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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - the Sydney teenager fighting
for life following a suspected hit-run.

An Australian war hero honours those
who didn't make it back.

As the nation pauses
to reflect on Remembrance Day.

The new plan to fix
Sydney's transport black holes. And Sydney FC's coach quits
because of fears for his health.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson.

Good evening. A suspected young hit run victim
has finally been identified almost 48 hours after
he was found critically injured. The teenage football player
was hit by a cab at Lakemba early yesterday morning. He was only identified
through his club uniform.

15-year-old George Finau lay
in St George Hospital unidentified for nearly two days. He'd been hit
by a taxi at 3:00am yesterday on Canterbury Road, Lakemba, and had been unconscious
with life-threatening injuries ever since. The well-built victim had no ID,
leaving police baffled. We're also asking the public
to please assist us by identifying this male who is understood to be
between 20 and 25 years of age. George was wearing
his Greenacre Wests Tigers shirt and shorts. The outfit led his coach
and club secretary to his bedside after lunch today. Their discovery was shocking. George is a good kid.
He's only 15 years old. I suppose you'd call him
a gentle giant. Beautiful kid. Witnesses have told police
they saw a truck hit the teen before the taxi struck him
as he lay on the ground. They hope he'll soon be well enough
to fill in the blanks.

He was in a coma. When we started talking to him
he actually opened up his eyes and obviously recognised the voice, which was a big relief. Sean Berry joins us now
from St George Hospital. Sean, what's the latest
on the teenagers condition? Mark, he's not well. Doctors say he's in a critical
and unstable condition. He has considerable
lower body injuries though he has been able to
communicate a little this afternoon. Both parents have been by his side. Police are still appealing
for witnesses so they can rule in or out their Thanks, Sean.

Australia's newest
Victoria Cross recipient has laid a wreath at the Cenotaph to remember those soldiers who
never made it home from war. Corporal Daniel Keighran was one
of thousands of people across Sydney who paused to mark Remembrance Day.

Even a VC winner needs
the occasional order from a general. I'll just stand fast, you salute. And you give us the turn
and we'll move on. Corporal Daniel Keighran joined
retired general Peter Cosgrove in laying a wreath for our war dead. ('LAST POST' PLAYS)

At 11am,
reflection, remembrance.

That minute silence,

I was thinking about, obviously,
the boys who are still deployed. I think about my family
that has served previously as well. Not just a service for aussies. ('LE MARSEILLAISE' PLAYS)

We don't forget the help,
the brotherhood - twice, two wars - and the French people
remember that. These are very nice, aren't they? These second world war commandos
are paying tribute to comrades lost, many behind the lines. Anybody that served
and lost their life, we come down for it. Today's ceremonies mark
the anniversary of the end of the war
said to have ended all wars yet Australians are still fighting
and dying. Since last Remembrance Day, seven more have given their lives
in battle. A sacrifice felt keenly
in Townsville which welcomed home some of
its sons and daughters last night. There were three soldiers from
our task group that didn't come home and we think of their families
and their friends as they miss them. We will remember them.

And the names of our most recent
diggers to die in Afghanistan have now been added
to the honour roll at the Australian War Memorial. The Defence Force Chief paid tribute
to them during the national
Remembrance Day service in Canberra. On the Afghanistan honour roll, nine more names
Australia will never forget. Captain Bryce Duffy, Corporal Ashley Birt, Lance Corporal Luke Gavin, Sergeant Blaine Diddams, Sapper James Martin, Lance Corporal Rick Milosevic, Private Robert Poate, Private Nathanial Gallagher, and Lance Corporal Mervin McDonald. Their families and friends
were among almost 4000 people remembering them
at the Australian War Memorial. The brass plaques inside
the memorial may dull but we know that your memories
do not. Only those who have love and lost can understand war's bitter cost. Although Remembrance Day
holds an important place on the national calendar, the annual unveiling of names is one tradition all Australians
will be hoping comes to an end with most of our diggers returning
from Afghanistan next year. We'd all be very happy
the sooner we're not at war anymore or, indeed, the sooner
we could have a year where we don't have any of our
service men or women lost in action. At least one more name
will be added - Corporal Scott Smith We will remember them.

An elderly man
has been labelled a legend after chasing off two armed robbers
who broke into his home on the state's mid-north coast. The 85-year-old was asleep
in his Port Macquarie home when he was threatened
by intruders armed with a hammer, metal pole
and a knife. Somehow he managed to disarm the
thieves and stabbed one of them. I went to the door
to see what was happening and my neighbour was standing
out in the lawn with his pyjamas and a metal rod in his hand
and blood trickling down his face. Police are still searching
for the robbers.

A fishing trip
in Sydney's south-east has ended in tragedy when a man died after being swept
off rocks this morning. Three friends
were fishing at Little Bay when they were struck
by a large wave and washed into the ocean. Two of the men managed
to climb onto a rock ledge but were unable to rescue
their 39-year-old friend. A passer-by helped them
pull his body from the water. Paramedics tried to save him
but he died at the scene.

A community coalition is calling for existing contracts
with Sydney's private bus companies to be torn up. The organisation says
too many commuters are waiting more than 15 minutes for a bus and they're forced to walk long
distances to get to their stop. So much attention is given to proposed multibillion dollar
transport projects. But it's been claimed cheaper,
quicker solutions are being ignored, We know that lots of people
are driving around the city and we know they are doing it because they don't have a choice
at the moment. Dr Kurt Iverson has mapped

hundreds of black holes
in the suburban transport network. He says Sydney's south-west
is the most disadvantaged when it comes to the absence of
regular, convenient bus services. Only a quarter of our trips in
the city are actually work-related. All the other trips, we are talking
about going shopping, accessing services,
essential services, meeting family and friends. He's prepared the report for a new
community transport lobby group calling itself the Sydney Alliance. Citizens have been left out
of the public transport debate for a long time. The alliance says by tearing up existing contracts
with private bus companies, providing greater competition
more frequent services and better value for customers. You need solutions that include
minibuses, for instance, as well as large private buses and public buses
to be in the sector. At the moment 85% of Sydney cannot
access transport every 15 minutes within a 400m walk of bus stops
and train stations.

Homes are under threat
from a massive bushfire burning near Port Lincoln
in South Australia. The state's fire authority says
lives could be at risk. The blaze is burning in scrub and being driven
by strong northerly winds which are expected to continue. More than 100 firefighters
and three aerial water bombers are battling the fire. Residents are being advised
to take shelter when the fire arrives
on their doorstep. There are unconfirmed reports homes
have already been lost. Prince Charles and Camilla are now
charming crowds across the ditch, arriving in New Zealand
from Australia last night. The Royal couple only had
one official engagement today and hundreds of locals
were there to say hello.

From the smallest of hands... the hands of veterans, Prince Charles did as he has done
day after day on this Jubilee tour and reached out to them all. I saw Camilla and... ..Prince Charles. Charles. The Duchess of Cornwall
just a few steps behind, receiving the same warm welcome
from Auckland locals. Thank you. Curtsies had been perfected
for this moment - The royal couple arrived
in Auckland last night. They were greeted by Prime Minister
John Key and his wife. A guard of honour stood in two rows
for a royal salute. Charles and Camilla
showing no signs of fatigue after six busy days in Australia. (NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL ANTHEM PLAYS) Today was a little less hectic. There was a Maori welcome
at Auckland Museum. No curtsies here
but a traditional greeting. Easy for Charles but Camilla's feathered hat
made things a bit tricky. (LAST POST PLAYS) A remembrance service
was their only official engagement. It's always an honour to meet him and to have him shake our hands,
yes. The tour will also take the couple
to Christchurch and Wellington where Charles will celebrate
his 64th birthday on Wednesday.

Still to come tonight - a new crackdown
getting drunks off Sydney's streets.

Also, why the boss of the BBC
has quit.

And Sydney's most expensive house
up for sale. Find out the asking price
after the break.


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150 police patrolled
inner Sydney last night as part of a crackdown
on alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour. More than 30 people were arrested
during the blitz targeting Kings Cross, the Rocks
and Oxford Street. 2,500 drivers were stopped
for random breath tests. I think being visible
lets people know that we are around and that anti-social behaviour
won't be accepted by us. Officers also inspected
pubs and bars. They say they'll keep targeting
trouble spots as Sydney's summer party season
gets under way.

Australia's export earnings
could be under threat with warnings the Chinese
property boom is about to go bust. As top officials gather in Beijing
to name a new leader this week, the world's second largest economy is now being haunted
by a string of ghost towns.

Kangbashi is a gloomy place
in winter. And those who study
China's property market certainly find no joy
in its 21st century skyline. More evidence, they claim,
of a bubble about to burst. The question is, you know,
how many houses do you build and at what cost and what we are saying is
they've simply built too many houses for this stage of the cycle. Out of the vast steppe
of Inner Mongolia, birthplace of Genghis Khan, they carved a metropolis
for a million people. The problem is, less than 30,000
now live here. The city is littered
with idle construction sites after developers went bust. Units that were completed
now stand empty. Prices in some cases plummeting 30%
in just 12 months. China's government recently released
a pretty scary statistic - 64 million properties
are currently unoccupied in towns and cities
just like this one. Yet nation wide,
construction goes on, helping sustain demand
for Australian iron ore. But for how long? There is an over-supply situation and that will likely result in
a pretty severe price correction. China boasts some of the world's
most congested cities. Now it has some of its emptiest.

The boss of the BBC has quit
after a TV program wrongly accused a senior politician
of child sexual abuse. 'Newsnight's report incorrectly claimed
a former British treasurer had abused a teenager in the 1970s. Director General George Entwistle
has taken the fall saying he's responsible for the program's
unacceptable journalistic standards. I have decided the honourable thing
to do is to step down from the post of Director General. He was only in the top job
for seven weeks. Barack Obama has been
declared the winner of Florida four days after
he was re-elected US President, the result brings the President's
total electoral college votes to 332 against Republican challenger
Mitt Romney's 206. Florida's result wasn't crucial but gives Obama an even more
convincing win over his rival.

The blue and white dress
worn by Judy Garland in 'The Wizard of Oz' has sold at auction
for nearly $500,000. The actress wore
the pinafore and white blouse throughout the 1939 film classic. It was just one
of the items up for grabs at a Beverly Hills auction. A piece of cake from
Prince William and Kate's wedding sold for more than $7,000. Sydney's most expensive house
is back on the market and it could be yours, if you've got a spare $58 million. The Point Piper
mansion known as 'Mandalay' is only being advertised
internationally but real estate agents say
the mansion could still go to an Aussie buyer. The luxurious home features
five bedrooms, six bathrooms and a pool with harbour views. It was last purchased
eight years ago, for $20 million.

Sport now with Jim Wilson and Australia in trouble
at the Gabba. Mark, our bowlers
came back well this afternoon but we've got off to a shaky start
in the chase. Coming up,
all the highlights of day three as South Africa's attack
rips into our top order.

Plus, Sydney FC loses its coach after blowing it
against the Victory.

And a train wreck in Paris
for the Wallabies. That's next.

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Australia has made a shaky start as they begin the task of reeling in
a solid South African total after day three
of the first test. The Proteas were coasting at 4/374 but then lost 6/76
to be all out for 450. In reply, the Aussies are 3/107. The covers came off
and the Aussies liked what they saw, a tinge of green had returned. But South Africa's run machine
punished the new ball. COMMENTATOR: The first of 2012,
Hashim Amla. His 17th test century, his third
in three games against Australia. Peter Siddle got him for 104. Definitely worth a shout
and he's been given. Jacques Kallis talked him out of
reviewing the decision. It was poor advice. Kallis went on to score
his 44th test ton and torture
the unlucky Aussie attack. Oh, again! Australia needed a lift and dynamic Dave Warner
did just that with a brilliant save
on the boundary. 3 short of 150,
Kallis found Quiney. Flashed at... Caught. Pattinson pumped. He came back for AB Devillers. And that's out as well. South Africa 5/377 but the Proteas' bat a long way down
and they pushed past 400. That's right out of the middle. Dangerous work on the boundary. Peter Siddle bowled
with the heart of a lion A batsman short,
South Africa made 450. That's out. Steaming in,
Dale Steyn snared Warner. Oh, he's nicked it
and Kallis is in to play. The master blaster gone for four. Rob Quiney showed no fear on debut and he paid the price,
out for nine. The Aussies in damage control at 3/40
when Ponting went for a duck.

Emirates Stakes winner Happy Trails will be aimed at next year's
Doncaster Handicap. The $11,000 bargain buy
came up a treat after providing Damien Oliver
with his 97th Group One winner, trainer Paul Beshara rubbishing talk
Oliver's poised to quit in the wake of the betting scandal.

He'll ride on. He's a legend. Stewards hope this week
to finalise an investigation into claims Oliver
backed a rival runner in 2010. Sydney FC coach Ian Crook has quit, saying the pressure he was under since the signing
of Alessandro del Pierro was making him sick. Crook's assistant, former Sydney
player Steve Corica, takes over as acting coach after last night's 3-2 loss
to the Melbourne Victory. Ian Crook felt better
the moment he pulled the pin. For me, it's not about quitting.
It's about doing the right thing. I haven't enjoyed it for a few weeks
if the truth be known. Sydney fans abused him for replacing
Alessandro del Pierro last night, With Alessandro coming, I think the whole thing sort of got
bigger, bigger than Ben Hur. After their 7-2 loss
to the Marriners,

COMMENTATOR: Jharal Yow Yeh scores. They led 2-0 against Melbourne but when Del Pierro left
it all went horribly wrong. He gets some space.
Narboot, what a strike! When they levelled it up,
Crook couldn't hold back. His team has blown
a 2-goal lead. Narboot's winner was enough I'm sure they'll go,
"Was you pushed?" The answer 100% is no. While he quit, the Marriners kept the goals coming
in their 1-0 win against Wellington and Emile Hesky's fourth
for the year helped the Jets beat Western Sydney. Hesky, what a finish! And what an effort
by Fullham's Mark Schwarzer. Brilliantly saved
by Schwarzer! The Aussie keeper's penalty save denying Arsenal victory
in extra time.

The Wallabies inability to score tries has led to an embarrassing
27-point loss to France in Paris. Robbie Deans needs answers fast before heading to Twickenham
to face an in-form England side.

Stade de France hasn't always been
the fortress the home side desired for the unpredictable Les Bleus. When the tears cleared the Wallabies backs
were in their sights while the Aussie pack
was also bullied. Not for the first time in Europe
the scrum was exploited. COMMENTATOR: Straight through! Was he obstructed? Sharp shooter Mike Harris was again
Australia's major threat. They have scored just one try
in their past three tests. France showing them how it's done, punishing Beale's one-on-one miss in
what ended up a 27-point hammering. Wesley Fofana, the man known as "the Cheetah"
because of his speed. Robbie Deans surpassed Bob Dwyer as the Wallabies most capped coach but his future may rest on results
against England and Wales who will be licking their lips
after this penalty try. Nigel Owens has had enough
of the Wallabies scrum. They'll look at that game and they'll see a lot
that will excite them. We were intending to use the width
of the ground but we just never got to it. England had no problems scoring, confidence high after 7 tries
and 54 points against Fiji, upstaging the Six Nations champions
in Cardiff. Two-time world champion Casey Stoner
will start on the front row in his final MotoGP race
in Spain tonight. Stoner was third fastest
in final qualifying at Valencia. His Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa
snatching pole late ahead of world champ Jorge Lorenzo and the Australian
who's retiring at just 27.

I knew the front row was tight
with Jorge and Casey, you know. It's always good to finish
last qualifying on pole. Stoner says he's bored with Moto GP
and wants to spend more time with his wife Adriana and daughter.

Juan Martin Del Potro will meet
Novak Djokovic in the semis of the World Tour Finals in London. The world number seven
beat Roger Federer

who had already qualified
for the final four. The 'Fed Express'
still put on a show before losing 6-3 in the third, his second straight defeat
to the Argentinean. COMMENTATOR: Del Potro's done it. So happy to be in the semi-final
beating Roger today. I play my best match in the week. Federer will face Andy Murray
in the other semi-final.

Two cracking semis coming up in London, South Africa from a very dominant position. Australia fingers crossed we can get out of it. We may need some more Brisbane Lions rain.We might. Thank

Sydney's weather forecast
is after the break then its 'Sunday Night'
with Chris Bath. Thanks, Mark. Tonight - they have an uncontrollable craving
for food, but a new weight-loss technique
is saving their lives. And Dawn French. New bloke, new weight, new life,
but still the queen of comedy. That's next after Seven News.

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It was a beautiful spring day
across Sydney today We reached a top of 21 degrees
in the City - that's 3 below average. Right now it's 18. Last night
we saw temperatures drop down
to just 8 or 9 in some parts
of our west while on the coast the winds kept
the minimums in the
low- to mid-teens. It should be
mainly fine around most of
the country tomorrow but there are
a few showers forecast
for Hobart. Brisbane
should be sunny. We're in for another fine
spring day in Sydney tomorrow. The temperatures will drop
to around 14 degrees tonight