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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. George Pell says the sex abuse commission will end a smear campaign.It's an opportunity to clear the air.Down Under - America's top diplomat lands in Perth for what's expected to be her final visit.Syria's civil war spills over, bringing Israel and Turkey closer to the conflict.

Good evening.Also tonight - the horrific crime of acid attacks, usually against women, now on the rise in Colombia. Campaigners wan the offence reclassified as attempted murder. TRANSLATION: I'm living the worst nightmare imaginable, discrimination, scorn. No-one will give me work with this face.Later - heaped with praise from the Russian President. Australia's most senior Catholic Archbishop says his church is the victim of a smear campaign, which overstates the extent of child sexual abuse within it.Cardinal George Pell has welcomed the newly announced royal commission in to sexual abuse. As consultations begin, the PM has rejected calls for a time limit on its work.The leader of Australia's Catholic Church has welcomed its royal commission.It's an opportunity to clear the air, to separate fact from fiction. Cardinal George Pell says his church has been smeared and the extent of the abuse within it exaggerated.One of the good things about this royal commission is it doesn't focus exclusively on us. I don't think ively on us. I don't think we should be scapegoated.In Sydney, a Catholic brother and former Catholic teacher have been charged with sexually assaulting children.Very sad. I apologise to the victims.The Anglican Bishop ctims.The Anglican Bishop is backing the Royal Commission.We don't know the extent of don't know the extent of the problem or the depth of it. If we can get assistance, we're all for it.Stuart Robinson says churches haven't dealt well enough with abuse in the past.We are playing catch-up.Cardinal Pell says any abuse allegation must be taken to police, except if it's heard in the confessional.The seal of confession is inviolable. If the priest knows beforehand about such a situation, hand about such a situation, the priest should refuse to hear the confession.The Opposition Leader, a practicing Catholic, has confidence in his church.I ence in his church.I know the current leadership of the church is determined to get to the bottom of this.He's backing the Royal Commission.This can be a time of healing for our country and I very much support what's being done. State Governments holding their own inquiries are proceeding. There's some concern an open-ended inquiry could be too broad brush and drag on for years, leaving victims waiting too long for justice. Nick Xenophon wants a time limit.It can't drag on for nine or 10 years as the Irish Commission of Inquiry did.We don't want to draw out the pain or the frustration.The PM says it will take as long as it takes.We are talking about what could be an extensive period of time and we should not set artficial limits on getting this done properly.Consultations on the terms of reference have begun. Victims too have welcomed the setting up of the Royal Commission but views are dwoided about the inquiry -- divided about the inquiry but don't want it to be broader. The reaction of Anthony and Christine Foster to a Royal Commission was summed up in one word - elation.Now the truths will come out about what's been going on with victims, the church, the cover-up.Two of the couple's daughters were raped by a Melbourne priest in primary school. 26-year- old Emma died of an overdose four years ago.This needs to be a 2- year inquiry and it needs to be resourced very, very well to ensure that all the victims' stories can come out.To add to their heartache, they say the abuse turned Emma's sister Katie to binge drinking. She was left severely disabled after being hit bia drunk driver.We don't want more children assaulted. We wan this fixed now.A plea echoed by victim' support groups.I hope a lot of the other survivors realise who are suffering in silence and can realise they're not alone.They've been frustrated by the limited focus of the ongoing probe by f the ongoing probe by Victorian MPs in to church abuse. The Victorian inquiry will continue for the time being. Premier Ted Baillieu says he will wait for the setting of the Royal Commission's terms of reference before deciding on the future of his parliamentary investigation. Such a serious matter in the community that we all have to face it together.Others fear the commission could cast its net too broadly.There were many more issues of abuse perpetrated within the Catholic church then from within other parts of the clergy. Whatever the terms of reference, the Royal Commission is a vindication for Peter Fox. The departing NSW police officer who called for a top-level judicial inquiry.I have no regrets about. It I can look back and see all the help that will come to so many people. Let me tell you as a swan song in leaving the police force, it's very satisfying momentFox wants the truth on this matter, so do I. I'd like to think we're heading in the same direction. But just what direction the inquiry takes could have serious implications for Australia's biggest church. The US Secretary of State has touched down in Australia ahead of this week's annual meetings. Hillary Clinton was met by the Defence and Foreign Ministers and Kim Beazley. PM Gillard will lead the talks which will cover a range of regional security issues.I'm looking forward to meeting again with Hillary Clinton. We will have the opportunity to have some discussions one on one, as well as the more formal discussions about our defence cooperation and our cooperation in foreign affairs questions.Hillary Clinton will soon be joined by US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta. I understand one of the items on the agenda is the US use of Australian military facilities?Thank you. The Defence Minister has spoken here in Perth today and here in Perth today and he says he will start talks tomorrow about whether US military aircraft should have increased access to airfields in Australia's north. irfields in Australia's north. He also said furthers down the track there's the possibility that US warships will have access to HMAS 'St ierbs rling' in -- 'Stirling' in Perth. And troops will be increased. It's all part of what Stephen Smith calls the increasing strategic importance of g strategic importance of the Indian Ocean rim. Hillary clinen has a packed schedule. What's planned for her tonight?She has bilateral meetings planned behind me. She will then go to launch the first -- launch something in favour of the University of Sydney US study centre and focus on the US, Asia, Australia relationship. And hosted later by a receps by the PM.We've been told Perth police are on high alert ahead of planned protests tomorrow?That's right. Three groups are planning protests. They're planning a liedown protest on a red carpet surrounded by tombstones. They're calling for tougher regulations of arms trade. And that's symbolising the lives lost.Thank ing the lives lost.Thank you. The Pentagon has just announced it is investigating another high-powered g another high-powered figure linked to the widening David Petraeus scandal. The top US commander in Afghanistan, -s under fire for allegedly having inappropriate communications with a woman. That woman is the one who reported receiving threatening emails from Paula Broadwell who had an affair with Petraeus. The former CIA chief stepped down over the weekend. Investigators also searched Broadwell's home today, looking for evidence that she had access to classified information during the affair. The Arab League has given its blessing ague has given its blessing to the newly formed Syrian Opposition Coalition. The move came amid escalating tensions. Deadly violence has flared along Syria's border with Turkey. The Israeli Army fired back for a second day.At first the Israelis fired warning shots. Now after more cross-border fire from Syria, they've targeted a Syrian artillery position, scoring a direct hit. Israel's military hit back when another Syrian mortar round landed in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. Near an Israeli Army post. There are reports that Syrian soldiers were wounded in the incident. The spillover from clashes between Syrian rebels and regime forces may be unintentional. While Israel doesn't want to be drawn in to Syria's civil war, it's warned of a severe response to any further border violations. The UN is urging the utmost restraint. No- one wupbts another flashpoint in a conflict that's -- wants another flashpoint in a conflict that's already spilling over. The latest border clashes have sent a new wave of refugees fleeing in to Turkey. This is n to Turkey. This is said to be the aftermath of air strikes on the rebel-held border town. Up to 20 people were reported killed. people were reported killed. The wounded were rushed to Turkish hospitals. Amid the latest violence, a new Syrian Opposition Coalition has won crucial support from the Arab League. Qatar's PM urged broader international recognition of the Syrian National Coalition, calling it a legitimate representative of the aspirations of the Syrian people. Qatar wants more support for Syrian rebels.We can't stop an AK-47 or a heavy tank with the means they have and being bombarded heavily every day. Give them the means to defend themselves.The coalition's new leader has said he's already had offers of help from unnamed friendly countries.

Radical Muslim cleric Qatada is set to be released tonight. An angry British Home Secretary says she will in turn challenge the deportation order. Dubbed Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe by a Spanish judge, and with convicted terrorist, tonight Qatada will be a free man.I hardly need to tell the House the government strongly disagrees.Britain has spent seven years trying to deport him, he was convicted in 1998 over terror attacks. Throughout his lawyers have argued t his lawyers have argued that evidence obtained through torture could be used against him. That argument has prevailed again with Britain's special immigration appeals commission.It is important to reaffirm this country's position that we abhor the use of torture. The commission dissatisfied with Britain's assistance, it's won guarantees to a fair trial.It prohibits torture. And was still found in Qatada's favour. And he applied the wrong legal test.Qa tarbgs da will leave this -- Qatada will leave this jail for a an electronic tag l for a an electronic tag and a high-level curfew.The public needs to be kept safe.Last month, Britain did deport another radical cleric and terror suspect to the US. He argued the risk of inhumane treatment in a legal battle that similary lasted years. In another blow to the BBC, its two most senior news executives have been stood aside. The corps's acting chief has pledged to get a grip on the crisis.BBC leaders are being forced to defend decisions about who should step aside and the massive payout to the one who has stepped down.The BBC is taking action.You might get a sense the multibillion dollar broadcaster has control of what's become a public trust crisis.I have a job and will get on job and will get on with it.Listen to some of the people who pay the corporation's bills.Don't trust them.And you realise trust remipbz a huge issue here. Just two -- remains a huge issue here. George Entwistle rezined over a story which wrongly accused a former minister of child abuse. Two more people have stepped aside. Pending an internal review of the BBC's response to the Jimmy Savile scandal. Police believe the long- time BBC personality was a prolific paedophile with hundreds of victims. It is difficult to justify the level of payment that's been talked ab.That concerned voice surrounds news of a massive payout for Entwistle. The BBC Trust agreed to give Entwistle a $715,000 payout, that's an entire year's salary for a man who spent just 54 days on the job. Critics say that kind of maths simply doesn't add up. Certainly not for an organisation trying to rebuild its image in the eyes of viewers.George Entwistle should reflect on this and only take back to which he is entitled under his contract.Mark Thompson, who started his first day as chief executive of the New York Times, was quick to defend his old employee.I believe the BBC is the world's greatest broadcaster. I have no doubt it will regain the public's trust.After receiving a report in to the handling of the story, Davies sounded less optimistic.In terms of getting a grip on the organisation and having just come in to the job, I have to work on what I can control.At the moment the BBC is stuck in damage control. Not the best position for the world's richest public broadcaster which seems increasingly short of public confidence. Now a brief look at some of the other stories making news around the world. A British serviceman has been shot dead by a man dressed in Afghan army uniform. The Royal Regiment of Scotland soldier was attackedicide a small district camp. Used by both Afghan and British soldiers. His family has been informed and an investigation is under way.Farc rebels are being blamed for a bomb attack which injured 25 people in a culmbience province. Authorities say two bombs were thrown at a local police station. 60 homes were also damaged. The Farc begin formal peace talks with the Cuban government on Thursday. A rebel request for a truce during the negotiations has so far been refused.The New York Governor is asking for $30 billion in federal aid to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy. The money will be used to improve the power grid and fix outages. Thousands of residents are still without electricity two weeks after the storm struck.Greece has been thrown yet another lifeline. Its lenders agreeing to give the debt-laden country two more years to meet fiscal targets.That will mean an extra $27 billion for Athens but there are conditions. It comes as protests and mass strikes threaten Europe as tougher austerity measures spark discontent. Eurozone finance ministers arrived in Brussels overnight, optimistic about Greece's progress.They seem to be fulfilling all the conditions they were being asked to fulfil. They were in no rush to hand out aid.

We're in for not a quick fix but the real fix.They acknowledge the austerity measures athen has taken. More recently parliament's approval of its tough budget.Convinced the continued fiscal strengthening will return to sustainable growth.They agreed to give the country two more years to meet budgetry targets. But a decision on immediate aid has been delayed until November 20.You will expect by that time the necessary elements will be in place for member states to launch the national procedures required for the approval s required for the approval of the next stage.The country is targeting economic growth to poor revenue.

As garbage collectors went on strike in Greece, the Portuguese prepared for a general strike tomorrow. Many protested as Angela Merkel arrived in Lisbon and she endorsed the country's austerity drive. And still on the Iberian peninsula, Spanish workers will follow suit, stepping down on Thursday.

It will be the first time in the nation's history two such stoppages have happened in a year.

Syrian community leaders try to allay fears of sectarian violence following an alleged assault in Melbourne. Shortly, China's challenge - has the political system kept up with its increasing lemodern people? Later - from Russia with love - no regrets for a former British spy turned Soviet agent.

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Senior figures in Melbourne's Islamic community are moving to allay fears of sectarian violence emanating from Syria's civil war. The push coming after a shopkeeper claimed he was threatened at gun point and called an Allah white dog during a recent investigation.Alex says he was serving an elderly customer when confronted by a group of men, some hiding their identity beneath balaclavas and hoodies. Eight men walked in. One plld walked to the counter -- one man walked in to the counter and said, "I'll close you down you Allah white dog." You're looking at the fact what are his clear intentions and what do they want?When the weapons were produced, Alex said he fled, jumping fences, managing to escape. Police have confirmed one man has been charged in relation to the incident. An investigation continue. It says:

While Australian-born Alex identifies as Allah white, he says it's difficult to blame Sunnis.I'm more of a fundamentalist group. But the majority of the Sunni people from what I see and I know don't want part of it. We have spoken to their elders. And they're peaceful. I'd like to know what his reason is behind the statement.Steps are continually under way to prevent violence and intimidation based on Syrian tensions.We don't condone any kind of behaviour that insights this.The Islamic -- incites this. The Islamic Council said more dialogue is needed.It's something we can keep on top of. Younger segments of the community we need to watch, like gang-related violence.A few months ago, a prayer room was gutted by fire and a nearby cultural centre was firebombed. Alex has beefed up security at the cafe but says he wants an end to the tensions.Get away from all the violence that occurs overseas. You come to Australia and you want to start it in Australia. The first thing is go back overseas and do it. Why are you doing it here?Police are continuing to investigate the cafe attack. The corruption watchdog in NSW has heard from two former state premiers at today's State Government corruption inquiry. The pair has expressed shock at yesterday's explosive evidence that former Labor MP Eddie Obeid had benefited to the tune of more than $100 million from dodgy mining deals. That has seen Mr Obeid suspended from the Labor Party. This inquiry's been described as the most complex and the most important in the history of the Independent Commissstory of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Today former Premiers Rees and Iemma both fronted the inquiry, giving an account. The commission is investigating claims that Eddie Obeid reaped in excess of $100 million because of mining leases granted by the then planning minister, Ian Macdonald. Nathan Rees said he is amazed at the xen of the alleged corruption going on under his nose.Staggered by the magnitude of what was revealed yesterday.He says it will take a long time for his former party to recover from this scandal.. It's got some way to go. We shouldn't have ourselves on about that. His predecessor agrees.The Labor Party has seen better days. A lot better days.Mr Iemma said the party paid the price.That's one of the things people found so repulsive in March 2011.The party was reduced from more than 50 seats to just 20. Both Rees and Iemma gave evidence about the power wielded of the sub-right section of the Labor Party. They said they had struggled with the bloc while both were in power and it was their resistance that led to their eventual political demise. The PM says Australians value honesty in public office but he's refused to comment any further.I'm not going to preduj matters involving individuals that are the subject -- prejudge matters involving individuals that are subject of this.If the allegations are proven, he says it will amount to huge corruption that hasn't been seen for a long time. China's most powerful man is set to become. The 59-year-old is expected to be anointed leader of the ruling Communist Party at the once a decade congress. He will have many challenges ahead. The gap between rich and poor is glaring. The country is now home to morethen a million millionaires. 150 million others are living on $1 a day. Young Chinese are increasingly divorcing themselves from the old Communist political system. They have said the ruling class needs a drastic revamp. This was once a place without a name, just a number. So secret it wasn't on the maps. It was an industrial zone where armourments were made. Still called Distribute 798, now it's a centre for artists and galleries. Young educated people here feel increasingly that they've opted out of the old Communist system altogether. She has seen life from both sides. seen life from both sides. As a young woman she worked in a missile factory for 10 years. Now she's a writer.I think China's social and economic conflicts have reached to almost a tipping point at a crucial stage now. I think genuine reform have to be introduced. I think there will be reform but probably the pays are probably not as much as people would hope for. I'd say there will be more protests.From this austere little flat in north-west Beijing come the quietly critical thoughts of a famous 23-year-old. Facebook and Twitter are banned here but on the Chinese equivalent, he has nearly six million followers. That's more than Victoria Beckham or Wayne Rooney. People are now chatting online about politics and society. Though there is strong censorship.When I posted something that is censored, the staff will call me and tell me I can't write about it. We're so sorry. If you can't say anything, then you're not free.By contrast, the old China as represented by the ongoing Communist Party Congress, looks amazingly outmoded and uptight. Yet that's partly an illusion. The truth is the Communist system has been pretty sophisticated in allowing people greater freedom. Standing here on the Great Wall, it's a powerful reminder that throughout its immense history, China's always swung between periods of strong central government and periods of weakness and decay. Chaos is something that terrifies China's politicians even nowadays. But what are we headed in to now? Greater strength or greater weakness? In the shadow of the Wall, an unexpected figure has opened a small traditional hotel. Lawrence is an American entrepreneur who served as an economic advisor a decade ago to China's then premier. It gives him an unusual insight in to Chinese politics.It will continue as long as it's able to deliver growth to the people and able to deliver prosperity. But the problem is China's economy is now integrated with the world's. So China is beginning tofeel the effects of the global financial crisis and just as fast as it grew, it could also have a correction. This historically has been a pattern to politics here. Revolution, corruption, reform, decay. A new regime announced this Thursday will have to find out where in this cycle we are now. China's state newsagency said the Congress has declared the country will never adopt a Western style political system. Now to a very disturbing story. Thousands of women around the world each year are victims of acid attacks but advocates believe the numbers are underreported. The women are often attacked by relatives and fear coming forward. Some estimates have put the number of women attacked in Pakistan at 900 a year. In Bangladesh, there are more than 100 annual victims of this gruesome crime. This year there have been 55 reported cases in Colombia. It's become the only nation in the West where the attacks have become common. That's prompted a campaign to get them reclassified as attempted murder. She not only has no job, a place to live, no longer has the beautiful face that was once hers. A face now curved by a mav that cannot disguise her dilly agony. 11 years ago, she was a hairdresser. She left her home town to come to the Colombian capital, hoping to open up a salon and to get away from the man she lived with. When she refused to go back to him, he flew sulphuric acid at her -- threw sulphuric acid at her face. uric acid at her
face. TRANSLATION: Every hurts. My job. I can't close hurts. My job. I can't close my eye. The operation was a failure. Look, they took out an artery to rebuild my nose but it didn't turn out right. So I can barely breathe.She has had more than 40 operations. She has no family. And her only daughter has shunned her, she says, for looking like a monster. TRANSLATION: Yeem living the worst nightmare imaginabliving the worst nightmare imaginable. Discrimination, scorn, no-one will give me work with this face. Buses and taxis won't stop for me, even when I can pay. Promises from so many people to help never materialise.And so she has reswrrted to begging. On this day, at a -- reswrrted to begging. On this day -- resorted to begging. On this day at a large fruit and vegetable market. Many who turn away from her don't know she is just one of many. This councilwoman said she is the victim of a hidden and forgotten crime that's only now just coming to light. TRANSLATION: We have registered 55 cases of victims of acid and we know there are many more. The women who have been attacked have been punished for their beauty. So these men consider them their property. So eadventureally they crack and disfigure them, crack and disfigure them, erasing their identity.Disfiguring a woman here could not be easier. Perpetrators risk a short prison term at most because Colombia's current penal code does not consider it a grave crime, even though some women have actually died. And buying the acid is as easy as going to the supermarket. These simple household products in the wrong lands can turn in to a powerful weapon that causes excruciating pain and psychological damage to its victims. A campaign is under way to restrict the purchase of these products and change the law so that acid attacks will be considered attempted murder. Some believe a mixture of male chauvinism, a long history of political and drug violence and impounty are all part of the problem. But no-one can say for certain why Colombia is the only country in the Western Hemisphere where these attacks have become common. With no help from the state, she packs up her few belongings because she's being evicted for not paying the rent. TRANSLATION: Why do people have such dark, dark hearts?The answer to her question is silence. Just horrible. In one case, a jealous man paid just $2 for somebody to throw acid into the face of his girlfriend.It's heartbreaking. Thank you. A former British spy turned Soviet agent, George Blake, has given a rare interview to mark his 90th bird. He fled to Moscow in 1966 after a dramatic escape from a London prison. President Vladimir Putin has congratulated Blake, saying his work deserves the highest praise and respect but his betrayal of Mi6 is still a sore wound.He has a Russian home, a Russian wife, even a Russian name. But this is George Blake. The British theretelligence officer who for nearly a decade spied for the Soviets. On his 90th birthday, Russian TV has been given rare access to one of the most notorious double agents of the Cold War. TRANSLATION: I'm no hero. But I'm no traitor either.It was in the early 1950s that Blake became a spy. After three years in captivity in North Korea, he returned home a Communist. Posted to Berlin, he became a KGB mole. He would take the train to the Soviet sector, hand over intelligence and drink champagne with his KGB handler. TRANSLATION: I didn't change sides because of blackmail or torture. I offered my services to Moscow voluntarily.He probably doesn't see himself as a traitor because he believes in these things. He won't be aware of a betrayal because he was brainwashed into believing them. But from the UK point of view, he is a significant traitor.Blake was eventually jailed for 42 years but in 1966, he escaped from prison and fled to Moscow where he was hailed as a hero. George Blake has claimed he handed the names of hundreds of Western agents to Moscow. Blake has shown no remorse and Russia continues to show its graltitude, offering his its graltitude, offering his birthday wishes -- gratitude, offering his birthday wishes, President Putin said George Blik's work deserves the highest -- Blake's work deserves the highest recognition and respect. He has been handed plenty of medals. Blake betrayed his country for Communism, a political system which turned out to be a pipe dream. And Mr Blake's son was born a month after his father was jailed and didn't speak to him for 25 years.

Up next on World News Australia - Craig Foster with news of the final day's play in the first test. Sonny Bill Williams looks to the future but refuses to apologise to the past. Security breached at the home of the Queen's Crown Jewels.

Despite tough conditions in the global aviation market, Dubai's Emirates Airlines has posted a 104% surge in half-year profits.. The company pulled in almost $440 million thanks to an increase in passenger numbers. Qantas is still waiting on regulatory approval to merge its services with Emirates. Qantas travellers would bow able to connect to ould bow able to connect to 35 European destinations on a single ticket via Dubai, compared to its current offering via two cities via Singapore.

Joining us now is Craig Foster, talking test cricket. There was a glimmer of hope for a moment there but it ened in a draw. An unlikely Australian victory was fleetingly on the cards this afternoon but stubborn resistance ensured the first test ended with honours even. Mike Hussey scored a century.

Michael Clarke started where he left off the night before. Big hits were a priority, although they came at a price. It was a momentous morning session for Mike Hussey, after moving in to the 90s, there were duts as to whether he would stick around for his 17th career tonne. An inside edge at 99 saved blushes, and the century was far from straight forward. Hussey failed to add to the tally. Not the case for Clarke, who racked up the highest-ever score at the Gabba in blistering style. Matthew Wade was a man on a mission. He helpedblest Australia to 5/565. Clarke declaring the . Clarke declaring the innings with a led of 115. South Africa stumbled in its quest to rescue the match. Petersen couldn't capitalise on the placid wick. The Proteas taking lunch at 1/31. The aim for Australia's pace attack was to turn the screws on their opponents for an unlikely vibtry in the last two sessions -- victory in the last two sessions. Fast wickets were needed. While Amla crashed for 38, Kallis one run short of a half century. Ruduefl added just 11. -- Rudolph added just 11.The wicket was pretty flat. And a few big wickets we took. We look forward to a few days off now and get ready for the second test. The second test will start in

Adelaide on November 22. 2-time Melbourne Cup winning jockey Damien Oliver will face charges he placed bets on a rival horse in a rice in which he rode. Oliver admitted to place ag$10,000 bet on a horse two years ago, it said. He admitted making a mobile phone call from the jockeys' room which is banned. Oliver is facing a 12-month ban when the hearing goes ahead on Tuesday. Sonny Bill Williams has returned -- completed his return to the NRL today but has refused to apologise to the Bulldogs. He preferred to focus on the future with the Roosters. He's got the midas -- Midas touch. It's little wonder the Roosters are keen to have him on board. Sonny Bill Williams signed a one-year deal at Bondi Junction.I'm looking forward to gettingback out there in the game I grew up playing. Hopefully putting my best foot forward and doing what I can do. To play as good as I can.The 27-year-old won't play for his Japanese club again after an operation on a chest injury but says he will be fit for the start of the next NRL season. After walking out on the game four years ago, not everyone is welcoming Sonny back with open arms. A former team-mate saying he's still waiting for an apology.I thought the wihe left had -l his boys behind, we needed him -- left -- thought the way he left all his boys behind, we needed him then. The star backrower said he would get around to it.He's entitled to his opinion. 's entitled to his opinion. That's all I have to say.Eventually the teams will meet, perhaps settling feuds on the field. Probably come hunting me but I haven't thought about that, bro. Just rehab and get on the field first, you know.But until then he's getting ready to return to the game that made him famous. Lance Armstrong has formally severed all ties with the Live Strong foundation, the charity he founded 15 years ago. The disgraced cyclist posed provoctively with his 7 Tour de France jerseys at home in a picture he tweeted entitled, "Back home, just laying around." Novak Djokovic celebrated ending the year as world number one. For jock the fourth time in the 43-year history of the vent, the top two fought it out for the title with Federer giving as good as he got before losing the third opening -- losing the opening set to a tie-break. Finally toon, the football where Robert Cornthwaite has been called up to the Socceroos. Three previously untried players are hopeful of game time in the match with South Korea, which is ranked one place above the Socceroos in 32nd place. That's the day in sport, guys. A very interesting match tomorrow night. A lot of fans will be interested to see how the new generation goes. We're really interested to see if they can claim their place.Thank you.Interesting to see what happens.The weather coming up. Changing the locks - security left red-faced at the home of the Queen's Crown Jewels.

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To weather news now. Italian meteorologists say the same system that flooded most of Venice is continuing to wreak havoc in the country's central and northern regions.Hundreds of poem have been evacuated from their homes and an elderly man drowned after being trapped in his car. An onshore flow directs cloud An onshore flow directs cloud in to the country's south-east. A stream of shower cloud can be seen coming ashore near Cairns. Collective cloud is visible throughout the north-west.

For more than 500 years it's been a symbol of brist justice. Authorities have been left red- faced after a daring intruder was allowed to leave with a set of stolen keys at the Tower of London. Police are investigating the security breach.A prison, a fortress, a jewel house. The walls of the Tower of London have stood solid and reassureing for over 900 years. Richard II and Guy Faulkes joined a long list. A few brief minutes in thoroughly hours of the morning after caused hearts to flutter. The minutes when an intruder not only breached skaurt by reaching a sentry box -- security by reaching a sentry box, but went on to steal a bunch of keys. A security breach at one of the world's most famous fortresses, clearly an embarrassment for the authorities here. They're stressing the intruder was caught within a few minutes and the missing keys would not have gained him access to the tower. A statement from historic royal palaces concludes that security levels are adequate but procedures were not carried out to the expected standard and a staff disciplinary procedure is under way to address this issue. At no time s this issue. At no time were the Crown Jewels under threat. In fact, the only man to successfully reach them was a colonel back in 1671 and even he was nabbed before he could make his escape.The way the thief managed to get in was coming in as a visitor. He made friends with the man who looked after the Crown Jewels. He stabbed the poor guy. Made off with the crown, stuffing them in to his breeches.Tonight, as on es.Tonight, as on every night since the 13th century, the great doors will be locked. Queen Elizabeth's keys carried over the wet cobbles, her crown safe as it always has been. The organisation that operates the 900-year-old Tower of London says all affected locks have already been changed.Recapping our top stories. Cardinal George Pell has welcomed the child sexual abuse Royal Commission. He says the Catholic Church is the victim of a smear campaign which overstates the extent of abuse within the organisation.Dignitaries have welcomed Hillary Clinton and have arrived in Perth.The US commander in Afghanistan is under investigation over emails sent to a woman linked to the David Petraeus CIA sex scandal.Radical Muslim cleric Qatada is set to be released on bail et to be released on bail after winning his appeal for extradition from Britain to Jordan.You can get all tonight's stories online and news around the clock at our website and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight.Goodnight. Supertext captions Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

In 1964, Granada Television brought
together a group of seven-year-olds

from all over the country
and from all walks of life.

If I could, I would have two girls
and two boys.

I read the Financial Times.

They talked about their dreams,
ambitions and fears for the future.

Everything flew up in the air.
It all landed on my head.

For nearly half a century,

in a unique, groundbreaking
series of films,

we have followed their lives
every seven years.

They are now 56.

Well, my girlfriend is in Africa

and I don't think I'll have another
chance of seeing her again.

Have you got a girlfriend?

No, no, not yet.

I'm sure it will come. But not yet.

I mean, I do think a lot of people
think too much about it.

I think I would very much like to...

..become involved in a family,
my own family for a start.

That's a need that I feel
I ought to fulfil

and would like to fulfil and
would do it well.

Yes, I haven't got married
or whatever.

And I suppose that would have
been something

which I'd hoped had happened.

You're getting on a bit.
Are you getting worried?

Not particularly.
I'm always optimistic.

Who knows who I might meet tomorrow?

And in the middle of a conversation

about something completely

he just asked if...I'd like
to marry him.

And if I hadn't been listening,
I would have missed it completely.

To love and to cherish.
To love and to cherish.

'Til death us do part.
'Til death us do part.

We don't argue very much.

Not really. We haven't really
had a sort of full-blown row.

Our arguments tend to be
two sentences

and I go off and sulk for 24 hours.

So is Bruce getting any better at
expressing his feeling to you?