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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Royal commission - Julia Gillard agrees to an inquiry into the handling of child sexual abuse claims.I think it's very important that the Federal Parliament is seen to act.Israel fires warning shots into Syria after a mortar hits the Golan Heights.Radical overhaul - the head aul - the head of the BBC Trust promises change amid fears of more blood- letting.What we now have to do is to get a grip on what's happening in the BBC.And amid the protests, Greece approves another round of harsh spending cuts.

Good evening. Also tonight - with China just days away from unveiling its new leadership, we look at the growing problems facing the country's poor, as its once booming economy begins to slow down. Environmental concerns in Italy as near record level flooding swamps the canals of Venice. There's been a dangerous regional escalation in the Syrian conflict. Israel has fired on the country's forces for the first time since 1973.The attack was launched after an artillery round between fighting handed in the Golan Heights. Israel has occupied the strategic area since seizing it from Syria. Israel fired its first shot in to Syria in almost 40 years. And advanced missiles targeted an artillery position after the mortar exploded near an outpost.We understand this was a mistake and the mortar was not meant to target Israel. This is why we fired warning shots in retaliation.One of the most strategic areas in the Middle East, the Golan Heights, was seized by Israel during the 19696 Day War. Syria tried to take it back but failed. In 1981, Israel annexed the heights. But the UN considers it occupied Syrian land. A 1,000 strong UN force monitors a demilitarised zone. Last year, eight Palestinian protesters were killed when they rushed a border fence, demanding Israel return the area to Syria. Last week, Israel complained to the UN after three Syrian tanks entered the buffer zones in pursuit of rebel fighters. Israel may forgive one mistake, but tensions are already high after a series of rocket attacks from Gaza. Israel vowing to do what it takes to stop what it takes to stop Palestinian attacks and won't tall rit a spillover of the civil war. The millitaries aren't alert and Syria is being warned of a tougher response in future.

The incident prompted an immediate statement from the UN. Ban Ki-moon called for the utmost restraint and urged both countries to halt firing of any kind across the ceasefire line. Turkey is strengthening defences and firing back when Syrian shells land on its territory. The Israeli response likely to be just as se likely to be just as determined. At home, the big news of the day - the PM has announced a royal commission to investigate how institutions have handled allegations of child sexual abuse.The inquiry will include children who have been in the care of rel ins organisations, state care and both private and state schools. The SBS chief political correspondent has more on this late breaking developmenore on this late breaking development.Thank you. The PM made her announcement a short time ago. She's called child sexual abuse evil, heartbreaking and wrong. She said it's about healing and also about justice. The pressure had been mounting and couldn't be ignored. Now the PM's decided to act.There have been too many revelationsere have been too many revelations of adults who have averted their eyes from this evil. I believe in these circumstances that it's appropriate for there to be a national response through a royal commission.Julia Gillard says the inquiry will examine instances and allegations of child sexual abuse in Australian church and welfare snugzs and schools. She -- institutions and schools. She expects it to begin next year.I specifically hope its recommendations will help us ensure that this never, ever happens again. Following renewed allegations of child sexual abuse and a cover-up one one Catholic diocese in NSW, the Federal Opposition Leader committed the Coalition to supporting a royal commission, provided it looks just beyond the Catholic Church.Any future inquiry needs to be comprehensive and shouldn't be seen to be targeting any particular denomination.I would have thought it's in the interests of the Catholic Church to be as transparent as possible on this.The Greens backed a royal commission, likewise Craig Thompson and Nick Xenophon, Rob Oakeshott.A federally constituted royal commission is the only thing that will get to the truth.Surely this should be above politics. We're talking about the welfare of kids here.NSW and Victoria are sticking with the inquiries they've got.I'm going to do what's within my power and within my powser to appoint a special commission of inquiry.We believe it's doing a good job.It needs to job.It needs to be a national royal commission and it needs to focus on the issue needs to focus on the issue of child sexual assaults as it occurs across all institutions.Tommy Campion was abused in Lismore.. It's OK to have it for the Catholic Church but it should be Church but it should be for all denominations. There have enominations. There have been horrific abuse in those churches. rific abuse in those churches. It may soon be fully exposed. What about the details? How long will it take? What will be covered?Well, some of the details are unclear at this stage. The PM says it's going to take as long as it takes. She wants it to run its full course, so we don't have a duration. The Government will fund it through next year's budget. The PM says that the Government will consult all the relevant agencies and institutions in setting the terms of reference but that the Attorney General will set the terms of reference. The inquiry itself is likely to begin next year. The PM did hold a cabinet meeting to consult her colleagues on this determination and has full cabinet sport for the decision and spoke today to the leader of the Catholic Church in Australia, George Pell. She said he is pleased it's not just singling out the kagtslic church, but it is looking at a whole range of institutions -- Catholic Church, but it is looking at a whole range of institutions where children have been abused. So the PM says she very much hopes that this will be the beginning of a change in Australia that she hopes this can really get to the bottom of these terrible allegations that have afflicted so many children. ve afflicted so many children. Not clear exactly how far back this investigation will go but it certainly sounds like it will be comprehensive and beginning in rehensive and beginning in the new year.Thank you, Karen. Returning to the Middle East now. And Israel has carried out several raids on the Gaza strip in response to the weekend barrage of rocket attacks. It's warning Hamas tonight there will be a heavy price to pay for the flare-up. Over the body of a 16-year-old, a Palestinian boy killed by an Israeli air strike, these mourners promised to take revenge. He's one casualty in an evilation of violence between the Israeli Army and armed groups inside the Gaza Strip. On Saturday, Palestinian fighters launched an fighters launched a missile attack on an Israeli jeep, injuring several soldiers., injuring several soldiers. Israel responded with artillery and air strikes which have killed several Palestinians and injured dozens more. This is Gaza City's main hospital where City's main hospital where the dead and wounded are brought in. TRANSLATION: We were playing football and there were rebels up in the mountain monitoring the area. Two missiles were fired from an Israeli tank. We went to rescue people and raised a white flag, then we were bombed.The armed group Islamic Jihad has released video of its rockets being fired toward southern Israel. The group's supporters have biried two fighters since Saturday and say they will carry on. TRANSLATION: It's too early to talk about the ceasefire. We had them in the past and Israel violated them. It's too early because the blood of our martyrs is still fresh.There's no sense of panic among the general population in Gaza but there is tension. People are well awir of just how devastating a fully-blown conflict with Israel can be and there's little appetite for that here. Israel says dozens of missiles have targeted its territory, injuring several civilians.This morning thousands of children stayed at home. Did not go to school due to the escalation, as well as one million Israelis that are here. Therefore we'll do everything in order to defend the legal right we have for the country, not to have these attacks.The latest events are increasing the pressureen Israel's PM to take tough action. TRANSLATION: The world must understand Israel will not sit idly by. We are prepared to escalate our response.For now there's little sign of either side wanting to end the violence. The corporation that's built a reputation as one of the most trusted news sources in the world faces serious questions tonight about its credabilities. The BBC remains under the spotlight, just one day after its director general rezined over a report which falsely accused a former politician of child sex abuse. Critics point out despite the fact George Entwistle is gone, the BBC's problems are far from over. Never short of money, with an annual budget of more than $5.5 billion, there's no shortage of critics willing to take a shot at the BBC. It is not fit for purpose. It's let down very badly its directer general who has lost his job. George Entwistle resigned yesterday from the post he had held for just 54 days because of a story that aired on the BBC's flagship program, 'Newsnight'. It falsely accused a former politician of sexually abusing a child.The BBC should appoint a new leader.Entwistle gone, the spotlight is now on the man who let him leave.Just put this horrens crisis on one side for a moment - the BBC has been one of the most respected national institutions.Respect is huge for a public broadcaster which receives its multibillion dollar budget from taxpayers.If you're saying does the BBC need a thorough structural radical overhaul,ough structural radical overhaul, then absolutely it does.Even that statement hasn't calmed critics who say the BBC has become too big and too powerful and seems to be increasingly burdened by scandal. singly burdened by scandal. It's still dealing with the fallout from former BBC personality Savile. Allegations which police are now investigating. While there's a suggestion Entwistle's departure won't be the only staffing change here, critics say that should include the chairman.I lude the chairman.I think it needs someone more uner jetic and more focused to do that job.The BBC needs a new chairman as well?I won't say to an old phren he should resign but I'd consider whether I'm so tainted by this nonsense.Supporters say the BBC has survived many storms before and this one is no different. He knows public trust is hugely important here and regaining it needs to happen with -If I don't do that, -If I don't do that, I'm sure people will let me know.Or without him. Greek law- makers have approved more than $12 billion in spending cuts and tax increases needed to guarantee the country's next European bailout payment.Despite government assurances that this will be the country's last austerity budget, union leaders and opposition politicians say the public has been pushed too far.

For the members of Greece's governing coalition, the passing of this budget was an important, albeit painful milestone. Not for the first time in recent history, a PM has heralded the beginning of the end of the Greek debt crisis.

On the streets of atens, there is little solidarity with the government, as once again thousands protested. There were minor scuffles, but no sign of a large scale riot that had accompanied previous austerity votes. Angela Merkel was cast as the villain, a view shared by opposition politicians.

The party voted against the $12 billion, in cuts to salaries, pensions and social benefits and lifting of the retirement age to 67. European leners will meet in Brussels later tonight to discuss the release of the next bailout piplt of more than $38 billion. -- payment of more than $38 billion. It takes their dignity. Young people are going out.But for young families like that of this school teacher, they have no choice but to stay.These new measures will make things for everybody really tough. We have had to make cuts in our spending. It's something that needs to be changed. I fear this future will be horrible.The government says the future would have been worse had the budget not been passed. Without the latest bailout payment, Greece will run out of money by Friday. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. Slovenia's cash crisis could cost President Danilo Turk his job. Borut Pahor has outpolled the incumbent during the first round of elections at the weekend. There's a now too-close- to-call run-off. Jordan'sfirmer intelligence chief has been jailed -- Jordan's former intelligence chief has been jailed for corruption. The judge called him a traitor and deserved the harsh rs punishment, before demanding $34 million be repaid to the state. The President of to the state. The President of Burma has inspected the damage caused by 6.8 magnitude quake that killed at least 12 people. The shallow quake struck in a rural area. Destroying a bridge, gold mine and several old Buddhist temples. It's called Remembrance Day in the UK, Veteran's Day in the US and Armistice Day in Europe. Memorial services have been held around the world to remember the men and women who have died in wars. As countries prepare to scale back their group deployments in Afghanistan, President Obama thanked everyone who has served there.During his election campaign, Barack Obama regularly pledged his commitment to bring US troops home from Afghanistan and support them as they transition to civilian life. On veteran's day, -- Veteran xfs Day, he said it again.With we take care of our own, especially our veterans who have served us so bravely. On this day we thank all of our veterans from all of our wars.

In London, the Queen and royal family paid tribute to the thousands of to the thousands of British and Commonwealth troops killed in war. Britain is also preparing to wind down its troop presence in Afghanistan by 2014. On the ground in Helmand Province, brist troops honoured their more than 430 comrades who have died since the US-led invasion 11 years ago. Remembrance has been held since the end of the First World War as a moment in time where the nation and the Commonwealth across the world remember the sacrifices of the young men fices of the young men and women who stand in harm's way.Afghanistan was on the President's mind in Paris. He has promised to accelerate the wrul of more than 3,000 French troops by the end of this year. It wasn't all about Afghanistan that's remembered - in hat's remembered - in the Falklands, Prince Edward called for harmony. Old wounds reopened here recently when the Argentine Government urged the UK to open dialogue over sovereignty of these contested island.

Live in harmony with one another.A big ask in a world full of conflict but something full of conflict but something worth contemplating on Remembrance Day.

You're watching World Nuz Australia on SBS. Officials -- News Australia on SBS. Officialsworn of a long and difficult summer. of a long and difficult summer. Shortly, the growing problem for China's poor. As the once booming economy slows down. And later - the floating city under threat. Massive flooding disrupts businesses and tourists.

A major bushfire's continuing to burn on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula. The alia's Eyre Peninsula. The threat to people and property has reduced.The bushfire has burned through more than 2,000 hectares and destroyed homes.With memories of the destructive 2005 Black Tuesday fires still fresh in their minds, locals banded together with firefighters to try to beat the latest outbreak. While there was help from above, many people in home stdz in farms were forced to flee, -- homesteads in farms were forced to flee. 13 shacks were destroyed.Everything that I left, nothing worth saving.Seven homes, a dozen sheds and a handful of cars destroyed.Quite lucky. No loss of life.Some had stayed on and matched to save their properties. We thought it was gone. We looked up and you could see the flames wrapping around the sand dunes themselves.Some people also managing to save some local inhabitants.He's looking a bit sore. A burnt hand there. If rescue get here in time, I think he'll survive.A cooler change has helped lower the danger, but more than 100 firefighters remain on high alert. Now to other stories in the news around the country. Three protesters have taken to the roof of the Villawood Detention Centre, demonstrating against the decision to deport them. The three climbed on to the rof after recently being told they'd be sent home to Fiji. The lawyer claims the situation is being badly handled. Frplgt it was very clear about the need for trained police negotiators to bring these people down. And as I understand it, there are no police negotiators on site. These men have been up on the roof for a number of hours. Three asylum seeker boats have been intercepted off the West Australian coast in the past two days. Latest, carrying six people, was off the Cocos Islands. A vessel with 134 people was intercepted. A third carrying 48 was spotted on Saturday night. An investigation in to the shooting of a man at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium. Police say the victim was shot after he produced a handgun when approached in retal yigz to a stolen car. Four people have been arrested. The victim is in a stable condition. Overseas again. The affair that led to the hat led to the resignation of the CIA chief was apparently discovered by accident. The FBI uncovered the relationship between the former general and his biographer while looking in to a string of harassing emails by her to a surprised rival. Pet pet's surprise resignation has -- Petreaus surprised many. Officials say she was not romantically involved with him but was a family friend of Petreaus and his wife. Officials say the anonymous emails were so disturbing and obsessive, ere so disturbing and obsessive, she called the authorities. They traced them to a computer where eventually evidence of an affair between the CIA director was discovered. He's claiming the affair did not begin until after he retired from the military in red from the military in August 2011. It was a week later he became CIA director. Friends say the affair ended four months ago, abthe time she received the emails. The woman had extraordinary access to Petreaus. When she was chosen as his biographer, she had never even written a book.She struck me as a very ambitious young woman. And I think she appealed to him buzz of that combination of intellectual prowess and the fact she's very physically capable.Those around them found her embarrassing and far too gushy about him, evidence in her interview dence in her interview on Jon Stewart.She does gain energy from feeling like he's making a difference.Despite the political fallout, the CIA leadership is reported to be satisfied that the relationship didn't lead to an intelligence leak.

Before this week is out, we'll know the result of the world's other big election. Unlike thedruma and live coverage we saw in the US -- thedruma and live coverage we saw in the US last week, this one is secret and deliberate. Behind closed doors in Beijing, the political elite which runs the affairs of nearly 1.4 billion people, makes vital decisions and it's finding those more difficult as China's once booming economy cools down. Its society is showing signs of creeping gloom. And a sense that policy isn't geared to real life. This is a little piece of home for China's army of migrant workers. They gather here to dance on street corners. They come to the cities, searching for a better life. For some, China's booming economy has been music to their ears. For others, the tune is turned more sombre. Life in a rundown neighbourhood so close to the riches of ose to the riches of the new China, that they could reach out and touch it, almost. TRANSLATION: We came to work in the city. Isn't this the trend?He and his wife have followed the China dream to Beijing. This is where it has got them. They live in a tiny one-room house with their baby son. There is room for a bed, barely anything else. And for them, it isn't cheap. TRANSLATION: Back in 2009 when we first came to Beijing, the house rents was a bit more than $15 a months. Now it is five times that. Inflation has hit the poor hard. TRANSLATION: Prices are high. Our daily expense is high. It is the same. Everything is expensive. It's not easy to save money.Like anyone, he dreams of a better life, a bigger house, hopes for his son. TRANSLATION: He doesn't want a bigger house but you have to work hard. He has to work hard. I don't have any income. Just stay home and take care ust stay home and take care of the baby.The China miracle has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. Migrant workers have flocked to community just like this on the edge of big cities, looking for a better life, the fear now is that those days may becoming to an end. The gap between rich and poor is getting wider. Analysts say here the poor ay here the poor in China increasingly find the doors to success are being slammed shut. Even those who have lived the dream are waking up to a new reality. Higher bills, longer working hours, , longer working hours, more stress. China's happiness meter has been measured by America's National Academy of Sciences. Six surveys since 1990 have foun money does not bring contentment. And here people find the value of simple things like family. They're expecting a second child. More hardship, more expense. They'll need to fine more than $1,000 just to pay for the fine for breaching China's one child policy. But for them this is a necessary burden. this is a necessary
burden. TRANSLATION: When people get old in the city, they can just be sent the old people's homes. We can only rely on our children. We don't have any pension. We don't have any hope or anything. We'll have to put it on the shoulders on our children. If there aren't enough kids and something goes wrong, we are done for.Their dreams are small and their values in life simple. TRANSLATION: I hope we would be in our home, having a store open. The child we bine school and I'll be working. Help build houses for my family. During my life time, I guess we won't have any high hopes. Any hopes are for the children. China's economy is slowing. For a new Communist Party leadership, the concern is what will happen if the music stops? happen if the music stops? More than 2,200 delegates from across China have gathered for the Congress. It meets every five years and selects new leaders every 10. As we just heard in Stan's report, one of their key problems is China's analing population. There are about 180 million people aged 60 and over. By 2035, 20% of the population will be 65 and over. Traditionally China's elderly are cared for at home but the one-child policy has become a timebomb. Not enough children are being born gh children are being born to support their parents. So young adults are placing elderly family members in hospices and that's putting pressure on them and the whole system. He's just had his 89th birthday in a hospice in Beijing. He had never been in hospital before now but his only son put him here when he moved to America. He's waiting for his US visa to arrive but it probably never will. it probably never will. TRANSLATION: To be really honest, I don't want to be here. I'd rather be with my son. I really miss him. But there is nothing I can do but to try and cope.China is a rapidly ageing society. 12 years ago there were six workers for every retiree. By 2000 30, there will be just -- 2030, there will be just two. For generations elderly Chinese have been looked after their children at home. The burden of care too great for young adults to handle on their own now. Increasing numbers of elderly parents are being leften places like this. The hardest part of this nurse's job is getting patients to understand why their children have sent them here. She works in one of Beijing's largest hospices. She's never had any formal training. TRANSLATION: There's no training from the government. We train ourselves. The most important qualities our employees should have are kineness and responsibilities. This 71-year-old lives with her son. Every day she meets her friends for this tree-slapping workout which she says helps her stay healthy. She gets a pension and last year the government paid to remove a cancerous tumour. She still worries about becoming She still worries about becoming a burden.With moy family it makes me feel warm but once I can't move, I will think about going to the home where I done burden the children.For many already in hospices, the nurses are now their family. China's changing modern society has left these people behind. The oldest attendy is a noifbg-year-old. A veteran revolutionary -- attendee is a 95- year-old. A veteran revolutionary. The heavy rain drenching Venice has sent water levels soaring to near record highs. Locals who rely heavily on tourism are told to avoid going into the streets. They're used to high tides but they have rarely seen anything like this. On Sunday morning they woke up to a city submerged by a metre and a half of water, one of the highest tides on record. At its peak in the morning, 80% of Venice was flooded. The only way to walk around was on raised platforms. The high tide is caused by a combination of astronomical and meteorological factors. The water rises regularly but days of heavy rain has made this an exceptional tide. Local expert says that this is yet another sign that Venice is under serious threat.This kind of events, more open d of events, more open in the last decade, to climate change which makes the sea level rising. es the sea level rising. The local condition by the city of Venice which is subsiding. The level of the city is 20 centimetres below than the level it was 40 years ago.For a few hours in the afternoon, most of the water receded, back in to the lagoon. By nightfall, it started coming back, reclaiming the city one step at a time. St Mark pfgs Square is the -- St Mark's Square is the lowest points in Venice and the first place to get flooded. Venetians will have no choice but to try and keep their head above water. The bad weather is slowly heading towards her is slowly heading towards Rome where civil defence forces have been put on alert.

Coming up next - all the sport news. Including the FFA's new boss, putting the country's rival codes on notice. The British actor bringing one of America's most famous presidentsback to

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Taxpayers in the US are bracing themselves for January 1, that's when several tax breaks expire and cuts to government spending are triggered. Politicians are desperately trying to avoid a situation that could bring on another recession. Senior play- makers are optimistic a deal with be done. Others aren't so sure. Across the dial today, the parties sounded like they could make a dial. There's a d make a dial. There's a basis for a deal.I believe there is.It's the same tone we he same tone we heard from the major players.I'm open for compromise. Republican members were told they'd have to avoid nasty fights. They seemed to listen. Those words don't change a basic disagreement that could push the country off the fiscal cliff January 1. That's when a number of tax cuts expire, meaning the average family will pay an extra $3700 a year and severe cuts will be triggered. The sticking point on avoiding the cliff - taxes. The President campaigned on and won on letting tax cuts n on letting tax cuts for the rich expire. Today a leading Republican said no. Frplgt no Republican will vote for our tax rates. If that sounds like the argument we already heard, you're right. eady heard, you're right. Democrats appear emboldened that rates for the rich rise.If the Republicans will not agree with that, real reach a point at the end of this year where all the tax cuts expire and we'll start over next year.The two sides have four more days to lay out their markers. Congressional leaders come here to the White House to start negotiations in earnest. Let's take a look at the finance figures now.

Figures now.

Time now for sport with Craig Foster. And a changing of the guard at the FFA. David Gallop has issued a warning to rival codes, claiming they should be worried about the game's potential. The former NRL boss says the continued growth of the sport will have NRL, AFL and Australian Rugby Union officials looking over their shoulders. Facing the media has always been parts of David Gallop's job but today was in front of a different background. He made it abundantly clear his new code would be a major player.I remember being at Homebush when John Aloisi kicked us in to the fofa World Cup. And I -- FIFA World Cup. And I jumped up out of my seat. And I was one of the first to sit down. With my rugby league hat on, I thought, "This could be bad, because the sleeping giant of Australian sport just gut a massive prod." He takes over from Ben Buckley who came to the code from AFL. e to the code from AFL. And John O'Neill who was previously of Australian Rugby Union.He will now one of the country's best sporting administrators withing administrators with a single-minded devotion to this game's success. Gallop wanted to start his new job once the latest broadcast deal was in place but it's expected to be announced later this week. This is the stadium in Homebush where David Gallop was spooked all those years ago. He no doubt would like to fill it with football fans once again. But before he does that, he's going to have to win the confidence of the clubs and other major stakeholders in the game. Football has been given a boost this arbs- League season with a -- A-League season with a surge in crowd numbers thanks to key signings. It's the sort of momentum David Gallop said he wants to build on. The young Socceroos are sell briting after a hat-trick from their striker fired them in to the FIFA under 23 World Cup in turbga. -- Turkey. The Young Socceroos will take on Iraq early on Wednesday morning for a place in this weekend's final. Meanwhile, in the Premier League, another late goal has helped move Manchester City to within two points. Chelsea were left to rue a draw with Liverpool.

Under pressure despite being Manchester City's most successful modern day manager, it all stems from poor form in the Champions League and poor defending from set pieces. It appeared all too much for Mancini. For all the talk of his side not being at their best, City are still unbeaten in the league. Aguero's goal looked to keep it going. But then a super move with minutes to spare. If he keeps scoring from the bench, he will have to be called the supersubfor longer. At Stamford Bridge, John Terry was back from suspension and back in the headlines. A bullet header. But that was as good as it got for him as a Heskey collision saw his return cut short. Despite losing their captain, Chelsea were in complete control. Torres couldn't add to the tally. The message from the Liverpool boss was simple - create the chance and they did. Suarez again the herefor the Reds. -- hero for the Reds. To cricket and the first test between Australia and South Africa is heading for a draw following an unbeaten double tonne from Michael Clarke and Ed Cowan's maiden century. The pair put on a record run stand.

The Australians came in to day four needing to bat and bat well. A maiden test tonne clearly in Ed Cowan's sights. The Proteas said they'd be targeting Michael Clarke. He had other ideas.That's 50 for Michael Clarke.As the sun came out, runs began to flow a little easier. The tourists' lack of variety a possible Achilles' heel. Lunch may have slowed Cowan's innings, but not his resolve. Clarke joining in.

The skipper is leading from the fronts.While it wasn't a flawless innings -Up in the air.It was an impressive 250-run partnership. But it would be the last milestone. Wandering down the pitch there. He has to turn all the way around. He's out.Ed Cowan out in the cruelest of ways. It took almost 4.5 hours of play without a wicket. Hussey shot out of the blocks. In the blink of an eye Mr Cricket passed 50. Trying everything, South Africa turned to the part-timers, Amla's first class bowling average is 244. The match losing steam as Clarke secured his double tonne. His third this year.Nice punch down the ground. It's another 100 for the Australian captain. It's an innings to savour.The first test at the Gabba headed for a draw. In AFL news, the GWS Joints have welcomed a pledge from the Federal Government to support young people from migrant and refugee background in Greater

in Greater Western Sydney. The Federal Minister for Multi Cultural Affairs and sport -- in Sport said they'll try and develop new community infrastructure. The Giants will build a life and learning centre within their own training facilities.Without GWS, it wouldn't have the platform of sport and the opportunities to expand, all the reswrrss to achieve the vision of building a facility, of having a home for these places. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2013. Casey Stoner has marked the end of his career with a third place finish. Pedrosa took out the season's closing race. Eight riders failed to complete. Recently crowned world champion Lorenzo amongst them. The win was Pedrosa's seventh of the season. Stoner bowed out with a 69th career podium. That's the day in sport, guys. Tonight is The World Game as per usual.Plenty to talk about. Coming up - the weather details. And up - the weather details. And a Bret takes on the role of one of America's most famous presidents.ica's most famous presidents.



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The SES has warned Victorian residents to prepare for strong wins as wild weather lashes the -- winds as wild weather lashes the State tonight.Gusts of up to 90 kilometres have already been recorded. A band of cloud is moving across southern Australia, while a cold front is bringing a cool change across Victoria and triggering showers in Tasmania. A trough is causing storms across Western Australia and the Northern Territory and cold winds and showers in tropical Queensland are being caused by a high.

This may seem like the ultimate Hollywood role, playing one of America's beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln.It proved to be a challenge, even for accomplished Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day- Lewis. He aniel Day- Lewis. He had to resort to some unusual rituals to get in to character.He's a British actor. According to the experts, Daniel Day-Lewis nailed it.Now, now, now. I've seen a lot of performance and I've never seen anyone delve as deeply in to linken's soul.Daniel Day-Lewis famously emerses himself in his roles. While filming 'My Left Foot', he remained in a wheelchair between takes. He reportedly lived in the wilderness, killing and skinning his own dinner for 'Last of the Mohicans'. And he got just as deeply in to 'The 16th President'.I had a feeling that I've never been able to feel from him as I never met.Stephen Spielberg addressed him as Mr President on set. Day-Lewis did send text messages to other cast members but signed them A for Abe Lincoln.I try not to dismember a character in to its component path and work on one area and another. Spielberg purposely waited until after the election for this movie, recognising that Lincoln is still politically relevant.Good news for Mitt Romney, Good news for Mitt Romney, we can announce this right now, most of the Confederacy. Our house is dwoided still.Red and -- divided still. Red and blue is better than blue and grey.Shall we stop this bleeding?The movie will be released early next year. Recapping our top stories. Julia Gillard has launched a royal commission in to child sex abuse. Investigations will look at religious organisations, state care and public and private schools. There are fears of an escalation in the Syrian conflict after Israel fired warning shots in to the country. They were in response to anert ilry round -- to an artillery round that landed in the Golan Heights.Plenty more coverage at SBS online. Follow us on Twitter for the latest headlines.Goodnight. Goodnight. headlines.Goodnight.
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Maybe I'll enjoy this summer in the future but I'm just really tired now. And made some celebration, like drinking some beer. A bit drunk but I'm still very, very happy.Time to celebrate. He is the winner of the 2012 Crocodile Trophy. The margin in the end was 17 minutes and was 17 minutes and 55 seconds.

The margin in the end was 17
minutes and 55 seconds. It's type to celebrate. Hugs and kisses all round. Many new elements were implemented in this year's race. More mountain race. More mountain bike tracks, new stage destinations, and even though the increased participant number meant a much greater logistical challenge in the Australian outback, it was Australian outback,

On this episode of Mythbusters,

Adam and Jamie get feisty
with a bar fight fable.

What's the matter, old man?
Too long since your last bar fight?

They wanna know
if an empty beer bottle

really does more damage
than a full one.