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(generated from captions) response to the Royal Commission. Cardinal George Pell's defensive response to the Royal The M4 blocked for 9 kilometres after a major truck crash. Two premiers give evidence against powerbrokers who ruled Labor. Bargains galore - Sydney's one-day pre-Christmas shopping frenzy. The inspirational family story behind Michael Clarke's double century. Good evening. The head of the Catholic Church in Australia has created fresh controversy by questioning how much a Royal Commission will help the victims of child sex abuse. Cardinal George Pell says he welcomes the inquiry, but resent suggestions the church covered up crimes against children. A Royal Commission is looming, but the Sex Crimes Squad is acting now. St Patrician Brothers, Blacktown. In the late 1980s, an allegation it was here that Brother Martin Harmata committed the ultimate breach of trust. Indecently assaulting two 13-year-old boyss. A former Catholic teacher who worked at the college and a primary school in Lalor Park has been charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl.It will be alleged that a number of incidents occurred on school grounds at those schools.The arrest drew a clipped response from Cardinal George Pell. He is the most senior Catholic in the country. Very sad, apologise to the victims. Cardinal George Pell supports the Royal Commission, because he says it will not focus only on the church.I don't think we should be scapegoated. We will answer for what we have done. We are not trying to defend the indefensible. Detective Inspector Peter Fox is claiming a police cover-up of sex abuse in the Catholic Church.So many of those criminals are operating knowing that their friends, knowing that their organisation, to protect their name and reputation will cover-up what they have done.Cardinal George Pell waved a folder detailing the rules that churches and schools must adhere to when reporting sexual abuse.I certainly very much regret the general smearing, I might say, the church's covering up. The church has done nothing. Watching Cardinal George Pell's media conference, Anthony and Christine Foster - their daughters were raped by a priest.Disgusted. Very offensive.Very offensive. Just a smear campaign. The church should be in fear of actually being found out for what they have done. Brian Crowley, abused by a Catholic Church 50 years ago says it's not too late for a Royal Commission.At least it's something, someone is finally going to listen to us. We might get a chance to tell the people the real story of what happened. And that is what has to be told. It has to come from us. It can't come from anybody else.Let's go live to Mike Burrows. This was an opportunity for Cardinal George Pell to back the Royal Commission, but he made comments taking people by surprise.Yes. He started off the media conference by saying he welcomed the Royal Commission, but seemed to qualify that. He said that while the church had nothing to hide, in the same breath he said if a priest confesses to another priest of committing child sexual abuse, the sanctity of the confession should reand the information should not be revealed -- should remain and the information should not be to authorities. Some may think that is contradictory.Thousands of drivers have been stuck in traffic gridlock after three accidents on the M4. The worst at Merrylands, where three trucks and a car collided, sparking a major rescue. Midday on the M4 and traffic was at a halt.I'm praying that no-one is hurt. It's scary.A truckie was trapped after slamming into a semiwhich jackknifed - some saying it was trying to a-- semi which jack-knifed, some saying it was trying to avoid another vehicle. They were trying to pull him off. The 45-year-old suffered serious injury, trapped for 40 minutes before being taken to Westmead Hospital. Lunchtime traffic on a busy motorway was at a standstill, banking back 9 kilometres. Gridlock in surrounding streets. Rescuers could not avoid the chaos. Drivers say this is a notorious Black spot on the M4. There are five planes of traffic, a major entry -- five lanes of traffic, a major entry and exit. And no breakdown lane.People want to turn right to get to Merrylands, the left lain ending. The M4 opened after four hours, police are piecing together how it happened. Loads of dirty Labor Party laundry have been aired at The Independent Commission Against Corruption. Let's go thrive to Wild Life Sydney Zoo. An unprecedented move from two former -- to Kevin Wilde. From two former Premiers. Yes, there were concerns about the power that Eddie Obeid held. And the highly unusual style of Ian Macdonald as a Minister. It's a welcome distraction for Barry O'Farrell as Labor eats itself alive, reminding people of the level of corruption. You are not seeing things, Morris Iemma and Nathan Rees are smiling. The two Labor premiers were victims of manoeuvrings of Eddie Obeid, and Ian Macdonald, so are taking delight in the trouble of their one-time foes.The Labor Party has seen better days.A lot Bert.The Independent Commission Against Corruption is looking at whether Eddie Obeid and his family made a windful by a decision of Ian Macdonald to allow mining in Bylong Valley.This is distressing for branch members. Into Nathan Rees is vindicated, after sacking macted from the ministry after becoming concerned that he was -- Ian Macdonald from the ministry after becoming concerned he was not scrutinising his decisions.I was concerned.Kristina Keneally will not give evidence. She won the premiership with the support of Ian Macdonald, and Eddie Obeid. The inquiry will pick apart how the potentially shadey deal was done. An elderly couple has been injured after a 200kg oil tank fell from the side of a home in Turramurra in Sydney's north. The tank trapped the 90-year-old man and 90-year-old woman for 29 minutes. They remain in a serious condition in hospital. Arson is suspected after fire destroyed up to 50 cars at a wreckers yard in Revesby. It took fire crews 90 minutes to control the blaze, with water pressure adding to the problems. The yard is a crimescene. Sydney commuters are about to experience a controversial plan to fix our peak-hour train chaos. Rail marshalls will handle crowd control - getting passengers on and off in 60 seconds. This is the peak hour morning crush at Town Hall station. Commuters jostle for a spot on the platform, let alone on the train.Sometimes you can't get on a train because people don't move all the way in.In Tokyo they hire staff to literally push commuters on to carriages.Here in Sydney RailCorp decided it's time for serious crowd control.81,000 people come through here in the busy hour in the morning. This is like a sell-out Crows add ANZ Stadium.From Monday hoards of these guys will line the platform at Town Hall. There'll be one guard per train door, to help manage the worst of it. Trains will stop for no longer than 60 seconds between the hours of 7 and 8:30. It's not a lot of time to get 1200 passengers on and off the train. RailCorp says it's necessary. Passengers are not yet convinced.60 Seconds is too little to get on to a train, especially with people controlling it.A trial of the system will run for four weeks. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton land lands in Perth ahead of high-level meetings on foreign policy and defence.I'm looking forward to meeting with Hillary Clinton again. We have had the opportunity to meet on a number of occasions and spend time together.There was high security as Hillary Clinton's motorcade of 11 cars sped through the city's streets. Damien Oliver faces an 8- 12 month ban from racing after being charged with illegal betting. The champion jockey admitted to putting $10,000 on a rival horse in 2010. Damien Oliver has been stood down immediately pending a hearing next week. Some of Sydney's biggest retailers are joining forces to kick-start the Christmas season - holding a one-day supersale, hoping to set a shopping record. 24 hours, a million shoppers, more than $10 million. It's a delicious equation on the eve of the Christmas shopping season.We want to showcase the local wares and alert Australian shoppers that Australian retailers are capable of doing amazing deals.It's called Click Frenzy, a one-day spree for online shoppers.We are seeing 50% off fashion, up to 80% off jewellery. It takes a lead from America's 'Cyber Monday', heeled the day after Thanksgiving in November -- held the day after thanks giving in November. Now the biggest shopping day.It's the largest shopping day. We are trying to capture the spirit and excitement in Australia.Here, as many as 150 retailers signed up. We recognise the majority of online customers are bricks and mortar. They are most valuable. Melissa Grant doesn't care what it's called. It's all about convenience. Time I have with my kids I want to spend with kids, not traipsing to shops. Some of the biggest retailing names have joined the campaign, like Westfield, Myer, Sportscraft, Saba, and you have Dan Murphy, Target. Now, these are traditional retailers that moved aggressively into the online world. They are doing it for a good reason - that is that word - prosperity. Save the date - 7pm, next Tuesday for 24 hours. Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke set a new record, scoring 259 not out at the Gabba. Roz Kelly is there. Good evening. An emotional performance for Michael Clarke and his family.Good evening. Yes, Michael's incredible performance shows how focused he has been. Today his family revealed he's been hurting a lot from the loss of his grandmother earlier this year. Now Clarke was overseasing and missed her funeral. It was hard -- overseas playing and missed her funeral, which was hard for him. They are a close family. His dad and grandfather watched the match and said that they thought it was something bearing down on Michael. And this performance was for her.He looked at the air. I anticipate it was for her. It's a big step in the family side of things.Same seat, no-one moves or goes to the toilet. We do more work out here than he does out there.He conducts himself equally as well off the field as on the field. You can't ask for any more in life.Now, Pete, Michael has been named Man of the Match for the opening test. We will have all the highlights from a fiery final day coming up shortly, with Ken in sport. Good on you, Roz. Thank you. A special thank you at Liverpool Hospital for the staff who look after seriously ilnewborn babies. Every year 44,000 babies need help from Neonatal Intensive Care Units. The Miracle Babies Foundation hosted a morning tea, bringing together nurses and parents and their children. Coming up - a protestor targets the royal couple with a bucket of manure. A new level of sunscreen to protect your family this summer, and Peter Harvey on when and how to watch the full This program is not captioned. (JAUNTY MUSIC) I'm often asked the best way to carve a ham. With a sharp knife, carve vertically on a slight angle
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A 74-year-old man was not horsing around - arrested for planning a manure attack on Prince Charles and Camilla in New Zealand. AntiRoyalist Sam Brakanov spent the night in jail and faced court. There's always next time.He has form, spraying Air freshener at Prince Charles in 1994. There's a new level of Sun protection available this summer. SPF 50 Plus has now been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. It can block 98% of UVB rays, 1.3% more than 30 Plus. The new sunscreen should be on the shelves by summer. All eyes will be on the sky tomorrow morning for a rare total solar eclipse, a natural fluke of mechanic and time - when the moon passes directly between the earth and the sun. Make the most of this one - it won't happen again until 2028, which is why tens of thousands of eclipse junkies are pouring into Cairns and points north.If you have seen one, it hits you a certain way and you have to see one again.The last eclipse visible from Australia took place 10 years ago. This promises to make up for lost time.You have a sight of a black son with a halo around it.If you are lucky enough to be in Far North Queensland, you'll experience the spectacular - a total solar eclipse for a full 2 minutes, starting at 6:39am - the moon will blackout the sun. In Sydney, we'll see almost all the big picture. The moon begins crossing the sun at 7:07. By 8:0368% will be eclipsed. It -- 8:03 68% will be eclipsed. It will be over by 9 am. Be careful how to look at the sun - the only way to view is on TV or the Internet. You can see it safely live tomorrow morning on 'Today'. Three people survived a terrifying plane crash in Brazil. The Cessna Citation overshot a runway, skidding down an embankment, landing short of a highway in Sao Paolo. The weight is nearly over for 'Twilight' fans with the Premier of the final instalment. Richard Wilkin was on the black carpet with hundreds of screaming fans.I'm kind of excited. It's crazy that I have less than a week and everything 'Twilight'- related is done.'Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part I Oo.' hits the cinemas next Tuesday.Mr Cricket has plenty to smile about. At the Roosters, Sonny Bill signs on with dignity.And no joking - the world's No.1 delivers a perfect season's This program is not captioned. Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke stole the show, but Mr Cricket, Michael Hussey, also reached a milestone, scoring a century against South

reached a milestone, scoring a
century against South Africa. Michael Clarke declared with the team on 5/ 565. Inroads were made before the match ended in a draw. Fireworks from a captain who wanted to have a real crack at winning the test.Pierces the gap.Great knocks by Brad moun, and claishman Alistair Cook left in -- Bradman and Englishman Alistair Cook left in his shadow. 239 and charging, South Africa tried to body bash him out of action. Michael Clarke belted the world's best attack right back - no part of the ground was spared.We have everything that you have got.Michael Hussey survived an lbw on 99. Next ball he made it.Michael Hussey says thank you to the man who invented hot spot.Michael Clarke looked good for a triple century, then a declaration. Australia 115 ahead. Fired-up bowlers stormed in.That will do it.James Pattinson got in the batsmen's faces, so aggro he made the Proteas jumpy.What a beauty.South Africa dug in, salvaging a draw. But the world's top-ranked team appear a much-less intimidating opponent. Sonny Bill Williams says a fear of failure is driving him in his return to rugby league after a 5-year absence from the game. Roosters boss, Nick Politis believes Sonny Bill is the player to deliver a premiership for his side. It was a private handshake three years ago between the Roosters' boss and Sonny Bill which committed him to the club. Today they went public as Sonny Bill Williams signed the deal, which has the league world buzzing. He's coming back for the challenge and to help us win a premiership. Sonny Bill returns to rugby league, after conquering RuneonI can't control what people want to write or what their agendas are. If they want to belittle my ability...Your character.My character.What do you want to say to Hasem El Masri. He ripped into you yesterday.He's entitled to his opinions.Are you disappointed?Let's best leave it at that.I guess it's an issue that will come up again.It's hard.Are you looking forward to play playing the Dogs?I'll cross that bring when I get to it.Do you have self- doubt about returning to rugby league?If you don't have the element of fear, you won't push yourself that extra bit.Do you have a point to prove?To myself, I guess. You never want to be in a situation where you are trying to prove yourself to everyone else. You never will be happy.Lleyton Hewitt says nobody should give up on Bernard Tomic, despite a troubled season on and off the court. Lleyton Hewitt denied reports he's ready to retire, claiming he's recovered from a foot injury that hampered his season. Novak Djokovic signed off this year with another title, beating Roger Federer in the Tour finals in London. The world's two best players put on a classic contest before Novak Djokovic won in Straight sets - dedicating it to his sick father. Great character. Michael Clarke looks like he owns the team.Owns it and is a class act.See you tomorrow. To finance - the stock markets closed lower. All Ords down 65 points.

Time for the weather now with Sylvia Jeffreys.The clouds are starting to roll in. I'll have the forecast a
next. Next on WIN News... Claims of
alleged sexual abuse at two Canberr pac
schools, and are plain cigarette packages working to deter smoking i det
the Capital? Join me for all the details next.

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This program is not captioned. After a gorgeous start to the day, cloud cover is building over Sydney tonight. A cool change is keeping a lid on temperatures. The city hit 24 degrees today.

A high in the south has been clearing skies across the country's south-east. A weak trough is approaching. Tomorrow the system should deliver a few showers to South Australia and Victoria. Mainly along the coast. Cairns will be cloudy with showers - not ideal for the eclipse.

We may pick up a shower or two in Sydney. Isolated showers across the region.

Showers seeing Sydney through the working week, heaviest on Thursday.

Well done, thank you. That is Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Peter Overton, hope you have a good evening. From us all, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

has until November 23. Tonight ...
The Capital' s role in the sex abus in
inquiry, contaminated soil dumped residents
in Kingston,And Tuggeranong ove
residents - preparing for a fight Goo
over the Tralee project approval. A
Good evening I' m Greg Thomson. The Commissio
ACT will be part of a Royal insti
Commission into sexual abuse at t
institutions across Australia. More than 100 Canberra men have alleged, C
they were assaulted at two Catholic liv
Colleges. Evil acts, which ruin f
lives. We' ve had numerous people
from all sorts of organisations ove pa
the years. Some speak about being groups
passed around by some of these rings
groups, you know, in paedophile institutional
rings. Allegations of institutional sexual abuse have bee Ca
made Australia wide, including in ve
Canberra. Support groups say they' twen
ve been working with victims for
twenty five years. They can' t ge w
closure, they can' t return to the workforce, families suffer, familie ab
fall apart. It leads to substance Lawyer
abuse, mental health issues. c
Lawyers say more than a hundred men Daramala
claim they were assaulted at Mari
Daramalan College in Dickson and Marist College at Pearce between th inc
1970s and 1990s. The ACT will be Commis
included in the historic Royal Min
Commission announced by the Prime Boa
Minister. Royal Commissions, or pow
Boards of Inquiry, are incredibly protect
powerful in giving people the forward,
protection they need to come commissione
forward, the powers for a inve
commissioner or commissioners to lea
investigate and for lessons to be mad
learnt. Many of the allegations Self-Governm
made date back to before Minist
Self-Government, but the Chief a
Minister says the Territory will do
all it can to help the inquiry. She vict
s acknowledged the difficulties them
victims face, but has encouraged of
them to speak up. What comes out of the Royal Commission can only be provid
as good as what information is provided to it. Whilst many claim the
relate to members of the clergy, be
the Royal Commission will not just Church.
be investigating the Catholic Church. It' ll look at all religiou organisations, state-based care an t
the not-for-profit sector. These
things cost millions and take years Colleges
Both Daramalan and Marist cooper
Colleges say they' ll be fully ll
cooperating with the inquiry. Who' ll head the Commission and what its announ
terms of reference are will be announced in coming weeks.

Contaminated soil from a Foreshore
construction site has been dumped i La
piles near homes in Kingston. The fai
Land Development Agency admits it pla
failed to inform residents of the it
plans - and has promised to review Mound
its communication procedures. as
Mounds of soil - contaminated with res
asbestos - piled just metres from wh
residential properties. That was th
what actually was endorsed by both the EPA and WorkCover and that was d
the appropriate site for this to be protec
done. Workers, fully clad in
protective gear, have been unloadin near
the soil onto this vacant block afterno
near Kingston since yesterday Agenc
afternoon. The Land Development measur
Agency says it' s a short term c
measure. "I' ve obviously told my children to try to keep away as muc a
as possible but when the dirt gets rea
airborne there' s not a lot I can is
really do. Just being in this area liv
is a concern to all." Those who of
live in the area weren' t notified th
of the dump.Many are worried about the
the health implications - and say "Wh
they should have been informed. month
"What happens in the hot Summer
months, the big winds come along an and
basically just take all the dirt hous
and filters it straight into our pres
houses." We' ve had the dust monito
pressed and we' ve had the air fib
monitors and we' ve not found any +
fibres at all in the contamination.
+y The LDA insists it' s adhering t "W
strict environmental protocols. "While efforts have been made to we down these mounds, it' s hot and i