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Seven to fifteen degrees in ninet
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Showers and low twenties for the Mon
weekend, The rain should clear by on
Monday though, Twenty four degrees Wednesda
on Tuesday, twenty seven for t
Wednesday. And that' s WIN News for Thomso
this Thursday night. I' m Greg Thomson..... Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome. First tonight - Tony Barber can't remember what year he first appeared on television but he certainly became a part of our lives. And we may think we know all there is about the game show king but he still has some secrets. Please welcome the king of quiz, Tony Barber.At 72 rpbgs he's still got it.Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the show. TV's greatest quiz master is back. The man who gave away $25 million on 'Sale of the Century'.We're off and running.And asked 118,000 questions. Now reveals why he was shown the door.One felt hurt. One felt what I'd done well for the network.And the incredible love twist.Hello. I'm on a date.With his best mate's wife.You don't know what's going to happen in your life.Tonight, Mr Nice Guy, Tony Barber, tells all. A lot of memories in this room, aren't there, Tony?Yep.A couple of Logies up there.1972 and 1973. For 'Temptation and 'The Great Temptation'.You had to wear a suit and tie on the radio?Of course. They were humble beginnings.

Singing was his forte. And whistling.

Good evening.The first man on TV, who later became a network boss, Bruce Gyngell, spotted that early ad. And fame and fortune followed. Well, modest fortune to start.I think I got $25 an episode which was interesting because I also got $25 a spot in a leagues clubs which I performed in the evenings to supplement the lousy $25 I got. Things were about to change for the better.The luckiest break forever for me was the great legendary Bob Dyer, retiring. So, again, they sort of tried the day time shows once a week nightly and it worked tremendously.That was 'Temptation'. Frame. Frplgt is that what the prize was, a packet of peas?Peas and other frozen products as well. 'Jeopardy' was my favourite.But it was 'Sale of the Century' that made Tony a huge star.We're offering $11,000 louch.No packets of frozen -- lounge. No packets of frozen peas on this one. Cars, flash holidays and that cash. Enough to flaw you.I don't think it could happen now because it was no expense spared game shows.He was such a household name, and he knew he'd made it. Then Paul Hogan took him off.

Even the Japanese hosts started copying Tony's trademark entrance. In the '80s and '90s, millions of us tuned in every night, making it TV's most popular show by far. Now the rumours were he had asked for a pay rise. Tony says he was forced into a corner.My manager at the time said, "Tony, this is a 6-month contract." I said, "I've always had a 5-year contract and it's been going for 10 or 11."He said he tried to call their bluff and said publicly he wouldn't sign such a short agreement. You must have been upset at the time?Yeah.The show cut him.One felt hurt.He was immediately replaced.In your party dress there.And a number of others read out the questions for another decade.Goodbye.Those cows haven't moved since I've been here.They're decoration for the paddock.Very nice. Amongst all the other real ones.The millsic a bit metallic. These days he lives on an acreage, with chooks, lamas, and a new wife, Kisty. They've known each other most of their lives.

How old are you there?13.Kisty's husband, Russell, had been friends with Tony since childhood. Kisty and Russell were married for 40 years, as were Tony and his first wife, Helen. Helen told 'This Is Your Life' they'd met after Tony had finished a long lunch.I said, "I know you done love me jug yet, but you will." And I did.You did. But life dealt a terrible irony to these close couples. You see, Russell died of cancer and sometime later, so too did Tony's beloved Helen.I was getting to get onboard a ship and sale for months and months. And go away and think and be sad.I didn't think I'd ever feel comfortable with anyone else again.I suppose you've known each other so long there's like a common bond, isn't there?We each knew the or's partner. We can talk about them and we do.And you're all good mates?Yes. Yes.Time passed. And there was a moment which came when Tony asked his best mate's wife to a function.I automatically took her hand. That's the moment that I've sort of hit upon us being when the gears moved from sort of friendship to, hello, I'm on a date. I'm on a date." And it was a great feeling. It was fabulous.Was that the same for you?Well, I do remember it. Yes. I was a little bit surprised. But it was nice.The water has come up.What followed hur long lunches, outings and a common comforting friendship. And one more thing. Frplgt which was your favourite? A --Which was your favourite?A wedding. How good is life now?Better every day.With his bits of memorabilia.Those were the days.You still look youthful. You still have the smile and the laugh and the youthfulness. A bit of grey hair but still look the same.Tell it to the executives, I might get a job.The TV bosses may not be knocking on his door but the public still adore him. On television you're a guest in someone's house. You're not a big- time movie star or anything. You're just someone that comes into the house. If you come in a friendly manner and are virtually part of the furniture, that's what the recognition is. "G'day, Tone." That's about the standard thing. "How are you doing? Good to see you. Hey, Tony." He may not be standing behind that lectern each night, but for him there's still a few reminders of his show. Did you give any of these away?We did.These days he hosts corporate functions and is on the public speaking circ. There's the odd magazine still interested in this life, such as this week's 'Woman's Day'.I hadn't realised how lonely I had been.He and Kisty do a little ritual beneath the photos of their other loved ones.Those who have gone before.What a lovely story. Good to see them happy. Now to the ATM loophole allowing hundreds of thousands of dollars in free money to be dispensed from machines across the country. You won't believe how easily it happens.I'm sure there are thousands of loopholes out there.There's a little bit in all of us that has a fantasy that we'll wave our magic wand and everything will be wonderful. Imagine overdrawing $200 from your maxed out credit card and your bank doesn't notice. You do it again and get away with it. Before you know it you're on a wild spending spree at the bank's expense. It sounds like a movie, except it happened to one opportunistic Melbourne bloke and it could happen to anyone at any ATM. He was a humble hospitality worker who had already blown the $2,000 limit on his NAB Mastercard. One night in February last year, he blew it out further with a $200 cash advance from his credit card at an ATM. Straight away he tried again and got another $200. Then $500. $then $500 more, then $600 all in a single night from just one ATM. He stumbled across the ultimate money for nothing scam - access to hundreds of thousands of dollars via ATMs. He was withdrawing money at will, yet nobody asked how and incredibly no red flags were raised.Hiccups do happen. People getting too much money or getting not enough money in their account.Fred is a credit card expert. He says the banking system is not fool-proof.These things are serious matters. It's modern day white collar crime.The 29-year-old was living in a fantasy land D. Spite his $2,000 credit limit, the NAB has confirmed he blew a quarter of a million dollars. His spending bender included shouting his mate's meals at the most exclusive restaurants. He racked up a bill of nearly $3,000 at Rockpool. And a $5,500 bill at Melbourne's Rockpool the next week. He stayed in the best motels for $1,000 a night. Hundreds of great hotels. Then, tens of thousands more on limoes, helicopter flights, first-class airline tickets, top shelf alcohol, car parts, online betting. He even put a homeless man up at the Hilton. After four months, the party was over. The day the ATM ate his credit card. Even though the bank never came knocking, did he honestly think he'd get away with it. He confesses he felt like he was in a movie and he couldn't stop. It was like a terrible addiction. Now he knows his time's up. That's why he's come forward to A Current Affair. He claims he doesn't want to appear on camera until he's told his boss and his mum.We all look at the wealthy and say they have a wonderful lifestyle and we forget most of them worked very hard to get there and very hard to maintain what they have. This psychologist says like many lottery winners, our lucky punter lost any sense of the money's worth. If it's suddenly there, it's not our money. It done belong to us. That we need to say that this is not right. You don't feel comfortable and you know it's wrong and you're going to take steps to make suria do the right thing.But the -- sure you do the right thing. But question remains - how did a bank allow an every day bloke to rip them off for hundreds of thousands? A bank that's taken the motto, "More give, less take" to ridiculous extremes. In a statement the spokesman said:

The money would have to be paid back or there might be legal repercussions of that. There's been other instances in the past where people have done similar things and they've had to either go to jail or face penalties.Nothing in life is free.You will get caught.You will. And the NAB have told us they have now ensured a similar fraud could not be carried out by any other individual. Decks, awnings, granny flats, pools - David Hall claimed to be a one-stop shop for anyone wanting to renovate. But the couples you're about to meet wish they had never hired him.He took a lot of money off me. He hasn't fulfilled his promise.A lot of people feel like they've been ripped off from you.He's a conman. You've come here like a little kid. This is David Hall, failed businessman and now banned from holding a building licence for two years. He's made a lot of people very angry.I have got no way of recouping that money because I'm on the pension.Elderly people trusted him to build their dream outdoor extensions, decking, awnings, sunrooms, granny flats, even a pool. They parted with hundreds of thousands of dollars but what they got in return was a nightmare.All we've got is rubble and it's unsafe. A Current Affair has uncovered a trail of destruction left by a man whose actions before the collapse of his building company were highly dubious.He can lie to you, straight to your face and not have any principles about it at all. This 64-year-old former railway worker gave around $30,000 through instalments.I wanted a glassed-in room.What he got is enough to make you cringe. This is all you've got? This is it.He says he feels David Hall conned him out of his hard- earned money by promising things he failed to deliver.It's $30,000 that I can't afford to lose.Bob's mess isn't an isolated case.Yeah, there was three attempts made. The construction was faulty and the roof collapsed as soon as it rained. This 88-year-old and his wife signed up for $82,000 worth of work. They paid $59,000 through instalments and were left with this. A shambles.He claims he too was encouraged by David Hall to hand over money for incomplete work.He was asking for prepayments and in spite of all that, there was hardly any work done.Now Fair Trading became so concerned about The Extension Factory, it refused to renew the company's building licence in July. But that didn't stop David Hall from taking payments and promising work.He assured me that he needed the money to buy the materials. And David Hall, he again with his smooth talk, he reassured me everything was fine. I have Bob Halliday here. Why don't you answer some questions, David? When we first caught up with him, he ducked for cover, but later appeared later on to explain his side. He blames, among other things, a lawsuit, weather and the GFC for his company's downfall.I suffered a lot of cash flow problems for a lot of reasons.He said he always intended to rectify the defective work.You're out to try and shame me. You're not going to shame me. You have shamed yourself.Here are more examples from the shame file. $60,000 for a glass sunroom of which $31,000 was paid. As you can see, the customer has received virtually nothing but a demolished balcony. The customer who provided us with these pictures paid nearly $24,000 for an extension - a steel frame is all they got, worth an estimated $200.He's just got no conscience with what he's left people with.Helen's situation is heartbreaking. She spent $100,000 on a granny flat for her mother. She passed away seven weeks ago and this is still not finished, and it's been sitting here for two years.The contract was for the flat to be built within 12 weeks. And the work that was done, it's just appalling.He got all his money ahead of time. Once he got the last payment, he didn't come back and complete the outstanding work.We are good builders, mate. The pictures don't lie from the properties we've been to, mate. Mr Hall is rapidly moving on. Already planning to work for another building company. Clever Build. Clever Build is owned by the building company Clever Green which is run by David's son.I'll be involved in it, OK, as a salesperson.You don't need a building licence.What are we doing wrong here?And in a letter to us, David Hall's lawyers claim his business has had an excellent reputation and denies all these claims against him. After the break - the out of control truck driver on a road rampage.

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We have the lady tradies taking the construction world by storm.You can win $60,000 worth of groceries from Coles.Huge. Back to you, Tracy. We compl across our fair share of stupe -- come across our fair share of stupidity on the roads on this program. But this incident will take your breath away. If ever your life would flash before your eyes, it would be at a moment like this. Watch again as the truck swerves to avoid cars banking opat an intersection. It careers straight towards oncoming traffic. Only 2 at the very last minute swerve again. With an excavator onboard, it somehow avoids rolling. This is the man who is driving the truck in the footage. He rejects any suggestions of careless driving. He believes that he saved the day. Were you watching the road at the time?Of course. I've been driving about (Bleep) 20 years. Never make accident, thank God. Up to now.The truck was out of control. What happened next - we spoke to the woman who videoed it all. She said the truck missed this pole by about three centimetres. The driver got it right and carried on straight up the hill like nothing had happened.I'm lucky I'm smart enough to survive the accident, otherwise it would bea big accidents.Imagine seeing that coming in to your rear vision mirror. If you have any video you'd like us to see, please email us in. The address is on your screen. Sharbel Kouhry made a lot of money overcharging the elderly and vulnerable. But now his dodgy dealings have caught up with him. Any comment for us? Anything to say to the victims? Sharbel Kouhry, the sparky with a shocking reputation for overcharging and doing work that doesn't need doing, is finally facing court.My message to those tradespeople who are out to deliberately defraud sections of our community is watch out, we'll be after you.Fair Trading has been investigating for months. There are 14 charges, including false representation, coercion and misleading advertising. Many of his clients were elderly and vulnerable. The assistant commissioner now.. He would often suggest to them their electrical wiring was in such a perilous state, it could cause fire to their home. Kouhry needed guilty to all charges and was feened $2,000 on even. He's always re-- fined $2,000 on each. He's already paid. A total to his pocket of over $80,000. Also, Kouhry has been banned from doing any electrical work for three years or acting as an unsupervised contractor for an additional three, all of which leaves him speechless. At least say sorry to the people? No. No comment at all? And much, much poorer. After the break - how to rescue your retirement cash.There are solid solutions to turn your financial future arn.

This program is not captioned.

Tomorrow night - salvaging your super. Retirement cash rescue. Aussie women left with next to nothing, penalised for raising a family. Now the must-see guide to save your financial future. Tracy Grimshaw up, close and personal with William McGuiness. Done miss those stories tomorrow night. Thank you for your company. Goodnight. -- don't miss

Last week, Hamish and Andy drove their Caravan of Courage right up the heart of New Zealand. But now, the real comparing begins, as Hamish & Andy's Caravan of Courage crosses the Tasman and concludes right here in Australia.Whoa!

But now, a sneak peek from Cooktown in Queensland for what may be the biggest day on the rodeo calendar.

Is this one of the biggest days of the year for Cooktown, the rodeo? Not really, but what's important... Just go - say yes.Absolutely huge day!Wow, great! OK! That's lucky for us. Well, we weren't lucky for long, as we were set to take on the role of the rodeo clowns, and got in the bullring with the bulls - these bulls. (MUSIC PLAYS)

I can't breathe. Are you sure we should be out here?Yeah, you should be alright. If you want to stay near the...Oh, shoot, it's starting. When the rider comes off, that's when our job as the rodeo clowns starts.

(LAUGHTER) Jeez, Andy, what are we doing in here?I can't feel my legs. Well done.The sky got darker and the bulls got bigger, and it dawned on us that maybe we'd gone one bull too far.

In all seriousness, really dicing with danger.Before we knew it, another one was out bucking, and this bull meant business. And after it stamped on that guy, he was after Andy.


Part two of 'Hamish & Andy's Caravan of Courage: Australia versus New Zealand'. This program is not captioned.

SONG: # Get away # Get away
You gotta get away # Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh... # Hi there, and welcome to
a very special edition of Getaway. Tonight, we are taking you to some of the most awesome places
on the planet...

..from the magic of the Maldives to the raw beauty of PNG...

..the perfection
of Lord Howe Island...

..and one of the most spectacular
sights you'll ever see - the northern lights.

Over the next hour, we're going
to experience destinations that can truly be called
'heaven on earth'.

KELLY: Deep in the Indian Ocean, far from most people's budgets
and lifestyles, is the Maldives - a magical escape
in the simplest of ways, an utter indulgence
that will stay in your heart long after your tan has faded.

Straddling the equator, the Maldives
are a string of coral atolls in the Indian Ocean,
south-west of Sri Lanka. The capital city, Male,
is where you fly in, but there's not much to see and most tourists are happy
to leave it behind.

Once you head out to your island
resort by boat or seaplane, you enter a whole new world - a world with
a different set of rules. This is what the country
is really famous for. Slipping into the water in a bikini
is the norm here and so is sipping a cocktail. Even though the Maldives is
a Muslim country, there's no reference to the Islamic
way of life on the islands.

Welcome to the Conrad Maldives
Rangali Island Resort, spread across two private islands.