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(generated from captions) approaching. Tomorrow the system should deliver a few showers to South Australia and Victoria. Mainly along the coast. Cairns will be cloudy with showers - not ideal for the eclipse.

We may pick up a shower or two in Sydney. Isolated showers across the region.

Showers seeing Sydney through the working week, heaviest on Thursday.

Well done, thank you. That is Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Peter Overton, hope you have a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

has until November 23. Tonight ...
The Capital' s role in the sex abus in
inquiry, contaminated soil dumped residents
in Kingston,And Tuggeranong ove
residents - preparing for a fight Goo
over the Tralee project approval. A
Good evening I' m Greg Thomson. The Commissio
ACT will be part of a Royal insti
Commission into sexual abuse at t
institutions across Australia. More than 100 Canberra men have alleged, C
they were assaulted at two Catholic liv
Colleges. Evil acts, which ruin f
lives. We' ve had numerous people
from all sorts of organisations ove pa
the years. Some speak about being groups
passed around by some of these rings
groups, you know, in paedophile institutional
rings. Allegations of institutional sexual abuse have bee Ca
made Australia wide, including in ve
Canberra. Support groups say they' twen
ve been working with victims for
twenty five years. They can' t ge w
closure, they can' t return to the workforce, families suffer, familie ab
fall apart. It leads to substance Lawyer
abuse, mental health issues. c
Lawyers say more than a hundred men Daramala
claim they were assaulted at Mari
Daramalan College in Dickson and Marist College at Pearce between th inc
1970s and 1990s. The ACT will be Commis
included in the historic Royal Min
Commission announced by the Prime Boa
Minister. Royal Commissions, or pow
Boards of Inquiry, are incredibly protect
powerful in giving people the forward,
protection they need to come commissione
forward, the powers for a inve
commissioner or commissioners to lea
investigate and for lessons to be mad
learnt. Many of the allegations Self-Governm
made date back to before Minist
Self-Government, but the Chief a
Minister says the Territory will do
all it can to help the inquiry. She vict
s acknowledged the difficulties them
victims face, but has encouraged of
them to speak up. What comes out of the Royal Commission can only be provid
as good as what information is provided to it. Whilst many claim the
relate to members of the clergy, be
the Royal Commission will not just Church.
be investigating the Catholic Church. It' ll look at all religiou organisations, state-based care an t
the not-for-profit sector. These
things cost millions and take years Colleges
Both Daramalan and Marist cooper
Colleges say they' ll be fully ll
cooperating with the inquiry. Who' ll head the Commission and what its announ
terms of reference are will be announced in coming weeks.

Contaminated soil from a Foreshore
construction site has been dumped i La
piles near homes in Kingston. The fai
Land Development Agency admits it pla
failed to inform residents of the it
plans - and has promised to review Mound
its communication procedures. as
Mounds of soil - contaminated with res
asbestos - piled just metres from wh
residential properties. That was th
what actually was endorsed by both the EPA and WorkCover and that was d
the appropriate site for this to be protec
done. Workers, fully clad in
protective gear, have been unloadin near
the soil onto this vacant block afterno
near Kingston since yesterday Agenc
afternoon. The Land Development measur
Agency says it' s a short term c
measure. "I' ve obviously told my children to try to keep away as muc a
as possible but when the dirt gets rea
airborne there' s not a lot I can is
really do. Just being in this area liv
is a concern to all." Those who of
live in the area weren' t notified th
of the dump.Many are worried about the
the health implications - and say "Wh
they should have been informed. month
"What happens in the hot Summer
months, the big winds come along an and
basically just take all the dirt hous
and filters it straight into our pres
houses." We' ve had the dust monito
pressed and we' ve had the air fib
monitors and we' ve not found any +
fibres at all in the contamination.
+y The LDA insists it' s adhering t "W
strict environmental protocols. "While efforts have been made to we down these mounds, it' s hot and i dry
takes no time at all for them to pu
dry out again." We immediately W
put in place our approved EPA plan. R
We also engaged, in this case here, Robson' s Air monitoring services. w
We, also just to be doubly sure, ther
we actually use dust suppressant n
there as well. The LDA says it' s transp
not sure when the soil will be transported.

The inquiry into safety compliance has
in the ACT' s construction sector
has been extended. The panel headin tim
the investigation asked for more rec
time - to ensure the findings and Att
recommendations are thorough. The inqu
Attorney-General established the inquiry earlier this year, Followin constr
a number of fatalities on ACT construction sites. The panel now h
has until November 23. An agreement administrato
has been reached between o
administrators and a key contractor Contractor
on the ASIO project. Urban
Contractors, which has around thirt employees working on the site, wen m
into voluntary administration last with
month. Today, administrators met continue
with creditors, who voted to ali
continue to help keep the company alive. What will happen is that a p
administrator I will now vacate my com
position and the directors of the company will now step back in. Th as
agreement means work will proceed The
as normal on the ASIO building. pla
They have funding arrangements in workin
place which they' re currently tho
working through at the moment but promi
those funding arrangements look
promising. The six hundred millio with
dollar project has been plagued gla
with issues,Including a number of building
glass panels falling off the are
building. Tuggeranong residents sh
are exploring their legal options, endure
should the valley be forced to Airpo
endure aircraft noise. Canberra d
Airport believes it' s a certainty,
due to the approval of South Tralee bee
But developers claim locals have been spooked unnecessarily. It wa hel
this comment that confirmed long whe
held fears. We can' t say today ar
whether in 10.15 years time people t
aren' t going to be concerned about n
the noise. Aircraft noise knows l
no boundaries. It doesn' t end at a Co
line on the map. The Tuggeranong
Community Council believes if futur fli
South Tralee residents complain, Canbe
flights will be diverted across Canberra' s south. Despite all th giv
assurances the NSW Government is giving us about sound proofing thei go
homes, the residents will want to th
go out and enjoy the outdoors. Are muffs
they going to give them all ear muffs as well It' s sought advice any
To see whether locals would have n
any legal rights to protest against pre
noise sharing. We' re trying to re
preserve the sanity of Tuggeranong hav
residents because we know if they their
have aircraft noise flying over b
their homes, they' ll be driven mad C
by this. A legal challenge by the proces
Canberra Airport over planning Sou
processes was rejected in the New Cour
South Wales Land and Environment o
Court, developers predict a similar The
outcome for any further action. challen
There' s no legal basis for a lon
challenge to what has been a very p
long and exhausting decision making developme
process. The South Tralee ho
development has been downsized, so S
houses fall within low noise areas.
Supporters of the project insist th altere
flight path won' t need to be anot
altered. This is a myth, it' s
another scare campaign there' s onl experienc
one city in Australia that s
experiences noise sharing and that' Ca
s Sydney. But in a statement the shari
Canberra Airport outlined noise wo
sharing was a reality, claiming it Canber
won' t just be Tuggeranong but sha
Canberra and Queanbeyan that will share the pain.

Still to come - mounting costs for
Canberra' s pubs and clubs. Plus .. what measures are smokers taking t avoid health warnings? This program is not captioned. How about some music?

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avoid health warnings? ACT license venues pay some of the highest fee s
in the country - In a system that' th
s been dubbed unequal, by those in the sector. Trade has dropped aroun financi
twenty percent over the past fo
financial year. Venues are calling Canberr
for an equal share of fees. Bei
Canberra' s pubs, clubs and bars. We'
Being hit, with mounting costs. got
We' ve had the carbon tax, we' ve inc
got rising wage costs, we' ve got liqu
increases in rents and obviously inc
liquor licensing fees continue to Gover
increase. +y Last year, the ACT payin
Government introduced a new fee ris
paying system. It' s based on the Attorne
risk each venue attracts. The i
Attorney General says the structure thos
is specifically designed to make
those establishments who trade late and sell larger volumes of alcohol license
pay a higher fee. That means risk
licensed venues who pose a lower p
risk to the community pay less.Some
pubs say the system is unfair. Fo a business like ours with a loadin w
of just a couple of hundred people amou
we' d be paying exactly the same circums
amount if not more in certain So
circumstances than places like the C
Southern Cross Club or the Hellenic t
Club. These fees have been used fant
towards policing and we' ve seen per
fantastic statistics of about 6.9 insta
percent drop in alcohol related yea
instances over the past financial the
year. There are positives - but
there are also negatives. Patrons i ou
the ACT appear to have been going aroun
out less - trade has dropped by city
around twenty percent across the calling
city. Those in the sector are quite
calling for change. It' s put busines
quite a burden on the smaller and
businesses in the liquor industry and we' d like to see a more fair pai
and equitable share of fees being sa
paid by larger contributors to the Go
sale of alcohol in the ACT. +y The ma
Government says it has no plans to
make changes to the liquor licensin months.
fee structure in the next 12 months.

Queanbeyan will host a mass re
community forum tomorrow night, in slas
response to the State Government d
slashing of one point seven billion Sout
dollars over four years from New one
South Wales public schools. It' s
one of many forums being held acros mo
the state. It' s been just over a packaging
month since plain cigarette shelves.
packaging started to hit the lit
shelves. Smokers say it' s having little affect on their habit - and
retailers haven' t noticed a drop i a
sales. Graphic images - with the aim of producing dramatic results. laborato
When you take people into a picture
laboratory or you show people rate
pictures of plain packaging they rate them as being less desirable. appear
Put into practice though - it Earl
appears the plan isn' t working. Governm
Earlier this year the Federal to
Government won a high court ruling an
to impose a ban on all brand marks r
and logos on cigarette packets. The smoke
roll out began in October - and Eve
smokers say, it' s ineffective.
Everyone' s talking about just goin the
and buying plain tin and putting them in plain tins If people ar smo
going to smoke they' re going to h
smoke. I don' t think the packaging Retaile
has anything to do with it. Retailers haven' t noticed a declin in sales - rather an increase in smokers asking for the least graphi th
packets. As customers come into
the shop and if their choice is onl the new packaging they actually sa t
oh look I don' t want the one with w
the babies or I don' t want the one the
with the gangrene, a few comments there and customers saying oh yuck. too
The Cancer Council says it' s too early to tell if packages like smokers.
this are having an effect on ho
smokers. What they do say is it' s deter
hoped plain packaging will be a deterrent for young people who are
thinking of taking up the habit. mak
I don' t think this would really really
make a difference to, I can' t really tell the difference. +y Thos fi
studying the results of the world resul
first legislation say any major results - likely won' t last long. warnin
Based on the impact of health warning labels of cigarettes is tha they show some impact initially bu that can diminish over time.

A proposal to have the Ginninderra g
Falls listed as a national park, is
gaining momentum. Steps are in plac al
to establish a working group with ho
all tiers of Government. The group th
hopes it can secure the support of the new look Yass Valley Council.

the new look Yass Valley Council. wi
They have appointed a person who no
will be part of the working group, group
now we have to set up a working access
group. As the falls are only border
accessible via by the Canberra ha
border,the working group will also an
have to include the ACT Government and Yass Valley Council. Associatio sev
members believe the proposal has pre
several benefits. Environmental pro
preservation of the falls it will i
probably to some extent enhance the
image of the council. Mayor Rowen mo
Abbey says she' d welcome hearing s
more information. Conceptually it sounds like a great idea and a grea hap
plan and Yass would I' m sure be w
happy to support it in a meaningful la
way if they can. Several private hu
landholders own the gorge. Another raising
hurdle for the association is -
raising enough money to buy it back ava
- but there may be various grants fo
available. There is money dollar a
for dollar from the New South Wales th
and Federal Government but I think
there will have to be some ACT mone as well.

Most people consider Christmas to som
be a joyful time of year, but for difficult.
some it' s one of the most Chr
difficult. Uniting Care' s annual the
Christmas Appeal aims to brighten fortu
the lives of those who are less t
fortunate than others. For people celebrati
to have the rest of society
celebrating and them missing out, i actually reinforces a sense of nee thin
and vulnerability and we don' t Last
think that' s fair for anyone.
Last Christmas Eric Huber sought th couldn
help of Uniting Care, when he presents
couldn' t afford to purchase h
presents for his children. Eric now o
has a job and can afford to buy his basically
own gifts this year. They basically gave me Christmas present hamper
for both my kids. A Christmas little
hamper with some food and just w
little vouchers to go to the movies Fo
with the kids and stuff like that. t
Food vouchers. Police will stop on
traffic in Goulburn' s main street a
on Friday. It' s for a good cause - hundred
a parade honouring their one- wit
hundred-and-fifty-year connection g
with the city. Hundreds of recruits
graduate from the local academy eac year. The Force wants the mileston communit
to be shared with the wider community. It is a very proud tim and we can' t forget our history o hav
the number of men and women that w
have fallen in the line of duty. It invo
will be a proud day for everyone St
involved. The parade down Auburn Polic
Street will kick off at ten am. vario
Police will also show off their
various units including the bomb an to
dog squad. It' s not only going showcas
to be the police putting on a the
showcase we' re going to have all fire
the emergency service ambulance, Ellen
fire SES to the community. +y eve
Ellena joins now with Sport, good Th
evening. Thanks Greg - Coming up - ru
The chance of a lifetime for local th
rugby players. And - The battle of promis
the Raiders halves, as another promising junior re-signs. This program is not captioned. Raider
promising junior re-signs. The Antho
Raiders have won the battle for e
Anthony Milford' s signature. He' s unt
extended his stay in the Capital,
until the end of the twenty-fourtee wi
NRL season. The eighteen year old will train with the seniors over th lon
next few months, adding to their from
long list of halves. Suffering year,
from home-sickness earlier this Mil
year, Queensland teenager Anthony Milford says it' s a sacrifice his I
willing to make, to get a chance. y
It' s a good club, um, got a lot of ju
young boys coming through and yeah
just made my decision a lot easier. Lining up in two grand finals, fo Da
the SG Ball and Toyota Cup, Coach tremend
David Furner says Milford has A
tremendous potential. I think for of
Anthony too, to be around the like Sam
of Campese, McCrone and obviously l
Sammy Williams, will help him out a Mitchel
lot. With the re-signing of
Mitchell Cornish earlier this year i
competition to become first choice go
is fierce. We have got some very v
good halves and that' s going to be thirteen,
very interesting for twenty the
thirteen, you know, the battle of the halves, so I' ve said it before it' s a good position for the coac C
to be in. Josh McCrone and Terry Will
Campese. Or Josh McCrone and Sam Williams - Furner says it comes dow puttin
to pre-season. Wouldn' t be thin
putting any pressure on Terry, I o
think he' s just got to concentrate p
on just getting himself through the r
pre-season and get himself prepared a
ready to play, then you' re looking and
at the start of the season, there Furn
and what sort of combinations. camp
Furner described Williams finals have
campaign as mature, and doesn' t ca
have plans to strip Campese of the Tod
captaincy to focus on his return. le
Today' s deal with Milford, is one h
less for the club to worry about. A ren
host of names are up for contract Pap
renewal, including Williams, Josh Fens
Papalli, Jarrod Croker and Shaun
Fensom. I' m fairly confident, um t
you know we haven' t had a problem Thomso
there about re-signing. Greg Thomson, Win

A calf strain is likely to keep sec
David Pocock out of the Wallabies The
second game of the European tour. sidelin
The Brumbies recruit has been inju
sidelined for months with a knee ret
injury and was on track to make a back
return in Europe. The latest set to
back isn' t as serious, but enough
to keep the Flanker, out for anothe th
week. Australia meets England, in their second game of the tour. Afte Seve
an embarrassing loss to France. getting
Seven local rugby players are to
getting a taste of what it' s like
to be a Brumby. Coach Jake White ha t
invited the group to pre-season.If they' re good enough, they may get chance at playing professionally. level
Work experience at the highest Windso
level. Local rugby players Sam Windsor and Matt Hawke, are apart o the group invited to train with th big boys. Something I' ve sort o u
wanted to do since leaving school, Brumb
um, h and then with the way the l
Brumbies have started moving in the boy
last couple of years, it' s given opportu
boys like us on the fringe an th
opportunity. Windsor was part of
the Brumbies Academy in two thousan opportun
and eight, before exploring London.At
opportunities in Sydney and last
London.At 25 - this could be his coaches
last chance to impress. The f
coaches are obviously teaching us a fair bit but being amongst the boys m
similar ages as us, but have a lot
more experience, they' re passing o a lot of tips. His attitude is o ca
par with the professionals. You can'
can' t come in half hearted, you tr
can' t approach things lightly, we so
train at the intensity to play at, up,
so if you' re not willing to step probabl
up, to that level, then it' s Gunga
probably not the place to be. off
Gungahlin' s Matt Hawke is coming off a superb year in the John I Den
Cup - a great chance to mingle wit Brumbies players returning to loca lo
clubs. Make the Canberra comp a in
lot stronger, which stepping stone That'
into the big league basically unsu
That' s where he is now - and if f
unsuccessul in joining the Brumbies full-time, other opportunities coul oversea
come his way, inter-state or sid
overseas. Just the professional train
side of things mainly, like the training, the drills and stuff, lik p
done all that before, but just the eac
professional side just getting up T
each day, doing it as a job. Greg Thomson, Win News.

To the NEAFL, And the Tuggeranong the
Hawks have announced the first of B
their new recruits for next season. experie
Brent Macloud brings a lot of All
experience, named Rising Star and Footba
All Australian at this year' s twenty-ten
Football Championships. In
twenty-ten , he was vice-captain fo Vict
the Geelong Falcons and for the years,
Victorian Country team for two .
years, from two- thousand-and-seven after
. The signing comes a fortnight Mc
after former Eastlake player Peter
McGrath was named Tuggeranong' s ne play
coach. Lauren Jackson will miss playing in the Albury Stadium, name in her honour, this weekend. Injur is still keeping her sidelined, bu doi
Skipper Jess Bibby says they' re i
doing fine without her. Two games Can
in a week, against the same team. a
Canberra is ready to rattle Bendigo know,
again. We needed that win you Fri
know, after the disappointment of
Friday Night, we certainly needed t o
go down there and knock those guys off you know, they' ve been the for t
side of the competition. The two Canberra
teams square off again, with Albury
Canberra taking a home game to Bu
Albury, at Lauren Jackson Stadium. playin
But the star herself won' t be indefini
playing, a return date still tha
indefinite. We don' t know when drudgin
that is, and we' ll just keep mo
drudging allong without her at the
moment. +y It' s proving successful t
as the Caps sit in fourth place on the WNBL ladder. Jackson' s presenc fo
court-side is just as beneficial, Bunto
for the young players like Alex Bunton. She did have a big impact helpe
there, you know off court, she jus
helped us with all her knowledge, Minimal
just about the other teams. Bunt
Minimal game time doesn' t worry bit
Bunton, who admits she' s still a
bit rusty, coming back from injury. I
It' s only just the start for me, cou
I guess, it' s early days but the make
court time I' m given, I want to i
make an impact. The team is doing ret
it for coach Carrie Graf, who' ll d
return from leave next week, as she deals with the death of her father, G
in Melbourne. It' s a tough time, b
Graffie' s with her family, she' ll to
be with them until she feels ready did
to come back and Sandy and Herbie
did a terrific job at the weekend. Gemma Coombe, Win News.

And that' s sport for this Tuesday g
thanks Greg. Thanks Ellena. Don' t t
go anywhere, I' ll be back with all the day' s weather. This program is not captioned. So, did you get lucky? There was this one guy.

Our eyes met.
He offered me a special drink. Ooh, you look so hot tonight. "Like a sunrise." I whispered back, "Kiss me, Katut."


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the day' s weather. Canberra is six
being spoilt with sunshine.Twenty overni
six degrees the top after nine and
overnight. Right now it' s cloudy Goulb
and twenty one . On Tablelands, si
Goulburn and Queanbeyan hit twenty eighteen
six , Yass 27. A big drop to
eighteen in Braidwood. To the Coast Ninetee
Twenty one degrees in Nowra, Eigh
Nineteen for Ulladulla and Bega, Eighteen in the Bay. On the Snowies Cooma and Thredbo reached seventee Perish
degrees, Three to fourteen in in
Perisher, The mercury rising to 15 i
in Bombala. To the satellite, Cloud
is crossing southern New South Wale f
in the wake of a trough, causing a Clou
few light showers. On the chart, troug
Cloud over the east is due to a deve
trough, causing light showers to Having
develop, mainly on the ranges. Drizzl
Having a look at tomorrow now, Coas
Drizzle at times along the South
Coast, Twenty-three for Bega. A hig of twenty in Moruya Heads. The Bay cl
eleven to twenty-one Nowra should climb to twenty-four degrees. On th Braidw
Southern Tablelands Twenty in t
Braidwood and partly cloudy Five to degr
twenty-three in Queanbeyan. Yass weathe
degrees and overcast. A mix of F
weather conditions for the Snowies, temperatu
Fine for Bombala, where the A
temperature should reach eighteen . P
An Early morning shower expected in Coom
Perisher, two to fourteen there.
Cooma, a high of twenty-two degrees top
In the Capital tomorrow A cloudy ele
top of twenty-three degrees after r
eleven overnight. The UV index will the
reach eleven which is extreme. To su
the five day forecast, Thursday, a week
sunny twenty-six degrees. At the weekend temperatures will drop to N
the early twenties. And that' s WIN Gre
News for this Tuesday night. I' m here..
Greg Thomson.....from everyone here.. Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome to A Current Affair. First tonight our investigation into identity theft and deception that reaches right to the top. Hunter Baillieu has a dream life - a young multimillionaire from a respected family who mixes with the rich and famous. He is not who he claims to be. Tonight we catch him out. He was the social climber who made it all the way to the top of the celebrity A-list. He boasted he was the heir to the Myer family fortune, negotiated to buy multimillion properties,

negotiated to buy multimillion
properties, And promised to be a big charity donor. He called himself Hunter Baillieu, boasted