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(generated from captions) And those easterly winds pushed thick cloud
into Sydney today, ruining the eclipse
for Sydneysiders. We also saw some light showers
around Cronulla, 7mm there with temps
as much as 9 below the average today across the suburbs. From the satellite, we've got clouds sweeping along the coast of Victoria
and New South Wales thanks to onshore winds. Tomorrow, a trough will push
very warm northerly winds across northern New South Wales while triggering patchy rain
and storms from South Australia to western New South Wales
and into Victoria. Around the nation - wet weather
in Canberra. Melbourne and Hobart,
fine and hot
in Brisbane. On the waters:

Tonight will remain cloudy with a little drizzle
tomorrow morning. That won't stick around long, with a partly cloudy afternoon and a warmer top
of 26 degrees. Temperatures will reach in the western suburbs. 31 in Richmond and Penrith. And any wet weather we do see will
be very light, with falls of under 1mm. Some rain will arrive
on Thursday, with a top of 20. Drying up to a morning shower
on Friday and maybe a few showers
across the weekend too, with temperatures expected
to stay pretty mild.

And that's Seven News
for this Wednesday. I'm Chris Bath -
thanks for your company. Ahead on Today Tonight,
Sydney's most expensive suburbs - hy your postcode could be forcing up
your insurance premium. That's next.

Ahead on Today Tonight -
stalking a legend. The footy star
left fearing for hisfamily and the reason behind theobsession. Plus, undercoverangel. MAN: It's gonna be
a little bit confronting, I think, because I've never done it before. One of Australia's richest
lends a helpinghand. And insuranceblow-out. We reveal if you're paying higher
premiums because of yourpostcode.

Hello. I'm Matt White.
Welcome to Today Tonight. First this evening,
Melbourne footy legend and the stalker who hounded him
day andnight. Former Melbourne star David Schwarz
was left fearing for his family after constantly beingharassed. Tonight, Lynda Kinkadereveals what was behind
this relentlessobsession.

I was getting the late-night calls and then every hour, on the hour,
and it just became... I think
it must have been an obsession. (PHONE RINGS) Hello?

What did you think
he was capable of? Yeah, I had property damage,
I had things sent to home - I don't know. He...I don't know.

Do you think
he could have become violent? No doubt. No doubt.

He sounds like
a regular talkback radio caller.

But this is the voice of a stalker - his obsession,
former AFL legend David Schwarz. We would be sitting up at night
waiting for the phone call to happen and sure enough,
at 10:00 and then 11:00, and then 12:00 and then 1:00 and then, in the end, it was just broken sleep
for pretty much nine months. At the height of the harassment, he would receive up to 20 calls
in 20 minutes - a sustained campaign
that lasted months. You're a big, burly footballer. Were you fearful
for you and your family? Yeah, I was.

He threatened my producer,
who's a female as well, and once that happened, we just realised
that enough was enough. I felt intimidated
and I felt uneasy. I didn't know
what was going to happen. You'd walk out of work
and be looking around or you'd walk out of home and you'd make sure
the gates were locked. At the forefront
of David Schwarz's mind was his dad's murder. My dad got murdered through
someone who'd made idle threats - His father, Heinz Schwarz, was
shot dead in a motel bed in 1981. David was just eight at the time
and asleep in the bed next to him. The attack left him traumatised
for years. I think until the age of 17,
I always thought that someone was still going to come
through the window. David found solace in football, but when the stalking began
in October last year, those haunting memories resurfaced. Do you think he was calling you
constantly just to harrass you? To irritate you? I think just to make my life
uncomfortable - to intimidate me. And this is the man
behind the obsession. Steven Robert Elworthy,
his voice recorded here on radio, calling Schwarz's program
on Melbourne Sports Station SEN.

A regular caller, Schwarz invited him to be part
of his Grand Final show in 2008. Then I did a sportsman's night
for him. I couldn't do another one
because I fell ill, so I got a couple of people here
from SEN to fill in for me. And, as a result, it just got nasty. So nasty,

Schwarz was forced to take out
an intervention order. It was as though
that I owed him something. Radio listeners were unaware. Elworthy called under a fake name, ignoring the intervention order
during this call in July this year.

Off air, he called Schwarz
more than 155 times between October last year
and June this year. Each time he would call,
and then hang up. And then I had my car vandalised
and I had messages sent home. Under Brodie's Law, introduced in Victoria
earlier this year, Elworthy was charged
with criminal stalking. Late yesterday, the father of one
was sentenced to six months' jail. His lawyer said

his client gives his deepest
and unreserved apology to Mr Schwarz and his family.

Today, police investigator
Laurie Taylor, who worked on the case
for 12 months, celebrated the result with Schwarz
with a round of golf. Everyone's obviously heard about
the bullying law - Brodie's Law and that sort of stuff. This could set the precedent
for other people that are reporting cases to police. David Schwarz wants this experience
to be a lesson for others. The legal process will protect you - let as many people
in your inner circle know about it and don't be ashamed of it. So you and your family
can sleep soundly again? Hopefully.

Steven Robert Elworthy's lawyer
has informed us that he will be appealing
the sentence. We'll let you know the outcome. That was Lynda Kinkade reporting. Now to a selfless young woman who made it her misson
to help the homeless. When Sarah English had
one of our film crews join her little did she know
one of Australia's richest men was also tagging along
with a surprise up his sleeve.

I felt like I had to do
something about it, like I had a moral obligation
to do something about it. Bye, Dad.
Bye. See you later. Like thousands of people her age, Sarah English is heading into
Northbridge on a Saturday night but Sarah won't
visit any bars or clubs, she won't drink one drop of alcohol. The 23-year-old is on a mission
to help the homeless. Sometimes people say, "Oh, Sarah, sometimes things
just suck, you can't fix them" and I'm going, "But why not?" Like, while I'm alive
I'm going to do the best I can to fix everything I can. (CHEERING)

Tony Sage
is Perth Glory's well-known owner, a multi-millionaire mining magnate
and red carpet regular, who is about to become
Sarah's Undercover Angel. There are needy people out there that I don't think
government helps enough. First, he needs a disguise. Make-up is applied
to darken his 3-day growth. Dressed in jeans, a T-shirt,
cap and earrings, Tony is almost unrecognisable. It's going to be a little
bit confronting, I think, because I've never done it before. Sarah and Tony are total strangers who are about to become
the best of friends. Oh, my goodness!

My name's Sarah
and I coordinate the tours. Every Saturday night, Sarah English takes volunteers
on a walking tour of Perth, exposing the city's
homelessness problem. People have to change their
perception of homeless people. It's raw... Well, I sleep in a car park
building, around a corner where nobody can see me. ..and confronting. It's even worse when you've got
children and you're on the street. We do what we have to do
to get day by day. It's not just, "Oh, that's the
unlucky few that it happens to". It happens to so many people
that can't pay the rent and suddenly they're on the street. Three years ago, as a 20-year-old,
Sarah started Swags Team Perth. Her aim, to provide one of these life-saving
Backpack Beds to every homeless person in Perth. And then you've got a lockable
pocket on the inside as well for their possessions. And a bag here that they can
kind of use to store things? Yep.

Sarah did the sums. With 760 rough sleepers
in the Perth CBD, the beds, at $68 each, would cost around $52,000. Add $3,000 for shipping and storage and her target is $55,000. We've raised about $23,000 so far,
so we're nearly halfway there which is brilliant. That means
there's still $32,000 to go. For someone that young to put
so much dedication into this charity is just, you know, to me it's one
of the stories that touched me. For the first time in his life

Tony's putting names to the faces
of street people, like Jamie, who's called this Northbridge
hole in the wall, home for longer than he can remember. And that's it,
where you spend the night? Put the blanket over you? If you need to. He can't even stretch out.
It's heartbreaking. If you're on your own
you're still vulnerable. What is the hardest thing when
you're actually on the street, not in accommodation? The weather at times
because you can't control that. You find somewhere that's
out of the way, out of the wind, out of the weather

There's a world out here
and people need to know. Real people with real problems. There is a reason
that they're on the streets

We aren't here for exactly
the reason you think we're here. We're here
because we think you're amazing and there's a mole amongst us. Our undercover angel is this man
who's going to come forward. Tony Sage is an incredibly
successful businessman. And Tony found out about
what you do and Tony wants to help. I think you needed $32,000 to go. To get to the 55, was that right? Yeah, yeah, that's right. So, there you go. Oh, my gosh! Oh, my goodness. Sarah, there's $32,000.

For the average Australian, insurance rates
are going through the roof and it turns out your postcode
could determine how much you're paying. So, let's crunch the numbers
to find out if where you live
is pushing up your premium. Damien Hansen has the details. You are under that postcode and, all of a sudden,
you're in a flood-prone area. The cost of insuring your home
is going through the roof. We have seen significant increases
in some locations and I'm not talking 20% or 30%,
but in the hudreds of percent. 400%, 500%, even up to 900% increase
in some premiums. We're told recent natural disasters
have pushed all our premiums up - But, tonight, we can reveal how the actual threat of fire,
storm or flood is being ignored by insurers, determining your premium
by your postcode alone. It is like insuring your cars
as to what colour they are. It has no relevance
to what the car is. Frank Beveridge is mayor
of Charters Towers Regional Council in western Queensland. A region home to the town
of Homestead, postcode 4816. Palm Island is in exactly
the same postcode as Homestead and we've got areas
below Townsville, above Townsville, all in that one postcode.

So, it creates
a difficult situation. Palm Island, as the name suggests, is an island
off the Far North Queensland coast. Here, tropical cyclones
are a real threat. 300km south-west,
out back in Homestead, they've never experienced
a cyclone - ever. I don't think you could get a lower
emergency rating on a township than where these people live. And it's happening
all across the country. Last year was just over $600. Big difference. Grace Clemo,
from Seaford in Victoria, was an RACV customer
for more than half a century. They said that we are now
in a flood-prone area. We've never had floods in
this street. Grace had home and contents, marine,
caravan and motor insurance bundled with RACV. Then, this year,
she received a letter saying her area had been rezoned
as a flood-risk area. So, compulsory flood cover was added
to her policy. We can't do it. Angela Connolly owns
Angie's Guest House in Cairns, a halfway house
and emergency accommodation for people
who've fallen on tough times. It's a place she's poured both
her heart and a lot of money into. Every penny.

Her insurance premium soared
from $7,000 to $22,000 a year. People who are on either
a fixed income or low incomes, as the premiums rises

and if they continue to rise
at this pace, they might find
that even basic insurance is not affordable anymore. Chris Groth is the research manager at financial services company
Canstar. Certainly, our analysis shows that there can be quite
substantial differences in premiums even within the same postcode. That's why the people of Homestead
are lobbying for their postcode to be changed. Some of these are retirees and they're finding their homes
well over $1,000. They should be $300 or $400. Australia Post say how insurance companies
use the postcodes they've assigned is up to them.

But postcodes were never developed
with risk in mind - rather, just efficiency
for mail delivery. But there are ways to make sure you're not paying
for expensive, unnecessary cover. Ask if you can have an opt-out or if you can opt out
of that flood cover. If your insurer allows you to - This is where Canstar has done
some of the hard work for you. In our building insurance,

ANZ and CommInsure
won our national award. In the contents category... It was CommInsure and AAMI. They took Canstar's top gong. Also, in our package award
was CommInsure and AAMI. In some regions,
there's up to six fewer insurers actually providing quotes. Particularly when
you get into the tropics. As for Grace, she says now she could be forced to run the risk
of being uninsured. Consumers should not just accept
the first price they are given and shop around and
see if they can get a better deal.

It's just over a month
until Christmas and retailers are ramping up
their fight for your dollar. And this year,

smart gadgets are high
on wish-lists around the country. Madeleine Kennard has a sneak peek
at the latest and greatest when it comes to technology trends.

It is really about bringing
the future to consumers today. So this is a revolution
in TV technology. Smart technology
has just got even smarter. Now is the best time to buy if you're looking to buy,
for example, a new fridge, if you're looking to buy
your smart camera, if you're looking to buy
the latest smartphone. Samsung's Tyler McGee
is giving us the first look at their new offerings
just in time for Christmas. It's really a device that sits
between a smartphone and a tablet and for anyone who's ever had,
for example, a diary - they like taking notes
when they're out and about - we have a pen.

And so with that,
when I pull it out... This new-generation
Galaxy Note 2 tablet phone has a 5.5-inch screen
and an 8-megapixel camera. I'll click on the internet here
and we'll bring up our web page but then I'll also... ..I want to look at, for example,
a map at the same time. So I could be reading something
and looking at the map. So, obviously, Instagram is a very popular
application for sharing photos so you have the ability to do that
through our device instantly but then you also have it
as a full web browser so you could access and upload
pictures to, example, Facebook. From cameras to fridges,
you can play games, surf the web and that's before
you refrigerate your food. You have the ability
to keep track of food that you're putting in the fridge. And we bring meat into the fridge, you've got the date
you purchased it and it will have also an expiry date
which you can actually enter there. It's four times better than Blu-ray and Blu-ray's currently
the best picture quality you can get in the market at the moment When it comes to TVs,
according to Ryan Hodder from LG, bigger is better. LG have just unveiled

their 1.8m-long, 84-inch
ultra-definition TV. It's called 4K. It has 8 million megapixels
but it comes at a price - $15,999. Looking at this TV is like looking
through a crystal-clear window. The pictures are so bright
and they're so clear, they're almost lifelike. In technology now, there are real competitors
going head for head and this is the time of year
that they want to absolutely win. Seamus Byrne from says the best deals to be had
are in tablets. When the iPad launched, you know,
you really had to spend about $650 to get one.

And now, with the new iPad mini, you can get in but then there's competitors
that are under $300. And who knows what's next? As we get bigger, we're going to have better
quality television images, more and more as we progress,
in TVs.

Still ahead on Today Tonight - We pit beauty salons
against do-it-yourself products to see what comes out on top. That's next.

It's embarrassing to have to contend
with your dentures being loose. I find it very awkward so I would excuse myself
and go and sit in my car. A good way to help you is to use a denture adhesive. With just three small drops,
you get a strong cushion hold.

and helps prevent food
from getting underneath your dentures. I just wish I'd stumbled
across this sooner. I couldn't smile broadly, which I'm now able to do.

DAWN FRENCH: Exclusive to Coles
this Christmas, Heston Blumenthal's
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Fake tanning has become
the healthy alternative to spending too much time
in the sun. But from beauty salons
to do-it-yourself products, what works best? Adene Cassidy is on a mission
to put tanning to the test. Just by having a beautiful tan
makes a woman look good and feel fabulous

and being brown actually
makes you look a lot thinner. Yeah, I definitely do love to use it
as much as I can because I love the feeling of
being tanned. It always makes us feel
a lot better if we've got a little bit of a tan and we now know how dangerous Bronzed, brown and beautiful. There's no doubt
Australian women love to tan. But with the sun off limits, the safest and fastest way
is a fake tan. And with improved tanning formulas, the risk of looking like orange peel
has been reduced. The DHA -

that's main ingredient
that makes your skin go brown. It actually bonds to the dead cells and it turns the skin brown. so it actually helps
to plump up the skin and make it look more moisturised. But there are so many
tanning products on the market, it's hard to know what will work
and last, what is good value for money. So, we asked renowned make-up artist
and Priceline ambassador Helen Dawes to help us.

If you look at your wrists, you actually can see
that the veins are quite blue and that will show you that if you use a spray tan
that's not a green base, it can actually make you
quite orange and that's what we don't want. Starting at beauty salon Ciao Bella, we road-tested three different
spray tans on olive and fair skin. So, Krystal,
this is a 4-hour product that I'd like you to keep
on your skin. This is a violet-based product. And, after you have your shower, don't be alarmed
if the colour washes off your skin. It'll still continue to activate. Each product claims to last
a week to 10 days.

Two days later...

..and one week later.

We've got the cool-toned skin
and the warm-toned skin and I was wondering
if there was going to be a bit of a difference.

But, um, as you can see
with the product, after seven days If you'd prefer to do it yourself,
there are plenty of options. We road-tested a mousse and a cream, It was very susceptible
to running with the water. leaving water marks and I constantly had to be
re-drying it because I found that it would get
caught on clothes or something, even an hour or two hours
after I'd applied it. To avoid dry patches Helen advises using a mitt to apply and always road-test the product. I would say that there are a lot of products
that throw off an orange colour There are a couple of brands that
have that beautiful blue-green base and they're the brands to look for. When ModelCo's Shelley Barrett
launched Tan In a Can 10 years ago she had no idea
it would become such a phenomenon. Now she says DIY tans fill
an important gap in the market. There's three key tips
to the perfect tan. Don't over-tan. Ensure that you exfoliate because applying a new tan
over an old tan, just, a lot of build-up
tends to make you look a little bit like
you're wearing a fake tan. And also moisturising
in between tanning ensures that you keep your tan
looking to an optimum.

Coming up on TT - Australia's own top gun
blows the whistle on our air force. I think there has been
a softening of the force. Stay with us.

Remember how I cooked
the ham last year? Ready. Let's go. He's not doing that.
He's doing it his way. Yeah, big day. First ham. Shane's in control.
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With technology such as optic fibre
directly to the home, the National Broadband Network
will support high-performance wi-fi in your home and business, and the speed and increased capacity will help deliver
the possibilities of tomorrow. will help deliver The National Broadband Network - connecting us to a better future. To find out more, go to

Tomorrow night, the Aussie fighter pilot
blowing the whistle on our air force.

That story tomorrow night.
Hope you can join us then. Tomorrow morning on 'Sunrise'
a major television event. Supergroup Coldplay
will perform live and exclusive. That's on Seven from 6am.

Is Lisa's husband involved in this? Neil does know
we're seeing each other and I had an AVO issued today. And now Dad's paying for it? It's nothing fancy.
It's fine. You sure
you're gonna be OK on your own? I could stay.
No, no. Your kids will miss you. So that's Tamara -
the one that doesn't exist? Look, Sash, can you give us a sec? You wanna be alone with her? This is about my trial.
Just try and understand. MAN: The charges are as follows - that Casey Braxton
failed to appear in court, that Casey Braxton
did wilfully commit armed robbery and that Casey Braxton
did murder Daniel Braxton. Come on, mate.
Deep breaths, deep breaths. It's a panic attack. BRAX: It'll be a good day
for the Braxtons. Kyle's taking the stand too.
Great. They'll believe what he has to say
with Tamara backing him up. That was my third call
this morning to Tamara's motel. She's gone.

Yeah, I know.
I called you five minutes ago. I'm the same bloke. If she shows up, call me, please.

Any luck with Tamara? The motel receptionist
hasn't seen her. Apparently
she doesn't even have a mobile. Who the hell doesn't have a mobile? What does it mean for Casey
if she doesn't show? It means relying on Kyle's testimony to get him off the hook
for missing his original court date. He's our brother. I don't know
how much they're gonna believe him. I'd be more confident
if Tamara was here. Well, she has to show up.
She's been subpoenaed. If she doesn't, they'll put out
a warrant for her arrest. She doesn't care.
What do you mean? I didn't get the impression
she had much respect for the law. Righto. Give us your phone. I'll keep trying the motel
but you'd better get up there. Case needs ya. If you get through, be polite. You know me.

Has Romeo gone already, has he?
Yeah. He had a meeting,
so he left really early. Oh.

You know, you look fine. What? You want me to be happy every time
you go off sneaking off to see Lisa? This is hardly sneaking, Indi. Well, whatever it is, I get scared
every time you leave this house that you're gonna get attacked
by her crazy husband. Well, if it happens again,
I'll be ready. Oh, I'm sorry. Have you learnt karate
since the last time he attacked you? And what if he follows you
from here? You don't think I'd notice
if someone was following me? Indi, last time, his emotions
were all over the place. Lisa had just left him. He's had time to think about things
and I'd say he'd be long gone. Go on, then. Get.

Maybe you should lock the door
after I leave. What? First you tell me that we're safe, now you're telling me
to batten down the hatches? It's just to be on the safe side,
that's all, alright?


Oh, Marilyn,
you've really outdone yourself. Thank you, Mr Stewart.
You really are spoiling us. Oh, well, you deserve to be spoilt. It's nice to have a little quiet day
every now and again, isn't it? Bit of relaxing, time to bake. Everyone deserves to have a breather
every now and again, love. Peace and quiet.
That's all any man wants, isn't it? I'm back!
Hey! That was the cab ride from hell.
The stench was disgusting. I'm gonna carry deodorant with me
next time. Why is everyone sitting around?
There's so much to do. Oh, like what? I don't know -
like, organise a wedding. I think I can hear the fish biting. Oh, yeah! Good on you, Dad! Don't worry. There's plenty
we can do without his help.