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Lock in A. It's your final answer?

It's the wrong one. 'All Together Now.' There you go. Never watched it. It's... Oh, it was great. '91 to '93, so you're probably
a bit young at that stage. Rebecca Gibney was in that. It's where Rebecca started off
and Jane Hall and Jon English. Great show. And Stevie Jacobs.
I do remember Jon English in it. No-one else.
That's it. Well, Stevie Jacobs was running
around in those days as an actor and, of course, doing great
things on 'The Today Show'. Hey, Rob, you won $1,000,
though, pal. Congratulations! Well done!

Rob Bibby won $1,000. I'll catch you next time
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - 700 rail jobs to go, but could thousands more be at stake? The hunt for a Castle Hill woman on the run with her 4-year-old granddaughter. The violence escalates as Israel and Hamas spirals towards all-out war. The caravan factory workers who have won $15 million. 007 walks the Sydney red carpet.

Good evening. RailCorp is being axed and nearly 700 jobs are to go in a major overhaul of the train network. The State Government says the changes will mean better customer service. Nine News uncovered a document that suggestions the real number of jobs affected could be more than 6,000. The State Government's vision to fix the trains is bold. When it comes to an explanation, it gets fuzzy.My focus is not on the money it will save, but about what positive customer service will happen.Tens of millions will be saved by axing 450 maintenance staff over four years, plus 240 middle managers from 1 July.690 staff, front line staff announced going today, on top of 750. If you think fixing the trains by sacking 1500 staff is the way to go, we'll have to disagree.Station staff numbers will be frozen at current levels.The Minister is being loose with the truth when she claimed this morning that your local station will not be affected by the cuts. There's no detail whatsoever provided.The shake-up is more massive than the government lets on as an internal document obtained by Nine News shows. It's titled 'Anticipated impacts of proposed design on RailCorp staff". 21% will not be affected, 3,200 workers, including station managers and incident response staff. 1800 or 1200 are underreview, including apprentices and surveyers. And more by existing reforms, cleaners, and the rest, drivers, are unaffected for now.People are complaining about the service not being up to scratch anyhow. If you are getting rid of 700 people, it follows the service will get worse.Live to Kevin who joins us from Carlingford. Why is there a discrepancy between the job losses and thousands under review?One of the reasons is the government is being sneaky about the railways. 6,000 positions reviewed and specific numbers, specific jobs. When it comes to small stations like this at Carlingford, there is no station staff here. In the future will there ever be station staff here - that is the question.There's a massive police search tonight for a Castle Hill grandmother, who is on the run with her 4-year-old granddaughter. Let's go live to Damian Ryan. What can you tell us about the girl's disappearance?4- year-old Annaleise Grace Harris- Edwards vanished on 8 October. Publicity about the case has been previously banned because the child is the subject of a Family Court order. Now the court has tape the step to remove those constraints in an all-out effort to locate Annaleise. It was 8 October, her father went to pick her from a preschool in Sydney's west. She was not there. Police believe the little girl is in the company of her grandmother, 55-year-old Bronwyn Edwards from castle hill. It's thought they may be travelling in a red pink yish Hyundai Excel, spotted in Port Macquarie, and Coffs Harbour recently. Bronwyn Edwards, the grandmother, has connections and family connections in Queensland. That state is also on alert. It's been 5 weeks since Annaleise disappeared. There are concerns for her welfare. Anyone able to assist is asked to call Crimestoppers.Thank you, Damian Ryan. Paramedics are urging drivers to be extra careful on the wet roads after three fatal crashes in Sydney's west this afternoon. A woman was killed in thst three-car collision on the Northern Road at Mulgoa, four others, including children were treated at Nepean. Another woman died when her car rolled on the Great Western Highway at Blaxland. A man in his 20s was killed when he lost control of his car and crashed into a tree at North Richmond. Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza continue to trade rockets and bombs. 19 Palestinians have been killed. Three Israelis have died. For the first time in more than 20 years rockets fell on Tel Aviv, while Israel is calling up thousands of Army Reservists and massing tanks on the border. Trading deadly blows, rockets roaring outs of the Gaza. In return, dozens of bomb and missile strikes by Israel's air force. Trying to pinpoint militant launch sites, but civilians, inevitably, too often the victims. TRANSLATION: Just when we got out of the car we saw a fire coming from the sky. We hit the ground. We were all injured.I hope that Hamas and the other terror organisations in Gaza got the message.They didn't. Hamas now fired more than 300 rockets and more Tahs into Israel, two long-range -- mortars into Israel, two long-range missiles hitting Tel Aviv. It's the first time it has come under fire since Saddam Hussein's Scud attacks 20 years ago. Israel's Iron Dome antimissile defence knocks out most of the rockets, but some get killed. Three adults were killed, a baby injured. There are fears the tit for tad war of atricks is doomed to escall -- atraigs is doomed to escalate.Israel will take whatever action is needed.Armoured units to under take a ground assault if ordered. 30,000 reservists have been called up. This Hamas leader blames Israel's occupation of Palestinian land for the conflict. "They don't own the decision to end it", he warns. There was a certain irony when the Israeli Prime Minister addressed the Minister. Salom.That means peace. There seems little hope of that. Israel buries its dead, and they do the same inside the Gaza Strip. Peter Stefanovic reporting there. Well, the Police Integrity Commission will investigate whether there was criminal conduct among officers involved in the taisoring of Brazilian student, Roberto Laudisio Curti. Roberto Laudisio Curti died after being tasered 14 times during a chase through Sydney's CBD. More than 200kg of cocaine and a man's body have been discovered on a yacht headed for Australia. Australian Federal Police found the boat which ran aground off Tonga. The drug haul is estimated to be worth $112 million. Two masked men threatened a little girl during a violent armed robbery at Hurlstone Park. The 9-year-old was with her mother and a hairdresser who two men burst into a beauty salon with a carving knife and a wood ebb bat and demanded cash.She was scared and screaming.The men are on the run after fleeing in a get away car. Home owners are being told not to expect a rate cut any time soon because the economy is doing well. Australia continues to outperform most developed countries. Problems overseas could put our strong growth at risk. It's all smiles for Wayne Swan, the Treasurer lapping up an International Monetary Fund report on Australia's economic strength, and his economic management.I'm really proud of the fact that we stuck to our guns during the global financial crisis. And forecasters are upbeat N a survey two weeks ago 23 out of 25 leading economists predicted the RBA would cut rates next month. Now just 12 think a cut to stimulate the economy is on the cards. It's a sign of a strong economy, but the Opposition says households are still struggling. If the government is looking for a pat on the back, I don't think they'll get it from the Australian people. The economy is facing fresh challenges, with conditions worsening overseas. The Eurozone has fallen into recession, the United States facing a fiscal cliff, with nasive tax heights and spending cuts -- massive tax heights and spending cuts next year, and growing tensions in the Middle East.There's a lot at stake.A lot can put the Australian economy at risk. Business groups are ringing the alarm bell about our industrial relations system. Calling for flexibility and less red tape.That has gone too far in a time when the global economy is going backwards. There's a flexibility, militant problem and a productivity problem. A revolutionly vaccine for teenage girls dramatically reduced cases of cervical cancer. The GQ Award jab, launcheed five years ago, resulted -- Gardisil jab launched five years ago raulted in a 77% reduction in the human papilloma virus virus. It is responsible for three-quarters of cervical cancer.It's great to see a drastic decrease. It's good for women in Australia.Four out of five people will be exposed to the virus in their lifetime. The vaccine will be available to boys from next year. It's the world's largest retail fashion chain, but Zara is accused of missing out on a big slice of the market because it won't stock plus sizes. Experts stay Australian retailers can cash in on this fashion black hole - all they need to do is break the trend. Zara, high fashion at a friendly price. The world's largest fashion retailer introduces a new line every two weeks. All the latest styles off the runway into the stores in record time. But what you won't find on their wracks are plus sizes. We sent fashion blogger Hayley Hughes to Zara's first Sydney store to see what she could find.I got this red blazer. And a grey blazer and a white dress. Hayley is a size 16 - the average for an Australian womanLet's try this one.OK.It's tight in the arms. It's not going to do up. That's an extra large as well.Yes. To the point there's nothing I could find in my size.There are claims Zara is struggling in the US because it refuses to stock plus sizes.Each have done tremendous business here.Here in Australia it's not just Zara, Country Road's largest size is 16, Witchery and Cue don't go bigger than a 14.The shoppers are lining up. They want to spend their money.Any retailer in this country is missing out on a huge opportunity by not stocking and providing a larger range.Eight caravan factory workers are celebrating after scooping 15 million in Powerball. They were all smiles this morning as they turned up for work at the 'The Jay Leno Show' plant in Melbourne. Despite being $1.8 million richer, they say they have no intention of giving up work. Next in Nine News, the mystery death of a baby girl - why suspicion has fallen on the family nanny. Charles and Camilla like you have never seen them before. And the man who plays secret agent 007, Daniel Craig here on the red carpet at the Australian premiere of 'Skyfall'. This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC)

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If you need petrol, fill up now. Prices are expected to rise sharply over the weekend. The average cost of unheaded is $1.32 a litre, the cheapest for 3.5 months. Around Sydney it's as little as $1.27.

The parents of an 8-month-old baby girl have left a week-long inquest not knowing how their daughter died. The court has been told that primary suspicion falls on the family nanny, though she denied it. To all who knew her in the eight short months of her life, Emily Pagett was a happy, healthy baby girl. In October 2004 her parents, Mel and Nick, left her and her brothers at their remote property in Northern NSW, in the care of their trusted Nani so they could attend a wedding. It was the last time they saw Emily alive.She's very special, our little girl.She was a very beautiful baby, happy little baby. She had two older brothers that loved her and we were a close family.The Coroner noted suspicious injuries, four rib fracturess, and a large haematoma on her neck, although not lethal that contributed somehow to her death. Emily's nanny, Shiralee Robinson appeared at the inquest and chose not to give evidence. Despite being interviewed by the police three times, she's enable to provide a plausible explanation for Emily's injuries. The Coroner says the primary suspicion falls on Shiralee Robinson:

Hopefully one day someone will give some answers that can finish all the pieces in the puzzle that we don't have.Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall lightened the mood during a visit to quake- ravaged Christchurch. The Royal couple were swept off their feet by volunteers at a special outdoor venue. It was the last leg of their Diamond Jubilee Tour. It's on track to become the most successful James Bond movie so far, and the man himself, Daniel Craig is in Sydney for the Australian premiere of 'Skyfall'. Richard Wilkin is on the red carpet. It's always good to have Mr Bond in town.Always a good day when Daniel Craig or 007 is in town. We've rolled out the weather. Not perfect conditions, but a lot of excitement and high expectations for the success of the film. Plenty of fans, and a few moments ago Daniel Craig stepped out of his limo and joined us on the red carpet.This is your last stop on your publicity blitz around the world. Do you enjoy this stuff - the fans, the banners?Of course. It's so nice when people turn up, especially when the weather is like this. It's great. We are at the end. It's bittersweet. Sad to see it go. It's been amazing.We have two more bond movies to come from you.I hope so.You signed on for a couple. Yes, I can't get out of it.It's a definite. Welcome to Sydney, lovely to have you here.Nice to be here. Congratulations. The 50th anniversary of the Bond film franchise and it's in good hands, Daniel Craig credited with rebooting the franchise, and having seen the film, it's a cracker. 'Skyfall' opens around the country next week. Mr Bond is in the room, ready for the premiere.Excellent stuff. Thank you for that.Sport is next. Here is Roz Kelly. It looks great. Australian cricket selectors have had their say on Shane Watson. The latest on his injury battle next. Also, David Beckham playing with Western Sydney. It's on the cards. And the new sport in This program is not captioned. SONG: # Only thing I found
is no place like home... # WOMAN: Come home to
Bulla Creamy Classics. # Like home # There's no place like... # There's no place like home with Bulla Creamy Classics.

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Shane Watson has been named in an extended 13-man squad for the second test against South Africa, in Adelaide. The Vice Captain addition is the only change to the squad, which drew with the Proteas in Brisbane. Still struggling with a calf injury, all-round weapon Shane Watson will likely be reduced to batting duties, if cleared to play in Adelaide.It's unlikely he'll build his workload to bowl in the test.Shane is outstanding with the bat and ball. If the selectors go in favour of him with a bat, he's going to affect our job with the bat. Michael, ideally, to have Shane in the team as a bat and bowl. The Vice Captain is the only addition, with Rob Quiney offering cover if Shane Watson is ruled out. Selectors stuck with first-test failures Warneing and Ponting. The one big decision - will Mitchell Starc replace Ben Hilfenhaus. Trying to ignore it to be honest. All I can do is control what I can control. Prepare as best I can. Benny has been harshly done by in the media. He was fantastic for Australia against India. He had one game where he didn't take five-for and everyone is over him. The NSW paceman keen to join the chorus of bowlers getting under the Proteas skin.I'm not as aggressive verbally. We have a good set up of bowlers and a good team.David Beckham wants to become the biggest soccer superstar to play in the A- League and the Western Sydney Wanderers could be the club he's heading to. The LA Galaxy star is being shopped around to teams for a 10-game guest stint when the American season finishes in two weeks time. Surprise packet Matthew Guyatt still leads the Australian Masters after the second round. He's 10-under par, two clear of Kiwi Michael Hendry. Adam Scott is one-shot further back.

Kiwi Michael Hendry. Adam Scott is
one-shot further back. Emerging from nowhere in the first round, 37-year-old Matthew Guyatt is not ready for his time in the spotlight to end.It's nice to do it under a fair bit of pressure for me. I've never been in this situation.He's stalked by some of the world's best. Adam Scott has been a master from tee to green, and with his putter working, he's a real threat.Has he got it there? Got it.Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell began his round an Eagle and a birdy. It went wrong after that.Oh.A much better day for Englishman Ian Poulter, who remains in contention to defend his title. A part-timer these days, veteran Craig Parry knows how to get himself out of trouble.Good shot.4-time Olympian Leisel Jones retired from swimming. Joined by her mum, Rosemary for the announcement, Jones won Nine Olympic medal, including three gold in a 13-year career.This decision came from a personal place. I have done everything I ever wanted. There was no more I could have achieved.Leisel Jones is not sure what she'll do next, but she has taken up tennis lessons this week. Hopefully R&R because she packed a lot into the 27 years.We wish her well. Sylvia Jeffreys is next with the weather.A wet day across Sydney. Will it clear News...Whoo
details next. Next on WIN ri
News...Whooping cough cases on the cance
rise in the Capital, And a lung of
cancer patient' s plea to the rest the
of the community. Join me for all the details next.

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It was wet and miserable across the city today unless you were in the Queen Victoria Building, the iconic dome transformed into a Christmas Wonderland complete with snow. The heaviest rain falls were north of

The trough that delivered the rain today is contracting to the north. Parts of northern NSW and southern Queensland can expect up to 30mm of rain over the weekend. Brisbane is also bracing for the threat of severe storms. Adelaide mostly fine.

The weekend is here so grab a copy of 'Best Weekend' in 'The Daily Telegraph' tomorrow. Go behind the seen as The Emerald City for grown ups prepares for a visit to the Entertainment Quarter. There's a chat with Aussie rockers, The Living End, movie reviews and all you need to know to make it a best best weekend. As you say, the weekend is here, thank you. That is Nine News this Friday, I'm Georgie Gardner. Thanks

Tonight ... A battle royale erupts of
over a solar farm proposal, Dozens O
of whooping cough cases recorded in
October, And the painful plea from I
lung cancer patient. Good evening, I' m Greg Thomson. Far from working out cross-border issues, politician are at logger-heads over a propose Mo
Solar Farm at Royalla. Member for th
Monaro John Barilaro has called on using
the ACT Government, to rule-out project.
using call-in powers for the r
project. Minister Simon Corbell has
refused to do so. A nation-leadin project which could turn this quie solar
rural suburb into Australia' s wan
solar central. The ACT Government powe
wants to build a twenty megawatt High
power station next to the Monaro be
Highway. It says Canberrans won' t owne
be affected, but what about home don
owners in New South Wales? They w
don' t seem to have any concern for pr
what we are and who we are. +w The border,
proposed site is right on the r
border, and in full view of Royalla
residents, including Tim Bloomfield major
The Guises Creek, which is a W
major feeder into the Murrumbidgee. th
What affect is it going to have on pan
that? The reflectiveness of those panels. State member John Barilar has received hundreds of complaint sa
from concerned constituents. They say there' s been no consultation. If the project goes ahead it' ll b Australia.
the largest solar farm in
Australia. There' ll be more than 8 which
000 panels across 50 hectares, Ba
which will power 4 500 homes. Mr Govern
Barilaro has called on the ACT Government to rule out using call-i fo
powers, which eliminate the right a
for residents to appeal development oppor
applications. It cuts out the opportunity for communities to have won
a great say in the process. I B
won' t be taking lectures from John po
Barilaro. Simon Corbell says the co
powers can only be used after full
consultation has occurred, somethin both the Government and builders o The
the plant are preparing to do. be
The proposal from FRV will need to De
be assessed under the Planning and sta
Development Act, which includes a consultati
statutory period of public hop
consultation. The Government is ne
hoping construction can begin late next year.

A mechanical fault is being blamed
for a car fire in Higgins today. Th prope
vehicle, which was parked on a property' s drive-way was destroyed the
ACT Fire and Rescue extinguished the blaze before it spread to nearb high
homes. A new report has found a AC
higher proportion of people in the th
ACT seek treatment for heroin use, Th
than anywhere else in the country. an
The Australian Institute of Health suppo
and Welfare looked at access to othe
support services for alcohol and treatment
other drugs. 16 per cent of f
treatment episodes in Canberra were
for heroin, compared with 9 per cen hig
nationally. The ACT also has the highest proportion of non-governmen services - at 90 per cent. Compare with New South Wales at just 25 pe n
cent. The ACT recorded its highest ove
number of whooping cough cases in fr
over a year, last month. Nine came e
from one Canberra school, which has th
emailed parents to warn them about de
the dangers. It' s a potentially incre
deadly disease and it' s on the cou
increase in the Capital. Whooping O
cough infected forty five people in
October - the highest monthly figur boys
since September last year. Nine G
boys have been affected at Canberra Grammar School. It' s a very smal number of students amongst a schoo of 1600. There are a couple in yea o
seven, a couple in year eight, and The
one or two in the elder stages. teac
The school has informed parents, says
teachers and other students, but ordinar
says it' s nothing out of the sit
ordinary. There isn' t really a kids
situation. There are a couple of this
kids who are home sick. So far fi
this year three hundred and thirty
five people have been diagnosed wit That
whooping cough across Canberra.