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Chanced. Dropped catches. All of that. Bradley Cooper tells us why he tried to turn down Sexiest Man Alive title.We were in between shots and I did think it was a joke. Saturday 10th of November. Hugh Jackman, a lot of women think he's amazing.Who do you think is definitively Sexiest Man Alive? Hugh Jackman is certainly up there - especially when he takes that shirt off.He's a really nice guy. Let's take a quick look at the weather for you.

weather for you. Let's go to the news now. Good morning to you at home. A 28-year-old man has been gunned down north of Brisbane overnight and is now in a critical condition. Police were called to a unit complex on the Redcliffe peninsula just before 10:00. Before the man was shot in the shoulder. He has some problems. We have problems here occasionally. Otherwise, it's a fairly good neighbourhood.The second man is interviewed by police, residents are locked out of units while the investigation continues. Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will travel to Canberra today after a soggy Sydney visit. Canberra is the last stop on the Royal's Australian tour before they head across the ditch to next. Sydney showed the Royal couple of its beauty, starting with a moat boat ride. The prince reviewed the troops, chatting along the way. Then more personal en counters about the facts of life he knows so well. Charles soon in the warm embrace of a giant crowd in central Sydney.While Camilla went solo to Victoria Barracks. Where she was confirmed as in chief of military police. Charles mixed briefly for dors for the wool industry. Weaving between downpours as he watched indigenous youths playing football and then off to the Opera House. It's been a -ethic tour since they landed on Monday. Then off to New Zealand later today. For Charles, it's been a chance to chalk up another trip for a home away from home. A man is in hospital after a hit-and-run overnight. The man may have been truck and was hit by a vehicle which left the scene. It's not clear if he was struck by a taxi. Sydney siders are being warned to get used to extreme weather with more than 50 severe storms forecast for summer. Two fronts swept across the city within 20 minutes of each other yesterday afternoon, causing widespread damage. The owner of this Hoxton Park deli became trapped when the roof collapsed. It's only eight months old shop. It's not old. We've put all of our life savings into this.While many people will spend today mopping up, there's mostly mine weather forecast for the rest of the weekend. Barack Obama has spoken for the first time since being re-elected. The President used the address to reach across the isle, inviting leaders from both side of politic tots White House to discuss the fiscal crisis.Now that those of us on the campaign trail have had a little sleep, it's time to get back to work. I've invited leaders of both parties it the White House next week to build consensus around the challenges that we can only solve together. He will be sworn in on January. While prince William continues his do you remember Down Under Prince William returned to the scene where his romance with Duchess of Cambridge began.Overnight honouring saint Andrew's university where it all began.I thank God for those friendships, forged in our halls.The rest of course is fairytale history. Magnificent wedding, the kiss on the balcony and now endless speculation on where a Royal heir will be on the way. No hint of a biby bump overnight but cost conscious Kate elegant as always did turn heads. Showing up in this recycled frock. Meantime, Prince Harry is planning on Skyping her for Christmas. I think that he'll be very happy with that. He doesn't have a long-term girlfriend to come back to here, it's not like William and Kate. When he returns in two months from the war zone Harry will be pursuing one of his father's passions, gardening to support his charity. Unlike his father, don't expect this young Royal to talk to his plants, he's too cool for that. He is pretty cool. And it's cool that the Royals are still with us today in Canberra before heading off to next.I think they've had a great time. They've been showing their human touch and Australians have responded well. It's been great.Do you think people's perceptions of Camilla have changed?How funny that people were bagging her out for carrying a parasol. It's wise. SPF15, go Camilla.They were booing her a little bit at Melbourne Cup Day. It's just Australians really showing some sort of respect for her. We acknowledge you, Camilla. I'm trying to put a positive spin on it.Stay with us - we'll have your weather and first sports news next. We'll talk about the Aussies who are reeling after the first test. There was a big development after the game. One of the South Africans down, down. We'll find out what


This. This program is not captioned. Good morning to you Sydney. A few showers, top of 19 degrees. A bit of a glum start. I reckon it will be a cracking day. Time for the sports headlines this morning with Roz Kelly from the Gabba. There was a big incident after the cricket yesterday?Good morning, Cam. This was actually quite shocking. It's a huge blow for South Africa after such a perfect start because their queue batsman has been ruled out for the rest of the series. It was in a freak post stumps training drill. He was running and then collapsed on the ground and had to be assisted from the Gabba and was rushed to hospital. Now, he will undergo surgery this morning because cans last night confirmed that he respect toured his Achilles tendon. I'm just worried about a long day. -- rupt youred.Pattinson provided the early breakthrough for Australia.

Australia.Both sides desperate to find some form. Heart proving the boby side last season, the only team they failed to take three points from and the signs looked ominous early. That pressure soon turned into points minutes later. Unlucky to find the equalliser before the break. Mitch Nicklaus denied beside the sideline. Any chance of a Brisbane turn around in the second half soon faded. Heart scoring 12 times in three minutes. A penalty pushed it out even further before a beautiful counter down the left flank put it beyond doubt.

A late consolation doing little for Brisbane back-to-back losses at the bottom of the table. Onto the rugby union. Wallabies skipper Nathan Sharpe is putting a lot of pressure on his side to finish their season in a high against France tomorrow morning. Australian completed their final captain's run in Paris overnight looking to put a disappointing season behind them.This is an important tour for us. We've had a lot of injuries this year. We have a lot of new guys. Over the next couple of weeks we'll get guys back with some experience which will be great.The Wallabies last undefeated tour was back in 1996. Finally in his farewell moatoe GP race Casey Stoner hasn't set a very competitive lap timal Valencia. He finished ninth in the morning but decided to garage his Honda. The Frenchman was a surprise leader topping the time sheets ahead of qualifying. A word of warning from Cricket Australia. They say to get to the ground as early as possible to avoid waiting in big queues because it was quite built-up yesterday. I'm looking forward to Emma's weather report and the covers are on the ground and the ground staff are hiding under some shelter.It looks like you have grabbed yourself a good seat. Yesterday we heard more about Tony Greg's situation. What's the latest with that?He is very up-beat. He popped up on Channel Nine's coverage and it was great to see his face. He's going in for a meeting with doctors on Monday and some treatment. His first major operation on Tuesday to help figure out what's going on with his lung cancer. He said he's very honest about it. He has lung cancer but he is trying to stay up-beat until he gets the final words of advice. He said he is also watching his leagues and good mates very closely because it's been 30 years- something since he watched a cricket match from home and wasn't involved in it.He has only ever seen the cricket without Tony Greig on it. I didn't like it. I hope he's back on our box very quickly. Best wishes to him. Speak to you soon.Thanks very much. Emma Freedman, are you there inGood morning, Sarah and Cam. We are in gorgeous WA this morning at Crown in Perth. It's a great new addition to the State and City of Perth as well. A really world of entertaining, including the pool here, which I tell you is a lovely praise to relax once the sun comes up. We'll take a

Your weather.

Your weather.
This pool area has areas of deck dense and luxury to lie and absorb that glorious pooled is sun. There is exclusive private huts which we'll show you later in the morning. I've always wanted to have a look through it. We'll check in with you later.Stay with us - why Apple is losing market share to competitors. And find out what Carrolls and Camilla are up to on their final day This program is not captioned. Rodgee! I've got a doubly delicious
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Weekend Today.
Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall wrap up their tour today. And today's report Christine Ahern joins us live from Canberra. It's Canberra today. But the couple frocked up for a big reception in Sydney last night.They certainly did Cam. And thankfully the weather was OK for their arrival. They made their way to the Opera House via a barge where they were given a smoking ceremony to welcome them. They made their way up the steps of the Opera House. There was a pretty large crowd to greet them. They stopped and spoke to a couple, shook a couple of hands before making their way into the Diamond Jubilee reception. That wasn't their only engagement of the night. They had a dinner hosted by the governor general. Earlier Prince Charles was caught up in the Sydney thunderstorms yesterday at the one time he wanted blue skies at Bondi Beach. He was hoped he would play a bit of touch footy. He watched some kids play as part of the NRL indigenous program. He stuck around for quite a while talking to the Sydney siders that had braved the weather, also some NRL stars. He was a really good sport about it all. Camilla was over at Victoria Barracks and she has seven military appointments and was given another one when appointed Colonel-in Chief yesterday. It gives me enormous pleasure to address you today. This is a very exciting time for me, not only because of the great honour you have done me, but because it is also my first trip to Australia. That is a very big honour. What are they up to today?Cam, Canberra which of course their last stop of this Australian tour isn't as - ethic as other days. It's pretty busy.

busy. --

busy. -- -ebgtic -- hectic.

busy. -- -ebgtic -- hectic. There was a lot of apprehension heading into the Australian tour of how Camilla will be received. The Royals have won over everybody in Australia with their down to earth approach and the time that they have given to everybody on their Australian tour.They are doing great job. It looks pretty tedious really. Nothing like skinny dipping or anything fun on the plans?Look, you never know. I'll suggest that to the Royals when they arrive, Cam, and see what happens.It looks like you haven't really embraced that idea but I understand. Thank you very much, Christine. It's whack whack whack with boring things to do.They always are. They come to Australia because it's such a long trip. They will pack it all in. Stay with us - 'Hunger Games' star says men in Hollywood consider her fat. We'll have more on that story in the next 30 minutes. Helen Hunt and William H Macy are in a new movie 'The Sessions', all This program is not captioned. Great to have your company this Saturday morning. Neighbours say they heard a woman yelling and swearing before a man was gunned down north of Brisbane just before 10:00 last night. The 28-year-old victim is in a critical condition after being shot in the shoulder at Redcliffe.The persons involved in this particular incident are two males. There's also a woman that's assisting in the investigations. Some residents have been locked out of their units while police investigate. After a colourful and rain- drefrpbled visit to Sydney Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will spend their day in our nation's capital before flying to New Zealand. Yesterday the couple parted ways briefly with the prince watching footy at bondy and Camilla visited Victoria Barracks. This is a very exciting time for me, not only because of the great honour you have done me but because it is also my first trip to Australia.New Zealand is the last stop on the couple's whirl wind tour of the Diamond Jubilee. Clive Palmer's days as a member of the Liberal National Party could be inned. He has been suspended immediately after another tiraid against the party's leadership.

against the party's leadership. He remains confident he won't be thrown out. Police are forced to patrol petrol stations in New York after a surprise snowstorm put short yaipbl. Stations are stit battling lengthy queues in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The hortages are expected to last a few more weeks. A teenage girl shot in the head by the Taliban has thanked people around the world for their support. Malala was shot while travelling on a school bus. A month after the attack her father issued a message of gratitude on her behalf.I'm thankful to all well wishers who strongly condemn the assassination attempt on our daughter. There are calls for her to be nominated for a Noble Peace Prize for her bravery. While the name platypus may be flatfooted, you have to be quick to bag these little guys. Their feet and nails were in need of a check-up. Nadia, Zoe and Jackie were very keen to get back into the water. Let's get a look at all of the sport now with Roz Kelly.I wish I was there to see those little creatures. Beginning with cricket - Australia desperately need quick wickets this morning when play resumes for day two against South Africa. They only managed two wickets on the opening day, piling on 136 run stand.In the end we lacked a little bit of consistency on a wicket that wasn't offering a great deal. Meantime, a setback with J dim dim out for six months. He will undergo surgery later this morning. He respect youred his ak lead tendon in a training driver yesterday. Raw skipper has apologised to his coach, club and fans for their disappointing 4:1 loss overnight. Tonight was the lowest point for me at the club. At times there were good things and poor things.It was just probably the worst performance we've seen from this lot in 2.5 years.The loss sees the defending premieres sitting last on the table with just one win this season. Meantime, a best perform nce has guided the Kings 65-55 over the top-placed Hawks. If you see this vision, Australian halfback hasn't jumped codes. The Storm player turned up to a strength and conditioning session in Arizona this week. We'll find out what he was doing there and if they are trying to lure him over there. I think it was just a bit of a fitness session.What's your call on on the cricket? Hopefully, we'll do greafplt I think the weather will play a huge part this morning. It's been raining on and off. They need it. These guys, if they keep ongoing will do serious damage. Our commentater and cricket show host will join us later to dissect and give us all of the information. Thanks, Roz. Let's go and get some weekend weather now with Emma Freedman who is in Perth this morning. We are taking an exclusive tour of the Crown this morning, newly opened up here in Perth. This is just one of the fabulous kids area, including two slides and some funky gadgets for the kids to have a lot of fun with in the Perth sun. We'll show you more around this beautiful hotel after we look at the capital Your weather.

Your weather.
These are pictures from the lobby here. Very busy on a Friday afternoon with plenty of guests checking in for a weekend stay. They make their way up to their rooms via these iconic lifts which feature gorgeous art deckoe features and can take themselves to the front bar and maybe have a beverage and restaurants and look at one of the most featured shops in the lobby, which specialises in diamonds and gold. We'll show you that a little later in the morning. You mentioned that you had stayed here before. Also elt general John is staying right in that room up there where the lights are on. I wonder what he's doing at 4:30 in the morning.I bet he's jet lagged and would love to come down and sing rocketman for us.I think that could you be a goer.Why don't you send him some champagne, lure him down with bubbles.I hear that he has a little bit of a tempter. I'm not keen to. # Hold me closer.You are chacky on the east coast and we're just as whacky back here.How did a Victorian mum beat the death penalty in Malaysia? We'll speak to our legal expert in the next half hour. How does Helen Hunt fair in 'The Sessions'?

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Elton John watching us from Perth. Have you seen 'The Sessions' yet, sir? This very honest film. It's a little bit confronting as it follows the journey of a disabled man looking for love. It has a great catch. It's Richard Wilkins's movie of the week. It's based on the true story of a paralysed man, a poet named markoe who is confined to an iron bed for most of his life. He can only move mors of his head. That doesn't mean he's lost his sense of touch or his lib eedoe. It's just that he can't do much about it alone.

about it alone. Enter a therapist who agrees to take the case and help Mark fulfil his dream and lose his vir beginnity.Do you make the 6-year-old boy, do you blame him for getting polo? You may be thinking this is all too weird. It's also beautiful thanks to the committed performances of the two leads Helen Hunt who is nude for much of the movie.What happens when people become attached to each other. You can leave it as love and attraction or you can make things complicated.I understand that you'd like me to hear your confession.I haven't yet done the deed. Giving this film added pointiancy it was written and directed by the Australian, a youthful victim of polo. It's called 'The Sessions'. You are only allowed six of 'emEven among non- believers the most common expression is oh, God. He is just a superior actor.I love him.It's a bit of an interesting concept for a film though isn't it? I would like to get along to see that. That desire for touch is a fundamental human need. There is a lady in America who is making big money charging people for a cuddle. Her business is called Snuggles. It's not prosecution constitution and we'll speak to her tomorrow. If you need somebody to spoon, she's your woman. We have a growing chorus of our top economic minds saying our superannuation is flat broken. We'll look at how it will effect you in the next hour. 'Hunger Games' star has This program is not captioned. Now's a great time of year
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Good morning, Melbourne. Not a bad start for the last day of the carnival. There will be a few morning showers, all headed for a top of 20 degrees. 'Hunger Games' star is one of the hottest celebrities in the world right now. Why does she say Hollywood thinks she's fat? She's graced the cover of magazines looking for from overweight.Women want to look like her and men just want her. And yet she tells magazines she's obese, considered a fat actress. Just look at the 22-year-old Oscar nominated actress on this cover. Is this the new definition of fat?In Hollywood the standards are for women to be thin. She's really on the top of every director's list right now. The star of this year's box office hit 'Hunger Games' says she has to work out for her upcoming role. She says she eats like a caveman. I'll be the only actress who doesn't have anorexia rumours. I don't want to look like a little boy. The fact that she's strong and looks like a woman.The notion that Hollywood could consider her fat wouldn't be the first indication that society's perception of body image has spun out of control. Victoria's Secret's model posted this picture of her protruding hip bones and concave stomach. All of the pressure is part of the reason people wished they were magically a size six and never had to give it a thought. Lady Gaga posted these photographs after her recent 25 pound weight gain headlines.Even fits not healthy.Amid all of pressure, seeming comfortable, telling the magazine she wants her body to look fit and strock, not thin and underfed. That's a get message for our teenagers when somebody looks like that and are considered fat.Is Apple on the way out? Are you getting sick of their technology. The world may be dropping off a little bit. We find out why Android devices are gaining market share in a hurry. And we have Michele Mahone in Hollywood.Has Taylor Swift rekindled a romance? I'll tell you. VOICEOVER: It mightn't look it, but Toby's actually being
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# All these little things # You can't go to bed without a cup of tea # And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep # And all of those conversations are the secrets that I keep # Though it makes no sense # To me # I know you never loved the sound of your voice on tape # You never want to know how much # You still love to skweej into your jeans.That's a lovely voice. I think that's one beautiful little tune from One Direction.It would be good to have One Direction back in town.That sound you can hear a million teenage girls hearts breaking over that song. Shall we move on? Hood gossip time now with Michele Mahone. Scarlet got some new ink.She went to Paris and got herself tattooed by a tattoo- graffiti artist as is evidenced by the work. It's a horseshoe with lucky U with stars. I think she should have tested it out first.I don't like it at all.Speaking of One Direction. Harry and tile Swift, they've parked romance rumours. How so?Well, they dated earlier in the year. And then she said she caught him cheating on her. So she dumped him. But they've been seen watching matching matching necklaces and maybe they bought the necklaces to each other. I don't know. If she's going to reKindal relationships, anyone?I see what you're saying.I agree.Harry has substance though. Good hair.I can't say. Does your son look like that?Don't you worry about it, my baby boy.They have ways of settling those things in the US.The morph modern family's star has responded to allegations. Her 14-year-old daughter was removed from her home and the mother says it's not because she abused her in any way. It's because she put the end to a romance that the girl was having with an 18- year-old man. So she said that it's just all because of that. Ar yell was placed in the custody of her older sister. 20 years ago the older sister was removed from the home for the same thing. We'll just have to wait and see how this turns out. Horrible story.We will check in with you very shortly Michele Mahone. In the meantime, these are the top stories on Weekend Today. Free at last - a Victorian mother beats drugs charges and escapes the death penalty in Malaysia. Find out when she'll be coming home. Royal tour - next stop Canberra. Has Apple lost its shine? Sales are slumping. Are there better phones and tablets on the market? Missed chances, dropped catches, no no- ball, leaving the Australians reeling. Bradley Cooper tells us why he tried to turn down Sexiest Man Alive title.I remember when I got the call, we were in between shots and I thought it was a joke. It's 10th of November. Great to have your company this morning. Lots to look forward. Eltjon general for a start. Who is watching our show this morning from the comfort of Crown in pert. -- Perth. Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will fly to Canberra this morning up wrapping up the Australian leg of their tour. The Royal couple spent the day in Sydney. The visit was interrupted by a wild thunderstorm it ended with a spectacular sunset. There was a dinner and special guests. Earlier thousands braved the rain for a glimpse of Charles at Bondi. The security man told me not to let the dog lick him if he comes to say hello to him. Part of a factory in Melbourne's east has caught fire overnight. Crews were called to the industrial estate and were able to quickly contain the flames at the engineering business.The damage is to the administration area of the factory. And that particular office is pretty much a total loss. The rest of the premises along with two adjoining factorys has extensive smoke and water damage. Authorities say it's not clear what caused a light plane to crash near Lismore killing a learner pilot and his instrupbgter. It was 80 km off-core near Gundurimbra yesterday morning. It missed a highway and farmhouse. It looked like he could have been trying to bank and pull out of it but there was no response.The crash sparked a grass fire with debris scattered up to 50m from the wreckage. It's believed the two men onboard were in their 40s and from the tkphrost. An Australian morph six says she's looking forward to fresh start after drug trafficking charges against her were suddenly dropped. She was facing the death penalty in Malaysia after 1kg of methamphetamine were found in a car she and her boyfriend were travelling in. She was cleared of any wrongdoing. Her boyfriend remains a suspect. Her mum and sister say they always had faith that she was innocent. No to hug her and we'll never let her out of our sight again. She will stay in Malaysia a while longer as a star witness in the prosecution case. Child sex abuse committed within the Catholic church is described as a cancer. Abuse was widespread. This week NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell launched a formal inquiry into allegations that the church obstructed police investigations into priest abuse in hunter valley. The cardinal says there's not enough evidence to launch a wide ranging commission into abuse within the church. Despite tough new laws banning drivers were touching mobile phones, close to 450 motorists have been booked since the ban was introduced at the start of the month. Around a dozen changes were made to the law including new rules forcing ciefrs to installed a fixed cradle to carry phones. Drivers are still risking fines up to $400 and four demerit points for using phones while drivering. US President Barack Obama has been brought to tears while thanking campaign workers after his re-election. He paid a visit to staffers in chick kaingoe and expressed tears.

kaingoe and expressed tears. He claimed victory over Mitt Romney. A big weekend in sport. Roz Kelly is at the cricket.Good morning. As you can see behind me, Gabba's staff are preparing for another big day of cricket here. The grounds staff are out in action now. A huge blow for South Africa this morning. They have lost a key batsman JP Duminy for the entire series. JP Duminy was injured in a freak post stumps training drill and had to be assisted off the Gabba after collapsing. He was taken to hospital. He will undergo surgery this morning because scans last night confirmed he ruptured his Achilles tendon.I seen him getting carried off.Definitely a long day. You go into the first day at the Gabba and come back with only two wickets and you look up at the scoreboard and it's been a pretty long day.There was an early breakthrough for Australia. In the A-League Roar coach has described last night's loss to Heart as one of the club's worst performances manufacturer Two years. Both sides desperate to find some form. The bogey side last season, the only team they failed to take three points from and the signs looked ominous early. That pressure soon turned into points minutes later. Roar unlucky to find the equalliser before the break, Mitch Nicklaus denied by the sideline. Any chance of the Brisbane turn around in the second half soon faded. Heart scoring 12 times in three minutes. A penalty pushed it out even further, before a beautiful counter down the left put it beyond doubt.

it beyond doubt. A late consolation for back-to-back losses sitting bottom on the table. The Wallabies skipper Nathan Sharpe says they will be expecting a physical en counter against France in the opening match of the European Tour tomorrow morning. Australia completed their final captain's run in Paris overnight hoping to end a horror season on a high.This is an important tour for us. We've had a lot of injuries this year. There are a lot of new guys who have come through and done well. We'll get guys back with some experience which will be great.It has been 16 years since the Wallabies were last unbeaten in their European Tour. In his final moatoe GP race Casey Stoner set competitive lap times in Valencia along with Jorge Lorenzo. The Frenchman finished a surprise leader, topping the time sheets ahead of qualifying. Here's some interesting cricket trifa for you guys. It's been 48 years, almost 49 since South Africa played a test match at the Gabba. It ended in a draw.

draw. Coming up on Weekend Today we are getting close to Christmas. There's a Santa school where men and women can learn to be Santa's helpers and spread the Christmas cheer.Are your glasses fogging up? These suits aren't designed for an Australian summer are they? It's hot in here. We have that story in 15 minutes time.Let's get the weather now with the real Emma Freedman.It's too early.There is good reason that I have put on my robe this morning, because we have found ourselves in Crown in Perth. This is an area that spelllises in decidence. I'll tell you more after we see what's happening in your capital cities.

capital cities. You can have a butler bring you any food or beverage that your heart so desires. You can take part in a bit of karaoke. Instead of inviting Elton John to come down this afternoon, maybe we could do it old school style. It looks pretty good your job this morning. A preview of the Royals final day in Australia is three minutes away. First, Victorian mum has been released from a jail in Malaysia after 115 days in confinement. All charges have been dropped for the morph six who faced the death penalty. For more on the court case we're joined by our legal expert. This mum faced the noose after being a passenger in a car where 1kg of methamphetamine was found in the boot. How did she get off? That's a good question. I don't know how this thing worked. It's never happened before. She was charged because she was in possession of the 1kg of methamphetamine. Anything over 50 grams attracts the death penalty. She was sitting in a car, the drugs were found in the car, under the front passenger seat. She was in the car with her boyfriend who shot through before the police swooped on the car. Because she had control of the car. They say she had possession of these drugs. To prove possession you have to prove that you have control over the substance, you have to prothat you know that you've got control over them. Her argument has always been yes I was in the car, yes the drugs were in the car but I had no knowledge whatsoever that those drugs were in the car. I can't possibly know anything about it.Shep Corby is doing hard time after being caught with 4kg. She has always claimed that the drugs weren't hers. She didn't know about them. Why then did this legal argument work for Emma?My guess is because her case is in Malaysia and it's a little bit more lenient. They have been prepared to listen to her argument. Obviously, there are things that we don't know. There must be other facts that have emerged that would indicate that there is this other person involved. He is their prime suspect. They believe they will get him, they will arrest him. One of the deals that she's made is that she will stay in Malaysia to give evidence against her boyfriend who is obviously the one involved. There is one other person as well who is involved. That the police know about, and they need her to close the case on them.Help them catch him.Yes.Now obviously this is a huge break for the mum of six. When can we expect to see her home back in Australia? She still has a fuel legal hoops.She has an obligation to stay there and give evidence against this other person. Whether that takes six months, 12 months, two years, one doesn't know. At this stage they haven't even caught him. You can imagine until they catch him the process could take some time. She spent nearly 115 days in jail before it got to this stage. I think another year or two. But she will not be in custody and she will be living a better life than in the jail where she was. She must be breathing a huge sigh of relief.She's the luckiest person on the planet. Very lucky. Thank you very much for that, Sarah. Apple versus Android. It's a big fight and Apple could be losing. We have that story in three minutes. Right now to Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall who wrap up their tour of Australia today with a visit to Canberra, saving the best for last. Christine Ahern has been following the tour. You are at one of the most prominent places they will see today, Red Hill. They wrapped up last night in Sydney with a pretty glamorous evening.It was a big day for them in Sydney. They kept ongoing right into the night. It was the Diamond Jubilee reception at the Sydney Opera House. They arrived by barge before making their way up the steps. They were all dolled up in their finest. There was a crowd of 1,000 to meet them. They shook hands, chatted with the people who turned out before heading into the reception. They had to head back for a dinner. Earlier Prince Charles had been caught-up in those Sydney thunderstorms at the one place you wanted the weather to be nice and clear, Bondi Beach. He seemed undeterred. He broke out the brolly and went onto the beach where kids were playing touch football, all part of an NRL indigenous program and he had quite a big chat to the people who braved the weather. There was a few signs, he seemed to soak it all up. Meanwhile Camilla was doing something a little more official. She was appointed the Korpbl in chief to the military police and she had a bit of a speech.In both war and peace you have provided outstanding service to the nation. This is a record to be Cherriesed.That is herself seventh military honour and her letterhead must be getting more and more difficult to write on every day. It's quite extensive. It rook looks like it will be a busy finish. They've only been here a short time but have set a cracking pace. Today isn't as hectic. They arrive into Canberra just before 11:30. They will head over to Parks Place for a naming ceremony, part of it will be named Queen Elizabeth. And then to Government House with the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott before heading over to the war memorial where they will lay a wruth at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Before Remembrance Day. Weekend Today is the Royal program of choice. We see it's a beautiful looking day in Canberra. Will it be chilly, hot, what do you say?It's a beautiful day in Canberra as you can see up here on Red Hill. There are a couple of kangaroos, they should come up here to see wildlife. I suggest a warm jacket for Camilla and maybe another big hat because the sun is out. She's been doing quite well in the fashion stakes. She's had a couple of functions to attend. She has been doing well. For Charles, since he's been looking dapper, more of a casual look for the start of the day.What about a hat for Charles?Maybe. Well he did done a hat in Longreach. He was pleasant he is recent pleased when he was told that he looked quite handsome.Enjoy the rest of the day there. I don't know, I think a hat just tops off a uniform. What do you reckon Sarah? I think Camilla wears a hat pretty well. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In business it can be a deadly weapon. Apple has dazzled consumers with a host of shiny I products. The company has lost $130 billion in market value since September.This is amazing. If there's one thing you can count on when it comes to Apple it's hype. Hype about the company's latest iPhone or iPad. And lately, hype about the stock price.Stock is surging after the company reported a 73% increase in sales last quarter. For much of the year gurus have been making surefire predictions, the sensation that sold for only $7 a decade ago is headed to $100 per share.Here's the thing about all of those analysts. They like to change their minds.Shares continue to fall. That stock is now just 2% away from 20% decline.Growth of the company is spectacular but it's slowed down. The introduction of the iPhone and the iPad are now in their rearview mirror. There are fundamental changes going on in Apple. Nervousness for investors didn't just start today.What's the dramatic turn?It's interesting to watch the challenge. Apple used to use long lines as a marketing tool. Now they are mocked by Samsung. They are facing direct competition around products they have innovated like never before. Like bad directions from Apple maps. The company has suffered rare criticism lately. Tim Cook had to apologise. The iPad while still dominant is losing market share to a surging Samsung. Even Microsoft long ago left in Apple's dust has a new exciting tablet, nudging for attention and starring in mock ads crushing the iPad. And there are deeper concerns - no new products are likely until well into next year. And aside from the expectation that Apple may reinvent the TV, its products are no longer innovating the way many expect. Apple is at a point where it has peaked. They need to respark that fire of innovation they've had for so long. It's a little harder. Betting against apple is tricky. It's true nothing goes up forever. The company is just getting started selling in China. It has more cash on hand that many country's entire economies. It has been written off prematurely before. There's probably an app for the time to buy and sell.We're joined by Anthony Slater. Is this a temporary glitch for Apple?It's hard to tell. The share price has come down. People lost a little confidence. They haven't had innovative products for a while now. They've upgraded the iPhone and iPad.They are making a big deal about the new headphones. Maybe you are in trouble. They have been written off before and have come back strong. We'll have to wait and see. It's worrying.Who is Apple's biggest rival?Samsung I have to say. They have been coming out with more and more popular products. The Samsung outsold the iPhone 4S. They have been popular. They have innovated a lot. I guess that's an area that Apple is scared about. They are taking them to court and suing them. Judges are sometimes agreeing and sometimes not. Samsung are the closest rival. Microsoft are making a big push, releasing tablets coming out. Surface is huge with a huge buzz around it. Amazon have their Kindal, Google, a lot of the big tech companies decide that think want some of the pie. Apple are getting worried.The galaxy aren't swelling the iPhone. That would have been sweet revenge. Do you think Steve Jobs passing has affected the brand?Some insiders are saying they've lost the strong leader, the person who is final yes and no person. As they mentioned around the maps people weren't happy with them. If Steve Jobs was around maybe that wouldn't have happened. It's an easy thing to say. Maybe it would have and wouldn't have. There's been a few senior executives that have been fired including the head of software, that's a pretty big step. That's a fairly legitimate argument to make. They have lost their way a little bit. What does Apple need to do to stay on top?They have been great at having game-changing products come out. A lot of their laptops and things have been great as well. I think they need another big thing like that to push themselves a couple of steps ahead of the competition. At the moment you can compare the S3 and iPhone 5 and weigh them up. When the iPhone first came out there were no competitors even close. I think they need another big step like that. Like reinventing the TV. This is the rumour that there may be an Apple I TV. They are talking about a full digital set. Apparently Steve Jobs had cracked it. Maybe soon, that may be the next big I announcements.Thank you very much. Just six weeks until Christmas. Santa is going to need a lot of help. And you can't just walk up and become a Santa of course you need to go to Santa school. Ar wall wall thought she'd pop along as well.

-- Airlie Walsh. This is about as close as you'll get to the North Pole. Westfield's Santa school where ordinary men are transformed into the red and white. I'm Santa. I'm the original. Nice to meet you.Applicants from every background and in every shape and size.I love it when kids ask if you are real and ask to feel your tummy.You don't have enough of your own natural padding?They have to try and round it off a little bit with me.Santa comes from much more deep within, Santa comes from the heart.Santa coordinater selects who makes the cut. I listen to their voice and look for their heart and soul. Because there's more to being Santa than gluing on a beard and jamming on a suit.A proper Santa has to have his beard curled just so. And a hearty laugh that rumbles not from the throat but deep below the diaphragm.I have my really excited one.Not bad at all. Then there's mastering those tricky questions.Cupid, dancer, perhapser, oh, no.Luckily, there are still 44 more sleeps to go.Santa, are your glasses fogging up? These suits aren't really designed for an Australian summer are they? It's not easy wearing the big red suit but it's a big price to pay for that wonderful feeling. I don't know that I can put it into words. You can feel the atmosphere around them when you confirm the Christmas spirit and joy of Santa. It's the best job in the whole world. Congratulations to the class of 2012. May all of your Christmases like mine come at once. Who is next to see Santa?Me. Hi, Santa.I'm very well. # Santa is coming to town.I can't wait for Santa to arrive. Ellie had fun doing that. Christmas is not far away. Talking about all of those apps and developments in the IT world, you talk about Apple and and Roy and all of the different systems. Check this out. This picture of Pinochio and his red pants, you may be seeing a lot more of that, they are developing an app called pants on fire. When ever a politician says something you can hold your phone up to the TV or wherever you are hearing it. It will go voice to text and analyse what the person said about that subject before and come up with an Pinochio image that has red pants or not.That's exactly what we need. It will be fun to keep them accountable.Talking about superannuation. A will the had of people are concerned because the system is broken beyond repair. So how much do you need to retire? That's coming up. Important advice. How do you react to being named Sexiest Man Alive. All ahead after the news, sport and

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It's time to get a hit of news right now with Deb Knight.Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall will arrive in the nation's capital this morning after a whirlwind tour of Sydney as part of the Diamond Jubilee. Earlier, a thunderstorm wouldn't spoil the spirits of the thousands who turned out for a glimpse of Charles at Bondi.One of the security men said to be careful that the dog doesn't lick him if he comes to say hello to him. The couple will head to next tonight, the last stop on their whirlwind tour of the Pacific. A 28-year-old man is in a critical condition north of Brisbane after being gunned down just before 10:00. Witnesses say they heard a woman yelling and swearing just before the man was shot in the shoulder, leaving neighbours rattled. I wasn't worried for my life because there wasn't any frantic running around. There's a lot of police converge on the one spot. Police are questioning a woman and man. Many Sydney siders will spend today mopping up after two storms caused widespread damage. Some suburbs were pelted with heavy rain and hail at Hoxton Park. A 12-year- old's bedroom collapsed. She came running out and we realised what happened.She was terrified. Residents are warned to get used to the extreme weather with more than 50 severe storms forecast for summer. Police are planning a tougher crackdown during this week's schoolys week, targeting dangerous antics and underage drinking on highrise balconies. There are bans to school leavers renting apartments on the Gold Coast. Women who suffer repeated miss carriages and are unsuccessful with IVF could have immune systems which are too healthy, affecting their chances of getting pregnant. Scientists from IVF Australia say overly healthy immune systems reject genes from the father. Experts say the chance of getting pregnant has improved by weakening the immune system at the time of getting pregnant. Steroids are part of a new treatment for women having problems getting pregnant. An Italian politician is in hot water after bringing marijuana into Parliament. Police swooped after the woman began handing out samples inside Parliament offices. A member of the Radical Party grew the cannabis at home and posted daily pictures of the growth on her Facebook page. She isn't giving up her fight to have it decriminallised. She plans to hold for protests until it's legal. Let's look at the sport now with Roz Kelly at the Gabba.Good morning. The Gabba is coming alive and the covers are coming off as we speak. Let's get a hit of the A- League first.Els Peddie is back in action tonight. It's a night to divide the city. Wanderers are playing at home.Tonight for me was the lowest point I've had at the club. There was good things at times and at times poor things. Probably the worst performance that we've seen from this lot in 2.5 years.The loss is the defending premieres means they sit last on the table with just one win this season.Australia certainly need early wickets when play resumes on day two of the first test here in Brisbane. South Africa are in a commanding position at 255 with Hashim Amla looking dangerous at the crease.It could have been a different day. We lacked a little bit of consistency on a wicket that wasn't offering a great deal.JP Duminy ruled out for up to six months. The key batsman will undergo surgery later this morning after rupturing his Achilles tendon in a post stumps training drill. The top placed Hawks have been knocked off their personal by the Sydney Kings overnight.

Sydney Kings overnight. Rugby league fans have left confused when Cooper Cronk was spotted handballing. The Storm halfback joining the Lions in Arizona. He was quick to dismiss rumours of a possible code switch. Look at the back wage of the 'Mail' today and you can see a very shattered peat sill sill. There was just 1mm in and that's why he's so shattered. They th could be a game changer. Closing in on a century. Michael Slater will join us in the next 30 minutes or so to do the preview. Please bring me a coffee.Coming up - we'll look at some of the many reasons Bradley Cooper earned the Sexiest Man Alive title.

Sexiest Man Alive title.
Good mornings, Emma Freedman.I'm loving Crown and my posh robe that I have found. This might be coming home with me to Sydney. I have life by the pool and enjoyed a cocktail or two, played in the kids area, pretty standard for myself. Now I need sust ennce. We'll take you there straight after we look at the weather.

weather. -- sustinence.

weather. -- sustinence.I'm in the need of a giant protein fix. So I've come here to the Merry Well and they have the biggest steak in Perth on offer. Here is the biggest steak we've got.It's 1200 grams and it's dry age from South Australia. It's a hell of a steak. You are going to serve it with a bit of seafood I believe. Why don't you go down to the restaurant and we'll feed you up right now.It sounds good.Girls, you aren't having too much for lunch compared to me that is. What have we got? Here is your steak. Who said this was a man's meal.

was a man's meal.I reckon she might have had a little bit of help from the crew.That steak was bigger than Emma.There's new research into sharks revealing just where they go. We will find out how to improve beach safety with this new knowledge of sharks coming up in the next 30 minutes. And this Victoria's Secret's model is copping slack for going back on the runway eight weeks after This program is not captioned. MAN: The get-together.

It comes in many different forms - the wedding, the farewell...

..the catch-up...

..the knock-off, the celebration,

the girls' night out, the Sunday lunch and the reunion. It's magic bringing people together.
Your local club.

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Welcome back. Its it's Robin Bailey. A female teacher has been reprimanded after kissing a year 12 student after a drunkian night out. Can you believe it she's still teaching? This is a bit of a slap on the wrist, isn't it?I think it's stupid beyond belief. Why would you go out to a nightclub with any of your former students. We should say that she never taught this boy. If they were in a nightclub we have to assume that he was 18 years of age. I wonder though. The other side of that - what you do in your personal and private life has nothing to do with anything else. If this boy is 18, she' just been stupid not broken any laws. What would the reaction have been if the teacher was a man. A new study found one out of seven emails is filled with office gossip. Isn't this breaking the golden rule of gossiping, you should never you the put it in writing.Right. I don't understand. We don't but maybe we're in the media and get that could be dangerous. There's paper trail that leads back. 6 hundred thousand office emails were reviewed. As you said one in seven, 15% were office gossip.

15% were office gossip. If you can get it caught back to you, it's silly for just talking about someone.Finally, Victoria's Secret model has hit the catwalk eight weeks after giving birth. This makes me angry. Fashion forums have slammed her as being fat. This body bashing has to stop.I can hear the anger in your voice.What are we doing?The thing I don't understand of this particular story is that she gave birth eight weeks ago to the day. As soon as she had her baby she went into training mode and was training two to three hours seven days a week. So clearly the organisers of Victoria's Secret knew that she had a baby and were inviting her back. That was going to be part of the marketing, which is why we're talking about this. This woman had baby. We know that. She looks amazing. And genetically she's gifted. So yes with a little bit of workout she's going to look fantastic. I don't understand why we're spending Alf this time. Look at these beautiful models. They are genetically gorgeous. It doesn't matter how much dieting I do, my legs won't look like that. Why aren't we viewing her as a beautiful supermodel and say she's done it by exercising and good on her.Great message. Thank you very much for that. It is fitting that the man who started with a small part in sex in the City should end up with the title Sexiest Man Alive. It took an epic handover in teen to push Bradley Cooper into the A list. He's anxious to cast the mould.

He's anxious to cast the mould.
While you can see Bradley Cooper now on magazine covers or promoting movies, in French, this son of a stockbroker, raised with his sister didn't act until years later and wasn't ticketed for the A list. I have never walked through my life having to deal with he's just too good-looking. A lot of the feedback was, "What a nice guy." He's just got no edge and I was really bummed out by that. Bradley Cooper back in 2002 and you'll find his first Hollywood role alongside Jennifer as Sydney in 'Alias'. Don't worry about it.Can't somebody say to be positive and have a good ending. Now at 37 he's going deep.So how is your dancing thing going?The restraining order isn't really my thing.Starring in a career altering role. I'm from Phily, Italian and Irish and I nearly rejected this role.Despite all of the parallels and I think it was fear.I've never really cried on film. He does that and a lot more. She's gone. She's not around any more. It's being buzzed about for end of the year awards. While shooting the movie he was named Sexiest Man Alive.I remember when I got the call, we were in between shots and I did think it was a joke and I thought people won't like that.You are the only Sexiest Man Alive whose selection was ever picketed.Exactly.Outside 'People' offices.What would you say the key features of your reign have been?I petitionened myself to see if there was a cut -off. I wanted to make it two years.I think it makes everybody else feel better. I'm doing pretty well.He seems like a good guy. I love him in 'Hangover'. He's cute but not Sexiest Man Alive. You came up with Hugh Jackman. Are you ready to reconsider. I was thinking as well Sean conrein the early years.Have you seen the letter he wrote to Apple refusing to be in their ads? Google t he's a pretty blunt guy, Sean.Can the Australians fight back in the first test? I hope so. Could Australians be heading for a retirement savings disaster? How to sure up your superior. This program is not captioned. This is a free large chips
from Red Rooster. And this is a free large gravy. Yep, you get both absolutely free
when you buy one of these. You buy the chicken,
we'll buy the sides. Not rocket science,
just crazy Red Rooster value.

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Welcome back to Weekend Today. I bet you're angry about yours. Never find the fiscal cliff that America is headed towards. The new study reveals the 20-year-old scheme has failed to deliver on its core objectives. Joining us now is Alex Mallia. What's wrong with this system?People are 50 years old having 90% of the superannuation is in debt. The government wants us to save more and borrow less.The government gets down to number five. The GFC had a major impact. They blame that for everything.Not enough people trust it. They keep moving the definition of what it is. Political persuasions are changing the rules along the way. Recently the Coalition said if you are towards retirement you can put more money away. Whereas this government is pulling it back. If you have incentives to get people off the long-term pension they have to put money away. Our demographic needs the incentive to put more money away as we lead towards retirement. There will be a huge portion of the population as you say, the average person when they hit that demographic of 50-54 will payoff debt. They will be leaning on the government.This is leading towards basically having an NBN every year as far as the eye can see if we don't get it right. We have to talk income streams not lump sums. Having a lump sum means you can blow it as soon as you retire and extinguish some debt, how will you live from there? On a pension. When you do the calculations to maintain the lifestyle that you've led while you were working. It's daunting. A lot of people feel what's the point of even starting this. Is it ever too late?You have to stay focused on income streams and think of working for a longer period of time. In the '60s when I was born we didn't know we'd live as long as now. The goal posts of age keep changing. Expectations change.So solutions to the problem, retirement income target 60-65% of your annual income is what you need to maintain a lifestyle.That's tough for a will the of people and when the rules keep changing. The key is - the government needs to look at as you get older, the incentives to put more money away needs to grow. Not to borrow and negative gear as you Retirement.

All of this race to the surplus, I'm calling it rubbish on a Saturday morning. We have call it that for some time. You don't seek to have a surplus for the sake of the surplus. Look at the long-term plan. By doing that, they tax those putting more money away at a higher level. Increase the income towards the surplus, achieving a short-term goal not the long-term goal. Do we want to pay for an NBN as far as the eye can see.The answer is no. How can people find out more of your advice. They will be intrigued by. ThisThey have to get advice. You expect me to say. You have to get advice, change your mind set and expect to work longer. Look at ways in which you might transition to stay for a longer period of time and think income streams not lump sum.Sarah, it's tough to think about all of that stuff.It certainly is, especially this early on a Saturday morning.Hollywood headlines with mish Hawi -- Michele Mahone. George Clooney has an ordinary older sister. Tell us the detail.She says that she doesn't have George's phone number because she would be afraid to lose her phone and someone gets it. And when she and her brother can't chat they never talk about his personal life. She forgets he's George Clooney so I wouldn't want to give out any information that I'm not supposed to. She lives in a little town, raised two kids, works as a book- keeper and accounting. She just does her thing. She says it's a little creepy that her little brother's a sex symbol and listening to how everybody wants to shag him. This woman is in the phone book for now. She'll probably change her number soon. They just do their thing.It's a bit sad that they're he is straingesed.No, she doesn't have his number because he's afraid if she loses her phone people will find it.They email and

A new track in systems show that sharks are a massing along our beaches. Prince Charles and Camilla charm the crowds in Sydney. Missed chances leave Australians reeling in the first Test. And Elton John starts his Australian visit. We will look back at four decades of Smash hits.

at four decades of Smash hits.
That is a great song. I love Elton John. After an action-packed day in Sydney, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will soon arrive in the nation's capital. It is their last stocked on their whirlwind visit around Australia for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. -- last stop. When are they expected to arrive in Canberra? It seems we have some audio problems. Part of an apartment complex is still in lock down this morning after a shooting north of Brisbane. Police were called to the building at Kippa Ring north of the Redcliffe peninsula overnight after receiving reports that if a man had been shot in the shoulder. Sometimes we have problems here, occasionally, but otherwise, this is a good neighbourhood.Another man is being interviewed by police. Returning to Canberra. We are expecting them to arrive this morning - when? They will have live in about 2.5 hours. This will be a day full of official duties. No cricket, football or beers at the park. -- pub. There will be some official ceremonies before they go to Government House to meet the Governor General, Prime Minister, opposition leader and have some lunch. In the afternoon, they will go to the war memorial and lay a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown soldier ahead of Remembrance Day. It could be hard to beat the experience they had across the country, especially in Sydney yesterday.That is correct. They had some interesting weather in Sydney yesterday. Last night's sunset at Admiralty House could not be tot. -- topped. They also had a reception at the Opera House. Prince Charles probably got the worst of it when he went to Bondi Beach for a game of touch football. He did not go into the water, but he was able to mingle with the crowd and speak with those playing football. There were also some rugby league players who had gone to watch as well. The Duchess of Cornwall went to Victoria Barracks, where she was given... She was appointed Colonel-in-Chief of the military police. This is their final stop of their Australian visit. Thank you. A bold new plan to help child care workers meet tough new industry standards will include grants of up to $3,500 for formal qualifications. This was initially flagged as an election promise by Kevin Rudd in 2007 but operators say it cannot be achieved unless the government boosts efforts to help employees get the proper training. The government wants to expand the system where workers in rural and remote areas are often additional money. If the head of the CIA has sensationally quit his post after revealing he had been having an affair. David Petraeus said he showed extremely poor row -- judgement by cheating on his wife of more than 37 years. He took the top job after heading US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. He set an early to US Navy SEALs including one involved in the mission to kill Osama bin Laden have been caught giving classified information to the makers of a computer game. -- seven at Leeds US Navy SEALs. They revealed highly sensitive information to the makers of 'Medal of Honour: Warfighter'. They even feature in the game with their voices disguised.Technology has changed the way we fight. We have a huge technological advantage.They have been reprimanded and had 50% of their pay suspended for two months. I have been just trying to let read a conversation between the Australian coach and the curator or just a few moments ago. This is an important moment for Australia's bowlers. Overnight, a huge blow for South Africa, losing JP Duminy for the rest of this series. He fell to the ground during a training drill yesterday afternoon. He had to be assisted from the field and was taken to hospital. He will have surgery this morning. Tests have confirmed he has a ruptured his Achilles tendon.I am more worried about Hashim Amla and Jacques Kallis. It was a long day.James