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(generated from captions) They could be a couple of workers there are just behind the screen. The umpire is still unhappy with something. All sorts of cloth over the seats. Ready to go.

Michael Clarke has a few questions to answer this session. 61 overs bowled. He has to find wickets between now and then. He has got to find a couple of wickets in this session.I would certainly be bringing Lyon on. But you say another 20 overs to come. I would certainly have him on 10 overs, unless Peter Siddle gave a tremendous hammering. But he has only bowled 10 overs in a big part of the day. A part of the day when the quicker bowlers should have been able to get something extra out of the surface out there. Katya has picked up one wicket. Five overs he went for. -- Lyon. But I would definitely be having Lyon, providing he didn't go for too many. I would be having him on from the end he chooses.He will also wonder his Michael Clarke is thinking about giving himself a bowl. Some success in his bowling career. There is that drive. Australia played Michael Clarke in the last Test in the Caribbean. About five/80. Worth a couple of overs from the skipper.He is certainly not the worst. But at times, the more he has bowled, he has that suspect lower back and it can trigger something. He has been afraid to bowl too much. He is in the hitting zone of Amla's.

The Australians don't want to see the end go through the second or third slip area. Working on a plan, Peter Siddle, to pull the -- bowl the line. One slip, that is the danger. In the air! Dropped him. Slighly slower for Siddle. It is never easy when you are following through but that was a real chance. It certainly was. Mark not running Peter Siddle's way. A very close no-ball. -- luck not running. They have to stick. He lined it up and had a bit of time. A big blow again for Australia.

Go luck This program is not captioned.

So a policed opportunity in the last over. From the Australia point of view P Amla dropped on 747. It's never easy when you're a fast bowler and running in, but he bowled a slower ball. It was - it was a dropped catch, it was around about 120km/hr, so it was a nice piece of bowling. But Peter Siddle couldn't hang on to the return catch. It was sort of - the surface has flattened out now, and you really have to try to hang on to those. Good afternoon Ian Chappell and Healy. Good afternoon, and it's -- it's a good afternoon -- good afternoon for the South Africans. Kallis, 5 from 67. There was a danger of Amla and Kallis digging a bit of a hole here and stifling this South African innings with their natural play but Kallis has come out and been an authority figure, as you mentioned, very much like AB de Villiers can do, and he should be an authority with these conditions. You know, he came in about - the new ball was finished and it should be enjoyable times for him. The partnership is worth 87 from 143 balls. But there's been some very good bowling from the Australians. Michael Clarke has set fields to keep the run scoring in check. Won't be long, either, in these condition that is that gets the middle. That was a floated half volley from Hilfenhaus. You see his bowling arm quite low and Kallis would be a little annoyed he didn't put that away but he was watchible. -- watchful. Lit swing away or nip back N but Hilfenhaus happy to get away with that one. To the fielder.

The other thing I'd like to see from Ben Hilfenhaus is something I have mentioned the last couple of years with his bowling. When the pitch does tend to flatten out and the ball gets 350, 60 overs on it I'd -- 50, 60 overs on it I'd like to see him use the crease more. He just about wears a hole he uses the same spot. He runs in, races back, turns at the top of his mark and runs in and bowls the next ball exactly the same as the last rather than mixing it up a little bit. The odd ball to go wide of the crease just to try something different.

just to try something different.
Another half volley. It's bounced over the inner man, Ricky Ponting. They come back for two, covering the boundary but struggling to protect the inner ring. 63 overs This program is not captioned.

gone, 2 for 208.
3.3 runs per over is the scoring rate of the South Africans. It's pretty convincing, day one at the Gabba. They've got themselves into a good position. This Australian side is not short of fight, however. Siddle conditions. Beautiful planned delivery that over but just didn't execute the final bit, the catch. He's been very spritely all day and produces a slower ball, confuses Amla, gets its on the up, straight back to the bowler and he puts it down. Not much time to think about it. To steady, to get the hands in the right spot, then to close at the right time. And not good. Not good. Not easy and this result not good. Yes, half a second, to get those hands together. That's what he couldn't do. He couldn't get that right hand to join the left one, that was the problem. The other thing f you compare it, say, with slip fielding, at least when you're in the slips if you're taking a catch that's coming to you, you're not bobbing up and down. But when you're running through in your follow through, you're still on the move and, therefore, the eyes are just bobbing a little bit, so it's nowhere near as easy taking a reflection catch as a bowler compared with, say, a slip fielder or even someone at cover in a set position. I think he's improved at that, too. Peter Siddle's eyes and head very steady at delivery and eyes up.

Just have a look at this. Frustrated, it's late on the first day and they want it more than this. Have a look at his head and eyes when he does deliver. He's up and he's very aware but just not fast enough. 0.5 of a second for the return catch. Well, it's good to see he's still got a smile on the face there. Been a tough day for the Australians. The last one was the dropped catch, and no-one to blame than themselves for a dropped catch. But a couple of lbws go against them. There's his eyes. Watches it. Just about all the way. Hands never really got together, though. Not quite together. Great slower ball, though. The other bowlers can take a leaf. Again, follows it up with good length and line, corridor outside off. Amla is battling hard. The difference with, say, a spin bowler in general The Spin bowler delivers the ball and then the leg swings over and then you're immediately into a fielding position whereas the fast bowler is still running. So even as a spin bowler you're set better to take the caught and bowled than ta fast bowler, who is still on the move. The last ball of the 4th over, so still 16 with this first ball of the innings.

Oh, that's flashed and that's - the gap we've been worried about for some time. You can't have fielders everywhere. Siddle only has one in the slips. This program is not captioned.

64th over. -- end to the 64th over.
Hilfenhaus tight ring field. It's all they've got. Kallis is able to get one behind square leg but in front of him he has men everywhere - short point, gully, straight mid- on and mid-off. Those two men at the bottom of the screen, they're very straight. The one on the right is further away from the wicket line than the one on the left, but they are still straight. Two men in the covers, one's just moving back, David Warner just moving back to stag thar a little bit. It's a very -- stagger that a little bit. It's a very tight offside field but it's a sure sign with this field that the wicket is doing nothing. It's not allowing the ball to move sideways off the seam. They're not getting much swing, so they've backed the fielders in front of the bat, bowling reasonably straight. Trying to stop it, like a battering ram there. The only thing I'd say about that is places like Brisbane and Perth, I think you've got to say yourself -- to yourself, "Most of the catch also come in the slip cordon." And you have to keep as many in the slips for as long as you can. They'll only have one slip at this stage, I think, I think that's a little light on. It's a -- it's a telling field placing but the wicket's a bit slower and less reSeptember i than they hoped for and they are -- receptive than they hoped for and the men behind the slips haven't been as valuable as those in front of the bat. Michael Clarke is never short of ideas. He's always be using something. He's used Lyon in short, sharp bursts throughout the day. The bowlers have been honest and toiled hard. And the ground fielding has been very good. There have been a lot of runs saved by the fielders. Nathan Lyon has saved quite a few at mid- off and mid-on. But I just think some of the other field placings are just a little bit too concentrated on saving runs rather than getting guys out. I think you -- your priority always had to be, number one, getting a wicket. Next, it's saving a single and third and well down the line is you're saving boundaries. New ploy, round the wicket. Same field but round the wicket. Across the right-hander. I'm glad to see this with Ben Hilfenhaus because I was saying last over he tends to get - gets it on. This is at least a change of angle, something different which I think he can bring to his game, a little more variety. Saw that dropped catch from Peter Siddle a couple of overs ago was from a slower ball, a change of pace. This program is not captioned.

Good times alright if you're South African -- and in the battle order today. KFC classic chances will give you the chance to vote on four catchs and you vote on the one you think is the most popular as Jacques Kallis leaves that through. The four catches first up. Catch A is Ricky Ponting against New Zealand. Diving horizontal, second slip, in gully. Ricky Ponting catch A. Catch B is David Warner, KFC's classic catches. You vote on the one you think will be the most popular. Phone number to call or a text number to call to place your selection. As Siddle continues. Kallis high opt back foot. Catch B David Warner. Which one was it? It's in Melbourne to finish the test last year. Long in the deep. Up he goes. Keeps the balance. At the MCG.

Very active participant in Movember.

Catch C. Yeah, Peter Siddle. This was a good catch, caught and bowled last year. Hung on to that one alright. He would have liked to hung on to that one today, no doubt. Good effort that. That's catch C. Catch D was Alan border in 1985. I think John Read was the batsman and Dave Gilbert the bowler. That was a beauty. Catch D will be the greatest of the 35-years of Channel Nine's coverage. Good offence by -- over hid -- good over by Siddle. He's bowled 16en 4 overs. There's AB himself in the middle. So, the numbers to ring, so, call:

A year's supply of KFC is 52 times $22 vouchers, which is never enough. Kallis is looking ominous, fining the middle of the bat and he's picked up the pace of the pitch and got a handle on it. Now Australia have to hang on. So there's classic catches, the first of 2012 - Ricky Ponting, Warner, Siddle and a-- Allan border. -- Border.

Wus one run off the -- just one run off the This program is not captioned.

Hilfenhaus about to start his 20th over. They have slowed, both Amla and Kallis, but that's through field placings. The stroke play and the intentions are clear. The run rate has stayed around the 3.3 runs per over for some time. Even though the field is very conservative. You just saw Allan Border a moment ago in one of the boxes. It looked like it might have been a bit of a players' reunion. I ran into Dick French, the former umpire at the Sydney Airport and I said, "What are you doing?" He said, "I'm off to Brisbane for an umpires reunion." I said, "What, do we look for a lot of guys with white sticks." He wasn't time pressed for some reason.No, not known for their sense of humour. Couldn't bet the Labradors in the ground but the Kanes would be fine. They all had hearing aids, too, didn't they? There's Rob Elliott from kookaburra. Very eclectic group, maybe invitees of Cricket Australia here for the first test of the series.

Whipped off his pads. There's plenty of space on the leg side. Siddle the fastest man in the Australian team covers good ground down there at fine leg but can't prevent three. Mark, you've been talking about Hilfenhaus and how you feel he needs a bit more variety. The other thing I have noticed with him, when he walks back to bowl, and this is a good thing, he's very quick, but most bowlers have a bit of a pause at the top of their mark and just give it a fraction of a second thought before they charge in. But he doesn't. He just turns and comes back in. I think it wouldn't hurt him to have a little pause at the top. Just to think about what you're going to deliver that next m next delivery. -- next delivery. Interestingly there, he stopped bowling because - he certainly would dig a hole or a couple of probably quite big holes around the creases because he tends to bowl every ball in the same spot. That's what I think he could really - improve his bowling by mixing up a little bit. Not necessarily when the ball's swinging and doing plenty, but situations like now, and I remember saying this about his bowling last year, that when the ball does get - loses its swing, gets a bit softer, you have to find different ways of getting batsmen out. We've talked about the field settings. You have to find ways of getting batsmen out, and I think he could just change his position on the crease, go a bit wider occasionally, to stop that sort of same ball coming out of his han over and over again. Because batsmen get used to it. I think there was a stage in the Ashes sear ry ass couple of years ago where he bowled 400 deliveries without taking a wicket. You'd reckon after that many deliveries they'd think, "Well, I'd better change something." See that? Can't be good. The last thing you want to see as Australian captain, James Pattinson in the field. He's done his shoulder. We'll look at that in the next break but Hilfenhaus This program is not captioned.

Kallis, 58, and Amla now starting to take over a little bit. He has a couple of balls on his pads recently he's been able to work around. Run rate back to 3.3. Rob Quiney coming in. He's already bowled one over for three. He's bowling his second now. Michael Clarke ringing in some changes but very similar, it's just a tight- ring field and trying to hang in and keep it as tight as possible. This is one type of bowling change you might be able to attack a bit, unusually. You placed a similar field for the best bowlers. Why not attack and see if you can't get them playing shots against the part-timer? I was thinking about Rob Quiney. Five days ago he wasn't going to be playing test cricket and then Shane Watson is out. He comes into the side and he's probably nervous, spending a lot of time game thinking about how he was going to make runs, how many he was going to make, how he was going to go about facing Dale Steyn and Morkel and other bowlers. Now he may get a test wick before he gets a test run. I bet that wasn't something he thought about in the last couple of days.Taking your thought further, inn. I like batsmen who are part-time bowlers and wrist spinners and I think that's where David Warner will get them playing a shot. And, you know, just taking that through to Mark Taylor's time as captain. You used Michael befr van a lot who was a wrist -- Bevan a lot, who was a spinner. David Warner isn't the worst leggy around and they're the sort of bowlers who get the batsmen playing shots -- shots and they can pick up a wicket for you.

10 overs, 1 for 51 for Nathan Lyon today, the man at midwicket who almost misfielded that one. Oh! Almost beat the bat. Haven't seen that for a while. I have to settle down here. You've been spending too many with Lawry. -- Bill Lawry. How late did he play that? He could have chopped that back on to the stumps fit didn't bounce as much. Got him up on the stickers. Happy. Something to drive. Can't get it through. This program is not captioned.

12 overs to go before they are able to take the new ball. They might be able to get a few with it tonight. James Pattinson picked up the ball, through it quite awkwardly. -- threw. Katya has to get into it. -- Lyon. Protection on the leg-side. Three men on the boundary. Kallis has got that one well enough. Enough pressure on. He goes for 62. That is one showed he has absolutely no trouble playing, Kallis. He plays it extremely well. Goes down there, a bit of a slip, but no trouble plane that cover drive. Amla, Kallis likes to stand on either side of the field. Amla is keen to go on the right of the screen.

Nathan Lyon has do not make it easy. Kallis plays on the off side.Two for that, Kallis. Still a little bit of drift. Found the outside edge of Kallis' that. Just drifted away a little bit in the air.

One problem Nathan Lyon has got with that field it is very easy to pick up singles on the on side. He is spinning towards the side and that makes it much easier.Putting some good pressure on the field. A touch better but not much. This program is not captioned.

110 partnership between those two - Amla and Jacques Kallis. Very convincing at the moment. They are very calm. There is still one hour to go, maybe more. 21 overs. They could get this for 300 without trying too hard, the South Africans. That is the worry from the Australian point of view. If these two are they tonight, they could really build tomorrow and we said earlier they like to make big scores. Not just a little 100s. They have both shown throughout their careers that they can turn 100 into 200 or even 300.This is the sort of platform that will really suit AB de Villiers. He loves to come in and take the attack to the opposition and pick up the scoring rate. That is how you can win cricket matches.

I am not sure what that man's saved too much today. If he was up in the ring, that would have been a single. They needed the protection on the right point You just have to continuously be aware of which fill the has not been used too much and maybe they have to change the plans. -- fielder. You don't want to waste them. I never liked that fieldsmen, on the far left of screen. You also miss the occasional catch.

Not only does it get the batsman of strike, it is also a potential catch. The potential of missing out on a wicket.And the behaviours you might change if the batsman. The South Africans have been content to drive anyway. This program is not captioned.

Nathan Lyon in his 12th. Michael Slater? We are looking at how to get Kallis out. Peter Siddle de getting out but overstepped the mark. You can see that he does play... We come back to the action and back to the desk. The left is the Gabba and that was a top aide that flew back up in the air. If we just played is a little bit further, that was at the oval. -- top edge. We will just come back to the live action and see another delivery from Nathan Lyon. It just goes to show that you can play the same shot, it is one that he plays. But occasionally it can go wrong. He was lucky it was a no-ball. But Australia has to find another way of getting him out. He is hard to raffle. You do not get too many chances from him. In the last half an hour, he has put six D8 away. Not flustered at all. The same for Amla. -- 68. They know they have time. Very good at using it up as well.They are very comfortable. There is every reason for South Africa to feel comfortable at the moment. They are not under any pressure, and they are scoring quite freely. Just keep chipping away at the singles. 71 overs gone. Two/200 that he five. This program is not captioned.

Change in the commentary. Glenn McGrath is backing. How are you enjoying it? Doing a great job.It has been good fun. A few nerves this morning. Probably more than I was actually playing out there. But it is going well. I am enjoying it. Here for my fourth stint. It is always good fun.This talking his complex!To come off your long run and bowl a few on the length is pretty easy. We have to actually talk about what is happening. It get a bit tough.If you have just tuned on and you have not got a clue about the day, you can see the ball has a chance to take a wicket. This is his fourth over. -- bowler. A very difficult day for the Australians. A couple of close lbws. Little things turning against the Australians. The South Africans have built and built just like they did last summer.

It was earmarked as -- as a big series, this one. Australia has to put the pressure on South Africa to make it a good series. South Africa got off to the start they wanted. Australia is up against it but potentially they are good enough. There is a long way to go, that is for sure. But it is always nice in a three Test match series to get off on a demanding start. South Africa have done that. There is a long way to go.

This program is not captioned. That is the change in weather after a beautiful morning. A pretty good afternoon. Some cloud cover came in around the tea break time. Now it has really filled in. Not a good forecast for tomorrow. And so we have got full flood lights on at the moment. It is very good news that the umpires have said to get the lights on. We could have come off for bad light weather, were it not the case.

OK, we all know that Tony has suffered from a series illness. He is watching every ball.This has been a tough day! 33 years. I have tried to have a sleep in this morning. Not let it unsettle me too much. But the truth is, that spirit that comes from the Channel 9 dressing room once again went into any and the phone rang in the morning and they asked where I was. I came away straight away. Good to see that you guys are still taking the mickey out of everything.For better not aware, three -- for those who are not aware, it is the same guys doing it. Give us an update on your situation. There is fast interest. From everywhere in the world.It is not good. The truth is, I have lung cancer. It is now just a question of what they can do. I had a very important meeting with my doctor this morning. I am going in on Monday for a Tuesday operation. A major operation on Tuesday. I will be in hospital for at least one week. We will then start the fight after that, once we have done the operation. The plan is to embark upon some chemotherapy to see whether we can make a bit of a dent in this setback that I have had. This operation that you have got, does it have a name?I knew you were going to ask me that. I have forgotten it. But basically, they will go into the right side, have a good look around and see if they can see exactly what is happening inside that right lung of mind. See if they can fix it. It has been an incredible and very short journey. -- of mine. You will all face it but you have no idea how much one Mrs getting to the cricket on a day like today. When you have been doing it for 33 years, it is unbelievable. -- misses. It takes a bit of getting used to and I am sure it gets worse as this Test match goes on because I think we have a good Test match on our hands and a good summer.We are definitely missing not having your energy around us. And of course your opinions! I don't know how much you have watched today that what you make of what you have seen?I missed the original start because I was at my appointment when that happened. I found out that the South Africans have batted first. That surprised me a little bit because there was always a good chance they would play four fast bowlers. It has turned out they have been right. This pitch obviously he's played a bit slower than a lot of people who seem to be writing about it, suggesting it would be a quick pitch. It seems to me to have been a very good decision. I am very pleased that Michael Clarke would have batted first. It seems to suggest that this is going to be a real Test match and the bowlers have their work cut out. As far as what has happened so far, as a South African, it is always good to see people like Kallis done well. They have both done very well. But the Aussies have had some chances. Disappointing to see someone like Kallis get away with one of those noble type reversals. -- no-ball. But that is why cricket is at a wonderful game.Check if your wife recorded the first half-hour. The first five minutes have -- has a lovely part from which she -- Richie. There is an empty feeling without you. You are much loved and much missed. You are aiming for the Sydney Test?You have got to be positive. I am certainly aiming to get back into that chair at some stage and stir it up as much as I can. But I know it is in good hands. I watched the coverage today, it is fantastic and the guys are all doing a good job and I know it will continue that way.It is beautiful to see you on screen and hear your voice. We wish you well. I mean not just the people here, everybody who has followed you around the world and a huge admirers of you.Good luck. Thank you.

It was great to see him. A different commentary box where I sit. That was my spot next to Greg for the last six years. I have noticed him not being there. We have a joke through the day. Talk seriously about the game as well. It was great to see him and great to hear that he is going OK. He has a of long fight on his hands and we do wish him well. The partnership is worth 116. The run rate is 3.19. It has been pretty good throughout the day. They have been moments when they have accelerated and moments when they have been tied down. The batting side is full of authority at the moment. Peter authority at the moment. Peter -- Peter Siddle, can he change it?You are right. We wish Tony all the best. My memories of him, he would have enjoyed being here today. I used to terrorise him with the balls rolling along the ground when he does the pitch reports in the morning. I am sure he would have been keen to get me back. He will probably be back in civvy to get one over me but we definitely wish him and his family all the best. -- in Sydney.I remember you doing that! Re-work 18 you -- we were egging you on.

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The drinks break continues. It has been a long one. Two for 200 and edify -- 235. There is a great calmness. A point of great hope for the Australians here. Patterns and steamed in and got everything right. He was absolutely certain. So much so that he nearly went on one knee and pleaded with Michael Clarke to review it. Michael Clarke review did and it was proven to be right. And then the catch at mid-on. Played very nicely. That was out of keeping with the rest of the innings. Nathan Lyon had a wicket as well. A boost for the Australians. But they were not able to make good Withers two boosts. -- with those two.

Jacques Kallis hit one in the air but it was a no-ball. There are the bowling figures today. Pretty good for James Pattinson.

These guys play off-spin very well. Amla settles back into his stance.

Here is James Pattinson, straight after the break. This is one of those periods of play now, until the close, where South Africa will go a long way to hurt Australia if they remain unbeaten to the close. Whereas if the Australians picked up a couple of wickets, they go into the rooms feeling terrific about themselves and the morning that dawns tomorrow. And Michael Slater and Glenn McGrath are still here.

Oh! That is tied. It may just be reversing a little in the air and then following the Knicks Park. -- tight.It was reversing about 20 overs ago and then it did not reverse much after that. It nearly flipped the stamp on the way through. Very close indeed. It was a shape that you like to pull week, Glenn McGrath. When that was reversing, there was something he bowled extremely well.

Bowling with the reverse swing, it always seems to go a lot more than it does the outswing. You saw there, if you look at the ball that was coming down, you can see the shiny side on the inside. On the inside, you can see the shiny side. The rough side on the outside. And then it comes back in, very close to the top of the top stump.It goes later, too. Let's have a look at the two instances. A quick review. A chip in the air, a nice simple catch. But Siddle knows the worst. They check for a no-ball. By next to nothing, it's a no-ball. He has to have some part of his foot grounded. It seems cruel.Yes, very cruel. As a bowler, you work hard. Finally get the wicket. And to have it turned down, you can't blame anyone but yourself. It is a bitter feeling. Salt to the wounds.I would later the rules so you have to be in front of the line. Had to be daylight between the line and your heal. It would be easier for the umpire. Here is the other one. I am interested in your view. Never easy when you follow through.It wasn't a bad height. He just punches it. They either stick or not. It came off the middle of the bat. Unfortunately, for Siddle, it did not stick. Australia would have loved that wickiet.In slow motion, it looks like he should have caught it. They do stick sometimes. Siddle took a screamer above his head. This program is not captioned. While you've been away, we've got a ball change out in the middle. It's quite unusual when a ball is this old. I mean, there's damage to the seam. That's why they're changing it. I condition think I've often seen a 75th ball over ball change. There's only five overs until the new ball. Yeah. It looked like there was - the seam had come apart, the main seam. There was a hole in it there. You can see it there. And a bit of a shame because that ball was reversing and as a fast bowler when the ball starts reverse swinging like that you don't want to change it. You want to look after it. It comes back in your favour a bit. You start looking to take wickets so to lose that ball and start with a new one and have to work on it again it will take a few overs to get it going again.Could the bowling side not have kept it if they had chosen to? Well, depends how the bad the damage was. It may have hindered to reverse swing but if it lands on the hole it might keep low, you never know. But it looked like there was a fair bit of damage there and it probably hampered the ball and maybe the umpires said, "No, you can't play with this anymore. Well, you make a very valid point. It would seem an odd thing to change the ball if you were getting a reverse swing. You wouldn't have thought the Australians complained about the ball. Maybe you're right and the umpires said the ball was too damaged. It's pretty unusual. Floodlights on. That's unusual, too. It's 4:30pm in the afternoon here in Brisbane, and some dark cloud has come over. Not a good forecast for tomorrow, worryingly.

Let's hope they get that wrong. Good stop. Good stop. Now needs some energy in the field. It needs the Australians to be with it in the 14 overs or so that remain this evening. A lot of top-class fielding, a lot of energy and bowling that makes batsmen play. This should not be an easy period for the South African batsmen. And the one thing I guess Australia will be looking at now, this ball will be a little harder than the one they just changed. So, get it in the right areas, maybe a bit of extra bounce, the new ball's not far away. So we'll see what we can do. But, Mark, it still looks a very good wicket to bat on out there. There's no surprises in the deck, and these two guys, two of the world's best, look like they're handling things very easily out there.

Dave Warner, you know, I think he's having a go at Movember there by the looks of things. He's been working on the moustache. So it's coming along well. Just a little touch of the finger. I wonder if he got a touch. He didn't appeal, and it would be very hard to imagine that Dimitri Amargianitakis was in his ground. - - that Amrozi -- am la -- that Amla was in the ground. I don't think he got a touch. Amla would have been