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This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Amelia Adams. Good afternoon. It's been a terrifying afternoon for residents on the Sunshine Coast where a large bushfire has come within metres of homes. The blaze started just before 11 this morning and is still burning. Several crews have been battling to control the fire and residents have been evacuated as a precaution. Others, who stayed behind, are doing what they can to save their properties. Firefighters are confident they'll stop the flames from spreading further. We'll bring you more on this story as details come in. The case of a missing Sydney toddler will be referred back to the homicide squad after coroner handed down an open finding in an inquest into her disappearance. Rahma El-Dennaoui was 20 months old when she disappeared from her bedroom in 2005. Suspicion still surrounds the missing girl's family with the coroner admitting their behaviour was puzzling following her disappearance. She also stated she can't be sure that the toddler isn't still alive. We'll have a full report on those findings later in our bulletin. Troubled actor Newton has escaped tail time and a criminal conviction in the US over a violent assault on a hotel employee. He faced a brief court appearance in Miami and Robert Penfold was there. The threat of a US prison sentence gone, Matthew Newton now can move on. In the court he wasn't spt expected to say anything, nor did he. Outside, well, it was clear he just wanted to get out of there. Could you tell us what you'll say in the apology let snr his lawyer spoke on his behalf. -- letter? His lawyer spoke on his behalf. We're very needs case is going to be dismissed and this chapter is over. At first he pleaded not guilty but then came the irrefutible evidence - the entire attack here at the hotel was skugt on security video. It showed the star of 'Underbelly' arguing, spitting and taunting the ethanol worker. Out of camera shot, the employee claimed Newton hit him. In court today it was all over in just two minutes. The judge ordered him to stay away from the victim, also to pay him $11,500 compensation and write an apology letter, as well to take an anger management course and do 50 hours of community service. Newton's battles with his addictions have continually got him into trouble in the United States and in Australia. He's completed rehab and hopes to resurrect what was a very promising acting career. Workers at Ford's Victorian factories are being forced to wait until tomorrow to be told whether they have a job. The car giant said it would move forward with more than 200 sackings between it's Geelong and Broadmeadow plants. Ford announced earlier this year it would axe close to 450 jobs by November but only 120 workers applied for voluntary redundancies. We'll have more half five o'clock. Hillary Clinton has praised Adelaide's defence facilitys and reiterated America's strong alliance with Australia. It's been a busy final day for the US Secretary of State, who's due to leave Australia tomorrow. Kerrie Yaxley is in Adelaide and filed this report. In many ways this is a social visit to Adelaide for Clinton. She has friends here who she's expected to visit at some point today but this morning it was all business. These last three days have reinforced for me the inDecember penceability of the US/Australia partnership. But also our shared values.She called on the South Australian governor and Premier at Government House and toured a maritime facility just outside Adelaide. This is a huge ship building centre and the South Australian Government is hoping the US Secretary of State was impressed. They're lobbying the US Government for a contract to do repairs on the US navy ships in the Pacific. That contract would be -- would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the South Australian economy. Hillary Clinton will leave Adelaide first thing tomorrow morning to go to Singapore for meeting with Singapore's leaders and then go to thiepd where she will meet up with Barack Obama -- Thailand where she will meet up with Barack Obama, and that will be his first trip overseas since being re-elect as President. This could be Hillary Clinton's last trip to Australia as Secretary of State as she's indicated she listen standing down from the position early next year. Queensland has a new Housing Minister. Former NRL referee Tim Mander was today appointed to the role after Bruce Flegg's controversial resignation in Parliament yesterday. Mr Flegg's former staff thr week accused him of misleading Parliament over his lobbyist register. It's Mr Mander's first term in Government. Police have defended tasering a man in Sydney's south-west last night hours after being ordered to review their use. Officers say they were forced to use the weapon after the 55-year-old accused allegedly threw a policeman into a glass window in Lakemba. They first went to try and physically restrain them. They then opted to use capsicum spray and then the taser.The man is under police guard in hospital. Tension in the Middle East has escalated with growing fears there could be an outbreak of war after Israel fired a missile into Gaza killing the military leader of Hamas. Hamas has vowed retaliation, saying he has real has opened the gates of hell. This is Not Art video shows the first target of -- this video shows the first target of an operation. This cars -- car carries Ahmed Jaabari. They call it decapitation. Israel's new campaign to kill the leadership of Hamas. Drones, F-16 jets and helicopters targeted more leaders. Then they went after Hamas' arsenal of long- range rockets which are capable of hitting Tel Aviv. Israel claimed that many had been hidden under buildings in residential areas. Preparing public opinion for inevitable civilian casualties that follow an onslaught of this scale. The goal of the operation is to defend Israeli people and also target and cripple those organisations responsible for the ongoing rocket fire. Gaza's hospital was expecting heavy casualties, confirming nine dead so far. The attacks come after two weeks of a steady escalation of missile launches from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. This operation goes further than just retaliation. Skie sources say it's a campaign to destroy Hamas which has fun run the ga and trip for -- strip for five years. Hamas has declareed this a war. Back home, a road trip has ended in tragedy for three friends after they became stranded in the desert when their car ran off the road 150km from Broken Hill. A search for the group in western NSW led to the discovery of 33-year-old Brian Gadd's body near a water hole. His two other companions were found alive and are recovering from dehydration. Television and sporting personalities have come together to lend their support to a new anti- bullying and cyberbullying campaign in Australia. Ainge was set up by a father -- Angel's Goal was set up by a father whose daughter suffered so much abuse she was hospitaled. Ken Sutcliffe hosted the event with Jeff fen ek. You can get more details or donate to the charity at Still ahead this afternoon - sacked St Kilda footballer Jason Gram convicted and fined by a court. Also - tough new penalties for drivers involved in police pursuits. And - President Obama weighs in on the sex scandal na has taken his national security

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This program is not captioned. Sacked St Kilda football player Jason Gram has been convicted and fined $35,000 after pleaded guilty to a -- $5,000 after pleading guilty to the charges. The charges can't be revealed for the -- for legal reasons. He was arrested on the weekend and ordered to undergo a psychological assessment. The US President Barack Obama has held his first press conference. He spoke tact scandal that brought down the head of the CIA, General Petraeus, and the looming financial crisis facing the US. First comments on the sex scandal that brought down his CIA director, the President said Petraeus failed to meet his own standards but he also praised him. We are safer because of the work that David Petraeus has done and my main hope right now is that this ends up being a single side note on what has otherwise been an extraordinary career. He also addressed the central question - did the scandal put national security at risk? I have no evidence at this point from what I have seen that classified information was disclosed, that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. On the talks over the looming budget crisis strbgs President took a hard line on his --, the -- crisis, the President took a hard line on his bottom line. More voters agreed with me on this issue than voted with me. So we have a clear majority of the American people who recognise if we're going to be serious about deficit reduction we have to do it in a balanced way. There was a flash of President shall -- presidential anger. Earlier today two Republicans lashed out at Suzanne rice, the leading candidate to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton because she initially suggested to attack began as a protest. If Senator McCain and Senator Graham and others want to go after somebody they should go after me. But for them to go after the US ambassador, who had nothing to do with it, and besmirch her reputation, is outrageous. We just heard the US President talk about the downfall of General Petraeus. And now new pictures have emerged of the woman at the centre of the sex scandal. She is being investigated for storing classified documents on her computer and her home. The army has suspended her security clearance. It was a bittersweet moment for 'Twilight' fans sinking their fangs into the final instalment of the franchise, 'Breaking Dawn - Part Two'. Twihards stayed up all night last night to catch the first screening in Australia. In Sydney fans got a chance to get up close with Robert pat president but unfortunately it wasn't the real thing. Still ahead this afternoon - aggressive parents - a new code of conduct at school pick up and drop-offs. A warning for expecting mums - how even a small amount of alcohol could affect your baby's IQ. And a former doctor of the year charged with drink driving over this dramatic crash. Right now, though, Tonight - the parents of a missing Lurnea toddler speak out, after a coroner says, "She didn't disappear into thin air". How Matthew Newton avoided a conviction after attacking a hotel worker. School children moved after a toxic gas leak at West Ryde. Why former Labor Minister Ian Macdonald is in even more trouble with the Corruption Commission. Predictions of a merry Christmas for Sydney retailers - but should you shop now or wait until the last minute? And Benji Marshall tells Nine News whether he's off to Japan to play rugby. Nine News at 6:00pm.

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The Victorian Government has announced major changes to its education system. Under the new curriculum unruly parents will be called into line and principals will conduct peer reviews on each other. Justine Mackenzie has the story. The blueprint includes proposals to overhaul the school curriculum, give school council it is power to hire and fire principals and encourage the so- called best educators to work across multiple schools. The Government says that this is all about flexibility. It's described it as something of an education revolution. I'm encouraging schools to think outside the square and to look at ways, exciting ways and new ways, of getting the best out of the children.But the education union is sceptical. It says a lot of these policies is already exist and this is just a Government rebadging them and selling them as new. It is a very poor substitute for good policy and good resourcing of our Government schools. Perhaps one of the key proposals is the one that targets unruly parents. That's parents' behaviour. Under the plan, schools will be able to devise codes of conduct to dictate how parents should and should not behave at pick up and drop-off times. Interestingly, many principals have welcomed this. They do identify bad parent behaviour as a real problem. Parent on parent it could be parent on student, could be parent on teacher. I have ended up with an issue at the police station and I have had to mediate it all over two parents fighting over a spot in the car park.This is a long-term reform agenda. We won't see these changes happen overnight but things will start to be a little different at schools across the state very soon. There's a new warning for preingnaent women that even a small amount of alcohol could harm their baby. A UK study of more than 4,000 children and their mothers showed one or two glasses of wine a week could impact the child's IQ. Ufb that small amount could bad effects and our view would be best avoid alcohol all together. Researchers used genetic data to isolate the impact of alcohol from other factors such as a mother's smoking and diet. A one-time doctor of the year has been charged with drink driving following a car crash that was caught on camera. Dr Kristin Howard from Boston was filmed speeding out of a supermarket car park, over a grassy bank and into busy traffic. Police claimed she prescribed herself cars but she told them her car malfunctioned. She's plead not guilty to seven charges. Authorities in the US are no closer to tracking down a computer millionaire who is suspected of murdering his neighbour. It's thought anti-virus pioneer John McAfee is hiding in Belize and moving every -- every four hours to evade capture. This morning the man-hunt is intense fight for John McAfee, on the run from police after being called a person of interest in the murder of his neighbour here in Belize. The man was found gunned down in his home Sunday morning N a recorded interview with a magazine, McAfee says he he's alone. I am holed up in a place with a mattress -- with a mattress has lice, I have never experienced that before. I have limited contact with anyone. He insists the government here is trying to kill him. McAfee first hid from the police by burying himself in the sand, breathing through a cardboard box. I am unable to move and that's clear. All the police, all the media, have my photo.He made his fortune in the 1980s but after losing nearly all of his fortune he moved to Belize where he built a series of compound. To get a better sense ABC News travelled here trying to track McAfee down. We found his house. He'd posted men to guard his cam pound. He always packs his gun.He has his security ferpblr personnel with him. But this morning police say they want to talk to McAfee and are worried he's become un00 jed. Still to come - the -- un00 jed. Still to come - the disappearance of a toddler - a Cornell's ruling. A murder mystery on a Queensland island. Also, the cash to help an injured Sea World dolphin, and searching for Big Foot - the group chasing a legend around the world. h
Good afternoon, Drug paraphernalia School
has been dumped at Kaleen high a
School. It follows the discovery of nort
a cannabis grow house in another WorkSafe
north side suburb last week. conc
WorkSafe ACT has put a stop to a project
concrete pour at an apartment co
project in Lyons because of safety In
concerns. And in sport, three West
Indies cricket greats have revisite speaking
Manuka Oval today, as their c
speaking tour, continues around the country. Details tonight.

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From Big Foot to Australia's very own youy, the search for the beast has gone on for decades. But one team isn't giving up and claim to be just a few steps away from making a big discovery. You're about to meet a team of globe- trotting researchers who are as serious about Big Foot as the Pope is about religion. Big Foot, yeti, it's often a punch line. People are sceptical. They joke about stuff. Like we said, they are really into Big Foot. Never mine the fact that the only thing anyone knows for sure about the beast is that it has been wildly successful at filling tabloids, been the subject of terrible B movies and generally serving as a punch line. About what height did you see the eyes? They were higher than your head. That's a big boy. This man -- this people are real- life Big Foot hunters. With every bit of cutting edge technology, night vision gear and sensors they can get their hands on, the group travels the world investigating Big Foot sightings. Why are people fascinated by Big Foot First it's more than one. Remember, it's not Big Foot, there's Big Foots. There's a misconception we're looking for one. Their investigations make up two and soon to be three seasons of the animal planet show, finding Big Foot. Why is there no good photo or video? We have photos and videos of basically everything and every species known to man but no Big Foot. Yeah, you dofplt there's one there. That famous photo and the film to go with it was taken in 1967 and to our surprise it's no joke to the Big Foot crew, which studied it and tried to recite it to finally determine if it was aij staged. Most people say this is a guy in a suit. They're wrong. It has more muscle mass. If you know it's -- what somebody in a costume looks like and you see that in motion it doesn't look like a person in a costume but a real animal.They study tracks, too. Oh, yeah. Evidence they say of an unidentified barge and large beast with very big feet. I'd say more like a person, a wild, primitive man that - they can talk. I have heard them talk in the woods. They say they've identified a Big Foot call, so here owes your chance to turn up the volume on your television and see if anything strange comes knocking. Just be sure to keep a camera handy if anything shows up. You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here he's what's happening across the east coast - the case of Sydney toddler Rahma El-Dennaoui who disappeared seven years ago has been referred back to homicide police after the NSW coroner found no evidence of what happened to the little girl. There's been a police chase through the -- through a Melbourne suburb on the same day the State Government announced tough new laws for drivers who flee police. In Queensland, an 85-year- old grandmother has been found dead on Macleay Island in Moreton Bay. Returning to our top story a coroner has found there was no conclusive evidence to determine what happened to a Sydney toddler who disappeared seven years ago. The open finding cleaves -- leaves a cloud of suspicion hanging over the girl's parents. Jayne Azzopardi was in court. Rahma El-Dennaoui disappeared from her bedroom just over seven years ago. Despite four weeks of hearings and over 40 witnesses, her parents are still no closer to finding out what happened to her. Much of the suspicion has fallen on them. The coroner described aspects of their behaviour as puzzling and not add id yum with those of a graveing family. She said there was no conclusive evidence that the El- Dennaoui family had staged to kidnapping or were implicated in the toddler's disappearance. This is what Rahma's father had to say. Last Saturday she was seven years exactly. We want her now. We don't know what happened to her. We like her now. Me my wife, we done nothing to Rahma.The coroner said there were no positive steps taken in the initial police investigation to rule out family involvement. She also said the investigation into another person of interest had a number of shortcomings. The matter has been referred back to the NSW homicide squad. This frustration, a long investigation like this, but as the police service we won't stop until we know what happened to the girl. If she was alive today Rahma would be eight years and eight months. She's been missing more than seven years and it's possible no-one will ever know what happened to her. Our Sydney viewers can see Jayne Azzopardi's full report in Nine News at six o'clock. Victorian hoons who spark police pursuits face up to three years behind bars under tough new penalties. Andrew Lund is following the story. Good afternoon. There's been another police chase in the city's east today. Yes. Exactly the sort of thing the State Government wants to stop. It ended here a few hours ago. What happened was a Mazda went through an automatic number plate recognition station and picked up the fact the car had stolen number plates so police tried to flag it down. The car kept going and stkpwraized an officer. He's given pursuit. They reached speeds up to 100km/hr. The car has gone through a red light and cleaned up a vehicle carrying seven people. The car with the stolen number plates ended up in a hedge on the footpath. The driver has done a bit of a runner, got about 70m before being arrested and handcuff bud he's done another runner and gone into the traffic. In the process of that he's knocked over a policewoman who has since been hospitalised. He was arrested again and he's now being question bid police. Given how busy this intersection was, they're very lucky nobody was more seriously injured. It came only a few hours after the State Government introduced this new legislation to try to stop people from doing runners. We need to address this issue because it is just untenable that police are placed in this position. This new legislation will see drivers who do try to evade police face up to three years jail, can have their licensed cancelled for 12 months and their car confiscated for three months. It's not due to take effect until Christmas so today's driver will be charged under the old legislation. Thank you. Workers at Ford's Victorian factories are facing an uncertain future with the car giant set to sack more than 200 staff. We go to Brett McLeod for the details. This is terrible news for workers. When will they find out if they still have a job? They'll be coming here tomorrow individually. All employees have been called here or to the Geelong plant to learn their fate. In July Ford announced they'd be cutting production because of falling car sales, particularly the falcon, cutting production by about 25%. Then they announced that would mean 440 jobs would go. They have cut that number back to about 330. They have over 100 people put their hand up to say they want voluntary redundancy. So more than 200 people will find out tomorrow they'll lose their job. It will be a very difficult day and according to the union one leaving many wondering what they are doing with their lives. They don't want to leave the Ford motor company. Their passionate about their employer, they love building cars, their proud of the cars they build and they build great cars and they don't want to leave. Obviously a lot of acheer and disappointment directed at Ford. What has the company had to say? The company has put out a statement today saying they want to handle this with as much dignity as possible saying the idea is to implement the program in a caring maner and not single out those pleers so they're identified too easily tomorrow and every employee who tkpwhoz in will be given a meeting and -- who goes in will be given a meeting and everyone will come out with an envelope. Given the employees, nearly half have been with the company 25 years or more, it's going to be hard to find any jobs similar to what they have had here.Thank you. Brett McLeod will have the latest developments on the Ford job cuts for Melbourne viewers in Nine News at six o'clock. Police believe an elderly woman from a small island near Brisbane may have been murdered. It's the first ever homicide on the island leaving the community reeling. Andrew Kos has more. This morning Macleay Island community off Brisbane is in mourning and in shock at the loss of an 85-year-old local resident. Police today confirmed that they are treating this as a homicide investigation. They fear she has been murdered. Today police and SES spent the day scouring the bushland around her home for any sort of evidence or clues. Police doorknocked neighbours and have been questioning people in this street and community all day. She was a recluse but also well-known. There were many people, her neighbours in particular, that used to stop by and say hello, have a cup of tea with her and talk to her about what was going on in the community. That community is in shock. None of her neighbours or friends can believe what's happened. They speak very highly of the woman and are really devastated at what's occurred here. Have a listen to what some have had to say. I drive the taxi, talk to a lot of people and they're all very scared. It's been so peaceful. You been able to walk out of your house without locking the doors and - not having this think about, you know, whoever did this dreadful things to her. She didn't deserve that. She was just such a wonderful, cheerful person and - I'm sorry. Her home is expected to remain a crime scene for some time yet. In the meantime, police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward. A Sydney street has been shut down and residents told to stay indoors following a toxic gas leak. Emergency services were called to West Ryde after three workers from Sydney water were overcome which fumes. The workers were taken to hospital for observation. Two neighbouring schools were not evacuated. Fire crews including a Hazmat team spent the afternoon investigating the cause of the fumes. Millions of people have taken to the streets across the European Union angry over the increasing unemployment and austerity measures. In Italy protesters detonated petrol bombs in a heated confrontation with riot police. Officers responded with batons and tear gas. In Athens it was a third strike in as many weeks. The coordinated riots spanned to Madrid where the transport system was crippled as a result of the ugly demonstration. Back home, there's been a major operation on the streets of the Gold Coast today. It was all for a dolphin from Sea World who has become the first in Australia to undergo a cat scan after receiving a suspected injury. Darren Curtis has more. Sea World vets weren't mucking around. They moved early this morning and transport a 16-year-old dolphin to a veterinary clinic. With with a police escort they cruised along at 40km/hr headed for the specialist din clinic. The dolphin was rushed through to a CT room where the scanner said the patient appeared relaxed. He was the perfect patient, stayed very still.The scan xaed the dolphin's brain and jaw. At 16 they're transport the dolphin isn't suffering a major medical condition but being a teenager he does like to wrestle with some teammates and may have been injured himself. Looking at a new neurological choices, looking at whether it was related to - these are all boys we have so he does do a lot of fighting to be to top male so having a look to see if any changes could be trauma related.The procedure over, the dolphin was taken back to Sea World and it didn't take him long to get back into the swim. Vets will examine the X-rays to see if they can determine a reason for the behaviour but they're confident he's happy back in his surroundings. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in New York with the arrival of the rocker fella tree Christmas centre. The 25m tree was planted in the early 1960s and will be lit up in two weeks' time. Let's get all the sports news now with Yvonne Sampson. Good afternoon. Our Socceroos have put on a great show. They have. Positive signs for the future of Australian football as the Socceroos down South Korea. Also - the heat is on for Warner to perform in Adelaide. And is this -- for Dave Warner to perform in Adelaide. And is this This program is not captioned. It's such a natural instinct to want to look after
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Dave Warner denies he'll be under scrutiny to put runs on the board in the second test next week. The Adelaide Oval will be a pressure cooker for Dave Warner after he was dismissed for just four at the Gabba. You can't sit around all day and just basically eat food. It's up to the selectors to decide that, but hopefully - any of us are there at the time and trying to get a win for Australia.Warner isn't the only one trying to impress selectors. Shane Watson has been ruled out playing as a specialist batsman in Adelaide needing to recover from a calf injury and perform with the ball as an all- rounder. There are times over the past 12 months he considered in both roles and sometimes as a batsman only but very much at Adelaide they're rooking -- looking to his bowler. While Michael Clarke's unbeaten knock of 259 has seen him score to number 4 in the ICC's battings ranking, the highest of his career. Adam Scott is sitting second at the Australian Masters at Kingston Heath. He fired six birdies for a first round of 5-under par 67. At any event you have to putt well or one of the best over the four days so I have to keep that up. But I can do that by hitting a lot of good shots and giving myself a lot of chances. He's two strokes behind fellow Queenslander and surprise leader Matthew Guyatt. Englishman Ian Poulter is making a late charge, two shots off the pace. Adelaide Crows chief Trigg has pleaded for the football community to hear his club's side of the story before passing judgement in the Kurt Tippett salary cap scandal. Trigg made a statement this morning despite calls for him to resign before Monday's AFL commission hearing. Some of its accurate, some is inaccurate. I ask our people to be careful about taking all of that on board at the moment and let's go through the process next Monday, Tuesday if it takes us that and see where it goes from there. Trigg, the club and Tippett face several charge force alleged illegal third-party payments worth $300,000 pledged to Tippett in twien. -- 2009. The Wallabies are likely to appeal a suspicion dished out to Simmons sifpl. He copped an 8-week ban for the loss to France. If unsuccessful it means Simmons will miss this weekend's test against England with suspended flanker Scott Higginbotham on stand-by for the rest of the European tour. Pat McCabe has been ruled out of the Twickenham clash with a neck injury. The Socceroos coach has praised the performance of his team members in last night's win over South Korea. Four players made their international debut while Nikita Rukavytsya and Robbie Cornthwaite opened their national goal scoring accounts. New face force Socceroos as the coach varyd from the normal, an idea na looks to have backfired in just 12 minutes. And it's in the back of the net! The veteran! Even a furry Mascot joined in on the home side's celebration and South Korea had the claws out. Australia with the perfect way to get even on half time. And that is a beautiful finish by Nikita Rukavytsya! Who celebrates his first international goal. I feel great. It's always special to score a first goal and hopefully it will continue. He and another -- two donned the Australian jersey but the late addition broke the deadlock. Is it over the line? It is now, through Robbie Cornthwaite! Only called into the side two days ago, the Korean-based defender secured the Socceroos' first win on Korean soil in more than 40 years. It doesn't matter how they come you'll take them. Everyone took their opportunity. Showed they wanted to be out there, showed they deserved to warrant a place in the squad, and in the end we got a -- we got the just rewards. Still on soccer, Swedish captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic has had a night to remember. His -- his 27m everhead special as being described as one of the greatest goals ever seen. He netted all four in the home side's come from behind 4-2 win over England, the last was the pick of the bunch. You can imagine, all the young soccer fans around the world will be practising their bicycle kicks after that. Yes, I'd say you're right. Thanks. After the break we will have all the finance for you and the latest weather with Livinia Nixon. Tonight - the parents of a Lurnea toddler speak out, after the coroner says, "She didn't disappear into thin air". School children evacuated after a toxic leak at


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Tonight on WIN News: drug C
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Canberra' s north, and another safe
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You look fresher.

Don't be ridiculous. New Eclipse Chewy Mints.

Tomorrow on 'Today' we have the lady tradies take tk construction world by storm.And you could win $60,000 worth of groceries from Coles. See you tomorrow. Good afternoon from the taste of Melbourne which brings together this city's hottest restaurants. Each restaurant has its own tent set up and you can go around them, tasting and trying everything on offer until Sunday. Today has been mild and cloudy. There have been light showers moving across South Australia into Victoria. In Tasmania there was a dusting of snow on the higher peeks. Tomorrow the rain will track across NSW and become heavier as it reaches eastern parts of the state. The central table lands will get the most. So Sydney will see rain tomorrow. Heaviest in the afternoon. Brisbane will be dry most of the day but a shower or storm will develop later. Patchy rain for Canberra. In Adelaide, possibly an early shower and sunny. In Melbourne, chance of a morning shower and fine. Hobart will have one or two early showers. Perth, a sunny and warm Friday, shower or storm in Darwin. On Saturday, the rain over NSW will move further north, with showers and storms in Brisbane. In Sydney, one or two showers but sunny breaks. Fine in Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. On Sunday, more rain around Brisbane. There's likely to be 20 to 40mm during the weekend. A few showers across Tasmania and southern and eastern Victorian. Brisbane, showers will decrease on Sunday. Sydney will be mainly fine, possible shower. Sunny and warmer in Canberra. One or two showers in Melbourne. A few clearing in Hobart, fine and becoming sunny in Adelaide. More sunshine for Perth. Amelia, a little something to make you jealous - perfect Italian pizza. How good does that look? Thanks. Doctors are warning anyone who watched yesterday's solar eclipse and is experiencing black spots in their vision to see a doctor. GPs say many people may have burnt their eyeballs while staring at the sun. Even those who wore glasses could be at risk. Tens of thousands of people went to catch a glimpse of the e eclipse. Let's have a Look, Buy and Save at finance before we go. The Australian -- look at the finance before we go. The Australian share market closed lower following falls on Wall Street over worries about the US fiscal cliff. The All Ordinaries finished the day's trading in the red, falling 40 points. That is Nine's afternoon news for this Thursday. Our next bulletin is at six o'clock. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for your company. Have a great evening.

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This program is not captioned.

Hello, everybody.
Welcome to Millionaire Hot Seat. Let's get straight in
the action tonight 'cause I want to give away
$1 million! AUDIENCE: Yeah! Alright. Can we get somebody good enough
to go all the way? 15 questions, $1 million. It sounds pretty simple
but no-one can quite get there. Plenty of big money
gone off over the journey. Let's see if we can give a big
chunk of change away tonight as well and meet our contestants. In seat 1, Ken Evers flew a single
engine aircraft around the world to raise awareness for malaria. While living in Brunei, Gav Hayes attended the Sultan
of Brunei's 50th birthday party. Jasmine McFarlane had to endure 1.5
hours of labour on a bumpy highway. Oh, no. James Tuck discovered
he wasn't brainy enough to be on
'Australia's Brainiest Kid'. Mary Melcherts lived with
a comedian in LA, nuns in the UK, in a 19th century apartment
in Paris. And Bernie Melder was proposed to just 10 days after
she met her bloke, and married within a month. Yeah.

There you go.

That's a whirlwind romance.
No doubt about it. Ken, are you ready to play?
I am ready. Ken, let's play. Come on.

How are you, Ken?
Good, thanks, mate. Yourself? Ken Evers is our man.
He's 35 years of age. A livestock
quality assurance officer with the
Department of Primary Industries. From Axe Creek...
That's right. ..which is near Bendigo
in the goldfields of Victoria. That's correct. What does a livestock
quality assurance officer with the Department
of Primary Industries do? I ask myself that question
every day. Yeah? What's the answer? Basically I ensure that cattle are electronically identified
at the time of slaughter. OK, so there's no ring-ins
or anything like that or misappropriation
and all that sort of stuff? Traceability.
Good stuff. That's the way. Kim's your wife. Hi, Kim.
Hello. How are you?
Good. That's the way. You've got Kris who's 13,
Kyle who's 10 and Kate who's 8. That's right.
And you're Kim and Ken. That's right. So we like 'K'?
Exactly. So how do you go? "G'day, Ken. G'day, Kim. G'day,
Kris. G'day, Kyle. G'day, Kate." No. Just "G'day, K."
K. That covers everything.
Good on you, buddy. Hey, tell me about growing up
in Papua New Guinea. Look, it was an amazing experience.
How old were you? I went up there when I was 14
and came back when I was 17. So I went to high school up there.
Learnt to fly up there. Made some amazing friends up there. The only white kid in school.
Yeah. And it just...
just an amazing experience. And to see just what
those people go through and the joy that they still have I think really impacted
the rest of my life. Hey, Ken. Good luck, buddy.
Thank you. 15 questions, $1 million.
You ready to play? Ready to play all 15.
Let's do it.

For $100.


(LAUGHS) I might...I might play it safe
and go with A, the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands is locked in. Canary Islands is correct for $100.

Despite the other answers, the 'Canary' is actually based on
'canine', as opposed to on 'birds'. So it's actually 'dog'
rather than 'birds' but we won't let that
get in the way of things. $200. (READS QUESTION)

This is the one area
that I'm not good at. Madonna. What do you reckon
she'd be known as? Oh, I'm going to go C, Madge.
Madge is locked in. Madge is correct for $200.

J-Lo is Jennifer Lopez,
ScarJo is Scarlett Johansson, and Lilo is Lindsay Lohan. There you go. $300.
Thank you.


Emits light.

It's a tricky one.

Emits light.

I'm going to go with A, luminescent.
Lock it in? Yes. Correct for $300.


I own a Smith & Wesson. So I'll go for B, firearms. Up in Papua New Guinea, was it? Here.
Here? What are you doing having one here? I have a licence.
OK. Good. I'm glad. Firearms is correct for $500.

$1,000, first safe level. In fact, it's the only safe level. If you get this right, somebody will
be guaranteed at least $1,000.


I'm going to go for A, burnt. Burnt locked in.

Correct for $1,000.