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This program is captioned live. This morning - homes destroyed as a huge blaze burns near
Port Lincoln in South Australia. A date set for the committal hearing
of Gerard Baden-Clay, accused of killing his wife,
Allison. And the Perth Telethon
raises millions for sick children.

Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders.

Good morning. Extra firefighters are rushing
to Port Lincoln in South Australia where an out-of-control bushfire
has destroyed seven homes. The blaze at Tulka has cut
off several roads and residents
who've already evacuated are being told not to return.

Strong winds carried thick smoke
across Port Lincoln and fanned flames
that raced across the ground. Yesterday afternoon the fire was burning under
catastrophic weather conditions. More than 100 firefighters
fought the blaze head-on while three water bombers
doused flames from the air. But they were no match
for the intense heat or strong northerly winds. 7 homes were destroyed,
12 sheds and four cars. But the total loss won't be known
until the fire's under control. We still have a firefight effort
so that's what we're focussing on at the moment. The blaze has already burnt through
more than 2,000 hectares. Residents who stayed in Tulka were
told it was too late to evacuate as crews fought the blaze overnight. It could potentially
be quite dangerous, so, smoke's all over the road,
you can barely see it. At this stage all the farmers
are cutting fences and letting the stock go. Today the heat has eased
but not the wind. Strong south-westerlies are pushing
the flames into difficult country where thick vegetation will fuel
the fire, building its intensity as it races towards control lines. Residents certainly can't relax. The situation
is still very serious over there.

that the fire could break through
or jump over a control line. Three other fires are burning
in South Australia - two in the Flinders Rangers
and one in the Adelaide hills.

this morning
to asses the damage. Roscoe Whalan has the latest
from Tulka. It appears as

It appears as though the worst of the fire is behind us but the danger is not over yet. 43 firefighters are making their way from Adelaide to relieve the 100 firefighters who battled the blaze through the night. Fire caused investigators touched down in Port Lincoln up a short time ago. The Sleaford Mere air has been cordoned off. They have also taken to the heir to assess the damage. This is one of the lucky ones, found on the side of the road. A local man stumbled across him and helped him. It looks like his foot is in bad shape. The fine line seems to be busy so I can't get through and will have to keep trying.The fire is still burning but there are fears that strong south-westerly wind could cause it to jumper and once again threaten homes in Tulka. In Tasmania, 13 homes were
threatened by a bushfire on the west coast. 800 hectares of grassland
was burning near the airstrip in the township of Zeehan. At the height of the blaze, 1,000 local residents
were urged to leave the area. Cooler weather helped firefighters
gain control and no homes have been lost.

A date has been set
for the committal hearing of Brisbane father who is accused
of killing his wife, Allison. The case will begin on 11 March
next year. The defence and prosecution reached
an agreement this morning that 43 witnesses out of a possible
of 473 will be cross-examined. that 43 witnesses out of a possible
473 will be cross-examined. The hearing is expected
to take three days. Staff and customers
at a McDonald's restaurant in the Melbourne suburb of Mulgrave have fought back against an armed
robber, overpowering the gunman. Christie Cooper has the details.

It was an act of courage by the staff and customers at the Mulgrave McDonald's. The alleged gunman entered the store just before one o'clock this morning. Police say he threatened staff members with a gun and demanded they hand over money before he threatened customers, asking for their money as well. He put the gun down as he put the cash into the bag and as that happened he was outsmarted by customers who jumped on his back and forced him to the ground. The staff then managed to throw the done over the counter and ping his arms behind his back. Have a listen to how they describe it.He was getting the money in and customers were standing behind him and grabbed him from the back. I twisted his arm. They managed to hold him there for 15 minutes until police arrived. A 20-year-old Heatherton man was arrested and has been charged with three counts of armed robbery. who have been missing
since last week. 45-year-old Sandra Pevitt
disappeared on Wednesday morning after leaving home
for a doctor's appointment. Her partner is urging anyone
with information to contact police. She's loved.
We expect her to return.

Please make contact with somebody. We're very concerned for her safety
and we just simply want her back. Police are also concerned
for 30-year-old Katie Dircks, who disappeared last Friday.

A $100,000 reward has been offered to help catch the killer of a Sydney
nurse who disappeared in 1983. Mary Louise Wallace was last seen
getting into a man's car after a night out with friends. Georgie McKerrow has more.

Good morning. This has been a devastating mystery hanging over the heads of the family of Mary Louise Wallace for 30 years. It was 1983 when she went to a hotel in Sydney's North Shore. She accepted a lift from a man at four o'clock and he said he was a police officer and would get her safely but she was never seen again. Their sister has spoken of the heartache of not knowing and is hoping the NSW government announcement

knowing and is hoping the NSW
government announcement of a $100,000 reward will lead to new information.Our parents grieve not knowing what happened to her and my sister and I still green.Homicide detectives believe other women may have been approached in similar circumstances either before after her disappearance. They are hoping the women will come forward along with anyone else with information. An Emirates A380 has been forced to
make an emergency landing in Sydney after an explosion
in one of its engines. The flight was bound for Dubai

There was a loud bang. We were told by the pilots
that something had gone wrong on the starboard engine,
number three engine. Passengers have now continued
their journey on another flight. Prime Minister Gillard
is under growing pressure to set up a royal commission
into the Catholic Church over widespread claims
of child sex abuse. Several Independents, the Greens
and even some Labor MPs are demanding a national inquiry
into the issue. Julia Gillard lends her voice in support of a teleconferencing
event this morning. Thank you very much. It's good to be with you
from Canberra. But she's remaining silent
over claims of child sex abuse within the Catholic Church as calls for a royal commission
grow louder. This is not about
singling out any particular church, this is about doing the right thing
by the victims. The Greens and several Labor MPs
also want a national inquiry, claiming existing state-based
investigations won't go far enough.

I think it's important to have
a broad inquiry that deals with all of these issues
once and for all. There are concerns about a culture
of cover-up within the church as well.

I think this is a stain
on Australian society. If it had been any
other organisation in the country other than the Catholic church there'd have been a royal commission
a long time ago. There's strong resistance
not only from the Catholic Church but also the Opposition over concerns a royal commission
could become a witch-hunt. Any future inquiry and shouldn't be seen
to be targeting any particular denomination. Whatever the form of the inquiry, I think everyone would want it to be
full, frank and fearless to make sure
these matters are resolved. All eyes now
are on the Prime Minister.

raising $17 million
for sick children. Celebrities from around the country
flew in for the event, which included a special appearance
by Elton John.

For 45 years, Perth families
have poured millions into Telethon. This year,
Western Australia's biggest charity received an unprecedented boost -
$1.5 million, announced by the Prime Minister. The Federal Government
is playing its part. The WA Government donated $500,000, also committed $1 million to a new
Children's Hospital research fund. From the Barnett family as well.
Thank you very much for that. And a mystery donor donated $1
for every Telethon Tweet. Also, a well-known West Australian
businessman and owner of the Warburton Group,
Tim Roberts, is donating $1 million. MAN: Wow! And as always, donations
from the people of WA - even those
who don't have much to spare. They've donated $5
of their pocket money. It was an all-star cast but they don't get much better
than Elton John who performed
for the new Perth Arena. # And I would have liked
to know you...# Last year's total
was more than $13 million. This year - $16.8 million.

Every single person in WA
and especially Perth, gets into this spirit. never seen anything quite like it. All funds go to
the Princess Margaret Hospital and child health research.

Next in Seven News -
the latest finance. And Charles and Camilla continue
their jubilee royal tour in New Zealand.

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To finance now and joining me
is Matthew Hassan from Westpac. Matthew,
how are our markets this morning? Off they have opened a bit softer

Off they have opened a bit softer
of this morning with the ASX down 10, 15 points. Amex believe from offshore with better-than-expected numbers from China. It was negated by a weaker than expected output in Europe. It left European and US markets unchanged for the Friday session. Locally, weakness in resources and consumer stocks offset some gains in banks. To -- one company said Hurricane Sandy would dent its expectations. What is coming up? Business and consumer confidence expected. So far the RBA rate cuts have not done a lot to stimulate components. -- confidence. It will be a quiet week locally. Thanks, Matthew. It's now known the FBI investigation into former CIA Director-General
David Petraeus was triggered when his mistress sent
harassing emails to another woman. His sudden resignation has sent
shockwaves through Washington and senior politicians want
to know why they weren't briefed until after he stepped down.

As President Obama saluted veterans... Washington was consumed by the fall of one of the nation's most celebrated military heroes. CIA director David Petraeus stepped down over an extra-marital affair. Personal emails between him and Paula Broadwell were sent to another.She sent threatening emails and she was frightened and went to the FBI. I can't believe it but that is what it is.The general is not under investigation but his departure leaves a void just as Congress is beginning hearings into the deadly September attacks in Benghazi, Libya. David Petraeus conducted his own investigation on the ground.I do not see how you can find out what happened in Benghazi before, during and after the attack if he does not testify. Still trusted in Washington, he is in a unique position to shed light in in Benghazi. Israel has fired on Syrian forces for the first time
in nearly four decades after a military post was caught
in the crossfire from Syria's civil war. The incident has raised fears fighting in Syria could ignite
a wider conflict. Israel has also been responding with
air strikes on its southern border, following mortar
and rocket fire from Gaza. At least six Palestinians have been
killed and dozens wounded.

An earthquake has claimed the lives
of at least 13 people in northern Myanmar. The quake measured 6.8
and was centred in a rural area a hundred kilometres north of the
country's largest city, Mandalay. The area was also rocked
by several strong aftershocks. Two people died
when a monastery collapsed, others were killed
when a gold mine caved in. Prince Charles and Camilla
have met with Olympic athletes as they kicked off the second day
of their New Zealand tour. The couple were being shown around
a sports institute in Auckland when several swimmers stopped their
laps to shake hands with the Prince. Outside, the
royals were treated to a Haka from some local schoolchildren. (PERFORM HAKA)

Prince Charles and Camilla will fly
to Wellington on Wednesday. Former servicemen and women
have joined the royal family to mark Remembrance Day in London. The Queen led the tributes, laying the first wreath
at the Cenotaph memorial. Prince Phillip and Prince William
also took part while the Duchess of Cambridge
looked on. (PLAY 'LAST POST')

Prince Harry was unable
to attend the ceremony because he's on active duty
in Afghanistan.

Next in Seven News - Australia under pressure early
on day four of the first test. Casey Stoner walks away
from the MotoGP. Also, Novak Djokovic and Roger
Federer set to go head to head in the season finale.

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Australia has made a solid start
to day four in their bid to save the first test
against South Africa at the Gabba. Opener Ed Cowan wasted no time
bringing up a half century, raising his bat in the first over
of the day. The impressive knock almost came
to an end soon after. COMMENTATOR: Ohhh, luck, lucky, in the line of fire, he gets
the inside edge and it's four. Michael Clarke
has also knocked up 50 in a partnership worth more
than 100 runs. Casey Stoner's MotoGP career
has come to an end with a podium finish in Valencia. Dani Pedrosa started from pit lane
after qualifying fastest and worked his way through the field
to seal the win. Stoner never threatened
for the lead, taking out third
in his last ever race.

COMMENTATOR: That's it. I wonder what emotions are going through his Stoner walks away from the sport
at 27 with two world titles to his name. Adelaide United has given up top
spot on the A-League ladder after sharing the points with
Perth Glory at Hindmarsh Stadium. The Glory dominated play
in the first half and opened the scoring with a well
worked move just before the break. The visitors weren't out in front
for long, Adelaide netting the equaliser
four minutes after half-time. COMMENTATOR: Dario Vidosic,
with the expert finish, his second in a week. And we're tied at 1-1. The draw leaves the Central Coast
Mariners in top spot on the ladder.

Chelsea and Liverpool have played
out a 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge. The home side struck first,
John Terry handing Chelsea the lead in his first game back
from a 4-match ban. The captain's celebrations
didn't last long, after suffering a knee injury. Luis Suarez continued his incredible
run of form for Liverpool, netting the equaliser
in the 73rd minute. COMMENTATOR: Him again for the
eighth time in the last nine games. Manchester City fought their way
back from a goal down to beat Tottenham 2-1. Novak Djokovic will play
Roger Federer in the World Tour finals decider
in London. Djokovic was forced to fight his way
back from a set down to beat Juan Martin del Potro. The world number one recovered
from the early scare to win the match 4-6, 6-3, 6-2.

COMMENTATOR: Novak Djokovic
finds himself in the season-ending finale. Federer beat Scot Andy Murray
in the second semi. A 6-time winner of the event, the Fed Express claimed
the first set in a tie break, before closing out the match
in straight sets.

I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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is just a tap away. A quick look at
the national weather and a high in the Tasman is directing showers
onto the Queensland coast, but it will bring warm, dry
conditions to inland NSW. A trough will bring
a cooler change, with showers to South Australia -
which may help firefighters. Around the capitals today - and Brisbane will
have a mostly sunny day. Mostly sunny
also in Sydney. Canberra,
sunny. Windy in
Melbourne. Adelaide,
a possible shower. Mostly sunny
in Perth.

And for Darwin,
a late thunderstorm.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and in our bulletins
at 4:30 and tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -