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(generated from captions) Um...6...32. No. 36. Does the echidna have teeth?

No is correct. The book series
by author Ann Brashares is 'The Sisterhood
of the Travelling...'?

Correct, Lia. What disaster hit London in 1666 -
a great fire or a flood?

A fire.
A fire it was. What is 39 + 22?

61. Correct. True or false? In total, there are seven syllables
in the word 'watermelon'.

False. False. There are four, Chris,
is correct. Checking scores. What a game! Como West - Lia, Lucy, Victor,
230 points today. High-quality match-up. Now, Michael, Harry and Dominik
from Newington have finished on 290 points, as have Teoratu, Chris and Cado from Cronulla South, also. It is a tie today. When we come back tomorrow, one
of these will be a semifinalist. Don't miss it.
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin, breaking news - a shooting
at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium. A man shot after being ambushed
in a Sydney pub carpark. A koala rescued
from the South Australian fire that's destroyed property. And the Federal Opposition
backs calls for a royal commission into child sexual abuse.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Samantha Armytage. Good afternoon. First to breaking news and there has been a shooting
at Melbourne's Etihad Stadium this afternoon. Let's cross live to Christie Cooper. Good afternoon, Christie.
What can you tell us?

Police have been very tight lipped but they have just confirmed this was in fact a police shooting. A man in his 30s has been taken away in an ambulance to the Royal Melbourne hospital with gunshot wounds. He is in a stable condition. It is unknown at this stage why this the shooting occurred. Witnesses have told us they entered the car park here at Etihad Stadium and saw the man lying on the floor screaming for help, surrounded by a plainclothes police officers. A number of people have been taken away by police. It is unknown at this stage whether or not they are witnesses but we assume they are on and we will stay on track this afternoon and keeping up with the latest news.

Now to Sydney,
where there's also been a shooting. A man has survived being shot
up to five times outside a pub in Sydney's west
this morning. Let's cross live to Talitha Cummins,
who's following the story. Good afternoon, Talitha. Do police have a motive
for the shooting?

This is an armed robbery police have described as very violent and very concerning. At a private contractor who collects money had just collected money from the hotel when he was ambushed in the back car park by two men. One was holding a gun and the other had a knife. A struggle followed and a number of shots were fired. The 63- year-old contractor was seriously injured and the left on the ground. The two men then fled in a red or maroon coupe with a sum of money. Police said they had been waiting in the car park for the man. They did a press conference a short time ago.

It's very violent, it's concerning and obviously it'll be investigated
to the nth degree by investigators at Auburn
and the State Crime Command. The contract that is now

surgery in the hospital. His condition is described as critical. Police are looking at surveillance footage from the hotel and a number of neighbouring businesses. It brought the main street to a standstill. 30 people are still standing there having a look. Police are appealing for witnesses to contact Crime Stoppers.

A fire that's destroyed property
near Port Lincoln in South Australia has been contained. Flames ripped through the properties
at Tulka yesterday, destroying a home
and a dozen holiday park cabins. Strong winds carried thick smoke
across Port Lincoln and fanned flames
that raced across the ground. Yesterday afternoon,
the fire was burning under catastrophic
weather conditions. More than 100 firefighters
fought the blaze head on while three water bombers
doused flames from the air. But they were no match
for the intense heat or strong northerly winds. Seven homes were destroyed, 12 sheds and four cars. The blaze has already burnt through
more than 2,000 hectares. Residents who stayed in Tulka were
told it was too late to evacuate It could be potentially
quite dangerous, so, smoke's all over the road,
you can barely see it. At this stage,
all the farmers are cutting fences and letting stock go. Wildlife was also left
to fend for themselves. This injured koala was found clinging to a burnt-out tree
this morning. Distressed and dehydrated, his rescuer and water arrived
just in time. I've been trying to ring
koala rescue but the phone lines seem to be busy
and just keeps cutting out so I can't get through. I'll have to just keep trying. An inquiry has heard stunning
allegations of corruption involving two former
New South Wales Labor ministers. The Independent Commission
Against Corruption has been told Eddie Obeid's family stood to make
$100 million in profits, thanks to decisions Ian Macdonald
made while Resources Minister. The practical effect
of Mr Macdonald's decision has been to confer massive cascading
profits on Mr Obeid and his family. I understand that both Mr Obeid
and Ian Macdonald will say that came about by accident and this is merely the product
of a coincidence. The inquiry heard
an Obeid farm quadrupled in value when a coal mining exploration lease
was granted in the area. The Federal Opposition
has declared support for a royal commission
into the sexual abuse of children. The Prime Minister's
under growing pressure to set up an inquiry
into the Catholic Church, which is accused of covering up
evidence against paedophile priests. Julia Gillard lends her voice in support of a teleconferencing
event this morning. Thank you very much. It's good to be with you
from Canberra. But she's remaining silent over claims of child sex abuse
within the Catholic Church as calls
for a royal commission grow louder. This is not just about singling out
a particular church. It's about doing the right thing
by the victims of abuse. My advice to the Prime Minister
is let's bite the bullet on this. Let's try and change the culture. The Greens and several Labor MPs
also want a national inquiry, claiming existing state-based
investigations won't go far enough. I think it's important
to have a broad inquiry that deals with all of these issues
once and for all. Kevin Rudd says
he'd back a royal commission if it's found the church isn't
complying with state inquiries as concerns mount
about a cover-up culture. I think this is a stain
on Australian society. If it had been any other
organisation in the country other than the Catholic Church, there'd have been a royal commission
a long time ago. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott
has released a statement saying he, too,
would back a royal commission but only if it covers
all organisations where there is evidence of abuse, not just the Catholic Church. Any future inquiry
needs to be comprehensive and shouldn't be seen to be targeting any particular
denomination. Whatever the form of the inquiry, I think everyone would want it
to be full, frank and fearless. All eyes now
are on the Prime Minister. A date has been set
for the committal hearing of accused wife killer
Gerard Baden-Clay. The body of Allison was found
near a creek in April 10 days after
her husband reported her missing. Angie Asimus
is covering the court case. Good afternoon, Sam. Gerard Baden-Clay
will face a committal hearing on 11 March next year over the alleged murder
of his wife, Allison. Both the defence and prosecution
appeared before a magistrate this morning and revealed
they'd come to an agreement in relation to the witness list. From 473 witnesses, 43 will be called
for cross-examination over three days. The court heard the majority of those
will be giving expert testimony. Now, Mr Baden-Clay
wasn't required to appear today. The 42-year-old has been in custody
since his arrest and will remain at the Arthur Gorrie
Correctional Centre in Brisbane until March.

One of two women missing in Victoria has been spotted on security video
at a shopping centre. Sandra Pevitt vanished
last Wednesday from Werribee. Her partner was shocked
by her disappearance. Now police have confirmed
she's accessed her bank account. It indicates at this stage she's
frequenting the Werribee area still and that she's still using
her vehicle, a 2010 silver Hyundai wagon. But there's still no sign
of Katie Dircks, who disappeared on Friday after
leaving her work in South Melbourne. A $100,000 reward
is being offered to solve the disappearance
of a Sydney woman nearly 30 years ago. Police believe Mary Wallace
was murdered after getting in a car
with a man she'd met at a pub. Georgina McKerrow has more. Good afternoon, Sam. This has been a devastating mystery hanging over the heads
of the family of Mary Wallace for nearly 30 years. when the young, bubbly nurse
went to the Alpine Inn on Sydney's North Shore. She'd been there
drinking with friends when it was around 4:00
in the morning that Mary accepted a lift
from a man. He told her he was a police officer
and would get her home safely but Mary was never seen again. Today, Mary's sister has spoken of the heartache of simply
not knowing what happened and is hoping the New South Wales
government's announcement of a $100,000 reward will help lead to
some new information. I think that's why I'm so emotional,
because we've never known. Um, and if it was... ..if even 20 years ago,
it had been cleared up, it'd be different. Um, I wouldn't be here,
sort of a quivering wreck. Now, Sam,
homicide detectives believe other women may have been approached
in similar circumstances either before or after
Mary disappeared. They're hoping
to speak to those woman and anyone else
that has any information about her disappearance
and suspected murder. Sam.

Next in Seven's 4.30 News - how customers stopped a gunman
at a Melbourne McDonalds. The Royal Family honours
fallen soldiers in London. And a deadly explosion
leaves homes flattened.

A gunman who tried to rob
a Melbourne McDonald's restaurant has been tackled to the ground
by staff and customers. The man burst into the Mulgrave
store early this morning but when he put the gun
on the counter to grab the cash, customers took action. While he was getting the money
in the door, the customers
were standing behind him. One of those customers came
and grabbed him from the back. I just came out
and just twisted his arm and the gun was, like,
out of his hand now. The man was pinned down
until police arrived. He's been charged
with armed robbery. Her Majesty laid the first wreath
at the Cenotaph to commemorate British war heroes
who've died in combat since World War I. The monarch was joined
by other senior royals including Prince Phillip
and Prince William while his wife,
the Duchess of Cambridge, looked on. Prince Harry
was unable to attend the service because he's serving in Afghanistan. The former head of the BBC who resigned
after just 54 days in the job has walked away
with a $2 million payout. George Entwistle quit
as director general yesterday after the flagship
'Newsnight' program wrongly accused a former MP
of paedophilia. Pressure is now on the BBC chairman who approved a $700,000
lump sum for Entwistle on top of a $1.3 million pension. My job is to make sure we learn the lessons that
undoubtedly have to be learnt as a result of this. Confidence in the BBC is already low after the sex abuse scandal
involving former star Jimmy Savile. A deadly explosion
has levelled homes in Indianapolis in America's north-east. Two people were killed
and seven injured in the powerful late-night blast. It destroyed two homes
and sparked a massive blaze which spread
to neighbouring properties. Witnesses say the blast could be
heard and felt up to 5km away. It caused significant damage
to more than 30 homes. The cause is being investigated. Tens of thousands of tourists are heading to Far North Queensland
this week but it's not for the beaches
or the Barrier Reef. Instead, they'll be looking
to the sky on Wednesday morning. Amanda Abate is in Cairns.

For the first time in more than 1,500 years, tropical north Queensland will experience a total solar eclipse, plunging 140 kilometres of the coast into darkness just after sunrise on Wednesday. More than 50,000 scientists, astronomers and tourists will witness the phenomenon. The path of the moon's shadow will hit the tip of the NT before heading out into the Pacific. The big question is, what will the weather do? The whole event could be hidden behind clouds.A morning cloud tends to be pretty big, especially with traffic. We expect five eighths of the sky to be covered.And virtually the entire country will experience a partial eclipse just after sunrise Wednesday morning, regardless of where you watch. Experts warned not to look directly at it and less you have protective glasses. It could cause permanent eye damage. You have to be up early, the entire eclipse will last two hours but the sun will only be completely covered here for about two

Next in Seven's 4:30 News,
a check on the stock market. Also, the gifts you don't want
to buy your children this Christmas. And in sport, day four highlights
from the Gabba including a maiden test century
for Ed Cowan.

An Emirates A380 has been forced to
make an emergency landing in Sydney after an explosion
in one of its engines. The flight was bound
for Dubai last night but the pilot turned around shortly
after take-off from Sydney Airport. There was a loud bang. We were

There was a loud bang. We were told by the pilot that something had gone wrong on the number three engine.

Passengers have now continued their
journey on another flight. An important piece of our
military history from Afghanistan has gone on display
at the Australian War Memorial. It's part of the engine
from a Blackhawk helicopter which crashed
in the country's south, killing three diggers in 2010. It's a reminder of the extreme
dangers of war-like operations and the requirement on the part
of those who undertake them for courage and willingness
to sacrifice. Survivors of the crash used the engine cover
as a makeshift stretcher to carry their wounded mates
away for treatment. Time to check
the financial markets. Australian stocks closed lower amid fears the US could head
back into recession. The ASX 200 finished down 14 points.

A sackful of toys has already been
struck off Santa's list this Christmas. Consumer group Choice tested 23 toys and found 15 failed
one or more mandatory safety tests. They were all sold
at discount variety stores. But toys purchased online may also
fail to meet Australian standards. Look for sharp edges,
look for dangerous projectiles, think about how your kids
are likely to play with those toys the most practical of tests. Importers of dodgy toys face fines
of up to $1.1 million. Sport shortly but first Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello.. The Territory's economic
growth rate's tipped to slow over the next 5 years .. because of public sector job cuts
by the Commonwealt h. That's been revealed in a report by
Deloitte. But the ACT Chamber of Commerce's Chris Peters says it's
no surprise we'll be heavily affected.. as half our locals
work as public servants. Police hunt for drug dealers
who set up a sophisticated Police hunt for drug dealers
who set up a sophisticated hydroponic lab.. after 94 cannabis
plants were found in a Macgregor house. Shocking new figures show the
Territory has the second highest rate of homelessness in
the country.. with 50 people highest rate of homelessness in
the country.. with 50 people per 10 thousand living on the street. Calls for locals with old bank
accounts.. to check to see if you're among 16 thousand
Canberrans who are owed about 11 million dollars
in un- claimed cash. Chief Minister Katy
Gallagher's created a Commerce and Works directorate..
in a bid to get ACT projects completed faster. And.. the Capitals had
the day off .. after their double header. They beat Bendigo by
5.. but went down to Adelaide 93-81.

Good afternoon, everyone. Australian skipper Michael Clarke
and opening batsman Ed Cowan have both smashed centuries
on day four of the first test against South Africa at the Gabba. Cowan was the first
to reach three figures, his maiden test hundred. His hundred included 14 fours and he was joined by Clarke
this afternoon, the skipper's 20th test century.

Nothing was going right
for the South Africans, missed opportunities
and their captain wasn't happy. Finally some luck for the Proteas, Cowan run out for 136 by Steyne
who got a touch. New FFA boss David Gallop believes soccer is capable of challenging
the AFL and NRL as Australia's dominant
sporting code. The former NRL chief executive says
the A-League's thriving. And with a new broadcast deal
soon to be finalised, Gallop has put rival codes
on notice. If football gets its act together,
which we're seeing right now, then the other codes need to be
really worried about it. Gallop refused to comment on the ARL Commission's long-running
search for his successor. Chelsea and Liverpool
have played out a 1-1 draw in the Premier League. John Terry opened the scoring in
his return from a racism suspension. But things quickly turned sour
for the Blues captain when he suffered
a serious knee injury. Luis Suarez netted the equaliser
for Liverpool in the 73rd minute. Reigning champions Manchester City
fought back from a goal down to beat Tottenham 2-1.

Casey Stoner's MotoGP career
has ended with a podium finish in Valencia. A wet track caused mayhem
in the season finale with world champion Jorge Lorenzo
one of several riders crashing heavily. Stoner finished third
to team-mate Dani Pedrosa, bringing the curtain down
on a spectacular career. I owe everyone so much, arriving to where I am in this point
in my career and my life, and I just want
to say a big thank you. This crash sparked ugly scenes
at the NASCAR race in Phoenix. An all-in brawl erupted
between the teams involved. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic
will square off in what shapes as a dream decider
at the ATP Tour Finals in London. Djokovic battled back
from a set down to win his semi against
Juan Martin del Potro in three. Federer had an easier time of it
against Andy Murray, closing out the match
in straight sets. The 'Fed Express' is aiming to win
the season-ending event for a seventh time.

As a promoter's Dream, in the tennis.

Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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It's Ray here from Apia. How you going?
Oh, not bad. We've settled back in. Pretty much starting to
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Oh, well, that's good to hear. That's the main thing. I just can't have
enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's just been
absolutely fantastic. Not a problem at all, Graeme.
It's our pleasure. Kept us with our heads
above water. Pardon that pun too. Yeah, yeah - that's good. Determined I'm gonna
catch up with you one day and look you in the eye
and thank you. Yeah, that'd be good.

If you're over 50, Apia makes home
insurance a rewarding experience. Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

VOICEOVER: It mightn't look it, but Toby's actually being
very smart. He's about to order from
our new McCafe Plus Menu, where you can bundle
a small coffee, plus a delicious snack, like a
blueberry muffin, from just $3.95.

Good afternoon. David Brown
with your weather update. In Melbourne today, it's a cool and
maily sunny afternoon with moderating
south-westerly winds.

In Sydney - it's a mild
and sunny afternoon. And in Brisbane,
warm and clear.

A drive change is slipping across the south-east corner. A lot of clout but no rain. Just a win change as it gradually pushes through Gippsland. The change will eventually make its way up towards the NSW coast later tomorrow. It will bring call a wins as a gradually moves up the coast. No change in Queensland tomorrow.

It is looking fine and generally sunny throughout large parts of SA and parts of the territory.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Sam. Thanks, David.

Before we go,
returning to our top story and Melbourne police have shot
a man outside Etihad Stadium. The man, aged in his 30s, has been taken to hospital
in a stable condition. Details are still coming in. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Samantha Armytage. Enjoy your evening,
see you tomorrow. Supertext captions
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