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(generated from captions) Are they rainforest?
An old rainforest back in the day? No, they're not.

The official line is that
thousands of years ago, seashells were broken down into sand
and eroded by water and wind, leaving these awesome
limestone pillars. To be honest, I don't really
think about roads that often but that one out there is impressive because not only does it
shave off about an hour from a round trip from Perth, but because there's now
so much more to see and do, it feels even quicker. I mean, it really is
the perfect Perth day trip. And you get some sandy souvenirs.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - chaos at the airport. A computer meltdown leaves passengers stranded A mystery man fighting for life after a horror road accident. Tim Tams to take home - the Royals envoy some Canberra hospitality. Sex, lies and America's top spy. A scandal in the CIA. Six weeks ago the etail rush for the Christmas dollar. Thousands of people have had their weekend travel plans thrown into chaos after an airline check-insist them malfunctioned. Tiger, jet star and Virgin were all caught up in the mess leaving passengers stranded around the country. In minutes of the system crashing, terminal 2 was jammed. Lions of peepbgers rolling it the door. It is 10am Saturday and just bat everyone has an appointment to keep.Queensland to a wedding if we get there.We have to go back to Perth to see my familyVirgin has suffered computer glitches in the past but today Jetstar an Tiger were affected. Throw in Brisbane and Melbourne and it was chaos all- round as peacekeepingers were checked in manually one by one. You have checked in?Yes.How long did it take? Over two hours Staff could offer water but little else.The line was all if way automatic to the door and we got no information. Sadly the lions do not end here. Once on the plane passengers are forced to sit on the tar Mcas air traffic controllers work to clear the backlog. It was not just flights leaving.Not going anywhere. These passengers spent more than 40 minutes waiting to get off.Very frustrating on Saturday. We have thrown if the Gold Coast back to Sydney for a wedding. Looks like we may miss itAfter more than two hours of testing people's patience the check-insist them kicked back into gear. As quickly as the lion built up it disappeared. The airline said sorry but they could not say it will never happen again. Police trying to identify a young man who might have been hit by several vehicles on busy road overnight. Dimity Clancey is outside St George Hospital where he is being treated. What more can you tell us?What we have here is a man lying in hospital in a critical condition with fractures, head and internal injuries. Police fear his family does not know yet. It was 3 o'clock this morning on Canterbury Road, witnesses told me they saw this man attempt to cross the road from McDonalds and heard a truck sound its horn a number of times before possibly hit thing man. They say that truck did not stop. Second later we understand a taxi has run over this man but that driver stopped to help him. Let's listen to what police have to say about this.The man of 20-25 person is undergoing continuous teeth at St George Hospital. His condition is critical and unstable. His injuries are serious with multiple fact tours This man was not carrying any ID so crash investigators are relying on his clothing to identify him. He was wearing a red and grey jacket a pair of Gene Acres Tigers rugby league shirt and tan work boots. So anyone who may know who this victim is, is urged to come forward.? Four teenagers have been acrossed and a emergency declared following a fire at a shopping centre in Mackay in North Queensland. 12 crews battled the blaze which started in a toy store. Thick black smoke could be seen if most parts of the city. Australia's biggest outlaw bikie gang has hit back at police after a warning its members are under extra scrutiny. The Rebels allowed cameras inside their Western Sydney headquarters today claiming they have become victims of a national task force. They are rebels by name and a according to police Rebels by nature. The club is now the specific target of a national task force.The Rebels and outlaw motorcycle fangs are a continuing threat to the very fabric of our community. Today the club opened its doors in Sydney's west claiming victimisation.We have been targeted for a long time. The task force has linked club to organised crime.The Rebels are most definitely involved in drug trafficking and firearms and violence. Extortion, anything to make moneyThey say 330 club member assist been charged since February. Not, so according to the club presidents.My lawyers tell me there were only 77 of them and mostly they were nothing more than traffic offences. The Rebels President believes the club's high- profile means it is being unfairly tar noted by law enforcement agencies.It is the largest outlaw motorcycle gang in Australia and has a footprint of criminality in every state of Australia. The united Motorcycle sap council is concerned about how new antiassociation and consorting laws designed to target bikies are being used.There are law and order issues and problems in the bikie situation but there are problem was discretionary powers for police authoritiesThe State Liberal MP has been put on a 1 a-month good behave wror bond. Melanie Gibbons failed to declare donations on time while she was a Shire Council lor. The Premier needs to take responsibility and ask Melanie Gibbons the resign her positionIt is an embarrassment for Barry O'Farrell. The opposition is claiming he tried to cover up her conviction After a packed few days, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have wrapped up their highly successful Diamond Jubilee tour of Australia. Last stop was Canberra, a chance to meet more VIPs and to connect with hundreds more excited supporters. How many hands can one man shake? Prince Charles wading in the another big Australiay crowd. Take-home Tim Tams and some rough and ready Australian memories.I thought it was pretty amazing.She was not everybody's idea of a Princess.She thought she should wear pink. The Royal couple were greeted by the Prime Minister.In you the people of Australia know they have a true an sympathetic friendAnd to Camilla.In a land you will always feel welcome in.Charles muttered along to the first verse of our national anthem. But like many of us, the second verse had him stumped. The couple renamed a water front boulevard after Queen Elizabeth. Charles made a brief personally requested visit to our top spys to praise them and say thank you for their global Royal while Camilla gave a fluttery Royal wave. Just at short drive from the public informality of the lake the Royal couple moved here to the five say and the formality of Government House. More handshakes but no bows for the official snapshots with our political leaders. Before a seafood barbecue buffet lunch with over 100 new and old friends.We shall leave here with great sadness that we cannot spend longer as we move to New Zealand but taking with us such happy, special and amusing memories Before they left, their last act was to visit the War Memorial. Laying a wreath surely for Prince Charles a strong awareness that like many Australian families, he has a son at war. Live to Christine Ahern in Canberra it has been a whirlwind visit but they have covered a lot of ground.They have. The Royals could not be happier with how this tour as gone. At times it has been hard to keep pace with them. They have covered five states and the ACT in six days. What was always probably going to be a warm welcome for Prince Charles to his home away if home, there had been some and plea mention to how his wife was going to be received but right from the start Camilla was embraced. The Royal couple won everybody over with their down to Earl nature and their good humour and we could see even right up to the end, their final engage many here at the War Memorial, Prince Charles was not going to be rushed. He took the time to say hello and thanks to the hundreds of well-wishers that turned out here, calling out his name, before the Royal couple headed for the airport. Next stop, New Zealand.Just three days into his new presidency, Barack Obama has a big problem on his hands. David Petraeus t great American war hero and the country's spy chief, has resigned after being caught up in a sex scandal. He is the head of the world's most secretive organisation but now David Petraeus has revealed a damaging secret of his own. In a classic case of understatement the retired general says he showed extremely poor judgement, behaviour unacceptable both as a husband and the leader of an organisation such as ours He became besotted with Paula his by ago fear who gained extraordinary access to the former head of the US military in Afghanistan and IraqWe know this affair had gone on for some time and all of a sudden the general has this crisis of conscienceDavid Petraeus Moat his wife in 1973, they have a son and daughter and just last year appeared the devoted husband.I will never be able adequately express my love an appreciation for all that she has done but I can at least say here this morning thank you Hol, I love youThe FBI got tip that the 60-year-old was having an affair with Paula, herself married with two children. Now it is reported that even after the affair ended he continued to bombarded her with phone calls and emails. The fear, that once he had been compromised, so had national security It has led to a full-blown crisis.How extraordinary would it be that you s this type of FBI investigation into your CIA director and the President is not informed about it?The other shocking possibility - that the White House kept the affair quiet until after the election. Broadwell appeared earlier on television spruiking biography.Was he like "I don't know what I'm doing, I failed everybody who ever loved me unboth? No, no dirty secrets.But one that has left America realing Pictures have emerged of Barack Obama choking back tears as he thanked campaign staff and volunteers in Chicago.You guys - what you have done - I'm really proud of that. I'm really proud of all of you.The usually stoic President was overwhelmed by emotion the day after winning the election. The countdown to Christmas has started at David Jones with the unveiling of the store's traditional window display. But with sales already down, the faceive season is not looking so jolly for retailers. # It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... 44 days to go and our major retailers have already decked the halls. # It's Christmas time in the city... Twinkling lights, nose pressed to glass. This time of year bring as lot of magic did a lot of people. Christmas the pre is about family and about mango and pancakes in the morningDavid Jones t first of the giant retailers to today unveil its Christmas display. With a theme of carols there is so much the family can create to and we have seen lions of people.As kids get the Christmas wishes in early behind the Bight lights the faceive mood for retailers is cautiously optimistic.Retailers obviously hope this Christmas will be a strong oneThe latest retail figures show sales were up by half a per cent in New South Wales. But with shops slashing proces rove knew is falling and that is hitting retailers profits.We are fearful that more Australian brands, more iconic Australian shops will close their doors and will shed jobs and staffWith plenty of bargains to stave off any Grinch-style spending attitudes. Retailers will be hoping Santa's Chris has list is big this year. In the news ahead - one girl's warning about energy drinks. Also, a drunken night out ends in spectacular fashion. From national hero to gold miner. Life after the Victoria Cross.

This program is not captioned. Rodgee! I've got a doubly delicious
treat for you! VOICEOVER: The combination
of a crunchy shell... (BARKS)
..and the meaty centre... Oooh! ..makes Schmackos Marrobones
double the fun. SONG: # Dogs go wacko
Dogs go wacko for Schmackos! # VOICEOVER:
Hungry Jack's new Outlaw Whopper with eye bacon, melted cheese and HP Spicy BBQ Sauce. The Outlaw Whopper - nothing tastes better
when you're on the run.

MAN: The get-together.

It comes in many different forms - the wedding, the farewell...

..the catch-up...

..the knock-off, the celebration,

the girls' night out, the Sunday lunch and the reunion. It's magic bringing people together.
Your local club.

This program is not captioned. Poison hotline is taking an alarming number of calls about the dangerous consumption of energy drinks. The products have been linked to five deaths in the US and doctors here are renewing their calls for tougher restrictions on sale. As the demand for energy drinks grows, so too doctors concerned about the effects of its caffeine content.I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. There was a horrible pressure and it is something I had never experienced before in my life Samantha drank between 3 and 5 cans of Rock Star a day until see diagnosed with a heart condition.I cannot consume any sort of caffeine without it coming backSince 2004 the NSW poison centre has seen an increase in the number of adverse reactions and that trend has continued throughout this year with 54 calls so far.We know that caffeine has toxic effects and sadly we have seen them here an internationally. A 14-year-old girl if the US died there a caffeine- induced heart condition after consuming 1.5 litres of Monster energy Ding over 2 hours. Her death an four others are being investigated by US health authorities. The Australian Pof rajs Council says regulations here are the most stringent in the world. Unlike the US a local industry must comply with limits on the amount of caffeine in a can or bottle. The smaller 250ml can is equal to a typical couple of coffee. Doctors say a review by senior heal officials here and launched 18 months ago is taking too long.If they are not intended for children, why are they able the bye them? I believe these drinks should not be sold to understand-18s. I have heard stories of teens having an energy drink for peak fast on the way the schoolA drink-driverer has walked away unharmed after this incredible crash outside of London. Elton John and David Furnish lost control of his are flipping it into the front yard of a house. The 20- year-old was found to be twice the legal alcohol limit. He lost his licence for 18 months an was fined $170. Elton John and David Furnish are set to become parents for the second time with reports the couple are using the same surrogate who gave birth to their son Zach. He has earned national respect as the recipients of the Victoria Cross but Corporal Daniel Keighran is busy forging a new life underground. He is working as gold Hineer in Western Australia, a world away if the moments he saved his mates from Taliban gunfire in Afghanistan. A week in the life of Victoria Cross recipient, Corporal Daniel Keighran. Probleming shoulder was the Prime Minister and top brass one day, in the company of the soldiers he fubgt alongside the next Did can you believe what he did? I had to, so I had to, Mark. I watched a man in a very hard situation make some good decisions allowing rests of his team the fight through. Dan's decision the repeat Edly stand up and attract enemy fire gave his patrol the opportunity to treat an injured soldier. For the first time, he opened up about just how dangerous it was.The first 30 seconds of that engagement I thought it was all over for me personally because it was that close. I could have easily been killed throughout that entire engagement. I put it down to luck. I was just lucky that day, I really was, that I was not killed, yeahOn his return Dan left the army and moved to Kalgoorlie becoming most highly decorated gold miner in the world Would you be tempted to go back into the army full-time now? Look, at this stage I'm really, really focused on hat I'm doing now, my new canner and everything like that. So I do not think I will go back, noI is a day where 24 eely good mates fought really hard and doll the best we couldDan has been warned by the other VC recipients that his life will never to be same again. He is about to get a taste of what they are talking about when he lay as wreath here at the Cenotaph tomorrow, part of the Remembrance Day commemorations. Sport is next with Cameron Williams. No cricket?No very frustrating, all gumboots and scramble at the Gabba. We will ask Mickey Arthur what it means for the first test. He is understand the whip, but Damien Oliver delivers again at Flemington. Turning a car in the a con veryible, drag racing style. This program is not captioned. I just love prawns.
It's something I cannot explain. More, more! She just sees the prawn and thinks,
"That's perfect the way it's made." It is perfect.
Yeah. She's an artist. # I love you. #


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This program is not captioned. The Australian contradict yet team has had plenty of time to regroup after their poor start the first test. Roz Kelly joins us live from the gloomy Gabba. Not one ball bowled today?.The last time an entire test day was lost like this here at the Gabba was back in 1983. Today was very frustrating for both sides. South Africa left, went back to their hotel to wait for a call. Australia stayed, signed autographs with fans, played cards and watched horseracing and coach Mickey Arthur admits it was very draining, especially for the bowlers who poured so much mental energy into preparing today's fight back.We feel we did not execute well enough yesterday. Did not hit in the areas for long enough. Did not bowl with enough pressure. We wanted to put that right today. We had a new ball a Second Bite at the cherry so disappointing we did not get on today but we have to get it right tomorrow morning nowSouth African batsman had successful surgery in a post-training drill last night. He is out for six months. His replacement is set to be a debutant and he is expected to be named in the next few days. But in some good news, a sunny day expected tomorrow. Let's hope we see some actionThe Western Sydney wanders made a great start against the Newcastle Jets this evening. They took a 1-nil lead at Parramatta Stadium. Joey Gibbs got the finishing touch but Newcastle has think it front with Heskie scoring their second goal. The final MotoGP for the season could be wet. In a ruined act for most. Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa all failed to set flying laps in the session while in the rally of Spain this tree stood no chance. The misjudgment did not cost the driver too much time. He simply reversed up an hit the road again. Race car drivers try to light up the track all the time, but not quite to this extent. Jack Dodge was literally in the hot seat in Californias he dodge disintegrated in a fireball. He had the presence of mind pull the chute and amazingly, still won the race. The car was a mess but Jack Dodge was unharmed. Gorgi, you may not believe this all that he lost was an eyebrow!Lucky man..Thank you. Coming up next - all This program is not captioned. the rest of the weekend. It was cool in Sydney. It was 21 in the city and 22 in the West.

cool in Sydney. It was 21 in the
city and 22 in the West. Extensive cloud over the north-east has been triggering showers and storms. Around the country tomorrow - Here is a look at what is in store of '60 Minutes'.Tomorrow night the tiny cameras changing the awe view the world.Crazy, there is no limit. They go anywhere, view anything. And the are indestructible. Is tomorrow it the at the special time of 8 o'clock on 60 minute. Back on you, Gorgi.That is Nine News for this Saturday. Thank you for being with us. Goodnight Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned. (CHEERING)


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