. The fieries were called in to put it out. Because the rain was so intense, it was put out before they arrived. In the city there were two ceiling collapses, including a hotel at Ann Street, forcing the evacuation of 100 people. Before they knew it the ceiling above the reception just caved in. Remarkably no-one was injured and to date there have been no reports of injuries as a result of this storm. Even now officers at Mount Coutha copped it. One of the stare wells had water gushing from the ceiling. Because this storm swept through quickly, it came with little warning. A lot of cars were flooded. The Brisbane markets were hit, being blown away. Very, very scary.Selena and I were holding the centre of a canopy and it lifted us up.Walking on the scaffold and we heard this big bang and flash. We came down.Very ferocious storm. How is the clean- up going?They've got a big job on their hands. At the height of the storm there were 11,000 homes without power. That's now 3,000. There were trees and power lines strewn across the roads, about 100 of those trying to get away from harm, from people. In terms of the cause of this, it is a trough that moved across from the west and it hit warm, humid air coming down from the north. The Weather Bureau warns this was the last of it. We may see another storm of similar severity tonight or tomorrow. We won't see conditions completely ease until Monday. Thank you. Palestinian militants have fired rockets at Jerusalem for the first time as the potential for a ground war intensifies. Meanwhile Israel says it's destroyed 600 terror sites in Gaza. More than 30 people have now been killed in the conflict. Sirens today in run one of the most sacred citys in the world - Jerusalem - a target for the first time. A rocket fell ten mile short, no-one was hurt. In Tel Aviv, Israelis ran for cover. In all, more than 550 rockets have been launched at Israel, leaving three dead. The military says a third have been intercepted by Israel's famed Iron Dome anti-missile system. Today we saw where those rockets are coming from - clouds of smoke revealed a militant rocket- launching site. We asked one of the militant groups what it would take to stop. As soon as Israel stops attacking the Gaza Strip, you will stop firing on Israel? TRANSLATION:Of course, we wouldn't fire rockets in Israel wasn't killing us.For days there's been almost no let-up in the Israeli war plane hammering of Gaza. Thirty Palestinians have been killed, most civilians. At Gaza's biggest hospital today, we saw a steady stream of wounded arriving, including children. In the ICU, men with traumatic brain injuries. Ahmed, 21, is brain dead and doctors are not optimistic. Are you able to cope if this escalation continues?No, of course, no. The situation is stable. And if it continues, we can't, of course we can't. Europe Correspondent, Peter Stevanovik joins us from the Gaza- Israel border. Describe how tense things are on the ground?Still very tense here. There's been a lull overnight. The rockets have started to be fired on both sides of the border. It's rationing up over the last hour or so. We've been hearing the Israeli fighter jets above. You can always hear the constant hum of the drones aas well. But last night things got fierce inside Gaza, the headquarters for Hamas. They were blown up. A top- ranking field commander within Hamas was also killed. Some 28 Palestinians have died in battles over the past three days and three Israelis have been killed as well. But the Israeli Defence Force has approved another 75,000 troops to be called up. That's on top of the 30,000 reservists who are waiting for a call to possibly invade the Gaza Strip. That hasn't happened yet. It seems like that's more likely as a scenario at some point over the coming days. Thank you, stay safe. New research is showing a dramatic plunge in voter confidence in our system of government. Many have lost faith in the ability of any political party to do the job. For the details we cross the Kerrie Yaxley. How bad are if figures?The researcher who commissioned the survey described them as showing a crisis in confidence in our system of government. Now, according to the survey by Newspoll six years ago, half the voters thought the Federal Government was doing the job effectively, but that's fall on the 29 percent. A researcher, Professor KJ Brown, said the toppling of Rudd was a huge blow. But he says the Coalition is to blame because of a decline in the standards of debate across the political spectrum. And also, according to the survey, two-thirds of voters think the State and Federal Governments are incapable of working together. Now let's hear from the professor. There's widespread public disenchantment with the general standard of political leadership at a Federal level. Relative to three or four years ago, there's a high public expectation these issues about the future of our Federal system should be addressed. The fact is on both sides not enough effort is being made to address them. Interestingly t survey found that one third of voters thought that State Government should be abolished altogether. That's pretty hard to imagine that happening. Thank you. It's been a deadly day on Victoria's roads, with three people killed in three separate accidents across the state. A 30-year-old father of four was among those killed when his truck smashed through a safety barrier north-west of Melbourne. A Sydney father has pleaded for the return of his four-year-old daughter who's been missing for more than a month. Annaleise Harris Edwards didn't turn up for preschool the day the Family Court granted custody to Charlie Harris. She's believed to be with her may ternal grandmother, 55-year-old Bronwyn Edwards.Concerned, hoping to find her.Comarly Harris shared his heartache in a desperate attempt to bring his little girl home. Police have seized a McLay Island Home as part of an investigation. Detectives interviewed a man who lives at the house, but say he isn't a suspect. Investigators spent the day looking for clues, including going through a load of rubbish from the island. Thousands of childcare workers around the country have march through capital citys in a bid for better pay. We spent the day at the rally in Melbourne. Hundreds have gathered here in Melbourne with demanding better pay for childcare workers. The day started with a march from Parliament House. They were all asking the Federal Government to provide more money to childcare centres. The union claims about a third of childcare workers are leaving the industry each year because they don't get enough money. It's not enough. It's disrespectful, the wage we're on. If we were stacking shelves at Woolworths, we would get more.We have a louder voice. We are doing a valuable job nor the under fives. Very important to get it right. Some childcare workers say they earn about $35,000 a year, significantly less than the national average wage. Parents believe the first couple of years of a child's life are critical but can't afford to pay more in fees. The fees I believe at the moment are at the max. I'm a single mum, with having the three girls through care, it's a tough time.When my kid goes to the centre, I want that she be looked after well. She's happy, learning a lot. Similar rallys have been held right throughout Australia, with all demanding a better go for childcare workers. In the news ahead - police crack down on schoolyings as celebrations get into full swing on the ghost Gold Coast. What is this dog This program is not captioned. (CHEERFUL WHISTLED SONG) ANNOUNCER: Wouldn't you like
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This program is not captioned. Tens of thousands of school leavers are arriving for Schoolies Week. I believe police have been cracking down on underage drinkers?Well, that is right. Police weren't letting anything get past them as 20,000 schoolies checked into their hotels across the Gold Coast. Now some police camped out the front of the hotels checking every car and bag as the schoolies arrived. For one young group, a huge stash of alcohol was found hidden in their bags. Police made them go through every compartment and take it out one by one until there was no booze left. All that was confiscated and they copped a $250 fine each. Police are warning that if parents supply alcohol to miners they could face an $8,000 fine.Police like take the drinks off at schoolies, come on.Taking photos and stuff. Not good.Making fun of them. Now, as you can imagine, Surfers Paradise hotel lobbies were jammed. As for the wrist band distribution centres - they are key to the schoolies' free entertainment, and so security was tight. No ID, no wristband. As for the official party, it kicks off at Surfers in a few hours. We have had a lot of rain throughout the day and more rain is forecast, but schoollys are telling us they won't let anything ruin their party. A rarely-seen Brett Whitely painting is up for sale and could be yours for $700,000. 'Young Kookaburra Taking Its First Laugh' is described as a self-portrait of Whitely as a bird. A dog had a close encounter with a killer whale. The pup looks like he might come off second best but the whale gives him a friendly nudge out of the water. It happened at Matheson Bay near Auckland. Wildlife experts say it's unlikely the dog was in danger. The orcas have only been known to hunt rays and fish. Here is sport. Well, two of the world's best are locked in a great battle at the Australian Masters. Adam Scott is in red-hot form at Kingston Heath. How Australia's back-up batsman is coping with an uncertain future. Where to for Sydney FC? They struggled despite some Del This program is not captioned. Being there for others isn't
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Rob Quiney is not rattled by the uncertainty surrounding his spot in the second test against South Africa. The back-up batsman will be dropped if Shane Watson can prove his fitness before Thursday's toss. I would rather be in this limbo than not being in the mix. If Shane gets fit, that will be, you know, beneficial for the team. If he can bat and bowl, it's an important series with the first game, then it draws.The Australian side arrive in Adelaide tomorrow. Adam Scott and Ian Poulter have pulled ahead in Round 3 of the Australian Masters. Ian Poulter puted brilliantly. He was five under on the tricky layout on his front nine. Scott fought back with three consecutive birdies.

They're currently tied on 12 under and will battle it out for the title tomorrow. Embarrassment for Football Australia officials - David Beckham shutting down any chance of coming to Australia. That statement came 24 hours after they claimed talks were in progress for Beckham to play a ten-week guest stint. In A-League results overnight: Sydney FC were beaten 4-2 by the Roar. Not even a double from Italian superstar, Del Pie are o could get them the points. -- Del Piero could get them the points. We have a lot of games in front of us. Maybe we can do something special.It's Sydney's third straight loss. They are sitting second last on the competition ladder. Jamie Whincup hopes to wrap up another V8 car title this weekend. Jason Bright hit early trouble. Whincup regained control with a few laps to go. Evergreen pro, Mark Occhilupo leads the Aussie charge at North Shore. He cruised through to the next round along with Tom Whitaker. Tomorrow morning Kelly Slater goes up against Garciia and Wilson in action. They also continue their European tour. Thank you. All the weather details coming up. This program is not captioned. Now to the weather. Looking at the satellite, a trough over Queensland and Far North Eastern NSW is triggering showers and storms. Another trough over NW Australia tkwra is generating showers and a high is directing the odd shower on to Coastal NSW and Victoria and Tasmania.

That is Nine's News. Our next bulletin is at 6 o'clock. Thank you.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!

(Line whirrs)

(Kids chant)

(Laughs) Oh!

Oh, the tide's coming in nicely here. Look at that! Well, what an interesting season
2012 has been, and it's time to recap
the highlights. Look, we've covered a lot of ground
from the mountains to the sea with a slight preference towards
the fresh water, given the good inland rains. And we've found some real surprises
along the way.

I'm on. Whoo! Whoo! And have a look at the bank!
It's like... Oh! It's like grass skiing here. Come on. This is a slippery bank. This is gonna take some doing. This guy's got 100m
of line out already. Oh, holy dooley! I've brought the strongest
spin stick I know. The big Salina II from Okuma,
and I've got 80-pound braid, 100-pound leader
and a short bit of wire trace, but I tell you what, there's all sorts
of obstacles down there that I'm gonna have to overcome to get a look at this - what is
almost definitely a bull shark.

And I'm saying that
because they're... ..just about the only shark that'll travel up
into the fresh water. I'm sure somewhere around the world
there's another species, but 99% of the time, if you get
a big shark in the fresh water, it's a bull shark,
and here he is right now - there's the balloon
but he's far from being done yet.


Boy, this is a good fish.

There he is! It's a bully! He's only about four foot long, and I saw one here
that would've eaten this guy alive.


I got the trace there.
Oh, this is spooky. Because I did see one out there
that was just massive. OK, I've got him
in the corner of the mouth, which means I should be
able to get him up. I might have to get him on the tail
or the fin here. Very, very tricky! I've got his tail. Ooh!
It's a reasonable shark. Oh, this is so hard! Just... (Grunts) (Grunts) Look at that! That is about...
(Groans) ..just on four-odd foot
overall of bull shark, the most dangerous shark
that swims, because of the places they go -
estuaries and right up here
in the fresh water, where you'd expect to swing on a rope
across the river and drop in. In fact, the third attack
that inspired the Jaws movie was some 20-odd mile up a river. They say it was possibly
a great white, but more than likely a bull shark. Well, there was no surprises
that we caught trout in Tasmania, but this time round, we targeted
the rivers instead of the lakes, and with good reason. Big, big fish laying up there, and I've thrown the lure well past
and I'm just gonna bring it down. He's not doing a whole heap,
but if I can get it past his nose... ..there... Here it comes, Paxy!
He's coming, mate! (Reel spins)

Pull him out, mate. I'm trying, mate. I'm trying. Mate, he's up in the timber. Did you see
the size of that thing, mate? You're gonna have to back out.
He's a beauty. You have to back out, Rob. Get back
away from these logs or he'll do us. I'm trying! I'm trying!
(Laughs) I know. Here we go!
That's a big, ugly trout, mate. Oh, mate. I'll try this way, mate.
Yep, that's the way. Ohh! Just come back a bit, I reckon.
Drag him out. Come on!
That's the way. Ah! (Laughs)

Alright! He's just about ready to grab here. We've tired him out. The big mistake here is if you try to grab him too early, but I think he's just about done now. He's about done.
Yeah? You confident there, Davey? Yes. He's starting
to lay on his side. This is one of the biggest trout
you'll ever see, so don't blow it on me, mate! Ready?
Yeah. Try to get him... ..and we'll have to bring him to you. We got him.
Ahh! Ha-ha-ha! (Laughs hysterically)
Look at that! Look at the size of that! Just bring him this way,
if you would, Davey. We'll walk up this way. Now, that's what we're talking about. That's the cannibalistic
wild brown trout that's never been
stocked in these rivers. They've made their way up
from the plenty, and they've just... You saw the caddis moths earlier
that the little guys feed on, and this guy,
he feeds on the little blokes, and that's how big they can get. Guesstimates on the weight,
please, Dave. He'd be just on the 10-pound mark. Yeah! Golden mark! Ha-ha! Maybe a little over, little over 10.
A little over, yeah! I think you cracked it, mate,
with a head like that. Look at the size of that gob! One of my favourite lures are Rapala
CD7 in that metallic silver there. It's like a little baby salmon
that we have escape here, so that's his fodder. So baby salmon
get out of the fish farm? Yes, they do.
Round that size and bigger. Match the hatch.
That's right. You've done that quite well
with that Rapala there. Oh, mate. Well, the lure's going on the wall, but the fish has gotta go
back in the river, mate. That is a sensational catch! We'll let him get back and let
some other lucky angler catch him. Let someone else experience... (Laughs) ..something like that!

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