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more than the reward, I think. And um... I'm going to go with the deal. (AUDIENCE CHEERS)
(LAUGHS) Good on you, Levi.
Thank you, mate. Good on you. Damn good work. Beautiful.
Beautiful work. I love it. I love it. Great stuff. Great stuff. I mean, really.
Thank you. Did ever dealers deserve this more? Well, probably not. Had we played on,
of course it was only Kate. Kate, you thought you had WHAT? $100,000. Let's pop the locks on 19.

OH! 50 grand.
So the $100,000 up there. Certainly our lucky day. Let's see the money! You deserve this. Good on you. It's such a pleasure
playing with you. Best of luck with everything.
You stay safe, Megan. Congratulations on all the work
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - The Prime Minister calls a royal
commission into church child abuse. The State Labor minister
and his MP mate and a $100 million corruption claim.

A security guard shot
in a robbery on a Sydney pub.

Exclusive - dodgy and dangerous vehicles
uncovered in raids on Western Sydney
car yards.

Plus, the Sydney duo
who scored centuries to get Australia back on track
in the first test.

This is Seven News with Chris Bath.

Good evening. In breaking news - the Prime Minister
has just announced a royal commission into child abuse after growing demands for an inquiry
into the Catholic Church. To political editor Mark Riley
in Canberra. Mark, how far will this go? , The commissioners are yet to be determined but Julia Gillard told cabinet this afternoon, she wants this yirry to look at all this yirry to look at this yirry to look this yirry to look inquiries to look at all institutions with children in their

, How would she respond to child abuse, the official word was Miss Gillard was taking advice. There was plenty of that around:

I think this is a stain
on Australian society. I think that the Federal Government,
ah, needs to have a look at this. Whatever the form of the inquiry, I think all of us would want it
to be full, frank and fearless. And from Tony Abbott:

But said it would have to be broader
than just the Catholic Church. The Prime Minister
told senior ministers this morning she would call a royal commission, telling cabinet this afternoon and then making it public. Any instance of child abuse
is a vile and evil thing. The royal commission would have
wide-ranging coercive powers to demand documents,
compel witnesses to give evidence. For one prominent Catholic priest,

Have have been two many revelations from adults who have adverted their eyes from this evil. This I hope will heal with healing. Just do it. Just do

The Anti-corruption Commission
has heard claims taxpayers have been ripped off in the biggest corruption scandal
in this state's history. resources minister Ian Macdonald granted favours

which helped Labor powerbroker
Eddie Obeid and his family

pocket $100 million. While Eddie Obeid looked after
his rural property at Mt Penny, the pounds looked after themselves. But he apparently
had plenty of help, from one colleague especially. In all, decisions taken
or influenced by Ian Macdonald may have enabled Eddie Obeid
and his family to acquire profits in the order of $100 million. Most of that came from Mount Penny,
which Mr Obeid bought for $200,000. Later it was approved by
Mr Macdonald for mining exploration. Two years ago the Obeids sold it
for $60 million. And this was a very good deal
for the Obeids. , They outlayed $ They outlayed $200,000 to recover $ They outlayed $200,000 to recover $60 million.

The commission was told this investigation
is the most important and complex in its 24 year history and that if corruption is found, then it's on a scale possibly
only exceeded by the Rum Corps more than 200 years ago. Another coal exploration approved
by Mr Macdonald was Yarrawa. The Obeid's interest
in the Yarrawa tenement is worth $30 million. The commission heard that while New South Wales missed
out on much of the mining boom, the Obeids didn't. Assets which could have created
a revenue stream of tens of millions of dollars have passed to the ownership
of third parties for a comparatively trivial return. This afternoon I have moved
for the suspension of Eddie Obeid's membership
of the Labor Party. And we're live now
to Lee Jeloscek. Lee, that's two former ministers
dropped in a week. How bad can it get for Labor? Chris, we'll know more tomorrow with former premiers Morris Iemma
and Nathan Rees to testify about the pressure put on them
by powerbrokers to keep Ian Macdonald in cabinet. Now we have an idea why. We've seen several Labor MPs
appear before the ICAC but nothing as explosive as this.

A security guard
has had emergency surgery after being shot up to five times
during a robbery in Western Sydney. He was ambushed by armed bandits in the car park
of the Berala Hotel near Auburn. Talitha Cummins is there. Talitha, how did it happen? Chris, the 63-year-old guard had just collected the takings
from the hotel when two armed men confronted
and threatened him. when he refused to hand over
the cash, they opened fire and fled. The newest victim
from the latest Sydney shooting. , The guard had been gunned down just for doing his job, working as a private contractor. He collected cash just before 12. cash just before 12.30 when he was ambushed by two men. He has left the hotel where he has been confronted in the the carpark by two offenders. One armed with a firearm. One with a knife.

He wouldn't give the money out
so he said bang, shot him five times. Despite being armed,
the victim never returned fire. He at no stage fired a firearm
at the offenders, he just simply
jumped into the car park. Police say the offenders
knew exactly what they were doing. A brazen daylight shooting
that's left locals shaken. Bit scary alright, yeah. Robberies and shootings
and stabbings nearly every week. It comes as new figures show a 48%
reduction in overall gun crime. drive-by shootings are up 144%. They'll use CCTV footage
to try and catch today's robbers. They escaped with the money after fleeing the scene
in an older model red car.

A Sydney MP has promised to fight
the mother of all battles against his own Government The proposed expansion into Kurnell
has locals in an uproar but the Premier says
it must be considered. Kurnell was a good enough
landing spot for Captain Cook. Now there's a call for planes
to do the same. Already flying over here constantly. We've already got an airport
right across the road from us. Well, where are the gonna put it?
On our roof? You couldn't. It would occupy
a massive chunk of Kurnell, two new runways into Botany Bay
connected to Mascot by a bridge right next door to the desalination
plant and oil terminal. Worth thinking about,
says the Treasurer, ahead of planning
an airport elsewhere. Let's ensure
with the existing airport that we are maximising it, that we are maximising
that infrastructure before we move to another site. His Liberal Party colleague
Cronulla MP Mark Speakman had heard enough. In a letter he's promised
"the mother of all battles" if the Government pursues what
he called "this ridiculous idea." I don't want anybody to be under
any misunderstanding about the opposition and it won't just be Cronulla, it will be all of southern Sydney. The Premier's denied
a policy split despite supporting Canberra
as an airport site. He says Kingsford Smith
could do more but... It's not something on my agenda.. It's not something that I'm going
to have to make a decision on. Critics say

with Sydney Airport restricted
to just 80 flights an hour, the Kurnell plan
would have little benefit. Dodgy car dealers
have been caught selling defective and in some cases,
dangerous vehicles in Western Sydney. The raid was ordered after hundreds of customers
complained about damaged cars, tampered speedos
and botched safety reports.

They are the used car dealers
who live up to the cliche... Fair Trading
took a broom to them... New South Wales Fair Trading. Yep? ..inspecting dozens of vehicles
at Minchinbury's Car City complex... Do an odometer check on them, too. ..and finding dozens of faults,
but not in every dealership here. Both of them
have got two defective tyres. Wholesale Motor Group
threatened to sue us if we named Wholesale Motor Group, so let's look
at Wholesale Motor Group.

The RMS defected one car police seized
incorrect numberplates and Fair Trading found 52 breaches for trading
from an unlicensed premises, incomplete or missing forms, failing to produce
its prescribed register and falsifying
safety inspection reports. Around 260 complaints received
within this complex alone, dealers, and about 150 of those relate to
four motor dealers, in particular. Can you vouch for the quality
of all the cars on this lot? 110%.

Well, three have already been found
to be defective. Um... Some were a "work in progress",
he said. I won't be going there then, will I?
(LAUGHS) Others cars were hastily driven away
from the complex. Police took down their details. Many of the worst offenders engage
in what's known as 'phoenixing', rising from the ashes
of one business that's been tainted
by complaint after complaint and then operating
under an entirely new name, engaging in the same
dodgy practices. Nathan Woodlands is a victim.

The gearbox
in his $12,000 purchase blew up

minutes after he left the complex. And then I had to get
the diff rebuilt two weeks after I got the car,
as well. Other victims are urged
to call Fair Trading.

Euthanasia activist Philip Nitschke
has caused a storm of controversy after 'Sunday Night' revealed he helped a healthy woman
take her own life. Many say he's crossed a line
from advising the terminally ill to aiding those
who are simply tired of living. And a warning, some viewers
might find this report confronting. She'd lived a long life, but even at 89, Susan Potts
was a picture of good health. Are you ill? No.

I work hard at keeping healthy. In a video shown
on Seven's 'Sunday Night' program, I know I could have someone
come and live with me and look after me but that would horrify me. She did it with advice from euthanasia campaigner
Dr Philip Nitschke. Today he defended his actions. These are people
that we're seeing more of who are really saying, "I've lived
my life and now is the time to go." Look, this doesn't work. I hope advocates of voluntary
euthanasia because people are ill are watching this with horror. A beautiful lady at 89. The story inspired hundreds to
express their views on Twitter.

New South Wales and Tasmania
will soon consider new laws that would legalise euthanasia. It was Susan Potts' hope that her video
would help convince lawmakers. I thought, you know, if somebody they might get the urge
to do something about it. They're the Christmas toys
more naughty than nice and in many cases
they're downright dangerous. Consumer group Choice has tested
popular kid's presents and found the majority
fail mandatory safety standards. Meet Santa's little tester. Three, two, one.

There she goes. Right onto the banned toys list. We've got a choking hazard come off. 'Choice' subjected 23 toys
to an Australian standard test. And what it does is, it simulates
the normal rough and tumble of a toy being played with. 15 of them, two-thirds, failed. This Christmas,
show some common sense when you're purchasing toys. There are some toys
that are just not suitable. Shopkeepers should show
common sense too. They face fines
of more than $1 million for selling unsafe toys.

And people buying presents
are told to avoid toys that:

The choking hazards aren't
the only problems with these toys.

They're out of tune.

All of the bad ones came from
discount stores or markets, prime targets
for Fair Trading's toy squads. But the 15 failures are just the tip
of the dodgy toy iceberg. There will be others out there and it's really, really important that parents, grandparents,
aunties, uncles are really careful.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - police call off
a search for a missing boat. What they think
witnesses really saw.

An injured koala rescued from a bushfire
that's destroyed properties.

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A search for a boat reportedly
missing off Wollongong has been called off with no sign of a vessel
having gone down. Police were contacted
by several witnesses claiming to have seen a boat sinking
with two people in distress. But with no missing persons report
being lodged, it's now suspected
the witnesses saw whales at play with a large number spotted not far from Wollongong Harbour
this morning. near Port Lincoln
in South Australia. A home, 12 holiday cabins,
sheds and vehicles were destroyed by the fierce fire, which ripped through
almost 2,000 hectares of scrub. But there was one happy ending
amongst the devastation. An injured koala was found clinging
for life on a burnt out tree. Yeah, he does. He looks like
his foot's in pretty bad shape. So far I've just tried
to give him a drink of water. The koala's now being cared for
by wildlife rescuers. A pair of North Coast thieves
is on the run after being beaten up
by their victim who's 84-years-old. They probably thought
the grey-haired retiree would be a pushover. But this home invasion target
wasn't giving up without a fight. Ernie Whitfield
doesn't like being called a legend but he sure is the talk of the town. Nasty business, mate. Three days shy of his 85th birthday and sporting cuts
to his head, hand, and a bashed ear after the retired builder
took on two armed thieves and won. I know that when I got the bar,
I started swinging it. The thugs broke into
his Port Macquarie home early yesterday morning. I managed to get to the bathroom
and the bathroom window was open and I just sung out
as loud as I could. He grabbed their knife,
snapped it in half and fought back, stabbing one in the stomach
before they ran off. I'm sure there will be members
of the wider community that will applaud his actions but we don't advise
that you take this sort of action. Local hospitals are on alert
for the wounded man. Port Macquarie is sea change central but it's also becoming
a thieves' paradise as more and more criminals
around here target the elderly. Officers hit the streets today,
part of a new operation. With a steady stream
of well-wishers, Ernie's OK, but knows he's very lucky. I wouldn't suggest to anybody
do to what I did. He'll be beefing up security
at home.

Sport now with Jim Wilson. And the Sydney duo star
at the cricket. Chris, it was fantastic to watch. Michael Clarke is thriving
as captain and was superb, smashing his 20th test century while Ed Cowan
notched his first. Plus, Hazim's verbal spray
at Sonny Bill Williams as Benji and the Tigers
try to take to the water.

And farewell Casey the legend and the all-in brawl at the NASCARS.


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It was the day Sydney's star duo
put Australia back in the hunt against South Africa with a double century
to skipper Michael Clarke and a maiden test hundred
to Ed Cowan. The pair put on a record stand
of 259 runs. Australia 4/462
with Clarke unbeaten on 201.

Cowan couldn't wait
to get back out to the middle and the opposing captain
offered a chirpy good morning. The opener wasted no time
bringing up his 50 while Clarke was also in a hurry. COMMENTATOR:
Oh, that's beautifully played. As his pacemen laboured,
Smith bowled himself, with limited success. Both batsmen feasting on
the skipper's pedestrian off-spin, but it was Cowan who won the race
to three figures. He's done it.
Ed Cowan fulfils the boyhood dream. The moment that will stay with him
for the rest of his life. And a great story to tell
his little girl, Romy. I'm not normally an emotional person but that was a pretty special moment
for us. Then it was the skipper's turn.

Yes, yes. There it is.
He's taken it. It was a tight single. Michael Clarke, the skipper,
is leading from the front. The South Africans
couldn't do anything right. That's up in the air. Will he get round? He will. There's two coming together. Oh, he's dropped it. It took a freak run-out
to finally dismiss Cowan. It's probably the only way
they were going to get him out. An unfortunate end to a superb 136. Hussey quickly looked at home. Oh, Hussey now into the action. While Clarke notched 150. Oh, majestic. Then another magical milestone.

It's another 10 0 for the Australian captain. It's and innings to

Sonny Bill Williams' return
to rugby league will be made official tomorrow at the Roosters but it's sparked a row with
former team-mate Hazem El Masri. One of league's
most respected voices, Hazem isn't ready to forgive and forget Sonny Bill's
departure from the Bulldogs.

Even as Sonny Bill Williams
visited the Roosters today to make his deal official, he was under attack. For me, the way he left the game. You know, if it was me,
to be honest with you, I wouldn't even let him back
in the game. Hazem El Masri's joined the league
as a Community Engagement Officer but at the game's Harmony Gala Day, he had no love
for his former team-mate. He's trying to make up his mind whether he wants to box or rugby
or whatever and I don't know what's next - netball or tennis
or God knows what it is. Kayaking is clearly not the future
for Tiger Liam Fulton. While Benji Marshall did his best,
Fulton had no idea That's right.

It's a rebuilding pre-season
and we're into it. No excuses. And the code is under attack with league's old boss
David Gallop keen to lead soccer to the top. If football gets its act together
which we're seeing right now, then the other codes need to be
really worried.

after wrapping up his career
with a 69th podium finish. World champion Jorge Lorenzo's
season ended in a spectacular crash. Stoner survived the wet conditions to finish third behind
team-mate Dani Pedrosa. Big thanks to my team, to everybody that's followed me
over the years that's supported me. This crash sparked
an ugly all-in brawl at the NASCAR race in Phoenix. Rival pit crews traded blows in a wild stoush
that lasted several minutes. Finally, forget the haka the Kiwi's all-conquering
netball team has turned to this to fire themselves up. The Silver Ferns
made their way on to court doing the 'Gangnam Style' dance
before a clash with England. New Zealand went on to win
the match, and the tournament. , Does it really do it justice. I don't know, I think they won the dance off mplts Daniel will be named the new referee's boss. He will have a big job in front of him.

Checking finance now and the share market was down today, dragged lower
by mining and energy stocks. The ASX 200 closed down 14 points. But our dollar is up. Sally Bowrey is next
with Sydney's weather and what's in store
for the working week?

Chris, a bit of everything. Some sun and some showers
for Sydney. I'll tell you when to have
the umbrella handy, next.

So, did you get lucky? There was this one guy. There was this oneT

Our eyes met.
He offered me a special drink. Ooh, you look so hot tonight. "Like a sunrise." I whispered back, "Kiss me, Katut."


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We've got a touch of wet weather
on the way this week but it's not expected to stick
around for long. Although the mild temperatures will. A lovely, warm and sunny
day across the city. A top of 24

which is close to
average for November. Northerly winds

made things
pretty warm today. 23 in Cronulla,
Manly and Bondi. While the
hot spots today were throughout
the west. The warmest spot
across Sydney was Richmond which had a top
of 30 degrees. On the satellite, much of the country
is cloud-free but you can see a weak change moving
through Tasmania. Now tomorrow that change will spread
across the south east pushing into New South Wales and bringing cooler weather across
the southern half of the state. Ahead of that change expect warm, northerly winds to spread across
northern New South Wales. fine and partly
cloudy in Melbourne, clear
in Adelaide, warm
in Brisbane.

Fine tonight

with the sun set to rise at 5:45 then cooler tomorrow with south-easterly winds
and a top of 22. Temperatures will be
in the low 20s along the coast but in the west expect a warm day as the mercury climbs to 25
in Liverpool and 28 in Penrith. Looking ahead, some wet weater will start up
on Wednesday before clearing that night with a late shower on Thursday then a fine but mild weekend.

And that's Seven News
for this Monday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight', the $20 billion owed
to ordinary Australians.

Ahead on Today Tonight - Liam's nightmare. It's a last resort
what I'm gonna do. We meet the brave teenager undergoing
a life-changing treatment.

Plus, Aussies owed billions. Find out if you are
one of the millions of Australians who have money
they don't even know about. And a $200,000 payout. The man who took Google to court
and won.

Good evening.
Thanks for joining us. We begin tonight with the story
of a very brave young man. Liam Cook has been living
every teenager's worst nightmare. At just 15 years old,

he is battling
a debilitating condition. Now he's had enough. Laura Sparkes is with him on his
quest to change his life forever. I'm doing this

because I'm going down the path
that no kid wants to go down.

He can't keep going on like this,
can he? No, not at all. Liam is one of the worst cases
of Tourettes that you will see.