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(generated from captions) We did do the bathroom for 10 grand,
though, so what about a Megaguess,
Mr Smythe? Yeah!
Megaguess! Megaguess! Megaguess! Whoo! Go, baby! Alright!
It's up to you! So... ..Lyn, it's up to you. He's got 1,900 bucks
to build an island paradise. This is your 10 grand
for your bathroom. What is in 17? I'm going to try for $4,000. OK. For $10,000, Lyn.


She must be carrying some
rock salt in her pocket as well. Rock 'n' roll! We turned 100 bucks
into $11,900 all up. Let's see the money. I think Australia will forgive Lyn
if she has a five-minute shower. Huh? What do you reckon? Beautiful. Good stuff, Aldo. Great work, Lyn. Congratulations! There's your 10 grand. $1,900 for you, Aldo. Two grand for Long on the podium. Thanks for coming, Long, and
thanks for being with us, everyone. It won't be long
before we see you again.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - a Sydney girl
abducted by her grandmother. What her grandfather has to say. RailCorp axed
along with hundreds of jobs. What it means for your rail service. Claims Catholic school fees
are going to pay for sex abuse complaints. Israel threatens full-scale war
as Hamas takes revenge with rockets. And one on one with 007 -
Daniel Craig on Sydney's red carpet. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. A desperate search is under way
for a 4-year-old Sydney girl abducted from a childcare centre
by her grandmother. The normally confidential
Family Court is so worried, it's released photos
of the youngster pleading for help to find her. 4-year-old Annaleise Harris-Edwards
now missing for a month, Taken, police say, the day her father won a court order
for custody and went to collect her
from day care. Since these orders were made,
nobody knows her whereabouts. It's believed
she's with her grandmother. That is Bronwyn Edwards. The Family Court
taking the rare step of issuing her name and photo. It's been long enough now,
it's time to come back and let Annaleise see her family. Traffic cameras
recorded the grandmother heading north from Sydney - possibly to family
in either the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Toowoomba. No contact with her,
no contact with the father, no contact with the father at all. We visited Mrs Edward's home. Mr Edwards?
Chris Reason from Channel 7. Her husband claims
he doesn't know her whereabouts but says she's determined
not to hand Annaleise back. She is pretty adamant? She is definitely adamant. Bronwyn Edwards is driving
a red-pink Hyundai Excel. The Edwards family, and
that includes Annaleise's mother, say they are desperate for a chance to appeal
the court's custody decision, but the father says
the court has ruled and he wants his daughter back.

Almost 700 jobs more jobs
are being slashed from RailCorp under a major restructure
of train services. The State Government says
it wants to cut red tape and fix ongoing problems
with maintenance A brand so broken and so unpopular,
it's been dumped. RailCorp, unfortunately,
is too red-taped, too heavy in bureaucracy. Today, the Government began
its RailCorp rebadge with 690 job cuts. 450 from the maintenance unit and another 240 in administration. But the minister doesn't know
how much the changes will save or even cost. I can't put a figure on that now. No detail.
Where are the savings going? If the savings were going in
to front-line services then you could have a discussion. There's no discussion about this. Last night, Seven News revealed CityRail was among the world's
least efficient services with 500 middle managers
already sent packing, along with 140 other staff. Now the Government says the workforce will be slashed
from 15,000 to around 12,000. The minister has sought to demonise
the RailCorp workforce. Quite clearly, operating an expanding network
is increasingly difficult with less people to do it. But the biggest cut
is RailCorp itself. From next July,
it will split in two. Sydney trains for the city and New South Wales trains
for country areas. Despite the job losses,
the minister says all stations
will still have managers, but they may be managing
fewer people. At some stations, there will potentially be
one extra staff person. At some stations, there could potentially be
one less staff person. And Lee Jeloscek joins us now
from Redfern Station. Lee, how will this affect
Sydney commuters? Mark, the Transport Minister
is hoping the changes makes things easier
for commuters by moving track work
from weekends to late at night. She also wants to slash
the 200 maintenance centres. Melbourne has just eight. But the unions fear cutting jobs
could also lead to the closure of as many as 116 local stations. A new scandal is brewing
for the Catholic Church with claims victims of sexual abuse
are being paid with funds provided by school fees. Seven News can reveal parents and taxpayers
are bankrolling the church's own insurance company which pays out
victims' compensation. If you thought the Catholic Church
has been literally paying dearly for the sins of its clergy, you'd be mistaken. The victims' support group
Broken Rites says parents of Catholic schoolchildren
and taxpayers are effectively bankrolling
massive compensation payouts for sexual abuse. The Catholic Church
pays mega millions to the victims. It doesn't like doing this. It tries to evade it when it can. He says the church minimises the
financial impact of abuse like this. Parents pay fees to schools which, in turn, pay premiums to
Catholic Church Insurances Limited which writes cheques for the church's
Towards Healing negotiators convincing victims
to accept compensation without embarrassing the church
by going to court. The main purpose
of the insurance company's role is to protect the reputation
of the Catholic Church. Former Toward Healing negotiator
Brother Alexis Turton confirmed:

Seven News wanted to know
how many parents were aware they were effectively insuring against the risk
to their own children but the Sydney Archdiocese
has failed to answer any of our questions. Broken Rites wants the
royal commission into child abuse to also investigate
Catholic Church finances. A nanny will not be charged
over an 8-month-old baby's death despite a coroner suggesting
she's the prime suspect. Emily Paget died
in 2004 under her nanny's care on a farm in the state's far north. The coroner's open finding leaves the cause of Emily's death
a mystery. Hopefully, one day, someone
gives some answers, you know, that can just finish all the pieces
in the puzzle that we don't have. The court heard Emily had suffered broken ribs
and severe bruising consistent with being squeezed
by an adult. A man's body
and cocaine worth $116 million have been found on a yacht which ran aground off Tonga
in the Pacific. The vessel, which sailed
from Ecuador bound for Australia, was under
US and Australian surveillance before it was shipwrecked. Police first found
the decomposed body. A further search
identified 204 kilos of cocaine secreted within the hull
of the vessel. Two people were on the yacht
when it left South America. Israel has authorised the call-up
of 30,000 military reservists as the Middle East crisis
intensifies. The alert came after Palestinian militants
fired rockets from Gaza into the suburbs of Tel Aviv. (SIRENS WAIL) Not since the first Gulf War
have sirens sounded over Tel Aviv. (ROCKET ROARS) Residents of Israel's biggest city
had 90 seconds to find cover from a rocket
that fell into the sea. (EXPLOSION) It was a dangerous escalation (SCREAMING) "There's another one",
an Israeli soldier screams. (EXPLOSIONS) 200 Hamas rockets were fired
into Israel. Most were shot down
before reaching their targets, but one hit this apartment, killing three people. In return,
Israel launched 200 air strikes on Palestinian targets in Gaza aimed at stockpiles
of long-range rockets. (EXPLOSION)

30,000 Israeli reservists
have been called up as forces began to mass
on the border with the Gaza Strip ready
for a possible ground invasion. No government would tolerate
a situation where nearly a fifth of its people live under a constant barrage
of rockets and missile fire. World leaders, including
the Australian Prime Minister, are calling for restraint but this centuries-long dispute is on the brink again
of all-out war.

Industry leaders are warning
many more jobs will end up overseas unless the Gillard Government
makes its industrial laws more business friendly. Car maker Ford has become the latest
to sack hundreds of workers at its assembly plants
in Melbourne and Geelong. 212 Ford workers,
driven from their jobs. Very sad. Very sad. Ah, terrible.
I've been here all my life. 28 years. For those who kept their jobs
at the car maker's Victorian plants, relief. Beautiful. I'm happy.
I can sleep now. $53 million of taxpayer subsidies
this year couldn't prevent the sackings. People are not buying
Australian cars, Australian-made cars, because they don't want to buy
Australian-made cars and the cars are not meeting
their demands as consumers. As overseas, the eurozone
was declared back in recession, the Treasurer talked up our economy
at a union conference, backing business calls
for a new spirit of consensus. The things we do together that
are the things that make us strong. While business is calling
for cooperation, it's also calling
for workplace reform. It says the pendulum of power
has swung too far back to the unions and if it doesn't swing back,
more jobs will go overseas. More business closures,
more off-shoring and less Australian jobs. Tony Abbott bought in... There's a flexibility problem,
there's a militancy problem and, above all else,
there's a productivity problem. ..testing the flexibility of the new spirit of cooperation. Workers love being flexible.
They love it. They love not having paid holidays, they love not having
paid sick leave. The red carpet has been rolled out
at the State Theatre tonight James Bond himself, Daniel Craig,
is in Sydney for the event. Talitha Cummins is at the premiere
and spoke to him. Talitha, what's James Bond like
in person? Hello, Mark.

He's about as smooth
on the red carpet as he is in character. For a man
who doesn't like interviews, things didn't go too badly. Daniel Craig
has a lot to be proud of. 'Skyfall' is set to become
the highest grossing Bond film of all time. Here's some of what he had to say. Congratulations on the success
of the film. Is it satisfying to see it
being so well received by audiences and critically? God, of course. And, you know, it's, ah, you know,
you do the best you can and then you hope, but when it's been like this,
it's very special. How has this set apart
from the other Bond films? I understand there's an element
of humour in it? There is. It's funny as hell.
That's what sets it apart? I don't know. I mean, I can't really compare Roger Moore's called you the best
007 of all time. How does that compliment sit
with you? Very well. It's very nice of him. He's a lovely
man. I'm a big fan of his.

And what do you think of the turnout? It is good, especially since we have had such bad weather. I'm going to go over and say hello. It's pretty spectacular. It's always great many of these trains going by as well. It run is out for you tonight. He is a man of few words but we got there. Audiences in Sydney can judge for themselves when the movie is released next Thursday. Still to come tonight
in Seven News - Sydney's wet weather
leaves three dead and five injured in car crashes. Also, our latest Victoria Cross hero
gets back to work in the mines. And Prince Charles winds up the
royal tour with a bit of hot jive. That's next.


(WHISTLES) VOICEOVER: In a serious crash, wearing a seatbelt nearly doubles
your chances of surviving. So, however short the journey, however long you've been driving...
(WHISTLES) ..however well you know the road, don't forget to clip, every trip.

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Smoky BBQ Bandit. Get yours today.

The ambulance service
is urging drivers to slow down on our wet roads after three deadly crashes. A woman was killed
in a three-car smash this afternoon. She was travelling in a sedan
hit by a four-wheel-drive on The Northern Road near Mulgoa. Five others were injured,
including four children. Two others died in separate crashes
in Blaxland and North Richmond. Australia's newest war hero, Victoria Cross recipient
Daniel Keighran, has returned to work showing just how down to earth
he really is. Having retired from the army, he's swapped the heat and dust
of Afghanistan for the heat and dust
of the outback.

Among the machinery and dust
of the Goldfields, Daniel Keighran blends right in. An underground goldminer, few jobs say "Kalgoorlie"
as well as this one but behind the high-vis overalls
and compulsory hard hat, there's a powerful story - one of a Victoria Cross winner, an Aussie war hero who risked his life
dodging bullets in Afghanistan, so removed from his job today. A few years later and working
underground in a goldmine, it's, uh, what can I say? The comparison is quite different. Corporal Keighran left
full-time army service last year. It was two years ago in a gunfight the Defence Department released
this video of the 29-year-old from Queensland
put his life before others. I remember going over
the top of this hill to get my gunner in position to put some fire down and I took a couple of bursts
from a PKM that, I don't know,
somehow missed me. Daniel's efforts that day won him
the highest military award - the Victoria Cross. Daniel is the third digger
who fought in Afghanistan to be awarded the medal. His mates back at
Kalgoorlie's La Mancha goldmine were pretty impressed. It's a spin-out, actually. (LAUGHS) Well, it's an honour, to be honest. They call him Prince Harry here - Dan's red hair,
the obvious comparison. (LAUGHS) Jokes aside, Dan is clearly more
than just one of the boys. Daniel says
the most common questions is, when will he return
to the defence force? For now, he says he's happy
here in Kalgoorlie where he's swapped
the army Kevlar helmet for a plastic hard hat. I've had a fair few deployments
and a lot of time overseas so this is the next chapter
of my life. A controversial vaccine given to teenage girls
to prevent cervical cancer is being hailed a lifesaver. New research shows the Gardasil vaccine
has resulted in a 77% drop in the types of human papillomavirus that account
for most cervical cancers. It's one of the early reports
into the vaccine efficacy and the first in the world
to report such a result. The Cancer Council hopes the result will encourage
more people to get immunised. Teenage boys will be given
the vaccine from next year. Energy giant BP will pay a record
$4.3 billion in criminal penalties over the 2010
Gulf of Mexico disaster. 11 workers died in the explosion
that led to the massive oil spill. BP has agreed to plead guilty
to all 14 criminal charges, including the responsibility
for the deaths of 11 people and the events that led to an unprecedented
environmental catastrophe. Two employees have also been charged
with manslaughter. A civil trial, to cover possible
compensation for economic losses, begins next year. Prince Charles
and his wife, Camilla, have wrapped their 6-day tour
of New Zealand dancing in the streets
of quake-ravaged Christchurch. It started when a clean-up volunteer
asked Camilla for a twirl on the so-called Dance-o-Mat. Charles joined in, quickly showing
he's no slouch at the jitterbug. The Royals are now heading home. Sport now with Simon Reeve. Simon, Shane Watson's back
for the second test. Mark, he's been named
in a 13-man squad but he's far from a certain starter. As the South Africans promise
more venom at the Adelaide Oval. Plus, one of our swimming greats
calls it a day. And is Becks heading
to the A-League? We'll have that
and another soccer bombshell.

It's Jan's birthday. There's cake. Not now, Ryan. I'm texting
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for a Telstra customer. Please take a break today.
Read a good book. Well, I've got two.
At least get some fresh air. (GROANS)


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the masterpiece I've made # The kitchen makeover # The garden's in clover # We've changed our befores
to our afters # From carpet to ceiling # All much more appealing # Now that I made it with Masters MAN 2: # It's not so much our home # As my DIY zone # With my ladders
WOMAN: # Drills # And water blasters # And with everything I've made # Much less I have paid # Now that I made it with Masters # And although some would say # That along the way # I've had my fair share
of disasters # At barbies I brag # While I'm smoking my snags # I made it,
I made it with Masters # Yes, I made it
# He made it # With Masters. #

All-rounder Shane Watson has
been named in Australia's squad for next week's Adelaide test but selectors admit he's unlikely
to be fit enough to bowl. Watson could play as a batsman only. But if he does,
he'll face a South African attack looking to make amends. They lacked venom at the Gabba,
but after playing with our wildlife, the Proteas are ready to strike back
in Adelaide. What's it like?
Ooh! I think we did let ourselves down
a little bit. There's going to be some
serious cricket played, you know. Dean Elgar arrived last night. He's replaced JP Duminy who's recovering
from Achilles surgery. Shane Watson WILL play
if he can do all this. He'll have to be fit to perform regarding
running between the wickets, chasing in the field, diving. Selections offering
a confusing answer to whether Watson can play
as a batsman only. He'll bowl a few overs in the test,
if selected. We just don't know. It's too early. 12th man in Brisbane Mitchell Starc
went nowhere fast today as rain ruined the Shield game
in Sydney but he's ready
for the Adelaide deck. On flatter wickets like we had
at the SCG the last few days hard work's really going show
its rewards later in the day and later in the match. Cute and cuddly today,
but looks can be deceiving. Expect teeth to be bared again. There's a lot of fight there and we really want
that number one spot back so, that aggression
is probably going to be there for the next two tests as well,
I reckon. Blues coach Laurie Daley
has urged the ARL commission to do whatever it takes to ensure Israel Folau returns
to the NRL. Daley cast an eye over some
Origin stars of the future today at a camp
for elite Indigenous players. He's hoping salary cap issues
don't prevent Folau from signing with Parramatta. I'm hoping
that something can be sorted out and you'd love to see him playing
the game because he's a talent. Daley's in favour
of a marquee player allowance to ensure rugby league retains
its biggest stars. to play in the A-League. Beckham's LA Galaxy contract
runs out next month and the FFA is in talks
to bring him Down Under. Western Sydney Wanders
are in the mix to sign the former England captain, but they'll have to contend
with a determined Melbourne Heart. We've got a good structure now
in place, we've got some fantastic youth
coming through and we think that he can educate
and help them. Australia would be
a much safer destination for Becks than Argentina where this goalie was injured
by an exploding flare. Little-known Queenslander
Matthew Guyatt continues to defy the big names in the Australian Masters
at Kingston Heath. Guyatt finished the second round
at 10-under and carries a two-shot lead
heading into the weekend. Adam Scott is three off the pace
after carding a solid two-under 70. Triple Olympic champion Leisel Jones
is walking away from swimming with no regrets. After 13 years and an Australian record
nine Olympic medals, 27-year-old Jones says
she has nothing left to achieve - and there'll be
no Ian Thorpe-style comeback. No, definitely not one
for comebacks. You know, there's nothing more
that I can really do and a comeback I think would
come from a different place. Jones rates her gold
in the 100m breaststoke in Beijing as her career highlight. Jamie Whincup can wrap up
the V8 Supercar title at Winton this weekend. The Team Vodafone ace fastest
in practice today. Mark Winterbottom is the only other
driver in championship reckoning. He's desperate to ensure the title's
decided at the Sydney 500. Who knows - you've just got
to keep fighting and hopefully we go into Homebush
with a chance. You just do what you can do. Every minute live on Seven
this weekend.

We need a hat-trick tonight for the Sydney Football Club. They might want a caller David Beckham in. Checking finance now and the share market ended the week
lower after news Europe has slipped
back into recession. The ASX 200 dropped 12 points. But shares in Kathmandu jumped after reporting
a recent 20% boost in sales. Sally's next with Sydney's weather and will the wet weather clear
in time for the weekend? Mark, the grey clouds
are here to stay with showers lingering
into next week. I'll have the details
after the break.

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It's a pretty bleak picture
across the state tonight. Wet weather along the east coast. While residents in the state's north
are bracing themselves for severe thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds
possible over the weekend. We saw light rain start up
early this morning. The wet weather kept things
very chilly today. A top of just 18 degrees. Just one degree different
to the coolest temp overnight. Rain-wise, most falls were on
the light side of things. Just a few millimetres for most. The wettest suburbs
were Terrey Hills and Mona Vale. The developing weather to watch
tonight will be the potentially big storms
in the north-east corner from Grafton
through to Coffs Harbour which will bring falls of 10mm-20mm and we could see super cells form which have the potential
to cause a lot of damage. It's all thanks to a trough which will also affect
southern Queensland. Around the nation - showers clearing
in Melbourne.

On the water:

Tonight will be partly cloudy
with the chance of a brief shower. Staying that way
for the start of Saturday with another brief shower possible
and a top of 21. Rainfall will again be light,
just 1mm, with temperatures across the coast
and west still well below average. Not a lot of change into Sunday. And the onshore winds will
keep things wet into next week. But we will get a bit of a break
on Wednesday before the wet weather starts up
again. Mark.

That's Seven News for this Friday. Ahead on 'Today Tonight',
an illegal car racket foiled. The man caught
winding back countless odometers. That's next.

The latest development
in our special investigation into an illegal car racket. Plus, behind the scenes
with James Bond. You want to keep
an audience guessing. You always try to be ahead
of the fastest person in the room in a movie theatre. Our intimate interview
with Daniel Craig. And a trip down memory lane. Just how much have our favourite
TV shows changed our daily lives? We begin with a major development
in our investigation into an illegal car racket and the man caught
winding back odometers to be sold
to unsuspecting customers. Now Frank Strohkorb wishes
he could wind back the clock too. James Thomas was there
for Frank's day in court. Frank, have you got anything to say to the people
whose odometers you fiddled with? Remember this guy? His name is Frank Strohkorb. Today, he was sentenced for his role
as 'Frank the Fiddler'. Frank was an essential cog in the wheel
of a extensive used-car fraud uncovered by Today Tonight. Look, can you stop that.