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(generated from captions) The Australian giant centipede
is venomous.

True it is. Replace one letter
in the word 'girl' with another to get a respiratory organ.

No-one. Gill. True or false? Most frogs live in saltwater.

False. Most in freshwater. What is 49 - 23?

Correct. Is the Siberian tiger
native to Africa?

True. No. Native to Asia. Points come off. No more questions. Checking scores for today. Christopher, Matthew, Joseph. Newington have come in third today. They led for part of it.
Interesting last round, though. 250 points. Freyja, India, Brianne
have come second, the girls, today. Came home well. Como West, 270 points, which means our winners -
Tallis, Harry and Kayla. Cronulla South played it cool. 290 points is the winning score. Two days to go in the week.
Another semifinalist awaits us. See you tomorrow. Bye-bye. Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - Prince Charles and Camilla's
whirlwind tour of Sydney. Wild weather hammers cities in
two states, creating a rare sight. An Aussie mum arrested
for drug trafficking escapes execution in Malaysia. And rescue efforts scaled back
in the search for a tangled whale. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with John Mangos.

Good afternoon. Prince Charles
and his wife, Camilla, have encountered
a few unexpected surprises as they continued their
Australian tour in Sydney today. Talitha Cummins
has been following the Duchess. Talitha, what has she been up to? John, Camilla spent some time away
from Prince Charles today. She was invited to Victoria Barracks where she was appointed
the inaugural Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Australian Corps
of Military Police. More than 100 officers formed
a Royal Guard - in honour of the Duchess's appointment. She met with several officers
and their families after the parade, and posed for photos. Now there was one little hiccup
during the proceedings - an officer in the guard collapsed.

He came to quickly, though,
and was helped to his feet and taken away
for a medical check-up before being given the all-clear. And what has Prince Charles
been doing? Well, while Camilla was at
the Army Barracks, Prince Charles visited
the Museum of Contemporary Art. He was there to support
the Campaign for Wool where he met with several
Australian fashion designers including Akira Isogawa, Dion Lee
and Josh Goot. At one point,
the Prince went over to a model dressed in a creation
designed by Isogawa, telling her
that he didn't think she was real. He said he thought
she was a mannequin. From there, the Prince headed
to Bondi Beach for a meet-and-greet
with the New South Wales Premier and some members
of the State Emergency Service. And while Charles was en route
to the Bondi Beach Bather's Pavilion just down the road, a huge storm hit Sydney, forcing the Prince and his entourage
to seek shelter inside the Pavilion during the worst of the weather. Now, as the rain eased back a bit, he went down onto the sand
to watch a football demonstration with the New South Wales
Rugby League Academy. The wet conditions,
a big change from the morning. As you can see from these pictures, Prince Charles and Camilla were
greeted with blue skies and sunshine earlier in the day

when they rode the Admiral's Barge
across Sydney Harbour to Garden Island for a morning tea with
Australian Defence Force personnel and their families. And what are they up to tonight? John, tonight the royal couple will
be at the Sydney Opera House for an official Jubilee reception. They will fly to Canberra
tomorrow morning. OK, thanks, Talitha. The storm that interrupted
Prince Charles's tour of Bondi battered other parts of Sydney
this afternoon. The city was pounded
by heavy rain and hail that caused flash flooding
in some areas. 10mm of rain was dumped on the city
in just 10 minutes. Emergency services received
dozens of calls for help while residents continued to mop up
from yesterday's wild weather.

It was very bad, very bad.
It was so shocking. Yesterday's storm
brought down trees, lifted roofs and cut power to thousands of homes.

There was a real big bang
when I come out. That was when the tree
was split in half. Winds in the western suburbs were reported to have reached
up to 117km/h.

The wild weather also struck
parts of Tasmania today when this mini tornado formed
over Hobart. Weather experts say
it's an extremely rare event. There were reports
of further tornadoes in the south-eastern area but the Bureau of Meteorology said
they were very weak and short-lived. Schools were advised to keep
students inside during the storm as the city was lashed
by strong winds and rain.

An Australian mother who was facing the death penalty
in Malaysia for drug trafficking has walked free from court today. Emma L'Aiguille was arrested in July after being found with a kilo
of methamphetamine. Laurel Irving is outside the court.

After four months in Kuala Lumpur's women's prison, Emma L'Aiguille has today walked free from court. She was charged with drug trafficking after police found one kilobit -- one kilogram in the back seat of a car she was driving in July. If it found guilty, she faced the mandatory death penalty but today, that charge was thrown out, mainly because there was no DNA of Emma L'Aiguille's found on a package of drugs. Her father was in court for the hearing.Are lost four months so I have to try and adjust.For a pen to come and see their child handcuffed in court, I hope she realises that she goes on the right path now.Emma has told me the first thing she plans to enjoy is a hot shower and her freedom. She says she took a lot of things for granted and the biggest mistake was trust in the wrong people. She will remain in Malaysia for some time and is co-operating with authorities. Three other people with her at the time of her arrest and until those cases are finalised, she will remain here that her long- term plan is to head back to Australia and rebuild her life. John. Two people have died
in a fiery plane crash in northern New South Wales. went down in a paddock
not far from Lismore Airport, just after 10:00 this morning. There has been a reasonably
substantial fire following the accident so there's some wreckage
that's in that fire field but some that's outside of that,
as well. Witnesses say
the plane banked sharply before losing altitude and slamming
into the ground in a fireball. An instructor and a trainee pilot
were killed instantly. A parliamentary inquiry in Victoria
has heard shocking new claims

of sex abuse
by members of the clergy. The church has been slammed for the way it investigates
the allegations internally and there are calls
for "confessional privilege" to become a crime in itself. Karen O'Sullivan has more.

John, it's no surprise
that evidence given here today has been both shocking
and disturbing. A member of
the Victorian Police Force involved in interviewing
alleged child abusers has told how a member of the clergy
justified his actions by saying he was available
to his group or congregation 24-7 and he believed he was entitled
to "a little bit back". In its submission to the inquiry, the Centre Against Sexual Assault has called for the mandatory
reporting of any child sexual abuse that is disclosed
in a confessional box. I understand there's an issue
that you can confess to your sins and it's between you and God but some of these things
aren't between you and God. I mean, there's a child involved
in that who's being abused and I don't think
that should be kept silent. Carolyn Worth also said
that victims of church sex crimes who had received monetary
compensation from the church felt no justice and the money actually
had made things worse. Instead, they felt the Church
had bought their silence. And on Melbourne radio this morning, Labor frontbencher Bill Shorten told how the priest he wanted to serve
in the church with on the altar was eventually jailed
for child sex offences. John.

The New South Wales Premier
has bowed to pressure, announcing an investigation
into child sex abuse by the Catholic Church.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox had earlier written
to Barry O'Farrell calling for a Royal Commission.

There is so much power
and organisation behind the scenes that police don't have the powers
to go in and seize documents and have them disclose things to us.

What I'm determined to do is ensure those who have robbed
young children of their futures are brought to justice. Inspector Fox claims the
Catholic Church destroyed evidence to protect paedophile priests. Tony Abbott has been forced
to defend his position on energy prices, after failing to put forward
a policy to reduce costs, other than dumping the carbon tax. But the government has also been
on the back foot, after announcing plans to axe one
of its 2007 election commitments.

Sticking to his script... I'm saying there
will be no carbon tax under a government I lead. ..Tony Abbott is repeatedly asked to outline how he would
lower electricity prices in addition to axing
the carbon tax... We will do vastly better
than the Labor Party. ..but he fails
to spell out a policy. The Climate Change Minister
was blunt in his assessment of Mr Abbott
on carbon pricing. Everything he has said about this,
to be frank about it, so you don't misunderstand anything
I'm saying, has been complete bull----.

(LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) That's a very classy
technical analysis. You'd expect a minister to do better
than that, wouldn't you? While continuing to argue
the merits of its carbon tax, the Government has decided
to give up the fight on one of its other commitments - the unpopular internet filter. The dumped policy would have
made the filter compulsory so it could block
inappropriate websites with material ranging
from child abuse to drug use but it was criticised for being
too broad and a form of censorship. It was bad for freedom of speech and people's freedom
to use the internet. The Government insists
it's not a backflip. Oh, ha! Of course it's a backflip.

so they block child pornography.

We've worked through to try and find the best approaches and a solutions here. Rescuers have scaled back
their search for a whale that was tangled in ropes
off a Sydney beach yesterday. Rescue efforts had to be abandoned
yesterday due to poor light and there was no sign of the calf
and its mother when they resumed today. These two whales were spotted
further south off Wollongong. It is hoped the whale
managed to free itself and is now continuing the journey
south for the annual humpback migration.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - How Barack Obama plans
to avoid an economic disaster. The heritage buildings
destroyed by arsonists. And the Prime Minister's
historic meeting in Indonesia.

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Police say arsonists are to blame for a fire that broke out at the
historic Ipswich Railway Workshops, west of Brisbane. The blaze gutted a derelict building
next to the popular railway museum but, luckily,
the tourist icon was spared. Authorities say two people
were seen fleeing the area shortly after the fire started. If there are arsonists responsible, they should get the full force
of the law against them. Squatters have been known
to inhabit the unused building. A similar fire occurred there
last year.

Prime Minister Gillard
is on her way home from Bali after taking part
in an historic meeting with the presidents
of Indonesia and East Timor. Political reporter Alex Hart
is there.

Good afternoon, John. The Prime Minister says today's meeting would have been
unthinkable just 10 years ago, not long after Australia helped free
East Timor from Indonesian rule. But the leaders
of the three countries did sit down for their first ever
formal talks together. It's an example
of the sort of progress that the Bali Democracy Forum
she's been attending here sets out to achieve. This is really a moment in history, given the history
between our three nations, it really was a delight to sit
down in this trilateral format.

Ms Gillard also held separate talks with Indonesian President
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. the issue of asylum seekers
was on the agenda. The Prime Minister defended the fact no new measures were discussed
to address the problem The Prime Minister defended the fact no new measures were discussed
to address the problem despite the record flow of arrivals
continuing, many of those boats
coming from Indonesia. We are intensively engaged
every day with Indonesia on combating people smuggling. Ms Gillard also spoke about
her phone conversation last night with US President Barack Obama
last night to congratulate him
on his re-election. She revealed that he was aware of her recent sexism speech
in Parliament, though wouldn't say
what he thought about it, John.

An early winter storm has hit
the north-eastern states of the US, leaving hundreds of thousands
of people without power less than two weeks after
superstorm Sandy slammed the region. New York's Mayor has ordered
fuel rationing as the second storm
blanketed the city in snow and strong winds
toppled powerlines.

I went out to go to the store
and I came back, my house was black, my kids were all frantic and we have
no heat, so it's just been crazy. The storm has also forced the
cancellation of hundreds of flights.

In the wake
of Barack Obama's election victory, US Congress returns next week to avoid what could be
an economic disaster for the nation and the rest of the world. There are mixed signals about whether Republicans will agree
to Obama's planned tax hikes.

As they kept counting votes today
in Florida, Washington was counting -
53 days till the fiscal cliff.

Deep defence cuts
and cuts in social service spending and, more ominously,
tax hikes on everyone. That could spark a return
to recession, says a senator who is bailing out
of Washington's gridlock. Anything could serve as a trip-wire to igniting
another financial crisis. Both sides are urging
President Obama to lead the way to a budget deal
that avoids the cliff. After his victory Tuesday, he is sure to demand as part of any agreement
to cut spending, a tax hike on the wealthy,
says a top Obama aide. He talked about it in debates,
he talked about in his speeches, on the need for balanced deficit
reduction that included some new revenues and he was re-elected by,
in a significant way. House Speaker
Republican John Boehner seemed to signal he gets that.

We're willing to accept some
additional revenues via tax reform. We're willing to accept new
revenue under the right conditions. But anti-tax conservatives
are jumping in to clarify and warn the Speaker
not to buckle. Boehner's position is exactly where
it was a year ago, two years ago four years ago - don't raise taxes,
have pro-economic growth policies and the government
will get more revenue, not from higher taxes
but from more people working. It sounds like the same old fight. Democrats hope the gridlock
has been broken by Barack Obama's re-election.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - we will have a wrap of the day
in finance. We're on the catwalk
with the Victoria Secret angels. an NRL star forced to retire
due to multiple head knocks.

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The Victoria's Secret Angels
have spread their wings for the annual fashion parade
in New York. All eyes were on
Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr as she took to the catwalk, before superstars Justin Bieber
and Rihanna dazzled the crowd.

# Shine bright like a diamond. # Woah,
shine bright like a diamond. # Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio had the honour
of wearing this year's fantasy bra and it will remain a fantasy
for most women, with a price tag
of more than $2 million.

Time to check the financial markets. The ASX 200 fell 22 points as the market waits for China to
release a raft of economic data, including inflation
and retail figures. The US fiscal cliff is also
making investors a bit nervous.

Spanish actor Javier Bardem
has been honoured with a star on LA's famous
Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Oscar-winner, who stars as the villain
in the latest James Bond movie, was joined by his castmates
for the unveiling. It's a great honour to receive it and I receive it
with a lot of gratitude for those who have chosen me
to put my name on it. There are now 2,484 stars
on the famous Hollywood Boulevard.

Sport shortly, but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello. Coming up in Sydney tonight - Full coverage of the intense storm that lashed parts of Sydney
this afternoon, with lightning, flash floods,
strong winds and hail causing damage across the southern,
south-western and eastern suburbs. We bring you viewer videos
of the worst of the storm, showing how it pummelled homes. We'll be live on the royal tour after the Duchess of Cornwall
was made a colonel of the military police in Sydney, while Prince Charles
was at Bondi Beach where he was mobbed by people
wanting to shake his hand. The investigation into a plane crash
in the state's north which has claimed two lives. Hopes that the baby whale tangled
in a fishing line in Sydney Harbour is now free. The action the Premier is taking
following a police officer's demand for an inquiry into abuse
within the Catholic Church. The Aussie angels who have starred in this year's
Victoria's Secret Christmas Show. Those stories and more
in Sydney's Seven News at 6:00 but now, here's Simon with sport.

It's been a tough opening day
to the first test at the Gabba in Brisbane. South Africa picked
an all-pace attack but chose to bat first
after winning the toss. The great Allan Border
presented Rob Quiney with his first baggy green and spinner Nathan Lyon
got the nod over Mitchell Starc. Be

COMMENTATOR: That's worth a shout,
that's worth a big shout!

Spin was introduced before lunch and after some bad luck
Lyon picked up Petersen for 64. But the South Africans
edged past 200 with more luck. This should be out! A big breakthrough. But celebrations were short-lived as replays showed Peter Siddle
had bowled a no ball and Jacques Kallis survived.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival
wraps up at Flemington tomorrow with the million-dollar
Emirates Stakes the highlight. A string of near misses
in recent days hasn't dampened the spirits
of Gai Waterhouse. She is confident Epsom winner Fat Al can deliver her a long overdue
Group One win in the feature race. He's a big strong gelding. I set him for this race
a long time ago so hopefully I can pull it off. Fresh from winning his fourth
Melbourne Cup with Green Moon, prominent owner Lloyd Williams will
saddle up the Emirates favourite Fawkner.

The concussion issue is
back on the NRL agenda, following the forced retirement of St George-Illawarra hit man
Josh Miller. The former Raider has called
it quits at the age of 28, due to the ongoing effects
of multiple concussions. Miller's fearless playing style
over a 10-year career has taken its toll. I'm not fit to continue so that
decision has been made for me, otherwise I'd
go till I couldn't go anymore. Miller had a year to run
on his contract with the Dragons.

Stephen Moore
will become the most capped hooker in Australian rugby in this weekend's test
against France. The veteran has been named
on the bench after overcoming a hamstring injury. He is poised to earn
his 73rd test cap, passing the record set
by Jeremy Paul.

It's good to be back.

Good to get the opportunity again
to wear the jersey. Kurtley Beale will call the shots
at fly half while Kiwi-born Mike Harris keeps
his job at fullback.

Roger Federer is through to the
last four at the ATP Tour Finals in London, after downing Spain's David Ferrer. The Swiss master won
in straight sets, 6-4, 7-6, at the season-ending event. The world number two
has now won 70 matches this year, his biggest haul since 2006.

Probably $15 million, $20 million into the bank account for Christmas. We'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

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from Red Rooster. And this is a free large gravy. Yep, you get both absolutely free
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Good afternoon. David Brown with your weather
up from Flemington Racetrack in Melbourne where we've had a mixture of
squally showers and sunny breaks this afternoon.

It's currently a cool 15 degrees.

Brisbane, few passing showers and
the odd thunderstorm this afternoon.

Adelaide, cool and sunny afternoon.

From the satellite we've had extreme weather
from Tassie to Sydney. Triggering wild weather. A small tornado touched down
in Hobart for a few seconds on the outskirts today as two severe thunderstorms
dumped heavy rain and large hail over parts of Sydney. The trough driving the showers
and storms over eastern Australia will bring soaking rain
to South-East Queensland later this evening. The weather will clear over Tassie
and the south-east corner tomorrow as that high closes in.

Brisbane tomorrow,
thundery rain. Sydney,
morning showers then a fine afternoon. Canberra, fine
and partly cloudy Melbourne,
early shower then fine.

Fine for Stakes Day. Adelaide, warm
and sunny. That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, John. Thanks, David.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm John Mangos. Enjoy your evening.
See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media

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