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Red Bee Media Australia This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. The search for three friends missing in outback NSW has ended after a member of the group walked 20 kilometres for help. Let's go straight to our reporter in Broken Hill. What do we know at this stage?We know that three friends, two men and a woman, all from Victoria, set off on a road trip heading north. Around noon yesterday, they were about 130 kilometres north-west of here in Broken Hill where I am at the moment. They were driving along a bush track when their car has run off the track and in to some scrub. The car became undrivable. The three friends decided to walk to get some help. They were in the middle of nowhere. While they were walking waw from their car a massive search operation has begun with all emergency personnel called in. The woman, we understand, had called 000 from the location of the car but before long her phone battery had died and had cut out before emergency personnel could get any more detail. That search became quite widespread looking for these three friends. Around 8 o'clock last night, the car was located but there was no sign of these three friends. Now as they were walking, one of the men in the group we understand has fallen ill. The woman has decided to walk through the night, some 10, 20 kilometres to a sheep station where she's contacted police. Battled quite rough terrain, we're told. Let's take a listen to what police have to say.We believe she's walked through the night in order to get to property and seek help for her colleagues.How far do you think she walk underRoughly 15 to 20 kilometres. It's really difficult area. To put it bluntly, even the station hands don't go in that area.Where is that woman now? She's still at that homestead which is about 90 kilometres away from here at Broken Hill. She's been treated by paramedics throughout the day. This search continued and the two men have been located. The woman is currently helping investigations, trying to piece together exactly what's gone on. It's quite a long drive from the homestead here. About an hour and a half. She's due to be brought here to Broken Hill Hospital in a short while.We'll leave it there for now. Thank you. A coroner has slammed the actions of five NSW police officers, following the death of a young Brazilian student. Roberto Curti was tasered several times by officers in Sydney's CBD in March. The coroner described their actions as reckless, careless and dangerous and recommended the officers face disciplinary action.I can indicate that we will immediately adopt all five of those recommendations handed down today by the coroner. We'll cross live to our reporter who was at the inquest a little later in the bulletin. Two men have been refused bail following an alepbled crime spree on the Gold Coast. Police allege the pair stole a Mini Cooper hatchback and led police officers on a dangerous chase. They even mounted the footpath to drive around road spikes.Stingers were deployed but the stolen vehicle has avoided police at that location and has continued on.Officers eventually cornered the pair with the help of the police chopper. Reports a man were shot dead in inner Sydney cause cad osfor police and locals this afternoon. Authorities were called to a unit block at Ultimo around 2 o'clock after reports of gunshots. Streets surrounding were closed and a nearby school was forced in to lockdown. It's later confirmed the reports were false. Another man and two women are also assisting with inquiries. The sex scandal involving former CIA director Petraeus continues to deepen. It's now been revealed the investigation involved a retired general. It is breathtaking. Within days, two 4-star generals, so widely respected, in the midst of scandal. First David Petraeus and now John Allen being investigated for sending what the Pentagon said were potentially inappropriate messages, putting on hold his likely promotion.It weighs on him, of course, as much as it weighs on Dave Petraeus. I believe that Dave is very, very sad for what he has admitted he did.At the centre of this web, the Tafrpla socialite and honourary military ambassador living near the head qaurtsz where Petraeus and Allen were once based. Officials say it was earlier this summer she received anonymous emails accusing her of flaunting her friendly relationships with top military brass. The FBI traced those emails back to Paula Broadwell's computer where they discovered the evidence of Broadwell's affair with David Petraeus. ABC has learned General Allen received an anonymous email traced to Paula Broadwell, painting Kelly as a seductress. A further look revealed hundreds between Kelly and General Allen. 20 to 30,000 pages of communications in all. But a source familiar with the emails say they contain no evidence of a sexual relationship, something Allen strongly denies. Instead they're described as friendly, perhaps flirtatious, but routine. Mostly meetings about ambassadors. In one note Kelly said she saw the general on TV. He responds, "Thanks, dear. You're a sweetheart." Many were to Allen's wife.Somebody proves otherwise, I believe he did nothing inappropriate.Today the White House made clear the President still has faith in General Allen. But the Petraeus case is an entirely different matter. Late last night federal agents descended on the home of his mistress, gathering more material, including a desktop computer, making sure she doesn't hold any classified information. And Dave Petraeus, once such a public hero, now forced into the shadows. If you missed this morning's total solar eclipse, you have a long wait ahead for the next one. Tens of thousands of people made the trek to Far North Queensland to witness the spectacular show. It really was a breathtaking sight?Yes. The Far North Queensland region has been waiting since 710 AD to welcome their solar eclipse. I personally think it was well worth the wait. There were some very nervous people watching the weather this morning but the clouds parted and tens of thousands of people along the coastline from Cairns to Port Douglas were plunged in to two minutes of eerie darkness as the moon moved directly across the sun. It was a real amazing spectacular event and it's called nature's most amazing and spectacular event. Thankfully it wasn't just witnessed here. The first people to get a glimpse of the moon's shadow were in Darwin, where an enthusiastic bunch jumped onboard a light plane. They took to the skies and weren't taking any risk of low cloud ruining their even. They got that view they were desperately hoping for. Down in Brisbane some people got up early and staked out the best viewing spots. They got about 83% partiality. On the Gold Coast, beautiful fine conditions mean they didn't miss out. Even right down in Sydney some people got along to the Observatory and joined an estimated 300 million people worldwide who took in the big event on web telecast. It certainly was no doubt eclipse central here on Palm Beach, where people from right across the globe had flooded in. Eclipse chasers from all sorts of countries, hoping to get the magical and awe- inspiring moment and they certainly weren't disappointed.It was pretty cool. Startling to see the moon come across and light up. The change in the daylight was kind of cool. The birds quietened down. Everyone quietened down. I'm pretty happy. I can go home now.You should have been here. Had so much fun.It it was spiritual.It looked so amazing.They say once you've seen one you'll be desperate to see another. You'll have to go to Sydney in 2028 where we welcome our next full solar eclipse.Still ahead - snapped on the job - what this taxi driver was doing with his phone that landed him in hot water. Fire engulfs a home in Sydney's north-west. A controversial $1 million parcel arrived on the Brisbane River. This program is not captioned. They called. They called you?
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Now to breaking news. The PM has denied allegations she received a payment from former boyfriend and Australian Workers Union official Bruce Wilson. The 'Australian' today published claims by a former AWU employee that Mr Wilson told him to deposit $5,000 in to Julia Gillard's bank account in 1995. Ms Gillard has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing or benefit in her role in setting up a union fund when she was a lawyer.I didn't do anything wrong. This kind of smear we're seeing in today's 'Australian'. This is smear, pure and simple.Ms Gillard said the matter has been trawled over for 20 years and doesn't deserve further explanation. There's outrage in Melbourne today after a taxi driver was caught playing games on his mobile phone while driving. Details now. This is quite an alarming situation. This young lady says she caught a taxi in South Melbourne yesterday, about a half hour journey from Mr To Burwood East and about halfway through the journey she noticed her driver was using his mobile phone. It wasn't just a text message or a phone call, he was in the midst of a game of what looked like Tetris and doing so in heavy traffic.When I looked closer and saw it was a game, I had to do a double take. I was incredulous. I couldn't comprehend it. There was one point in time the traffic in front of him had advanced and he was still playing the game looking down.We haven't yet heard from the man's employer, the Victorian Taxi Directorate concedes this is a problem and has happened with other taxi drivers before. In particular to this driver, they say he will be held to account.If we determine that the driver was using a mobile phone while he was driving the taxi, we'll issue an infringement. That's $244 and three demerit points.As to whether the driver will lose his accreditation, the Taxi Directorate said it will take a much deeper investigation to see whether this is a particular pattern of behaviour for him. He will be issued with infringement and lose three demerit points. A man is recovering in hospital after a fierce blaze tore through his Sydney home this morning. The fire at West Ryde took hold around 7 o'clock, with us battling for an hour -- crews battling for an hour to contain it. The cause of the fire is being investigated. Still to come this afternoon - some devastating news for Schapelle Corby. We'll have the latest from Bali. Also - a special gesture from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Perth. And the supersize delivery that's causing controversy on the Brisbane River. Right now, here Thanks Amelia. Tonight in Nine News - five Sydney police officers labelled reckless, careless and dangerous, after the tasering death of a Brazilian student. Frantic scenes in the centre of Sydney as police in bulletproof vests lockdown several Ultimo streets. A major builder goes bust, leaving Sydney families homeless. Ross Greenwood is there as the locks are changed. The world first medical trial working to prevent asthma in children. And when day turned into night - spectacular pictures of a rare solar eclipse. Join me for Nine News at 6:00.

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Schapelle Corby's bid for early release is in doubt following new changes to Indonesian parole procedures. Despate being eligible for parole, she may have to wait months before she can apply. Her 20-year prison term was cut by five years in May. The 35-year-old was arrested in 2004 for attempting to smuggle marijuana in to Bali. Hillary Clinton has spent the day with Foreign Minister Bob Carr and Defence Minister Stephen Smith in Perth for the annual talks. The US Secretary of State visited the Kings Park War Memorial before discussing military issues. A controversial statute of a bronze elephant has been -- statue of a bronze elephant has been taken up the Brisbane River. Some have described the $1 million installation as a waste of taxpayers' money. With a $1 million-plus price tag, critics are already calling it a white elephant and it had a bit of that appearance about it. It wasn't cheap getting it here either. First it came via barge along the Brisbane River, then a crane lifted it from the barge on to a truck. Then the truck was due to bring it about 50 metres down this way towards where its foundations are. They had to be quite article about getting it in here. It is so big, they had to trim a number of the trees. Underneath the tarpaulin is a life size 5.5 tonne sculpture of an elephant standing on its head. Now the unveiling was quite an event here this afternoon. And here was the reaction from some of those here.Fantastic. I never knew which way up was going to be.Standing on its head?Got to see which way the trunk is. Trunk is up, - that's good luck.This sculpture hasn't been without controversy. It was commissioned by the former Labor government. When Campbell Newman's government came to power, the Arts Minister said the money could have been much better spent on helping the victims of last year's devastating floods. Now the LNP Government, they're pretty much stuck with it. Still to come - a coroner's damning finings in to the death of a young man tasered by police. Political scandal - why the Estate Housing Minister has stood down. Michael Jackson's dreams of being Spiderman and how he reached out to Princess Diana. Incredible claims in a new book. From bizarre breakfast demands to his choice in cars, the This program is not captioned.

crash early this morning. The ACT jurisd
remains the highest performing numeracy
jurisdiction in literacy and t
numeracy among students from year 3 r
to 9 - according to the latest COAG ro
report. And in sport, the Canberra g
roller derby league is preparing to header
go out in style, with a double Detail
header grand final at the AIS. Details tonight, 6:30.

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He was one of the most popular entertainers the world has ever seen. Now, a new book is revealing more details about Michael Jackson's troubled private life.

There hasn't been anyone that famous in a single moment as he was, you know, during 'Thriller' time. I think that was probably the peak of celebrity for a human being. Randall Sullivan, the highly acclaimed journalist, has spent three years getting behind the mask of the most celebrated entertainer our world has ever known. It's a tale of family, fame, lost childhood, and startling accusations that you won't have heard before. The portrait of a prescription drug addict who could spend $250,000 on a shopping spree without thinking.The shopping, like the drugs, was a painkiller for him.Apparently Michael Jackson would often call business partners and ask them to bring 'round bags of cash.In one case, there's a phone call where he's asking Mark for $7.5 million. For some reason, it was like a French-fry bag or something, and he gave it to Michael. It became an in-joke of, "I want you to supersize this order." He wanted to have money to put in his pocket. To him, that was real money.That's like a child.He was, yes.A man-child who couldn't leave fame or family behind. Michael was tired of being a song- and-dance man. He didn't want to perform on stage from the time of the 'History' tour, which was 1995- 96.Jackson wanted to be an actor. He had wanted to buy the rights to every Marvel character before anyone else thought of making them into movies.He wanted to play Spider-Man. How that would have worked, I don't know.And he wanted to play Willy Wonka, but he didn't get that role either. Jackson claimed to be a child trapped in an adult world. Michael desperately lonely, apparently seeking the company of a handful of other people on earth who could understand his level of fame. He was, says Sullivan, given the brush-off by Jackie O and Princess Diana.Diana didn't want to be his friend?No, she didn't. You know, for lack of a better word, I think she was a little creeped out by him because of the intensity of his desire to be with her.In the book, Sullivan describes how various people, including Michael Jackson's wife, Lisa-Marie Presley, were beguiled by the star's intelligence and charm.I developed a deep affection for Michael that I didn't see coming.It seems that you've fallen for the Michael Jackson spell as well!I hope that what I fell for was what was good about him. I don't think I ever was blinded to the aspects of Michael's character that are not so attractive. Or that are questionable. The ultimate question is, did Michael Jackson ever molest a child? My conclusion is that I don't think he did. My answer is probably not. I wish I could say conclusively that he didn't. I can't. There is a shadow of doubt. And I had to come to accept that I was going to have to live with that. I think anyone who's honest about Michael will have to live with it too. You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what's happening across the east coast right now. Sydney Police launch an immediate review into the use of Tasers, after a damning review from the coroner over the death of Brazilian student Roberto Curti. Criminal bikie gangs to be outlawed in Victoria, under new draft laws announced by the State Government today. And Queensland's Housing Minister, Bruce Flegg, has resigned following days of controversy over allegations he misled Parliament. Criminal motorcycle gangs could soon be banned in Victoria, under new laws announced by the State Government today. Let's go to Nine reporter Andrew Lund in Melbourne. Andrew, good afternoon. What is the Government proposing?Well, Amelia, the Government introduced legislation this morning that would give police the power to apply to the Supreme Court to declare a gang illegal. The court would have to be satisfied that the gang was involved in serious criminal activity, but once it was, it would then be able to restrict the gang's operations. Gang members caught breaking those restrictions could then face penalties of up to five years jail and having their property confiscated. This legislation the Government has introduced would also allow interstate orders to be registered and enforced here in Victoria. Victorians do not want to see criminal bikie gangs flourishing in this state. And they do not tolerate, and they do not want to tolerate, these activities.Andrew, what's the reaction been from these groups?Amelia, they're understandably not very happy about it. They say the focus should be on individuals, rather than groups. They concede there is a small criminal element to some of the gangs, but say the vast majority of members want to do the right thing. Similar legislation in Western Australia and NSW have run into trouble in the High Court. The gangs in Victoria are promising a similar fight. Legal experts have questioned whether the legislation will hold up. The Government is not deterred. It wants to have the law through Parliament by the end of the year and into force soon after that. Amelia.Andrew Lund, we will leave it there for now. Thank you. The NSW police force has adopted all the recommendations from a coronial inquest into the Taser death of Brazilian student Roberto Curti in Sydney earlier this year. Nine's Dan Nolan was in court for the findings, and joins us now on the phone. Dan, the coroner really didn't hold back?She sure didn't, Amelia. She compared the behaviour of some of those police officers that night to a pack of schoolboys in the 'Lord of the Flies' novel - a mob mentality with no concern for Roberto Curti's welfare. She was especially scathing on the senior officer at the scene, Sergeant Gregory Cooper, who has since been promoted to inspector. She said his evidence was unreliable and his actions in blaming junior officers was little short of contemptible. Let's listen to some of her remark snooze. Some of them did demonstrate an abuse of police powers. In some instances, even thuggish. And the actions of some of the officers were just that - reckless, careless, dangerous and excessively forceful.I can indicate that we will immediately adopt all five of those recommendations handed down today by the coroner, and certainly I can indicate that, as of today, right now, a review has already commenced into the training and the standard operating procedures with regards to the use of Tasers.Dan, Roberto's family were there today, as they have been for this entire inquest. What was their response to the findings?Amelia, they were no doubt disappointed with the result. They were hoping for criminal charges to be laid. That was ruled out by the coroner, mainly due to a lack of a cause of death - it still wasn't able to be determined. His family have carried themselves with dignity throughout this whole inquest. They've had to listen to a harrowing two weeks of evidence, hearing how their brother was hit with 14 Tasers, three cans of capsicum spray, before he died. It has been a really difficult time for them. Let's have a listen to what they had to say today.As painful as it is, we now have a better understanding of what led to Robert o's death on that awful evening. The family and our lawyers also believe that charges for certain criminal offences should be laid.The next step now is that the Police Integrity Commission will take a look at this incident - that was welcomed by the Police Commissioner today, but he still maintains that Tasers are an effective police tool to have at their disposal. Amelia.Thank you, Dan Nolan. A coroner has this afternoon ruled that police use of Tasers did not directly contribute to the death of a North Queensland man in 2009. Antonio Galeano died after being repeatedly Tasered by police during a disturbance at his girlfriend's home. The Brisbane coroner has recommended police should not face disciplinary action. Queensland's public works and housing minister has resigned this afternoon from his position in Cabinet, following a dramatic week. Sacked Bruce Flegg staffer Graeme Hallett yesterday accused the Moggill MP of producing an inaccurate lobbyist register, and practising medicine when he was listed as being in his electorate. A tearful Flegg told Parliament the scandal has damaged the Government. We'll have more on this developing story for our Queensland viewers in the news at 6:00. Labor Party faithful have gathered at a hall in Sydney's west, where 40 years earlier, Gough Whitlam gave a rousing call to arms after 23 years of Liberal leadership. Last night, senior Labor figures joined members of the public to honour their hero - and that speech. Men and women of Australia...1972, and with those five borrowed, simple words, Gough Whitlam began a speech that many believe changed a nation.The decision we will make for our country on the second of December is a choice between the past and the future.And with it came a jingle that reshaped Australian election campaigning. # Yes, it's time After 23 years of conservative rule, it was time, and Gough Whitlam swept Billy McMahon from office and Labor onto the Treasury benches. It's time to create new opportunities for Australians, time for a new vision.Last night on the 40th anniversary of that campaign speech, at the same venue in Western Sydney, it was time to celebrate. # Time for children # Time to teach them I didn't think there's many speeches that are celebrated 40 years on, but it was a speech for its time.11 years after Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke also swept Labor back into power. He was there four decades ago, as then-ACTU president. All of us had the feeling that we could see, at last, the light. Gough Whitlam is 96 now, and frail, but still goes to the office four days a week - and he had a message for those celebrating the Labor legend and his legacy.Maintain your enthusiasm. Rumours and gossip follow the royal family wherever they go, but today, Clarence House broke its silence, setting the record straight on some unusual myths about Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Nine's Europe correspondent Peter Stefanovic has the details. Prince Charles wants to clear a few things up.According to 'GQ' magazine, I am a fashion icon. There are dozens of myths about a chap many find quite peculiar, so on the Clarence House website, 26 common questions about Charles and Camilla have been answered. How many staff does the Prince of Wales employ? Strangely, the answer is 161.1. Will the Duchess of Cornwall one day become Queen? No, is the response - she'll be known as the princess consort. Does she still enjoy a cheeky cigarette? Nope, she hasn't smoked for years, apparently. But perhaps the most bizarre myth it disspells is that, according to a friend, Prince Charles has seven boiled eggs cooked for breakfast, each for a different amount of time. He picks the one that has the yolk cooked to perfection. We're told that's not true. Commentators say the reason the royal family has decided to debunk some of these myths - particularly the ones that suggest Charles is arrogant and out of touch with his nation - is that it hopefully clears the way for him to have a better future. But there are just so many other myths in circulation. Does he still talk to plants, or does his valet put toothpaste on his toothbrush, as has been claimed? Sadly, they are questions the website hasn't tackled - yet. A new generation of retirees is making plenty of noise in the US. Rather than sitting back and relaxing in retirement, they're seeking out some big adventures on three wheels. Beards, chrome, leather vests, more beards - and that noise. And these fellas aren't bikers - they're trikers. Saddling up on an easier rider. Life without your bike is just life.That's never been enough for us.When old bones just can't handle two wheels anymore...I wanted to get a Harley, but I have a bad leg.Different reasons, different hip replacements, different back injuries. We go to a trike.As the baby-boomer bikers of the '70s are ageing, trike sales are through the roof, up 45% last year - Harley-Davidson is even making a 3-wheeled model. Many of these beasts are custom-made.Most of us just want to keep ourselves in the wind.The brothers of the third wheel, a benevolent global triker gang, has 7,000 members and counting. There are guys still riding well into their 90s. It's a more laid-back experience than a bike, and riding pillion, I could have fallen asleep if it wasn't for Bobby's pink ponytail flapping in my face. Triking is keeping the aging and injured on the open road. If you don't know the feeling, it's hard to explain. Bugs in your teeth - it's just a blast.Are you going to ride this thing till you die? I'll ride till I either get killed or die.Born to be wild, Don is refusing to grow old -. Tony Jones joins us now with all the sports news. TJ, good afternoon. You've got some AFL news - more dramas for the Crows?I'm afraid so, Amelia. Good afternoon. More charges slapped on Adelaide, involving contract arrangements with Kurt Tippett. Also coming up - Eels coach Ricky Stuart warns Israel Folau could be lost to a third code if a deal isn't done soon. And not quite seeing eye to eye - Mundine and Geale stare each other down.

This program is not captioned. Let's begin with the AFL. The fallout from the Adelaide Crows' salary cap scandal continues. Further charges have been laid against the club in the contract arrangements with Kurt Tippett. It's alleged illegal third-party payments of $300,000 were made to Tippett in 2009. The club's football operations manager, Phil Harper, will now have a case to answer when the league commission meets on Monday. Switching codes now - Eels coach Ricky Stuart has thrown doubt on signing Israel Folau. Describing the negotiation process as messy and tedious, speaking earlier this morning at a Parramatta pre-season hit-out, Stuart says there's a real risk the NRL could once again lose Folau.I've been working hard, as the club has, with the league, to have him play here. But we seem to be perching our heads against a brick wall.Folau announced earlier this month he was leaving the AFL club GWS Giants to return to league. Adam Scott has taken a swipe at golf's governing bodies for renewing the debate of banning broomstick putters. Scott will aim for his first tournament win this year at the Australian Masters in Melbourne. Nine's Corey Norris followed him around the course today. Adam Scott was the first on the greens here at Kingston Heath this morning, taking part in a pro-am in his final look at this course before teeing off tomorrow. He hasn't had the best of years, failing to win a tournament. But he comes here with plenty of confidence of a breakthrough win here on home soil.I haven't managed to put four days together at the right time, and therefore haven't won an event this year, which bother me a little bit. But I'm here, and I've got a chance this week, and hopefully get it done here and at the Australian Open.Of course, he was armed this morning with that controversial broomstick putter, which continues to cause a stir throughout the world of golf, following renewed calls for the putter to be banned. Scott certainly didn't hold back at his thoughts, and accusations that using it as actually cheating. There's no actual evidence that putting with an anchored putter is better, easier, or if it is, I would assume everyone would be doing it.Scott's biggest challenge here is expected to come from defending champion Ian Poulter and Irishman Graeme McDowell. With Robert Allenby and Stuart Appleby in the mix, no doubt the next four four days will be a mouth-watering contest. Boxing champion Daniel Geale says he's love to end Anthony Mundine's career with a knockout. Bence Hamerli caught up with Geale today. It's the boxing rematch Australian fans have been waiting for. Daniel Geale versus Anthony Mundine. January 30, here at the Sydney entertainment centre. I've got the world champion, Daniel Geale, with me. How big is this fight?I think it's going to be a huge fight. Anthony has been fighting, or had been fighting at the top, for a while. He hasn't been there for a little while also, but I have been at the top. I've been fighting the best in the world. I've recently won titles overseas. I'm looking forward to this tight fight. For me, it's about making things right. The first fight was a close fight. We're gonna make sure this is not a close fight.He's a hard man to come up against. He calls himself 'The Entertainer'. He says you're boring. It looked like he got a little bit under your skin up there. That's him. That's his style. He tries to. I think what frustrates him the most about it all is that he knows he can't get under my skin. He can say whatever he wants. He won't get under my skin. When the time comes when we're in that ring, there's nowhere to hide. He won't be standing in front of me. If he does, he'll be down on the ground. He's created an image, something in the media that a lot of people don't like. If I get the chance, I'll make sure I finish it. Beautiful. Best of luck. It was pretty hard to separate the guys at the press conference. No doubt it'll be the same on January 30. Good work, bens. Shane Watson says a niggling calf injury has been testing his patience, as the all-rounder pushes for selection in next week's second test. It comes after skipper Michael Clarke praised his entire bowling line-up, and warned the Proteas to expect even more fine in Adelaide. Despite his own record-breaking effort with the bat in Brisbane, Michael Clarke says the fight-back by his bowlers on the time day has given the Aussies the edge.Full credit to the bowlers. I thought they worked really hard today. It is positive that they were able to get the South African top order out again.The bowlers took a pasting from the South Africans on day one. By day five, they were in control. James Pattinson was the pick of the quicks - the captain loves his aggression.The aggression, the inintent, is a big part -- the intent, is a big part of the way we play our best cricket. I certainly don't want to stop that. But we understand there's a line. You can go to the line, but you can't overstep it. Simple as that.The South Africans feel they let this test get away. Chasing the tourists' first innings of 450, the Aussies were in tatters at 3/40. But the tourists' bowlers couldn't go on with it.I felt that we were ahead of the game going into day four, 42/3. We never quite backed up well enough on day four. Michael and Cowan played really well and took the game to us. We didn't respond in the way I've got used to our guys responding.Both teams now have a few days rest before the second test in Adelaide starts in just over a week. The bookies have them as equal-favourites.A lot of positives coming out of this test for us. Unfortunately, we didn't get a win, but we can certainly use the momentum, I guess, that we take from this game and hopefully take it into Adelaide. Australia's nest generation of football stars will be on show tonight, when the Socceroos take on South Korea in Seoul. The friendly will allow coach Holger Osieck the opportunity to blood three debutants, while defender Robbie Cornthwaite has been called into the side, replacing the injured Luke Wilkshire.I've got one eye looking forward towards early December and the tournament in Hong Kong. Hopefully I can put my best foot forward and put my hand up for selection for that.Injury has also sidelined Matt McKay and Alicia Sorohan. -- Adam Sarota. That's all for sport. Thank you, Tony. See you next tyke. Still ahead - the finance, and the latest weather with Livinia Nixon. Tonight on WIN News: A random leads
breath test on the Hume Highway Canber
leads to drugs charges for two hospi
Canberrans, and four friends in Tuggera
hospital after a car crash in
Tuggeranong. Join me for the detail next. This program is not captioned. It's such a natural instinct to want to look after
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Huggies nappies Christmas
designs are coming to town, but they won't be here for long.


SONG: # Come on, everybody

# It's summer again

# Let's do the hop # Oh, and do the swim # Do the shake # Oh, and do the freeze

# Do the mmm-mmm-mmm

# Hey, and do the bird # Do the


This program is not captioned.

Good afternoon. Skies in the south- east have been fairly clear today, which means there's nothing to trap the heat in, making overnight temperatures across Victoria quite chilly. Those clear skies have been caused by these weak highs over the Bight and also the Tasman Sea. Tomorrow, showers will move from South Australia into western Victoria, while a front over Tasmania will also generate showers. Rainfall totals will be less than 5mm at their heaviest. The west and north-east will remain dry and sunny.

Melbourne will begin dry and partly cloudy, with showers developing in the afternoon - 1mm or so, a top of 19 degrees. Sydney can expect early drizzle, then a partly cloudy day. A low of 17 and top of 26 degrees. Brisbane can look forward to a fine and partly cloudy day. A low of sphene degrees and eventually warming up to a top of 31.

On Friday, showers in the north- west will continue, while a system generating showers over central Australia will extend further east into NSW. Rainfall heaviest over the Central Tablelands district, with 10mm to 15mm. Around 5mm in Sydney.

Thank you, Livinia. Let's look at finance before we go:

That's Nine's Afternoon News for this Wednesday. Our next bulletin is at 6:00. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody, and welcome
to the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Yeah, come on! Let's get into it! Tonight's the million-dollar night,
isn't it? (CHEERING) They say that every night. Anyway, we'll see
if we can do it tonight. Let's see if we can get
somebody to win tonight. What do you reckon, guys? (CHEERING) Bloke's going to choke to death
in the audience there. You going alright, pal? Good. That's the way. Thumbs up.
We're all ready to go. Everyone's set to play. Let's meet our six contestants
tonight. They are - Kristy Thomson
was mugged in Thailand by an elephant
that wanted a basket of bananas. One of Joe Speekman's
many bad online purchases is an air conditioner
that creates humidity. Every Australia Day, Carly Hahn and her friends play
a curious game called Roof Ball. Retired teacher and bikie Lyn Taylor wants to go to the Isle of Man
bike races. Bruce Anderson has been collecting
'Phantom' comics since 1983. He's got over 1,000 of them. Andrew Christensen
wants to buy a house and put one of those
airport massage chairs in it. There's an ambition to have.

Alright! Let's go! First up tonight,
it's Kristy Thomson. Let's play Hot Seat, Kristy.

Alright. Now, Kristy, could I get you
to stand up over here? I want to have a look at those
shoes. Have a look at those shoes. They've got a bit of bling
about them. They've got a bit of size
about them. They're my lucky shoes. Your lucky shoes, are they?
Yes. Sit down.
Why are they your lucky shoes? I actually was wearing these
when I got the call. Oh, really?
Yeah. Hey, you weren't wearing them the time
you were on 'Burgo's Catch Phrase'? No, no. I had flats on then
and they had to stand me on a box because I was too short. Is that right? (LAUGHS)
I'm wearing big shoes this time. Yeah. Good stuff.
Hey, you say you love your shoes. The bigger,
blingier and higher the better. Yes.
That's it. So how many shoes you got? Oh, probably about 100.
100. Duncan, your husband.
How many shoes have you got, mate? A couple less. A couple. He's got about two.
He's got about two, has he? So you've got all the shoes.
Got the shoe cupboard full up there. Hey, you are a justice of the peace.
Yes. And retail assistant at Spotlight.
Yes. From Birkdale in Queensland. Duncan's your husband.
Been married for 13 years. Jessica's 11 and Hayley is 8. Two daughters.
Yes. Good stuff.
Yes. How do you feel
about winning $1 million? Oh, it would be pretty awesome. Why don't we have a crack at it?
OK. You ready to play?
I'm ready as I'll ever be. 15 questions
will get you to $1 million. First safe level - only safe level,
in fact - is at $1,000. If you get to 1,000 bucks, somebody
at least will take that much home. You ready to play, Kristy?
Oh, I'm ready. Let's go! Come on!


(LAUGHS) I'll lock in D. Lock in D. You'd be stiffed
to get the Nobel Prize for being the most improved,
wouldn't you? But that's $100 worth of question.



Um, I'll go with A. I haven't been there, but I have seen it on TV,
so A, the observation wheel. Observation wheel. Unlike the one in Melbourne,
it actually works, this one. Correct, for $200.

Like the Eiffel Tower, it was
actually a temporary structure and because of the success and
the popularity, they've left it up. Some 3.5 million visitors each year.
Wow. $300 worth.


(COUGHS) Excuse me. I'll lock in C, Mazda. Mazda is locked in.
Or, as the Americans, say "Maahzda". Correct for $300.



Um, I'm very fussy about, um, grammar and punctuation
with my kids, so I know this - it's B, semicolon. Semicolon is locked in and correct for $500.

Yeah, an interrobang, by the way, is a combination of
question and exclamation marks. Oh, I didn't know that one. So the '?!' - you know,
when you have that one? And what else did we have there? We had a semicolon.
We knew what that was. An ellipsis is three dots -
dot-dot-dot. OK?
OK. Fair enough. Let's go for $1,000.


Ooh, this isn't... Yeah. 'Prometheus'. 'Spiderman',
'Star Trek', 'Alien', 'Batman'.

I'm not 100% sure. I know it's probably either
B or C, so I'll be safe and pass. See later, Kristy. Catch you later.

G'day, Joe.
Eddie. How are you going?