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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Opening the gates of hell - Hamas assassination sparks fears of a another Middle East war. Great expectations - Xi Jinping named China's new leader. Violence in Europe - anti-austerity strikes turn ugly. And presidential support - Barack Obama wakes into the CIA sex scandal. We are safer because of the work that Dave Petraeus has done. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Janice Petersen. And I'm Anton Enus. Also tonight - no longer Also tonight - no longer a cash cow - we take an in-depth look at the future of commercial television. Australian programs work better and rate more but are more prone to failure. And - is this the best goal of -- best goal ever? There are growing fears tonight of war in the Middle East following the targeted attack on the military commander of Hamas. Israel says it deliberately killed Ahmed Al Jabari, blaming limb for what it calls all terrorist activities against Israel from Gaza in the past decade. We're seeing live pictures of southern Israel which in the past hour has been struck by Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza. Israeli television reports that three people were killed when a rocket hit a residential building while there are claims of several Israeli F-16s, seen above West Gaza, and houses on fire in Gaza city. With this assassination, Hamas says Israel has opened the gates of hell. This was Ahmed Al Jabari's car after the missile strike in Gaza city and here an Israeli video shows how he was tracked and the moment of impact. Killing a man at the top of Hamas' military wing, the al Qassam brigademilitary wing, the al Qassam
brigade. Ahmed Al Jabari has a lot of Israeli blood on his hands. Hamas, which governs in Gaza, sighs a major provocation. -- sees a major provocation.

But Israel says this was just the start of a broader operation dubbed Pillar of Defence. Following up with dozens of strikes in Gaza. More than 10 people died, at least 100 wounded according to Hamas. As Hamas rockets continued to fall in southern Israel, more than 130 fired in recent days.

Including the army tweeted a ground operation. In the past, military strikes have been used to send a message of tough leadership and the Israeli media is questioning the timing, just two months from elections. The United States is backing its key ally, saying it supports Israel's right to defend itself. Prime Minister Netanyahu has phoned President Obama to voice appreciation as Arab nations at the UN voiced outrage. The barbaric aggression which took place against the civilians in Gaza. The UN Security Council has met in emergency session. Four years after the last war, there's fear on both sides. In Israel.

-- in Israel: Stkpwr and at Gaza petrol station -- And at Gaza, petrol stations and stores instantly on alert.

As the world's attention has been focused elsewhere in the Middle East, clearly the region's most deeply rooted conflict never went away.

So why was Al Jabari a target? The 5-year-old history graduate was known to iz -- the 52-year-old history graduate was known to Israeli authorities for most of his like. He has been attacked -- jailed for previous attacks on Israelis. He was far from the first Hamas leader from being targeted N this Hamas video, Ahmed Al Jabari called for the liberation of Palestine. A former member of Fateh, he abandoned that faction to join Hamas after serving 13 years in an Israeli prison. He rose rapidly through the ranks to become the de facto leader of the al Qassam brigades. In this 2009 video, he answered questions09 video, he answered questions about the funding sources of the military wing and the military wing and connections with Iran.

Israel has a long history of targeting Hamas leaders. In 2002 the founder of the al Qassam brigades was killed in a bomb attack on his home. In 2004 Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, In 2004 Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas, was killed in a rocket atact as he was wheeled from prayers. One month later his successor, Abdelaziz Rantisi, was killed in a rocket attack on his car. Al Jabari oversaw the kidnapping and imprisonment of Israeli soldiers Gilat Schalit. He personally escorted him to the Rafah crossing d him to the Rafah crossing on his release last year. The assassination has been condemned by Egypt who have withdrawn from Israel in -- from Israel.

The ousted President Mubarak was once seen as the key to restoring calm. Now the West is hoping that President Morsi will exercise the same leadership.

There's no sign of it yet, with the chance of a new war growing more likely by the day. After keeping the world waiting for nearly an hour, China's new leadership has been revealed. The 7-politburo members will have the responsibility of steering the world's second largest economy over the next five years. As expected former vice President Xi Jinping has been named Communist Party leader. The 59-year-old son of a revolutionary leader will be formally appointed President in March. It's a once in a decade change of leadership. Xi Jinping is the new face but for his Communist Party backers he's the candidate of continuity for the world's fastest growing major economy.TRANSLATION: The party has led the people in scoring accomplishment that is capture the attention of the world. We have -- accomplishments that capture the attention of the We have every to be proud but not complacent.He promised reform on what many in the party consider a highly sensitive issue. TRANSLATION: The problem among our party members of corruption, taking bribes, being out of touch with the people. But there's no sign China's political elite are ready to loosen their grip on power. There is no democracy even within the party in the election of the politburo and the standing committee. It is very much based on lobbying, bargaining, compromising among a small number of party elders and important leaders. The membership of the standing committee of the politburo has been trimmed from nine to seven after Xi Jinping the next important important is Vice Premier Keqiang who will take over the Premier's position from Wen Jiabao. The challenge is how to overcome the interests, the fact that Premier Wen Jiabao, he had made a lot of appeals of political reforms but there has been no significant response on the part of the leaders. Xi Jinping has already spent time on the world stage and observers describe him as a pragmatist who is open of -- open to dialogue with international counterparts but there's unlikely to be any new dialogue with China's internal critics. In the constitution it says people have the right - free of -- freedom of speech, freedom of publication, freedom of a lot of the things and yet it is hard. Xi Jinping says the road ahead will be arduous. The Communist Party has taken its first step. The challenge is convincing most of China's 1.3 billion people of China's 1.3 billion people to follow. One tiny village has a closer relation to the new Chinese leader than most. Xi Jinping der than most. Xi Jinping has been to rural Xiajiang several times. Al Jazeera's Laura Kyle visited to find out why. We're -- very little is known about Xi Jinping but villagers here in Xiajiang have slightly more insight than most. We're 390 -- with 390 residents you'll be hard pressed to find it on the map. Being one of the poorest parts of the province it attracted the attention of party secretarys and Xi Jinping was one of them. In early 2 thousands he visited the village four times as it went towards development. Villagers say they liked him very much, he was friendly and honest, he shook everybody's hands. He met the poorest s hands. He met the poorest families as well as the most successful to see how the party could help him. Xiajiang has done very well out of Jinping's patron. These towns are not typical of a Chinese rural farming community. They are sudsidised by the Government. Let me show you a plaque that the villagers have erected in Jinping's honour. This is a letter that Xi wrote to Xiajiang last year when it was clear he was set to become China's next President. He expresses his long friendship with the village and to keep making people richer. No many how many bits of information we gleen from Jinping, he's likely to be the leader only the party wants him to be. Later we'll speak tw 'Economist Magazine'' correspondent. Hundreds of thousands of people across Europe have taken to the streets to protest against rising unemployment and government austerity measures. Workers in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy went on strike with some demonstrations boiling over into violence. Hundreds of thousands of protesters packed central Madrid to protest against austerity. It was a far bigger turnout than expected and throws down a challenge not just to the Spanish government but to Europe's leaders. Earlier, protesters try to enforce a general strike by blocking roads. There were clashes with police. The protests were part of a Europe-wide day of action with hundreds of thousands of people striking against spending cuts and austerity. We cannot go in this way. Like, Greece, Italy, Spain, all the cuts are bringing more unemployment, more unemployment and worse conditions. In Madrid, protesters went from store to store, pulling down shutters. Turning on those using restaurants. Surrounding taxi drivers that continued working. There are some basic facts driving these protests. Spain is in recession for the second time in three -- years, unemployment is going up, the economy is weakening and yet further spending cuts and tax increases are in the pipeline. There were protests in at least six European countries. Much of Spain's transport network was shut down in a country where unemployment is nearly 26%. In Portugal, there was a general strike. Their debt is $-- 107% of national income. In Greece, protesters cried "Enough is enough". The economy there has shrunk 23% in just five years. They have to pay attention to the protests, to the social dimension, that the austerity measures have in Europe at the same time I think there is no alternative to the austerity measures.But the stories of hardship and tragedy are increasing. A few days ago a woman in northern Spain committed suicide after being evicted from her home. These protesters are camping outside a bank demanding that evictions stop. nding that evictions stop. At times in recent weeks it has seemed as if the eurozone crisis was easing but the outlook for the real economy is worse rpbing and the frustration was visit -- worsening and the stprus ration was visible on Spanish streets. The protest in Spain ended with about 140 arrests and more than 70 people were injured. Now to other stories making news around the world. Burma's Opposition Leader Aung San Suu Kyi says her country is still working towards achieving democracy. Speaking in New Delhi, Aung San Suu Kyi says she hopes to see a stronger alliance with India in the future as Burma continues its political journey. We have not yet achieved the goal of democracy. We are still trying and we hope that in this last and most difficult phase the people of India will stand by us. Aung San Suu Kyi says any relationship between India and Burma must be established between its people rather than governments because she says the point of democracy is to see governments come and go. Argentina has file add lawsuit at the U naits -- United Nations tribunal after one of its naval ships was -- ships was seized in Ghana. It has been held at the request of a Cayman Island investment company which claims Argentina owes its $330 million in defaulted bonds. The Argentina Foreign Minister says the move was illegal. It's demanding compensation from ganafplt a South African farm worker has been killed during mass protests in the country's Western Cape. Encouraged by violent strikes in the mining sector, farm workers are demanding the agricultural minimum wage be doubled. The strike has since been called off after the government agreeds to consider the demands. The US President does not believe national security has been compromised in the wake of the David Petraeus sex scandal. Speaking at his first post-election news conference, Mr Obama praised General Petraeus's record despite resigning because of an extramarital affair. In his first news conference since winning a second term in office. I hear you have some questions for you.The President talked about a topic that has been a big distraction since the election - the scandal surrounding David Petraeus. Frfrpblgts my perspective at least he has --. From my perspective at least he has provided this country an extraordinary service. We are safer because of the work that David Petraeus has done. The retired army general resigned because of an extramarital affair with his biographer who has unpress -- unprecedented access to Petraeus. I have no evidence at this point from what I have seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security.But the FBI is not convinced. It searched Broadwell's home earlier this week looking for evidence that she has access to classified information. Certain statements she made publicly are particularly troubleing to investigators including this comment regarding the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi. I don't know if a lot of you have heard this but the CIA had taken Libyan militia members prisoner and they think attack on the consulate was an effort to try and get them back.The army has suspended her security clearance. All of this is also troubling for lawmakers on Capitol Hill especially that Petraeus's resignation came as such a surprise. I think that's outrageous. I also think it's outrageous that the member of Congress weren't informed. While travelling in Australia, Leon Panetta also fielded questions about The Pet Superstore scandal and was quick to defend General John Allen who was being investigated for being investigated for improper conduct. He has my continued confidence.But confidence seems to be in short supply as long as the scandal continues to widen. I am withholding judgement.And it continues to gement.And it continues to raise questions. President Obama also used his first news conference since June to make his case for avoiding a fiscal crisis. He told reporters at the White House that any deficit reduction deal must include raising taxes for the wealthy, something Republicans say they're against. More voters agreed with me on this issue than voted for me. So we've got a clear majority of the American people who recognise if wear going to be serious about deficit reduction we've got to do it in a balanced way. US deficit is now more than $1.5 trilyoon. -- trillion. The former US presidential contender Mitt Romney has made his first remarks since losing the election N a conference call with his national finance committee he blamed his defeat on what he called gifts showered but the US President on his female, African-American and Hispanic supportern-American and Hispanic supporters. Among a list of duties going into his second term, scheduling a meeting with Mitt Romney is one of the President's priorities. I think everybody needs to catch their breath. I'm sure Governor Romney is spending some time with his family, and my hope is before the end of the year we have a chance to sit down and talk.The former Massachusetts governor has been laying low since conceding the race but in that time he's taken several opportunitys to explain to his inner circle why he thought he lost, the latest was in a conference call with some top donors. What the President's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote.Romney highlighted African- Americans and young people in particular, then there's the Hispanic community. What the President did is he gave them two things. One he gave them a gift on immigration with the DREAM Act and amnesty program.Romney also talked about Obama care being a gift and free contra September ifrs for ntra September ifrs for young women going to college. -- contraceptives for young women going to college. He said America was becoming an entitled society, a speech reminiscient he gave after clinching the donation. Analysts suggest it may have actually been comments like that which ultimately cost him the presidency S --.

You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Up next - east not west - former prime minister Paul keeter says the Government has to shift -- Paul keeter says the Government has to shift -- Paul Keating says the Government has to shift focus. A woman dies in

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The US Secretary of State has hit back at suggestions by former prime minister Paul Keating that Australia's US alliance is hurting ties with Asia. Hillary Clinton said anyone suggesting the alliance rules out other relationships was presenting a false choice. While the Foreign Minister says Australia needs America. Is Australia too close to the United States? A certain former prime minister thinks it is. That hasn't escaped to attention of the US Secretary of State visiting a military hardware manufacturer in Adelaide. The Pacific is big enough for all of us. Last night former prime minister Paul Keating questioned the impact of Australia's US alliance on its other ties. I think that we are far too defer shall to what we see as the proclivities of US foreign policies is and our own. Clinton argue it is alliance isn't all costs and benefits. It is its. It is much deeper than that. It is in our han that. It is in our D flfplt A.Mr Keating called the US President Barack Obama's speech to Australia's Parliament last year aggressive and anti-Chinese, suggesting its strained Australian ties with China. That kind of zero some thinking only leads to negative sum results. We support Australia having strong, multi-faceted ties with every nation in the Asia Pacific. Indeed, in the world. Including China. We couldn't be working hard were those relationships but on the bottom line ut on the bottom line the Australian people in their DNA want us to have a treaty relationship with the United States because they see our position, small population, big continent. We want an ally.Having once described Asia as what you fly over on the way to Europe, Paul Keating now believes it's Australia's future. We should be a member of Asian. Our strategic bread is entirely buttered in the Indonesian area. Australia isn't onesian area. Australia isn't a member of Asian, the association of south-east Asian nations but it attends the spin-off east Asian summit, the annual meeting involving Indonesia and China as well as Russia, India and the US. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, will join other leaders, including the re-elected American President, at the summit in Cambodia next week. Other stories in the news around the country - a coroner examining the did a-- disappearance of Sydney toddler Rahma El-Dennaoui said she's found the family's evidence troubling. The coroner handed down an open finding into the disappearance of the 20-month-old from her home in western Sydney seven years ago. She says she could not conclude she was abducted but unknown persons or that her family had not staged her disappearance. Workers at Ford's two Victorian plants will meet management tomorrow to decide where 200 jobs will be cut. The company says a reduced demand for its locally produced car has forced its hand. All up Ford says 330 jobs will have to go. So far just 118 workers have taken voluntary redundancy. Police have arrested two Greenpeace activists during a 5-hour of occupation of the John West headquarters in Melbourne. The two women dressed as sharks dropped from the roof of the company's offices. Today's action escalates the organise's campaign against John West and follows the reported interception of an illegal tuna boat in the Pacific Ocean by the Greenpeace ship 'Esperanza' today. About 50,000 chickens have been quarantined on a NSW farm after an unidentified strain of bird flu was detected. The hens may have to be destroyed. Csys is testing -- CSIRO is testing samples. Ie land is facing global pressure to change its abortion laws following the death of a woman from blood poisoning after doctors refused to terminate her pregnancy even though a miscarriage was inevitable. They had been living in Ireland for four years. The woman and her husband helped to organisation celebrations amongst the Indian community in gal way. Recently they got the news they were expecting their first baby but the woman developed complications. She went to hospital complaining of severe back pain. She was 17 weeks pregnant at the time. She suffered a miscarriage two days later and subsequently died as a result of septicaemia. Her husband has taken her body back to India. I spoke to him today by telephone. He claimed that medical staff refused to give his wife an abortion saying it was not possible because Ireland was a Catholic country. And they said unfortunately she can't because it's a Catholic country, sorry. Unfortunately it's a Catholic country and it's the law. Do you believe if she'd been allowed the termination she wanted she would ation she wanted she would have survived? Of course. vived? Of course. No doubt about it. Ireland's Health Minister has ordered an immediate investigation into what happened.This is a terrible tragedy and for any woman to die during pregnancy is something that wear all very upset by. During the past 30 years Ireland has had a number of referendums on abortion but the legal position has not been in legislation. Although abortions have been allowed when the woman's life is at risk, campaigners say the legal confusion now has to end. I think regardless of the individual circumstances I think this has highlighted that there is a lack of legislation and there is a lack of guidelines and there wouldn't really have been a mechanism for doctors to determine what to do. Question time in the Dublin Parliament today was dominated by the death of the woman. Modern Ireland has been reluctant to legislate on abortion but this personal tragedy could turn out to be a turning point in Irish political history. An estimated 4,000 Irish women wanting abortions travel to England where it's been legal since 1967. We reported earlier on the once in a decade leadership change in China. Xi Jinping is the new leader of China and has been called a candidate of continuity. But what does that mean for the rest of the world? I spoke with The Economist Magazines China correspondent, Gady Epstein. I asked him what we should read, if anything, into the delay before the announcement. Well, I wouldn't read anything into the delay. The line up of seven men who came out today was actually as several news organisations predicted in the last couple of weeks including my paper, including five people of those seven who are loyalists to the former general secretary who stepped down 10 years. His influence lingers.We've seen Xi Jinping described as a consensus politician, a compromise candidate. Now that's got the top job s that likely to change? Well, it's just the system requires that. It's a collective leadership. There are multiple overlapping and competing interests that have a stake in Chinese policy including a number of interests that are not on the standing committee named today. So Xi ttee named today. So Xi Jinping has little choice but to kind of play those interests to form a consensus, not just on the standing committee but outside that committee. You have the military, state-owned enterprises, the children of former top leaders known as princelings, quite a few different interests in play. We have seen enormous changes in Chinese society in the past decade. I guess the $64,000 question is what kind of changes will we see under Xi Jinping? I think a lot of that is going to be determined by what happens with the economy. With external factors and international relations. China itself I think will continue moving in the same direction politically that it has been moving, which is glacial change. Economic change could bring about future political change but that would be a little surprising if uld be a little surprising if you saw anything radical in the next five years. That's Gady Epstein from the Ten Network News Centre, across Australia, this is the Late News 'Economist Magazine'. Go to SBS ongain for more analysis on what to -- online for more analysis on what to example from the new leadership. They were once golden cash cows delivering millions of dollars to stake holders and turn churning out stars across news, sport and entertainment but the business of television has changed impacted by new technology and a drier advertising environment. Nine was on the brink of bankruptcy while Seven West recently failed to provide a failed to provide a profit outlook because of unstable conditions and Channel Ten went through a very public cost cutting praplg which saw programs axed and -- programs -- cutting program which saw programs axed and jobs lost. Where's the future for free-to-air television? When news breaks it will be on Ten Eyewitness News first.The five o'clock bulletin became one of Ten's most successful formats part of a ful formats part of a plan by its then owners who bought the network in 1992. When we set up Ten we look Ford a specific audience, and we stuck to that.That strategy made Ten Australia east most profitable network allowing it to target youth orented advertisers. We had the idea we would have no stars on the TV. So we had good, solid -- good, solid people and they did a great job so. We had low expenses and we also managed to get clever programming. anaged to get clever programming. Mr Freedman told sold out 12 years later at a price 10 times the value of today. The problem I foresaw in 2004, when I sold saw in 2004, when I sold my chairs -- share, was that was the audience that was leaving to get on to the internet. It's a problem for all television networks leading the majors to form partners like Ninemsn and Yahoo 7. According to fues fusion rb after television -- after newspapers television had the -- held the next biggest price with 34 bers Qom piered with the internet at -- compared with the internet at 2%. Next year television is expected to command a 28% share, the internet, 26%. More than 14 million Australians still watch TV everyday for more than three hours. A rate that's held steady for the past few years. The move to digital multi- channels but. digital multi- channels but. Dramatically increased their need for programming and their overheads. Right at the time the second major thing that happened - that the advertising market went down, down, down. And it hasn't recovered despite a solid Australian economy. Shares in Channel Ten omy. Shares in Channel Ten fell 73% from its peak this year, Seven West Media is down 67%. For the record, we have by recommendation for Seven West Media and we have an underperform recommendation for Ten. Seven West Media as Ten. Seven West Media as an investment also includes the most successful newspaper in Australia, which is 'The West Australian'.The last 12 months have seen some television hits - reality talent shows along with news and sports program regularly draw million plus viewers. Australian programs work better and rate more but are more prone to failure.The -- but Laurence Freedman thinks free-to-air needs to morph into something different. I'd try hing different. I'd try and get back channels into television. In other words, for people to be able to interact with their TV screen. That means you can actually do business on your TV.As for a second tilt at Channel Ten. I'm not interested if I don't know the plan and from what I have seen so far I can't see a plan. Mr Freedman says he hasn't been buying shares in the company. Despite the slowing economy, last year saw record sales of LCDs and plasma televisions - 3.35 million sets were sold and most were high definition. Thanks. The controversial law broadening the definition of try treason has taken effect in Russia. President Vladimireffect in Russia. President Vladimir Putin signed the bill into law despite human rights activists saying it can be used against any dissenter. This person has spent most of her adult life working to improve human rights in Russia. Her career has brought her enemies. She's been harassed before but this time whoever wanted to keep her quiet implied she'd been so badly her unborn baby would die. All that information about - well, details on about - well, details on my pregnancy, my travel plans and all that, my unlisted residential address in Moscow, which has been unlisted for a few years, you have that information, you really had to listen to me talk on the phone for a long time in order to gather this information. It's been seven months since Putin returned to ths since Putin returned to power as President N that time he's passed a number of law that is rights groups say undermine civil libertys and freedom of speech. They include legislation against public protests and is so-called NGO laws that requires organisations from abroad to register as foreign agents. Then there's treason which helps foreign organisation. Putin has expanded his so-called Human Rights Council. He told members he would reHugh some of the laws he has pansed since his re-election. The next day he signed to treason legislation into law. Human rights organisations and activists say Putin's actions amount to the greatest crackdown on political dissent since he came to power more than 12 years and some are sceptical about how much influence his new Human Rights Council will have. This person is on the council and she says some of the members were shocked when Putin sign the -- signed to law so soon after their meeting. so soon after their
meeting. That is scary because when the the -- when the law is very - even dangerous but contrite you know what you are going to face.The woman is due to give birth soon and says she is determined to continue her work. That report from Al Jazeera's Charles Stratford. The revised treason bill first came up in 2008 under then President Dmitry Medvedev but President Dmitry Medvedev but he shelved the bill after an outburst of public criticism. Coming up next on World News Australia - Craig Foster with sport and an historic win for the Socceroos in Korea as the next skwen ration steps up. Also - remembering better days - the crisis hit BBC


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BPS -- BP is expected to pay the largest criminal penalty in US history for its role in the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Details of a settlement are being finalised but an being finalised but an agreement could be announced tonight. To date the largest criminal penalty was $1.2 billion paid by Pfizer. The Australian share market closed almost 1% lower following steep falls on Wall Street. The big four major banks suffered losses but Myer soared 6.5%. Qantas surged after announcing it would accelerate 6 -- $650 million in debt repayment and buy back shares worth $100 million in a bid to shore up its ailing confidence. The Nikkei rose on speculation Japan's Premier will be unseated in elections next month and Soni plunged 8.85%. Wall Street tumbled when the President challenged Republicans to accept tax increases for the wealthy. The Australian dollar:

Time now for sport with Craig Foster. I like the sound of this - good news for Socceroos fans. It was. It was a game of contrasts for the inexperienced Socceroos but one that has brought plenty of encouragement for coach Holger Osieck ahead of the next phase of World Cup qualification. South Korea suffered a rare home defeat while Australia recorded its first victory on Korean soil in 40 years with Robbie Cornthwaite scoring the winning goal in his first international appes first international appearance. This was a Socceroos team thrown together with just two days preparation. Four players made their international debut, the step up in level allowing Korea to capitalise on its inexperienced rivals. on its inexperienced
rivals. It's in the back of the net. At times you could sort of tell it was a sort of tell it was a fairly pieced together squad with new faces but I think as the game wore on and the more we linked together I think sometimes it worked quite well. At times the Socceroos tried to out muscle their way to victory. Brawn was replaced by sheer talent. Persistence ultimately paying off for Nikita Rukavytsya. And that is a beautiful finish by Nikita Rukavytsya. He was humbled by the breakthrough goal. Yeah, first goal is always special. I'm very happy to go up so hopefully it will continue - continue scoring and helping team, so, it's great.This was a game of ups and downs. But wa time running out, the Socceroos -- with time running out, the Socceroos managed to get a winner. Sit over the line? It is now with Cornthwaite. I thought the second half was fantastic and the work rate and effort from the boys was first class.The victory may cause selection headaches ahead of the Socceroos remaining World Cup qualifiers. It was down to serious business for Australia's Asian group opponents was the long road to Brazil 2014 continues. Japan almost certainly secured top spot with a 2-1 on a road trip to Oman, which blushed the Blue Samurai 8 points clear of the second-placed Socceroos. Iraq posted its first victory with a late winner over Jordan to move level on five points with Australia.

There were a number of countries involved in friendlys overnight with France continuing its resurgence under their new coach beating Italy. Germany and the Netherlands drew while a 3-1 defeat to Serbia spelled the end to Claudio Borghi's reign as coach of Chile. Greece won but Zlatan Ibrahimovic stole the headlines with a 4-goal blitz against England. Steven Gerard's 100th cap for England was overshadowed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic's star turn that was capped in sensational style with a long-range overhead kick. Without question, one to have most spectacular goals ever scored, and he becomes the first player in any country to score four goals against nepbg a single match. -- England in a single match. Sydney FC is prepared for life after coach Ian Crook decided to part ways with them. Tomorrow night Sydney plays Brisbane Roar which is currently sitting bottom of the table, two places below the Sky Blues. They've had three losss in a row, we've had two, so we're fighting. Both teams will go fighting for victory. We're not going there for one point but three. We need to get three points and a win. Corica is happy for the opportunity to be interim coach of the club but names such as a -- former Chelsea coach Avram Grant and frank far na are thought to be interested in taking the role full-time. Wallabies coach Deans expressed his disappointment at the 8-match ban handed out to Simmons pwhit IRB judiciary. Simmons was cited for this lifting tackle during the 33-6 defeat in Paris last weekend. Australia will decide whether to appeal the severity once the written verdict has arrived but early indications suggest one will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, Benji Marshall's manager has rejected newspaper reports that the Wests Tigers' playmaker wanted an immediate move to rugby union in the wake of the decision to allow Sonny Bill Williams to return to league despite current union commitments and his boxing career. Marshall is contracted to the Tigers until 2015. Two weeks ago we told you about Fawad Ahmed, a Pakistani asylum seekers who was recruit bid the Australian cricket team as ralian cricket team as a net bowler for the first test at the Gabba. He was grant add permanent visa today. The 33-year- old fled northern Pakistan after receiving death threats. The Immigration Minister approved his application on appeal after support from Cricket Australia and cricket Victoria. Once his eligibility to play for Australia is established, he'd like to be considered for national selection. But more immediately two big bash teams are reportedly interested in his services. With Damien Oliver's stewards inquiry set for next Tuesday, it's now believed as many as 10 top jockeys could be implicateed in a betting epidemic. It's believed Oliver's $10,000 bet on Miss Octopussy at Moonee Valley two years ago was placed for him by a professional punter. Thirbd parties can also face penalties for placing bets on behalf of jock kiss. Oliver faces a suspension of up to 12 -- jockeys. Oliver faces a suspension of up to 12 months. Matthew Guyatt is the outright leader at 7-under on day one of the Australian Masters at Kingston Heath. Twice he bur -- Matthew Guyatt bur Died three holes in a row with just one bogey. He's ranked outside golf's top 1,000 players. Ian Poulter, New Zealand's Michael Hendry and 2-time major runner up Adam Scott registered five under rounds of 67. Cricket news, on the first day of the first test between India and England, the hostes have reached 1 for 233 with Sehwag not out. Well done to the Socceroos last night, two new face faces getting their name on the score sheet for their country, which is great news. Thanks, and not forgetting Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Coming up, the weather and - remembering the good old days as the BBC turns 90.

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Former US vice prp al gore is hosting a conversation between scientists, leaders and celebrities exploring the theory that extreme weather is caused by dirty energy. The discussion is being broadcast live on the internet. Guests include a UN climb official and sir Richard bransofpblt -- climate official and sir Richard Branson. Hot northerlies are affecting Queensland and northern NSW and a weak front bringing cooler winds and showers to Tasmania. In the major centres:

It might not be the happiest of places at the moment but the BBC is celebrating 0 years since its first -- 90 years since its first transmission. It's grown into globally the largest broadcasting organisation covering soplg to have world's most historic moments along the way. Hello. It was on November 14, 1922 when the BBC crackled -- crackled into life. At around 5:33pm a short news bulletin was read. Before Twitter, before Facebook, before the internet, before television, there was this piece of cutting edge communications technology - the 2LO, the BBC's first ever radio transmitter from which the very notion of public service broadcasting was born. It didn't take long for the idea to catch on with the public. In 1924 George the fifth made his first broadcast to the nation from the empire exhibition. Winston Churchill used it during the war to rally the country. We shall defend every village, every town and every city. And then in 1951 came. The arches, the world's longest running soap opera. The BBC marked its 90th an verse aat 5:33pm today with an international radio broadcast of 2LO calling a specially commissioned piece. It was a tricky brief. Can't make it too sort of radio four but I can't make it radio - particularly radio one. No. But in Nigeria, neither of those apply or in Afghanistan.New broadcaster House represents the BBC's future but few are feeling in the mood for celebrating the mood after recent weeks. The BBC is always on a tightrope, always. Throughout my time people are saying, "Will the BBC survive, -- survive? the BBC survive, -- survive? Will the licence run out?" The great thing is the great British public love the BBC.Today as everyday the world tuned in to the BBC. In Brooklyn, plan chester and elsewhere. Notwithstanding its current problems, it is a national institution. That is widely seen as a global treasure. That first bulletin back in 1922 featured stories about a train robbery, a rowdy meeting involving Winston Churchill and, of course, the latest billiards scores. Recapping our top stories - violence is continuing in and around Gaza after the assassination of a top Hamas military commander. Israel's Prime Minister warned his country's prepared to widen the operation. China's Communist Party has unveiled the people who will lead the country for the next decade with Xi Jinping takeing the top post. And clashes have erupted between protesters and police in Europe as tens of thousands demonstrate against unemployment and spending cuts. That's the world this Thursday. Our next bulletin at 10:30 on SBS ONE. You can get all tonight's stories online and news around the clock the at our website and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Goodnight.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

I'm leaving Sri Lanka's Cultural
Triangle and heading for the hills.

As a kid growing up in Sri Lanka
I used to love the train.

My uncle was a train driver and he'd
let me ride in the engine with him.

This all brings back
such magical memories.

And, you know,
the old trains haven't changed.

They even deliver the driver's
manifesto to the stationmaster

in exactly the same way.

Can I have one, please? One packet.

So nice to be in the trains again.

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