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This program is captioned live. This morning - Prince Charles and Camilla
take in the sights of Sydney on their royal tour. A big clean-up under way
after a fierce storm hits Sydney. And Miranda Kerr shines on the
runway for Victoria's Secret.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven
Morning News with Ann Sanders.

But first to some breaking news - two people have died when their
light plane crashed this morning. The plane, thought to be a Cessna, came down in a paddock near Lismore
in northern New South Wales. Prime reporter Christine Tondorf
is there. Christine, what can you see?

We were the first news crew on the same, and I saw a 15 metre patch of scorched earth, still smoking. There were free-fire units along with police and ambulance crews. They were still trying to put the fire out. We can't see the aeroplane. They have kept us back about 200 metres because there are toxic fumes. Have police given any indication who may have been on board a plane? All the police are saying is that two people are dead. However we heard chatter it might be a pilot and an instructor. I spoke to a witness who said, just after 10:15am, he saw the plane take off from his small airport, and the plane suddenly began to bank hard left and dropped from the sky like a rock. He said the debris was spread over 30 metres, and the plane was still on fire. He declined to comment on the state of the pilot.Who is in attendance beside the police?We have ambulance crews, who have been kept busy treating onlookers. One woman collapsed to the ground. We still have three rural fire service units and a police car.Thank you.

Prince Charles
and the Duchess of Cornwall are continuing their royal tour
in Sydney this morning. They arrived in the Harbour City
last night before embarking on a busy
round of engagements today. Yesterday in Tasmania, Prince Charles
visited a sheep station while wearing a suit
made from Australian wool and he also stopped by a pub
for a drink with the locals.

The royal couple have been greeted
with a spectacular morning in Sydney and they've already spent some time
on the Harbour. Chris Reason is at the
Museum of Contemporary Art on the shores of Sydney Harbour
at Circular Quay and he joins me now. Chris, what have Charles and Camilla
been up to this morning? Good morning. It has been, as you know, this 6-day tour

know, this 6-day tour has been effectively designed to taking all of Australia's tourism hotspots, and today's no different. They were taking a cruise on Sydney Harbour this morning. They were picked up at Admiralty House on the other side of the harbour and taken part our most famous backdrops, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, on their way to the naval defence establishment. There they met with the Chief of Defence, General David Hurley, and were introduced to some of the 140 troops, service personnel, who have returned from active duty in places like Afghanistan and PNG. The day is not over yet.I understand Prince Charles's heading your way.He is on his way over now and should be with us and about 10 minutes. We are at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Yesterday he was in Tasmania seen sheep farming. Today he gets to see the other end of the process, the fashion products, and he will meet some of Australia's top designers. They also think it is from the farm to fashion. He will also look across the harbour. There is a big cruise ship blocking the queues, and you can just make out the signage - "the royal suite available" someone doing some ambush marketing there. I'm sure the accommodation they have is just fine, thanks very much.A nice place to be, and looks beautiful on the harbour. Thank you.

And the Duchess of Cornwall
is about to arrive at Sydney's Victoria Barracks. Talitha Cummins is there. Talitha, a special honour in store
for Camilla there this morning? The Duchess of Cornwall has just arrived at Victoria Barracks. The

privileged few will get to hear her speak for one of few times on this tour. She will be treated to a grand parade and inspect the guard and the police military band, all before she is appointed Colonel-in- Chief of the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police, basically an honorary role which provides a link between to military and royalty. No doubt be a big honour for the Duchess - her father was a British Army officer and prisoner of war in World War II. She will then meet police personnel and their families at a garden reception here, and then it's on to another busy day. They've already travelled by boat to Garden Island this morning. Charles will attend an emergency services reception at Bondi Beach this afternoon. Perhaps, for locals who are keen to come out and catch a glimpse, the best place would be at Bondi Beach. He is going to watch and NRL match between some players and indigenous children. The royal couple will come together at the Opera House for a Jubilee Reception, and we hope the weather holds up. Showers and storms are forecast, and plenty of hair dos will be ruined if that happens.We will see what they're doing at Bondi Beach. Charles is going by himself - you don't know who might turn up today.

Emergency crews are racing to
clean up after Sydney's freak storm before more rain hits. Hundreds of homes
are still without power after the super cell swept through
the city's west yesterday. Emergency crews cleaning up
this morning at one of hundreds of homes
battered by the fierce storm. They worked through the night, answering more than 200 calls
for help. I've never witnessed anything
so, huge. The super cell roared through
Sydney's west yesterday afternoon, tearing down trees and powerlines, leaving one man trapped in his car. A shopping centre roof collapsed
as the city endured hail, rain and gale-force winds
reaching up to 107km/h at Penrith. That's the strongest gust
recorded there in at least 17 years and they had 17mm
of rain in just 10 minutes. The storm blacked out up
to 10,000 homes and businesses. Crews are still working
to restore power to around 300 customers this morning ahead of more bad weather forecast
this afternoon. Unlike yesterday, the storms
won't be as intense around Sydney and they're more likely to form
near the coast rather than through the west. The super cell was triggered
by a low-pressure trough. It's now heading up the coast, through the state's north-east
towards Queensland, threatening storms in Brisbane. Fire has completely destroyed
a building beside the historic
Ipswich Railway workshops. Fires broke out in three
separate buildings there overnight, raising fears that an important
railway museum had been damaged. Peter Doherty has more.

Around 1am this morning for her was a deep orange glow over the city and fire crews from Ipswich and Brisbane rushed to the precinct, fearing Ipswich's tourist icon, the Heritage Railway Museum, was ablaze. Thankfully they discovered it was a derelict building beside the precinct. They spent the next couple of hours bringing those fines under control and preventing their spread. Today they say the fire is suspicious. There was a similar one here about a year ago and it is known squatters sometimes inhabit this area. But the bottom line is that the railway workshops museum is open for business. It is not impacted by this fire and that is good news for this city.

The search for a baby whale
entangled in a fishing trap has resumed just south of Sydney
this morning. The calf was spotted trailing around 30m of rope
and a pair of buoys yesterday after the trap became snagged
around its left flipper. A specialist team
has been deployed to free the calf before it becomes too tired
and vulnerable to predators. Yesterday's rescue effort
had to be called off because of bad weather
and a very protective mother.

An Australian mother is facing
a Malyasian court today, charged with drug trafficking after she was arrested
in Kuala Lumpur in July. It's alleged Emma L'Aiguille had a kilo of methamphetamine
in the car she was in. Laurel Irving is outside the court.

It is a procedural court hearing this morning to get some results but from chemical testing score of the one kilogram of left amphetamine duct was allegedly found in the back of the car that Emma L'Aiguille was driving in July. It may find that it was much more significant than that. Her lawyers have said they thought the case was weak and they have formally asked the court to drop the charge because they say there is no evidence of that the drugs were hers. We may hear back today what the court ruling on that is. There was also some talk of perhaps being open to a plea bargain or deal with prosecutors. There were three other people with her when she was arrested. Two fled for scene and one man was arrested. There might be some room to move there, but certainly her family is hopeful, and she herself has spoken to her mother on flown from her jail cell and says she is hoping to be released today and is planning to start her life again in Australia, so we will know a bit more in a few hours.

The heavy snow and strong winds
battering New York didn't stop Aussie supermodel
Miranda Kerr from stealing the limelight at the annual
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. The 29-year-old mum
paraded down the runway in the now-famous
winged lingerie ensembles in company with her fellow "angels". Performers such as Justin Bieber
and Rihanna also dazzled the crowd.

Shine bright like a diamond.

Woah, shine bright like a diamond.

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio had the honour of wearing
this year's Fantasy bra. It featured sapphires, rubies
and diamonds and is worth more than $2 million.

Next in Seven News - the latest finance, a new storm batters New York and the unique bond between
a baboon and a kitten.

Police say a man who died during a violent confrontation
with officers south of Sydney wasn't tasered. An internal investigation
is under way after the 34-year-old
stopped breathing as he was arrested at Bulli.

I just sort of heard
two guys fighting, basically, didn't want to get involved but I went over and had a look. Probably about 20 minutes
they were going for.

Four officers
had already handcuffed the man who was known to police. He couldn't be revived
by paramedics.

To finance now and joining me
is Andrew Salter from ANZ. Good morning, Andrew. How do our markets look like
finishing up the week? Good morning. The Australian

Good morning. The Australian equity market looks to be finishing down the week around 0.5%. The Australian market has been weighed down by age developments overseas, in particular the United States. Equity markets there are down about 2.5% as investors are focusing on the US fiscal cliff after the elections of this week. The fiscal cliff is the impending tax hikes and spending cuts that will hit the economy early in 2013. The Australian dollar is trading up, around 0.5% higher over the week. It's around 103.8 cents. It is being supported by the are BA's decision not to cut interest rates earlier in the week as well as some better-than-expected market data. What should we be looking out for next week?The biggest thing is the details that will emerge from China on their political transition of power that happens about once every 10 years, and the implications for Chinese policy, for Chinese leaders, are going to be important, but more so the associated implications for Australian exports. They will be paramount as well. The market will also focus on some second tier consumer and business sentiment data but really we will be watching what happens in China.Thank you.

A major scandal
over red light cameras has erupted in Melbourne with thousands of drivers
to have their fines paid back by the State Government. Brendan Donahue has more.

This scandal erupted a few months ago when a lot of motorists complained they went being given enough time to get through red lights - there wasn't enough amber light sequence. The Government initiated an investigation by the traffic light Commissioner and this morning for government has announced it will repay about 7,000 fines, which will cost a pretty penny - more than $2 million.When one reads this report and has regard to its outcomes, what it does is add further credibility to the fact not only of the importance of the system itself, but also to the fact that people can have faith in its operation.The Road Traffic Commissioner Gordon Lewis has also called for a complete audit of the 2000 intersections in Victoria controlled by traffic lights. The Governor has bought up that request and would prefer an audit of the 176 intersections but actually have red-light cameras. Those who went through the red light after four, 5, 6, up to 10 seconds late would be refunded - only those who went through after about one second. An embarrassment to the government and a costly one at that.

An unlikely friendship has been
forged at a small zoo in Israel after a kitten
wandered into a baboon enclosure and refused to leave. The baboon is now
caring for the tiny infant as it would for its own baby. She can be seen
grooming and cradling the kitten but the pair don't always get along. The baboon often steals
the cat's food with the zoo saying
they'll have to be separated if the thievery continues. But the odd couple will be
allowed to stay together for now.

Next in Seven News - we speak to Glen Boss
ahead of tomorrow's Emirates Stakes. And the wait is over
for cricket fans as Australia and South Africa take
to the Gabba for the test opener.

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The royal visit to Sydney
is in full swing and in pictures just in, the Prince of Wales is receiving
a warm welcome at Circular Quay. Crowds of well-wishers have gathered outside the
Museum of Contemporary Art to meet the royal heir. Prince Charles will meet
designers and farmers at a wool industry event before heading off to Bondi Beach.

South Africa has won the toss and elected to bat first
against the Aussies at the Gabba. It's been an emotional morning
for test debutant Rob Quiney. from Australian cricketing legend
Allan Border. (APPLAUSE)

Proteas captain Graeme Smith survived a caught-behind call
on four in the ninth over.

He was given out afterwards, lbw.

Over 80,000 fans are expected
at Flemington tomorrow for the final day
of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Leading jockey Glen Boss
will be chasing more Group One glory in the Emirates Stakes. Tom Browne caught up with
Australia's best big-race rider. Who can believe tomorrow is the final day of the Spring Carnival? It

It features two $1 million races. We are lucky enough to be joined by Glen Boss. How do you think your horse will fare?He is a very talented racehorse, and his trainer is very talented, and would not have brought him from New Zealand if he couldn't win. I'm confident been Roger James' confident. He said the horse was on top of its game. He was downhearted when it drew a bit awkward but he will be getting back in the race. Hopefully there is good tempo. He has said one start at Flemington with one win, and very good stats over the distance.And you have got Puissance.It's a great addition because it gives this race so much more kick because of the bonuses. It is a race that qualifies you for next year, so that's why this horse will be here. His win in the Bendigo Cup was incredible - first time at a proper distance, and controlled the race, and just winning by eight lengths. If you do that anywhere, you are flying.Good luck tomorrow. It promises to be a fantastic day.

Wallabies goal-kicking ace
Mike Harris has held off a fit Berrick Barnes
to retain the full-back spot for tomorrow night's test
with France. Coach Robbie Deans
named an unchanged backline from last month's 18-18 draw
with the All Blacks, backing Kurtly Beale
to call the shots at five-eighth.

He found it hard early because
it's a different requirement, but he's in the groove now. There are three changes
in the Wallabies scrum but star flanker David Pocock
has been given another week to mend from knee surgery.

Roger Federer is through
to the semis of the ATP Tour finals after a straight-sets win over
Spain's David Ferrer in London. The defending champ was below par
with 39 unforced errors but as always rose to the occasion
on the big points.

Game, set...victory for Federer.

It's Federer's 12th consecutive win
at the Tour finals and his 70th victory of the year.

And swimming's golden girl
Jacqueline Freney has been named the
Australian Paralympian of the Year. The 20-year-old
had a 100% record in London, claiming eight gold medals
and setting two world records to become the most successful
athlete of all time at a single Paralympics.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the
weather details after this break.


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Now for a look at
the national weather for today. A broad slow-moving trough continues
to bring showers and storms on a broad front stretching
from the Northern Territory through to Victoria. A high over the south-west is directing hot winds
into Western Australia. The national capitals - showers in Brisbane. A possible thunderstorm
in Sydney. Canberra can expect
a sunny day. Showers in Melbourne. Mostly sunny
in Adelaide. And thunderstorms
in Darwin. Looking ahead to the weekend - Possible storms in Brisbane. Partly cloudy with scattered showers
in Sydney. A mostly sunny weekend in Canberra. Showers clearing before
a sunny Sunday in Melbourne. A sunny weekend in Adelaide. Mostly clear in Hobart. Partly cloudy and then sunny
for Perth. And showers and storms in Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30
and tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions
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