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(generated from captions) revolutions, how's this? I generally lose the feeling in my legs about now. A world-first - just six years ago, sweet revenge. There it is, wonderful victory, wonderful innings. The urn returns to Australia! These are the reasons we love our cricket. Sounds and images of summer. In another 35 years we'll have more stories to tell. More champions to crown. More contests to call. Right now, it's the first test of 2012 -13, Australia versus South Africa, from the Gabba. Right here on the home of cricket,

This program is captioned live. Tonight - prince popular, Sydney embraces a favourite royal. Short, sharp shock - round 2 of the city's stormy weather. Bus company jobs at risk after a Government change of heart. The minister and the mud slinging - a new political war of words. And all fumbles - a terrible day in the field for our cricketers. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Georgie Gardner. Good evening. Sydney has been showing off today for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. The royal couple greeted by a sea of smiling faces everywhere they went. And the day went to plan, except for our temperamental weather, delivering a storm that had them running for cover. Nine's Lizzie Pearl is at the Opera House, where Prince Charles and Camilla have just arrived?Yeah, that's right. That is right on time, in typical royal style. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have just arrived here at the Opera House, getting off at the Man of Wharf Steps, where they will be experiencing an Aboriginal welcome ceremony. There are around 100 people, maybe 200 or 300 people who are already here, trying to catch a glimpse of the Prince and Camilla, maybe take a photo, and get the chance to say hello to them. They had a lovely afternoon's trip over here to the Opera House this afternoon - enjoying the harbour, which is sparkling tonight. A busy day here in Sydney. It started off hectic, and it has been full right throughout the day. The royal couple strolled across the lawns of Admirality House, while security teams whirlled around. Charles and Camilla breezed across the harbour. Old territory for the Prince, but a memorable Sydney debut for the Duchess. They came a to the island meeting service families.We had a nice chat with him.Their full attention then turning to the waiting parade. Our air force, army and the navy.

Charles obviously relishing his duty as he inspected the ranks. Later, a much more informal encounter. And a Prince with thinning hair himself knows one when he meets one. We are starting to resemble each other!The princely procession moved to Circular Quay, where Charles was engulfed by thrusting hands and a wall of smiles! Nice to meet you!Shook hands with Prince Charles! He acknowledged me and a big smile! Made my day! I don't want to wash my hand now!The Duchess, meanwhile, was going solo at Victoria Barracks, a steamy Sydney day, not for the faint hearted. Camilla was confirmed as a Colonel-in-Chief of Australia's Military Police. It seems to me you're never off- duty, rather like my husband! That very husband was on the move again, at Bondi to meet the men and women who do their best work when the going gets tough. The royal schedule was looking shaky, as a thunderstorm swept over the beach. The crowds bolted. The rain pelted down. Charles's convoy was in the thick of a classic Sydney storm. The future King sheltered in the surf club, and reappeared to hit the beach. Charles first came to Bondi back in 1966. He's returned several times before, as a bachelor, a newly engaged prince and now a happily married man in his 60s. He seems to love the place, and locals seem to have a lot of affection for him. In years gone by, he would have had a dip. Today, the Prince of Wales was beached. Watching indigenous youths play touch footy on the famous sands. He didn't disappoint the soggy shivering crowds. Charles reigning on Campbell parade. As we just saw, Sydney was hit by another bout of storms this afternoon, just 24 hours after recovering from yesterday's thunderous weather. The storm season has only just begun and we're warned to expect more severe wind, rain and hail. It was round 2. The clouds rolled in at around lunch time. And the thunderstorms belted down on Sydney. Hailstorms hammered homes, backyards, car bonnets. From Strathfield to Balmain. Heavy rain lashed the city centre, flooding gutters and streets. It was a delicate clean-up on Parramatta ta Road at Five Dock, debris from the Salvation Army store sparking an asbestos scare.Glass panels flew inside the building, customers were worried.The radar warned back-to- back bursts of severe weather were fast approaching. The two storm fronts swept across Sydney from the south-west within 20 minutes of each other. Many people still mopping up from yesterday's downpour that caused widespread damage to hundreds of homes and businesses. The owner of this Hoxton Park Delhi becomes trapped inside, surrounded by live electrical wires and a of debris.For me to make it out alive - that was like, oh, my God, you know?The damage is devastating. It is my life savings. The shock just as great for the 12- year-old girl who owns this bedroom at Cambridge Park.She came running out and then they realised what had happened.She must have been terrified.She was.We are warned to get used to it, with more than 50 severe storms forecast for the summer ahead. A learner pilot and his instructor have been killed in a plane crash in northern NSW. Witnesses say the light aircraft plunged into a paddock near Liz more Airport. The men were both from Queensland's Gold Coast. A critical incident investigation has been launched after a man died while being arrested during an undercover drug operation near Wollongong. The 34-year-old suspect allegedly struggled with two police officers who investigators say were not armed with tasers. More than 12 hours after this death in custody, police saturated the neighbourhood, looking for clues and witnesses. There were quite a few with stories to tell.Two figures wrestling a bit. The cop just trying to calm them down but it wasn't working at all.Last thing, stepped outside, sort of went berko.Last night, two undercover police followed a 34- year-old man to this block of flots in Bulli. He had been the target of an undercover operation into drug dealing and property theft. When they went to arrest him, things turned violent.A struggle has ensued. The deceased was hand cuffed. Unfortunately, he stopped breathing a short time later. He couldn't be revived, and a critical incident investigation was launched. When police confronted the man here last night, they didn't use tasers or capsicum spray, just hand cuffs and force. The investigation will now try to assess just how much force was used and whether it contributed to the man's death. A post-mortem is yet to be conducted but it is thought the man, who was well known to police, suffered a cardiac arrest. The Premier has ordered a special commission of inquiry into an alleged cover-up of child-sex abuse by Catholic priests. The inquiry will focus on claims of church interference into police investigations in the Hunter region, but may be extended to include other parts of NSW. A family-owned company in Sydney's south-west is facing a grim future after a surprise decision by the O'Farrell Government to cancel their contract. Metro-Link has been running bus routes through the Liverpool and Fairfield areas for more than half a century. It might be forced to now axe 50 jobs. State political reporter Kevin Wilde joins us now. How did Metro-Link find out they lost the deal?Disappointingingly, by opening up the newspaper. They have not received a letter or a phone call and they don't know if they will receive any compensation. Now, this is a company which has been operating as you said for more than 50 years, back in the 19750s, right here in Green Valley, which is a sing bus which the Oliveri family started. They offer one million services. 95% of the business is covered by the State Government contract, which ends in October, and it includes many school runs.I'm appalled, disgusted. I feel that it is not representative of what a Liberal Government should mean. Why poison local industry for the sake of what I understand to be a short-term profit? He fears that his company might close and worries about what will happen to his 55 staff. Now the State Government has given the contract to an interstate firm. They believe services will be improved and most of the local jobs will be retained. We will see who is right, Georgie. Thank you. Mud-slinging is back on the political agenda with an extraordinary attack on Tony Abbott. Gregt used some unsavory language to describe the Coalition's carbon tax campaign - Greg Combet. This was an event that 10 years ago didn't seem possible. Our Prime Minister, her East Timor counterpart and the Indonesian President together after East Timor's bloody battle for independence. Barack Obama had missed the Bali Democracy Forum but rang Julia Gillard to say thanks to the support, mentioning her misogyny attack on Tony Abbott.He was aware of my speech in the parliament. Labor said to borrow a campaign tactic, targeting key voters like women to reject the Opposition Leader.I don't believe the Australian people want to see the nasty personal side.But within hours, Greg Combet got bitter and personal. Accusing him of lies and deceit, saying he will never appeal - repeal the carbon tax or use it to force a second election. Everything he has said about this issue, to be frank about it, so that you don't misunderstand anything I'm saying, has been complete bull shith.That is a classy analysis.Mr Abbott deserves it.Tony Abbott would not respond to the Combet attack. While he dodges what else he would do to bring down power prices, it gives the Government more ammunition. To the cricket now, and it has been all South Africa on day one of the first test. Cameron joins us with the details. They are not good details. One of those days. A combination of bad luck and bad management from Australia. Amla and Kallis are close to scoring the centuries. South Africa is 2/255 at stumps, on a day umpiring decisions and missed chances frustrated the Aussies. All sorts of characters came to the Gabba to welcome the Aussie summer. Jingle bells, South Africa smells! Allan Border inducted a new member into the Australian cricket family. What a day it is for Rob Quiney! And national pride took over the stadium. # Advance Australia fair # COMMENTATOR: First ball it is on! In a frustrating first session for Australia, the wicket of the Proteas captain fired up James Pattinson. COMMENTATOR: Graeme Smith is on his way.The Aussies thought they had Petersen. Michael Clarke not pleased by the umpiring. South Africa's batsmen began threatening big scores. Oh, nicely played. A brutal stroke. Nathan Lyon's spin produced a breakthrough after lunch. But Hashim Amla and Jacques Kallis combined to bully the bowlers. COMMENTATOR: He didn't muck around with that!Dangerman Kallis given a life when caught off a no-ball - a millimetre in it. At 74, it was costly, South Africa in complete control. Complete control is right. Georgey, back with the rest of the day's sport, news on Tony Greig's health and Casey Stoner's last race. Sydney familys joined volunteers in the search today for an entangled whale calf, spotted with its mother caught by fishing rope and buoys off Sydney heads yesterday. Efforts to find the pair were not successful. Experts say the calf could disentangle itself over time. In the news ahead - the big banks forcing thousands of busy mortgageholders to pay more. We are live to the Opera House ahead of the royal reception. And how Aussie girls stole the show at the Victoria's Secret parade. This program is not captioned.

Interest rates are supposed to be going down, but the message has clearly bypassed some of the big banks. In the past week, lenders sent out notices to thousands of customers putting their mortgage rates up. When Lugano school teacher Julie opened a letter from the Commonwealth Bank, she could scarcely hide her surprise.In the light of the interest rate cuts that they have had, I couldn't understand why interest rates were going up.The last thing she expected, a quarter of a cent interest rate increase, not the way bank bosses have been talking.I think we are definitely in an environment where declining interest rates is the likely outcome.Here is the evidence that for thousands of homeowners, mortgage rates are rising. Well, what is happening in the low doc area is that it is a higher risk profile for the banks.Low doc loans are typically for the self- employed who don't have the same proof of income as employees. Wefrbgts have managed to make extra repayments.We have never defaulted on a payment, done very well with our loans.This is where the story gets bizarre. Despite all of the houses in this area, looking pretty much the same, the bank believes that the owners of this particular house are more risky, despite the fact that they have been here for 22 years and have more than 50% equity in their home. Keith Pritchard is a building foreman.The Reserve Bank have dropped interest rates to encourage business, and the Commonwealth Bank are doing the exact opposite. Earlier this year the Reserve Bank said low doc loans are worth around $50 billion, equivalent to one in 20 loans. A quarter of a percent increase for these represents an extra $125 million a year for the banks.They want more money, mate, that is all it is.We have the CB and and the ANZ, and I'm sure the others will follow suit. The man who shot former US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the head will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Jared Loughner won't get the possibility of parole, sentenced to seven consecutive terms of life in prison, after the shooting rampage in Arizona last- year. New York City has introduced fuel rationing for the first time since the 1970s in response to the petrol shortage crisis, due to Superstorm Sandy. The decision came as another miserable weather system brought thick snow to the area, just as residents were starting to recover. Well, every cloud has a silver lining. According to this New York tabloid, it is the angelic Miranda Kerr. The super model was in the Big Apple for the Victoria's Secret Annual Parade. Back now to Lizzie Pearl at the Opera House, where Prince Charles and the durnal are attending a Diamond Jubilee reception - Duchess of Cornwall are taebding a Diamond Jubilee reception. Lizzie, what are the plans?They have a busy evening as well, Georgie. Right now, they are inside the Opera House, attending that special Diamond Jubilee reception, hosted by the Governor of swiels. They walked up the steps here -- NSW. They walked up the steps here. The crowds swelled to a thousand people. Cheers erupted as they got a glimpse of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Now, they're inside the Opera House here for around an hour and a half with some special guests, around 100 dignitaries, and some local Aussie sports stars, who will be meeting and greeting with the Prince and the Duchess. As soon as that is over, they will be whisked straight back across the harbour for a special dinner at admirety house hosted by the Governor- General, Quentin Bryce. They will head off to Canberra tomorrow morning. Well, Cameron is back with the rest of the day's sport. We have the latest on Tony Greig's cancer battle. And Glenn McGrath reveals why Australia is struggling in the cricket. Casey Stoner talks about giving up the bike for more of this. The struggling Tigers plead with their members. The storm may have passed - but will it be This program is not captioned. The first test of the summer wasn't quite the same, without Tony Greig in the commentary box. Roz Kelly joins us from the Gabba. We got an update on his condition today?Evening, Cam. Tony said he is keeping a close eye on his old mate in the commentary box. This is the first time in 30-odd years that he has watched the opening test of the summer from home. Now, he did make an appearance on the coverage today, and he was very upbeat about his upcoming treatment on Tuesday. The truth is that I have lung cancer. It is now just a question of what they can do, and I had a very important meeting with my doctor this morning, and I'm going in on Monday for a Tuesday operation. So the mainly operation on Tuesday. Now, Cam, we do welcome Glenn McGrath into the Nine commentary team for this test here in Brisbane. Glen, it is great to have you here. Now you can dissect a tough day for Australia's bowlers. What do you put it down to - a tough deck for them, or very, very good South African battingA combination of both, Roz. Very good batting. Probably one of the best I've seen up here in Brisbane, a quality batting line-up. Petersen, I think he got himself out in the end. Then, since that, you know, Australia has had no luck. A couple of close lbw decisions, one caught at mid-off, given out, called back because of a no ball. And a couple of other chances, a tough day for Australia. But South Africa's batted well, especially Amla and Kallis. A very good batting wicket.Thank you very much, important first session for Australia's bowlers tomorrow, of course. Cam in news just in, Duminy, the South African batsman may have injured himself out on the field playing with a footy. We will chase that news up and keep you posted. We need to send them more footballs! Casey Stoner's MotoGP career is heading into its last lap. There is no room for sent mentality, he is preparing for his farewell race in value lensia. Until the final flag, it is business as usual.We are going into the race to do our best at the moment, and to see how we feel after the race.Stoner is looking forward to life in the slow line, even the household chores! New Tigers coach Mick potter claims calling members to urge renewals is not a sign of desperation. It took five goes to get hold of a big fan, Barry O'Farrell.I imagine you are busy, eating a lot of heavy lunchs in your line of work!Almost as many as Humphrey!The Tigers wrapped up week one of pre-season today. So the big lunchs are out from now on!Alright, thank you.Amber is next with the weather. Well, after a few days of stormy conditions, we are expecting a cool change. I next. Next on WIN News... the best cou
vantage points to catch the Royal th
couple, And questions raised about concern
the new look cabinet - who' s concerned and why. Join me for all the details next.

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Another hot and humid day, unsettled weather across Sydney. The city saw 11mm of rain in just 10 minutes. Canterbury, 18mm. It reached a top of 27 in the city, and 31 in Penrith. Tomorrow, a high will cause showers and storms to mostly clear NSW. Expect a mostly cloudy day tomorrow, with a few isolated showers, light, to moderate winds. Cooler today, a top of just 23.

Looking ahead - a mostly sunny day on Sunday.

Sunday - mostly sunny in the west. Partly cloudy right through to Friday. Not looking great for the cricket. We could see storms.

Not looking great for the cricket.
We could see storms. Enjoy the weekend, Amber. That is Nine News for this Friday. I'm Georgie Gardner. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee

This program is captioned live.
Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to yoorpbt. First tonight free -- to A Current Affair. First tonight free money. It sounds too good to be true but for many it isn't. Now eve
about the new look ministry. Good pre
evening, I' m Greg Thomson. Final arr
preparations are underway for the th
arrival of the Prince of Wales and d
the Duchess of Cornwell - who touch public
down in Canberra tomorrow. Two public events will take place - on s
the last day of the Royal Couple' s day
six day visit to Australia. Six cele
days, six stops.A whirlwind tour Jubi
celebrating the Queen' s diamond Pr
Jubilee. The guests of honour, the Co
Prince of Wales and the Duchess of do
Cornwell. The Royal Couple touched f
down in Australia on Monday - their they
first destination was Longreach, A
they dropped by Flemington and then
Adelaide and Hobart. Today, they' r Canberra
in Sydney - tomorrow, it' s visit
Canberra' s turn. Every state obvious
visit' s an important one but
obviously our Royal family is a ver coupl
significant visit. The Royal Canberr
couple' s first event here in Canberra - is by Lake Burley Griffi - for the renaming of Parkes Place We have a tradition of naming th zon
cross roads in the Parliamentary zone after monarchs who have reigne 190
since Australia' s federation in Q
1901 and this road will commemorate Australia
Queen Elizabeth' s reign as -
Australia' s Queen. From tomorrow Eli
- the area will be known as Queen cerem
Elizabeth Terrace. The official
ceremony will begin at around twent asked
to twelve - but Canberrans are cloc
asked to arrive before eleven o' point.
clock to secure a good vantage point. Today it' s obviously quit to
quiet down where at the lake, but expe
tomorrow thousands of people are Princ
expected to turn out to see the Co
Prince of Wales and the Duchess of un
Cornwell. Those wanting to see the
unveiling of Queen Elizabeth Terrac should stand on the High Court sid cha
of the road, but those wanting a couple
chance to maybe meet the Royal th
couple, are asked to stand over by the lake. After the unveiling, th Governor-G
Royals will meet with the Governor-General, the Prime Ministe and the Opposition Leader. Followe Hous
by a formal lunch at Government w
House. Their last official duty - a wreath laying at the War Memorial. after
We expect them to be here just ask
after half past three so we would
ask those who are coming to see the to make sure they' re here by thre wif
thirty. Prince Charles and his Canberra
wife Camilla will then leave Canberra and head to New Zealand.

Four million dollars worth of she
cannabis has been discovered in a Goul
shed and underground bunker near
Goulburn. police raided the propert t
south of the City - and found more hydropo
than two thousand plants in a hydroponic set up. Officers seized equip
large amount of fertiliser and drug.
equipment used to cultivate the pol
drug. A twenty five year old man, police allege is an associate of th later
Bandidos, was arrested. He was offenc
later charged with a number of cu
offences including enhanced indoor
cultivation for commercial purposes which
The owner a popular restaurant the
which was destroyed by a blaze in say
the New Acton precinct last year, ov
says the spray filter in the pizza Gran
oven was regularly switched off. Grant Kells gave evidence during th Am
last day of a coronial inquiry. ninet
Amongst the ruins. It took just Fl
ninety minutes for fire to destroy it
Flint Restaurant - Grant Kells saw workin
it all go up in flames, he was in
working that afternoon. An inquiry spra
into the blaze has been told the of
spray filter in the pizza oven was told
off at the time. Today, Mr Kells o
told the court it was turned on and com
off at intervals due to "...smoke
coming out into the restaurant." It t
s been alleged the fire started in als
the exhaust duct system. Mr Kells li
also said "We had it cleaned maybe cal
like a week before, I got a phone d
call from our head chef who said it prop
didn' t look like it was cleaned Mo
properly and they came back out on
Monday." The fire ripped through th lat
New Acton historic precinct days David
later, on the Thursday. Cleaner