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This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Eclipse countdown - thousands gather to witness day turn into night. Far North Queensland - we'll bring you the moment live. Dramatic car chase - crime spree comes to a crashing end on the Gold Coast. Samba break through - underworld figure a prime suspect in the murder of the Sydney horse trainer. Royal mist buster - the new website spreading the truth about Charles and Camilla.

and Camilla.
Coldplay rock Melbourne on night one of their Aussie tour. And get in quick - your chance to see Taylor Swift live in the studio.

see Taylor Swift live in the studio.
Good morning and welcome to a special edition of the Today show. It is November 14, 2012. Good to have your company. I've always wanted to come to you from palm kove in Far North Queensland and what better reason to do it than a total solar eclipse? Jonathan will be with me throughout the program. That was awkward. We have to get it right for later on when there are more people watching. There are 60,000 people lining the beach from Cairns to Port Douglas. They're behind us. When can people expect to see it across the eastern seaboard?In Cairns, the eclipse will start just after 5:30 Queensland time and maximum eclipse totality is just after 6:30 Queensland time. You can't just subtract a time zone. In Sydney it will start at 7:07 and Melbourne a few minutes after that and Hobart, 7:24 and maximum partial eclipse for those places about 55 minutes later.That's just a sample of the great geeky stuff you're going to hear throughout the morning. He's so fired up about this that he's worn a favourite sun-coloured shirt. Lots of people here from NASA as well. People have travelled here from all around the world just to see this total eclipse and we'll bring you it all throughout the morning on the Today show. Good to have your company across Australia this morning. Good to have your company this morning, Lisa.Thank you, Karl. Let's see what the actual weather will look like for you around the

It is news time. Here's Georgie. Thank you very much, Lisa. Good morning. Tens of thousands of people are flocking to vantage points across Australia this morning to witness a rare solar eclipse. Far North Queensland will be plunged into darkness for almost two minutes as the moon moves completely across the sun. That will happen shortly after 6:30 Queensland time. Visitors from around the world have flocked to the north to witness the spectacle. We've actually checked with Guinness and there is no world record. This will be my 56th solar eclipse.It's Australia's first eclipse in a decade and is expected to provide a $70 million boost to the local economy. Two wanted men are in police custody this morning after an alleged crime spree across South East Queensland. Today reporter Alison Ariotti joins us with the details. Alison, this all began with a stolen car. What more can you tell us?Well, Georgie, that car was stolgen from a Brisbane address -- stolen from a Brisbane address yesterday morning. Police first spotted it at Surfers Paradise about three o'clock yesterday afternoon. They approached the vehicle and that's when the driver allegedly sped off and this car chase began. Now, Georgie, that vehicle... OK. We'll leave it there for now and get back to Alison shortly. Up to 90 people were evacuated in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs after a major gas leak at Bondi Junction overnight. An excavator dug into a gas main while doing road works on Ebley Street. The eachs Leagues Club and nearby unit blocks were evacuated while firefighters worked to stem the repture. The street was reopened earlier this morning. There are fears for the wellbeing of up to three people believed to have gone missing in the desert in western NSW. A woman called for help at midday yesterday, saying she was lost about 150km north-east of Broken Hill. The call dropped out, but police were able to trace it a National Park where a car was discovered last night. It's believed the group are tourists. A search will begin again at first light this morning. The High Court judge who ran an inquiry into the abuse of children in Ireland says he's reluctant to give advice on how the Australian Royal Commission should be run. High Court judge Sean Ryan says he'd be slow to say how a compensation scheme should be carried out.I would have thought myself that recognition of wrongs in this context, in a very formal national way, may well have some implications for compensation. Cardinal George pel yesterday welcomed the commission, while also claiming there'd been a smearing of the Catholic Church. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Australia is America's key focus as it expands its engagement in the Asia Pacific. She spoke after meeting with Julia Gillard and Bob Carr in Perth for the annual AusMin talks.It is no surprise that foreign investment is soaring, including more than $100 billion from the United States, because, increasingly, these waters are at the heart of the global economy.Ms Clinton also praised Australia's strategic white paper on Asian policy and its decision to hold joint naval exercises with India. And the Prime Minister is being dogged again this morning by more claims surrounding the Australian Workers Union. The 'Australian' newspaper says a union employee was instructed by Ms Gillard's then boyfriend, AWU official Bruce Wilson, to put about $5,000 into her bank account. The paper says the employee involved told the head of the union about the transaction in 1996. There's no suggestion the PM asked for the payment or knew of its origins. Ms Gillard eax spokesman says she's done nothing wrong and that the 'Australian' newspaper has been unable to substantiate any allegations of wrongdoing. Anti-gangland police are reportedly closing in on a suspect in the murder of former Sydney horse trainer Les Samba. News Limited says police are focusing on a gangland identity who has a history of violence dating back two decades. A $1 million reward was announced in August in the hopes someone would provide details about the 60- year-old's death. Samba was shot dead in the Melbourne suburb of middle park last February. -- Middle Park last February. Now to the US and there's been dramatic developments in a sex scandal that brought down former CIA director David Petraeus. Let's go now to Nine's US correspondent Denham Hitchcock. Denham, the FBI has raided the home of Petraeus's mistress. What more can you tell us?Every day you think this story has ended and it just keeps getting worse and bigger and bigger. As you said, Paula Broadwell - the FBI were in her home for about four hours last night. They took out a computer. They took out boxes worth of stuff. They are turning this woman's life inside out at the moment. You a you mentioned, she's the biographer to Petraeus, a 4- star general, and it turns out she was having an affair with him while he was the head of the CIA. That led to his resignation and the FBI are now going through 30,000 documents and emails said to be salacious in nature. How did she get busted? Sheent emails to a woman by the name of Jill Kelly, a family friend of David Petraeus. They were something along the lines of, "Stay away from my man," sort of threatening emails. She went to the FBI, that's Kelly, and it all unravelled from there. There's so many twists and turns in this case but the most important one politically is there was a Senate committee into what happened in Benghazi, Libya, where four people were killed, including the US ambassador. David Petraeus was due to front that Senate committee but that will no longer happen because he's just stepped down. So conspiracy theorists are out and about and this story is just growing every day.It most certainly is. The scandal might even claim another top job. Tell us about that.Yeah, this is incredible. Believe it or not, this is the successor to Petraeus, General John Allen, who is leading the forces in Afghanistan at the moment. He's being investigated for inappropriate emails to the whistleblower, Jill Kelly. So that's the woman that Paula Broadwell was e-mailing. Apparently he was also sending her inappropriate emails. Now the interesting thing was he was just about to be appointed as NATO Supreme Allied Commander. Now, the President has now put that on hold- at-investigation into him has deepened and the body count from this story just seems to keep on growing.Alright. You will keep across it, I know, Denham Hitchcock. Thank you very much for the latest developments. Hundreds of people have gathered at a hall in western Sydney where 40 years earlier Gough Whitlam had given a rousing call to arms after 23 years of Liberal leadership. Last night, senior Labor figures joined members of the public to honour their hero and that speech. Men and women of Australia...1972 and, with those five borrowed, simple words, Gough Whitlam began a speech that many believe changed the nation.The decision we will make for our country on 2 December is a choice between the past and the future.And with it came a jingle that reshaped Australian election campaign.Song song # Yes, it's time... # After 23 years of conservative rule, it was time and Gough Whitlam swept Billy McMahon from office and Labor on to the Treasury benches.It's time to create new opportunities for Australians, time for a new vision.Last night, on the 40th anniversary of that campaign speech, at the same venue in western Sydney, it was time to celebrate. (Sings) # It's time for children # Time to teach them... # I don't think there are many speeches that are celebrated 40 years on, but it was a speech for its time.11 years after Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke also swept Labor back into power. He was there four decades ago as then ACTU president. All of us had the feeling that we could see, at last, the light. Gough Whitlam is 96 now and frail, but still goes to the office four days a week, and he had a message for those celebrating the Labor legend and his legacy.Maintain your enthusiasm. Well, it's time now to look at the

Well, Twihards in London have just hours to go until their favourite vampires walk the red carpet for the final in the saga. Devotees have travelled far and wide to bid farewell to the mega franchise, which has been life-changing for some.I've met so many amazing new films because of the films and the books and Rob. So it's really made my life a lot better. In Los Angeles, dedicated fans who camped out for five days weren't disappointed. Stars Kristen Stewart and James Pattinson mingled with fans before last night's -- Robert Pattinson mingled with fans before last night's world premiere there. They're in every corner of the globe, aren't they?They certainly are. Now it's over to Stevie who is on the Gold Coast and joining us early this morning. Good morning, Stevie. I am. It's good to be up early and up early with a group of kids who have been up since 3am this morning, Queensland time. Good morning, everyone! Good morning!They are up nice and early for the rare phenomenon, the total solar eclipse that will be happening this morning. Now, there will be total darkness over Far North Queensland. Here on the Gold Coast, we'll have about an 82% partial eclipse but they'll be celebrate being a morning breakfast, a couple of hundred people, including mums and dads here. Thanks for getting up early, everyone. We'll join them this morning. But let's look around the country and see what's happening if you're up nice and early for the eclipse outside your door.

Well, the kids from Bennoa primary skool have brought in special telescopes this morning, cameras, binoculars, a couple of hundred pairs of the cookie-looking anti- eclipse glasses and they'll fire off a rocket to celebrate this morning. How about we wake you up and the sun and the moon with a nice big, gbl Good morning, Australia!" ready, set, go!Good morning, Australia!It's a good start, Lisa.Thank you for that, Stevie. For anyone who was watching the top of the show this morning, you might be concerned about our Brisbane reporter Alison Ariotti. Georgie was speaking to her and then everything went a little bit quiet. Alison had a little bit of a dizzy spell but we've spoken to her and sheest she is absolutely OK. And she's being looked after by our colleagues there in Brisbane. We've sent her home for the day. She's got an early mark this morning, but she is OK and thank you very much for your emails. Right now, though, it is time for all the sport.She's a Queenslander! She's tough!That's right.She's excited about the solar eclipse.That's right. She'll be sweet. Alison, we're thinking of you, sweetheart. Up next - Sonny Bill Williams under pressure to apologise for defecting to the Roosters. And Janko Tipsarevic threatens to sue the AFL over salary cap troubles. We're back with that and a whole lot more in a moment.

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Welcome back to Palm Cove, Far North Queensland. Good to have your company across Australia, solar eclipse day. Behind us are some seriously cashed-up scientists from NASA. Jonathan, does it get more exciting than this, my friend?It looks pretty amazing, Karl. The weather is pretty good here, you know.We were worried about the weather. Looking out to the horizon, it's dark at the moment, but we were worried about low-level cloud but it's clearing up.I'm expecting a good view. NASA is behind us here. They're broadcasting around the world to 300 million people on the Internet. It's almost like the Olympics.Are we able to connect in with their thing? That's a technical term - "connect in with their tinge". We'll talk to some of the scientists here later, talk about their research and how amazing it is being able to track the moon's progress and we'll obviously show that when it happens in the next 45 minutes. Back to Lisa for the moment.Thank you, Karl. Talk to you very shortly. Let's look at the front pages now. In the 'Age', a defiant Cardinal Pell has claimed that a media smear campaign against the Catholic Church led to public pressure for a Royal Commission on child sex abuse. The 'Daily Telegraph' reports former ALP heavy weight Eddie Obeid allegedly said he could help with a $1 million nest egg while trying to encourage then Lord Mayor Frank Sartor to run for Parliament. In the 'Australian', a union low concerned about wrongdoing told the national head of the Australian Workers Union that he deposits $5,000 into Julia Gillard's bank account at the request of her then boyfriend Bruce Wilson. The 'Herald Sun' says a gangland figure linked to shadowy racing identities is under scrutiny over the execution-style murder of trainer Les Samba. The 'Courier-Mail' reports Premier Campbell Newman is rallying behind Bruce Flegg, the latest LNP minister to become entangled in a scandal involving his child's role in government circles. The Adelaide 'Advertiser' reports that BHP will invest an extra $650 million to secure the expansion of Olympic Dam. In it's a sign the company has recommitted itself to South Australia. In the Hobart 'Mercury', children's commissioner Aileen Ashford says Tasmania needs a compulsory and comprehensive "working with children" licence to protect young people. Finally in the 'West Australian', US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton touched down in Perth yesterday and enjoyed a quiet cup of tea with Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Kings Park. Alright. Time now to get all the sport and Ben is the man just for the job. Thank you, Lisa. Australian cricket captain Clarke Clarke Clarke has played down a fiery clash between James Pattinson and Proteas skipper Graeme Smith, suggesting the pair were just having a bit of a laugh as the opening Test finished in a draw. Both teams are going to push hard but we both - both teams understand where the line is and I'm pretty sure nobody overstepped that mark today or throughout the Test match. Clarkey rightly took man-of-the- match honours. He was unbeaten on 259, the milestone innings made even sweeter with his grandfather in the stands.I lost me wife and he lost his grandmother. He looked at the air. I anticipate it was for her. That's another big step on the family side of things.Beautiful moment. The Australian team will go their separate ways this morning before regrouping for the second Test. That's in Adelaide in a couple of weeks' time. Janko Tipsarevic insists he's done nothing wrong as he faces suspension from the AFL for a number of salary cap breaches - alleged. The former -- Kurt Tippett insists he's done nothing wrong. Trent Robinson says he's got no issue with Sonny Bill Williams joining his squad in February despite most of the players already taking part in pre-season training. Williams joins the Roosters on a one-year deal.It's a big challenge. I've been out of game for five years. All I can do is stay humble, work hard and do my best.The former Bulldog will be allowed to continue his boxing career during his time with the Roosters in the NRL. David Pocock's return to the Wallabies side has been put on hold. The flanker has suffered a calf injury ahead of this weekend's sprink tour Test against England. We've been playing without him all year. Nothing really changes for us. Kane Douglas is also out of the side with a calf strain. Korean-based defender Robbie Cornthwaite has been called into the Qantas Socceroos side to take on South Korea tonight. He replaces the injured Luke Wilkshire. You know, I've got one eye looking forward towards, um, you know, early December and the tournament in Hong Kong. Hopefully I can put my best foot forward and put my hand up for selection for that.A few injury concerns around. It's also sidelined Matt McKay and Adam Sarota from the game. Lleyton Hewitt insists this year's Australian Open will not be his last. He's rejected suggestions that he'll retire in coming months following foot surgery.At the moment, I'm absolutely pain free in the foot which is fantastic. I've got all my confidence back in my moving.Novak Djokovic has finished the year on a winning note. No surprises there. He beat Roger Federer in straight sets to take out the ATP World Tour finals in London. And Olympic gold medallist Sally Pearson can claim one more big title this year. She's been nominated for Laureus sports woman of the year award. She's facing some tough competition, though. Serena Williams is in the mix, Valerie Adams and Jessica Ennis also up for the prestigious prize. But, you know, Sally Pearson, you would be a brave man or woman to bet against her for Sportswoman of the Year. We'll see how she goes. That's the early sample of sport for the morning. Thank you, Ben. Sally has to be a really, really good starter in that one.You've got to have a Pfeiffer on that.I'd probably put a tenner. Thank you, Ben. Back now to Bennoa State School where we find Stevie this morning. Still pretty bright there, Stevie.It is, indeed, yeah. The spotlight will be on Queensland, Lisa, until 5:57 local time when the moon will block it out. But for many people, this is a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to see this solar eclipse. The kids here are pretty excited. They've been up since 3am this morning, already starting to get good seats for the eclipse, which is not too far away. Alright. Let's look at the weather and see what's happening around the country this morning.

We're celebrating this morning with Benowa primary School, a couple of hundred kids and mums and dads. The kids are preparing to do a speech this morning about the eclipse. As you can see, everyone has got their camping chairs out ready to see the eclipse. What do you do until the solar eclipse comes? Well, of course, you knit. Keep going. Knit one, url two. Keep busy. The -- purl two. Keep busy. The moon's coming. Up around Cairns and Port Douglas it will be a total solar eclipse, here about 82%. That's at 5:57 local time, that's Queensland time, Lisa.I'm trying to work out what's going on with that woman there. She looks like she's knitting what she's wearing, which is very clever. Is that attached to you, by any chance? Are you knitting what you're wearing?Oh, no, it is separate.It looks like that.After the break, it's time for the Hollywood gossip. Richard Reid, what's going on in your part of the world?Well, Nicole Kidman talking about Tom Cruise. That's right! The Oscar-winner finally opening up about the man who shallotered her heart. The scoop! The scandal! Up next!

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This program is not captioned. Welcome back to the show. It's time to get gossip with Richard Wilkins in LA. Ben, you're in charge. With me? Richard Wilkins? Richard Reid. Come in. Hello. Richard? Richard?I'm here. I'm here.All of you guys are confusing me! Mate, let's touch on this one - Nicole Kidman finally talking about Tom Cruise.I know. It's been more than a decade since their shock split but Nicole finally reveals she took the news really hard. In a new interview, she says, "I would have gone to the ends of the earth for Tom. I was totally submitten. I fell madly, passionately in love. It took me a very long time to heal. It was a shock to my system." Well, you know, now she's found the love of a good Australian man. She's doing great and has lots of great movies coming out.That and a whole lot more later. Thank you for that. Thank you, Ben. Back to Far North Queensland now and Karl. Countdown to the solar eclipse is very much on, Lisa. It will start in the next 45 minutes. There are thousands of people lining the beach from Palm Cove up to Port Douglas. People have come from literally around the world to be here. Where are you? From?From Palm Cove.It's always good to be a researcher! Jonathan, you're going to give everyone a round-up on what to expect in ten minutes' time. The weather is clearing so everything is in the ready for this very historic moment in Far North Queensland. News now with Georgie. Hey, Georgie. Hey, Karl. Thank you very much. Parts of Far North Queensland will be plunged into two minutes of total darkness this morning as Australia basks in its first solar eclipse in 10 years. The usually sun drenched towns of Palm Cove and Port Douglas have become an attraction for starry-eyed astronomers.You have the extraordinary sight of a black sun with a halo around it.If you see one, it hits you a certain way and you have to see one again.The full eclipse will start at 6:38 Queensland time but viewers outside the State will be able to see a partial eclipse after 7am daylight saving time. An alleged crime spree in Queensland's south-east has come to a dramatic end after two men crashed their car. Police say the par was wanted over a stolen car and an armed robbery at a bottle shop at Surfers Paradise. Officers laid road spikes after the men became trapped in a cul-de-sac but they drove up the footpath and sped off. They then ran into a fence. The occupants have tried to flee. One of the occupants has produced a screwdriver to one of the dog squad officers. The dog was deployed on him and sustained a minor injury. The men have been charged and will appear in court today. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Defence Secretary Leon Peneta have met informally with Bob Carr and Stephen Smith in pert. Prime Minister Julia Gillard was also on hand to meet the powerful Americans. Official talks today will include plans to increase US military action in Australia, including access to bombing ranges in the north and to a Navy base south of Perth. We will be reviewing implementation of the military agreements that Prime Minister Gillard and President Obama reached last November, including the rotational deployment of US Marines in Darwin. It's the first time the Obama Administration has forged a partnership at this level outside of NATO. A man has died after being hit by a car on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The victim, aged in his early 30s, was trying to cross the road at Collaroy at about 5:30 yesterday afternoon when he was struck. He was rushed to Mona Vale Hospital but died a short time later. Police are investigating if speed was a factor in the accident. A 45-year-old Melbourne woman who vanished after leaving her home in Werribee last week has been found. Sandra Pevitt disapeerbd on Wednesday after telling family members she was going to the doctors. -- disappeared on Wednesday after telling members she was going to doctors. She was found in Anglesea on Victoria's south-west coast at 7:30 last night. Price wars at major supermarkets have begun with Woolworths announcing it will cut up to $18 from the cost of its Christmas hams. The supermarket chain says the prices of whole and half-leg hams will be the cheapest they've been in almost three decades. Woolies sold 1.8 million kg of ham last Christmas and expects sales to climb by 25% this festive season. No word yet on what Coles is planning. A man has been arrested in Thailand after being stopped by Customs officers with 600 deadly cobras in his car. The snakes were smuggled across the border from Malaysia and are believed to have been bound for Laos, where they would have been used for traditional medicine or food. The man admitted he had smuggled hundreds of cobras several times before. The snakes that survived the ordeal will now be released into the wild. Now, let's update finance:

Time for sport with Ben. The Australian cricket team head into the second Test full of confidence after a strong final day's showing from their fast bowlers. The Aussies only narrowly missed out on a remarkable win. South Africa were five wickets down as the match finished in a draw. Well done to the Aussies. Good signs. Adelaide Crows boss has pleaded with fans to be patient as the club faces hefty sanctions for their part in alleged salary cap breaches involving former star forward Kurt Tippett. In the round-ball game Holger Osieck admits tonight's friendly against South Korea will not be easy as he prepares to blood some younger players into the national team.It's not a complete new team. We know each other. We have been together so we don't start at square one. And Jarrod Lyle will not make a surprise return to golf this weekend despite showing up at Kingston Heath yesterday in Melbourne. He is continuing to fight leukaemia and says he's in no rush to get back to the tee. We wish him and his family all the very best. There you go, Lisa. Your health is the most important thing, that's for sure. Ben, thank you for that. Coming up this hour on Today - in the next 10 minutes we have the latest from waumkove as thousands flock to see the solar -- Palm Cove as thousands flock to see the solar eclipse. Also coming up - your chance to win 250,000 frequent flyer points. And Richard Wilkins catches up with the cast of 'Twilight' at the premiere of 'Breaking Dawn 2'. Right now, though, let's get a check of the weather around the country on this Wednesday morning. Good morning, Steve.Good morning, Lisa. I'm at Benowa primary skuel on the Gold Coast this morning. -- Benowa Primary School on the Gold Coast this morning. The sun has risen early at Benowa Primary. They've brought in a giant inflatable sun to get the kids excited about the solar eclipse and they're having a barbecue for 200 people, which we're joining this morning. This is what's happening at your breakfast table this morning, not too far away from the total solar eclipse, a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity, particularly around Cairns and Port Douglas this morning.

On the rainfall map - moderate rain from Kimberly to Darwin with isolated showers about the north coast. Late rain in the south coast of WA and South Australia. Onshore breezes could push a fewer showers on to the NSW east coast and also for the north-east of Queensland. So what is a total solar eclipse? Obviously, the moon is going to cross over the sun, but the sun is 400 times larger than the moon, so how is that possible? Well, by fortuitous chance, the sun is also about 400 times further away from the moon so it will totally cover the sun in around about 20 minutes' time, which is where we find Karl in Cairns. Good morning, you lucky person! StphrooYeah, it's beautiful, Stevie. The sun is not quite up here but you can see it just starting to poke there above the ocean. Not far away, in the next 45 minutes or so, you'll see it and you've got a ringside seat around Australia watching the Today show. What you'll see and when coming up after the break. Stay with us.

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Welcome back to the show. The last total solar eclipse that could be seen in Australia was in Ceduna in South Australia way back in 2002. And now it is North Queensland's turn and we'll cross back to Palm Cove in just a moment as things start to unfold this morning. Welcome back to the show. Now to some developing news. There are fears for the safety of up to three people believed to have gone missing in the desert in western NSW. Joining my now on the line is Acting Sergeant Russell Smith from the Broken Hill Police. Good morning to you, Sergeant. Can you tell us what you know about when and where the people went missing? Approximately 12 midday yesterday we received a 000 phone call stating there was a motorist stranded about an hour north-east or north of Broken Hill. We were unable to maintain contact with this caller because aparently her mobile phone has died or lost battery charge. But we were able to extract some information from what we had through GPS and also through, um, cell tower information. And we determined that they were approximately 150km north-east of Broken Hill.And there are reports that these people are tourists. Do you have any confirmation at this stage of who they are?Absolutely no confirmation on who they are at this time. I've been working overnight to try and identify who these people are. But, um, at this time, I've been unable to actually establish any identifications. Where is the search up to?Um, what happened was, um, after the call went out, a licensee from, um, a nearby licensee was able to secure a light aircraft and made some patrols and during that time he's located a vehicle in the Mutawintji National Park are property adjacent to it. This information was provided to police on the ground who were travelling from Broken Hill. We were able to attend the location approximately 8pm last night. We searched the vehicle and nearby areas but were unable to find anybody. At that time, the search was suspended because of poor light. Daylight had finished. And from there thee withdrew and we'll recommence the search this morning at 6am.We'll make sure we keep across that. Acting Sergeant, thank you very much for your time this morning. Alright. Well, in about 30 minutes' time, the eclipse is going to begin so let's head back to Karl at Palm Cove in Far North Queensland. Good morning once again, Karl. Take a look at that, Lisa. Nice.It is a gorgeous morning. Some cloud around this morning but it's clearly up, hopefully, at they right time. As you say, in the next 30 minutes or so, it will start, this eclipse, and everything is ready here from Cairns all the way up to Port Douglas, there is a massive crowd building along the coastline, including Jonathan Nally, who is the sun God Ra this morning. All along the coast, people have come out and people from all over the world have come down to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse. For everyone around Australia and in particular where they live, give them a run-through of what they'll see and when.The total eclipse will only be seen from a narrow stretch of land from Cape York. That's where you'll see the sun totally blotted around. Everywhere else will see a partial eclipse.

For those places it will last for about 55 minutes till you get to the point of maximum partial eclipse.

These are all partial eclipses. Cape York is where we'll see totality, where the sun is totally blocked out and it will be like night time.We need to be concerned for people looking up at the sun. Your advice for people who are going to go outside first of all. You should never look directly at the sun with your eyes or any soft of optical aid whether or not it's an eclipse. Eclipse glasses are the things to use. You can make a pinhole camera and we'll show you how to do that later on. There are safe ways to do it and everyone can enjoy it.From the start of time we've been fixated by a solar eclipse and we'll get into that later. Here's a look back at why we are so fixated with the solar eclipse. It was the evening of December 4, 2002, when darkness devoured the sun above Ceduna in South Australia's outback. The small town's population swelled as thousands came to savour the experience, all 3 'it' 2 seconds of it.Oh, like something I have never experienced. It was unbelievable. It was magic. Just indescribable really. It was indescribable.That was Australia's last glimpse of a total solar eclipse, which astrologers have been recording for more than 4,000 years. Some ancient civilisations believed the great celestial cover- up was a dragon or demon eating the sun. The ancient Greeks thought it was a bad omen, a sign of angry gods.It's just mind-boggling. It's, you know, it's a high. It's an incredible, wonderful experience. These days, scientists use a solar eclipse to study the sun's corona. In 1919, a total solar eclipse was used to prove Einstein's theory of general relativity by showing that gravity can bend light. But it's the spectacle, not just the science, which fascinates people right around the world. In the past 15 years alone, pilgrims have travelled long distances for the best vantage points, places like Africa, Egypt, China and the United States.It's not every generation that has the opportunity to do that. I feel it in my body and I just felt like it was time for me to express myself as a live art form. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun and blocks it completely. It is an extraordinary event. Just one occurs every year or two. To see a total solar eclipse you have to be in the right spot as the shadow covers less than 1% of the earth. The last total solar eclipse in Cairns was in 710AD. The next one won't be for another 225 years. There it is. There it is. There it is.Of course, witnessing one of nature's great events doesn't always go to plan. Sometimes we're cheated by nature itself, like in Hawaii in 1991, when low-lying cloud spoiled the party.You could have watched it on TV at home. Yeah. Big disappointment.These days, live webcams mean you can watch from anywhere around the world. But ask the addicts and they'll tell you nothing compares to being there and seeing the real thing. A total eclipse of the sun is a rare and awesome event and you're changed afterwards when you've seen a total eclipse.Yeah. Plenty of amateurs here for their first look at a solar eclipse and plenty of professionals too. NASA setting up just behind us. They've got so many cameras trained on all this at the moment. They're broadcasting across the web. Their set-ups are under way and just about completed and they'll show us particularly great shots later. Jonathan will be wish us as well. Any questions or photo owes that you've got from your place, send them to us via Twitter or email. It is a beautiful morning here in Palm Cove and literally thousands of people are just coming down on to the beach right now and we'll talk to a few of them a little bit later as well. For now, not far away, Lisa. Just one hour and 17 minutes and you're in God's country there, Karl. Talk to you again soon. Up next - most clicked. Is this the worst song of all time? # Oh, oh, oh # It's thanksgiving # We, we, we, we're going to have a good time # Oh, oh, oh, it's thanksgiving # We, we, This program is not captioned. OK, so your pressure
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Yeah, thanks.

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# The turkey... #
It is on as thousands of people gather at Palm Cove. They've got the best vantage spot. As you can see, it's just over an hour until a total solar eclipse. It won't happen again in that part of the world for 200 years. You can see why everyone has turned up. Karl's in position. We'll see it as it happens on the show. Right now, let's look at the most clicked items on the net. Remember Rebecca Black and her song 'Friday'? How could you forget it? It became a viral sensation, unfortunately. It was crowned worst song of all time. Now, the people who wrote 'Friday' have been hard at work and they've got a new one. This one is called 'It's Thanksgiving'. (Sings) # Oh, oh, oh # It's thanksgiving # We, we, we # We're going to have a good time # Oh, oh, oh # It's # We, we, # Are going to have a good time # The turkey, hey! # The table, hey! # I think it's a great song.They're bad songs.That's a shocker. That's up there with 'Friday'. It'll go viral.At least they're consistent. That's true. The US 'Today' show aired this interview in 1984 about a haunted toaster. You be the judge.Is the toaster haunted?We still have trouble off and on with t yes.

REPORTER: Why have you kept this toast are?Well, Richard, when all is said and done, it makes good toast. Wow! It must have been a slow news day! Great stuff. More of most clicked a little bit later. But news, sport and weather are next and we're not far away from that total solar eclipse. Happy Wednesday to you. Back after this.

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Welcome back to the Today show. It is good to have your company today across Australia. It is action stations here, let me tell you, at Palm Cove. This is the southern end of Palm Cove. I'm not sure who is in the chopper but they'll have a wonderful view of this eclipse. When it starts in about 15 minutes' time, when the sun comes up, we'll start to see the partial eclipse of the sun. Look at the crowds. It's unbelievable. Literally thousands of thousands of people are lining the beaches, the coast between Cairns and Port Douglas. It's going to be a terrific morning. All eyes trained on the horizon and, as I said, not far away from starting. Let's get the latest news with Georgie. Hey, Georgie. Hey, Karl. Thank you very much. Good morning. The usually sun-drenched beaches of Far North Queensland, as you've just heart, will be baited in black this morning -- bathed in black this morning. The astrological phenomenon has drawn more than 75,000 visitors to Cairns, Port Douglas and Palm Cove, hoping to bear witness to the spectacle.You should never look directly at the sun with your eyes or any sort of optical aid, whether or not it's an eclipse. If you've got eclipse glass, they're the things to use. Moon, sun and earth will start aligning soon with the full eclipse due to occur in just over an hour. We will bring it all to you. Two Queensland men have been charged after an alleged crime spree on the Gold Coast. Police say they first spoted the pair at surfer paradise in a stolen car yesterday afternoon. The men escaped officers before allegedly robbing a nearby bottle shop. After evading police once again, the men crashed the car into a fence at Helensvale.We had the police helicopter up, which was fortunate, and the helicopter has been able to track the stolen vehicle throughout the Gold Coast. At no time did the police are to surview the vehicle. The police helicopter had sight of the vehicle the whole time. Police say one of the men tried to resist arrest and became aggressive, threatening an officer with a screwdriver. The men will appear in court today. Anti-gangland police are reportedly closing in on a suspect in the murder of former Sydney horse- trainer Les Samba. News Limited say police are focusing on a gangland identity who has a history of violence dating back two decades. A $1 million reward was announced in August in hopes that someone would provide details about the 60-year- old's death. Samba was shot in Middle Park in Melbourne last February. It's been claimed that a former Australian Workers Union employee was instructed to make a $5,000 deposit into the Prime Minister's bank account. News Limited reports the request was made by Julia Gillard's then boyfriend, Bruce Wilson, in 1996. The former employee involved, Wayne Hemm, reportedly told the national head of the AWU of the request. The Prime Minister has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. Hillary Clinton has arrived in Australia for the last time as US Secretary of State for talks with her Australian counter-part Bob Carr. Defence Secretary Leon Peneta is also in Perth for the annual AusMin talks and will discuss plans to station Marines in Darwin with Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith. Prime Minister Julia Gillard joined the group for an informal meeting last night. There's no let- up to the punishing rain that's drenching Italy, where flooding has forced hundreds more to evacuate. The waters are receding in Venice, but Tuscany is now under threat, with swollen rivers threatening to cut off small villages. At least three people died when their car fell off a collapsed bridge in the region. Now to finance and in the US:

Gaga fever has erupted on the streets of Peru. Hundreds of Lady Gaga's super fans dressed up as their favourite pop star and paraded down the streets of the capital, Lima. It's still more than a week until the singer performs in the country but the excitement is already overwhelming, proving Peruvian little monsters are just as dedicated as other Gaga fans around the world. The singer's concert there is part of her worldwide 'Born This Way' tour. She is global, no doubt about it.She provided plenty of inspiration for outfits. You could turn up as anything and say you're dressed as Lady Gaga.Exactly. Thank you, Georgie. Sport now with Ben. Let's do T Australia's cricketers have a couple of days off before regrouping in Adelaide ahead of the second Test against South Africa. The opening match at the Gabba petered out to a draw yesterday with Aussie skipper Michael Clarke coming under fire after a late declaration.It's unfortunate we didn't get a win but we can certainly use the momentum, I guess, that we take from this game and hopefully take it into Adelaide. Sonny Bill Williams admits he will be targeted when he takes the field for the Roosters in the NRL next season and can expect special attention from the Bulldogs. He's still refusing to apologise for the mid-season exit four years ago. In rugby, the Wallabies admit this weekend's match against England will be even tougher than their loss to France 33-6 they went down. The English are chasing a third victory over Australia in a row. Warmer conditions for the V8s in Winton this weekend could see racers rethink their strategy. The Victorian race is the second last on the calendar. There you go. It's great, this solar eclipse. I'm getting ready for it and Jonathan Nally and Karl are like the odd couple. When it goes dark, Jonathan will still shine in that bright yellow outfit. Time now for your best local forecast. Here's Stevie. Thank you, Lisa. Good morning. The excitement is building on the Gold Coast. The eclipse is not too far away. Let's get right into the weather and see what's happening around the country. There are a few showers this morning in Cairns which will be in total eclipse shortly.

We're about 20 minutes away from the eclipse here at the Gold Coast but it's all just about to start in the umbra, or the dark area, which is where we find Karl.Thank you very much for that, Stevie. I tell you what - it is all happening here at Palm Cove. Look at this wonderful crowd that we've got gathered here. Say hello to Australia, everyone.Hi, Australia! Come on! Come on! Say hello to Australia, everyone. What about you, young fella? Where are you from? Clifton.That's just over there. Look at that sun. I'm just catching a glimpse of the sun right now. It's poking its head above the clouds on the horizon. Have we got a shot of that? Not yet? Yeah? We've got it? Doesn't it look fantastic. It is the partial eclipse for Far North Queensland that's about to happen. We'll get to Jonathan Nally in a second. What are you most looking forward to? Just that it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.You've been preparing for this for a while?We've been learning about it this year in school.What can you tell me about it because I dent know much?Um, I don't really pay attention.Aren't you the school captain or something? How long did you spend on your hair this morning?Two minutes.Come on! Come on! Lots of great people here in Far North Queensland. It's a beautiful place. But as the sun comes up right now, Jonathan, tell us what we're going to see in the next couple of minutes for Far North Queensland. And also what will we see around Australia.In the next few minutes we'll start to see the moon take a bite out of the sun as the eclipse begins. That will be a partial phase of the eclipse. For anyone on a narrow strip of land in Far North Queensland about 140km long, you will see a partial eclipse. For Sydney, it's just after 7 o'clock local time, Melbourne about 7:15, Hobart about 7:25 and the maximum eclipse for those places is about 55 minutes later. You'll see a partial eclipse of the sun.It's the most magnificent sight. We can't wait for that. That's 83%, as Jonathan was talking about.That's how much-of-the-sun will be covered at those times! To reiterate the importance of this - please don't look at the sun directly unless you're prepared for it. Otherwise just watch it unfold on the telly this morning. Again, it happens pretty quickly, that totality, as you're talking about. I think the moon's shadow moves at about 15,000km/h. It's pretty fast. The totality for Far North Queensland will be only about two minutes and two seconds and there will be a lot happening in that time. You'll see parts of the sun you can't normally see, the corona. You might see solar flares coming off the sun and just the most amazing experience.I'm not the only one who thought corona was a beer, am I?Or a cigar! Also for people in Far North Queensland, what will they experience? What will it be like? It will be amazing. It will be interesting to see if the birds settle down and think it's night time. It's awe-inspiring. Thousands of people are here from around the world. Some people go from eclipse to eclipse to see the experience. Several plane loads of Japanese experts and amateur astronomers come in. What is NASA doing here? NASA are not only web-casting around the world - they about expect around 300 million people - but you can still do science with eclipses. A lot is done with satellites and things these days but there are still things to learn during the sun -- about the sun that you can only see during eclipses.That's NASA's shot there. Tell me what sort of things you can learn.One thing you can learn is the exact diameter of the sun. It's hard to tell that because it's too bright to look at with normaliness instruments. But you time the moon going across and the start and end tell you how wide the sun is.How are they able too track where it's going to go with such specific detail?It's trivial these days to do that. Planets and moons in their orbits are big, heavy things and go along at a certain speed and rarely ever change. They don't really change. You can predict them thousands of years ahead. The next one for Far North Queensland is a couple of hundred years from now.I hope I'll still be arched for that. The next big one is Sydney in 2028. That will go through the middle of Australia, not just Sydney, and right through the middle of Sydney. It's also, I reckon, to look back at how they've tracked when total eclipses happened in the past.We can predict them in the future with our mathematics and also you can work that back. Sometimes records have said there was an eclipse in the such and such year of emperor so-and-so and we can figure out when that was. So there's amazing things happening. Also some fascinating stories of Chinese astronomers in the very early days.Who didn't predict them because they couldn't and the emperor said it was a bad omen that they didn't predict and it was off with their head. Two of them lost their heads. I tell you what - those clouds can go away, can't they?Hopefully they will. We'll follow this initially partial eclipse of the sun and we'll be back with more of that as well as the total eclipse coming up. Are you all having a good time?Yeah! They always go a little bit troppo here in Far North Queensland at the best of times but it will be fascinating today. You're watching Today right across the country. Don't go anywhere. You've got a birds eye view of this great, great sight. See new a second.

This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the Today show. Great to have your company. It is entertainment news now. It's all happening. In just a moment, Richard -- moment, Richard catches up with the stars of 'Twilight' as they say farewell to the film that has changed their lives. First, one of the world's biggest bands has kicked off their Australian tour in fine form indeed. They've been touring the world all year and last night Coldplay kicked off the first show of their Melbourne tour in Melbourne at Etihad Stadium and absolutely smashed it! (Sings) # And it hurts like heaven... # The band played some new material and plenty of their all-time greats. Coldplay in Sydney this weekend before heading to Brisbane next week. The album is out now. Well, it was the final time Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the 'Twilight' gang hit the black carpet for a world premiere of a film that's changed their lives.This is it. This is the final duty in your 'Twilight' journey. How are you feeling? Kind of excited but it's great, you know, I've got less than a week and then everything 'Twilight'-relateside done. I can't imagine what it will be like next Monday.Bittersweet experience tonight I would imagine. I don't feel like we should be so sad about it. It's not going any where. I will hold this experience forever. I won't say goodbye any time soon.How do you sum up the mood?I feel amazing. It's a surreal feeling to be here on the last one. I'm trying to soak up everything.What's the mo for?The mo is for life, just getting around the place.It won't be like this again. That's for sure.Maybe we'll find something else. The fans have to go somewhere. Let's find them a movie.A proud grandmother, are you?I am. I am a very proud, very young grandmother, I must say.The 'Twilight' saga 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2' hits cinemas at midnight tonight. Well, if you like your rock'n'roll and you like it loud and hard, this is for you. It's been five years since they played here last and to celebrate their 40th anniversary, KISS are heading our way for a national tour. They'll be rocking out a treasure trove of their hits but wait - there's more! Joining them on the road - Motley Crue. That will be one heck of a rock'n'roll ride! Motley Crue and KISS here in February and March. All the dates and details on our website. (Sings) # We are never, ever, ever getting back together... # And today is, of course, the day to get your entry in for the chance to come along to our very special Taylor Swift concert on November 26. Head to our Facebook page and tell us in 25 words or fewer what Taylor Swift means to you.

Not long to go until Taylor is live in the studio. You have less than 72 hours to come up with the magic words that will hopefully get you here joining us for what is going to be a concert to remember. That will be fantastic. 25 words or fewer, is it?I'm already copping text messages from people.I've had a few but it's got nothing to do with me. You are the judge.Make sure you get those entries in. Right now, let's head back to Palm Cove in Far North Queensland where the magic is unfolding. Karl? If that cloud would disappear it would be really, really good magic. NASA have a clear shot at this partial eclipse that has started already. It looks, for all intents and purposes, as if a chunk has been taken out of the cloud. That shot is from nasya. There's a bit of cloud there. It is starting and will unfold in the next 45 mense or so. The beach in Palm Cove is absolutely packed. It hasn't been this busy for a very, very long time, not since I finished Year 12! You're a local. How does it feel to be here?Wonderful. This is our sunrise every morning. Oh, yeah. Gloating, gloating. Apparently animals go crazy when there's an eclipse. Did you know that?No.I'm telling you now. More crazy than normal anyway in Far North Queensland. Lots of folks here. You're from overseas, mate. Where are you from?London, UK. You've come out just for this? Definitely. I wouldn't miss it for the world! What specifically about a total eclipse? I've never seen it before. It's a natural wonder of the world so why not.It's fun, isn't it. You're from Byron Bay? Close to Byron Bay, yeah. Just inland.That's a beautiful part of the world as well. Why have you travelled all the way up here to see this?If we get to see it, it's wonderful. If we don't, we have a great holiday.And we are having a great holiday.It's a win-win situation. A lot of kids here as well. A lot of the schools in Far North Queensland have been teaching the kids all about it. You girls - where are you from?TAS! Trinity Anglican School. You've been learning about it. You excited? Yeah.What specifically are you excited about it?That you can only see it once in a lifetime. People go a bit crazy, don't they? Yeah.We'll talk to lots of locals and also coming up - we'll talk to NASA. Plenty more to come of this partial eclipse at the moment and a total eclipse not far away. You're watching Today. See you later.

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This program is not captioned. Welcome back. It is Frequent Flyer Wednesday and we have a quarter of a million Frequent Flyer point to give away that. Call is happening after 8.30 so stay by the phone an don't forget the magic words, Wakeful Stakes. Now here is Ross.

Australia's housing market is very confusing to every visiting economist. They leave shaking their heads predicting price collapses. The reason we are the highest price compare to our incomes. Debt was easy to come by in the '80s so we renovated and bought up big an often people bought more than one property to their regret. While the US and European banks collapsed and house prices tumbled as unemployment soared, here the banks remained solid and most people kept jobs so house prices were strong. The the Reserve Bank has grappled with this subject. High debts caused families to bull more conservative when things tightened. The population of Australia has broadly grown 1.5% per year but the growth in the number of houses bit is falling and is now below the population growth. Added to this over time a noticeable decline in the average number of people living in each home from 3.5 in the 60s to 2.5 today. At some stage there should be more demand to build homes or prices should rise which should underpin the prices provided people are confident enough to go out and buy them.A good time to buy?Be conservative. Too much debt right now is a very dangerous thing. Very good adviceRichard Wilkins is in Los Angeles. Ben is on gossip duty.Doing my best to fill in a hard job without a mo. Richard Reid joining meI do not think this is going to happen but can you reassure us - Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, people talking they will reunite over the holiday break? You know what, I hate to is the point you but they actually are. We have that big American tradition of Thanksgiving Day which turns out Tom will fly over from overseas and spend it with Katie Holmes and Suri. Speaking of this movie Tom is making called All You Need is Kill. Check out this first picture from the set. Like a future-type Groundhog Day meets transformers. Tom is a soldier who keeps getting killed and killed but keeps coming over to fight the battle.He will have another one on the table when he bumps onto Katie againWe know how to find a party. This is the biggest one in Australia-A massive crowd has gathered through Palm Cove. Well done, young lady. This is how packed it is on the beach. It is a tremendous story for Far North Queensland, they have been battling things in terms of tourism. About 630,000 lineing beach from Cairns to Port Douglas. The total ellipse is one of the top stories right now on the 'Today Show'. Eclipse countdown, thousands gather to witness day turn into night. Far North Queensland will bring you the moment live. Dramatic car chase. Crime spree comes to a crashing end on the Gold Coast. Underworld figure the prime suspect in the murder of a Sydney horse trainer samba. The truth about Charles and Camilla a new website. Coldplay, rock Melbourne, on night one of their Aussie tour. Get in quick, your chance to see Taylor Swift live in the studio. Good morning.

live in the studio. Good morning.

Jonathan explain what people will see.. We will see a bite taken out of the sun so for around country if you are not in Far North Queensland you will see a partial eclipse of the sun. After 7 it will start in Sydney local time, 7.15 in Melbourne, 7.25 in Hobart and you will see the moon move slowly in front of the sun. Do not directly at the sun, get yourself some glasses or make a pin-whole camera. We will show you how to do that. Experience the amazing off this spectacle. We need to point out at the moment there is no amazing aura at all because there is cloud cover and it has happened most famously in Hawaii not so long ago. But that is the shot from NASA with so many cameras. We are talking to the fellow from NASA to get their expert advice and they are going to 60 million people around the world. Jonathan Nally is with me throughout the morning but let's head back did the studio. Not far away of this total eclipse but at the moment back to you Lisa. Two men have been arrested after an alleged crime spree and a dramatic car chase on the Gold Coast. Police tied to tend pursuit by laying down road spikes but the alleged stolen Mini mounted the curb and drove around miss to escape again only to crash into a tense a short time later. Drew joins us now. Can you take us through how this all began? It start bad 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon at Surfers Paradise when police saw this stolen Anyoney hatchback driving erraticly through Surfers Paradise. When they tried to approach the vehicle it allegedly sped off. About an hour later one of the men from the second was spotted in a bottom shop where he allegedly punched the attendant in the face then took off with stolen alcohol. That is when the police chopper was dehide to try to tack the vehicle. Police tied to intercept it again by laying down stinger strips but it came to a dra atic end.This vehicle was stolen from a burglary up in Brisbane and has evaded police a number of times and hats been involved in a robbery in surfers par a days and has again evaded police on the goal doll today.What have these men been charged with?The 22-year-old has been charged with various motor vehicle offences including unlawful use of a vehicle, burglary, dangerous operation of a vehicle an failure to stop a vehicle and the 23-year-old man who was in the vehicle has been charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle. They will appear in Southport Magistrates Court later on this morning.US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has dined with Julia Gillard in Perth ahead of meetings with Australian officials on foreign policy and defence. For more, we are joined by Andrew Nelson in Perth. How did the dinner go?The tiner went well. It was one of many engage manys for the Secretary of State who flew into Perth yesterday amid a massive security operation. As we saw yesterday the Secretary of State Mrs Clinton was greeted on the tarmac of the International Airport in Perth by Defence Minister Stephen Smith, Bob Carr and Colin Barnett and the US Ambassador Kim Beazley A huge motorcade took Hillary Clinton and her entourage into the city. The pair met for formal discussions yesterday afternoon. Last night there was the state dinner, almost a prelude to the Osmond talks which officially open today. She has been joined by the US Defence Secretary.She comes with a lot of security. What is her schedule for today?It is a busy day indeed. Today marks the official opening of the talks which look into Australia-US relations on defence, foreign policy and matters concerning both countries. Hillary Clinton will begin with a wreath- laying ceremony in Perth before the official opening of the meeting with Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She will attend that ceremony later this afternoon. Hillary Clinton and the Prime Minister will hold a media conference to talk about the outcome of the talks and there will be some big resolutions. There will be one final reaccepting held by the WA Premier then Hillary Clinton will fly the Adelaide to continue the rest of her Australian visit. Let's hope she has a good time in Australia Police have news reportedly one step closer to finding person who murdered