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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. On the brink - Israel and the Palestinians
both talk tough as air strikes continue - can the world stop
a ground offensive? We have live reports from the region
and reaction from Washington.

Official disorder - doctors declare internet addiction
very real and very costly. So are you at risk?

We have the warning signs. Back to the future - could advances in DNA
make 'Jurassic Park' a reality? We meet the scientist
who's banking on it.

# And they can never
tear us apart... #

It was the week INXS
called it quits, and that raises a question - were they our greatest ever band? Join the debate -
as Weekend Sunrise begins now.

,VOICEOVER: Live from studio 352, this is Weekend Sunrise with Samantha Armytage and Andrew O'Keefe. I think INXS should have given it one more shot. I am the only person who hasn't been the lead singer of INXS. Simon, -- - into two weeks I had fronting the band. People kept thinking it was Simon lo upon. But for 20 careers. It's a big call to be called Australia's biggest band ever. Let us know your thoughts. They are rock legends. I rate them only slightly below Kids in the Kitchen. There is nothing wrong with them. Here we go, contact us, let us know if you think Kids in the Kitchen were better than INXS. That's the big news of the day. The Bondi Cigar.

Welcome to the show. Let's get things started
with a weather snapshot from James. , Let us not forget the Tin Lids. Everyone in Australia, from the south Pacific. We are in Samoa for the weekend. If you want to be really formal the formal greeting is Talafalaufa. Or if you want to say hi, it's Malu. It's a beautiful place, here Samoa. A really warm climate all year round. It will be a fun weekend. Let's look at the national forecast around

A stormy day in Queensland
and northern New South Wales, with showers across
most of the states. South Australia and WA mainly fine, while Victoria is in for
a fair share of showers too. Your local weather shortly - but first, here's Jess
with the 7am news. A desperate search is under way
for a Sydney girl abducted by her grandmother. 4-year old Annaleise Harris-Edwards
has been missing for a month, taken from a day care centre the day her father won a court order
for custody. No contact with her.
She hasn't contacted her father. There's been no contact at all. Nobody knows her whereabouts. It's believed
she's with her grandmother. Police think Bronwyn Edwards may have taken
Annaleise to family in Queensland. She's travelling
in a pink Hyundai Excel. Anyone whose spotted
the child should contact police. There's fears a young girl
in the Northern Territory has been taken by a crocodile. She was swimming at a waterhole, 95km west of the remote Maningrida
community yesterday afternoon. She went missing
after a crocodile was spotted and hasn't been seen since, Wildlife rangers
will arrive this morning to help with the search. The community say they've never seen
a crocodile in the area before. Rockets have been fired into
the Israeli capital, in what's thought to be the
first-ever attack by Gaza militants on the holy city of Jerusalem. Hamas has claimed responsibility
for the assault, which comes as thousands
of Israeli troops gather near the border. ,

, a sleepless night in Gaza gave way to another morning of missiles. Israel promised a lull in its assault, a chance for words to speak louder than bombs. But on neither side was there side was there crease five and in the Egyptian Prime Minister Kate the Egyptian Prime Minister the Egyptian Prime Minister came armed with a peace plan, he kept it to had himself this was far more a show of Muslim Brotherhood. It was called a tragedy and Israel the aggressor. The tragedy is deeply personal and it unfolds at the Gaza city hospital where they rush the dead and the injured. Boys like this just ten years old, just ten years old,. You " just ten years old,. You "I was buying bred for my mother he says when the rocket came." More rockets hit home while sirens rang out in tell aveef and Jerusalem, extending what Israel calls a rain of terror. There is one basic difference between us and our enemies. They deliberately target civilians and deliberately hide behind civilians. Israel has called up 16,000 reserve troops. The border looks like the marshalling point for an invasion. Some time an order must come to pull back or advantage.

South-East Queensland
is bracing for a super storm cell this afternoon, that's likely to produce
cyclonic winds and huge hail stones. The weather bureau is predicting the Sunshine Coast and
the Darling Downs will be hardest hit. We're looking at hail
two centimetres or over locally, maybe even up to golf ball-size
or even larger. Flash-flooding is also a risk. Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham
has admitted to drug use in the lead-up to the London Games. The Beijing gold medallist says a secret methamphetamine addiction
almost ended his career in the pool and at times threatened his life. He was using the drug up until 2011 and failed to place at
the Olympic diving finals this year. The revelations are made
in a new book which details Mitcham's battle
with anxiety and depression. They follow revelations
from swimmer Ian Thorpe about the pressure
Australian athletes face. Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have wrapped up their six-day
tour of New Zealand dancing in the streets
of quake-ravaged Christchurch.

It started when a clean-up volunteer
asked Camilla for a twirl on the so called Dance-O-Mat. Charles joined in, quickly showing he's no slouch
at the jitterbug. The Royals are now heading home.

I was hoping to see more of that. On the news last night. You saw the jitterbug. Can we find the vision of the jitterbug. Charles jumps in pretty quickly once Camilla starts dancing with the younger fellow. She is so good, isn't she? She is good, dancing with the help. She has a shot at things. There is Larry Emdur in the background. Here he comes, Sammy. Let the vision play. Is she the ironing lady. That's not bad? Come on, Sammy, we can't be dancers. That looks like fun. We can't be dance critics. She made it few a few rounds, hot lips Houlihan there. Why does New Zealand get 6 days. It's only small days.
We got six days. Did we get six. All right, fair enough. Tuning in, were you? We're a big country. We should have had 12 days do you think? I don't care. Good on you,

Ahead this hour - do you know what free range
really means? We compare eggs to find out. But next - Not even a double from Del Piero
could help Sydney FC take down the Brisbane Roar, who proved to be too strong
for the sky blues. Simon has the full story next. And JT'S weekend to remember. He has your weather -
live from Samoa.

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, By 1990, no Australian child will be living in poverty. How wrong he was. On our Sunday edition, the new stats that blue our mind. Also, tomorrow, do Aussie bosses discriminate against older workers? And is there anything they can do about it? The home invaded by penguins and the woman living life as a mermaid, our Sunday edition of Weekend Sunrise from 7 am tomorrow. Jess was just saying she would love a tail like that. It wouldn't it be great. You would get a bit pruny. Do you like pill chards. I like sushi. You would be an overweight mermaid before you knew it.

And now with sport,
here's Simon Reeve. James Pattinson is preparing for another fiery showdown
with Graeme Smith ahead of the second test
in Adelaide. Breathing fire at the Gabba, Pattinson engaged in a heated stoush
with the South African Captain and he says
he'll do it all again next week. Yesterday, Australian selectors picked injured all-rounder
Shane Watson in a 13-man squad.

He'll have to be fit to perform, regarding running between
the wickets, chasing in the field, diving. And big-hitting Englishmen
Kevin Peterson has been linked to a deal with Big Bash champions
the Sydney Sixers for 2013. It comes after the Pakistani board
rejected a bid for Umar Akmal.

The Brisbane Roar have snapped
their three-game losing streak, despite a stunning
Alessandro Del Piero double for Sydney FC. Thomas Broich and Erik Paartalu exploited the rattled Sky Blues'
defence early to go 2-0 up,

before this left-foot rocket
from the visitors' marquee man. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a strike! The Italian superstar
brings Sydney FC back into it. Del Piero found a second
in the 42nd minute, but Sydney's defense
was again woeful with the Roar posting two more. Meanwhile, new FFA boss Dave Gallop
has confirmed a push to bring David Beckham to play
in the A-League, though Beckham's management
talked down speculation overnight. The most I can say at this stage is that we are talking about
a guest stint - a 10-game guest stint. Perth Glory and Melbourne Heart

The hearing into the Adelaide Crows'
salary cap and draft-tampering has been delayed after three club officials
under investigation opted to use separate legal teams. It's a big let-off for the Crows, who can now take part
in next week's draft, while the agent of Carlton Skipper
Chris Judd has signalled challenging the league after it scrapped his Visy
third-party deal. Obviously if they're going
to belt the Adelaide Crows, and you can point at other clubs
who have got similar situations, it's a ridiculous notion. Judd is expected to meet with
the AFL football operations manager upon returning from Arizona.

Little-known Queenslander
Matt Guyatt will start day three
of the Australian Masters at 10-under
with a two-shot buffer. Adam Scott is three back and Ian Poulter 5-under. Graeme McDowell just survived
the cut with a 77, despite starting
with a chip-in eagle. Australia's top-ranked player, Scott carded a solid 70
in windy conditions. But Guyatt showed them all up
with 6-birdies. I've been trying to play so smart
out there on the Sanbelt Course. Just hit it to the centre, have your putts
and make a couple. The 37-year-old
is ranked 1,474th in the world. And Jamie Whincup can wrap up
the V8 Supercar title at Winton in Victoria this weekend. The Team Vodafone ace was fastest
in practice yesterday. Mark Winterbottom is the only
other driver with a remote shot. Who knows?

and hopefully we go into Homebush
with a chance - you just do what you can do. All the weekend's racing
right here on Seven. Now to JT and today's weather.

I was there three years ago, JT, after the tsunami and obviously things are looking good now. Yes, mate, they are. Things have really been rebuilt. That's a very important thing to note, because I guess there was some down on the South Island, down on the southern part of the island, there was a fair bit of distrucks. The country looks sensational and the people are just amazing. Can I ask you an important thing? Samoa is playing Wales in the rugby at the moment. The last time I looked, most of the country is watching. Samoa in front. If you could keep us updated with the score. Thank you, JT The people have been so welcoming. This is Jannene. She is Welcome to Samoa. Thank you, she is miss Samoa 2012. We are

So much of Australia is a little bit wet or stormy today, why don't you just stay in bed and take a trip to the beautiful south Pacific with us here on the weather. We are halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. It's just magnificent. There is such thing as winter. It's just warm all year round. Beautiful, JT. I wish I was there. Looking terrific. Can you bring us back a lei? Do they travel well? Probably not. You would be onboarder security if you try and get the flowers through Just go down to Just go down Just go down Crazy Client's. They sell them for $ sell them for $2. They are plastic. It's almost like being in Samoa. # All the single ladies. I speak fluent Sam wan and that's what they were singing. She is very bright on the insight. You have no way of knowing that. We will assume. There is more to it than bikinis, you know.

Coming up - we're live to the Gold Coast
for the start of Schoolies. Also on the way -

The boss of the CIA lost his job
for having an affair. Could the same thing happen to you? We'll ask a workplace lawyer.

But next, prepare to be inspired -
the restaurant without prices. We'll explain how it works.


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This week,
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Time now for our weekly segment
designed to inspire. And back in 2000, our next guest
came up with a seemingly crazy idea. He decided to start up a restaurant
with no prices. There are now three
Lentil as Anything cafes scattered across Melbourne. Founder Shanaka Fernando
joins us now. So how have you managed to keep a restaurant chain with no prices
in business for 12 years?

Well, it is only thanks to the generosity of the people in Melbourne that it is possible. This is a fantastic message for all the restaurants that have fixed prices. Hey, take out the fixed prices and leave it open to the generosity of people. Because actually, a lot of people will be extra generous and pay for their sense of aappreciation and you know, when that happens, you can do some great things for the people who are actually not as fortunate as everyone in the community. Great. OK, you've just done an auto biography, which follows your journey from your childhood in Sri Lanka to your life now in Melbourne. What has been the driving force behind your desire to helpless fortunate people? Because when I was growing up, I had everything I needed but there was also a really big slum next to our house. I used to occasionally sneak into that slum and I slowly as a little kid, learned that actually I was missing out on things and I found that the kids in the slums were amazingly creative and they were amazingly creative and they made kites and drums and they could dance and made amazing songs and so, I just realised that there is another side to life that money can't actually buy and this comes only from experience when we step off the beaten track and take an interest in the people around us. That's the formative I guess experiences that led me to what I have done in Melbourne today. You are certainly living what you preach. They say, Shanaka and I'm not going to delve in your bank accounts but they say you haven't got a cent to your name, that everything goes into the restaurants and that the restaurants you know, as well as serving terrific food to any comer, have helped to any comer, have helped to train and settle hundreds of refugees in Melbourne as well. Absolutely. The people from refugee backgrounds actually bring an incredible sense of culture and diversity to Melbourne and if we can create opportunities for them to contribute and appreciate them for who they are, and make them feel comfortable and I think that way they would become incredible citizens and really add to our community fabric. In a little way, Lentil as Anything has shown the way with this. You are a shining exam of exactly what you are talking about. Talk about adding to the colour of the community. It's terrific. Thank you very much. Putting your money or your lack of money where your mouth is. If you are not in Melbourne, the Dalai Lama asked him to be a guest judge on'MasterChef' last year. Listen, thank you very much for joining us, Shanaka, I hope that inspires a few people to get down to the restaurants and think about ways they can help up

And Shanaka's book is called 'Lentil as Anything - Everybody
Deserves a Place at the Table' and it's out now.

Coming up - it's official. Pets are good for you. We'll explain the medical reason. That probably doesn't include
pets like these. We'll meet the scientist who thinks Jurassic Park could happen
in real life. But straight ahead -
the latest from the newsroom and we'll head back to JT in Samoa.

Insecta diptera culicidae. Mozzies. Your time is over. For we have the long-lasting
protection of Aerogard Tropical. We can stay out,
and reclaim what's ours. The camping spots, fishing spots, backyards, bushwalks, and barbies. Because at the end of the day, it's the Aussie summer,
not the mozzie summer. Reclaim yours at
and have a good weekend.

In just a moment,
Simon's app of the week. And we'll get to the bottom of what
free-range eggs really means. But right now, it's news time
with Jess. , Gets to the bottom of the egg! Gets to the bottom of the egg!. You need to get to the bottom of the hen to get to the egg.

Rockets have been fired
into the Israeli capital in what's thought to be
the first attack of its kind on the city of Jerusalem. Hamas is claiming responsibility
for the assault and also for a strike on the
country's commercial hub, Tel Aviv. It follows the killing
of the Hamas military leader in Israeli attacks on Wednesday. 16,000 Israeli troops have gathered
at the border ahead of a possible ground invasion. At least 26 people have been killed
in the fighting, many of them civilians and children. Police believe a Sydney grandmother who abducted her grandchild
may be hiding in Queensland. 4-year old Annaleise Harris-Edwards
has been missing for a month. She was taken from a day care centre the day her father won
a court order for custody. It's been long enough now.

It's believed she was taken by her
grandmother Bronwyn Edwards, last seen travelling north
from Coffs Harbour, possibly to family in either the Gold Coast, Brisbane
or Toowoomba. An asylum seeker from Iran
has been taken to hospital after starving himself for 36 days. He's been removed
from the detention camp at Nauru for medical treatment
at the island's hospital. While 15 asylum seekers from Iran will appear at the Nauru
District Court on Monday for allegedly causing
$24,000 worth of damage to the island's processing centre. A support group for victims
of child abuse in the Catholic Church claims compensation payouts
are being funded by taxpayers Broken Rites says
Catholic schools pay premiums to Catholic Church Insurance
Limited, which in turn pays
the church's negotiators. The main purpose
of the insurance company's role is to protect the reputation
of the Catholic church. It wants the Royal Commission
into child abuse to also investigate
Catholic Church finances. The Gold Coast is bracing for
a flood of teenagers, with Schoolies Week officially
starting on the tourist strip today. Queensland Year 12's celebrated
their last day of school yesterday. But underage school leavers
are being told to stay well away from the Schoolies precinct
in Surfers Paradise, with police targeting
underage drinkers. Parents are also being warned they'll be fined up to $8,000 for supplying alcohol
to anyone underage. A new study has found new mums who return to work
before their baby is six months old become warmer parents. The Australian research suggests women who feel guilty about
returning to the office and who miss their babies compensate with affection
and attention, while stay-at-home mums
tend to become calmer parents. The research comes from interviews
with almost 10,000 mums undertaken before paid parental
leave was introduced last year.

I think there is also a big question mark over those studies. How do How do you define warmer and calmer. Let's take all the gift of all women. Let's stop doing studies on who is a better mother.If they become warmer, it's probably physically warmer from rushing around. Oh, my mum is clammy. Take the pressure off, stay at home mums, working mums, whatever. Hard job and we are doing the best we can.

Daniel Craig has signed autographs
and posed for photos with fans at the Sydney premiere
of the latest James Bond movie.

Sammy was there too. He did warm your

Despite the wet weather, hundreds of people turned up to catch a glimpse of the stars
on the red carpet. Not many people
get to make movies this size, so I just count myself as lucky. 'Skyfall' is set to become the highest grossing Bond film
of all time. It's released here next Thursday. , It is really good. Is it? Really good. Really good..Heart stopping. You know how they always do a big opening scene. One of the best opening scenes ever. Really? Ever. Kerry Stokes would love it, it involves a Katter pillar, a bull - like a bulldozer thing. Kiery Stokes is in it. It's a giant thing that It's a giant piece of machinery. It's a giant piece of machinery.. It's not like a silk warm. It's a big bit of machinery. It's a huge bit of machinery. We will be crossing to Mr Stokes to talk about it. What do you call these big yellow things you sell, boss? Tractors?

In-form batsman Rob Quiney
is still a chance to play in the second test
against South Africa, despite Shane Watson's
return to the squad. Australia will wait
until the last minute before making a call
on Watson's injured calf. It's unlikely that he'll be able to get
his bowling workloads up in time to be able to bowl in the test. has joined the Melbourne Stars
as a mentor, and he hasn't entirely ruled out
strapping on the pads again. And India's spin attack
has baffled the Poms on day two of their first test
in Ahmedabad, chasing 521 in the first innings. England is battling at 3-for-41. A dismal defensive display
by Sydney FC has lead them to
a third consecutive loss against the Brisbane Roar at home. Not only did their side
claim victory, but the man many came to see
delivered. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a strike. The Italian superstar brings Sydney
FC back into it. Del Piero scored again
in the second but it wasn't enough, the Sky Blues going down 4-2.

Little-known Queenslander
Matthew Guyatt Guyatt finished the second round
at 10-under and carries a 2-shot lead
heading into this morning. Adam Scott is three off the pace,
after a solid 2-under-70. And Wallabies Captain
Nathan Sharpe says he feels no extra pressure to win ahead of tomorrow morning's test
with England. The team copped
a barrage of criticism after going down to France
last weekend, with former Wallaby David Campese
claming they "can't catch,
and can't pass."

You can't do anything about that. You have to deal with the cards that you've been dealt. If we get that opportunity again tomorrow night... opportunity again tomorrow night....

And in Cardiff, Wales are ahead 13 to 10
against Samoa.

Nice segue where we head to with JT. How good does it look? Welcome to the beautiful south Pacific. It is magnificent here. The way of life is geared towards this warm weather. A lot of people live in very simple structures called Fale. This Fale. This is where they prepare their meals in the Uma, with the big fire and you cook underground. Bati here is about to start the fire. We would start the fire. We have already got one going. What type of wood is that? This wood is that? Wild high bus kus. Wild high bus Wild high Wild Ohio business kus. I've got a lighter in my packet if you want one, JT? you want one, JT?. I got one just in case. I got one just in case. Let's have a look at the national forecast. I will show you one we you one we prepared earlier.

Brisbane 29 with a few showers, Sydney scattered showers and 21 Canberra a shower or two and 21 Melbourne 19
and a couple of showers. Hobart 16 and showers. Adelaide, a mostly sunny 24. Perth sunny and 33.

Now, one of the local stap wills is Taro. This is the plant. A lot of the Sunday feast is being prepared with taro. Good morning, Chris, for a Sunday afternoon umo, this is the type of food you would prepare. You on on special occasions, weddings, grand openings of houses. This is like taro leaves, with cream inside already, with banana leaves and the juice. What we have is taro, this is our main form of potatoes and we have crabs, lobsters, fish. That looks amazing. It's you That looks amazing. It's That looks amazing. It's all going in there. The guys are going to get the fire ready. This is one of the things you see all around. These baskets are made of palm leaves. You can carry all of this taro in these palm leaves. It only takes about five minutes to whip up when you know how to do it. I'm going to get out of the way. This is hot work. This is how they prepare the umo. You have to do it quickly, if you don't, you lose the heat. All right, whenever you are ready. So there are three layers basically, they have got to get the taro down first. That's star muchy and it takes the most cooking and heat. Then on top of that they put the - those of that they put the - those taro leaves and on top of that they put the seafood. That only needs steam. That's layer number one. They spread it out. They cover it all out and they leave it for it for about an hour. You come back maybe after you've been to church. You open it up and you eat. It's all of those tongues they are using are made of wood. We will have this one ready, we will come back and show you the feast that they have prepared. Good on you, JT. I so want to be there? Is that looking good. I can't tell you, we have been here for a couple of days already, it's a magnificent place. The people are so warm and inviting. Everyone comes over and shakes your hand and tells you a story. you a story.. 400 years ago, they used to put the missionaries on top of the tar organisations. The boys with their sensible hair cuts. Indeed looking forward to catching up with them rather shortly. It's rubbed off. I don't know why I am will laughing at awe. You've got the grass skirt. You've got an app. A very lovely one. It's quite appropriate with all this burst of colour. It's called Play Art. This is gorgeous. It feature your Mon as, your van Goffs. So, for example, you can just create your own stuff. This is for kids from 5-13. But really I think it's such fun. They give you the elements of the paintings. The elements of all of their paintings and their work. They have negotiated with the people who look after their estates and stuff. You can build your own. You can assettlementible it. You Isn't that sweet. That's beautiful. I like the way you've got your gibbon hanging off the mandolin. Move things around. You can do a mash up of the great artists. Do your own and literally you can save it yourself into your own little museum which I have created. This is to give kids an appreciation of art? Absolutely. And learn something of the - you can look at their work as well. This is the artist's museum. We have some Monet is as we will. It is just beautiful. What is it called? It's called Play Art and it's $ It's called Play Art and it's $4.49 in the App Store in Australia. It's called Play Art and it's $4.49
in the App Store in Australia.. I love the way you can separate the individual features of the painting. That's really cool:

Coming up - What could possibly be the weirdest
TV interview you'll ever see. And that's saying something.

This is worse than the lady with cement in her bottom. I promise

But next - do you really know
what free range means? Why the law is anything but clear.

By 1990, no Australian child will be living in poverty. How wrong he was. On our Sunday edition, the new stats that edition, the new stats that blue our mind. Also tomorrow, do Aussie bosses discriminate against older workers. Is there anything they can do about it? The home invaded by pen wins and the woman living life as a mermaid. Our Sunday edition of Sunrise, from 7 am tomorrow. Welcome back, I hope you are having a good morning.

A quick look at your supermarket
shelf shows the popularity of free range eggs. They're the fastest growing egg
category in Australia. Nearly half a billion are sold
a year. So, when you pick up a carton
of free range eggs, how do you know what you're really
getting? We hit the streets to find out.

I already buy free range anyway. But we don't know how free they are. Still better than a caged egg
I suppose. Can you buy eggs that you're
100% confident of them being free? No, but I'd still buy free range
as opposed to caged. My understanding of free range here
is that they can still be caged. I feel more comfortable buying eggs
which are high welfare and the chickens are well looked
after and also for health reasons. Free range to me it should mean that the chooks are allowed to roam
free on the grass and not have limited space really but I'm starting to hear things
that it's not the case at all and free range rules
are actually quite strange and I even heard chooks only having
10 centimetre squares to themselves and they can call those eggs
free range. I know there's a definition
of what free range is and I don't know. It's really hard to tell. If the definition is a problem
they'll have to legislate it so there'll be some sort of thing
in the future. I guess I'll keep buying free range
eggs. Let's bring in 'CHOICE' spokesman
Ingrid Just. Good morning.

We may see a carton of eggs
labelled free range, but what does the term really mean?

At the moment, there is no standard definition for free-range. So, consumers are essentially going in blind when they see that wall of eggs and many of them have these terms that say " terms that say "Free-range." It could be anywhere from up to 100,000 chooks per heck take. That's a lot. That's a lot. To 750 chooks per hectare. No way. At the moment, the Australian egg cooperation which is the industry organisation that represents big producers have been pushing the ACCC for a trademark around 20,000 chooks per hectare but less than 1% of consumers thinks that that constitutes free-range. It's really messy. That packet there says " That packet there says "certified free-range." There free-range." There is There is a beautiful picture of chickens. We have got these words and we have a certification but there is no science or evidence to tell us what is the certification behind that. That's where the confusion Lius. Free-range is one of the most popular topics. Our face book and social media sites in terms of feedback about the confusion around free-range has blown us away. Yeah, right. What about this term " What about this term "Barn laid quality quality what is the difference between barn laid and difference between barn laid caged? Barn laid means that essentially the chooks aren't in cages. They are able to move freely. However, conventional sheds could have up to 5,000 chooks in them which could be around about 12 chooks per square metre. So they are from pretty cramped Is that distressing for a chook I wouldn't know. Some people may suggest that it is because they can't move away freely. Caged on the other hand is when you've got the chooks in cages. And there could be around about up to 18 chooks per square metre or if you think about a shower recess, you know those square shower recess e imagine having about 18 chooks in a square metre like that. Oh gosh. It's like a cattle train for your whole life. Consumers are willing to pay an extra $ extra $5 for a dozen of free-range eggs but at the moment, they are going in blind. Possibly 100,000 chooks per hectare here and they are willing to pay extra. At the moment, what we really need is a standard different nigs around. Why isn't the egg board, for example, authorised to create the certification that standard definition of the At the moment, there is a model code around the welfare of animal, that recommendations 1500 chooks per hectare. That's what the majority of people sitting around the table consider a reasonable free-range limit but it's voluntarily. It's not Monday tri. At Monday tri. limit but it's voluntarily. It's not limit but it's voluntarily. It's limit but it's voluntarily. mandatory. The big organisation are pushing for 20,000 chooks per hectare and consumers don't believe that They have been tricky. No-one would buy caged eggs if it's written on them. They look like they are on holiday camp. Exactly. They are virtually singing the hills of alive with - they are not wearing laderhose. of alive with - they are not wearing laderhose.. There are no chooks at all. They are chook stock market pers. Protein makes you run fast. Perhaps. Consumers need certainty of the they need a standard definition of free-range. Consumers need to push for that.

Coming up -

was INXS our greatest ever band? Glenn A Baker joins the debate. Also on the way - An affair meant this man
lost his job. Could it happen to you?

Our workplace lawyer has surprising
advice. And beyond the tough talk, can the world ease tension
in the Middle East?

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To America now, where the President is dealing with
his first major international crisis since re-election. The conflict between Israel and
Hammas is escalating by the hour. For the latest we're joined
by our US Bureau Chief Mike Amor. Mike, how has Barack Obama
reacted to this situation? ,

Well, Sam, I covered the last crisis down there down there four years ago. I didn't think I would be able to say this but it's even more complicated today. Normally the US would have called upon script to be the peace maker. Hospital any Mubarek has been kicked out of office and is gaol right now, in his place is the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. That makes it more difficult for peace to be brokered. Turkey which is the other country which Barack Obama will try to rely upon to be a peace broker in all of this, it's relationship with Israel has also soured after Israel boarded a peace ship in - protest ship and killed a number of people. These are the things that Barack Obama has to weighed through in the coupling days. It's taken a real turn for the worse with rockets being fired at Jerusalem in the last few hours. So this is not looking good. Mike, as a major supporter and indeed financier of Israel, does America still have much say over the military policy there military policy there? Yeah, it does. But, just Yan exam of a sentiment, the Senate last night passed a motion in support of Israel and the right for it to protect itself. I think Americans would agree that Israel has the right to protect itself against rockets being fired into that country. A lot more complicated than that, obviously but America, big America, big supporter of Israel. This will be the big test for Barack Obama. Can he broker peace in Obama. Can he broker peace in the mist. It has beaten a lot better politicians than Barack Obama. That will be a major challenge. Be elected president of the US and have to deal with the Middle East instead. On your to do list. Imagine sitsing down in the morning, fix the Middle

Moving on, and the former boss
of the CIA has made his first appearance since resigning over an affair
with his biographer. What can you tell us?

yeah, his appearance, we didn't actually get to see him. He appeared before the house and Senate intelligence committees. He was kept away from the media. He described what happened in the Libyan attack where that US ambassador to Libia was killed. Certainly he only made a brief comment in side those committees which was closed. He greeted his actions which led to his resignation as the CIA chief. That's a major understatement, one would imagine, Mike. Is it true that the new ee days of the biography has a sealed section. Is that what a sealed section. Is that a sealed section. Is that we are hearing? No, silly. It should have, I am sure. It might have an R rated version. Good to hear from you in Phoenix Arizona.

In a moment -
a poll-prompted hypothetical - if Tony Abbott doesn't lead
the Coalition to the next election, who would?

First, though,
it's news time with Jess. , Rocket have been fired into Jerusalem. Hamas has claimed responsibility for the assault which triggered air raid sirens through out the city as violence in the region

, It was a ceef that never happened, smoke over gas show where the bombs land. Israel say they are a necessary measure to counter the threat of terrorism: Even the visit of the Egyptian Prime Minister here to show solidarity with Gaza saw no let up. He made clear he blamed Israel. Overnight the Israel. Overnight the Israeli Defence Force released I images showed what it said showed the destruction of base I. Hamas is its target but civilians on the ground dispute the claim. Around 20 preliminaries, militants, men, women and children have died in the last three days. The three days. The threat identified by Israel is the ability to launch rocket attacks like this one, damaging a house in southern Israel. Dozens of similar weapons are reported to have come from Gaza, two falling near Tel Aviv. There could be serious consequences if this isn't be serious consequences if this isn't solved. Already tanks are being joined near the border for a possible assault. While Israel launches its rocket, Hamas which dominates Gaza politically has rejected all possibility of a truce. If the conflictes calculate, it will be the people who

Wildlife rangers will arrive in a remote Northern Territory
community this morning after reports a young girl
has been taken by a crocodile. She was swimming at waterhole
95km west of Maningrida yesterday afternoon. It's believed the girl went missing after a crocodile was spotted and hasn't been seen since.

A desperate search is underway
for a Sydney girl abducted by her grandmother. 4-year-old Annaleise Harris-Edwards
has been missing for a month, taken from a day care centre the day her father won a court order
for custody. No contact with her.
She hasn't contacted her father. There's been no contact at all. Nobody knows her whereabouts. It's believed
she's with her grandmother. Police think Bronwyn Edwards
may have taken Annaleise to family in Queensland. She's travelling
in a pink Hyundai Excel. Anyone who has spotted the child
should contact police. Parts of Queensland are bracing
for a severe weather system today. Meteorologists expect the season's
first supercell storm to hit this afternoon.

Bringing possible flash flooding,
rapid winds and hailstones the size
of golf balls. Weather-watchers expect
the worst damage to occur on the Sunshine Coast
and the Darling Downs. Brisbane and the Gold Coast
are not out of the question, though so everyone around South-East
Queensland should be prepared. Supercells are
the most dangerous type of storm and have been known
to cause tornadoes. A roadside bomb in Afghanistan
has killed 17 people and injured 14 others. Planted by the Taliban, it has killed mainly women
and children, on their way to a wedding party
in western Afghanistan. Their mini bus was travelling
between villages when it hit the explosive. Among the wounded are nine women,
one child and four men.

Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham
has revealed he was once addicted
to the drug crystal meth. The Beijing gold-medallist says
the secret addiction almost ended his career in the pool and at times threatened his life. The revelations are made
in a new book which details Mitcham's battle
with anxiety and depression. They follow revelations
from swimmer Ian Thorpe about his alcohol abuse
and depression. Police on the Gold Coast
were kept busy last night. Party mood was in full swing with thousands of students there
for Schoolies Week which officially begins today. 48 people were arrested but police say of those,
only four were schoolies. Extra police will patrol
known trouble spots during the celebrations. Their major target
will be underage drinkers with parents also warned they'll be fined up to $8,000 for supplying alcohol
to anyone underage. To a fitness challenge
with a fashion twist - more than 100 people have raced
in the Philippines.

They did it in high heels. Competitors wore at least 3" heels
as they ran, or in some cases strutted,
the 500m course. Men and women took part but
were separated to avoid injuries. The race was held in
a Manilla suburb famous for its flourishing
show industry. , They had just raided the March cost' wardrobe. Just before. What do you think is the point of that? It's part of an international circuit. We had a woman on the show ordeal or no deal who wanted to go to the international heel championships in Vegas, that's where it happens. To run. But There is another one in Berlin which is highly regarded on the calendar and now Manila. So, you can travel the world in your heels. Don't look at me like that. It's a legitimate sport. He is a font of knowledge. Interesting knowledge. He is full of it. You go back to your Chiko Roll eating contest. Let them professionals. Wagga, the Chiko Rolls. Checking some sport... Sydney FC have capped off a horror
week with, well, more horror, with a 4-2 loss
to the Brisbane Roar at home. With caretaker coach Steve Corica
in charge, the Sky Blues defence
still looked a mess. The only consolation,
two magic goals from Del Piero. COMMENTATOR: Now Del Piero,
right through the middle. Beautiful goal again. Take some time to analyse
what is wrong, start again. Meanwhile there is some confusion around a potential A-League stint
from David Beckham, with the star's management
talking down the chances overnight. Australian selectors have left
the door open for Shane Watson to play
in the second test despite doubts the all-rounder
will be able to bowl many spells. Meanwhile, the Proteas say

they're ready to strike back
in Adelaide. Dean Elgar arrived has arrived
to replaced JP Duminy who's recovering
from Achilles surgery. He's weary of the influence
Watson can bring. I think it is someone

that you'd expect to see
on the team list. He's a seriously gifted cricketer
with bat and ball. The hearing into the Adelaide Crows
salary cap and draft-tampering has been delayed, after three club officials
under investigation announced separate legal teams. It's a let-off for the Crows, who can now take part
in next week's draft, while the agent of Carlton Skipper
Chris Judd has signalled challenging the league after it scrapped
his Visy third-party deal. Obviously if they're going
to belt the Adelaide Crows and you can point at other clubs
who have got similar situations, it's a ridiculous notion. Judd is expected to meet with
the AFL football operations manager after returning from Arizona. Championship leader
Jamie Whincup's winning streak looks set to continue at Winton Whincup is 296 points
ahead of the pack, and is likely to claim the title
this weekend. Third placed Craig Lowndes
can't catch his Vodafone teammate but is desperate to close the gap
on Mark Winterbottom. Touch wood - sun's out. It's not quite as hot as Abu Dhabi so hopefully that'll look
after its tyres. We can get on with
some good racing. Qualifying begins later today. . I was searching for a word after my time in Samoa and Bruce has provided it. In Samoa, there is a third gender knows as Fafafina or the way of the woman. These are boys raised as girls if there are no daughters around to help mum out. There is a smaller gap between men and women I guess. And it is also a word for Princess. They are really just part of the culture. It is a wonderful culture, as soon as you step off the plane, you are greeted by music. It is music and dance and singing is really just the pinnacle of this culture. Here you experience that every day. Even just standing in a in that every day. Even just standing in cafe, someone next to you will start singing. They are so musical. If you reckon rugby union isn't part of the culture, no, no nothing is happening today. Everything has stopped to watch the Samo ands take on Wales. It was the one point ball

, Speaking of rugby, we all know the Speaking of rugby, we all know haka, this is the Samoan sibital.

It is so fantastic. The culture is just so rich. You want some

I'll give you Samoa, very very soon. If you want to come and look at Samoa, it's only five hours from the east coast of Australia. It is an easy flight. The pinnacle of Polynesia. It's a bit more friendly than the Haka I don't know, this one has weapons. They are smiling when they are holding them. That's not a smile. That's a grimace. You are misinterpreting it. Thank you, JT. Ten minutes to go, 21-19, Samoa is up. That is big. They need this one. They went down to tonne ga a couple of weeks ago. Not happy.

It wasn't the best of weeks
for Tony Abbott. The Opposition Leader's approval
rating again slumped leading to heightened nerves
on his backbench.

Is that a medical condition? They are getting jumpy in the basketball

Although it's likely he'll be given
the summer to re-group, it does raise an interesting
hypothetical. If Tony Abbott's not the person to lead the Coalition
to the next election, who is? To discuss that, we're joined from Canberra by 'Sunday Telegraph' political
editor, Samantha Maiden and also by Bernard Keane - political correspondent
for Good morning to both of you. Now clearly, Tony Abbott is still
in place and could well remain so but the fact he's looking weak means people are talking about
who could replace him. Samantha, who for you
are the main candidates?

Well, I think that big Joe Hockey would fancy himself, I could imagine him doing the haka that we just saw there, possibly not. It may be too much information. Joe Hockey would be in the mix. Malcolm Turnbull will be the people's choice. We like a man with the courage of his convictions, the dark horse I would throw in would be Scott Morrison, I think most people think is a good chance at leading. Christopher Pyne doesn't rate a mention? He would be Depp. Bernard, who do you think is the favourite I reckon Malcolm Turnbull for his I reckon Malcolm Turnbull for his elect built, the trail of scars and damage from his first period as leader, runs pretty deep. He is not quite up there with Kevin Rudd in his capacity to alienate people. That will be the main handicap on him. Joe Hockey has earned a lot of respect. But they are both moderates which you know, really does open up the way for a dark horse to come through the middle, a more conservative figure. Scott Morris is not your hard guy, but Sam is right. There seems to be a disconnect between what the party wants, what the party likes and what the electorate wants from what the electorate likes. At what point does the party swallow what it wants and listens to the electorate. MPs make a choice about who is going to lead them. There is a bunch of calculations they make. One, the main calculations they make. One, the main one who is who is going to get them over the line. Who will get them into government. On that score, Malcolm is pretty strong. They have to be led by the guy. If it's a guy and they have got to have a functional leadership. As Labor showed, if you haven't got a functional premiership, then you are in all sorts of trouble. So it's a mixture of motivations. Policy wise where do they stand? The people out there really like people out there really people out there real seem to like Malcolm turn ball. He really appeals to labour voters but I think in some of those polls, 73% of Labor voters regard Turnbull as their preferred plm. I think he would be a classic mix of socially progressive. He doesn't like censor ship. He is quite moderate politically, but economically conservative. He would be - he would run a spret write strong economic run a spret write strong run a spret write run a spret run a run a a pretty strong ship. Is there any suggestion that Julie Bishop or any of the women of the Liberal Party might be in with a shot at this? Despite the death stair, people tend to gravitate to her a bit. I think that Julie Bishop has really improved her stocks with voters by having a bit of a sense of humour, by joking herself about all those death by joking herself about all those by joking herself about all stares, by joking herself about all those stares, issues. I wouldn't consider she to be a front runner in the same way that Joe way that Joe hockey or Mal couple or Scott would be. Bernard, it looks like the Prime Minister is sort of shoring up her support, her position. What orders though, let's do a very big hypothetical that next year's election we could see a Rudd versus Turnbull?
I The I think the most likely scenario, is that the liberals switched Malcolm because they are spooked by how well Julia Gillard is doing and then Malcolm Turnbull, prompts a change on the Labor side. If it's a Malcolm Turnbull, Julia Gillard, I think Turnbull will be a favourite. I think that will play on the minds of Labor MPs. I think a more likely scenario is a more revamped Tony Abbott comes out and leads the party to an election. Would you rate it that Mr Abbott will lead the party to the next election? This is a question to both you. I reckon it used to be 90. I think it's down to 70 or 60. I would back those orders as well. All right, agreement in Canberra. I like it. It's good, good to see more of the move towards the centre. Nothing really gets done at either end. Tax reform and immigration. Well, as we saw in America. Big year ahead.

Ahead this morning - why your doctor
wants you to have a pet. Also coming up,
hre we go again - we're live to the Gold Coast
for the start of schoolies. Question is, could the same thing
happen to you?

We've no idea what killed Roach. We're having trouble
smelling any chemicals, Louie. How can that be? Unless...
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By 1990, no Australian child
will be living in poverty. How wrong he was. On our Sunday edition,
the new stats that blew our mind. Also tomorrow, do Aussie bosses
discriminate against older workers, and is there anything
they can do about? Plus the home invaded by penguins, and the woman living life
as a mermaid. Our Sunday edition
of Weekend Sunrise from 7am tomorrow.

, It has it all, this show. I can't wait for the mermaid story. We will have her near a tank. We will toss fish at her all day.

As we've already discussed
this morning - America is right now witnessing
its biggest political sex scandal since Lewinskygate. It comes after the head of the CIA
was forced to resign after he was busted
for an extra-marital affair. So is it only people in high places
who can be sacked for infidelity? Workplace lawyer Sian Ryan joins us
now. Let's start with the CIA boss,
David Petraues. Barack Obama has said

his affair didn't put national
security at risk. So why did he have to resign? , I think it's a question of luck that national security wasn't negatively impacted. He was breaching the klt of his position by sharing all sorts of information with his lover who didn't protect that information. So it Could have been a whole lot worse than it was. Lucky for the President, for the country, it wasn't but he breached the trust that is an inherent equipment of his position. When you are Cia boss, your contract specifically says, you know, no extramarital shagging and giving people access to your email. That's exactly what it says. I am not sure if it would be in those terms but the effect would be yes, that you do not breach the trust that is required in such a senior and important position. It's treason, anyway, let's go back to regular work-places now. to regular work-places

Is an extra-marital affair
a sackable offence?

now It can and it has in the past. We have seen a lot of cases, usually involving usually high profile people, so if you are fronting a breakfast television program or if you are in a position where the public imbues you with a certain value or a certain quality, then having an affair can be inconsistent with that. We with that. We have seen TV personalities suffer and sports personalities and politician suffer because of that. That's more of the degree of publicity and the fact that your actioning are in the public domain and the public may lose some kind of faith in you and your public zone a because of those actions. For example, I don't know about yours, my contract says that my character must reflect the standards and values of the network. Sure. How do you then go about determining what those what those standards and values are. An affair usually involves some sort of dishonesty. That can be inconsistent with some positions if you are a politics for example, spruiking family values and you are caught behaving in a way that is utterly inconsistent with that, that may cause the public to lose trust and confidence with you. That's a bit different to a normal employment situation. If
If you are a lawyer or a banker, goodness me, it's going on out there, isn't it.Apparently. We work in the city. Have you seen 'Mad Men'. Bloody hell. Ild What you are doing is utterly discreet, that would not be proper grounds for dismissal but there again, there are some exceptions to that. If, for example, it's a teacher having an affair with a student or a lawyer having an affair with a client where that client is especially vulnerable in a law dispute or a criminal matter. If it's a A marriage councillor having an affair with the husband. A minister having an affair with a member of the church. Those kinds of positions are imbued with that sense of trust and there is a very special relationship between a teacher and a principal and a lawyer and those who they are working with and they are working with and towards. If it involves a very significant breach of trust, then it may form proper grounds for dismissal. That would be governed more by common law than the contract itself. It's hard to tell unless you are studying up on your case history. We have to leave it there but the simple answer is, depending on the nature of your scob, you could lose it. Absolutely, and I know we haven't got time, don't forget the potential fall out if it's discovered. Don't dip your pen in the office inch. That's the moral to this story. Maybe don't take the lid off the ink. Yes, it's always the link's fault, isn't it? Snild I like

Ahead this morning -
internet addiction. Before laughing, watch our story. But next - Something you are allowed
to laugh at. What could be the strangest
interview you'll ever see. Plus, the latest in news
and James Tobin in Samoa.

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Israeli troops are gathering
on the Gaza border as the country prepares
for more attacks, after Hamas launched rockets
into two of its major cities. Militants are claiming
responsibility for the assaults
on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It's the first time a Palestinian
rocket has reached Israel's capital, in a daring new escalation
of hostilities. World leaders are calling
on the Egyptian Prime Minister to try to broker a ceasefire, with Israel also continuing
its airstrikes on Gaza. At least 26 people have been killed
by the violence. The search for a missing Sydney girl
has been stepped up across the nation, with the 4-year-old
now missing for a month. Annaleise Harris Edwards was taken
from a day care centre by her grandmother, the day her father won
a custody court battle. The Family Court has issued
an alert, and police believe her grandmother may have taken Annaleise
to family in Queensland. They're travelling
in a pink Hyundai Excel. Disgraced former CIA director
David Petraeus has testified before US congress questioned over a September 11
attack on the US consulate in Libya. The ex-CIA Chief told Capital Hill that the CIA always believed
the attack, which killed four people
was a terrorist strike, even though that wasn't how it was
initially portrayed to the public. The hearing was closed to the public
and the media but it's understood Petraeus also apologied
for an extramarital affair that lead to his resignation
a week ago. 007 himself has touched down
in Sydney to a very British welcome. Fans braved the grey skies and rain
to line the red carpet for a glimpse of Daniel Craig, here to promote the new Bond film
'Skyfall'. Touted by the critics
as one of the best Bond films, it's already grossed $446.5 million. You do the best you can
and then you hope. When it's been like this,
it's very special. The film opens here next Thursday. are Sammy, you loved it. I loved it. That was the Katter pillar

Updating sport, and Australian selectors
have left the door open for Shane Watson to play
in the second test in Adelaide next week. Watson's been given extra time
to overcome a calf injury which ruled him out
of the first test at the Gabba. Selectors have named a 13-man squad which includes Rob Quiney
and Blues paceman Mitchell Starc. Two goals by Alessandro Del Piero
wasn't enough to turn around Sydney FC's
3-game losing streak. They went down 4-2
against the Brisbane Roar to cap off a lamentable week
for the club. Finally, it appears David Beckham may not be coming to the A-League
after all. Beckham's management sent
the country's football fans into a spin yesterday after flagging a possible
10-match stint next year. But they've since released
a statement saying his focus is finishing
his contract with the LA Galaxy. , Watch this space, there is more in this story.

In breaking news, Samoa have just beaten Wales 26-19
in Cardiff. , JT. (All cheer) Sell blaigss are happening here Sell blaigss are happening Sell blaigss are Sell blaigss Sell JT. (All cheer) JT. (All cheer (Celebrations are happening here this morning. They are a little bit excited. Let's look at the that's

Brisbane, 29 with a few showers. Sydney, scattered showers and 21. Canberra, a shower or two and 21. Melbourne, 19
and a couple of showers. Hobart 16 and showers. Adelaide, a mostly sunny 24. Perth, sunny and 33. And 33 with a possible storm
for Darwin.

, Well, this is what has come out of Well, this is what has come out the umo, if you were watching, in the fale, we cooked this, this is the taro leaves and this is some taro, you pull it out like this. And you eat it like this, this is with coconut. Yum. Yum, this taro is really star muchy, like a potato. Look at that. Look at that. Lobster tails from your local market fresh this morning. This is torture. This is just indulgent now. Not for me, it's really good. We hate you. Those women are looking at you, Those women are looking at Those women are looking at you,
these Aussies just use their fingers, what the hell. fingers, what the hell.? They come here and eat all our shell fish. We are only three hours in front of you at the moment so this is a perfect lunch meal. It's only a 5 hour flight from the east coast of Australia today. We are here thanks to tourism Samoa authorities, all the details are how to come here are on our website. I've got all of this to get through. We should do a show from there. We would go down pretty well. We bring along JT, he is our own Fafafini is. In some families where they don't have a girl, they raise one of the boys as a girl to help out. They are allowed to adopt. Terrific. We want to keep JT, we don't want to adopt him out. No, he is my little Fafifinni. He is very handy. Poor little JT

Now to something that can only be
described as weird. 28 years ago, our sister show
in America interviewed a woman about a haunted toaster. Some call it the greatest interview
in television history.

It says put one slight and it says " It says put one slight and it says "I am the devil." What kind of voice does the devil have? A very low voice. I would say it sounded like Eli Wallich. I wanted to be sure that somebody else would see it. This one, can you see that, Richard? " see that, Richard? "Satan lives." see that, Richard? "Satan lives.", just terrible. Is the toaster still possessed? I - I - we still have trouble off and on with it, yes. See now, - I - I - we still have trouble off
and on with it, yes. See now, - it seems to be a

Oh. Oh. Why have you kept this toaster? Well, Richard, you know, when all is said and done, it makes good

. When all said and done, Lucifer makes good toast. A lot of things you can say about the devil but gee, he makes a good bit of toast. The burning fires of hell just get the right colour. Ili. He was in spaghetti werns I think. Was he the devil? The reporter who did that interview and let that run like that, then went on to be a went on to be a producer on the Jerry Springer show. That makes sense. When all When all is said and done, it still makes good toast. If you took it down to Cash Converters and someone else picked it up. Imagine your surprise. It seems to have the prince of darkness in my appliance. Maybe I can pick up a mandolin with a little Angel. But it makes good toast and that's all that is important. What is on that bit of tloft? That's my. I've only had two bites out of that. That is devil poo. That's my food of the devil.

Ahead this morning - was INXS
Australia's greatest ever band? Glenn A Baker will mark
a memorable week in music. Also on the way, could 'Jurassic Park'
happen for real? The scientist who lives in hope. But next, the campaigns that
are rethinking climate change. Here come our masters of spin.

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The other thing you could say Forsayth and, he has neat handwriting.

Two bold new campaigns
were launched this week to breathe new life into
an important issue that's gone off the radar. One of them is aimed straight at
the millions of Australian women. The other is a 24-hour
online TV program. Let's take a look.

Dirty energy has created a world of dirty weather. Join us live as we travel around the globe learning how climate disruption is affecting our food supply, infrastructure and is creating record breaking fire, flood and drought. We'll witness the people, the places, the faces of dirty weather and those working to stop it