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A quest for truth. How the church will respond the historic royal commission. Voter turn-off - Tony Abbott tanks in the polls reaching a record low. Betting scam - charges expected against champion jockey Damien Oliver. Can we pull off a miracle against South Africa at the Gabba. 'Twilight' stars on the black carpet. Holiday Tuesday, a $60,000 Scenic Tours voucher up for grabs It is a massive day. Richard will be popping up on that black carpet in awhile. You could travel there if you win the $60,000 travel voucher. Frblgs probably not in time for this premiere but one in Los



I love those 'Twilight' movies. This is the last one which is probably a good thing. E is time Are you into 'Twilight'? I have not been a twice hard but I'm the loser by the sounds of it. You have read the lot? Is the book better?. Yeah. They always are, aren't they? Name a time when it has not been better? Or an example, I don't know I'm sure it all ends happily. All good. It is Tuesday 13 November. Great the have your company on this morning. Let's see what the weather is doing around the country

is doing around the country - The Prime Minister hopes a sweeping royal commission into child sexual abuse will help deliver justice to victims across the country tfplt historic inquiry was announced by Julia Gillard last night following mounting political pressure. Why has the Prime Minister taken this action?After fresh allegations the political pressure started to increase on the Prime Minister to do something. Yesterday that pressure intensified further. Labor backbenchers including Kevin Rudd joined the independents and the Greens to call for a royal commission. The commission will, we understand, have wide-ranging powers and is expected to investigate not just the Catholic Church but other charities, State Government schools, community groups and even the police. It will not just investigate claim of child abuse in institutions but claim of frequent and deliberate cover-ups. Child abuse is of course one and wrote doers should be punished. This is an incredibly evil thing and I think we hope anybody who has ever abused a child is held together for that in the criminal courtsWhat has been the reaction to the Prime Minister's announcement?. Generally positive tfplts man who in many ways started the ball rolling on this was Peter Fox a New South Wales police officer who recently called for a royal commission after claiming church had covered up alleged cases of abuse by priests in the Hunter Valley. He says he is thrilled the Prime Minister has acted so swiftly. We need to focus on things such as should priests that are telling other priests in confessionals be allowed to keep the fact that they are abusing children, they will come back two days later "I have to confess again, I have done this to four more girls" and that priest knows he will come in in three days time to confess more so we need laws to stop that happening stkpwhrfpl the Catholic Church denies there is a systemic problem with child abuse. The Archbishop has welcomed the inquiry and says the air cleared and the truth uncovered. We expect the terms for the commission will be finalised before Christmas.A Catholic brother and a former Catholic teacher have both been charged over alleged assaults on children in New South Wales dating back two decades. Detectives investigated the alleged abuse of an 8-year-old girl and two 13-year-old boys when they arrested the pair. It is alleged some of the incidents took place at a Catholic college and primary school in Sydney. Support for Tony Abbott is tumbling and now at the lowest level since he became opposition leader three years ago. The latest Newspoll shows only 27% are satisfied with the way he is doing his job while 63% are not happy with his performance. Julia Gillard is still ahead as preferred Prime Minister 46% to 32% tfplt Coalition is holding a two-point lead over Labor on a two-party preferred basis. A bushfire that has been burning through South Australia's Eyre Peninsula is no longer posting a threat to lives or home.

a threat to lives or home.It is a quick wake up call. Summer has come with a vengeance. We live in a fire-prone country and environment. There there is concern for the region's wildlife after a dehydrated koala was found near burnt-out bush land yesterday stkpwhrfpl up to 7 men wearing ski masks have stormed into a home in Sydney's southwest overnight terrorising a lone woman inside. Two of the men were armed, they forced their way into the Wakeley property after 9.30 and threatened the woman while the others ransack her home Police say she was not injured. It is not clear what was stolen. There are reports champion jockey Damien Oliver could be charged with illegal betting later today. News Limited reports that Damien Oliver will be charged with illegal betting today.

illegal betting today. Oliver has been accused of placing a $10,000 bet on a rival horse and using his mobile phone in the jockey room which is banned in that race. Damien Oliver finished singst. This report claims that Damien Oliver yesterday formally admitted to illegal betting and that he submitted a deposition to Racing Victoria. It is understood he will not be charged with any other illegal betting. It certainly has been a difficult spring for the jockey an admits the controversy riding home the winner in the Group One Emirates stakes but this throws a cloud over his future stkpwhrfpl A man is recovering in hospital after being shot during a confrontation with police in the car park of Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. Police opened fire on the man after he pulled a gun on an officer who approached him own stolen car.. They were plain- clothed police but they did identify and produce the police identification when they spoke the male.? Two men have been charged with burglary and theft A former media advisor to Queensland's Housing Minister promises to reveal all about. His old boss at a news conference later today. Bruce Flegg dumped Graeme Hallett yesterday afternoon, the second staffer to be axed in less than a week. Graham game alleged Mr Fleing is not a fit and proper person to hold office. Dr fleing is yet to comment stkpwhrfpl Authorities say they have foiled a man's man the attack Charles and Camilla in Auckland tfpl man known as an anti-Royal protesters as detained an hour before the couple visited the city. He was taken into custody after security cameras allegedly filmed him carrying an eye too many which police feared would be used in the attack.

attack. A New Zealand woman said there were dark moments as a couple faced the prospect of being stranded in the middle of the Pacific Highway tfpl Kew on board a cargo ship helped the pair last week.

We felt scared then the other person would say we will get though thisThe couple says the ordeal has taught them to never take life for granted.

Actor Matthew McConaughey has done away with his famous abs an bull tpwipg biceps. The former Sexiest Man Alive is looking thin an frail but it is not what you think. The shocking photos of a star looking fail and ill. Matthew McConaughey snapped over the weekend looking extremely gaunt, his cheeks sunken in, his clothes barely hanging onto his wire-thin frame but he is not sick. He has undergone this radical 30-pound transformation to play an electrician diagnosed with AIDS.I dared myself. I have not been this light since I was in the ninth gradeHe recently spoke with Larry King about losing weight.It take as while for your body to understand that it has to feed off itself and you are not going to give it something else from the outside. The weight loss even more jarring when you look at Matt Matt's last movie Magic Mike.I see a lot of law-breakers.His transfor place from this to this is making waves - a 30- degree turn for a Hollywood hunk and touted by 'People' magazine in 205 as to receiveest man alive, leaving many to wonder how far is too far for an actor to go for a role?Losing weight like this in that dramatic fashion messs with your liver an process the vitamins which is very dangerous.But Matthew McConaughey is not the first to lose the eight to become a character. Christian Bale, best known as Batman, lost 63 pound to film the Machinist. Tom Hanks lost 0 pound to play a plane crash survivor in the film Castway which was the second time he lost major role after Philidelphia. Beyonce lost 20 pounds for her role in the film Dreamgirl.. When you lose weight and put in the effort it takes to do that you are more likely to get noticed by your peers which translates into award which actors love Rest easy Matthew McConaughey, hey, he's OK. He is taking method acting to a whole new level.There is Oscar buzz already. Just by him losing weight.That's what does it.It is not easy. That is a lot of weight.I put on weight for this role.Because it looks homely. You do not want to be too fit.. Carl wanted to look fitter so he asked me to put on 10keelos. I might lose it at some point.It is working for you, Ben.

working for you, Ben.Let's look at the national fly around for you - That's could have ratings buzz.

Well done to Michael Clarke.

Well done to Michael Clarke. Sport now with Ben.Up next the Adelaide Crows in the firing line for breaching salary cap. Can he do it? Sydney boy, Michael Clarke, batting for the win on day five at the Gabba. Back in a moment.

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Welcome back. The front pages - the 'Sydney Morning Herald' says the Government has launched the most comprehensive inquiry into child sexual abuse in Australia's history which will investigate her muches, charities, Government, schools, community organisations and police. In the 'Age' survivors of clergy abuse are looking forward to their day of justice, some crying tears of joy saying at last the truth can come out. The Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry into alleged corrupt dealings of the former New South Wales Labor ministers could expose corruption on a scale not seen since the days of the Rum Corps more than 200 years ago. In the Australian voter support for Tony Abbott has dropped to its lowest level since he payment opposition leader three years ago. The Government's attacks on his character are to blame. The 'Herald Sun' reports claim open John jockey Damien Oliver is expected to be charged with illegal betting. Let's do it. The 'Hobart Mercury' says work on the $10 million Parliament Square project could begin by Christmas with the State Government want topbg push the develop through. South Australia is suffering the busiest start to the fire season for many years. Firefighters predict summer is coming with a vengeance. Finally in the 'Courier- Mail', some good news - Aussie skipper Michael Clarke celebrated a double century as the home team took control of the first test at the Gabba yesterday. You would have loved that yesterday on the couch. I was in and out of the couch yesterday but Queenslanders to the fore yesterdayEd Cowan and Michael Clarke terrific. Australian captain Michael Clarke says he will go for the win on the final day of the opening test against spring. The Aussies lead by 37 runs following a double-century from the skipper.We are going to need a lot of things to go or way as well, but, um, like I say, I think it is worst having a being at having a win. There Clarkey combined with Ed Cowan to put on 259 runs together the Rookey opener notch evening his maiden test ton.Into thrilled to prove few people wrong an hopefully go another step to cementing a spot at the top of the order.I'm not normally emotion call, I leave that up to this one, but that very, very special stkpwhrfplThat is Ed Cowan's only daughter Romy who as not impressed by her dad's effort. Apparently the cheering woke her up if a nap. Well done to both of the boys. Let's hope it continues today. Kurt Tippett will face an AFL inquiry next week after a series of salary cap Breaches designed to keep the star forward at the Crows. The club could cop a hefty fine or be stripped of draft tips, while Kurt Tippett faces a long suspension or even beinging canned out of the competition. In rugby league, Sonny Bill WIlliams will be officially unveiled as a Roosters player for the upcoming season today. He return goes l after a four-year break if the game, although some do not think he should be allowed to play following his controversial defection from the Bulldogs.I do not know what his going to do next or what his next move is. It could be boxing, netball next, so rugby, God knows what it is.Sonny Bill WIlliams's new deal is only for one year and he will be allowed to continue his boxing career during that time Inexperienced Socceroos team has hit South Korea for tomorrow night's clash. The coach has picked a young Saudi Arabia with the ex- sepgs being Melbourne veteran Archie Thomson.I'm in a spell at the moment and want to keep it going.Archie Thomson is in great form and Holger Osieck has said he is one of the best in the team. The Australian WADA chief admits despite Lance Armstrong's down fall cycling still has a long way to go. Is sport cleaner as a result of Lance Armstrong, do I feel we are winning fight? The answer is no Have a look at this. This Lance Armstrong took a not-so-subtle dig at authorities this week tweeting a free the of himself laying down on the couch in front of his seven Tour de France winner's jerseys back in Austin laying around. That bloke has big issues. Before we go, hitting a three-pointer is no problem for this bloke. He calls himself Dude Perfect and find the hoop from just about anywhere. His mate pulls off a similar trick using on of the poles in the ball park but the best shot comes off a tee. From 50 metres away with a baseball bat. Settle down, big fella. Dude!Loves the attentionHe is a bit fired up. What about Lance Armstrong? Lance Armstrong busted as a drug cheat then gets a photo of himself laying in front of the seven Tour de France jerseys.He thinks he is above I all. He got away with it for so long and it take as while for that arrogance to be knocked out of him.He has gone full circle. Those people who stood by him like he is trying to push them away even further.Can I look at that photo once more. That is probably one of the greatest couches I have ever seen though. Look how comfortable that couch looksGreat lighting as well.Like a viewing room where you have a screen that would some down.You could draw the curtain on the stuff happening behind you.Watch back the back seven Tour de France titles. In surround sound.He is a dirt I can cheat.He play not have many friend to watch it with him. It has been taken with a self-timer. Let that be a lesson the you kids. He's check in on the weather.

After the break there is heap of stuff go on in Hollywood. Richard read, what have you got?Taylor Swift versus Kanye West round 2. No, no. The country cutie ensures the rapper will never get close the her again. Details coming up!

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Richard is out for the whole 'Twilight' thing so pen you are on gossip watch.I love it. No mo but I'm talking to Richard read. Good morning to you.You be careful. I know, the pressure is on. Taylor Swift is moving our way pretty soon but there is a bit of news with Kanye West. What is going on?Don't forget they had that big stash back in 2009. Taylor Swift last night won three Europe MTV awards and she said before she went "I want the Ma make sure Kanye West is nowhere near me". Both he and Kim Kardashian showed up of course but Taylor had it written into her contract that they needed to be seated at opposite sides of the arena and that when she not her award that he was nowhere around. She as not taking any chances for a rematch of that terrible, terrible incident from 2009.Speaking of match-ups we have had the race to the white out won by Barack Obama but you have some inside word on first order of business for him? Yeah, wanted to book One Direction. His daughters are big fans of One Direction and so come the inauguration in January Barack Obama picked up the phone and said "Boys from One Direction I want you to play at a special youth concert at the White House and if you could sign some autographs for my daughters that would be great too". The boys are thrilled the hake their White House debutThough are lucky girls and all grown up now as well. We will talk to you soonYou got it.They have grown into impressive young women, haven't they.You on not loaf them alone downstairs in the bowling alley would you?Not with that Harry aroundTony Abbott tanks in the latest poll. Why voters are turning off the Opposition Leader. Richard joins the Twihards at 'Breaking Dawn: Part2' premiere and we will cos live to the black carpet.. What will they think of his mo? Victims group nationwide have welcomed news of a royal commission into child abuse announced by the Prime Minister. For more we cross to Kerry. A national response to this issue. How long is the inquiry expected the take?There are concerns that it could take years. The Prime Minister says the terms of rove reasons for the inquiry will be finalised by Christmas but already we know that the Royal Commission will look John the Catholic Church and in cessity great claims of abuse in a number of institutions and also those claims of frequent and deliberate cover-ups which is wide-ranging. The Prime Minister has indicated it might be so huge that more than one Commissioner will need to be appointed. She has put no time limit the inquiry but says it might take some time which has Father Frank Bren Wran very worried. He is a priest and academic an says a national approach could take way too long.The inquiry if it was to be anything more than broad-brush if it was the have the particularity that we were looking for with state inquiries I think it will take at least five years. The Catholic Church has denied there is a systemic problem with abuse in the children much and Sydney's Archbishop Cardinal George Pell has welcomed the Royal Commission saying the air should be aired and the truth uncovered.Meanwhile, a former Catholic teacher and Catholic brother have been acrossed in New South Wales over child abuse allegations. What can you tell us about the arrest?It follows a lengthy investigation by police Strike Force if the Sex Crime Squad set up in October last year to look at allegations of alleged abuse against two 13-year-old boys in 19787 and an 8-year-old girl in 1985. The pair were arrested in Blacktown and Wyong. Police allege a number of incidents occured on school grounds. The 58-year-old former Catholic teacher has been given bail. His charges relate to than would of the business an one girl and the charges lust did sexual assault of a child under 16. He will appear in court next month. The 59-year-old Catholic brother was refused bail. He will be in court facing six charges relating to alleged indecent assault and acts against the two boys. The investigation has been going on a year. Police say it is not Ove yet. We will hear more later when police hold a media conference. They have issued an appeal encouraging any victims of sexual abuse or assault no matter how long ago it occured to come forward and contact police and they say that every single matter is investigated thoroughly. It appears the Government's attacks on Tony Abbott's personality might be working with a new poll showing support for the opposition leader is in free fall. According to Newspoll only 27% of voters are satisfied with the way he is doing his job while 63% are not happy with his performance. Julia Gillard still holds the decisive lead over Tony Abbott as Prime Minister but the Coalition is ahead of Labor than two-party preferred basis 51% to 49%. There are reports champion jockey Damien Oliver could today be charged with illegal betting. The 'Herald Sun' claims Damien Oliver credit formally admitted to I lol gambling and the using a mobile phone from the jockey ROM. Oliver has been investing Taited over allegations played a $10,000 bet on a rival horse two years ago. If found guilty t paper says the 40- year-old could be banned for between 8 months and a year. There are calls for parents the pan their children from having soft Ding and fruit screws until they reach high school. Queensland's top health official says kids should only be drinking water or milk in a bid to tackle skyrocketing obesity rates. New figures set to be released today reveal 30% of Queensland children are either overweight or obese. Jeanette Young says the finings say we have failed a generation of kids and shock tactics are needed to stop the growing problem.

I think we should get some sport so over to Ben.South Africa's chances of winning opening test against Australia have taken a hit after a stunning display of batting from Michael Clarke and Ed Cowan. Clarke passed 2300 for the third time this year and is now looking to bowl the Proteas out heaply to take a 1-nil lead in the series.

The acting NRL boss says he has not seen a contracts between Sonny Bill WIlliams and the Sydney Roosters despite the club claiming they are going to make an announcement today they have signed the former Bulldogs star. In Rugby Union Digby Loane returns the the Australian line-up this weekend an he will face England and Twickenham and has plenty of compliments for his opposite null.They are really good looking.A bit of man love going on there hot laps and hot tempers at the Nascar event in Arizona. Have a look at this. That is a Barney if you have ever seen one. There was bad blood between the pair before a heavy collision late in the race. The carnage spilled over as both crews got in on the action. They are always entertaining. A little crazy the Nascar event of I have not seen an all-in Paul like that. Went on for agesWe will show more of that.They should do that in the V8 Supercarss every know and then to fire things up.They have gone close. What about when they get the helmet an throw it at the car? That is always a dude look.Coming up, we go live to the world premiere of 'Breaking Dawn: Part2', it is almost over folks.Your chance to win a $60,000 holiday e thanks to Scenic Tours stkpwhrfplLater we farewell INXS.

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Victims of child abuse have welcomed a royal commission to investigate cases of abuse across the Australia. Jason Parkinson is a veteran it will gay for in Clercy abuse cases. Hat sense of relief did you s yesterday in all work you have done to try to get a royal commission up?Amazing. We get a national royal commission which is what is needed but we are all shocked at the breadth of the way this commission is going to go.? Something on this scale is massive. How long do you think it will take and the process of sorting out the parameters of what it is going to do individually? It will be hard, isn't it?The terms of reference are important and I'm pleased to hear the Prime Minister will take a lot of time with that. We have only had nine national royal commissions for the last 112 years but not one as wide-ranging as this. This is go to every instance duegss that has had any dealing was children - - institution. We do not know until we see the them of reference.We Todd to stop this this is why this is a great move but are the praf hers too wide? Is it going to take too long to stop the abuse in the ensuing years that it might take? For a start, it is so wide that I do not know that there - one royal commissioner can deal with it. They may have to have more than one royal commissioner and have to twid the work up. We have not done this before in Australia but it is something that needed to be done and to have the support of just about everyone in politics is phenomenal because now something will be done and hopefully kids will be protected.In terms of - how does something get if initial stages of a royal commission, how does it translate into prosecution for not just the people or the organisations that are covering up abuse but those people who are directly responsible for the abuse? Depending on how long this commission is going to take t Commissioner is going to make recommendations. Depth


Departments of prosecutions will look at those. Being such a wide and long-ranging inquiry they may have to make recommendations earlier as they go through so that action can be taken because in a lot of cases at lo of these abusers and people who cover up are quite advanced in age and we want them front court and not getting away with it.It is an enormous obstacle ahead but this is a major step and the right one. We appreciate your time and all the work you have done behind-the-scenes in getting it to this point which has been enormous. Thank you for your time. I hope to talk to you very soon again.To overseas now - thousand of 'Twilight' fans have been camping out in Los Angeles ahead of the world premiere of 'Breaking Dawn: Part2' the final 'Twilight' instalment. Richard Wilkins is there and joins us now if the plaque carpet. Richard, good morning. I can only imagine hat that mood must be like among the fans.. It is a strange thing - this is the plaque carpet over here. At 6 o'clock this morning local time, which is about five hours ago, the fans have been camped out for four days were move out so they could set up the world's media who will descend there throughout the afternoon then later on today the stars will arrive and front the media for the world premiere but I managed to find a couple of fans who were camped out there. Some of them are here.CHEERING AND APPLAUSEEvie, how are you doing? Good, good. Tired.You were there since last Thursday, right?Yeah, since last ThursdayHow many of you?My group was like five people but there are 2100 in total.Did you have the register for that?Yes, we had to register weeks in van. It was lottery-based so not everybody got in2100 of you in the tent city?Yes stkpwhrfpl what did you do all that time? Talked about 'Twilight'? Talked about 'Twilight'. We were freezing. Ewatched the movies every night when they play them. And talk and talk and talk. And now you are here with bunch of friend looking forward to the world premiere.I'm so excited. Happy or sad this is the final one? A trick question? You do not have the answer that. Anyway, listen, we will see you later today when they arrive. Who are you most looking forward to see thingEveryone. Edward!CHEERING AND APPLAUSEThere you go. Just at handful here at the moment. The rest are the put off site somewhere and they will come back in here this afternoon. It is all happening over here.It certainly is A lot of commitment from the fans there has been a bit of tension between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as we only know too well. Are they expected to walk the black carpet together? They have not in the past. They normally work the crowd independently sharing love aown the media and the fans so I think if they were ever going to walk the red carpet together this would probably not to be time. I think it is a fair bet they will arrive separately and do separate duties because they will be trying to avoid any questioning and any talk of the stuff that went down.OK, Richard. He is laughing with love. Looking at that filthy mo.We are trying to work out what they fed you on that Qantas flight on the way over because it is like a week's growth. It has real presence now Dickie.Did it have its own seat?Yeah. It is 35 hours all that good tucker on the flight.Up next the most clicked including the guy who want to be a real-life 'Iron Man'.

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This program is not captioned. Welcome back. Holiday Tuesday is back. We have a $60,000 Scenic Tours so mucher up for grabs.

We will make the call later in the show.Definitely 80s sit-com music.? So retro.A sweeping royal commission to investigate child abuse across Australia is being hailed as a win for victims. The Prime Minister made the announce many yesterday after mounting pressure from all sides of politics as well as the public. The commission will be incredibly broad and investigate churches, Hart is the, state governments, schools and the police. For a start, it is so wide that I do not know that there is - that one royal commissioner can deal with it. Though may have inform have more than one and divide the work up - I mean we have not done this before in Australia but it is something that needed to be done. Tfrpblgts Catholic Church has denied there is a systemic problem with child abuse. It is expected the terms for the commission will be finalised before the end of the year? Meanwhile, New South Wales police have charged a Catholic brother and a former Catholic teacher over alleged assaultss on children dating back to the '80s. The pair was arrested yesterday by the Sex Crime Squad which has been in cessity greating allegations of's Bruce than an 8- year-old girl and two 13-year-old boys. A 59-year-old Catholic brother was refilesed bail. He was granted bill ahead of a court date next month A woman has been terrorised by up to seven men wearing ski masks in a home invasion overnight in Sydney's southwest. The group burst into the home at Wakeley at about 9.30. Two of the men were armed. They threatened the woman while her home was ransacked. Police say show was not injured and e is not yet known what was taken Voters are turning off Tony Abbott in droves with support for him at the Leigh west level since he became Opposition Leader. Did's Newspoll shows only 27% are satisfied with the way he is doing gist job. Julia Gillard is ahead as preferred Prime Minister and the Coalition is holding a two- point low over Labor on two-party preferred basis. A P-plater has had a lucky escape if his burning car after crashing it west of Melbourne overnight. It is believed the 18- year-old lost control of the Holden sedan when it landed on a fence at Altona Burns stipulating into flames.Luckily there was only one person in the vehicle, one young male P later. The situation could s been worse and he is lucky to have walked away unscathed.The teenager was treated in hospital for minor injuries and is expect to be charged with careless driving. Fire crews that battled for more than three hours to contain a blaze which for through a car wrecking yard south east of Sydney overnight. The crews were called around midnight after receiving calls from witnesses who reported flames six feet hiefpl up to 100 cars were damned at the business with 630 firefighters working fan particularly to stop the blaze from spreading to neighbouring properties The European Union has agreed to freeze for one year its carbon tax on some flights leaving Europe. The 27-men bloc had been under intense international pressure the tear up its law making it compulsory for all airlines to offset carbon emissions. Qantas was among the airlines to increase fairs to cover the cost of the scheme as well as fuel proces. Flights by all airlines in the EU will still teed the pay for carbon emissions. To finance

emissions. To finance - Jfpl ewellry discovered from the tie Tranic is set to go on display with a tour in the US. The items were found inside a bag during a recovery mission more than 20 years ago. Among the collections are diamond rings, brooches and necklaces as well as a gold pocket watch. Let's get the sport now with Ben.Ed Cowan hopes his first international century will silence some of his critics. The rookie opener helped Australia to a strong position at stumps on day four against South Africa with the Aussies poised to go for an unlikely win today. Let's hope.I'm happy to be judged by the runs I score and that is the bottom line. Star forward Kurt Tippett could be kicked out of the AFL after the League officially charged him and the Adelaide Crows with a number of salary cap Breaches last night. In the round-ball game a youthful Socceroos side will take on South Korea tomorrow night in their final friendly before another wave of World Cup qualifyers. Coach Holger Osieck has picked five player whose have never played for Australia before. In cycling, John Fahey the anti-doping chief says despite Lance Armstrong's down fall, his organisation is still losing battle against drugs in sport. Lance Armstrong was stripped of seven Tour de France titles after being found guilty of widespread doping violations. Let's look yesterday - we will rewind the tip to see Karl's prediction of how the Aussies would do on day four of the test.I think we are going have a very, very good come back today. 'Clarkie' is going to get 100. COMMENTATOR: There it is. He has taken it. A tight single. Michael Clarke, he loves batting at the Gabba.I think young Ed Cowan will get 100 as well.COMMENTATOR: He's done it! Ed Cowan fulfils the boyhood dream. The moment that will live with him for the rest of his life!Can you believe he has been silent about it all morning?He is only half-right on 'Clarkie'. He got a double.Good point.. What a downer. Staff sorry. Good point. Some of his other prediction have been way off.Yes. (APPLAUSE)Which we have not highlighted.Gee, you had to work hard to get that applause up. Remember when he said the inter net was going to be a passing fad.? And beta would be so much better than VHS. Tell us what is your prediction for today?I think you can over-push these things, Lisa.Quit while you are ahead. I would.That is the truth of it.Thank you, Ben, but well done. Half well done. If you want anything predicted I'm available on the weekends for a small fee to predict what might happen in your life. Send us in a few details 3. Yourself and I will predict what is going to happen Any details in particular? Master card, visa, a greater fee for American Express. I need to cover my own bill. Coming up in five minutes Kristen Stuart and Robert Pattinson talk about their final scenes in the 'Twilight' saga. Health officials call from a ban on soft drink to curb the childhood obesity crisis. And we take you to Far North Queensland where the crowds are building for tomorrow's solar eclipse. Never before have there been so many weirdos in one place. And hoping for the skys to Cher as well. True time for your local weather forecast with Stevie.We are in the western district of Victoria. The main dairy producing area down here. I have to start with an apology, I did refer to the cow as Daisy but this is Polly Sue. When it comes to milking cows to make icecream you use Jersey cows or Freisans. Let's look at the weather and we will see how it goes, shall we? Hi Queensland, this is what is happen evening at your place.

I have not done a lot of milking before but Steve who owns Polly Sue says the technique toys rub the cow to let her know you are here. Hello Polly Sue I'm here. Then grab and squeeze.Gentle.I did not warm my hand. We will have a go. Is there any special technique, Steve?You are being too rough, Stevie.How do you go of do it? Grab an squeeze it down, that is it? Grab and squeeze. OK. One of these cows would you get about 22 litres of milk so you need to milk about 1045 for one behalf of icecream which is about 8,000 litres. I need a bit more practice at this because let me tell you it is udderly impossible!Lucky grass Look at that.A waste of milk.Two hands is quicker.Be gentle.That is just wasteful.For those of you who have just tuned it we are making icecream today.It could take some time. Let's get entertainment from Richard Wilkins who joins us from La La Land.Yes, I'm here live in down town Los Angeles outside the Staple Centre the home of the mighty lakers with some 'Twilight' fans. Everybody looking forward to seeing these two live in person. We are here for the world premiere of 'Breaking Dawn: Part2'. We will track the rise and rise of the 'Twilight' saga! Up next.

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Today marks the end of an era as the stars of one of the biggest movie franchises in history hit the black carpet in down town Los Angeles for the world premiere of 'Breaking Dawn: Part2'. They will arrive in a few hours but before Kristen, Rob, Taylor an the team think it black carpet we thought we would track the journey of the 'Twilight' saga. It is the moment twice hard have been longing for t Bella Swan the relinquish her human self an become a vampire.We are the same temperature now.It all started like most young love - at high school. When new girl in town Bella caught the eye of the super- cool Edward Cullen.If you are smart you will stay away from me. Let's say for argument's sake that I'm not smartIt was not long before he prank to his defence an revealed his big secret.I know hat you are.Say it, out loud.Sam priorThings got complicated in the sequel when Edward decided Bella was better off without him.This is the last time you will ever see me. Bella dived into a deep depression only to be saved by her close friend Jacob.Bella, breatheWho has a secret of his own.Run! Believing Bella is dead Edward decides to up his own life until Bella arrives in the Nick of time.

Bella arrives in the Nick of time.
She is not sure what she wants. Give a clue - what it was for her to say the words.She is torn between the wear wolf her best friend and the vampire her true love and it was the ring that sealed the deal.. Would you do me the extraordinary honour of marrying me?Yes.Then the giving of the end, 'Breaking Dawn' part 1, the wedding t partsy and that first night as husband and wife.Last night was the east aboutt night of my existenceJust two weeks after the honeymoon Bella discovers she is pregnant.It is impossible.Now in the final chapter Bella and Edward become parents to the part- human part-vampire baby and Mrs Cullen joins her husband in eternity.Maybe a tad slower.So not a stretch, not like this giant leap in the unknown, I foot I had been sitting around and waiting I was itching to do it.She thought see could play a vampire after anybody complained about it, she said "What are row talking about tonight is so easy, I could do it so well" stkpwhrfpl if Bella's transformation means the love triangle is over.Everybody does not hate each other now and we can say hello to eother to which eases everything up.Jacob however find as new special bond with their little girlI was worried about how it would come across but I'm very excited and proud of how it does, I think the fans will be happy with the I'm Brent.'Breaking Dawn: Part2' reaches the climax of one of the most successful franchises in motion picture history. Itity end of an eyar if the cast and the fans who have been there if day one.You both do know you love this thing together and it is like, you know, that is so rare to have thafplt I mean to expect that ever happens to you even once in your life is like crazyRight now we are on final countdown with Kristen, Rob, tailingor and their co-stars to walk the black carpet, press the flesh, front the world's media an Basque in the glow of the 'Twilight' saga for the final time. Yes, of course the 'Twilight' saga 'Breaking Dawn: Part2' hits cinemas around Australia on Thursday. Can't wait for that it will be so exciting. Can't wait see the fifplt I'm sure you agree. Move onto Taylor Swift, she cleaned up at the MTV Europe award yesterday. Let's listen. # Never, ever, ever getting back together # We are never, ever, ever getting back together...

Taylor Swift will perform live on the Today Show Monday 26 November. If you would like to join us from tomorrow we would love you the head to our Facebook page and tells in 25 words or fewer what Taylor Swift mean to you. The ballot will close on triday so have a good think about what you want to say. Get into it on Wednesday tomorrow and good luck to you. Taylor Swift, red-hot and live and come doing 'The Today Show'! # We are never, ever, ever getting back together... We are very excited about that. Boy, you can feel the tension rising even as I say those words, can't you. Look at you standing there you man! You are all man Richard Wilkins I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with that.We think you need the name it, Dickie, so we will come up with a way to name it. Stay tuned!. Don't let Karl have anything to do with it.I have some eye tease.I know!Coming up - why voters are turning off Tony Abbott at the moment.Cricket legend Sir Viven Richards joins us liveMichael Holding an Joel Gardener as well And back in 1983 this band had a one-hit wonder. Remember this. # She is going to get you # All that she wants is another baby... # She's gone

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SONG: # Come on, everybody

# It's summer again

# Let's do the hop # Oh, and do the swim # Do the shake # Oh, and do the freeze

# Do the mmm-mmm-mmm

# Hey, and do the bird # Do the


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It's frequent flyer Wednesday and we have a quarter of a million frequent flyer points to give away. All you need to do is pick up the phone within five rings and say the magic words "I wake up with Today. "It'sa good one. You have to be in it. Right now here is Ross.Good morning. You might have missed it, but Australia is about to get a new tax commissioner. Would you imagine the tax commissioner would have the same personality as the Grip Reaper but this one is a good bloke like the bloke who is departing. He started his career as a police officer, which will put him in good stead chasing down tax cheats. He became partner at K PM G. What set him apart was had his role on the board of taxation under John Howard and the part he played implementing the GST. More recently there has been the implementation of new computer systems, which haven't been without their challenges. Like a bank the Tax Office needs to move quickly with the times so it has to keep technology up to date and be more efficient in collecting more money with fewer resources. Now that technology rests in the hands of a former copper.We're in the presence of greatness. Joel Garner, Sir Viv Richards...We're mad cricket fans and this is like heaven.It is. Let's get some gossip now with Richard Wilkins. I'm a bit jealous too. But let's go up to Hollywood. Selena and Justin - it ain't over till it's over?I know have you lost sleep over this one but apparently Justin beeber is begging his girlfriend Selena Gomez, "I'm so sorry, forgive me." Last night he was seen going into Selena Gomez's hotel around midnight and didn't emerge until 3 am. I'm told they are behind closed doors trying to work it out. The problem, Justin's wandering eye. Will they work it out? Yes, I think. They are kids, break-up,make-up, break-up. You have spies everywhere. Leonardo is using his birthday to raise some cash?He is a great guy. Happy 30th birthday. He threw an all star bash in New York City and charged everybody, raising $5,000 for the American Red Cross for super storm sandy victims. Beyonce, George Clooney and others all turned up and threw in some cash.Back to the studio.You look so good, Dicky! Here are the top story this is hour on today. A quest for truth. How the truth will respond to the historic royal commission. Voter turnoff - Tony Abbott tanks in the polls reaching a record low. Betting scam, charges expected against jockey Damien Oliver. World premiere, 'Twilight' stars on the black carpet for the final chapter. It's holiday Tuesday. We've got a $of 0,000 Scenic Tours voucher up for grabs. Good morning to you all across Australia. It is Tuesday 13th of November 2012. Churches and community organisations around Australia will be under investigation following Julia Gillard's announcement of a sweeping royal commission to investigate child sex abuse and the alleged cover-up by the Catholic Church. Catholic priest Father Bob McGuire joins me.I'm a bit ashamed or a bit grim. I don't know what to call meself, citizen McGuire. This issue is down heartening but more so for the victims, which is the end game, showing some respect for victims.I imagine it's extraordinarily difficult for you to say that. Card fell in George Pell said the attacks on the church were disproportionate in relation to the abuse. Do you think the church has handled the abuse claims adequately?I don't think so. But that's the problem with being someone like a Catholic or a Jew or any other minority group. We have a bit of a ghetto mentality and whenever anyone swipes at us they claim they are taking advantage of our lowly status. They did it to us in the 30s and claimed we were disloyal to the Commonwealth. But we have come along way. The Catholics are now an essential part of Catholic society and the secular state is offering us a hand up. They haven't rounded us up and thrown us a concentration camp. That said, for those inside, like you said at the start of the interview, there must have been a level of frustration over the years because for the most part the majority of people inside the church do the right thing and abhor what has gone on inside the church. But has that been frustrating for you, the way the church has handled it?I would rather be standing out the front of South Melbourne this morning and people can see there is a working model of Catholicism who is saying something critical. There is a saying that he who loves most criticises best. Frank Brennan is excellent in his comments on what is going on. We have to be humble, Karl. Thanks to the media. They did push the cause. We can't do it from within. All institutions become arrogant. The parliament has become arrogant with the way they deal with the public, and the church. Have there have been in your view systematic cover-ups?Look, I know some of these head offices around Australia and specially the one in Melbourne, they are good people. But in fact they may well have - find themselves promoted above their abilities. Because these are big issues. They may well be better at micromanagement of an institution, in-house affairs.With respect, you know I love you but with respect, why didn't people stand up inside the church and go, "Enough is enough. "TheRoman model says you can't stand up. With the Roman model of Catholicism. It's not the only one but it's the prevailing model. The emperor decides what goes on and the Consuls and the 99% learn to do as they're told. This is a big opportunity for us thanks to the secular state to clean up our act so we can fit in with the modern world. Vatican 2 said get out of the church environment because it's toxic, go out into the world because you will find more good than inside our own hallowed precinct.Do you think this royal commission will help stem child abuse in the country?It's a good start. We have to get transparency and accountability onto the stage. The bulk of Catholics around Australia will now do what that movement did and that is Occupy Catholicism and let the media encourage us and the commission encourage us. You will find a brand spanking new Catholiscism that does what the founder of the firm says, put yourself at the service of the commune. Happy De, pavali. It's the big Hindu feast today.I hope you're at the forefront of the changes.Voters are turning away from Tony Abbott, according to the latest Newspoll, with the Opposition Leader scoring his lowest approval rating since he became the Leader of the Opposition three years ago. Good morning, Kerry. Mr Abbott would have to be concerned about these numbers. It appears the government's attacks on his character seem to be working. No doubt the government will be pleased with the figure. It's not great news for the Opposition Leader. A Newspoll shows only 27% of voters are satisfied with the way Mr Abbott is doing his job and 63% are not satisfied. Julia Gillard is still ahead of Mr Abbott in the better PM stakes. Mr Abbott is the preferred option for just 32% of voters. The coalition is still in front of Labor overall, clawing back some of the primary of the primary voting 51 to 49% on a two party preferred basis.We know John Howard famously got down to 18% before he went on to being a very long serving Prime Minister of this country. Will this sort of number add fuel to the fire of the leadership rumours which have been around for the past couple of weeks of the possible return of Malcolm Turnbull?Tony Abbott's satisfaction rate something very close to the low of 25% recorded by Malcolm Turnbull in June 29, months before Tony Abbott replaced him as leader in December of that year. Malcolm Turnbull is a lot more lar now it seems. Last week there was a Galaxy Poll showing he is more popular than Tony Abbott and even amongst Liberal voters. I guess Tony Abbott will be buoyed that the coalition still leads Labor in the policy.Thank you very much. Champion jockey Damien Oliver could be charged and suspended from racing today after reports he what has form aly admitted to illegal betting. Take us through these latest developments if you could. Georgi, News Limited is reporting that today Damien Oliver will be charged with illegal betting. This report also claims that yesterday the champion jockey admitted to illegal gambling activity and also to using - his mobile phone in the jockies room, something that's also bannedment it stems from an incident two years ago where Oliver is accused of placing a $10,000 bet on a rival horse. In that race he finished 6th. If found guilty he faces a suspension of between 8 months and a year. The hearing is likely to take police next week. This report claims that Oliver has submitted a deposition to racing Victoria and in that is information relating to betting and phone use. It of course was a tumultuous spring for the champion jockey but he hit back last Saturday riding a group 1 winner in the Emirates stakes. These revelations have cast a big shadow over the champion jockey's racing future.Many will be following it with interest today. There are calls for parents to ban their children from having softdrink and fruit juice until they are in high school. Queensland's top health official says kids should only be drinking water or milk in a bid to tackle sky rocketing obesity rates. New figures set to be released today reveal almost 30% of Queensland children are either overweight or obese. Child health officer Janet Young says shock tactics are needed to stop the growing problem. The number of home unless Australia has exceeded 100,000 people for the first time, with children under 12 the new face of the crisis. New figures from the Bureau of statistics show that homelessness jumped 17% in 2011, four years after former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd promised to half homelessness by 2020. People living in severely crowded dwellings increased by 30% from 2005 to 2011. Experts say families are struggling to cope with the rising cost of living. And with Christmas just around the corner the reality is many children will miss out on receiving presents this festive season. The K mart wishing tree, now in its 25th year, aims to bring gifts to those most in need. To tell us how we can get involved I'm joined by Major Bruce Harmer. How many people will be doing it tough this Christmas?The Salvation Army will help over 300,000 families this Christmas to bring some joy and hope to Christmas. We're so thankful for the partnership we have with K mart. Are you hoping to go bigger and better this year?Over the last 24 years we have raised 5 00,000 gifts. How can people donate?People can go into K mart branches and place gifts under the wishing tree. It doesn't need to be a toy but the at K mart. It can be wrapped or unwrapped. Take a tag, write the details there and place it under the wishing tree. It would be terrific. If people could do that more than once this Christmas that would be great.Are there ages and genders you find it difficult to get presents for?Often teenagers miss out. And parents are doing it tough. To bring some joy and happiness to parents would be terrific.A good giftcard would be easy, wouldn't it.Yes.We hope everyone gets behind it this year. Just to kick off the gift giving we would like to present the Today show with a bauble with the 25thth anniversary on it. We hope you place that on your tree. Fpbl we will make sure it's the very first one we put on there. Thanks for your support.. Our pleasure.They were the undisputed stars of World Series cricket and Kerry packer's hey day, part of a fierce west Indian side that devastated batting and bowling line-ups. With the pleasure of their company right here, right now in the studio,Sir Viv Richards, Joel Garner and Michael Holding. A round of applause. A great personal thrill to have you here in the studio. If someone said to me as a young kid growing up you would be sitting here next to me I would have said get off the grass - not that sort of grass! An extraordinary fight back from Michael Clarke and Ed Cowan yesterday. Your thoughts on South Africa and Australia at the moment?I thought it was a good fight back by Ricky Ponting's team. Not that he is captain now. I beg your pardon. Michael Clarke, fantastic batsman. A double century, great. The pitch looked a little bit flat, though. Normaly at the gab why you expect it to last three, four days with a bit of help for the bowlers. But not so much. It's a bit flat.In terms of the bowling attack we heard about South Africa, we heard it's one of the best ever, one of the best bowling attacks around the world - ever. I think that's a bit much. I look at Joel Garner and Michael Holding, your team was extraordinary, probably the best of all time. Do you think their team stacks upIt's strong and there is a bit of variety. I don't like making comparisons because it's a bit unfair. Times are different. We had different sometimes, everything in our bowling attack. We're all different. But you were the best!That's what people say. We will leave that one alone.Leave that one outside the offstump. Where do you think the modern game is placed? For you, Sir, Viv, look teing modern game of Twenty20, the way it's become so popular now, with Twenty20 tournaments taking over. Where do you think that places test cricket and the game itself at the moment? I would like to believe that all of us sitting here do believe the true test for a cricketer would be test match cricket. You will be tested as a batsman and bowler if you're in those particular conditions. But what I know for sure is we have had some low attend denses - attendances. But Twenty20 cricket has helped in that category. Because it's the new crowd of today, that sort of stuff that everyone needs, to believe that these individuals can accomplish things. When you have Chris Gayle and that, you have a good product.I was going to mention Chris Gayle. But as far as I'm concerned you were the person to swagger first and chew the gum the gum first first most important thing is to believe in the package you have. Do, you can strut and stuff. But when you don't have it, you look a bit foolish in my opinion. Are you talking to me? You seem to be making a direct reference to me! It was majestic to watch you bat. They called you the master blaster. Michael Clarke has just gone over 1,000 runs in a calendar year. In 1976 after Tony Greig wond you guys up in the series against England you scored something like 1700 runs. Do you think that's missing from the mod yearn game?You speak of some of the players around the world. People like Ian Botham to begin with. He is a character by himself. By having all these guys, the Dennis Lillees, the M us - the moustache factor. Geoff Thompson, one of my great mates. He was a personality.Big bird.We must never forget him. I'm well protected with these guys.Do you mind if I call you big bird? I don't want to run the risk of being... Do you mind if I stand up next to you. I'm 6, 2!More like 5, 8.How did you get the name big bird?That came from school, when we were going to school. All of us were talking about 'Sesame Street'. We was on the field one afternoon and fellas say, "Hey, look at big bird." That's how the name starts. That's how high the ball comes from. You weren't as fast as Michael or... Or Malcolm Marshall, but the height and difficulty of playing the balls from you was because of that factor. There are a lot of tall men who play cricket and other sport. I think there is a bit of athleticism in there. It's not wholey the height.I don't think we can go there. The west Indians. Before we go, you're here for a special cause. You're playing a bit of golf and a few other things. Tell us about that quickly.When I had my 60th birthday, that's gone now, on the 7th. I decided to support my best friend's cancer society. But rather than just having a great day with fun, I decided to raise awareness what have we have done. It was great to have two of my best mates and guys I was in the bunkers with in my corner. Tony Jack from the Atlantis Group has done well to get us to the party. We hope on Monday we can have fun and raise money for the other charities involved.I could talk to you all day. I appreciate you coming in. I look forward to seeing you on the golf course. It will be fun. It's all about the package. Sir Viv Richards! Let's get some weather now with Steve Jacobs.Hey, Karl, check this out. We're looking at the production of Cries cream today at Buller, which is a great excuse for me to drive a massive milk truck today. Let me whack the brakes on. I have Brendan here nervously watching over me - the truck driver this morning. We have 25,000 litres of cream in the back of the truck. We will take it into the factory and show you how to make ice-cream morning. But first to the weather at your place today.

We're in the western districts of Victoria. All of the mill sk collected from the cows, taken factory, processed into cream, put into this truck, which is a milk tanker, and brought to the factory. I just have to get 25,000 litres of cream out and I will show you how to make ice-cream this morning. Karl and Lisa, have a listen to this.That's impressive.There is a bit more on that.I'm all horned out. You don't pull it with the same force as do you the milking - that's the tip. We're back with the world This program is not captioned. It's that time of the year again, when we embrace
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This program is not captioned. Welcome back to the show. Let's cross to the world premiere of the final twiet installment in LA right now with Richard Wilkins. What is the mood like, Dicky?It's very good, Lisa, as a matter of factment very good indeed. It's a few hours to go... What is going on?They are just very jealous of that gorgeous mo of yours.It's a total G-up, Karl encouraged me to do it. Slap, slap. 2,000 fans have been camped out here for three or four days. They had to apply for ballot to be here. Renae, how are you doing? Is your real name Renae or Renezmae? Renae.What was it like out here for four days?Cold, very cold. Where are you from?Orlando.So you came all the way here to get a glimpse of the stars To get a peak. What do you think of the film?It will be the highest grossing one. The films have taken over $2.5 billion so far. This is the climax, where a little child is involved, half human, half vampire. It's a tug of war. Did I get it right?You got it right.It will be very exc