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This program is captioned live. Bushfire battle. Homes destroyed in South Australia after a blaze tears through Port Lincoln. Grave concerns - friends and family take to social media to find two missing Melbourne women. Emirates plane forced to turn back to Sydney after a loud bang. The spy who loved me - the email that changed the heart of the CIA scandal. Mortgage Monday - your chance to win $10,000 and everything you need to know about the total solar eclipse. # Now there's only love in the dark # Nothing I can say # A total eclipse of the heart

Sorry! You just have to do it! (LAUGHTER)You have to do it.In some songs throughout history you just... # Every now and then I get a little bit... The total eclipse of the moon. Zero!. What a great voice Deb has There is no relevance, you just have to sing along.There is a karaoke Queen in all of us.It is one of those sounds then that comes out of the alarm. That is the bird alarm that really wakes me up. Maybe that was the alarm or I'm still asleep.Or maybe it is a nightmareAnyway, all those things on the solar eclipse laterGlad you are awake. If you were not before you are nowIs account it lovely to be here?It certainly I.Well said! Monday 12 November.Let's have a look at the weather around the country

Let's get the latest news Strike teams from Adelaide will arrive in Port Lincoln this morning to join the fight against at bushfire that has destroyed seven homes and several sheds as well as vehicles. 100 firefighters worked through the night taking advantage of lighter winds to try to control the blaze. Firefighters warned residents to seek shelter and the stay there. Yes, it is good to have a plan but we do not want people on the roads. They are not safe.At least eight fires are burning around the state. A change in wind direction and higher humidity has allowed crews to gain the upper hand in many of the blazes. Mark Thomas lives in Port Lincoln. What is the situation like where you are? Bring us up-to- date.Where we live is about 10 kilometres from the fire ground. I'm son the outskirts of Port Lincoln. We feel safe where we are although a bit concerned because the win is virtually swinging around 180 degrees from where it was while the fire was at its worst so Port Lincoln in its path so we have had an anxious, nervous night surrounded by smoke and wondering if it will in fact advance.Just a frightening situation for you. And people in the area fire authorities tell people the activate their fire plan. What advice have you been given?Nothing directly. Through the CFS mobile phone application and their website and social media we have been kept across that. Their advice has been if you are not prepared to stop and defend your property to leave but only leave if there is a safe path because the thing is where the fire is there is essentially only one road in and one road out. So you do not want to get caught out down thereDo you feel safe there, this morning? What is the general feeling?We feel safe in Port Lincoln, although we are treating fire with respect because I guess we are at the mercy of weather conditions an we are not that far from it. Things are quite dry over here now. We are in summer now. We are surrounded by a lot of dry grassland and bushland. So it is obviously concerningOur thoughts are with you. We appreciate you taking time to speak with us. A teenager has been stabbed to death during a fight with another boy at more rein north-west New South Wales. It is understood the 16- year-olds were fighting at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon when the victim as knifed. No charges have been laid but the other boy has been questioned by police overnight. There was another scare for passengers on board an Emirates plane that left Sydney last night. Flight EK413 bound for Dubai was forced to turn back because of an engine fault. Passengers say they heard a loud bang before the pilot announced that something had gone Wong with engine number 3.. We saw a flashing light outside, fiery but not like big flames or anything. We could not see what happened. Emirates says passenger rx rebooked on other flights and has apologised for any inconvenience. Fears are held for two women who have disappeared in mysterious circumstances in Melbourne. Laura Turner joins us. Laura, Sandra Pevitt is one of the women. She has not been seen since Wednesday morning. What was she doing before she vanished?She is a 45-year-old woman. She is last said to have told a family member she was heading to a doctor's appointments at 8.30 Wednesday morning. She has not been seen or heard of since. She did not turn up at the doctor's apointment and there is no record of it either. Her car is missing. A silver wagon she took that morning presumably but police say there is no record of her being seen or heard of since and they hold grave fears for her. They say see has never gone missing and this is extremely out of character. Her husband is obviously beside himself as well. He has issued an emotional May for her return or just any information or where she might be. Let's have a listen.I became petty concerned as the day wore on because we had not heard from her. When she did not really return home from work that is when I became very concerned then ultimately to to go the police. Nothing would suggest that she was disturbed by anything in any way. I simply do not understand why she has not return homeSuch a difficult situation for all of her family Laura, a second woman, Katie Derks has also disappeared. When did she go missing?She was last seen on Friday night, said to have caught a tram in South Melbourne around 7pm. Was the last time anyone saw her. She sent an email to a fend the next morning around 11.3 Saturday morning but that was the last contact made. Her family and police are very concerned about Katie because she does have a medical condition that requires regular medication so whether she is getting that at the moment is anybody's guess. They say she has long brown hair, brown eyes and was last seen wearing a Navy dress but two women missing in Melbourne. Let's hope there is some good news todayWe will leave it there. Thank you. A sear watch resume for a boat feared to have sunk off Wollongong. Witnesses called for help after what appeared to be a small vessel going down in the arbour at 6 last night. Two people were reported to be in trouble. Despite it a large search this was no sign of the boat or act pants. The the Prime Minister is facing growing calls for a royal commission into child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. The Greens as well as independents Tony Windsor and cage Thomson are urging Julia Gillard to consider a national inquiry. Fairfax says the Victorian victims support group will give a State Government inquiry a list of 18 paedophiles who were moved between parishes but continued to offend. Last week New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell announced a special commission of inquiry into how police handled all patients of abuse by Catholic clergy in the state's Hunter Region At least two people are now confirmed dead and scores of homes damaged or destroyed after a large explosion for through a neighbourhood in the US. There is still no clear picture though of what caused the blast in Indianapolis with fire officials describing scene as war zone. Those at the scene say it looked like a war zone. A deafening explosion left this neighbourhood in flames, two houses levelled, two others set ablaze and 200 people forced from their homes. The scene - collapsed walls, shattered wind questions and metal from cars, melted. The blast could be heard if miles around compelling neighbours to jump into action.As soon as I got to the house and heard people screaming the only thing I could think of was, "These people have to get out or they are not going to make it". I just ran in not even thinking me and Andrew here and pulled them out as soon as we could.Many were damned by flying debris..It was like snow, there was insulation falling from the sky. The house, what I saw was just on. I mean, theres a nothing leftMany neighbours are now staying with relatives and friends, others sleeping at local elementary school Punishing rain has left more than two-thirds of convenient Chris under water. Water is 2 metres above sea level in the city causing major damage to homes, shop assist and the ancient pal contrasts. Tourist vts been looking for new ways to see the sights. The water is expected to subside by storms are causing disruption in other parts of the city. Not good with a backpack. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have another jam-packed day in New Zealand. They will meet Kiwi Olympians and watch a performance of a children's book but amid the pomp a spot of trouble is brewing. Let the games begin. Today the Royal tour of New Zealand really getting underway. Yesterday, dedicated to Armistice Day. The reception last week was great in Australia. The Kiwis want to Pete it.They had a pretty good time in Australia, are you going to be able to show them a better time?We hope so stpwhrfpl the Kiwis have dolled up for the occasion.As often as possibleThese red coats air their colours on their sleeves.They are either out there on staunch or not at allRepublicans in New Zealand are in retreat.74% is for the monarchy. The Royality rivalry has opened up an old wound.. Make sure they see some of the great Australian joys like pavlova.You are claiming that too!We will claim that one tooCharles will have his birthday in New Zealand on Wednesday.They have invited 64 people born on the same day.How come Australia with a population of 26 million got six days with the Royals while New Zealand with only four and a half got the same?Ly whisper it quietly but perhaps the Kiwis got to count the sheep. Let the war games begin.Let's look at the financial markets now

Finally, it has been a case of seeing double in China with more than 100 pairs of twins in the country's southwest for the city's Twins Festival. On stage there was twice as much cute with some of the talented kids singing and dancing for the crowd. But it seemed not everybody enjoyed the ex-peerpbgs A few tears as well. It is the first time the faceity Sal has been held and organisers hope it will become an annual tradition. I love it when they get dressed up.George Gus Let's look at the weather. I'm wide awake. Lots of weather with heavy rain in south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales in the weekend.

I love the smallgoods in the Barossa.I do not think it matters the temperature for sausage making, but...You do not know that for certain.As long as they are cookedly eat them.Sent some in some sausages and wine and we could test it.Let's do that. Food? How good is it?The Aussies hoping for a comeback at the Gabba and Casey Stoner has done it This program is not captioned. He's Dev, I'm Dale, and we have finally created
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Let's look at the front pages. The Australian - the Greens are set to dump a policy the freeze Commonwealth funding for private schools as they seek to lift their flagging poll numbers and reposition the party. The daily Dell gaffe says two new runs ways on reclaimed land in pot any bay is the latest solution to Melbourne's airport crisis. The tallest skyscraper in the Southern Hemisphere, a 388 metre tower at Southbank. In the Age 50% of Indigenous babies born in the Kimberleys suffer from foetal alcohol syndrome. The 'Adelaide Advertsier' reports report numbers of people are flocking to the South Australian legal service to solve disputes between neighbours. The 'Hobart Mercury' says a missing haul of missing money is waiting to reclaimed with owners, it is in old bank accounts, shares and Life Insurance policies. Michael Clarke and Ed Cowan staged a late come back the defeat South Africa in the final session of day three. Finally, in the 'Courier-Mail', reason to remember - Rodney Lord pictured with his nine-month-old son Marcus joined millions of Australians to pay tribute to the fallen heroes.. A important day yesterday. Paused to look at it. Lots of great tributes .. Australian Opener Ed Cowan is one run shy of a half century. He hopes to bring up that milestone early on day four at the Gabba. The Aussies are desperate to get some runs and salvage a draw in the opening test against South Africa.I guess the partnership is a crucial one for us. Hopefully they can continue that tomorrow and make our way closer to their total. Australia will resume at 3/111 with Ed Cowan and Michael Clarke at the crease. Casey Stoner has hung up his helmet officially retiring from MotoGP racing this morning. He completed his last race at a wet Valentine's Day circuit overnight avoiding a number of incident to finish third.It is a very good feeling to be up on the podium after the race was looking very bad for usWorld champion Jorge Lorenzo was robbed of a winning finish to the season because of that. The honour went the fellow Spaniard Dani Pedrosa. In the A-League Adelaide United has missed a chance to take out outright lead after a 1-all draw with Perth. Dario Vidosich had his fourth goal for the season and was responsible for the equalizer.COMMENTATOR: Dario Vidosich, tide at 1-1.Central Coast is the other side at the top of the table pulling off a 1-nil win overwhelming on the thanks to a lone goal from McBrean. Chelsea has lost more ground to Manchester United following a 1-all draw with Liverpool. Aussie keeper Brad Jones could not do much about John Terry's opener but a second-half goal saw the Reds secure a point.

goal saw the Reds secure a point.
Manchester City looks undefeated after a come from behind 2-win over Tottenham. Robbie Deans expects England to mimic France's high- pressure game in their spring tour clash this weekend. The French destroyed Australia Sunday morning winning 33-6.They will look at that game and they will see a lot that will excite them. And they will look to bring the same sort of pressure to bear.It ain't encouraging. The win was France's first over the Wallabies since 2005. They smashed us. To world champion all pwhaxs performing it better making it 18 test wins in a row. They won 51-22 over Scotland this morning. Thousand of Melbourne fun runners did their bit of charity yesterday taking part in the city to sea run if the CDB to St Kilda. Racingers enjoyed an unusual warm- up. The winner crossed the line around 41 minutes later helping is a plenty of money for some very important charities, so congratulationss to everybody who took part over the weekend. All the cricket live and exclusive on the Nine Network here today. Do not miss a ball. We will have a very good come back today. I think Clarke will get 100 and I think young Ed Cowan will get 100 as well. I have a feelingEd Cowan ready to get a half century, Carl predicting a century. No pressure Ed!Let's get the weather now with Stevie There will be a few showers along the Queensland coast but Brisbane should look good for the test today. Let's look at the main centres an see what is happening at your place.

After the break, it is Hollywood gossip times what is happening on this Monday morning? Justin Bieber back on the prowl. That is right. Fresh from his split with Selena Gomez, the pop tart takes up with a Victoria secret model. I will show you her face and body. Coming up! This program is not captioned. The ad on TV from AustralianSuper
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Selena Gomez Time to welcome Richard Wilkins.. Good morning one and all. Nice to be here at the start of a fresh week. Richard is full of stuff. Justin Bieber back on the singles scene an how!Is he ever. First up I'm a little upset. He breaks up with Selena Gomez over the weekend, so you know it is old news now, but of course I picked up the scent on the Victoria Secret's supermodel that may have broken them up. She is 19-year-old Hungarian model Barbara Palvin. She and Justin were seen at 'The Lion King' Broadway show over the weekend. Looking very close for comfort. But Barbara, the Hungarian model, wants you to know it is the last time I'm saying it, please Campbelltown, there is nothing going on with him, I met him, to a picture with him, who on not do the same? Friendship.Rubbish. You know what, they were seen on a date, very close at the Victoria Secret fashion show. I say poor Selena Gomez Poor Selena Gomez, yeah, boy, can you feel the love tonight at 'The Lion King' with Justin Bieber? Richard - sorry about that. Dome determine notches up a milestone and gets a prize?Yeah, well, yesterday we should give Demi Moore a birth day shout-out. She turned the big 50. She has been named the most coveted cougar in the world by the website Cougar Life and they say she is the most desirable cougar and they say every man who wants a cougar wants Demi. I think it is a come bring meantFordo is putting forward a story, maybe she and Justin Bieber? He is an ideas man. Catch you soon.She can smell it, Demi Moore. When one of those young blokes becomes singleYoung meat skhrafrplgts how do you know this stuff, Ben?InstinctiveHe can smell it too.

ESPN, that is such a bloke thing to say. On this hour today - the search continues for two Melbourne women who have gone missing with police appealing for any information. Peter far yet talks about returning to his rock'n'roll roots. Pashinas the power and the passion... One of the great rockers. Fantastic.I wonder if he ever hankers for those days.I reckon he would.May long for them as well. Saw them a few times, a great ban Seven homes, 12 sheds and four vehicles have been destroyed by an out-of-control bushfire near Port Lincoln west of the Adelaide. The blaze has burnt out more than 2,000 hectares of crops and scrub and authorities fear they will find additional offers once fire invest the Fay fors arrive on the scene. The waffle flames has cut several roads with about a dozen people trapped on the beach at Fishery Bay. Strike teams will arrive from Adelaide this morning to help firefighters who worked through the fight to try to control the blaze. It is hoped calmer conditions forecast today will give them the upper hand after yesterday's hot northerly winds fanned the flames. An Emirates flight has been forced to turn back the Sydney Airport after a mid-air emergency. Lizzie joins us. Take us through what happened on this flight.It was a A380 which took off from Sydney at 9.45 last night. The plane only got about half an hour into its 14 and a half hour journey to Dubai when passengers reported hearing a loud bang. The pilot announced he would turn the plane back an land back in Sydney. Despite this emergency passengers reported it was calm inside the cabin. Let's list why ento one passenger after she rushed here Sydney.Saw a flashing light outside, fiery but not like big flames or anything. But we could not exactly see what happened Emirates has issued a statement saying it was an engine fought and apologised the the passengers but said look the priority is the safety of passengers and crew. All those passengers have put up in hotels last night and will be booked on the earliest flight possible to Dubai an some could be as early as today, Deb The partner of a Melbourne woman missing since last week says he is desperate for her to come home. 45-year-old Sandra Pevitt from Werribee vanished on Wednesday after telling family she was going to the doctors. Her car has not been seen since. Her partner says her disappearance is out of character.Nothing would suggest she was disturbed by anything in any way. I simply do not understand why she has not returned homeAnother Melbourne woman, 30-year-old Katie Dircks from Elwood, is also missing. She was last seen on Friday night wearing a navy blue dress and black cardigan A13-year-old boy will appear in court today charged over a blaze that engulf add shopping centre in the Mackay. Three stores were among those destroyed. The inferno caused millions of dollars worth of damage. Police say there could be more arrests.One child but we are looking for a number of others and we hope they will be rounded up very quickly. Investigators were not able to enter the complex yesterday because it was still deemed unsafe. Melbourne's skyline could soon include the tallest billing in the Southern Hemisphere. While the designs for a new 388-metre-high tower are yet to be finalised the building is set to boast 600 apartments, several bars and restaurant flts if approved it will be built near the Eureka Tower. The 108-floor tower will be the 18th tallest building in the world. Let's look at finance now

Hilfenhaus has admitted bowling bouncers may not have been a good idea. He picked up two wickets to s Australia 3/111 at stumps. The Aussies plan of intimidating protesters lower order back fired. We expected them to come hard at us thinking they were going to declare, you know, at that stage of the game, so, um, yeah, we thought we might as well get in firstCasey Stoner has completed his final MotoGP race calling it quits in Valencia where he finished thifrpltd congratulations. Novak Djokovic is through to the final season-ending ATP event in London after coming back from a set down. The Red Bull competition where homemade flying machines are launched into the water has hit San Francisco. We have seen it here in Australia. Melbourne Cup's team used pieces from a wrecked yacht to create their contraption. They get up to some wacky stuff those Red Bull guys. Plenty more previews of the cricket.It will be fantastic. Government weather is good according to Stevie.In the next 10 minutes - the new technology whole pink our cricketers get fitterThe very soggy moggy who is not too pleased about having a bath. Look at that face.Some people hate animal stories but I love them Where to camp to get the best view of this week's so hard eclipse, it will be very coolIt will be stunning but you have to be careful about your eyes.You do have to be careful about your eyes.You have to watch it on television, that is the best place to watch it.We do not need to do that segment any more.I needed to reinforce that, that the TV is where you need to be. Stevie is on the TV right now because he has the weather for us. It is not a bad day the start the week either, a good day for the cricket today, not a bad day for fluktagging if you have thinking about putting a little contraption together.

A great days to start the week and for the Aussies to fight back. Ahead we have $10,000 to give away in Mortgage Monday.The new technology helping our cricketers get back on track. Let's hope it will work!

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Seven homes have been destroyed overnight by a major bushfire in South Australia. It is burning near Port Lincoln. The country fire service is bringing in more firefighters to Pat tell blaze, calling in the reinforcements. Virginia brings up-to-date with what is happening at the moment an also overnight.There was not very much notice for the residents of Tulka. We had a warm day yesterday but so far this fire has burnt 2,000 hectares of farmland and it is still burning out of control. Tulka is 11 and a half kilometres if important an so far the damage is seven homes, 12 sheds and four vehicles and livestock is likely to s been lost but we will not know that until firefighters an investigators can get on scene.Is the fire under control at present? No it is still burning out of control. There are warnings for residents to put in action their bushfire action plans and so far they have not been evacuated but they are being told to keep updated with the CFS latest advice. One residents said there is one road in and one road out. There are something in the order of 12 people than a beach trying to fatter there for safety. What are residents being told an advised to do? That is right. The people are no strangers to fires here, they had a bad one here a few years back. They have not been told the evacuate yet but obviously they would be on very high alert and the CFS are quite aware of the people in the area an they are being told to keep updated with the CFS late quest advice. They have - there have not been anything of note for them to worry 3. As yet. Although, it has not been brought under control. At the moment the conditions are good for firefighters having southwest wind which have basically cooled down temperatures and made it more manageable for themA big change if the northerlies over the weekend. Talk to you later. Day four of the first test gets underway at the Gabba in Brisbane this morning and Australia has a lot of work to do. It is moments like these when the players really rely on their training and as Mike Dalton reports, technology is playing its part in finding that winning edge. Before a ball is bowled in summer's battles, thousands of kilometres of road and sweat are expended in training.You are running up to 30 kilometres the one day. Some of the fast bowlers we have tested doing that so you have to be fit, well conditioned, and being able to sprint after sprint.Jock Campbell is former strength and conditioning coach the Australian cricket team and is now developing athlete and training technologies with his business Skrok Athletics, technologies now in Yze found sporting world. We are now harnessing them the our test pilot batsman Chris Lynn.This holds the unit in placeGood to see you are a 'Sienfeld' fan mate.As we put the GPS tracking register is list its stats used to hone the 1%ers as they say in the trade. Aussie quick Peter Siddle has been wearing one this test and in the last two days of play he has run over 40 kilometres. Cricket training was not always like this. As is the early experience ever test great Ian Chappell.I did a bit of sand hill running but generally sort of 15-minute run, I would do that - I don't know - probably three, four times a week. But a case could be argued that Australian speed demon Dennis Lillee sparked the new era in training when he fought back from crippling back injury in the late '70s.. He was the first one that was really well documented to do that. Most bowlers if they did a bad back injury were out. A lot of what he did would stand up today in some of the rehab programs. At this time technology was starting to expand the field of sport science. Fast bowlers are particularly prone to injury. Pounding and grinding their skeletal system while stretching an twisting muscular and run quick Brett Lee has lived those changes in a career constantly dualing with injury.It does evolve over time. We have done ice baths, weights, gym and sprints and it looks like it will head back the other way now. But the filmish is very important in training.Brett fought his aback with Jock's help and with the assistance of training met wrods that have grown in cricket over the last three decades. One element has been there, regardless of technology, as keeper Ian Healy was keen to highlight.I reckon it is just knowledge and it is still the hard workThat is an incredible shot.Isn't it great? How good is it to hear the crick yet music again? You know summer is coming. Nine's technology is so good to watch. The piece Richie Benaud did at the start of the cricket on on Friday was magic and they played it twice. Brett Lee has a DVD called Pushing Boundaries - that looks like a Christmas present to me. Most clicked including Elle Macpherson's play a cheeky way of avoiding fans! This program is not captioned. Try Oporto's first-ever
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She has won six Grammys, sold over 22 million albums and her new one Red is already a number 1 hit. On Monday 26 November Taylor Swift will perform live on the 'Today Show'.. I wake up with today. Stay tuned for more details on how you can come along. Let the countdown begin.

begin. There is 14 sleeps to go an Richard will have some more details for us at 6.40. Are you sure? He has promised that today - I know he has been a big tease for a while now - but he will definitely tell us how you can be in the audience right here when Taylor Swift performs live.I wonder if he has any room in his in-pox because Uncle Dickie!Send him an email and tell him why you should be at that concert. He loves it. Elle Macpherson has made headlines after a UK gossip sight claims the model pretended to be French to avoid talking to someone. Their source got into a plift with the supermodel and said "Hello" to which she responded "Sorry, English very bad" Apparently it is not the first time. Another source said that while on a plane flight attendants could not speak to her directly but to her minders in English who relayed the questions to the super model in French.I I can confirm this story. I Lovell MacPherson, say been lucky enough to interview her. I have been told that flight attendant haves told me the same story. Elle Macpherson really weird, started to speak French and could not understand English.She does not realise how famous she is yet because everybody knows she is Australian.Maybe her accent is too thick.Aussie flight attendants.You are being generous Hat see said in English was very bad.. That is sort of bad. Was that Hungarian? Keeps everybody guessing Never dull. At number 2 the cat who does not like getting wet or dried for that matter.

for that matter.There is one last step - Good hair flick.Look at him go!

go! If you think that was cute at number 3 this could well to be cutest thing you will see all day. Take a look.Another animal one. Your husband loves these? He is a big softy when it comes to dogs an cats.He is playing guitar to a little dog, isn't that nice?An impressive bowling strike. Check it. # Tell me everything you are hiding from # Fear is all that is keeping you from love... No!Yep.Look at that! Wow!Aussie kids. Are Weetbix kids! At number 5, if you ever wondered what face dancing looked like. Well, this is it! Quite the craze at the moment.Great tune this one.Back in the clubbing days.What sort of shapes did you build Fordo?Mairbgt I just had a whistle and a glow stick, standards.Do you think he got a lot of dates sitting at the bar doing that?The good thing is you can keep your seat and still danceLook at that.He is pretty happy with itNews, sport and weather next. Peter far yet talks about the return of the Oils, here is reminder, you are watching 'The Today Show'! # And if I walk up and down on the blue sky line # They will paying your pocket... # An the This program is not captioned. They called. They called you?
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# I see the bad moon arising... How good is that song? And how good is a total solar eclipse? Am I the only one that gets into it. No, we are hanging off every word. Wednesday morning is when it will occur. We had take you to a very special place on Wednesday to watch it unfold.It will be very exciting. Right now even more exciting, thus time, 6.30.An out-of-control bushfire west of Adelaide is advancing on the town of Tulka on the Lower Eyre Peninsula. Strike teams if Adelaide will arrive in Port Lincoln to join the fight against the blaze which has burnt out more than 2,000 hectares, some including mature crops. Residents are warned the situation is continually changing and the seek shelter and day there..It is good to have a plan but we do not want people on the roads. They are not safeSeven homes have been lost while 12 sheds and four vehicles have also been destroyed. Passengers on board an Emirates flight say they saw flames and heard a loud bang before the pilot told them something had gone wrong with engine number 3. The flight was on its way to ewe buy last night but was forced to turn back the Sydney -- to Dubai.It landed in Sydney two hours before it had taken offEmirates says safety is the highest priority and all passengers have been rebooked on other flights. The families of missing Victoria women say though are desperately worried an are not able to explain why the 45-year-old Sandra Pevitt vanished five days ago. She disappeared after telling her family she was going to the doctor. Her car is also missing.I have certainly been beside myself. All I have been trying to do is hold it together and desperately hope she will return home. We simply do not understand why it has happened.Police are searching for another Melbourne woman missing since Friday night. 30-year-old Katie Dircks from Elwood was last seen wearing a navy blue December and a black cardigan. If a man is fighting for his life in a Melbourne hospital this morning after a horror smash in the city's east. The 48-year-old was driving at Rowville around 10 o'clock last night when his car collided with a BMW. He was trapped for up to half an hour but was vertically freed. It appears one vehicle from initial inquiries ran through a red light and collided with a second vehicle. The occupants in 2 second vehicle have life-threatening injuries. Did 28-year-old woman driver of the BMW was rushed to hospital with spinal injuries. Australian researchers say they have make a breakthrough after discovering a new molecule a cancer cell produces to convince the body it is not dangerous. The team at the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre say the disease goals the body's I'm moon defences. New treatments can be found to interrupt the so-called deception. An unsuspecting they have got more than he bar gained for when he tried to steal the handbag of a well-dressed Australian on the streets of London. Novelist catty Lett has always held her own and it did not change in this situation when the mugger grabbed her back she grabbed it right back then gave chase. The feisty author explained you do not get between an Australian woman and her handbag. Here, here Cathy Let's look at finance now.

Thousands have gathered in try wan for a yoga class like now other. 7,000 stretched and bent outside Presidential palace in the capital Taipei. It is the second year the event has been held.Like a bit of a stretch.A lot of downward dogs Salute to the sun. We will chase up Cathy. I reckon she may have a great story to tell.She alwayss to Poor Robbo, he will not know what he has got.. He has not been seen sent. Australia is looking for a big morning session at the Gabba. They are 3/111 heading in to the fourth day of the opening test against South Africa. Ed Cowan is unbeaten at 49 and is at the crease with his skipper Michael Clarke after the Proteas were bowled out for 450. In A league - Sydney FC begins the search for a new head coach. Ian Crook revealed the job was not good for his health but he may not be completely lost to the Sky BluesWe would like to keep him. Following their thumping at the hands of the French the Wallabies can expect at tougher time next weekend according to England's forward back. They are determined to use similar aggressive tactics on Sunday morning gain the Springboks. Let's hope we do better. Nine-time rally world champion Sebastian Loeb has called it quits taking out the Rally of Spain in his final event. Incredible pictures. You can see some of the GoPro cameras that featured in '60 Minutes' really put you in the driver's seat.. That is cool. Let's look at the T-sign that have landed in the in box. These kids at a sports club in Kenmore in Queensland, look at that, all lined up in their sports outfits. Using sporting stuff, this is William from Queensland who made us this T sign on the hat. Fantastic, December-up day at school. Simon from Twin Waters.(LAUGHTER)That is so cool!What is that?It is not some German thing, is it?A T sign. Not a capital one.Not a World War II then go?No, a husky teamI could not even tell that that is their little handsWhat do you think they are all looking at in the middle.Having a Kubbaya session.They might be playing cardsAll we need is a hat and a bowtie...That is one of the best. Thank you Fordo.Coming open in five minutes rock star turned pollie Peter Garrett talks about his new album. The Royal rivalry heats up. New Zealand pulls out all the stops for Charles and Camilla's national visit but I think they prefer us though.That was uncomfortableWe are giving ai way 10 grand in cold hard cash for Mortgage Monday. Just pick up the phone within five rings and say the magic words, Wakeful Stakes.

We will make the call later but right now, time for your best local forecast with the Stevie. A few showers in the Northern Territory, Tasmania and the coast of Queensland which is where we start our national flyaround. Not a bad day but we will see some showers for northern areas of Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Hamilton Island then starting to fine up as we move further south and inland.

Across the weekend Brisbane had some of the heaviest rain in five months which stopped day two of the test but no such luck today. Sunshine all the way in Brisbane as the Aussies fight back in day four Let's get entertainment with Richard.Good morning. Look the M. The S European awards are under way. We will bring you highlight. The mighty Midnight Oil. Peter Garrett talks about how it all began. # The power and the passion...

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Coming up we have details on how you can join us in the studio with special guest Taylor Swift in a fortnight's time. That is up at 7.40. Right now the mighty Midnight Oil have released an album of their hits 'Essential Oil'. It is a timely reminder of the power and the passion of one of Australia's greatest groups which started with an ad in the newspaperYeah it is incredible when you think about it now but I was looking for work over Christmas. Hi come back up to Sydney looked in the paper, saw to read, thought it has to be betser than working as a builder's labourer an show up. There they were, ran through the songs and they said "OK, off we go"When did you realise that there was really something pretty special about the combination?As soon as I heard them play, I thought it was the power of it. I had been playing music an I love my rock n' roll but I had not heard anything white like it, it was difficult for me to put my finger on it as a sound but I knew I liked it. Was the main thing. You had strong ethic boss what would you were going to do and what you were not going to do?We really loafed the music for music's sake. Anything that was going to knock that about or take a numbers off it or take some of the essence out of it we did not want to have anything to do with it. We were pretty confident musically. Our reason for being was to make as great a noise as we could on the stuff we like. There was also always a message - support for Indigenous Australians. # How do we sleep... The plundering of our fall resources. # Who is going to save me # Who's going to save me Or the cosy alliance with America. # US forces give the nod Social consciousness that political activism if you like?We really wanted to write songs about things we were experiencing than I wanted us to say things that were important to me. I think part of being human is to have than a awareness of what is going on around you and to have a go to say what you think. People did not have the agree with us. Sometimes they did and sometimes they did. But the fact is we were prepared to give it a go an say it. # The river run red...The way you took on the ex-one oil company in New York City was a big call, wasn't it?Being serious about the music meant we had to be serious about at we stood for and that probably meant you would fine yourself on the top of the flat-bed truck in New York in the middle of town in Manhattan playing to that audience and saying those things but that was the right thing for us to do as a band. I still think I was a little bit about what Australian bands can and should do, you know. Though should be able to reflect what is happening in their country an their place even if it means shouting it out the the rest of the world.I will strongly support the Prime Minister, she is doing a very, very good jobHave there been nights when you have lain awake in bed thinking, "Bloody hell"? Is this a conflict of interest or hat? No it is a natural step for someone focused and interested in politics and a I knew in the Parliament decisions would be taken which could be for the better of the nation. I wanted to be a part of that. I'm really pleased I had the opportunity and I have the privilege to do it. Finest hour for the Oils?I think the finest hour is the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics where we were able to both be ourselves at a biggest global audience event ever and make a statement but do it in a way that is sympathetic. The sorry suits then get off in one piece! Pretty ballsy too, wasn't it?Yes, but it was the right thing for us to do.Election next year. Fittings bad would you put the band back together?Richard, the Cardinal rule of any politician is never to answer a hypothetical question so we are aiming to go well in the election next year from a Government point view. There you go. See ya!I thought we would finish with that song, a great song Forgotten Years. The day after Armistice Day, Peter Garrett opening up about Midnight Oil t 'Essential Oil' is out now with 36 of their finest tracks, it is a cracker. One after the other. The MTV European Awards are about to get underway in Frankfurt, Germany. Taylor Swift has hit the red carpet looking stunning as she does. Looking good. They are all rocking up there. In an hour we will tell you how you can come the our very special Taylor Swift concert in a fortnight's time. There she situation Taylor Swift in Frankfurt, two weeks time she will be here in Australia.. The quicker Peter Garrett gets voted out of Parliament and is back on the road with the Oils the better. It is not about politics, it is about the music.He will be a happier man as well.ExactlyThere you go, Pete, you have been toldThe latest on a massive bushfire raging South AustraliaFind out the best spots the view the total solar eclipse due to occur on Wednesday.27 years ago pop band - my HIV why it - Aha soared to number 1 with this classic. I will say it anyway # Shying away... That

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Tomorrow is holiday Tuesday. We have a $60,000 Scenic Tours voucher up for grabs - you could head on a luxury tour of the Canadian Rockies,staying in five-star style. That's just one of dozens of great holidays. Just pick up the phone within five rings and say the magic words I wake up with Today. All calls are mades live on Australian eastern daylight savings time. Get into it.Got to be in it to win it. Here is Ross.Good morning. I want to throw your heads around something this morning. What about the prospect for a higher goods and services tax. The Prime Minister has ruled it out but there are calls to massively overhaul the tax system. A big part is to simplify our taxes, part of that could be by raising the GST. It won't happen overnight and it most likely won't be an election issue. But the current tax system has problems seen by constant bickering between state and federal governments and the failure of the mineral resource rents tax to raise any revenue. In Australia the GST is 10%. In the UK it's 20%. It's pretty modest, which means we have higher and less competitive personal and company tax rates. The calls have come from former Treasury secretary Tony Cole. Graham Samuel is calling for a review of middle class welfare and handouts to ailing companies. They are right but every major change that's politicised can become a mutant of what was originally a good idea.I don't know that you can take a tax increase of any kind to an election, can you?You can't. But you have to throw it out there. We pay too much in personal and company tax.John Howard won the election off the GST.But he had a mandate in both houses of parliament and it wasn't politicised.He was popular at the time.And he lost some of that as a result.Gossip now.Let's go to Hollywood. Richard Reid has some good stuff for us today. Miley and Liam are planning their big wedding. Could they possibly do that down snundYou're starting to think like I do. Rumour has it that Liam is begging Miley to have an Australian Christmas. He wants to take her back to Melbourne for their first Christmas together as an engaged couple. You never know, they could be looking around, scouting out places for their wedding next year. I tend to think it will be in Hollywood but you never know, it could be there in um...Australia. Australia.If you see her around tell her we love her new hairstyle. I will.Katy Perry's parents, the poor things, what do they think of their little girl's new man?Thank you for asking. Kate yes and John have gotten the thumb up from her evangelist parents. They are saying oh, he is so respectful of Katy and treats her like a lady. They are still badmouthing Russell brand all over the place, "Oh, he was a sinner,a child of Satan. Our daughter is so better off now she is out of his clutches. "Out of the frying pan into the fire there. Richard, David Hasselhoff selling the house that 'Baywatch' built? David Hasselhoff - rumour has it he is moving to London where he is very popular. He has put his California home on the markets. It's pretty reasonable, $3.million in Encino north of Hollywood. Five bedrooms, five baths, tennis courts. Beautiful pool. If that pool could talk I'm sure it would have tales to tell.Amazing.That would be good. 20 second story - who is the One Direction lad who wants to ink it like beck Cam.It's Harry of course. Harry is following in Beckham's footsteps. Over the weekend he got yet another tattoo. This is 8. He got a couple of birds on his chest. They both go to the same place, Mark Mahoney's Shack rock Tattoos.We will let you get back to the talking swimming pools. The house would be worth a lot more than 3mill if it had a talking swimming pool. Here are the top stories on Today. Bushfire battle, homes destroyed in South Australia after a blaze tears through port Lin con. Grave concerns - friends and family take to social media to find two missing Melbourne women. Midair scare, Emirates plane forced to turn back to Sydney after a loud bang. And mortgage Monday, your chance to win $10,000. And everything you need to know about the total solar eclipse. A very good morning to you all. It's Monday the 12th of November. Fire fighters in South Australia are battling a major bushfire thats that - has destroyed 7 homes near Port Lincoln. A Strike Force is set to arrive in the area today. An extremely tough night for firefighters. Talk us through firstly what happened through the night.Good morning. Yesterday afternoon when this fire started, it took off at incredible speed. Very dangerous conditions, catastrophic conditions in fact, which basicaly means for that community it's a day of survival. The community and firefighters had a hell of a battle yesterday afternoon. During the course of late yesterday and evening into the evening we have been put ing in control lines and working hard to strengthen those. That together with favourable weather conditions during the night helped us. But we have some south westerly winds, which mean the fire is almost turning again and has the potential to break the control lines or breakthrough the control lines and threaten Tolca and Port Lincoln. We're working hard to bring that situation to hand. But it's still a very serious fire at this stage. For those people who are in those areas like it. Olka, what is their - Tahk,, if the situation has the chance to change it's difficult to make that decision. You have to pre-plan and make those decisions before it gets too late, right? Absolutely. The events yesterday were weather driven events. There was nothing firefighters could do other than try to warn people and put them in a safer place where they could. In some cases that was, "Don't go on the road, stay in your home and wait until the fire passes." people need a push - bushfire survival plan. People should activate that whenever there is a requirement to do so. A well constructed plan, well thought through. And discuss with family and friends - that's the way to go. We will talk to one of those people in a secondment with one road in, one road out, what is your advice to them this morning considering the winds later on?The situation is that we have been in contact with a lot of the communities there. People do have awareness of the fire that's in their part of the world at the moment. They are listening to the media and they are taking our advice. They are using social media and the like. But those people, if they don't have a bushfire action plan, they should be speaking to us or other emergency services workers about what they should be doing. If there are firefighters or emergency services workers on the road there is no problem asking them what to do.Let's go to Mark Thomas, a resident of Port Lincoln. How is the situation over the last 24 hours? It must have been frightening at times?It was, Karl, because the smoke cloud from the fire was enormous. Relatively close as well well. About 10 to 15 kilometres as the crow flys from where I live with my family. Knowing we're at the mercy of a change in conditions made it quite scary.Listening to that advice from the CFA, do you have your own plan? What will you do in case it gets even worse?We have taken precautions around the property. We are one of many one hectare residential blocks on the out skirts of Port Lincoln. We keep the block clear. We have firefighting equipment and water close by. It's always difficult to know, do you stay and defend or leave? I think with a young family we err on the side of caution and we would be out of there if things started to turn for the worse.The hard thing is it can be too late once you make the decision. Is this something you're thinking about already?It is. Although at this point in time I have just taken a drive up to the highest vantage point in town. Perhaps a false sense of security, but it looks calm at the moment. It's cool. The winds are light to moderate. The risk at this point in time doesn't seem so great but things could change and flare up Gen Z thank you for sharing your story. Best of luck.There was a midair scare for passengers on an Emirates plane last night after an engine fault forced the plane to return to Sydney airport. We understand the passengers heard a loud bang during the flight. Passengers say they heard a loud bang around 30 minutes into the flight. It's a 14.5 hour journey from Sydney to Dubai taking off around 9.45 last night. They were on board the A380 when they heard the bang. Despite the emergency passengers in the cabin remained calm. When the pilot came offer the loud speaker and said they would be turning around and landing the flight back in Sydney. Let's take a listen to some of those passengers after they managed to get off safely.We were sitting just above the wing. We saw a flashing light outside. Sort of fire but not like big flames. We couldn't see what happened but we're guessing a bird flew into the engine. They seemed to be figuring out what to do.We were told by the pilot that something had gone wrong on the starboard engine, number 3 engine. The aircraft returned, dumped fuel and then landed at Sydney airport about two hours after it had taken off.Emirates says it was an engine fault and says there was - they are sorry for any inconvenience. Passengers were booked in hotels last night and will be rebooked on flights out of Sydney today.Thank you.A 16-year-old boy charged with murder after the stabbing death of another boy in north western New South Wales - police say a fight broke out between the pair in Moree yesterday afternoon. The victim was knifed and taken to hospital by a passerby but later diedment the other boy will appear in court this morning. The partner of a Melbourne woman missing since last week says he is desperate - for her to come home. She vanished on Wednesday and told friends she was going to the doctors. Her partner says her does appearance is out of character. Nothing would suggest that she was disturbed by anything in any way. I sfrply don't understand why she hasn't returned home.Meantime, Melbourne police are searching for another woman, 30-year-old Katey Dirks from he will wood vanished Friday night. She was last seen wearing a Navy blue dress and a black cardigan. A search is resuming this morning for a boat feared to have sunk off Wollongong. A search turned up nothing with no sign of the boat or its occupants. A 13-year-old boy will face a Queensland court today charged with arson. He is accused of lighting a fire that destroyed three Mackay businesses and left dozens of workers facing Christmas without a job. Police say they are looking for more children thought to be involved.They say that things shouldn't shock. But when a 13- year-old through some mindless act creates the devastation and flow on effects from that, it disappoints. It's still not safe for investigators to enter the still smouldering wreckage. Christine Milne and Tony Windsor and Craig Thomson are urging the Prime Minister to kfr a royal commission into child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. A list is being handed to the government that is said to contain the names of 18 paedophiles moved between parishs but who kept offending.Thousands of people from across Australia and the world are heading to Far North Queesnland. Why? It's to witness a spectacular at the nom non-- a total eclipse of the sun, which is set to occur this Wednesday. We're joined by Jonathan Nally. (SINGS) # Total eclipse of the heart.We're not gonna play that song?We are. But talk us through what people will see.Totally clips of the sun. The moon goes between the earth and sun and the moon blocks out the sun. It happens every year. The last one for Australia was 2002. The next one is this Wednesday morning, and it will be seen in tow at that time from Far North Queesnland. That's the diamond ring effect.How long will that last?Two minutes in total. You will only see it from a narrow strip from Cairns, Port Douglas and Mosman area. Everyone else in Australia will see a partial eclipse of the sun. It's when the moon goes between the earth and the sun.This is very rare. It will be a couple of hundred years before it happens for Far North Queesnland again. For Sydney it's 2028?In 2028 there will be one right through Sydney. This is the last chance to see one for a while.The whole thing goes for a couple of hours but it becomes like a moon lit night?It will totally cover up the sun. You will be in darkness. I haven't seen one yet. Would you believe it? Lots of people come from around the world. People get hooked on these things and they go from one to the other around the globe.60,000 people are descending on Far North Queesnland. We're amongst them. We will be broadcasting live from Palm Cove. It's down the southern end of Palm Cove so say g'day to us from the southern end. That's Wednesday morning. We're going together.We will have a total eclipse of the... Do we have the music?Where is the music. Can't do this without music. And loud.It wouldn't work with me, no. (SINGS) # Totally clips of the heart.This is the moon and the sun joining together. (SINGS) # Turnaround bright eyes. (SINGS) # Once upon a time there was light in my life.I would rather it was you,Leisa or Deb. Come on, Karl. Leave it alone.Here we go. (SINGS) # Turnaround bright eyes. OK, I'm being asked to move things along right now. I'm sorry to spoil the mood. Jonathan and Karl will be away together and we will have all of those reports live. To the cricket - Australia faces a tough day at the Gabba - another one - with South Africa ending the day 339 runs in front. Let's go to nine cricket commentator Brett Lee. Brett, good morning.Good morning. I know we're pushing it up hill today. Is there any chance we can pull off a win?The sun is out today but no eclipse. It's 450 for the South Africans. They have us at 3 for 111. If we build on the partnership with Michael Clarke and the other guy at the crease, Ed Cowan, he is in good form at 49.I know Ed Cowan is shy of a half century. How important is it to get a good start under way this morning for Ed Cowan and also Clarke?I have been impressed by Ed Cowan. He came out in the press a few weeks prior to the start of the test saying he would be a lot more positive. I think this wicket has suited him. It would be nice to get one more run to bring up the half century and go on with that. The key is Michael Clarke and Mike Hussey as well.A quick one,in the News Limited press : an ageing Ricky importanty importantinging is light after his third duck in four innings. It doesn't start long to question whether people will be under the pump?At the age of 37 if you miss out on an innings these days the press will jump on your back. But Ricky will be here for a long time. He is in good form and hopefully he will get some runs in the next innings.All of the action on Nine today. Don't miss a ball. Could bank branches become a thing of the past? Ross Greenwood is here to take us through the new technology...Sink total eclipse of the heart.Let's get to that music at the end of the segment because I'm not gonna cheat on Jonathan. Every Australian would understand that they can now - they don't have to go to a bank branch any more. The banks are having to change rapidly. If they don't, somebody else will cut their grass. All of the banks, you can see it with Kaching from the Commonwealth Bank, and iPads from Westpac, NAB and others, they are trying to get ahead of the kufb. They have to change their branches,just like retailers. They have 2.75 million people in Australia prepared to bank on their iPads. The next phase is a really important one. Your own iPad or indeed your smart phone in your pocket will ultimately become your cash as well. Even Westpac, say, for example is starting to put chips into phones. You just keep going.The worry is security. That's the hardest thing in terms of technology.Of course it is. But Australians are confident enough now to go to their desktop computers and pay bills, transfer money. So Australians are confident enough to do that. So why not take the small step to say I don't need cash-in my pocket. I'm not suggesting cash will disappear, but more Australians will be able to keep track of their budgets. People are now using debit cards and not credit cards. Even the branches themselves are bringing down the glass screens, the tellers are disappearing and they are selling high value services like financial planning that they make more money from. (SINGS) # Totally clips of the heart.What about Jonathan?I have forgotten him.You haven't even been away with him yet.Are you comfortable?I'm uncomfortable. I don't know about you. Thank you, boys - I think! I hope you are sitting downright now. Because if you are drinking your morning coffee, prepare for some bitter news. You're daily cuppa could become a thing of the past with experts saying the main bean to - used to make coffee is drying up and it's all to do with global warming.From a simple cup of Joe to a double espresso it's what opens the eyes of half of all Americans daily. But a new study is dark with no sugar, saying that coffee change has the wild arabica plant headed for extinction as soon as 2080.Right now I'm addicted to coffee.I need something to give me the energy.I don't think I could live.Scientists ran computer models on global warming, finding if their worst estimates come true n68 years there would be nowhere on earth for wild coffee growth. Because wild coffee ensures healthy genetic diversity it could even mean extinction of beans on farms. Imagine a world without coffee? How would people conquer alarm clocks and survive commutes to work. What would happen to Juan value dez. Where would friends go to meet without coffee and what would take its place? Nearly 7 million tonnes of beans are produced worldwide each year. Coffee is the world's second most traded commodity behind oil. Over 80% of Americans drink t spending on average $164 a year. Diet Coke will still be around.I would have to find an alternative source of energy. Of energy.You on a Monday morning.I'm not really worried about it.I am.Why? Because I can't get by without my coffee.Just have a Red Bull or something. That will get you charged.That would be good. Depressing but let's carry on any way. Let's get some weather now. Good morning to you. A few showers around the country today. Let's see what happens - what is happening over your morning coffee. Get it while you can. Brisbane, fine today and 27.

while you can. Brisbane, fine today
and 27. .the Gold Coast,a few showers and 26. Sydney, sunny and 24. Cloud about in the south-east for Canberra, and Melbourne, both peaking at 25. Windy conditions in Melbourne today. Adelaide, showers and 23. Perth looking the goods, 27 and sunshine. Alice Springs, a top of 35. A warmer start to the week for those people in the Alice. Darwin, 34. Showers and storms about

Darwin, 34. Showers and storms
about there.

Darwin, 34. Showers