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(generated from captions) obstructed.Great, Grant you have got great balance, very impressive. Thank you, darling.

More now on Prime Minister
Julia Gillard's announcement of a royal commission
into child abuse after growing calls for an inquiry
into the Catholic Church. But it will also look
into other institutions where abuse is alleged
to have occurred. This, I hope, will help with healing but I specifically hope that its
recommendations will help us ensure that this never, ever happens again. Her announcement follows allegations by a senior New South Wales
police investigator that the Catholic Church
had been involved

in covering up evidence
involving paedophile priests. Independent Senator Nick Xenophon
was one of those calling for the inquiry
and he joins me now from Canberra. Nick, is this a massive

You happy?Yes, I am. It is a massive breakthrough. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get it right. Let's see the terms of reference but I have been very encouraged so far and encouraged by the bipartisan support of Tony Abbott. So We have gaought chance to get it right for the victims of abuse.So it is bigger than the Catholic Church, a bigger net. Do you think it might end up being too you think it might end up being big, we might not get the outcome that leads to real change?I think it is appropriate to investigate other institutions, last night I was contacted by victims of another church organisation, not related to the Catholic Church it is important to look at the terms of reference that the Royal Commissioner has the power to do it. It shouldn't go on for nine years like the Irish church commission. Let's do it right.You quite rightly point out the devil is in the detail, the terms of reference, what do you think they should beFrom what I've heard so far in terms of what the Prime Minister has said, that sounds about right. Let's wait and hear from victims groups. I know some church groups want to have a say in the terms of reference. The focus must always be on the victims. As the Prime always be on the victims. As the Prime Minister said, let's make sure it doesn't happen again. It is impossible but at least we can minimise the chances of it happening again in the future.Should there be a time limit on the terms of reference? As you mentioned, the one in Ireland went for nine years. We don't want that.I don't want that.I heard a don't want that.I heard a legal commentators talking about 18 months to two years. That seems right, two years is a reasonable time limit but you need enough resources and enough people to investigate the claims thoroughly and it is a case of having adequate resources to do it right and as quickly as possible. The fact they are going to investigate the cover up as well is important. The mind boggles how high up the totem pole of these organisations this inquiry could go? Let's not speculate how high up it does go. Let the commission do its job and make sure they've got the powers to do it. A Royal Commission has the power to compel witnesses to come forward. If you don't come forward to a Royal Commission, that is a very serious offence. I think we have got a real chance to get it right for victims once and for all. This story of course, making