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This program is captioned live. Remembrance Day. General Peter Cosgrove joins us to honour the men and women who are served Australia. Why are our soldiers essentially forgotten once they come home? The royalists head for New Zealand. Charles and Camilla pay tribute to the Anzac spirit at a essential ceremony in Auckland. A sex scandal hits the CIA. And meet the world's first professional cuddler, charging $60 an hour for a snuggle - and she is making big bucks! Good morning, everybody. It is Sunday 11 November 2012.That was a freeby!Was that a freeby? Some people charge up to $60 an hour for a cuddle.She offers a double cuddling service as well. Do you know what? Her business is booming! Really?Yeah. We will chat to her later in the show.That free one felt good - that $60 one must feel amazing!That is it from me, this morning!

Alright, looks pretty good. Time for your most extensive news bulletin of the day with Deb Knight. A woman has been killed after a fire tore through a unit on the NSW Central Coast. Fire and rescue crews rushed to the home in Wyong, just after 9:30, where they found the property engulfed in flames. A body, believed to be that of a woman tpwh her 40s, was found inside. Then I opened the door, which we wouldn't do. Then the fire got worse. I rang 000.Police are still trying to work out how the fire started. The home has been declared a crime scene and is being examined by forensic officers. A 13-year-old boy has been charged with arson after a large fire engulfed a shopping centre in Mackay, causing millions of dollars worth of damage. Three stores were destroyed, including Toys R U, Autobarn and Clark Rubber. Four children, aged between 10 and 15, were arrested. One charged overnight. It is feared hundreds of jobs could be at risk. Police guarded the centre last night. Investigations will continue this morning. A minute's silence will be held at 11 o'clock this morning for Remembrance Day. The moment marks the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month when World War I hostilities formally ended in 1918. Ceremonies will be held around the world, and Veterans Affairs Minister Warren Snowden has urged all Australians to wear a red poppy with pride. More than 60,000 Australians died during the First World War. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will remember the fallen today at an Armistice Day commemoration in New Zealand. The royal couple arrived in Auckland last night for the final leg of their whirlwind Diamond Jubilee tour. A late-night arrival in Auckland, greeted with an honour guard. Charles and Camilla, tyred or not, doing honour themselves to the Kiwi welcome. They flew in here for Canberra where yesterday they rounded off a hectic but immensely rewarding 6- day visit to Australia. For Charles, there must have been a quiet assurance that Camilla was so warmly embraced by Australian crowds. They arrived on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Warm- hearted words from the Prime Minister.In you, the people of Australia know they have a true and sympathetic friend.To Camilla.A land you will always feel welcome in.The royals renamed a waterfront boulevard after the Queen. They weighed into another sea of flags, faces and hand shakes and Tim Tams. I thought it was amazing to see Carmello. Official snapshots, with our political leaders at Government House. The task then of saying farewell. We shall leave here with great sadness that we cannot spend longer as we move to New Zealand, but taking with us such happy, special and amusing memories.One final act - a reef-laying ceremony at the War Memorial. Charles will be aware, like many Australians he has a son serving in Afghanistan. Then for now, it was goodbye. Mining mag taate Clive Palmer has accused Queensland's Liberal National Party of acting like Nazis in the lead-up to World War II. He said that the state's Treasurer used storm-trooper tactics when auditing the millionaire's mining operations. He claimed that some of the members were Crooks who were cooking the books to xadgeate the state's debt by some $50 billion. As well as being Remembrance Day, today has been declared Malala day who was shot in the head by the Taliban. She started a blog on girls' rights to an education. Throughout Pakistan, children took to the streets. Malala! Events are expected to be held in countries in honour of Malala around the world. A US mother's short trip across turn has turned into a journey she will never forget. Emily Brewer was waiting for a bus when another woman approached her, but the woman did not speak a word of English. Following an afternoon on campus with her son, 36-year-old PhD candidate Emily was flagged down as she waited for the bus. We're sitting here. Enjoying the beautiful day, and this woman comes up to me and she's in distress, pointing to her friend inside the bus shelter.Elizabeth Lopez had gone into labour. Brewer, with no medical training, called 911. There's a woman who is going into labour right now in a bus shelter. Oh, my God, the baby is here.She has had the baby?!Lopez only speaks Spanish and brewer, an English literature student, didn't have a translator. Despite the less than ideal delivery room, the two worked together for what brewer called a surprisingly easy birth. Within 10 minutes, paramedics took over, and the next time brewer saw Lopez, it was in this hospital bed, with her happy, healthy baby girl. So beautiful to see this small child that I saw come into the world. It is an experience brewer and her 2-year-old son Dillon say they will never forget.I just witnessed the birth of a child right here in a bus stop! I will never think of this bus stop the same way again. Can you imagine?! It makes the commute interesting! You wouldn't need to speak Spanish to work out what was going on. But, yeah, great that it ended well.It is like labour charades...TwoWords, first word...IWould need to be revive if I was in that situation! Particularly as the witness! We will have your weather and your first sports news next.Find out if the cricket will resume today - let's hope so! Did Emile Heskey do enough to lead Newcastle to a win? We This program is not captioned. (WHIMSICAL MUSIC)

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This program is not captioned. Good morning, Melbourne. You are in for a cracking Sunday. A top of 27 degrees. What a good morning to head out and jog around the town, Sairs! We are at the Gabba. Let's have a look at Roz Kelly. You are inside the Gabba, aren't you?I am inside the Gabba. Good morning, Cam and Sarah. You know what? History was made here at the Gabba yesterday, even though not even a single ball was bowled. Are you intrigued?I am!Good tease!I'll get to that very shortly. But let's get the sports news very first. We start with the A-League. Star import Emile Heskey has continued his goal-scoring streak, netting his fifth in six games to guide Newcastle past the Western Sydney Wanderers at their home ground last night. The Jets held on to defeat the Wanderers 2-1 at Parramatta. Across town, the Victory came from two goals down to stun Sydney FC3-2. A football feat for the harbour city. Alessandro del Piero back in ski blue. The Italian kick started Sydney's night. A lovely pass to set up the opening goal. COMMENTATOR: First-time ball, they score!Sydney keen to stay ahead after last week's 7-2 thrashing by the Central Coast, taking a 2-0 lead shortly after the break. With time against them, Melbourne found an unlikely hero. Substitute Andrew Naboot. COMMENTATOR: What a strike! Melbourne Victory back in the game! First senior goal for him.Arthi Thompson with the equaliser. Ian Crook not happy - kicking more than a chair, he would be, as Naboot stole the match in stoppage time! COMMENTATOR: Melbourne Victory lead 3-2! Unbelievable! While out west, it was Emile Heskey who found the match-winner. The Jets coming from behind to steal victory and a share of top spots on the ladder. Sticking to football and we head overseas and Socceroos keeper Mark Schwarzer has denied Arsenal a stoppage-time victory at Emirates At the same time. He secured a 3-3 draw for Fulham, as the Gunners filled a two point lead. Everton scored twice in three minutes to maintain their impressive 11-year unbeaten record against Sunderland. Manchester United came from behind, scoring in the final minutes to beat Aston Villa 3-2. The cricket - aen coach Mickey Arthur says he wants - his team to make the most of a second new ball when play resumes on day 3 here at the Gabba today. Not a single ball was bowled yesterday, with rain abandoning play for the entire day. That is the very first time in 29 years. Very, very well to give ourselves an opportunity to (In) win it, and if we cannot win it, BB make sure we don't lose it. Duminy underwent successful surgery yesterday for his Achilles tendon. Casey Stoner will start from the front row later tonight. He had to settle with third, pipped by Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa in the final minutes of qualifying at Valencia. The year's newly-crowned world champion Jorge Lorenzo joins Pedrosa and Stoner up front, finishing second fastest. The pitch today - don't let the water on the covers fool you. It is a very good test wicket under there. There has been a bit of rain overnight. But it will clear up. We should have play today. It is starting half an hour earlier, so if you are in Brisbane, get here to the Gabba a bit earlier to make sure you get your seat. Very good job, thank you very much for that, Roz. Looking forward to seeing the covers come off and seeing what the guys do. There was a big hole in my day yesterday!A reckon a lot of blokes would have felt the same way! Emma Freedman, where are you this morning?You thought yesterday it was decadent, Cam and Sarah - well, today is even more so! We have come to the Margaret River Chocolate Company, situated in Swan Valley, about 30 minutes drive from the centre of the Perth. They are one of the most visited tourist destinations in all of WA, and there is good reason why. We will show you how they turn into these deliberation little delicacies of goodness! It is going to be a fun sugar-hit morning! We will take a look at your weather first this morning and see what is happening at your place.

Well, what should I chooseA bit of milk chocolate? A bit of white chocolate or the dark stuff? That is my choice this morning. If you can believe it, chocolate is a $3 billion industry in Australia. It is estimated that every Australian will consume about 6kg every single year - by my calculations, it is a lot of chocolate! We will have some fun with the Margaret River Chocolate Company this morning and make you extra jealous, Cam and Sarah.You are doing a pretty good job so far!She will get more hypo as the show rolls on! It is the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, and we are live to the war memorial next.$6 for a cuddle - meet the woman making thousands running the Snuggery, that is coming up on Weekend This program is not captioned. Being there for others isn't
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This program is not captioned. Hey, good morning, everybody! A few showers today for Sydney - quite a nice start, though. A top of 22 degrees. Right now, it is 17 degrees. Thank you very much, Cam. At 11am on 11 November 1918, the guns on the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of warfare. Today, we remember and honour all of the soldiers who have served our nation. Nine News reporter Lane Calcutt joins us from the War Memorial in Canberra. What are the proceedings this morning?Yes, it is a big day here in Canberra. In about three hours, the public will start arriving for the ceremony. They will be followed by the official party led by the Governor- General Quentin Bryce and the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and also, of course, the Defence Force chiefs. There will be the usual wreath- laying here by the Prime Minister and Quentin Bryce. David Hurley, the the head of the Defence Force, will address the crowd before 'The Last Post' followed by the minute's silence. After that, the official party moves inside to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where there will be more wreathing laying. I should have mentioned the large diplomatic corp here in Australia will be here. After the official ceremony the public are allowed inside to pay their respects to wander around the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and along the very sad roll of honour.This is a day where we remember. How many Australians will be added to the National Honour Roll today?Yeah, sadly, Sarah, another nine names unveiled today. Now, they are the ones who have died in Afghanistan. Significantly, the families of those who have fallen in the last 12 months will be shown the names before anybody else, before the ceremony starts here. Then the public will have their chance to stand and reflect and remember those nine who have been added to that Roll of Honour. Lane each year, the crowds grow bigger and bigger. Is that expected to be the case this morning? Yeah, they are expecting a very big crowd here, possibly thousands, Sarah. Given that it is a Sunday, a beautiful day here in Canberra, there will be a big crowd here. Something special this year - 102 scorch from each state around the country will each lay a poppy to mark or to recognise the 102,000 men and women who have died in every conflict for our nation. So that will be something a little extra, something special here today. It is a very important day. Lane Calcutt, thank you very much for that. Over to you, Cam.We will have much more on Remembrance Day coming up. We get behind the push to give our soldiers a better pension once their service ends. Inside the spy scandal that has shaken the CIA. Uh-oh - that is coming up

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Weekend Today.
Welcome back. Shortly, we will speak to two former soldiers who are doing their bit to make sure people are aware of the rough deal our soldiers get when they come back from combat zones.Better get the news now with Deb Knight. Good morning. Investigators are trying to work out how a fire started inside a unit on the NSW Central Coast, which claimed the life of a woman last night. The blaze broke out just after 9:30 at Wyong. Neighbours say they called for help but there was little they could do as they waited for firefighters.They told me not to get too close to it. So there was nothing I could do, really, for the poor woman. The home has now been declared a crime scene. A major investigation will get underway today after a large fire gutted a shopping centre in Mackay, destroying at least three stores, and causing millions of dollars worth of damage. A 13-year-old boy was charged with arson, following the blaze, which took hours to bring under control. Workers inside escaped and no-one was injured. Three other teenagers were arrested at the scene. The boy, who has been charged, will appear in court on Monday. Australians are being encouraged to wear a red poppy with pride today, to mark 94 years since the end of World War I. More than 60,000 Australians died during the First World War. Everyone is urged to observe a minute's silence at 11 o'clock this morning, to remember not only those who died during the great war, but the countless others who have given their lives in combat. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have left Australian shores and met with a new wave of fans across the Tasman, after touching down in New Zealand last night. Prince Charles showed plenty more of that down-to-earth nature which has won many over during his whirlwind Diamond Jubilee tour.It was good to chat with them. They were extremely personable. The royal couple will attend an Armistice Day ceremony later today. Hillary Clinton is on her way to Perth for what will be her last official trip to Australia as US Secretary of State. She will meet with her Australian counterpart Bob Carr on Wednesday. Defence Minister Stephen Smith meets with US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta. The former First Lady and New York Senator steps down as Secretary of State in January. Mr Panetta is also rumoured to be going. There was a time when terriers were sent down badger holes - a sport. But in Berlin, a family terrier was lucky to find no-one home when he decided to explore a deep badger set. The dog refused to come out and fiefrters were called in to help. Merge -- firefighters were called in to help. Emergency services spent more than six hours before Skipper was released grubby but relieved. Good morning to you, Roz.The Gabba is a tranquil place this time of morning, but in a couple of hours it will be full of screaming fans here, because play is set to resume. But let's head overseas for the first sport of the morning. The Wallabies, their Spring Tour campaign is underway against France this morning. In Paris, in front of a huge home crowd, the home side opened the scoring with a penalty. The Aussies hit back soon after to level it up before the French exposed the Wallabies' defence off the scrum base, taking a 10-3 lead after just 13 minutes. In the A-League, Melbourne coach Ange Postecoglou has praised the impact of Andrew Naboot after he scored two goals including the match-winner in the Victory's 3-2 win over Sydney FC. Unbelievable feeling! I've dreamt about this since I was a kid. Nine out of 10 times I would have missed it! But today luck went my way! It went in. I'm happy. Earlier, Newcastle fought back to record a 2-1 away win over the Western Sydney Wanderers. In the cricket, South Africa will resume at 2/155 after rain abandoned play at the Gabba ged. Australian coach Mickey Arthur admitting he was disappointed with his fast bowlers on the opening day. When I say, "Disappointed", I say it lightly. First in, foremost, I thought South Africa batted very well. But we just didn't build enough pressure. So maybe nerves played a little bit of a roll. That is something we have to overcome. Jacques Kallis is at the crease. In tennis, Juan Martin del Potro has ended Roger Federer's 12-match winning streak at the ATP Tour Finals event in London. The Argentine booking his place in the semifinals, defeating Roger Federer in three sets - 7-6, 4-6, 6-3. The Swiss ace had secured his final spot in the final four, alongside Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. The full day's rain yesterday washed out play for the first time here at the Gabba since 1983 - would you believe! But day one here, there was a record non-Ashes crowd of 24,000 people, and I'm pleased to say the sun is peeking through this morning. If you are in Brisbane, get to the Gabba early. Play begins at 9:30 Queensland time. Let's hope we see a ball bowled in anger today - and struck to the boundary! Once the Aussies start batting, of course shrat not before. Where is Emma today? Over at marg rut River somewhere?! -- Margaret River somewhere?!

Yes, Cam, we are at the Margaret River Chocolate Company, actually in Swan Valley, 30 minutes drive from the centre of Perth. We have created the centre of the chocolate. The next process is to cover them in milk, white or dark chocolate, using this machine, which is called an enrover. Once they have been covered, they hit the white conveyer belt and go through the cooling tunnel. We will taste the delights and show you another beautiful part of Perth, straight after we take a look at your weather today.

A cold band containing a trough extends from the northern Queensland out across the Tasman Sea. A high sends it over the Bass Strait, bringing clear skies to much of the country. A cold front setting on to the south-west of WA. Yesterday, we took a trip to Fremantle birbgs the water, a beautiful part of -- by the water, a beautiful part of Perth. It is a great place to go of the afternoon to soak up some sun, enjoy some delicious fish and chips, straight out of the Indian Ocean - maybe an ice cream as well! Busy on the weekend. But as to the buzz, that is Freo! They make 200 different products at the Margaret River Chocolate Company, this is one of them. Chocolate-covered nougat. Still a bit wet there - covered in chocolate.

Chocolate for breakfast - you are setting a terrible example for all the kids at home! It is Easter, somewhere?! Surely! Let rip, I reckon! Yeah! Those kids will be out running around the block very shortly. Thank you very much for that! Catch you later. One of the greatest soldiers, Peter Cosgrove, will join news the next half hour as we pay tribute to the men and women who have served Australia.We have this week's most clicked items, including an ideas look at the Obama Victory party.

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Yeah, good stuff! Time to take a look at the Most Clicked items of the week. Number one - Jimmy Kimmel is back to his old asking parents to tell the kids they ate their Halloween lollies.Last night, when you were in bed, daddy and I ate all your candy.What?!We ate all your Halloween candy?! Oh, my God! Why did you do it?! Do you forgive me?Yeah. Thank you, baby. I love you.I love you too!

Mummy ate all your candy.Oh... I'm sorry, Sarah, for eating all your candy.That's OK! Are you mad at me?No. I'm not. I'm just sore. But when it is the next Halloween, we can share my candy! Ah! Now that is teaching your parents a good lesson.Don't you love the hyperventilating! I love the "I'm not mad, just disappointed." 36Oh, it is mean! Alrighty at number two - they are some of our favourite songs but

Alrighty at number two - they are
some of our favourite songs but the lyrics can be misheard.

OK, making clicks at number 3, we were given special access to the Obama headquarters when Michelle and Barack had got the news that they had won.

and Barack had got the news that
they had won. # Gangnam style #

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Is there anything he can't do! Well, fix the economy!That is a start!The whole fiscal cliff situation!But he can dance!It is a bitter sweet time for twie hards. The 'Twilight' saga is coming to an end as the final movie hits this weekend.Tent city the Twihards are working out. While camping out!I brought my blanket, my Edward one.Many here since 8am Thursday morning with the hope of getting into Monday's highly anticipated premiere of 'Breaking Dawn 2'.MOVIE REEL: My time as a human was over. But I never felt more alive! What must you think - it is a generational thing? It is not just the young ones waiting in line for every screaming fan! There is a swooning mother...ILove the story. And grandmother, waiting to see her favourite vampire orer with wolf. I've watched it from the beginning. By Friday, close to 400 tents had sprouted next to the famed Nokia Theatre, where the most die-hard Twihards from around the globe have gathered, to see the supernatural trifecta of Bella, Edward and Jacob in the flesh on the black carpet. We are England, and in England they don't have anything like this for a premiere.These fans crossed the pond to see fellow brith Robert -- Brit Robert Pattinson. These people are from France! (Singing the French National Anthem ')). It is no Alan dom gathering of fans but a -- ran don gathering of fans but it is put together by Summit Entertainment, screened with the previous four 'Twilight' films, exercise classes and concerts, the perfect build-up to an epic ending. What are you going to do, Cam?A big gaping hole in your life!I missed the whole 'Twilight' thing. Dan, did you get into it?Nah. Not at all.I think you look like a Twihard. We will be going live to New Zealand to find out how Charles and Camilla will be marking Remembrance Day. Of course, on Remembrance Day, we will speak to a couple of soldiers who are raising support for our diggers. They are riding cross This program is not captioned. Graeme's Apia experience, taken
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diggers. They are riding cross
country. Next on Weekend Today. In Martin Place at 9 o'clock, we have two riders who have been elected as the spokes people for this big gang. Bill O'Donnell and Daniel Gilbert joining us now. What was the reason for setting out on this journey? Well, good morning, Cam, everybody. Well, we wanted to set off on this ride to do two things, really. That was to support the RSL Queensland Initiative, Mates for Mates campaign, to raise money for wounded soldiers. The other thing was to complete the ride, having done something pretty arduous, and pay our respects to the veterans who have passed before us.Today of all days, of course, is a great day to be talking about this. It is a day when we, as a nation, and many people around the world, do honour and remember the people that have gone before, and in many instances, we owe freedom to them. Daniel, what support is there for a soldier coming back from a combat zone with one problem or another - it could be physical or mental. There are numerous support services out there. They can range from inside the unit and also to outside the unit, with the various counselling services that are out there. But what we are doing here is just trying to add something to that, so that people have different avenues of support.Do you have - do you know people personally who are suffering at the moment?Yes, yes. All of the people here know numerous people or people who have suffered and still are suffering from mental and physical disabilities, as you said.You know, you must have had a lot of time to think about this on the road, Bill. Tell us about the situation of someone that you are actively supporting.Well, look, we are all from Operational units. Some of the guys have been on couple myself. Look, it is part of their everyday life. We're all part of a big team. The mateship issue that exists between us all. You know, sometimes these injuries are sometimes physical, seen. Some of
them are not. What we are trying to do is develop or assist people into reaching into the programs that are which
more sensitive, not more obvious, which gives people just the opportunity - at gateway to be able to seek support if they need it.Do you think diggers get a fair deal with money when they get back and with the type of services they need to reintegrate into society? You sort of are hitting at people who have mental scarring as well as the physical. Well, look, there's a great support network - not only before, during and after the operations that we hear about every day. What we are trying to do is profiling Mates for Mates from Ride Recovery is for those people who are out there, needing help, can look at us and say, "There is another avenue that may not be obvious" but - that is what we are trying to do to profile the campaign.It is called Ride for Recovery. How can we help? Everybody has been generous. Everybody we have met across the communities as we cross Australia, people continue to help. We have a website which is You can see what we are doing and why. Follow us on our final bits to Sydney. You have the opportunity to donate through the link offered on that website. If any of the viewers are able to donate, we would we O'appreciate it. We are doing alright, but we could do better. Good luck on your ride into Martin Place. Thank you, guys and girls. We will be talking to General Peter Cosgrove in the next quarter hour. A quick hit of gossip is next. What is going on in Tinseltown, Michele. Elton John and his husband have big happy news, comin' up!

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Halle Berry - they are moving to France?Yes, they have made a decision - and it is no. She wanted to move her 4-year-old to France to be with her fiance, Oliver Martinez, who is French. But the father of her daughter has fought a fierce battle. The judge said that she has to stay in the US. She she said that the French paparazzi is kinder than the US paparazzi - but don't tell the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that!Here are today's top stories on Today. Remembrance Day - General Peter Cosgrove joins us to honour the men and women who have served Australia. And why are our soldiers essentially forgotten once they come home? We get behind the campaign to give our diggers better pension. The royals head for New Zealand - Charles and Camilla pay tribute to the Anzac spirit at a special ceremony in Auckland. A sex scandal rocks the CIA. The head of the world's top spy agency being forced to resign after being caught out in an affair. Meet the world's first professional cuddler, charging $60 an hour for a snuggle and making big bucks! Good morning to you. It is Sunday 11 November 2012. Of course, it is remembrance Day. We had better get the news now. Good morning. Neighbours say they heard the sound of crashing glass as a large fire took hold at a unit on the NSW Central Coast overnight, which claimed the life of a woman. Fire crews were called to the complex at Wyong, just after 9:30 but when they arrived, the property was engulfed. , she was the only one that -I said open the door but she wouldn't do it. The fire got worse. I rang 000.Forensic investigators have examined the scene, trying to work out how the fire started. Dozens of people have been arrested in Sydney during a major blitz targeting alcohol-fuelled violence in the city's hot spots. More than 150 police patrolled Kings Cross Oxford Street, The Rocks and George Street. Party-goers have been warned to expect a strong police presence for the festtive season. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will attend an armistice- day ceremony today. The royal couple farewelled Australia yesterday after a whirlwind tour. They said they wished they could have stayed longer.We are taking with us such happy, special and amusing memories of all the wonderful people here. The couple has been praised throughout their tour for their warmth and for being so accessible to the Australian public. Victoria Cross-winner corporal Daniel Kieran will attend a Remembrance Day service. Everyone is being urged to wear a red poppy to honour the 60,000 Australians who died during World War I. A minute's silence will be held at 11 o'clock to mark the official end of the war at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. Traditional family doctors are becoming an endangered species. Just one in 10 doctor visits is now to a family GP, while medical centres take the bulk of complaints. Independent doctors say Australia's health will be in the hands of emornal fast-food-style -- impersonal fast-food style care. They Experts worry about the loss of home visits, trips to nursing homes and a personal relationship with someone who knows your health history. Buenos Aires has come to a virtual standstill after torrential rain. Cars were forced off the roads, train stations closed, as the underground stations were swamped. There are fears of outbreak of disease with rubbish flowing down the water. An elderly man pulled two handguns at a jewellers and demanded merchandise. The armed robber was a 16-year-old boy wearing an elaborate disguise. Police in the UK raided the schoolboy's home, finding $160,000 worth of stolen goods and a stash of costumes, including waist-length dreadlocks. The boy will serve five years behind bars. Good morning to you Roz, at the Gabba. The sun is trying very hard to break through the cloud here in Brisbane. But I tell you what, the Gabba is coming to life. Ground staff, they fired up their machinery and they are hard at work already, which is great news ahead of the day's play. But not so good for the Wallabies on their European tour this morning. They trail France by 10 points in Paris. In other matches, Argentina became the first team to beat Six Nations Wales at home this year. South Africa edged out ierd by four points. England smashed Fiji 54-12. The French lead 16-6 at half-time.

Frederick Michelak dropped another goal and a drop goal on the stroke of half-time. A-League - a disappointing night for all Sydney fans last night. Newcastle - good news for them. They claimed a share of top spot on the ladder. Now, they defeated the Wanderers, the newcomers 2-1 at Parramatta Stadium. The Victory spoiled Sydney FC's party coming from two goals down to win 3-2. A football feat for the harbour City. Alessandro del Piero back in ski blue and it was the Italian who kick started Sydney's night. A lovely path to set up the opening goal. Sydney, keen to stay ahead, after last week's 7-2 thrashing by the Central Coast, taking a 2-0 lead shortly after the break. With time against them, Melbourne found an unlikely hero. Substitute Andrew Nabbout. COMMENTATOR: Melbourne Victory back in the game. Archie Thompson with the equaliser, less than 10 minutes later. Ian Crook clearly not happy - he would be kicking more than a chair, as Andrew Nabbout stole the match in stoppage time. COMMENTATOR: In it goes! Melbourne Victory lead 3-2. Unbelievable! Andrew Nabbout! Off the bench! He has scored twice! While out west it was Emile Heskey who found the match-winner. The Jets coming from behind to steal victory and a share of top spots on the ladder. Now some very good news - it is expected to fine up during the day for day 3 of the first test against South Africa. Not a single ball was bowled yesterday. Rain abandoning play for the entire day. That is the first time in 29 years that it has happened at the Gabba. Mickey Arthur, knowing quick wickets are essential, following Friday's poor start for our bowlers.Look, a huge chunk of the game taken away. We still have to play very, very well to give ourselves an opportunity to (A) win it, and if we cannot win it (B) make sure we don't use it.JP Duminy, the South African batsman, underwent successful surgery yesterday on his ruptured Achilles tendon. And tonight, the curtain closes on Casey Stoner's MotoGP career. He qualified third fastest. His Honda Dani Pedrosa will start from pole, his fifth of the season. COMMENTATOR: Dani Pedrosa! New all- time record!This year's newly crowned world champion Jorge Lorenzo joins Pedrosa and Stoner upfront, finishing second fastest. Now, this is a very good sight, guys - the ground staff are preparing to take the covers off here at the WACA. Day one of the first test. It was a perfect test wicket, I've been told. Plenty of runs scored, not so good for Australia's bowlers, though. I'm going to try to track down the head curator in the next half hour and look through his shed. Stay tuned for that! I've wanted to have a poke around the head curator's shed!That would be off-limits. A man cave!Well, she may not get in. We meet the woman with one of the world's strangest jobs! My name is Jackie. I'm a professional snuggler! Clients come to me for all different kinds of reasons. Some of my older clients, they are - their wives have passed away. They just need someone to be with - like, someone to experience touch with. Some of the younger clients, maybe, are between relationships, some are in problematic relationships. Some people are curious, come one time and they want to know what it will be like. You will be surprised at how much money she is making! Well, we will speak to her in 12 mowns. Did you play -- 12 minutes. Did you Snugs? Well, it would be a stress with the minutes ticking away. My little girl gives a great snuggle. I think Emsie would give a great snuggle. She would be a little spoon.We are having fun at the Margaret River Chocolate Company this morning. This is Steph, making swampy tortoises here at the moment. They are engaged in a great community program, about trying to sustain Australia's most endangered reptile, which is the Western Swampy Tortoise. I will tell you more about these morsels of heaven that Steph is creating straight after we take a look at your weather and see what is happening at your place today.

Here are our little Western Swamp Tortoises. These guys are incredibly endangered, only 50 Adult Western Swamp Tortoises in the world, this big inside.They create beautiful chocolates in the shape of the tortoises. Part of the proceeds of the sales goes towards their breeding programs and trying to sustain their numbers in the wild. It is a good thing that they are doing at the Margaret River Chocolate Company. 198 to go! And still much more room in my belly, Cam and Sarah!A long road ahead of you - at least you will be fired up, Emsie!Can you me imagine me me on the way on the plane home? At 11am on 11 November 1918, the guns on the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of warfare. Today, in fact, in just under three hours, we will remember and honour all the men and women who served our nation. One of the most respected soldiers, former Chief of Defence General Peter Cosgrove joins us now. Wearing your service medals, of course, you are a proud former soldier. It is a special day for soldiers, but, also, for the rest of the world to remember those who fell?Yes, it is the today, all over the world, and not least in Australia, we will remember world war I, a tremendously chaotic and dramatic episode in our history, and all the other wars as well, including our young men and women serving today in Afghanistan and places like that.The memory strongest for me is of my grandfather, who served in Changi, a prisoner of war. Do you have a specific memory?Sure. My dad served in the military, and my grandfather on mum's side served, he was in the 8th Division, with your father someone. He would have been lucky to survive that captivity. He was repatriated to Australia with illness before the Japanese ended the war.It brings us to the many, many families - you know, the brothers, sisters, children - of returned soldiers. You know, there's a lot of suffering involved in coming back from a war zone.Sure, I saw that tremendous report you had on earlier about the fellows riding the bike to raise awareness with. Ecan always do more. - we can always do more. What we do in Australia is right out there in terms of the care of our veterans. We can always do more, though. We can do more in comparison with our pollies. Let's look at the pension rates for politicians compared with soldiers over the past 12 years. There is a disparity, not bad looking after themselves. You feel that there is adequate compensation for returned soldiers. I think we are focusing a lot more on the ongoing mental health of returned veterans, which is very important. You can see a physical injury, you can help to fix that. Some of the traumatic physical injuries will never be fixed. At least you can help. It is what happens in the mind that we have to be particularly taentive to, to see what we can do to make sure that people live a full life after traumatic service.Mental issues were not really talked about not so long ago. Returned soldiers would hush it up.Yes.It is something that you cannot share very well. That's right. The veteran would suffer in silence. Unfortunately, so would that person's loved ones. We must focus on that too, to make sure that people can live a full and productive life and enjoy life with loved ones.What would you like to see changed most with regards to the way that we bring soldiers home these days?I think if we keep developing these programs and accept that people will need monitoring and assistance for perhaps some time. Some of the traumas may not manifest for days, years, months after their return and accordingly we have to on that. Do you think the health forces are in a healthy situation, do you have any concerns about the future?I've got great concerns about the modernisation of the Defence furz. What I would worry about is in decades to come, God forbid we have to go to wor war, there will be second-rate equipment due to the slowdown in the acquisition of modern stuff. I understand the Government's problems, but, on the other hand, the problem with the Defence furz's modernisation won't go away - Defence Force's morngeisation won't go away.As Kirri has pointed out, we have seen the good fortune that is needed in battle. We are going to add names to the list of the fallen today. How many Australians will be added to that list?Oh, there's seven this year, I think, is the number. That is a lot. Of course, the scale of loss of life is growing a little. There's 3 Australians who served in our union -- 39 Australians who served in our uniform, and one in the British forces who have lost their lives in Afghanistan. 245 have been wounded, with wounds that are reportable. And, of course, an untold number who probably will be doing it a bit tough mentally.Is it time to pull out of Afghanistan?It is always time to bring them home. If you were to ask the men and women on the ground, the direct bosses, they would see what they are doing for the Afghan people and say, "We are helping, doing good things." When you look at the whole country, things there are a bit grim. I really hope, both fingers crossed, toes crossed, that the country has a brighter future. You are headinging off to the cenotaph in Sydney for the Australia Day commemorations. Thank you very much for your service and for everyone who has served this country over the past few years. Back to you, Sarah. We are all incredibly grateful. Well, the sex scandal that has shaken the CIA, that story in three minutes. Now to Charles and Camilla who are marking Remembrance Day in New Zealand, after wrapping up their tour of Australia. Tim McMillan is following the royal tour. Tim, Charles and Camilla packed a lot into their last day in Australia. Sarah, they packed a lot into every day of their six-day tour of Australia. Yesterday, their last day, no different. They spent in the nation's capital, in Canberra. Another huge day, among other things. They saw one of the major streets in Canberra renamed Queen Elizabeth. It was Sir Henry Parks Drive. Part of that was renamed after Prince Charles's mother. That must have been a little thrill for him. They also had a lavish bank wet lunch at Government House. Warm words and after that time to jump on a plane, say farewell to Australia. I think they genuinely sad to be saying farewell. They seemed to relax as the days went on, and Camilla, in particular, I suppose Prince Charles may have been wary about how she might have been received. It was, afterall, her first ever trip to Australia. Charles's 15th. The first time he brought Camilla out here to Australia. He must have been thrilled to see the Australian crowds embrace her so warmly. But time had to end in Australia. Now here they are in New Zealand.They are only really halfway through their tour, Tim. What is on the itinerary for New Zealand? Yeah, six days here in New Zealand. They arrived here last night. It was a reasonably low-key arrival. The Prime Minister, John Key, was there to see them, a military guard that they said hello to. The events start this morning. The magnificent building behind me is the War Memorial Museum, where they have just arrived now. 11 o'clock New Zealand time, 9 o'clock in the east of Australia, they will be celebrating a service here for Remembrance Day, and observing a minute's silence at 11 minutes past. They have a very packed itinerary here as well. A couple of hiements I will pick out for you. -- highlights I will pick out for you. Charles will turn 64 on Wednesday. A call came across New Zealand for anyone who turns 64 on 14 November, they have chosen 64 New Zealanders to go along and help celebrate Charles' 64th birthday. On Friday, they will move to Christchurch to look at the rebuilding effort. Friday night, after six days here, they say goodbye and move on to the next destination.Have you been practising the royal curtsey alead of his birthday, Tim? I think I have the wave downpat - the curtsey needs work! I think! It doesn't come naturally to me. I reckon the wave is going alright. We know how much you love the royals!I will give to it you later! We are going to meet the woman who is charging $60 an hour for a cuddle, coming up in two minutes. In the meantime, though, the world's most prestigious and secretive spy agency, the CIA, has been shaken by a sex scandal, forcing its chief to resign. ABC's America's Pierre Thomas reports. It stunned a city. One of the country's most respected and disciplined public officials left office admitting an indiscretion. In a statement to CIA employees, Petraeus acknowledged an affair and what he calls extremely poor judgment. Such behaviour is unacceptable, the statement said, both as a husband and a leader of an organisation such as ours. He went to the White House to turn in his resignation, the same place he had so frequently been called on to serve.It was a great privilege to serve. The affair was discovered by the FBI, after concerns about inappropriate emails associated with pet Petraeus surfaced.I thought I would test him, he would test me. It was a test for both of us.Petraeus was the public face of two wars - one of the architectures of the successful surge in Iraq, helping bring the war there to an end. From Iraq to Afghanistan, then the call to head the CIA. Are you ready to come back? Ready for the CIA?Oh, I feel very fort to have been - fortunate to have been provided an opportunity to continue to serve and contribute. As he took over the CIA, holly, his wife of 37 years, stood by his side as she had done so many times before. The two had met at West Point. She was from a long line of army royalty. Her great great grandfather fought in the Civil War. Her own father was a retired 4-star general. The President praised the general's patriotism, and dedication. He said that his thoughts are with Holly and Petraeus. Well, $60 an hour for a cuddle?! Believe it or not, one woman is running a business charging for a bit of innocent affection, and she ice making huge money. Her name is Jacqueline Samuels. I spoke to her a short time ago. Jacqueline, good morning. This seems a highly intimate service. How exactly did you get into the business of selling snuggles to strangers?I was kind of joking at first when I came up with the idea. But people liked it. They took me up on it. I loved it. I kept going with it.Talk us through your clientele. What sort of person actually pays for hugs?All different kinds of people. My younger clients tend 20 be in between relationships, the older clients, their wife passed away - all different kinds of people who don't have the touch in their life. Mostly men?Mostly men. I've had a few women, but pretty much men. What sort of cuddles do people want the most? Do they request bear hugs, spooning?Everybody is different. It changes, like, the session is yaucial an hour long. We change positions, otherwise parts of your body get stiff.As a professional cuddler, what is the secret to a good cuddle?I think being comfortable, making sure you communicate so that you can be comfortable and establishing boundaries and making sure that you are respecting others and being respected. I think cuddling feels good. So there is not much of a secret other than making sure that you are comfortable.Now, Jacqueline, your cuddles are not cheap. You charge $06 an hour. Or $120 for a double cuddle session. What is that?The double cudle is two of us together. I came up with that idea because there were too many clients for me to see on my own. I brought on another snuggler, to see some of the clients. I didn't want - we decided to cuddle together so she got used to it. Don't cuddles lose their intimacy, warmth and meaning if you have to pay for them?I don't think so. I've been doing this for about six months now. It doesn't feel less intimate than cuddling when I'm not being paid for it. I have the same clients over and over again. I guess you could say that about any service that you pay for - doesn't it lose its value if you pay for it. Critics say that snugling can be more intimate than sex. But you say this is really about the human touch being a powerful healer. How so?Well, there's a lot of evidence that suggests that touch is a very powerful tool and healing. It reduces your cortisone levels, decreasing stress, lowers blood pressure. It cints to an overall sense of -- it contributes to an overall sense of being well grounded.You conduct the sessions in your own bed.It is not my own bed. Psychiatry a

Where It is not my own bed. It is a separate bed. After you cuddle a person after a minute or two, they don't feel like a stranger.Harsher critics have compared what you do to prostitution. What is your reaction?I cannot see - I can see how it is similar. But I would like to make the point that sex workers deserve to be respected as well. I don't think you should call a prostitute in such a derogatory way. But what I'm offering is very different from what they're offering. I do not see the comparison.You have strict rules when it comes to snugling. What are the guidelines?As far as touch, I just prefer not to be touched anywhere the undergarments would cover. Pyjamas, clothes stay on at all times - no kissing.There is obviously a need for this - you snuggle up to 30 people a week. Thank you for joining us this morning. It is a touch weird. Slightly.What is your favourite cuddle position?Oh, definitely the spoon! Little spoon.Little spoonInside. My boy does the best cuddles. He says mummy, mummy.It is sweet! You know, a pillow is cheap and it lasts forever, as far as having a good snuggle!Oh, you poor thing! She is making a fortune. War veterans are huge clients of hers. Yeah.Yeah, yeah.Each to their own. News, sport and weather. That is next on Weekend Today.Richard will review the new One Direction album part of Ewind. I love this.# If it is true # It is This program is not captioned.

Let's get your news information now with Deb Knight. Good morning. Emergency workers are frantically cleaning up a major oil spill in Queensland. Police say the slick is on the Bruce Highway, beginning at Tyro, 220km north of Brisbane, and stretching 80km north to Childers. The highway is open, but driers have been warned to take care as -- drivers have been warned to take care as workers try to clean up the extensive mess. Investigators are trying to work out how a far started inside a unit on the NSW Central Coast, which claimed the life of a woman last night. The blaze broke out just after 9:30 at Wyong. Neighbours say they called for help, but there was little they could do as they waited for firefighters.They told me not to get too close to it. So there was nothing I could do, really, for the poor woman.The home has been declared a crime scene. A 13-year-old boy has been charged with arson after a large fire engulfed a shopping centre in Mackay, causing millions of dollars worth of damage. Three stores were destroyed, including a Toys R Us, Autobarn and a Clark Rubber. Several teenagers were arrested last night. It is feared jobs could be at risk. Australians are being encouraged to wear a red poppy with pride today, to mark 94 years since the end of World War I. More than 60,000 Australians died during the First World War. Today, all over the world and not least in Australia, we will remember world war I of tremendously chaotic and dramatic episode in our history and the other wars as well, including our young men and women serving today in Afghanistan. A minute's silence will be held at 11 o'clock this morning, marking the moment world war I hostilities formally ended in 1918. A unit block in Ryde in Sydney's north-west was evacuated overnight when fire broke out in a ground floor unit. The blaze started in the kitchen, and fire crews contained it to one room. But thick smoke filled the stairways. People on the streets waited for two hours while firefighters from four brigades cleared the flames. A man in his 60s was taken ho hospital with smoke inhalation. The Director General of the BBC has resigned after admitting the network should not have aired allegations of child abuse against a former government minister after a key witness admitted he was wrong about his abuser's identity. The scandal left George Entwistle's credibilty in tatters. The second this was brought to my attention last night...BroughtTo your attention? Do you not read papers, listen to the output?I saw this break on the web.The senior Conservative Party figure was named as Alistair Mcalpine, who fiercely denied allegations that he was a paedophile. And Macys has taken the wraps off some of the newest editions to its Thanksgiving Day Parade. Among the additions is Hello Kitty. The department star has been testing new balloons to ensure the event runs to plan.We have elves on the shelves, papa Smurf, and Hello Kitty will play in her own plane.The parade parade celebrates its 86th year. All eyes on the sky in Brisbane today? Good morning, Deb, welcome to the ultimate man cave! This is the curator's shed here at the Gabba, and the ground staff are out, getting busy, preparing the pitch for the day's play. So I'm going to make every man cringe and have a poke around their shed after the morninging's sport. The Wallabies certainly have their backs against the wall against France in their opening European tour match this morning. The home side took a 16-6 lead into the break, finding the line in the 13th minute. Frederick Michelak slotted three penalties and a drop goal before setting up the winger to open up a 23-6 lead midway through the second-half. On to the A-League, and Sydney FC coach Ian Crook admits his side is under pressure after they blew a 2- goal lead. Substitute Andrew Nabbout provided the visitors with spark they needed, scoring twice in the dying stages. Unbelievable feeling! I've always dreamt of this since I was a kid. Now it is happening, finally! Nine out of ten times I would have missed it. But today, you know, the luck went my way. It went in. I'm happy! And in the other match, Emile Heskey netted his fifth goal this season as Newcastle defeated Western Sydney 2-1. Well, after a wet and miserable day here in Brisbane yesterday, play is set to resume in the first test earlier this morning. The Aussies need quick wickets with coach Mickey Arthur admitting his bowlers were frustrated on the opening day. When I say disappointed, I say disappointed lightly. First and foremost, I thought South Africa batted very well. But we just didn't build enough pressure. So maybe nerves played a little bit of a role. That is something that we have to overcome.Hashim Amla and Kallis remaining at the crease. Adam Scott is four shots off the pace heading into the final day of the Singapore Open. He fired an even par third round. Rory McIlroy, world number one, is straight behind him, with two birdies and an eagle. This place here has to be every man's dream! Not only is it a gigantic shed, it has every toy imaginable. It has tractors, golf carts, buggies, segues! It has every tool you can think of. It is working for the ground staff here. Channel Nine's commentators say it is almost a perfect test match wicket. It has been great for South Africa. Let's hope it works for Australia's bowlers today. Play resumes earlier, 9:30 Queensland time. You brave woman - poking around that man cave! It is like a bloke gong through a handbag!I don't have a segue! Or a heavy roll ir! But I would like one. I don't know why.Have you had this experience?

Yeah. You can get into a lot of trouble by hitting "reply all". More on that in 15 minutes. You try to do the email recall. It doesn't recall the email, it just alerts people! Let's get your weather right now with Emma Freedman. Cam and Sarah, I have tried the chocolate-covered nougat and the Western Swamp Tortoises, now it is time to look at the truffles they make at the Margaret River Chocolate Company. Matt is the chief chocolate maker. He is making a salted caramel to go inside the sea-salted caramels that the Margaret River Chocolate Company is so famous for. They have won gold medals for it. We will try to pipe the caramel into the little cup straight after we take a look at the weather. We have another surprise for you - something that goes well with chocolate as well.

Yesterday we took a trip to one of the most recognised wineries in the Swan Valley reeblg, Sandalford. It creates a whole differenty varietys of vinos. The award-winning shiraz is doing very well at the moment. You can pop along there during the day to take a look at the cellar door, try a few of the different wiebs and enjoy some of the restaurants there as well. They also have some great music. A terrific concert series here. They have had Lionel Richie, Michael Buble and they have Sir Cliff Richard coming up in February. They get about 12,000 people those concerts. OK, we have made the sea- salted caramel. Steph has taught me before how to pipe it into these little cups. You have to be very gentle indeed. Once the caramel has been piped inthe truffle cups, they are the been given a little - they go into the store's shelves and they sell very well indeed. Here is a fact for you, Cam and Sarah. Women eat double the amount of chocolate that men do every single year. I'm here to prove that statistic this morning! I have tried only two of the 200 products they have here at the Margaret River Chocolate Company. And now I have tried three! And that is delicious! I'm starting to feel like I might turn into a chocolate soon enough!You know - that statistic does not apply to the Victoria's Secret models. They avoid that stuff! It is all organic eating. Look at that. You don't look like that with chocolate and wine. Move over, Miranda Kerr, we meet the other Australian turning heads.It is about the feathers, Sairis! They hide a number of ills! Richard Wilkins has news on Elton John's tour of Australia. Part of Ewind. You don't want to miss it.

Ewind. You don't want to miss it.
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Sir Elton John has kicked off his Aussie tour with bang. Taylor Swift will be performing in the Today show studio. Entertainment editor Richard Wilkins has that and more in this week's Ewind. # A rocket man # It was the week the Rocket Man came to Australia. Elton John kicking off his national tour at the brand new Perth Arena, before heading east. Opening act for Elton's, the amazing two cellos, who breathed fresh life into some absolute classics! When guitar ace Steve Vy joins in - it is magic!

On the movie front, we spoke to those 'Twilight' stars about the final instalment in their megafranchise.This love twielg is kind of over. Everybody doesn't hate each other any more.I felt like I was waiting and gearing up to it for so long. I was hitching to do it.The world premiere of 'Breaking Down Part 2' this week. How good is this - Neil Finn and Paul Kelly together, live in concert. # I go leaps and bounds # That is happening earlier next year, dates and details on our website. Alec Baldwin was on the red carpet talking about his newy, featuring the voices of Hugh Jackman and Isla Fisher, called 'Rise of the Guardians'. MOVIE REEL: Our powers are greater than you ever imagined! Bruce Willis is back in the saddle, riding high as John McLean, again! Nobody is going to die today. It is called 'A Good Day to Die Hard'. During the week, a squizz at the new Steven Spielberg movie starring Daniel day Lewis, as Abraham Lincoln.MOVIE REEL: Abolishing the slavery settles the fate for the millions.