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politicians, religious leaders
and community groups throw their support behind a royal commission
into child sex abuse. A man in hospital
after Melbourne police opened fire at Etihad Stadium. Detectives say they intervened after he pulled a gun
on a plain-clothes policeman. And Tony Abbott takes a slide
in the opinion polls after Labor's continuing attacks
on his character and personality. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning. Victims groups, political leaders
and the Catholic Church have put their support
behind a royal commission into child sex abuse in Australia.

The national inquiry
is set to investigate decades of abuse in schools,
churches and foster homes. For years, tragic stories
of abuse and cover-up have haunted the Catholic Church. Now finally, it's hoped a royal commission -
launched by the Prime Minister - will help uncover the truth. Any instance of child abuse
is a vile and evil thing. The national inquiry
will extend further with investigations
set to cover abuse in a wide range of religious
and state institutions, schools and not-for-profit groups. Once established, it could run
for a number of years. Too many children
have suffered child abuse but have also seen other adults
let them down. to confine the examination,
or the commission's examination, to one body.

The announcement comes less than a week after a
senior NSW police officer spoke out about the Catholic Church
allegedly silencing victims, hindering police investigations
and protecting offenders. He says the time has come
for action. Now we're gonna start
listening to the victims and start listening
to their families and we're gonna start doing
something about the problem. Political leaders, religious
authorities and victims groups have all welcomed the decision. We'd like to see concrete measures,
including law reform, that will ensure
this can never happen again. I think if we're going to get to
the bottom of all that's happened in this context of child sexual
abuse, in all areas, Australia's most senior Catholic,
Cardinal George Pell, says the church will cooperate in full. In a statement, he said:

I think the church
is a very broken institution but one of the great things in
living in a country like Australia is that we robustly pride ourselves
on the rule of law and we're a pluralist
democratic society where the church
is not exempt from things. The inquiry is set to begin its work
next year. Two men have been charged with historic child sex offences
at Sydney Catholic schools, dating back to the 1980s. A 58-year-old former teacher
was arrested in Sydney's west late yesterday,

and a 59-year-old Catholic Brother
was arrested on the NSW Central Coast. The charges relate
to alleged sexual offences against an 8-year-old girl
and two 13-year-old boys. The Office of Police Integrity
has been called in to investigate after a police officer opened fire on a man in the car park
of Melbourne's Etihad stadium. The man allegedly threatened
a plain-clothes officer with a handgun and was shot when other police
came to assist.

Police immediately rendered
assistance to the male person and sought medical attention
for him. The man is in a stable condition
in hospital. Three other men were arrested
nearby. They're being questioned
by detectives in relation
to a number of motor vehicle thefts. Sydney police are hunting two men who shot a cash-in-transit guard
during a robbery in the city's west. The 63-year-old private contractor
was collecting cash from a hotel when the men ambushed him.

When he refused to give up
the money, they shot him five times. Bit scare alright, yeah. Robberies and shootings
and stabbings every week. The guard remains
in a critical condition. Detectives hope
security camera pictures will help them catch the culprits. Tony Abbott has taken
a personal hit in the polls after being labelled a misogynist
and a liar by Labor. The latest Newspoll shows
only 27% of voters are satisfied with the way Mr Abbott
is doing his job while 63% are dissatisfied
with his performance. Julia Gillard remains ahead of the
Opposition Leader as preferred PM, 46% to 32%. Despite the result, the Coalition maintains
a strong lead on primary votes and is just ahead
on a two-party preferred basis. Two former New South Wales premiers
will give evidence at a corruption inquiry today which has been described as
the state's biggest corruption case in 200 years. Former premiers Morris Iemma
and Nathan Rees will be asked whether they were pressured to keep former resources minister
Ian MacDonald in Cabinet. The state's anti-corruption
commission has heard claims MacDonald gave inside information
about mining opportunities to his friend and colleague
Eddie Obeid. The tip-offs allegedly earned
the Obeid family profits of $100 million.

A committal hearing date
has been set for Brisbane real estate agent
Gerard Baden-Clay. He's accused
of murdering his wife, Allison, and dumping her body by a creek
in April. He'll face court for three days
in March next year. During the hearing, prosecutors
will reveal the detailed evidence which led to his arrest. Police have interviewed
473 witnesses. 43 of them will be called
on for cross-examination. Illegal betting charges are expected
to be laid today against champion jockey
Damien Oliver. News Limited reports the 40-year-old
made a formal admission yesterday and is likely to face a hearing
next week. The charges relate to claims
Oliver bet $10,000 on a rival horse in October 2010. It's believed he's also admitted
to using a mobile phone in the jockeys' room,
which is forbidden. There's speculation
the charges are related. Fire crews at Port Lincoln
in South Australia have continued working
through the night to prevent flare-ups
after containing a massive bushfire. The fire is still raging
inside containment lines. Authorities say they're astounded
no-one was killed when it tore through homes,
holiday cabins and vehicles. We're very, very pleased that we haven't had any reported
serious injuries or injuries to members of the community
or loss of life. A koala, rescued by a passing
driver, is now being cared
for by wildlife experts.

A Melbourne scientist has made
an important breakthrough in the fight against cancer. Experts say the discovery
is a major step forward in the fight against the disease. A melanoma diagnosis a few years ago saw 42-year-old Louise Marshall
undergo high doses of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. I was incredibly weak,
I had lost a lot of weight, my hair had thinned. She's cancer-free now and excited about a breakthrough
discovered using mice with melanoma. After five years of research, Dr Dan Andrews is just as excited
and even shocked. A little bit. You're always surprised when you
look for a result and it works out. His research has identified
the molecule that surrounds a cancer cell
and disguises it so that the body's killer cells
can't fight the cancer. If scientists can find a way to block the molecule, the killer cells will then be clear to destroy the cancer cells. Then we can hopefully develop drugs
that will interact with that target and block this interaction and hopefully unleash the power
of the immune system. He's moved on from working with mice and now is working
with human tissue. Scientists hope
future treatments will work for several types
of cancer patients, as well as those with melanoma. You want better treatments, you want the researchers
to keep going. More than 50,000 people
from around the world are converging on
Far North Queensland ahead of tomorrow's solar eclipse. The cosmic show begins
just after sunrise and will last around two hours
from beginning to end. The best spots to see
the spectacle will be on the coast. In Cairns, the sun will be totally
eclipsed for just under two minutes. You'll be able to watch the eclipse in a special extended edition
of Sunrise, tomorrow. Now for your first look
at Tuesday's weather -

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - is it political correctness
gone mad - disabled toilets
to be renamed 'accessible' toilets. But next on Seven Early News - the elderly homeowner
who fought off armed robbers. And Venice under water - one of the city's worst floods
in history.

A pair of thieves are on the run
on the New South Wales north coast after their 85-year-old victim
fought back - and won. Ernie Whitfeld
caught the armed thugs breaking into his Port Macquarie
home. He grabbed their knife,
snapped it in half, He says he's no hero.

I wouldn't suggest
anyone do what I did. Local hospitals are on alert
for the wounded man. Parents are being warned to be
on the look-out for dangerous toys, just six weeks out from Christmas. Consumer group Choice has tested
the most popular kids' presents, finding the majority fail
mandatory safety standards. Meet Santa's little tester. Three, two, one.

There she goes. right onto the banned toys list. We've got a choking hazard
that's come off. 'Choice' subjected 23 toys
to an Australian standard test. What it does is, it simulates
the normal rough and tumble of a toy being played with.

15 of them, two-thirds, failed. This Christmas,
show some common sense when you're purchasing toys. There are some toys
that are just not suitable. Shopkeepers should show
common sense too. for selling unsafe toys. And people buying presents
are told to avoid toys that:

The choking hazards aren't
the only problems with these toys. They're out of tune. All of the bad ones came from
discount stores or markets - prime targets
for Fair Trading's toy squads. But the 15 failures are just the tip
of the dodgy toy iceberg. There will be others out there and it's really, really important that parents, grandparents,
aunties, uncles are really careful. Venice has been hit by one if its
worst floods in more than a century thanks to heavy rain and high tides. Residents have been forced
to wade through waist-deep water It is common for the city
to flood at this time of year but not to this extent. 70% of the city is now inundated.

A man has been arrested and charged

with planning to assault
Prince Charles and Camilla Police say they arrested a
74-year-old man in central Auckland at a venue that was part
of the royal itinerary. The man is a known anti-royalist who has previously attempted
to spray the Prince and the Queen with air freshener. Your first finance this Early News -
Wall Street is trading higher today. Although our graphic says Dow Jones is down 5, Dow Jones is up 5.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - 'The X Factor' star using her fame
to change lives. But next on Seven Early News - Kurt Tippett and the Crows
ordered to face the music. And Michael Clarke takes apart
world's best bowling attack at the Gabba.

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would happen, but did nothing"? No. No! We're going to take a stand.
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The stories we're following
on the Early News - Australia's most senior Catholic,
Cardinal George Pell, is among leaders welcoming a royal
commission into child sex abuse. Prime Minister Julia Gillard says it won't be targeting
any one organisation or church. A man is in a stable condition
in hospital after he was shot by a Melbourne
police officer at Etihad Stadium. Detectives say he had a gun. And Labor's attacks
on Tony Abbot's character appear to be taking their toll. The latest Newspoll shows voter
support at its lowest level since he became Opposition Leader
three years ago. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Australian captain Michael Clarke will wait until he sees
the Gabba pitch this morning before deciding on when to declare on the final day of the first test
against South Africa. Yesterday,
the skipper blasted his way to his third double century
of the year. He joins Mike Hussey at the crease
at a commanding 4/487.

With just one run
to reach his half-century, Ed Cowan was in a hurry
to get started against a South African side
showing more bark than bite. COMMENTATOR: And there's the 50,
Ed Cowan. His milestone
followed up by the skipper's. Ominously, Clarke's converted Graeme Smith had to bowl himself
for the first time in five years with JP Duminy sidelined. Unfortunately,
that's the way the game goes - you win some, you lose some. Cowan was the big winner,
cementing his position after lunch. He's done it! Ed Cowan fulfils the boyhood dream, the moment that will live with him
for the rest of his life. His maiden ton, Clarke, number 20,
and fourth in Brisbane. He loves batting at the Gabba and the skipper
is leading from the front. South Africa's hyped attack
became predictable. Their fielding didn't help. Oh, he's dropped it. Not even the introduction
of the new ball had an impact as the partnership eclipsed 250. They didn't look like getting out
until the unthinkable. He's gotta turn all the way
around...and he's out. 136 for a player still without
a Cricket Australia contract. I'm playing my best when I'm
positive and have a good defence rather than the other way round.

rather than the other way round. Clarke did what he could
to steal the spotlight. Oh, majestic! It will only increase calls
to move up the order. It's a double hundred
for the Australian captain. It's an innings to savour. The Gabba generally, it's quite hard
to start your innings but once you get in,
it's a beautiful wicket to bat on. With Hussey also eyeing 100, they
overhaul the tourists' total and lead by 37.

The AFL has ordered
the Adelaide Crows and Kurt Tippett to front a landmark
commission hearing and explain a series
of irregularities regarding the star forward's
contract. Tippett faces suspension,
or even de-registration, Today is the last chance
for the disgruntled Crow to nominate for the national draft. Obviously, we would like to get him. Maybe it would be better for him
to come down to Sydney and have a look a the other team
in Sydney. The hearing begins next Monday. Champion Wallabies flanker
David Pocock is in doubt for this weekend's test
with England after undergoing knee surgery. The 24-year-old had scans
on an injured calf muscle in London yesterday with a decision on his inclusion
to be made later in the week. Fly-half Berrick Barnes is expected
to be among a raft of changes that Wallabies coach Robbie Deans
will make to his starting line-up following their embarrassing
27-point thumping at the hands of France. Sonny Bill Williams's
return to the NRL will be made official today
at the Roosters but it's sparked a row with
former team-mate Hazem El Masri. One of league's
most respected voices isn't ready to forgive and forget
Sonny Bill's mid-season departure from the Bulldogs.

For me, the way he left the game... You know, if it was me,
to be honest with you, I wouldn't even let him
back in the game. El Masri says
he and his Bulldogs team-mates are still waiting for an apology
from Williams for the 2008 walkout. And great news
for the young Socceroos. They've qualified for the under-20s
world cup in Turkey next year after beating Jordan 3-0 in the United Arab Emirates

Some good news to start your day, Nat.Yet, it is, thanks, Beretts, next the weather in your part of the country.


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Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up
around the country. Warm northerly winds are spreading
across northern New South Wales and Queensland while a trough
brings a cooler change to western and southern
New South Wales. Winds and showers are clearing
from Victoria and Tasmania And another trough is causing storms
in northern Western Australia and the Top End.

And that's Seven Early News
for this Tuesday 13 November. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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