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It might be raining here, but won't need an umbrella to see this play. Before we go,
a word about a good cause. Jim and I were pleased to lend a
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Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight' - pictures
of a shocking classroom attack and the victim fighting for justice.

That's next.

Ahead on Today Tonight - the brazen school bully
whose sister filmed his attack. Go, William! Slap him, brother! Now, the victim's family
wants justice. Plus, stealing from the stars. It's kind of very intriguing
how he's done it. The celebrity con man
who Photoshopped his way to the top. And too fat to drive - the bus drivers being told
they have to shape up or ship out.

Good evening. I'm Matt White
and thanks for joining us. First tonight,

the classroom bully captured
on camera by his own sister attacking another student. It's a shocking display
of premeditated violence in Australian schools and has left the father
of the victim asking where's the justice? Early morning in the corridors of
an everyday Australian high school. This grade 7 student
isn't on his way to class. He's on a mission. You're the best recorder there is,
brother. S--t - hold up.

His older sister
is recording everything on a mobile phone camera. Now, watch what happens.

Go, William!
F-----g punch him, brother. Stop, William. Stop, William. Get out of it, Mr Hood. As fast as it starts, it's over - for the attacker,
not for the victim. It's just a horrible thing to see
your child beaten up like this and it's not a normal
schoolyard punch-on. It's pre-meditated and it's vicious.
It's deliberate. 12-year-old James Whitman
is the boy being punched. His father, Roger, is furious, because it's the third time his son
has been attacked this year. The first time it happened,
they chased him down and kicked him when he was
on the ground, in the head. I saw red. Absolutely saw red.
There was nothing I could do. That's the worst thing - The school in question
is Kaleen High School, a suburb in the Belconnen area
of Canberra. James and his attacker
started at the school this year. James claims
the attacks started soon after. I guess I was an easy target. I wasn't very popular
at the start of the year. I'm a bit of a smart arse
at the start of the year. When he told me to shut up,
I'd say, "Why?" Because he was just picking on me
when he had no right to. Have you ever hit him back
No. Are you tempted to hit back?
Yes. A lot. Why haven't you?
I don't know. I don't like violence much. We contacted Kaleen High School
and the ACT Department of Education to see how they were going
to guarantee James's safety in the future. No-one got back to us. And in the final irony - while James's attacker
has been punished, suspended for a couple of days and forced to take
counselling sessions, James was punished too. He was also suspended. They suspended James
for inciting violence. That was the official term used because he told this child
he wasn't frightened of him. So again, punish the victim?
Yep. Bullying would normally occur
in a single time and place. Social media takes it out
to a much wider audience and it can be viewed at any time and that really compounds the harm. Dr Judith Slocombe is the CEO of the
Alannah and Madeline Foundation at the National Centre
Against Bullying. She's concerned by
classroom violence, but it's the filming
and uploading to Facebook which continues to intimidate
long after the punches stop. This is the country's most
celebrated Facebook bullying stoush.

This is the country's most
celebrated Facebook bullying stoush. Casey Heynes, taunted and attacked - the boy who struck back,
standing up to a bully in a video that went viral
worldwide. Bullying affects one in four or 5 million schoolchildren
in this country - 200 million worldwide, with each child bullied nine times more likely to consider
suicide as a way out. There was no note,
but she said to her friend, "I know daddy loves me
as big as the world." Michael Bernard lost
his 17-year-old daughter, Catherine, to suicide, bullies
and the internet. Now, he's fighting to save
other kids from the same grim fate. If I can save one person,
my life has been worth it and Catherine didn't die in vain. The first thing I did
when I got home was grabbed scissors and hit my head against the wall
trying to hurt myself to end it. 16-year-old Nicole almost became
another suicide statistic, bullied face-to-face at school and on Facebook at home. It made me feel very worthless
and like I wasn't needed. Nicky's mum Tracey had no idea her daughter was in
her own private hell, until one night,
Nicole tried to end it all. One night I fetched her from a party and she just said
she can't do this anymore and she tried to jump out
of the car. The father of the boy
involved in this punch-up says his son is, in fact, the victim and struck back after months
of verbal taunting by James. He's angry
this video was shot at all and posted on Facebook
by his daughter. But James and his father
are sticking to their story. What are you going to do? We want the best for our child,
we want to keep him happy and we'd like to keep him
at the school where he's happy. But if we can't, we'll move him. No choice? We don't have a choice, really. Get out of it, Mr Hood!

And ACT Education has now told us
they're working with both families to resolve this delicate issue. Now, to the con man
who's stealing from the stars. Photoshopping his way to false fame of Australia's rich and powerful. As James Thomas reports,
now they're fighting back. He's the 'Happy Snap Cheat'. The 'Photoshop Fraud'. On first glance, you'd think he's rubbed shoulders
with prime ministers, celebrities, sports stars
and even the likes of Gorbachev. If a picture tells a thousand words,
these ones tell a million lies. You see this man -

not Bill, the other guy - is a fraud.

46-year-old Dimitri de Angelis
pleaded guilty to ripping off 14 people
to the tune of $8.5 million with powerful, wealthy
or famous people.

How much does he make? Sophie Monk can't even remember
this photo being taken. I am surprised at the balls of
this guy actually pulling it off. But it was part of his con. Saddle up to someone famous
like Sophie, get their photo and use the image
to support a fraudulent story that you're a high-flying music exec looking for money
for your fledgling music label.

To make money off my image,
a couple of million right now.

Paul Keating's sister, Anne,
lost $100,000. Melbourne solicitor Jayne Gregory
lost $1 million. Her partner, Graeme Uren QC,
was rolled for 20 grand. John and Marcelle Hoff, the
former deputy lord mayor of Sydney, lost 1 million. All told,
the former Qantas air steward - yep, that was what he really did - fleeced 8.5 million by promising his victims
huge returns on their investments. But instead,
he flittered away the cash on the gauche lifestyle
he once happily paraded for cameras.

In court,
De Angelis' lawyers claimed he suffered
a narcissistic personality disorder in attempt to mitigate his actions. The offences carry periods
of imprisonment from 2 years up to 10 years
individually. Lawyer with Armstrong Legal,
John Sutton, believes De Angelis could receive
a custodial sentence for scam They are serious offences because of the methodology
that has been used to commit them, that people are lulled
into a false sense of security to deal with someone in such a way and, consequently,
the law recognises that people that practice
confidence tricks on innocent should be dealt with
in a very serious matter. Earlier in the year
when Dimitri was charged, we were keen to chat to him. Hello. Dimitri?

It is James Thomas
from Today Tonight. Hoping to have a chat. Or Slobodan,
as you are sometimes known. Back then,
he was nowhere to be found. It was a similar story today. Dimitri, are you home? Of course he's not home.
He's never at home. Anyway,
the reason we are here this time is that there are fresh allegations
that while on bail Dimitri is still ripping people off. Well, we did about two weeks
of work here. Had four guys working on the job
about $13,000 worth of damage. where Dimitri has been holed up
with his partner, Aaron Hung. $13,000, yep.

And what does he say when you hit,
um, for... Well, actually,
he accused my apprentice of going into his bedroom
and stealing his $20,000 watch. Kirsty, do you know your neighbour,
Dimitri? Yes, he is an absolute nightmare. Kirsty lives two doors away but says Dimitri has a menacing
presence in the neighbourhood. We've actually had to take out
an APVO against him. And what's that? A personal violence order. Having pleaded guilty, the law will soon catch up
with Dimitri when he is sentenced but that won't be his only judgement according to landscaper
Jules Pritchard.

They're being told
they're too fat to drive. The bus drivers
who've been put on notice, asked to lose weight
or lose their jobs. As Lynda Kinkade reports, safety concerns
have led to the controversial move that will have drivers
stepping onto the scales and sent to boot camp
to shed the kilos.

Too fat to work? No worries. The weight-loss bus is coming. We will be paying for the workers to
lose weight for the next six months. In Tasmania, overweight Metro bus drivers
will be told to park the bus for six months while they're paid to exercise. That's right.

Work hours are set to become
work-out hours and taxpayers
will be footing the bill at this State Government-owned
company. Metro will be paying for drivers'
wages during this six months. We will also pay for the doctor,
the nutritionist and the weight loss
gym professional. Chief executive Heather Haselgrove
says a driver's weight
must not be more than 130kg because of occupational
health and safety hazards. If a driver is over that limit, there is a possibility
that the seat could fail and the driver
could injure themselves. The drivers
will perform other duties but if the weight's still there
after six months... They would have to find another job We want to retain
these very experienced drivers so we are making this once-off offer so we can keep them
in our workforce. I think it's great Metro are
getting behind their workers and empowering them
to live a healthier lifestyle. While it's a novel idea,
it's not an entirely new one. Overweight drivers from
Sydney's State Transits Authority get subsidies
of up to 50% off Weight Watchers. SA and WA also restrict drivers
to weights under 130kg. Various jobs in aviation,
the armed forces, construction and mining also have weight restrictions. Australia Post employees are advised
to maintain a weight of under 90kg to maintain safety
on delivery bikes. With our expanding waistlines, a growing number of workplaces
are offering added health benefits. PT in lunchbreaks,
corporate team sports - even complimentary gym memberships. But why? Does watching our bottom line
help theirs? When you're fit and healthy, your immune system is going to be
a whole lot stronger. You're going to have less sick days. It's not going to affect your work
at all. Chief executive
of Ultimate You fitness Andy Anderson is a nutritionist
and personal trainer in high demand. Our corporate memberships
are through the roof at the moment. They are seeing the benefit. Achieving a lot more at work,
de-stressing And, as for the Tassie bus drivers, they've got six months
from this Sunday to shape up or ship out.

Diabetes is Australia's
fastest-growing chronic disease. It's on the rise

despite repeated warnings about unhealthy lifestyles
and bad eating habits. With World Diabetes Day
taking place tomorrow, Helen Wellings enlists
the help of a master chef to show us what we should be eating. If you've got obesity,
you smoke, you drink, you don't do any exercise,
you eat badly, it isn't IF you're going to
get diabetes, it's WHEN. The statistics are alarming. 3.6 million Australians
have diabetes or pre-diabetes. 1 of us is diagnosed 290 every day,
almost 106,000 a year.

Diabetics are twice as likely
to have heart disease and strokes. Almost 90% of sufferers
have type 2 diabetes which can be prevented with
good diet, exercise and lifestyle. We'll show you the best,
the worst foods and what to do. Leading chef Michael Moore, owner of Sydney's
revolving restaurant, O Bar, was diagnosed with diabetes at 35. Later, a stroke changed his outlook
and his food dramatically. If you're at risk, these recipes
will really work for you. Michael is about to share
his food discoveries and some delicious
and amazingly different recipes from his diabetes cookbook,
'Blood Sugar', which has been a runaway bestseller. More than 50,000 copies here
and worldwide. Being physically active
and eating the right foods and maintaining the healthy weight
and losing excess weight, we can prevent or delay
type 2 diabetes. Michelle Norman, dietician,
Australian Diabetes Council. Coming up, her top health foods
and those to avoid. It would say, "Your reading is high,
go for a walk for 15 minutes" - that balances out the blood sugar. An amazing breakthrough
just hit the market monitor blood sugar levels - an app for iPhones and iPods. I'll prick my finger. This will come up
with my blood sugar reading and I will know then
whether it's high or low. It's technology that Laura McGarry, who was diagnosed with
gestational diabetes when pregnant, wouldn't be without, for her and her baby's sake. I can send it on
to my endocrinologist and if it's high, I would have also recorded down
what I've eaten for every meal. It was so accurate,
it was so helpful. As a nervous pregnant woman, it was like having a doctor
in my pocket. Cooked red quinoa, kale, which is a very fashionable roasted onion, tomatoes
and some seared barramundi. It's a high-protein,
low-carb healthy dish. Michael Moore has type 2 diabetes,
non-insulin dependent, which occurs when the pancreas
isn't producing enough insulin and isn't using it properly. He took a radical move
that paid off, reformed the food
for home-cooked dishes and at his O Bar restaurant. If I can choose the healthy option and the healthy ingredient
in that dish, I will always make that choice. What I've done
is start to use grains and seeds, things like buckwheat, or this is quinoa,
which comes in red white or black, which is a high-protein grain, low carbohydrate, low starch,
really easy to cook, fantastic in salads. No processed foods. Michael advocates lean meats too. Pork is a good lean meat
and has a high-protein content. So you can eat pork and
you do need to eat saturated fat. Vitamins A, K, E and D
are absorbed by saturated fat. Desserts can be OK. Michael cooks with this
low-GI sugar alternative - agave syrup from cactus. Low-fat ricotta,
high in protein, some eggs, some dark chocolate
and with a nut base and sweetened with agave nectar. So it's a low-GI, high-fibre,
high-protein cheesecake and tastes delicious. The recipe's in Michael's
'Blood Sugar' book. The Australian Council of Diabetics
advises cut down on these foods.

Top five foods.

We want to look at our
five different food groups. So we've got our breads,
grains and cereals, our breakfast cereals, rice, pasta
as well. We want to have plenty
of our vegetables, making sure we have
two serves of fruit, we want have some low-fat dairy. Unsalted nuts and your healthy
sources of fat like avocado. Lean cuts of meat
and also skinless chicken and don't forget fish
with our beautiful omega-3s as well. It's important that every year you do go to your GP and you have
an overall blood test done. But looking at those healthy foods
and regular physical activity to reduce your risk.

Still to come on Today Tonight, blinded by beauty. They're taking the cosmetics market
by storm. But can they be a risk
to your health? It was a real worry. The stinging, the burning,
all of the pain. It was a real worry. That warning is next.

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Welcome back. There are questions being asked
about a simple accessory that is so popular
with many Australian women. Eyelash extensions can make
a difference to how you look but they can also lead
to irritation and infection.

Ripped off. Upset. The risks from infection
is possibly the loss of the eye. it was a real worry.

Deborah Comacho
loves getting her hair done and was an instant convert to the
latest trend of eyelash extensions. I do hair as well so I just
like to look good, I guess. But choosing the wrong salon
to get them done in almost cost her a lot more
than her looks. I was worried that
it could have damaged my sight. The extensions, which are stuck on
with a superglue-like adhesive, were stuck together. Deborah's eyes were burning her eyelashes removed altogether. I wasn't ready for the pain
and what I went through afterwards, during and afterwards.

With eyelash extensions,
there is no industry standard which means anybody and everyone
can train and everybody and anybody
can offer these services without any kind of training. Beautician Danii Benyon says she is constantly seeing the results of the poorly trained
and the inexperienced. A good 30% of our clients
that we get in have gone to other salons, offering cheap deals
to get eyelash extensions. What happens is you will
commonly see conjunctivitis, we see infections because of people not cleaning
their tools safely and efficiently. Often the only training some have
is to watch a video on YouTube. People can use whatever adhesive
they like and there is a lot of people
out there that are just buying adhesives
from eBay or from random other places and they aren't using
proper eyelash extension adhesive. They're using superglue and this can be really harmful
for their eyes. Royal Australian and New Zealand
College of Ophthalmologists president Dr Bill Glason says our eyelashes' primary function is to act as a filter
protecting our eyes. Mess with them at your peril. They're using a glue
that's quite toxic on the eye so any of those glue fragments,
like superglue, if it gets in your eye, so the people who are actually
applying these artificial lashes need to have formal accreditation
and know what they're doing. We want a national industry standard that people offering eyelash
extension services are accredited and have had sufficient training in order to offer
these services safely. Danii says she's worked to make
her own professional standard and trains all her staff. We've developed this training
over 2.5 years to get it through
the Department of Education to ensure that the safety standards
are met across the board. For Deborah, she realises how lucky she is
she didn't suffer a permanent injury and fortunately,
her eyelashes have grown back. It's just shoddy. I think something
needs to be done about it.

Stay with us on Today Tonight
for the truth about tanning. From the beauty salon
to do-it-yourself. Fake tans are in focus.



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Tomorrow night - it's the safe alternative
to spending too much time in the sun but with summer
just around the corner, now fake tans
are being put to the test.

We know how dangerous the Sundays. I'm bit worried about applying it Even Laverstock Hope you can join us again tomorrow
night, but that's it for now. Thanks for your company.
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VJ, kitchen.

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Wow. You're dressed to impress. You are hanging out
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Um, yeah. Can you? (PHONE BEEPS)
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What is it?
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You know I hate court. Such a waste
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Looking pretty sharp there, Case. (CHUCKLES) You'll have the jury
eating out of your hand, mate. I wore this to Dad's funeral.

That's the spirit. Eh? Deadset, mate, we'll get you
a new suit after the trial.

What do you want to eat? Uh, I'm not hungry. Mate, trust me, if this is your last
meal before 20 years of prison food, you're gonna want to eat something. Oi, what did I say?
Jeez! Hey. No, you're right. Um, bacon
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It's gonna be a big day,
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On second thought, you'll probably
get fed better in the slammer. Can we stop talking about this
like it's a done deal? 'Cause any moron
sitting on that jury