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(generated from captions) The weekend is here so grab a copy of 'Best Weekend' in 'The Daily Telegraph' tomorrow. Go behind the seen as The Emerald City for grown ups prepares for a visit to the Entertainment Quarter. There's a chat with Aussie rockers, The Living End, movie reviews and all you need to know to make it a best best weekend. As you say, the weekend is here, thank you. That is Nine News this Friday, I'm Georgie Gardner. Thanks

Tonight ... A battle royale erupts of
over a solar farm proposal, Dozens O
of whooping cough cases recorded in
October, And the painful plea from I
lung cancer patient. Good evening, I' m Greg Thomson. Far from working out cross-border issues, politician are at logger-heads over a propose Mo
Solar Farm at Royalla. Member for th
Monaro John Barilaro has called on using
the ACT Government, to rule-out project.
using call-in powers for the r
project. Minister Simon Corbell has
refused to do so. A nation-leadin project which could turn this quie solar
rural suburb into Australia' s wan
solar central. The ACT Government powe
wants to build a twenty megawatt High
power station next to the Monaro be
Highway. It says Canberrans won' t owne
be affected, but what about home don
owners in New South Wales? They w
don' t seem to have any concern for pr
what we are and who we are. +w The border,
proposed site is right on the r
border, and in full view of Royalla
residents, including Tim Bloomfield major
The Guises Creek, which is a W
major feeder into the Murrumbidgee. th
What affect is it going to have on pan
that? The reflectiveness of those panels. State member John Barilar has received hundreds of complaint sa
from concerned constituents. They say there' s been no consultation. If the project goes ahead it' ll b Australia.
the largest solar farm in
Australia. There' ll be more than 8 which
000 panels across 50 hectares, Ba
which will power 4 500 homes. Mr Govern
Barilaro has called on the ACT Government to rule out using call-i fo
powers, which eliminate the right a
for residents to appeal development oppor
applications. It cuts out the opportunity for communities to have won
a great say in the process. I B
won' t be taking lectures from John po
Barilaro. Simon Corbell says the co
powers can only be used after full
consultation has occurred, somethin both the Government and builders o The
the plant are preparing to do. be
The proposal from FRV will need to De
be assessed under the Planning and sta
Development Act, which includes a consultati
statutory period of public hop
consultation. The Government is ne
hoping construction can begin late next year.

A mechanical fault is being blamed
for a car fire in Higgins today. Th prope
vehicle, which was parked on a property' s drive-way was destroyed the
ACT Fire and Rescue extinguished the blaze before it spread to nearb high
homes. A new report has found a AC
higher proportion of people in the th
ACT seek treatment for heroin use, Th
than anywhere else in the country. an
The Australian Institute of Health suppo
and Welfare looked at access to othe
support services for alcohol and treatment
other drugs. 16 per cent of f
treatment episodes in Canberra were
for heroin, compared with 9 per cen hig
nationally. The ACT also has the highest proportion of non-governmen services - at 90 per cent. Compare with New South Wales at just 25 pe n
cent. The ACT recorded its highest ove
number of whooping cough cases in fr
over a year, last month. Nine came e
from one Canberra school, which has th
emailed parents to warn them about de
the dangers. It' s a potentially incre
deadly disease and it' s on the cou
increase in the Capital. Whooping O
cough infected forty five people in
October - the highest monthly figur boys
since September last year. Nine G
boys have been affected at Canberra Grammar School. It' s a very smal number of students amongst a schoo of 1600. There are a couple in yea o
seven, a couple in year eight, and The
one or two in the elder stages. teac
The school has informed parents, says
teachers and other students, but ordinar
says it' s nothing out of the sit
ordinary. There isn' t really a kids
situation. There are a couple of this
kids who are home sick. So far fi
this year three hundred and thirty
five people have been diagnosed wit That
whooping cough across Canberra. years
That number is down on previous p
years, but doctors are still urging actu
patients to be careful. It can si
actually be fatal for babies under have
six months of age. It can also adults.
have serious consequences for debi
adults. The cough can be quite pati
debilitating. I' ve actually had ribs
patients who' ve fractured their powe
ribs because the cough is such a
powerful cough. Early symptoms ar bu
similar to normal colds and flus, The
but a severe cough soon develops. an
The condition is highly contagious conta
and those infected should avoid t
contact with others.The best way do
that - immunisation. It' s part o imm
the normal childhood and schools expe
immunisation routine. If you' re a
expecting a baby or planing to have a baby, it' s a good idea to get th pregnant
vaccination before you fall pregnant.

It opened too much fan fair in
Sydney, and it' s now been confirme com
popular clothing chain, Zara, is u
coming to Canberra. Construction is underway on the fit out. Head offic st
wouldn' t reveal when exactly the tim
store will open - it did say some Z
time next year. There are just four t
Zara stores in Australia - and more Canber
than four thousand in Europe.A h
Canberra man, fighting lung cancer, as
has spoken out about his illness - di
as a way to raise awareness of the ass
disease. It' s a cancer generally seven
associated with smoking. Around s
seven percent of Canberrans who are ha
suffering the aggressive illness - sh
have never smoked a cigarette. A
shock diagnosis. Until last year canc
had no history at all with lung people
cancer and I thought that only f
people who smoked would get it so I felt pretty safe because I' d never David
smoked. Just over a year ago, childr
David, his wife and their four
children were in the midst of movin alre
from Canberra to Darwin.They' d wh
already shipped their belongings - n
when David received the devastating nu
news. I had pain in my chest and upper
numbness in my arms, pain in my upper back and a friend suggest tha I went to hospital, fearing that I soon
d had a heart attack, but tests th
soon showed that I had a tumour on healt
the lung. Otherwise generally healthy, the diagnosis came out of c
the blue - David has never smoked a surgery
cigarette in his life. He had cance
surgery and doctor' s found the
cancer had spread. It' s stage four absolute
and in-curable. It was an r
absolute shock to sit in a hospital got
room and have someone say you' ve ve
got a tumour it' s a bit like you' ve been sentenced to death hearing profession
those words. Health care
professionals are using this week t no
spread a simple message. As David now knows all too well - lung cance doesn' t discriminate. We' ve go w
many young people young as 29, 30, the
who have never had a cigarette in canc
their life and they' ve got lung cancer. +w A recent survey has foun sympath
Australian' s have the least bec
sympathy for lung cancer patients infli
because most believe it' s self t
inflicted. Tomorrow night, suffers, field
their carers and experts in the law
field, will rally together on the
lawns of Parliament house - to brin notice to their cause.

Coming up next on WIN News ... Conce
sales at Googong soar, And, ... p
Concern at the growing contempt for police in Goulburn. This program is not captioned. Morning, guys.
Hey, guys.
How you doing this morning? Water?
Keep pushing through.

VOICEOVER: We work hard
to shape up for summer. MAN: Good work. Keep up the good work with our great range
of delicious, low-fat subs at Subway restaurants.

This program is not captioned. hun
police in Goulburn. More than two mill
hundred lots, worth more than 55 G
millions dollars, have been sold at bu
Googong. The Project Director says N
buyers have wanted to capitalise on concession
New South Wales Government Scho
concessions. An Anglican Primary fif
School, which will open in twenty
fifteen, has been confirmed. Fundin com
has also been committed to build mult
community facilities including a
multi-purpose centre, library and a It'
indoor sport and aquatic centre. two-and-a-half
It' s estimated nearly two-and-a-half-thousand jobs will b time
created in the township, by the time it is complete. Three places i being
the ACT have been nominated as being heritage at risk. They includ and
the housing precincts of Ainslie and Reid, the Law Court Building, Gri
and the West Basin of Lake Burley Nat
Griffin. The Australia Council of National Trusts compiles a list eac hopefull
year to raise awareness and
hopefully retain places important t amongs
our history. Growing contempt wa
amongst youth for the police force Offi
was the focus in Goulburn today. t
Officers hoping to break through to appr
troubled teens, took a different approach to tackling crime. A sig Pol
of strength. The New South Wales hundred-and-f
Police celebrating one- T
hundred-and-fifty years. Music. The milestone was marked as officer history.
reflected on the service' s st
history. The people of this town trust
still expect their police to be
trusted, to be hardworking to be ou The
there working for the community. a
The things that have changed though t
are the cars we drive, the uniforms investig
that we wear and some of the investigation techniques we use hav chan
changed dramatically. Not all You
changes have been for the better. thei
Youth admit the attitude amongst is
their peers is concerning. There
is a culture that it' s kind of coo t
to disobey the law, and to dislike certa
the police. There' s only a inclu
certain number in the community i
including young people that persist young
in playing up but generally our you
young people are find outstanding new
young citizens. To help breed a h
new culture, the force showed eight hundred students a different side o
policing. It was all about breakin down the barriers, for the minorit reputation.
that give the city a bad reputation. After all if somethin bad happens to you you call the Ne wi
South Wales Police force. Along T
with these students, there was also Sou
Two hundred recruits from the New marche
South Wales Police Academy who student
marched out. To see all the student police marching as they wer gives you a real sense of pride an L
security in the future. Goulburn Local Area Command also received th key to the city.

The date of the next Federal -
Election hasn' t yet been announced Libera
- but that hasn' t stopped the Hum
Liberal Party from campaigning in ha
Hume. Retiring member Alby Schultz kil
has been known to boast about the a
kilometres he clocked up travelling su
around the electorate. His Liberal been
successor, Angus Taylor, hasn' t h
been counting his kays, even though
he' s frequently standing-in for th p
sitting parliamentarian at various r
public events. I can tell you' ve on
run rubber on the tyres, the miles v
on my car I don' t know how many I'
ve done but it' s a hell of a lot. foc
Boosting regional economies is a focus for the first-time candidate. People want more jobs in Goulburn a
they want more jobs in other towns more
around the electorate. They want Hospi
more infrastructure in Goulburn wan
Hospital is a real priority. They Bart
want to get the roads right, the across
Barton Highway is a huge issue ma
across the electorate. A local
man who ran from the Capital to Cap Brad
York has returned to his roots. f
Brad Carron-Arthur travelled almost five thousand kilometres on foot. T mental
raise money and awareness for ev
mental health. He ran a marathon everyday for four months. Completin th
a once in a lifetime experience - Nati
that caught the attention of the C
Nation. No mean feat - and now Brad to
Carron-Arthur is using that energy
to inspire others. I' d like to b someon
there for these guys as well, someone who' s a bit more similar t their age and so they might get th the
story to they take on the things beginning
they really enjoy. At the beginning of this year, Brad set ou northern
to run from Canberra to the g
northern most tip of Australia. His h
goal - to raise awareness of mental health - a cause close to his heart
his father suffered from depressio in
for fifteen years. He' s now back hi
in the ACT - and today returned to his old school, Canberra Grammar, t speak about his experience. The generat
intention is there this young dif
generation really wants to make a It'
difference towards mental health. s
It' s a massive issue to tackle but initiative
seeing these guys take the a
initiative to have me come in today i
and to make this donation to AFFIRM mor
is fantastic. The donation - is These
more than one thousand dollars. to
These year ten Grammar boys wanted every
to get behind his cause. From ye
every single formal ticket for the pil
year ten formal we took $5 and we someth
piled that together and raised his
something like $1185 for Brad and
his charity. +w To see someone wh we can relate to come back and tal ach
to use and talk about what he' s f
achieved and he' s got good reasons accomplishme
for it. +w Adding to his be
accomplishments - Brad' s recently Citizen
been named the Young Canberra th
Citizen of the year. Hoping to use missio
the accolade - to continue his mission.

Canberra' s Marymead has branched Goul
into New South Wales - opening a organisati
Goulburn office today. The re
organisation based at Kenmore, has sup
received interim accreditation to i
support ninety foster care families s
in the State' s south and west. It'
s a number expected to grow. Ther Ther
is always a need unfortunately. ca
There is more children coming into en
care every year and we don' t have enough foster carers who are willin who
and able to support those people wit
who need that. Ellena is here
with sport now, good evening. Thank Lau
Greg - Coming Up - The latest on Lauren Jackson' s injury. Plus - Th as
Australian Open trophies on show, cour
as Canberra Velocity take to the court. This program is not captioned.
court. Precious cargo has arrived i t
Canberra, with the Australian Open wit
trophies on display. It coincides Asia-Pacif
with the next round of the hel
Asia-Pacific Tennis League, being held in Lyneham tomorrow. Show an Prim
tell on the grand scale. Kaleen gli
Primary School students getting a r
glimpse of the two trophies - they' re not fake - tennis royalty have way
held it high, after going all the loca
way in Melbourne. Motivation for str
local players. That' s what you o
strive to do to be able to lift one gra
of those trophies at the end of a Savill
grand slam. AIS product Luke n
Saville is a star on the rise - the
next hope of Australian tennis goin forward. At the AIS at the momen real
we have a really great culture, li
really good environment and I feel s
like that' s the environment, that' B
s the feeling at the moment. With expectat
Bernard Tomic stuggling with concerne
expectations, Saville isn' t pa
concerned, he' ll go down the same li
path. I like the expectations, I pressure
like the little but of added that
pressure, like I play well, when year,
that' s on at the start of this O
year, number one seed at Australian Open Junior Championships, I won he
that, played really well, when the c
heat was on. Saville is aiming to
crack the top one hundred within th r
next 18 months. Tomorrow, the next Leag
round of the new National Tennis League will be played at the Lyneha Tennis Centre. We' ve got a grea pla
team, we' ve got a team of young we
players, both men' s and women' s, con
we' re in the New South Wales ACT home
conference and this is our first ju
home tie, this weekend. Canberra Ca
junior Nick Kyrigos is part of the play
Canberra Velocity team, ready to Thom
play in their own backyard. Greg Thomson, Win News.

Australian spin bowler Nathan Lyon t
has kept his place in the squad for Comet
the second test. The former ACT ga
Comets bowler took four wickets in chan
game one. Selectors made minimal So
changes today, after Australia and Bris
South Africa recorded a draw, in
Brisbane. Shane Watson will make hi return from injury, when the secon Thursd
test begins in Adelaide, next boo
Thursday. To the NEAFL, And a big Queanbeya
boost for reigning premiers Stev
Queanbeyan, with star play Kaine
Stevens signing a new two year deal year
The 20 year old had a stand-out meda
year, winning the Alex Jesalenko again
medal, in their grand final win c
against the Swans. Stevens was also crowned the club' s best and faires h
this year. Other inter-state clubs had expressed interest. The Canberr Cavalry will welcome some new face the
to the team, when round three of Michael
the ABL begins tonight. Coach teams
Michael Collins has praised his seri
teams depth, in their first away c
series of the season. Fresh off a series
confidence boosting exhibition Canb
series win over New Zealand, the
Canberra Cavalry is ready to hit th We'
ball park and play for points. week
We' ve been here for a couple of and
weeks, preparations has been good ro
and they' re excited to get on the Australia,
road and see a bit more of had
Australia, I guess. Big hitters s
had a field day last week - but the
series was more of an experiment an it paid off. Guys had a chance t offence
try a few new things and the guys
offence came alive, I think some i
guys are really excited to get back went
into the competition. Canberra two-
went down to arch- rivals Sydney ro
two- games-two-one, in the opening c
round. Getting wins on the board is
crucial now, so they' re not playin po
catch-up. Brisbane is in the same position. They' ve only played on o
series but they did take two games s
off of Sydney, who took two off us, so they' ll definitely be a team wh we' ll need to take very seriously we
Three new Japanese players will a
wear the Orange for the first time, after flying into the country this -
week. With the help of a translator clear
- they' re message was loud and clear - it' s all about improvement adjustments,
He wants to make more Aust
adjustments, being a reliever in pitcher
Australia and become a better
pitcher. Others want to lap up th loo
Australian lifestyle. Still he bee
looks forward to his first Aussie beef experience Canberra will pla Thoms
a double header tomorrow. Greg Thomson, Win News.

Lauren Jackson says her time on th frustratin
sidelines is getting more Capitals
frustrating by the week. The on,
Capitals recruit will be watching he
on, In the Albury stadium named in wee
her honour, against Bendigo, this c
weekend. There' s nothing that we s
can do to fix it at the moment, it' I'
s just trying to kill the pain, so thi
I' ve been getting injections and optimis
things like that Jackson is optimistic her WNBL comeback is jus th
around the corner. gone through
those, you know, emotional things, would loved to have been playing a o
home, I know I' m going to get the squared
opportunity to. The two teams Victoria
squared off last weekend, in Be
Victoria. With the Capital handing seaso
Bendigo their first loss of the sporti
season. A host of Australian Canber
sporting talent will gather in twenty-twel
Canberra shortly, for the c
twenty-twelve AIS awards. Among the
contenders for the top prize includ Coutts
Olympic gold medallist Alicia Coutts. The swimmer faces some toug paralympic
competition, against dual r
paralympic gold medallist and world up
record holder Evan O' Hanlon. Also Sa
up for AIS Athlete of the year are Page
Sailors Tom Slingsby and Malcolm an
Page Paralympic swimmer Ellie Cole this
and cyclist Anna Meares. Now for WIN
this week' s fishing report, with be
WIN' s Rob Paxevanos. PTC: I' ve
been back on the road and found som perc
great inland fishing for golden perch on the Murrumbidgee River. Th g
Bidgee between Wagga and Hay has a cha
good number of weirs and off-take f
channels that can produce excellent tri
fishing for golden perch. The big trick is to drive to a few location s
until you see which one is firing, and
so my kids and I did exactly that door.
and then set up camp right next i
door. Golden Perch migrate upstream an
in numbers in spring, so find one, mid
and you will often find plenty. A the
middle sized medium diver will do into
the trick, and swinging the lure th
into the slack water and eddies is ve
the go. But dads take note-if you' k
ve got your hands full watching the catch
kids, you might not get time to PTC
catch many big ones for yourself.
PTC: And it gets worse for me I als whi
lost a big meter plus murray cod while busy watching the kids didn' t
around that fast water, I actually thought the fish was a snag and was snag
trying to shake it off until the no
snag moved out into the river. But th
not to worry: anglers are reminded Rob
that cod must be released anyway. Rob Paxevanos WIN News

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This program is not captioned.

Weather is next ... Some late
showers around the region today - I Canberra, it climbed to twenty-fou R
after dipping to eleven overnight. sho
Right now, there' s a chance of a f
shower, and it' s sitting on a cool t
fourteen . Taking a look around, On G
the Tablelands, Eleven to twenty in Ya
Goulburn Climbing to twenty-two in Yass Braidwood, seventeen degrees O Nowr
the coast, Reaching eighteen in i
Nowra and Ulladulla today, One less seventee
in the Bay and Moruya Heads, twenty-
seventeen degrees Thirteen to Ei
twenty-one in Bega On the Snowies, thi
Eighteen the top in Cooma Five to Bomb
thirteen in Perisher Thredbo and th
Bombala, both reached fifteen . On cl
the satellite map, A thick band of
cloud across much of New South Wale with a broad low pressure trough i thunder
triggering areas of rain and ar
thunderstorms. On the chart, Skies p
are clearing in the south as a high pressure ridge begins to build. The region
possibility of rain around the
region tomorrow, On the coast, Eigh M
to twenty-two in Bega, Nineteen in is
Moruya Heads and the Bay Ulladulla eight
is expecting a light shower and L
eighteen Ten to twenty-one in Nowra Braid
Late showers in the Tablelands, Seve
Braidwood' s expecting seventeen Goulbur
Seven to twenty-three in Yass degre
Goulburn should get to nineteen showe
degrees. On the Snowies, A late t
shower and sixteen in Bombala Minus thi
two to eleven in Thredbo Rain and
thirteen in Perisher, Cooma, headin Canberra
for a top of nineteen . For cle
Canberra tomorrow, Showers should clear around dawn, but then start u again in the afternoon and evening dipping
Heading for twenty-one after ahea
dipping to five tonight. Looking twent
ahead, rain clearing on Sunday, Mon
twenty-two the top, twenty-one on weeken
Monday. Finally tonight - this f
weekend, the first ever fund raiser idiopathic
for children with juvenile Ar
idiopathic arthritis will be held. suff
Around forty children in the ACT reas
suffer from the condition. The r
reason for the walk is to basically
raise awareness within our communit and
that children also get arthritis dis
and it' s not just an old persons rai
disease. Already, the group has their
raised twelve hundred dollars - thousand.
their target is one hundred
thousand. To raise money to creat parent
information packs so that new situati
parents don' t even up in the hav
situation that we did. So if they have a diagnosis of their child the th
know that we' re here we can help them and they know what the outcome maze
will be and how to navigate the in
maze that they' ll find themselves nin
in. The walk-a-thon starts from Th
nine o' clock on Sunday morning. Fr
That' s the Win News Hour for this Mond
Friday. Danielle Post returns on
Monday.I' m Greg Thomson, thanks fo being with us, good night.

Gardner. Thanks for being with us, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is captioned live.

Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome to A Current Affair. First tonight throughout her career 'Prisoner' star Val Lehman became familiar with crooks and murders. But she never expected ore on-screen world would spill over into her real -- her on-screen world would spill over into her real life until one of Val's elderly neighbours was murdered.Chris, hi, come in.Hey, Val, how are you?Good. I'll snib the door. We are all a bit more security conscious since this awful event.Like everyone on Macleay Island, Val Lehman is in shock. It's horrific. We can't believe a dreadful thing happened on our