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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Death over departure - Syria's President rejects offers on a safe exit. Facing the figures - Barack Obama heads into his first political and financial battle of his second term. I remain optimistic that we're going to be able to find common ground. And performing for the prince - an evening of entertainment as the royal tour reaches Sydney Opera House. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Ricardo Goncalves. Syria's refugee crisis is worsening tonight with reports from Turkey that another 8,000 Syrians have fled across the border. But the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, has vowed to never leave the nation, saying he would rather die than go into exile. He warned any foreign intervention in his country's escalating conflict would have worldwide consequences. These pictures are set to show the latest clashes in Damascus and gun battles between rebels and regime forces in the city of Aleppo. Just a few days ago, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, suggested safe passage out of Syria for its President could be arranged as a way to end the conflict. But in an interview with Russian TV, Bashar al-Assad said he's not going anywhere. I wasn't made to go to the West of any other country. I'm Syrian. I'm made in Syria and happy to live and die in Syria. Syrianings -- Syrian refugees who fled to Turkey scoffed at Assad's vow.

President al-Assad denied there's a civil war in Syria again insisting he and his forces are fighting foreign-backed terrorists. He also denied accusations of war crimes, saying he has no regrets while accusing his opponents of committing atrocities. As this video emerged apparently showing Syrian rebels firing at an unarmed man. He's shot dead. Pictures too graphic to show. The United Nations says there have been abuses on both sides, including the execution of prisoners. President al-Assad warned against nt al-Assad warned against any foreign intervention in the Syrian conflict. It will have domino effect, -- affect, affect the world from the Atlantic to from the Atlantic to the Pacific.The conflict is ific.The conflict is already having an impack in the region as neighbouring countries struggle to cope with the refugee crisis S the violence is -- violence is going across Syria's borders. There are reports of further deadly clashes near the Turkish border and the Israel army says three mortar shells fired from Syria have landed in go lan lights days after an Israeli military vehicle was hit by cross border gunfire. Barack Obama is tonight preparing to make his first public address from the White House since his re-election. He's made clear his first priority as he assumes his second term as US President is the economy. Ladies and gentlemen, the re- elected President of the United States, Barack Obama.With the marathon election over, an emotional President Barack Obama thanked those who backed him. I'm really proud of that. I'm really proud of all of you, and... (APPLAUSE) Winning over those who didn't it would be a lot tougher. He's got to unite Congress to deal with an upcoming fiscal cliff which means automatic tax increases and spending cuts. The deal has to be made before January 1. I remain optimistic that we're going to be able to find common ground to avoid this fiscal cliff and find a way to work together. But the deal is far from done. Threatening a recession. The sticking point. Raises taxes on small business people is the wrong prescription given where our economy is.With only 55 more days to go, company executives are warning of serious economic consequences without a swift solution. The markets -- market's already dropping but President Obama is also juggling trying to keep his cabinet intact. Secretary of State Clinton has indicate she will step down at the end of her 4-year term in January. What little spare time he has left, the world came calling. He spoke to several world leaders since his re- election includingers since his re- election including the British Prime Minister and Prime Minister Julia Gillard. rime Minister Julia Gillard. United States has accused Iran of firing responsibility an unmanned drone patrolling international airspace over the Gulf. The Pentagon says Iranian attack aircraft fired at least twice at the predator drone which was not hit. And returned to base undamaged. The Pentagon has made a strong protest to the Iranian government. to the Iranian government. We have a wide range of options from diplomatic to military to protect our military assets and our forces in the region and will do so where necessary.The Pentagon says Iran has been told that the US intends continuing drone flights over the Gulf's international waters. An Australian mother of six has escaped the death penalty in maegs after drug trafficking charges against -- Malaysia after drug trafficking charges were dropped her. Emma Louise L'Aiguille has been behind bars for four months charged with trafficking 1kg of methamphetamine. She expressed relief at the decision handed down moments before the hearing was due to start. Looks like things were granted. It's more than reasonable, reason to believe that she has not been involved in the trafficking of drugs. She's a person who is innocent, had no knowledge that in the car where she was driving temporarily there was drugs. She always maintained her innocence saying the drugs belonged to her boyfriend who disappeared when she was arrested. Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the leaders of Indonesia and East Timor have held historic talks in Bali. It's a meeting considered unthinkable just a few years ago. As Julia Gillard sees it, this is democracy in action. It's the first time that leaders from Indonesia, East Timor and Australia have taken part in a joint meeting. This is really a moment in history given the history between our three nations. It tween our three nations. It was really a delight to sit down in this trilateral format. After decades of violence, East Timor gained independence from Indonesia in 1999. Australia still has hundreds of peacekeepers deployed in Dili. If 10 years ago anybody had predicted such a meeting would happen they would be dismissed as a dreamer.The three leaders agreed to forge closer trade and investment links between their countries. Official also focus on transport, communications and other potential infrastructure projects. It's really about encouraging our business sector to be involved in understanding the opportunities that span that section of the world. Julia Gillard also held separate talks with Yudhoyono but the Prime Minister has not asked for any new measures or further assistance from Indonesia to come bat people smugglers despite record boat arrivals she says both countrys are cooperating strongly. I believe when you look at the statistics that our work with Indonesia has successfully disrupted many ventures from setting sail.She says Australia and Indonesia are working hard everyday to working hard everyday to come bat people smuggling. Today's meetings mark the end of the Prime Minister's 6- day tour of Laos and Bali. Within in a week she'll be back on the world stage in the East Asia Summit in Cambodia. For now Julia Gillard is heading home. Australia has reaffirmed its commitment to the Kyoto Protocol pledging to meet reduction targets of 5% by 2020. The Australian Greens have called the target an insult to climate science but the climate change minister Greg Combet has reiterated that should key nations such as China also sign on, the target will increase to 25%. For Australia there must be continued progress towards this new agreement by 2015 from both the developing and developed countries alike. The Coalition has given its in principle support to the emissions targets. In the past half hour, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, the principal leader of the Church of England, has been confirmed. Justin Welby, a former oil trader and currently Bishop of Durham, will replace Rowan Williams when he retires. The announcement comes at a critical time for the church as it faces deep division over the issue of over the issue of gay marriage and a context of declining attendances. The prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have been guests of the Governor-General in Sydney tonight. The royal tour reached the harbour city today with a visit to the Opera House the Opera House this evening after a rather wet trip to Bondi Beach. Today it was Sydney's turn for the royal treatment as Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall set out from Admiralty House. Escorted by defence -- the Defence Force chief. First stop, Garden Island where they met Island where they met Defence Force personnel returned from operations overseas and their families. Are you a specialist? I was. We all need several of those. Paying a visit to the navy heritage museum. Then the couple went their separate ways. For Prince Charles it was a an event at the museum of contemporary art. the museum of contemporary art. Wearing a Tasmanian wool suit he exchange talk with some top Australian designers meanwhile Camilla was appointed the Australian chief of the military police at a ceremony. Hello. It was all too much for one military policeman, who fainted, whether from the heat or the occasion. Service to the community is the theme of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the reason for the royals -- royal tour. Prince Charles met with emergency service volunteers as police boats patrolled off the coast. What's a trip to st. What's a trip to Sydney without a visit to Bondi Beach but just as Prince Charles was about to arrive a thunderstorm broke.o arrive a thunderstorm broke. In spite of the weather he was able to watch an NRL match with Indigenous players. It was a privilege. Spirits in the crowd remained high. I was absolutely drenched. Like London weather.The royals arrived at the Opera House and were greeted by an Indigenous smoking ceremony and a small but enthusiast crowd who presented them with a par of Vegemite and flowers. They were posted at Admiralty House by the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce. Tomorrow they'll fly to Canberra to visit the War Memorial before heading to New Zealand where they'll mark Remembrance Day. Still ahead tonight - why the Australian Government has dropped plans for a mandatory web filter. And - protecting our privates - the special underwe're being used to -- for Australian diggers to help protect body rs to help protect body

protect body and mind.
NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell announced a special commission of inquiry into police handling of child abuse by Catholic clergy in the Hunter Valley north of Sydney. And an inquiry in Victoria has heard allegations that a paedophile led a church back rape gang. While Victorian MPs continue to hear of harrowing cases and a systematic church failure to affect I don't think they should be investigating themselves. I think that is absolutely the number one issue. The NSW Premier was announcing his Government would also investigate with a special inquiry into abuse allegations. These are serious matters. They go to the They go to the question of whether there's been interference either within the police force or by the Catholic Church.The announcement follow add call from a senior policeman in the Newcastle area for a royal commission because the alleged behaviour of the Catholic Church left police without the ability to help the victims. My God, they have courage to be able to stand up and do what they have to do and say what they have to say in court and re-- court and relive the idea.The man went further alleging members of the Catholic Church covered up claims of sexual abuse and even destroyed evidence. Similar claims in the Victorian Parliament which was told of the unreported deaths of two sexual abused boys in the 1960s. These children just disappeared. There was no family to know that the child had died because they were orphans or people with intellectual disability and the family put them in and -- in a home and walk away.Support groups tabling neglect. The inquiry has been given an insight into the methods used by fed file priests to target children file priests to target children and work they way into the lives of their prey. Authorities also giving evidence of their frustration at how difficult it's been to prosecute offenders. Allowing abusers to walk free. Investigations not helped by other clergy turning a blind eye. Iraqed my brains and couldn't think of a single case where they were not known, had not been moved, had rephoned and in most cases several times after that moved again and rephoned. More damning evidence against the church under siege from a weight of abuse allegations. This prompted one NSW MP to call on cardinal George appeal on cardinal George appeal to quit. After arguing for five years in favour of a mandatory web filter the Federal Government's abandoned its moderation plans. Instead, major internet service providers will block websites identified by Interpol as the worst child abuse offenders. It was a promise made by then Kevin Rudd to require internet providers to block web pages depicting, among other things, rape, drug use and child sex abuse. Today a compromise. 0% of internet -- 90% of internet users today and ore coming days will not be able to access child pornography, child abuse material online, and that is a good win. It is better than what we saw in the previous policy. We're -- where it wasn't good to come pair us to countries like China. But the Australian Christian Lobby says it's another policy backflip. It's disappointing because there is another broken promise right from aid to gambling to same-sex marriage and now on this particular issue as well. Jim Wallace says the filter was needed to protect children and restrictions on all pornography, but Geordie Guy argues neither the filter or today's compromise plan can really cut off access to child abuse material. Typically, anything which is so extreme as to be illegal is traded in secret communities using specialised tools.He says what's most needed He says what's most needed is more resources for the police. The -- minister Conroy says the agreement with internet providers means the filter isn't net. With the Greens and Opposition against the idea the legislation wouldn't have got through the Parliament. I'm pleased they've done it be it demonstrates what an inkoch tent Government to realise it's taken five years to realise it won't work. The Prime Minister says time spent dealing with child pornography is never a wasted effort. Australian soldiers on patrol in Afghanistan are wearing protective gear that once attracted laughs in the barracks but not anymore. The blast-proof underpants have proved they protect the mind as well as the body. The wounds of wars can be horrific. Some are little seen or zud along with losing limbs from bomb blasts, soldiers in Afghanistan risk losing their genitals and for many that is much worse. We have heard different ones say they could probably live without their legs but not genitals. Australian soldiers are being issued with ballistic underwear for their psychological and physical wellbeing. Styles -- the pants protect the groin fra blast damage. It's done as a check. Usually the sergeant will stop and everybody show us you're wearing the drawers. The jocks can be hot and uncomfortable but they're effective and Qom pulse ry. Guyless who hadn't been wearing them and received horrible injuries to these areas had a high percentage of suicide rates and mental problems afterwards because it's so important, especially nor men, that pecially nor men, that everything is working. A soldiers was charged recently for not having them on. When the underwear was issued the soldiers were shown the results of an unpublished study of British soldiers who had been using them. One man was using them and he was happy to tell them.After he had lost legs. They believe it's saving lives many times as well as saving their mental health. Spain's Iberia Airlines is set to slash 4,500 jobs and dispose of a quarter of its fleet. It's part of a restructuring program set by its British parent IAG. The Spanish carrier had been suffering record losses but the move is expected to help return a $770 million profit by mid-next year. NAB has settled a class action relating to failed investments in the US subprime mortgage markets which sparked a drop in its share price in 2008. It will pay $85 million to a group of shareholders who instigated the lawsuit. The outcome will have an immaterial impact on its full-year earnings and to the share market now which ended the week on a bit of a downer. The All Ordinaries off by about 20 points. The banks were down across the board but NAB and Westpac traded exdividend Australia. Origin Energy fell 5% after it issued a profit warning. The Nikkei fell despite a string of better than suggested economic data from China. Markets in Europe are weaker in early e are weaker in early deals. Shares on Wall Street extended their post-election slide on continuing fears over the upcoming fiscal cliff negotiations. The Australian dollar was mixed after the was mixed after the Reserve Bank suggested it was done cutting interest rates this year as. Some economists expect another cut in February as mining activity unwinds, unemployment rises and global growth stalls. Next on World News Australia - orld News Australia - the result from tonight's A-League match between Melbourne Heart and Brisbane Roar and eyes to the skies - the Australian astronomers searching for thousands of new galaxies.

Melbourne Heart has broken its 4- game winless streak with a great performance against Brisbane Roar. Patrick Gerhardt was the unlikely opening scorer. Before Richard Garcia chimed in with his first goal for the club. Josip Tadic added a third from the penalty spot before David Williams left Brisbane stuck at the bottom of the ladder. It was a 4-1 score A new documentary has been launched in Sydney looking at the personal experience of Indian students in Australia. It's a look behind the headlines of attacks on students from the subcontinent. There's huge concern in the student community about the reported attacks on close to 100 students in Australia in the last one year.A young Indian man prepares to leave his parents behind to study and work in Australia. He's nervous. They're nervous, but it's turning out well. There's a program run by university of Newcastle called community kerbgs where each student is allocate -- concern, where each student is allocated a local family. I felt we had heard a lot from politicians and the media had sensationalised the issue but I wanted to sue but I wanted to get an inside look of what students go through on a daily basis. Not all experiences here are good. 23-year-old Sharn is from rural Punjab where her father took out a loan to send her to Australia. Her decision, will she stay and try to find work or go back to hur rural village and try to pay -- her rural village and try to pay off her loan? A report issued earlier this year by the Australia India institute recommend add one-year extension for students caught up in regulation changes following the 2009 crisis. They should be able to apply for perhaps a 3-year work visa, something the US model has been following in the past. Aifts Australian premiere at Sydney's Parramasala Festival, Sunshine and Shade, it will be broadcast on public television in India. Australia's newest radio telescope is predicted to discover an unprecedented 700,000 new galaxies. The CSIRO's Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder or ASKAP, is expected to find more gal axeys and be l axeys and be -- galaxies and be able to study them in detail. Researchers have combined the computer stimulation with new theories of galaxy formation to predict the telescope's capability. ASKAP, which is located in remote Western Australia, will start scanning southern skies from next year. Still looking to the skies, the weather now. A slow-moving trough is generating showers and storms from eastern NSW. A second front is bringing rain to Victoria and tas ya. Major centres -- and Tasmania. To the major centres:

That is the world this Friday. I'm Ricardo Goncalves. Enjoy your weekend.

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