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(generated from captions) We have got Our Lady in the lead. Clock starts ticking now. What's 69 - 34?

35. Can a European wasp
sting multiple times?

Yes, it can. James McAvoy is the voice
of one of Santa's sons in the 2011 movie 'Arthur WHAT'? Christmas.
Correct. True or false? In Greek mythology, the goddess
of agriculture was Demeter.

True. What is 57 + 36?

80...92. 93 and I'm not going to get
to that last question. Whoo!
They slipped, did the red school. Lugarno have finished third,
but only just. 200 points. 210 is shared by Our Lady -
Aaron, Brendan and Emily... They gave up some ground
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - the search for a young girl abducted
from a Sydney childcare centre. Crown Casino bouncers acquitted
over the death of a drunk patron. A bleak Christmas
for hundreds of axed Ford workers. And thousands of teenagers
hit the Gold Coast for schoolies celebrations. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Sally Bowrey. Good afternoon. Police in two states are searching
for a 4-year-old Sydney girl who's believed to have been taken
by her grandmother. Annaleise Grace Harris-Edwards
hasn't been seen since early October when her father went to pick her up
from preschool. Police think she may be with
her maternal grandmother The Family Court has ordered
she be returned to her father. He's very distraught, very upset,
as you can understand. He's got no knowledge
as to her whereabouts, whether she's safe,
whether she's OK. Annaleise is described as Caucasian with shoulder length
light-brown hair, blue eyes and a gap in her front teeth. Anyone with information
is urged to contact Crime Stoppers. Two Crown Casino bouncers
have walked free after a Melbourne jury found them
not guilty of killing a patron who was tackled to the ground. A third security guard
was acquitted of assault. Kate Osborn was in court
for today's verdict. Sally, these verdicts will certainly
come as a surprise to many, particularly those who have seen
the graphic CCTV vision of the incident. To the casual observer, the vision appears
to back up the prosecution case that these bouncers
used excessive force when they restrained Anthony Dunning as they tried to evict him
from Crown Casino last year. Matthew Lawson can be clearly seen
throwing him to the ground and then pinning him down
and holding his neck, assisted by Cameron Sanderson
and Benjamin Vigo which led to the manslaughter
and assault charges. But these bounces claimed all along
they were simply doing their job and acting according
to their training. In the end, it seems
the jury couldn't be convinced that they were not acting
in self-defence nor could it be certain that Mr Dunning died
as a direct result of this incident and not due
to a pre-existing heart condition. Mr Dunning's parents
sat through the month-long trial but didn't make it to court in time
for the verdict this morning and they're said to be shattered. As for Crown,
it's released a statement, saying it's examining the implications
of the verdicts but won't be making
any further comment. Sally. A Melbourne man
has been shot by police after he allegedly confronted them
armed with knives. Two officers fired on the man outside a home
at St Albans this morning as they investigated reports
a woman had been wounded. She was later discovered inside
the house with serious injuries. The couple has been taken
to hospital but their wounds are not considered
life threatening. Ford has been holding meetings at
two of its plants in Victoria today to inform 212 workers
they no longer have a job. The positions were axed
due to a slump in car sales. Brendan Donohoe has more. Sally, it's been a real day
of heartache for Ford workers both here in Geelong and also in Broadmeadows
north of Melbourne. Back in July, the ailing car giant asked for 440
voluntary redundancies. Unfortunately,
it fell short of that number so this morning we had this grim
procession of individual workers being called in by management and some emerged with good news, many with bad.

Terrible. It's been my life, 28 years,
from the age of 18. Have you kept your job?
No. You haven't?
No. How are you feeling? Well, I can't say anything.
Thank you. What can we do?
We have to accept it. You have family?
Yes. Children?
Yes, two children. But, Sally, for Geelong itself,
it's been a bittersweet day. On top of the bad news with Geelong,
there's been some bright news. Cotton On, the fashion retailer which has about 1,000 stores
around the world, has announced that it's expanding
and putting on 500 new workers. Sally.

And almost 700 jobs will go following a major shake-up
of the New South Wales rail network. The State Government
is pushing ahead with plans to divide RailCorp into
two separate operators next July. 690 back office and maintenance
positions will be axed over three years. The union warns
the cuts could lead to the closure of more than 100
Sydney train stations. Authorities have found a body
and more than 200kg of cocaine on a yacht bound for Australia. The drug
with a street value of $116 million was discovered
in the hull of the vessel after it ran aground
off the coast of Tonga. This is the fourth vessel since 2010
targeting Australia so that's a total
of 1.1 tonnes of cocaine four yachts that have been stopped reached the shores of Australia. Tests are being done
on a man's badly decomposed body also found onboard. Israeli forces
and Palestinian militants are edging dangerously close
to all-out war after rockets were fired at Israel's
second largest city, Tel Aviv. Israel retaliated, firing a barrage of missiles
into the Gaza Strip and calling up
30,000 army reservists. Terror in Israel. (SCREAMING) "There's another one",
a soldier screams. More than 200 missiles
fired at Israel today. And in Gaza, despair. (CHANTING) Burying an infant
killed in an Israeli attack. Israel today launched
at least 200 air attacks against Palestinian targets, most of them against stockpiles
of long-range rockets, trying to eliminate that threat
against Israeli cities. And Israel's army is massing
on the border, with 30,000 reserves on alert for a possible ground invasion. Clear warnings. Israel is prepared to take
whatever action is necessary to defend our people. But Hamas appears undeterred. They say
they shot down this Israeli drone and attacked Tel Aviv, where citizens
had a 90-second warning. Reported almost disbelievingly
on Israeli TV - Israel's largest city targeted for
the first time by a Hamas rocket. It fell harmlessly into the sea. Israel's anti-rocket system
knocked out most incoming missiles that threatened the towns, but not all. One got through in the southern town
of Kiryat Malachi. The Palestinians fired at least
250 rockets at Israel today. Most didn't do any damage,
but this one did. It killed three Israeli civilians. Israel is bracing for more. The army spokesman said tonight,
"difficult days are ahead." Tens of thousands of school leavers
are converging on the Gold Coast for annual
schoolies week celebrations. Party-goers are being reminded
to think about their future as they take part
in the popular rite of passage. Amanda Abate is there. Sally, schoolies
have already started arriving here in Surfer's Paradise and they're full of energy
and excitement. Hundreds made a mad dash
for the surf this morning as they countdown got under way
for the week-long party. More than 30,000 teenagers are expected to check in to hotels
from tomorrow. They'll be issued with wristbands which give them access to a large
fenced-off section of the beach which is for schoolies only. Two stages are being set up. but schoolies caught misbehaving
risk being banned. Our simple policy will be,
once you are evicted, your wristband's gone and we will be taking steps
to make sure you don't return. Don't come out in public
in a drunken state. You will be dealt with
by the police. Dozens of officers
will be patrolling the precinct along with ambulance paramedics who have set up
an emergency first aid centre. One than 1,000 volunteers
have actually paid to help out through the week to keep an eye on schoolies
and help them stay safe. Organisers urge them
to be responsible and parents are warned
they risk a fine of more than $8,000 if they're caught supplying alcohol
to minors. Sally. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - firefighters battle
a large grass fire near homes north of Brisbane. Also, the cancer-causing virus
on the brink of extinction. Plus, Prince Charles
and his wife, Camilla, wrap up their antipodean adventure.

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Four firefighters
have been treated by paramedics after a large grass fire broke out
near Caboolture in Queensland. More than 16 firefighters
were called to the blaze which erupted in Donnybrook
this morning. The flames worsened
throughout the day burning more than
two square kilometres of land and destroying a shed. and several were treated
for heat exhaustion. Emergency services warn a smoke haze from the fire
will remain in the area tonight. A controversial vaccine
given to teenage girls to prevent cervical cancer is being labelled a success. New research has found the Gardasil vaccine reduced the
incidence of a cancer-causing virus by a staggering 77%. Associate Professor Karen Canfell
from the Cancer Council joins me now. Professor,
just how significant is this result? I think this is

I think this is just fantastic news. The investigators in the study looked at rates of infections in young women in Australia and they showed an enormous drop of 77 % and women up to the age of 25, so this is the first time that the vaccine has been demonstrated to work at the national level in the real world outside clinical trials. There has been some controversy surrounding the vaccine. Should this result these people's concerns? I think this really does demonstrate that the vaccine is working in practice and it shows that their clinical trial results that demonstrated the vaccine worked were correct and it also is in line with previous predictions of how the vaccine works and I think this really provides reassurance and it means that parents need to make sure that they keep up the rates are back to make -- vaccinations of young girls are still so we can continue to protect young girls. In it is indeed my advice to women and I think the other thing that women need to keep in mind is that even if they are vaccinated, they need to have so vital screening regularly as the vaccine does not protect against all of the strains of the virus. -- cervical screening. US Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton is on her way to Singapore after wrapping up a 4-day visit
to Australia. Mrs Clinton left Adelaide
after inspecting a key defence hub, as South Australia made a pitch
for more naval contracts. We set out the case for Adelaide, we discussed our capabilities but it was obvious to her that the opportunities
were wonderful opportunities and we'll continue that dialogue. The former First Lady was forced to skip a visit
to the Penfolds winery yesterday to deal with growing tensions
in Gaza. Prince Charles and Camilla
have hit the dance floor during a visit to Christchurch on the final leg
of their Down Under tour. The royal couple delighted locals
with their moves after meeting volunteers and victims
of the 2011 earthquake. We had a nice wee chat about how the water came up
over the road and into the house and sewerage damage,
that kind of stuff. Really lovely to talk to. The Duchess of Cornwall also
made time for some retail therapy before the couple flies home
to the UK tonight. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - oil giant BP
slapped with a $4 billion fine. Also, new laws
to protect Australia's marine life. And the door opens
for another football superstar to join the A-League.

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Environment Minister Tony Burke
has declared a massive reserve park to help secure the future
of our marine life. Surrounded by sharks
at Sydney Aquarium, Mr Burke announced 2.3 million square kilometres
of ocean will be protected. We need to appreciate,
that in the years to come, we don't want people to only know
the magnificence of their oceans We need to appreciate,
that in the years to come, we don't want people to only know
the magnificence of their oceans through aquariums
or by watching 'Finding Nemo'. But it will impact
on commercial fishing, and the Government has pledged
$100 million in compensation. BP has been ordered to pay

Time to check the financial markets and the ASX 200
finished 12 points lower as the eurozone economy
fell back into recession. The Aussie dollar is buying:

Radio announcer Alan Jones' comment about Julia Gillard's father
dying of shame has come with a hefty price tag. Macquarie Radio Network estimates
it lost up to $1.5 million because of the scandal. The company's chairman admits 15 advertisers
have permanently left 2GB, but says
it's impossible to determine the full impact on revenue. The network suspended
all advertising in October to protect existing clients
from an online hate campaign. BP has been ordered to pay the biggest criminal fine
in American history for the country's
worst offshore oil spill. The company has pleaded guilty
to 14 charges over the Gulf of Mexico disaster, costing it more than $4 billion. The explosion killed 11 workers,
severely damaged BP's reputation and the subsequent spill
was a disaster for the environment. 200 million gallons of oil
pouring in to the Gulf of Mexico for three months. In parallel, it spawned a legal drama
that will continue for years. But today was a milestone. on criminal charges. BP has agreed to plead guilty
to all 14 criminal charges, including responsibility
for the deaths of 11 people and the events that led The company has also agreed to pay
$4 billion in fines and in penalties.

But those have tracked the oil spill
say the damage will linger for years and they insist
today's fine is no deterrent. I think the other oil majors
are gonna see this and say,
"Great, this is a small fine." This is a rounding error
for companies of this size. BP's third-quarter profits
were $5.5 billion. Separately, two BP engineers who were on
the Deepwater Horizon rig are charged
with multiple counts of manslaughter and another executive
accused of obstruction. The agreement
outlined in this document may resolve
the federal criminal charges. It does not end the civil claims. So, expect the legal battles
to endure for many more years with tens of billions of dollars
still at stake. Sport with Simon Reeve shortly but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Good afternoon.. A review
into the Centenary Hospital's maternity ward's been ordered
by the Chief Minister after complaints from new mums and
midwives about patients being asked to leave just 6 hours after giving
birth.. because of a bed shortage. Fears regional New South
Wales towns such as Cooma don't have enough long term
health care solutions. It's as Federal Liberal Candidate
Peter Hendy's outraged It's as Federal Liberal Candidate
Peter Hendy's outraged German doctor Christoph Ahrens was only given a 6
month practice extension.. instead of something more permanent. A 26 year old Weetungra
man's been charged after police caught him driving drunk TWICE
last night. He'll face court next police caught him driving drunk TWICE
last night. He'll face court next week. face court next week. Calls for the Chief Minister to
consult Royalla locals on their massive solar farm
project.. it's as Monaro MP John Barilaro's concerned
call in powers will MP John Barilaro's concerned
call in powers will be used without first
consulting those it'll effect. And.. the Aussie Open
trophies stopped over in the Territory today. They're on a
nationwide tour.. before the

Australian selectors have
left the door open for Shane Watson to play in the second test
in Adelaide next week. Watson's been given extra time
to overcome a calf injury which ruled him out
of the first test at the Gabba. Selectors have named a 13-man squad which includes Rob Quiney
and Blues paceman Mitchell Starc. If I'm in the combination
they want on the day, so be it. But, if not, back to New South Wales
and keep doing eveything I can. The South Africans
are still in Brisbane where they've been joined
by replacement batsman Dean Elgar. The A-League is buzzing over reports that David Beckham
is heading Down Under. Beck's LA Galaxy contract runs out
next month and it's believed
he's in negotiations with a number of Australian clubs. Melbourne Heart are favourites
to snare the former England captain. Round seven kicks-off
with Alessandro Del Pierro's Sydney FC taking on the Roar in Brisbane. The AFL has ordered Carlton to include a substantial
third-party arrangement involving skipper Chris Judd in its salary cap. Judd's deal with Visy is worth around $250,000 a year, and must now be added to the Blues'
total player payments. All we want is for everybody
to have the same situation - either have those deals that
you can do outside the salary cap, or have everything
in the salary cap. Adelaide's salary cap crisis
has deepened, with third-party payments
made to captain Nathan van Berlo now under investigation. The Crows already face
huge penalties over illegal payments
made to Kurt Tippett. Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has
brushed off David Campese's claims he has destroyed Australian Rugby. Campese wants Deans sacked, and says the current crop
of Wallabies can't catch or pass. Deans remains focussed on this
weekend's Test against England and admires Campo's passion. It's great that people are
passionate about the game, and, in particular,
passionate about the Wallaby jersey. Defeat at Twickenham could see the Wallabies drop out
of the top four in the IRB rankings. Triple Olympic champion Leisel Jones
has announced her retirement. Jones says there's nothing left
for her to achieve in the pool. she made up her mind to retire
after the London Games. I'm not one for comebacks
so I definitely wanted to make sure I'd ticked every single box
in my career and I had done that. 27-year-old Jones claimed individual
gold in the 100m breaststroke in Beijing in 2008.

Unheralded Queenslander
Matthew Guyatt remains alone atop the leaderboard in round two
of the Australian Masters at Kingston Heath. Guyatt holds a two-shot advantage
after a solid three-under 69. Adam Scott remains
right in contention just three off the pace. Northern Irishman Graeme McDowell
is in danger of missing the cut, despite opening his round
with a chip-in eagle. Jamie Whincup can clinch
his fourth V8 Supercar championship in this weekend's round at Winton. The Team Vodafone driver sizzled
in practice today, clocking the fastest time. His only title challenger
is Ford's Mark Winterbottom, who's 296 points adrift. You've got to go in to every race
still hopeful, but it's obviously
a tough challenge. Every minute live on Seven
this weekend.

And we salute Liesl Jones. What a start! After the break, we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

Good afternoon. We are live from puffing Billy on this cool and mostly sunny afternoon in town. But just look at some of our weather cameras. We had to Brisbane first where it has been hot and sunny and it is currently 29 degrees. There has been some rain in Sydney from time to time. Adelaide is pleasant and mild. As we look at the latest, we can see the tail-end of a trough that has been producing patchy rain over NSW. It has been cool as temperatures gradually rise in the western half of the country and thunderstorms will sweep into the south-east, of Queensland tomorrow as the south-west of WA starts to sizzle with temperatures rising. Brisbane tomorrow will have a few showers and it should reach the top of 31 degrees for Sydney. Hobart is becoming finer with the 16 and Melbourne has a shower or two with 19 degrees and Adelaide should be fine and mild with 23 and a hot one in bath and it should reach the top of 32 degrees. -- Perth. That is the latest weather from puffing Billy on this mostly sunny afternoon. I don't think you have your L-plates. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team.

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