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False is correct, Georgina. It is yellow. We are out of time. Checking scores. Our Lady, today, Bruno, Elizabeth,
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This program is captioned live. Police use tasers to arrest a man just hours after a damning report
on their use. Matthew Newton escapes jail
after reaching a deal in Miami. A coroner delivers an open finding into the disappearance
of Sydney toddler Rahma El-Dennaoui. And China chooses a new leader.

Good afternoon. Police have defended
using a taser to subdue a man who allegedly attacked officers
in Sydney's west. The incident happened just hours after a damning report
into the use of tasers was released by
the New South Wales coroner. On the ground and handcuffed, police say it took a taser
to stop this man's violent rampage. It's alleged the 55-year-old started brawling
with another man in Lakemba last night. It was a very, very intense fight
between him and another fellow coming out from the pub. His aggression turned to police
when they tried to intervene, shoving a probationary constable
into a glass window. I think he attacked the police
a couple of times. He was pushing them
and then they have to taser him. The advice I've received is that the taser has definitely
prevented further officers being injured. The incident came just hours after the New South Wales coroner
slammed the actions of police involved in the death
of Brazilian student Roberto Curti, who was tasered 14 times. She put forward
five recommendations. When I received these
recommendations from the coroner, I determined then the reviews
that were required to be happening would be happening immediately. They started yesterday. The New South Wales Premier says
he still backs the use of tasers. If you don't have tasers, police have access to
an even more lethal device, which is called their gun. The debate is also raging
in Queensland. Yesterday, an officer was cleared
of any wrongdoing over the death of Antonio Galeano,
who was tasered 28 times. His family wants the weapon
to be banned. They're going to keep killing people and they're going to keep
covering up their tracks. The deputy coroner ruled Mr Galeano's death was the result
of "excited delirium" probably caused by drug use.

Actor Matthew Newton has escaped
being sent to jail in the US on charges of
assaulting a hotel clerk. With the victim's consent, Newton agreed to pay him
$11,000 in damages. Angela Cox has the details. Considering how long this case
has dragged on with all the adjournments, it was all over very quickly
in less than 2 minutes. Matthew Newton is the son of
television royalty back home but here he was just another face
in a very busy courtroom. He did look
very healthy and focussed and a lot better than the last time
we saw him here in Miami when we saw those
very disturbing pictures where he looked rather unhinged, chasing that hotel worker
around the lobby. Now, the judge has agreed to dismiss
the charges. Newton had to pay the hotel worker
$11,500 in damages, which he's done. He also had to write
a letter of apology. And he has to do 50 hours
of community service. He can do that anywhere here
in the United States and he can also do it back at home. ..all this behind you. What do you want to do now? It's a very good result
for Matthew Newton. He could have been jailed
for almost a year and there was no conviction recorded which could have been a problem
for him visiting or working here in the United States. We're very pleased that
the case is going to be dismissed and this chapter is over. Newton has 100 days
to do that community service and also pay those damages. If he doesn't do it
in those hundred days, he could end up back here
at Miami court to face trial. A man has died in a fire
that destroyed his portable home in a caravan park
on the Gold Coast. The blaze erupted after midnight
and quickly engulfed the home. Neighbours alerted by the noise
of exploding glass windows rushed to help.

The bloke right behind
had the garden hose and we got one of those fire hoses
in the street so people were getting that out
and having a crack at that. There's no word yet
on what caused the blaze. Firefighters have saved
up to 20 homes which were threatened
by a bushfire near Noosa. The blaze broke out
in thick scrub near Doonan in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Nearby residents were told to flee. It was coming up this way,
couple of hours ago and now it's going that way, so... Pretty, you know,
pretty horrifying really. I rang the police and that, said, "Well get your cats
in the car" and so I did, and by then
it was almost back up to the house, couldn't believe it. The fire is now under control. for a group of koalas
fighting for life after a fierce bushfire
in South Australia. 2-year-old Narla
and 3-year-old Marley are being treated for serious burns. They're sharing a special clinic
with another baby koala which was brought in last night.

They're still in a critical stage, hence I have to keep my voice
very quiet in here. They need to be kept
extremely quiet and isolated from the mainstream animals
that we're dealing with. Rescuers believe hundreds more native animals
were injured or killed in the blaze. The family of missing Sydney toddler
Rahma El-Dennaoui has denied hurting the youngster after the coroner today handed down
an open finding and referred the case
back to the Homicide Squad. The coroner said the behaviour
of Rahma's parents was puzzling after they were secretly taped
joking about her disappearance. We not involved anyone - me my wife,
we haven't done nothing to Rahma. What do you think happened then? I don't know. Rahma has not been seen since
disappearing from her home in 2005. At the time,
she was just 21 months old. The US Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton has spent the day in Adelaide, touring an important
marine defence hub. Andrea Nicholas is there. Andrea, Mrs Clinton made a point of reaffirming America's
strong defence ties with Australia? That's right, Mark. The US Secretary of State
was very positive about South Australia's role
as a world-class industrial centre and it was just the pat on the back
defence groups wanted. They see Hillary Clinton as crucial to keeping Techport in business
down the track and used the opportunity
to promote the site as an ideal location to repair
the US Pacific Fleet's vessels. While there, Mrs
Clinton inspected submarines While there, Mrs Clinton
inspected submarines and an air warfare destroyer. Adelaide is, from our perspective, one of the great critical
industrial centres in the world, the heart of Australia's
defence manufacturing and a place where American
and Australian companies work in close partnership every day. Mrs Clinton was keen to dispel
any notion that partnership
could be in jeopardy because of our relationship
with China. I know there are some
who present a false choice, that Australia needs to choose between its longstanding ties
with the United States and its emerging links with China. Well, that kind
of zero-sum thinking only leads to negative-sum results. We support Australia
having strong, multifaceted ties with every nation
in the Asia Pacific - indeed, in the world,
including China. Earlier, Mrs Clinton was given
the VIP tour of Government House as she met with
the state's Governor and Premier. Tonight, she's expected to catch up
privately with friends before heading to Singapore
tomorrow. Andrea Nicolas there.
Thank you. China's ruling Communist Party has appointed Xi Jinping
as General Secretary. He will lead
the world's number two economy and newest diplomatic
and military power amid increasingly vocal calls
for economic and political reform.

In the last two two hours, history has been made here. China has presented its new leaders to the Outterside world. Their first meeting was with the world's Press, hundreds of them were invited into the Great Hall of the people to record at this historic moment. China's new leader Xi Jinping, 59 years old, apologised for keeping the journalists waiting. They had been waiting for more than one hour. He then introduced a each of his six fellow leaders. It has been reduced from nine to seven members. More power in lesser hands. Ordinary Chinese people have had absolutely no say in the selection process. Ordinary people were kept away from Tiananmen Square on the printers. The challenges facing this new leadership team are immense. There is worsening corruption, also the growing wealth gap. Many more poor people than a rich in what is supposed to be still a communist country. We have had a growing worker unrest so Xi Jinping will also need perhaps another title, imagistic -- magician, because of the problems. The country is struck -- struggling dangerous lines in other areas. The economy is slowing. It is good by international standards but China wants it to be a lot higher. This could mean that China will be less reliant on the sorts of things that Australia exports to China. Iron ore and coal. China is our most important trading partner but I have been speaking to one Economist who says the boom times may in fact soon be over.

over the past several years, has really been feeding
China's investment boom but this investment boom
should be seen, really, as a windfall
than a sustainable reality. One week ago, the outgoing president warned

president warned that corruption was so in damage in this country, it was in danger of bringing down the party and the state itself. It seems that corruption really is going to be the one issue the new leadership will have to tackle fast and tackle quickly.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - President Obama speaks
for the first time about the scandal that ended the
career of General David Petraeus. And Israel assassinates
a top Hamas commander.

Three workers were taken to hospital
this morning following a toxic gas leak
in Sydney. Four fire crews,
including a hazmat team, attended the street in West Ryde
just after 10:00. who had begun vomiting after being exposed
to an unknown substance. They were stabilised
and taken to hospital. Residents and students
at a school in the area were advised to stay indoors
and close all windows. US President Barack Obama
has spoken for the first time about the affair which brought down
the chief of the CIA. New details have emerged
about the chain of events that ended the distinguished career
of General David Petraeus.

Voters backed his call for tax hikes.A I have no evidence at this point, from what I have seen, that classified information was disclosed in any way would have had of them negative impact on national security.The present is withholding judgement on the FBI keeping secret about this matter. But they praised the ex chief.We are safer because of the work that he has done.Issued to was the physical cliff and taxes.What I'm not going to do is extend further attacks cut for folks who don't need it.Republican demand no rate hike. Can there be a deal finally to cut reductions in what the rich pay in taxes?I realise we have to compromise. On election night, I said compromises hard.Libya. Three Americans dead. Republicans today demanded a new investigation and warned the President not to nominate UN ambassador Susan Rice as his new Secretary of State after she claimed Benghazi was a riot gone wrong. Go after me, the president demanded.To besmirch her reputation is outrageous.Mostly he came across Malo. A Viktor reaching out to his opponents.

The military commander
of the Palestinian group Hamas has been assassinated
and at least nine others killed in a series of Israeli
air strikes across Gaza. This is the moment
the leader was targeted, the missile strike leaving the car
he was travelling in a burning wreck. Israel says
the operation was in response to days of heavy rocket fire
on its people. The goal of the operation
is to defend Israeli people and also target and cripple
those terror organisations responsible for
the ongoing rocket fire. Palestinian militants
have now warned the Jewish state it has opened the gates of hell. Violence has erupted as hundreds of
thousands of workers across Europe

And a Georgian strongman
is hoping to enter the record books after towing a truck
with his left ear. He tied a rope around his ear
and used a ladder for traction as he managed to drag a truck
weighing a hefty 9 tonnes. The 32-year-old says
the truck he moved today was slightly heavier
than the one he used to set his previous personal best. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - the latest finance figures. Also,
Coldplay performs on 'Sunrise'.

And in sport - a freakish goal
that helped Sweden bury England in their soccer international.

Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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It's Ray here from Apia. How you going?
Oh, not bad. We've settled back in. Pretty much starting to
almost feel normal selves again. (LAUGHS)
Oh, well, that's good to hear. That's the main thing. I just can't have
enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's just been
absolutely fantastic. Not a problem at all, Graeme.
It's our pleasure. Kept us with our heads
above water. Pardon that pun too. Yeah, yeah - that's good. Determined I'm gonna
catch up with you one day and look you in the eye
and thank you. Yeah, that'd be good.

If you're over 50, Apia makes home
insurance a rewarding experience. Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

Retail giant Myer
has reported first quarter sales of $688 million.

The figure is an increase of 1%
compared to this time last year. Menswear and cosmetics
were among the top performers. The introduction of
a significant number of new brands is believed to have helped
increase sales. Time to check the financial markets. The ASX 200 closed 39 points down.

A few lucky fans have been treated
to a once-in-a lifetime concert. One of the worlds best bands -
Coldplay - performed on the steps of
the Sydney Opera House this morning for a special 'Sunrise' event.

# ..held the key,
makes the world so closed on me # I discovered that my castles
stand on pillars of sand # Pillars of sand. # The Grammy Award winners
last toured Australia in 2009. Sport with Jim Wilson shortly
but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello.. Relief for about 80
paramedics asked to pay back more than a hundred thousand dollars..
after an admin error. The ACT Ambulance Services promises to be
flexible.. on the timeframe they have to pay back the cash.
It's as an audit found they were paid for leave they didn't have. Work Safety Commissioner Mark
McCabe's outraged.. he's had to stop yet another
concrete pour.. this time at a Lyons construction site.
He says tradesmen were still working on an area..
that was supposed to have been finished. It's the 3rd pour
cancelled in a fortnight. finished. It's the 3rd pour
cancelled in a fortnight. Fears more Canberra homes're being
used as cannabis hothouses. It's as this hydroponic equipment was
dumped at Kaleen High School. It's as this hydroponic equipment was
dumped at Kaleen High School. While.. 94 cannabis plants
were found inside a Macgregor House last week. The body of a 56 year old Sydney
man who fell overboard into Lake Eucumbene while fishing
with his son last month.. was found yesterday. And.. Canberra's Tom Rogic
says he's proud to have represented his country.. when the
Socceroos beat Korea 2-1 last night.

Good afternoon, everyone. Australia's cricket selectors
will tomorrow announce the squad for next week's
second test in Adelaide. Explosive opening batsman
Dave Warner says Shane Watson is invaluable even if he plays only as a batsman. Warner was promoting
Australia's Twenty20 international against Sri Lanka at Sydney's ANZ Stadium
on Australia Day. He would love to see Watson
back in the baggy green cap.

Any time I get to play with shame, I love batting. Whether it is opening or batting three, just having him in the team. Just the class of player he is brings experience to the team as well.

The second test starts
next Thursday. The Socceroos have scored their
first away win over South Korea in 40 years. They had to do it the hard way
after conceding an early goal. Nikita Rukavytsya
levelled the scores late in the first half and Robbie Cornthwaite
tapped home the match-winner in the dying minutes. Meanwhile, Zlatan Ibrahimovic
has scored one of the all-time great goals in Sweden's win over England. The striker bagged four goals
for the match. The Newcastle Knights have re-signed
veteran forward Willie Mason for another two seasons. Mason says
despite turning 32 this year he hasn't ruled out signing
another contract before he retires. I don't know, it just depends on
how the body pulls up and mentally how I feel and if I want to keep competing
every week at the top, you know, it's not easy.

Meantime, Wests Tigers fans
can breathe easy after Benji Marshall denied
he's seeking a release Adam Scott has made an impressive
start to the Australian Masters. The world number five
fired a 5-under par 67 to sit two strokes behind
early leader Matthew Guyatt. Scott's round included
a run of four straight birdies in ideal scoring conditions
at Kingston Heath. Englishman Ian Poulter's
equal with Scott at minus five late in his opening round.

Aussie tennis great Wally Masur
believes Bernard Tomic needs to dump
his father John as coach to fulfil his potential. Showing off the Australian Open
trophies at a Sydney school today, Masur urged Tomic to make a change
before it's too late.

for Bernie to get
a few outside influences, strong outside influences that can
really shape him and guide him. Masur expects big things
from Lleyton Hewitt now that he's playing pain-free. Australia's leading footy codes
have gone global. AFL star Dale Thomas
and NRL speedster Billy Slater have been testing their skills against Spain's World Cup hero
David Villa in Barcelona. Thomas gave new meaning
to the term "putting one
through the big sticks".

A pretty good backdrop, Barcelona. I think that one should be worth more than six points.

Good afternoon. David Brown
with your afternoon weather update.

In Melbourne, a gloomy afternoon. Just the odd teasing drop of rain. On the satellite, a weak cold front sleep -- slipping across the south- east corner. Producing light and patchy rain as it drifts towards NSW. The system is expected to intensify over the next 24 hours, mainly around the central east coast. We may see falls in excess of 30 millimetres. Elsewhere, light and patchy falls. Call conditions to continue. Temperatures set to rise through the southern half of Queensland with that dry desert air sweeping across the region. No relief from the heat until the middle part of the weekend.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Fergo. Thanks, David. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great night. Supertext captions
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