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This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Black-outs and trees down after a freak storm batters Sydney. Whale rescue - the delicate operation to save a baby whale caught up in ropes. Melbourne Cup shock - the woman famous now around the world claims she was drugged. Remembrance Day - the World War II nurses who healed the wounded. One Direction - the Gold Coast dad who's following their every move. And - the angels have landed. Miranda Kerr hits the catwalk for Victoria's Secret.

Victoria's Secret.
Thank you for joining us on the Today show. We're back in our old digs.It's nice to be back.It needed a touch-up. We needed to pimp our ride.It got a little bit of a tickle. Hopefully all is well. Good to see Ben joining us this morning.Notably absent.We missed you after the fire.He doesn't know what happened. He's trying to do a Georgie look. That's sexy, Fordo.I tell you what, I'm never getting on a ship you're captain of. You bail. We didn't see you for dust yesterday.I can pull the plug on this joint any moment I want. So let's all be nice.Yeah.I can do it like that!That's how it rolls. Georgie stayed true through the whole thing.Good morning, all. Good morning to you. It is Friday, 9 November. Let's have a look at the weather now.

It is news time. Let's go to Georgie. Hey, Karl. Thank you very much. A very good morning to you. Areas of Sydney are mopping up and assessing the damage this morning after a severe storm ripped through the city's west and south-west. The SES fielded hundreds of calls for help overnight with more than 7,000 homes losing power. For more, we cross to Today reporter Sylvia Jeffreys. Sylvia, we're getting a clearer picture of the extent of the damage this morning. Just how bad is it?We are getting a clearer picture, Georgie. And judging by this frontyard here in Cambridge Park, there is a very big clean-up ahead for many residents across Sydney's west today. The storm cells rolled through yesterday around 5pm bringing very strong winds and torrential rain. Among the worst affected areas were Penrith, Campbelltown, Ingleburn, Cambridge Park, Mount Druitt, Liverpool. The SES received around 215 calls for help in total, mostly for falling trees and power lines and also leaking roofs. At the peak of the storm, close to 8,000 homes were without power. But Endeavour Energy has brought that number down to 400 this morning. But look, it was chaos yesterday afternoon and there were a few close calls. At St Andrews, a huge tree collapsed on top of a dental surgery. Have a listen.I was finishing with a patient over there. We heard a crack of lightning and before we know it there was a big bang and a tree was in front of us. The patient just screamed her head of. She nearly died, the poor thing. Sylvia, what can Sydney expect today? What's the forecast?Well, Georgie, the forecast for Sydney today is for a couple of showers and the chance of thunder. For now, though, I can tell you the skies are clear, so those affected would be wise to probably get out as soon as they can and make the most of the reprieve and begin the clean-up, Georgie.Sylvia Jeffreys, thank you. A museum south-west of Brisbane is being guarded this morning after a suspicious fire gutted a nearby building overnight. Firefighters were called to the historic Rail Museum at Ipswich at about one o'clock, where they found a building on the property well alight. It's a real disappointment that part of Ipswich's heritage is gone and if there are arsonists responsible for this, they should get the full force of the law against them.It's not yet known what was inside the building that was destroyed. This latest incident comes after a teenager was charged with arson last year, following a blaze which destroyed a number of vacant buildings on the same site. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are continuing their jubilee tour of Australia, pulling large crowds wherever they go. The royal couple is in Sydney this morning after making an impression in Tasmania yesterday. Today reporter Christine Ahern is covering the tour and joins us now. Chris, good morning. Prince Charles looked right at home yesterday. In a more rural setting that was. That's right, Georgie. The prince enjoyed a beer at a local pub and some sheep-shearing. You don't get more Aussie than that. Nothing went to schedule but the Royals didn't seem to mind, Prince Charles joking that was because simply too many people turned out. Once they finished at Richmond, after he enjoyed that beer, he did head to a sheep station, where he saw some sheep-shearing. He didn't take part in that but he did throw a fleece, which the locals said they were very impressed with just how well he did that. The heavens opened. Camilla and Charles headed to Salamanca but that didn't stop people turning out. They pretty much shook everybody's hand in Hobart, but everyone there said they really, really enjoyed having the Royals there in Tassie with a big day at the end of the day. Then they flew here to Sydney.What is on the agenda today for Sydney? Well, they'll start where I am, Georgie, at Garden Island. They'll carriage a barge over from Admiralty House where I am where they'll meet defence personnel and their families. Of course, Prince Charles served in the Navy and also the Air Force. Camilla, of course, is the daughter of a British Army major. Now, she has seven military appointments already but she's about to get another one today where she'll be appointed Colonel in Chief of the Military Police. The royal couple will also visit emergency service workers who, as we've heard, have been pretty busy overnight. Then the prince will head to another wool very vent. He's very passionate about wool in Australia, after starting a campaign in 2008 to combat the falling price of wool. So he's somewhat of a hero amongst wool farmers here in Australia. Then the prince will head over to Bondi. We're not sure if he'll take a dip, Georgie, but he'll participate in a bit of beach footy, part of the NRL's indigenous campaign, and then both Charles and Camilla will attend a Diamond Jubilee reception here in Sydney tonight.Plenty of opportunities of people in Sydney to get a look. Christine Ahern, thank you very much. Asylum seekers will be the focus this morning as Julia Gillard wraps up her latest international tour in balancey. Nine's John O'Doherty is travelling with the Prime Minister and filed this report. Well, Julia Gillard's time here at the Bali Democracy Forum is now wrapping up. Yesterday, the Prime Minister co-chaired part of the forum with Indonesian President Yudhoyono. This forum is all about encouraging countries to develop strong and stable governments and it's been an opportunity for Julia Gillard to highlight some of the work that Australia does encouraging countries in our region to achieve this. Whether it's our work in Cambodia, our work in East Timor, our work in PNG, our work in the Solomon Islands, our work on the democracy challenges in Fiji - we work on the spread of democratic practice here in our region and around the world. Yesterday, Julia Gillard met one on one with some of her fellow world leaders, including the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, President Li of South Korea and Papua New Guinea's prime minister, Peter O'Neill. At that meeting, the issue of asylum seekers was very much the focus of discussion and it comes as the Government prepares to reopen a processing centre on Manus Island within the next few days. This morning, Julia Gillard will also meet with Indonesian President Yudhoyono. Again, the topic of asylum seekers will be the focus of discussion. That meeting was due to take place yesterday but, instead, will happen shortly before the Prime Minister returns to Australia later this morning. John O'Doherty reporting there. Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu insists the State Government did all it could to prevent hundreds of Qantas jobs being slashed at Avalon Airport. Yesterday's announcement that 400 workers from two States would go was part of an overhaul of the airline's engineering operations. But Qantas management has given an assurance there will be no impact on safety. It's very disappointing. They've had a growing list of errors develop on their aircraft due to poor maintenance in recent times and they're going to address that by sacking more staff.More than 250 staff and contractors will be lost from Avalon, while 200 workers face the sack in Sydney. 120 jobs will also be transferred from Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport to Brisbane. Attempts to free a baby whale tangled in fishing line in Sydney Harbour will resume this morning. The rescue operation was called off yesterday because of bad weather. The young calf was frolicking with its mother when it became caught in the fishing line and buoys and was spotted by a group on board a whale-watching boat.The fishing tackle that's been entangled on the way on this southern migration a long way offshore...Police helicopters and volunteers tracked the mother and calf overnight after rescue efforts were suspended. The National Parks and Wildlife Service will reassess the situation later this morning. Less than 48 hours after his re- election, US President Barack Obama is debating how to lower the nation's debt while still facing stiff opposition from the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. But this time round, Republicans are under pressure to take a more moderate stand after the party's crushing defeat. Mr President, this is your moment. We're ready to be led, not as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans. We want you to lead, not as a liberal or conservative, but as President of the United States of America. Meanwhile, President Obama looks set to continue his new focus on South East Asia by becoming the first US President to visit Burma later this month. Let's look at the markets now:

Well, it appears Victoria's Secret is no longer a secret with the world's most famous underwear brand showing off its latest collection in the annual fashion show. Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr joined the other angels, donning the famous wings for the runway spectacular. Also on the catwalk - special performances from Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. (Sings) # You make me feel like I've been locked out of heaven... # And, while her wings might have been a little unconventional, a model made it up with this $2.5 million floral fantasy bra.

million floral fantasy bra.
Who's hanging on that vision? I know it's not you, Georgie.I finished reading about 10 minutes ago, Lisa. You might have noticed. Our director is a pervert! A misogynistic pervert! There he goes again!There's Miranda.Give it a rest, mate.Did Miranda do her famous Karl Stefanovic wink this time.No. She's brushed me. She's back on her husband.Hang on. Hang on. We're going in for the close-up. Come on, Miranda.Nah. Nah.No. Wow. Hold the glare.You've been brushed, Karlos.I'm a bit over her, anyway. Alright. You've got Cass anyway. Yeah. She gets dressed up like that on a Friday night with a backRwanda tree hanging off her. -- jacarandah tree hanging off her.

Let's get some sport now with Ben Fordham. Hey, Fordo.Good morning. We've got a legend joining us live today on the Today show. The real reason Kasey Stoner quit Moto GP is coming up. And you guessed it - it's here, baby. The summer of cricket begins. We will count down to the start of a big day in Bris Vegas.

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Welcome back to the show. Good to have your company this morning. We're working and that's always a good start. Front pages now and in the 'Australian', resources minister Martin Ferguson has warned Australia's capacity to win billions of dollars in investment in gas projects will depend on its ability to remain competitive and declared demands have to be based on the capacity to pay.The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says the Federal Government has abandoned its long- standing commitment to introduce a national Internet filter and will instead ban websites related only to child abuse. The 'Daily Telegraph' says anxious parents are horrified after two 4- year-old boys went missing from a childcare centre only to be found beside a busy Sydney road. We're speaking to the father of one of the boys involved in that a little bit later in the show. A big worry for parents there.Miracle in sight - the 'Herald Sun' says a world- first laser therapy trial is under way to help hundreds of thousands of Australians at risk of losing their sight.'Courier-Mail' says dodgy doctors are suspected of illegally pocketing fees from private patients while operating in public hospitals.The West 'Australian' says the State's iron ore industry faces uncertainty after Japanese giant Mitsubishi axed 70 staff and its $12 billion port and rail project. Operation Hillary - the Adelaide 'Advertiser' says one of Adelaide's largest joint security operations will protect US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her planned visit next week. And finally in the Hobart 'Mercury' - Charles and Camilla have been enjoying their tour of Tasmania, seen here ducking into a local pub for a quick pint. Looks like she had a gin and tonic. That's alright. She's allowed.I'd love to have a gin and tonic with Camilla. Waking up in Sydney this morning, good morning Your Majesty.Your Royal Highness.I think "your majesty". Let's be as operational. Just don't tell Her Majesty.The other one.Yeah.The summer of cricket has arrived. It's here finally. Australia opening the Test series against South Africa in Brisbane today T will be a day to remember for Rob Quiney. The batsman will make his national debut A little bit of pressure - skipper Michael Clarke says it'll be sweet.I will be surprised if he doesn't get a hundred on debut. There you go.Full on pressure. He's batting beautifully. He's batting well in the nets. He's a great character. It's good to have him around the group. I'm confident he'll start with a bang.It's almost a year to the day that the Proteas bowled Australia out for 47 and Graeme Smith is confident his side can dominate this series in a similar fashion.I feel we've got the players to do that, we've prepared enough to do that and hopefully in the next five days we can go and show that.No. You can catch every ball of the Test live right here on the Nine Network. The anticipation is red hot. The NRL has stepped in to stop a deal that would have seen Newcastle veteran Danny Buderus take up a coaching role in rugby with the ACT Brumbies during the final year of playing at the Knights. Rugby league officials were not impressed with Buderus appearing in a Brumbies uniform, although he couldn't see what the big deal was. It's not a bet rail. Hopefully it's not out there that the rugby league and rugby union thing - I don't think there's too much animosity about.Nope. The NRL says there are options available to Buderus in rugby league if he wants to move into coaching but he's not going to union right now. Mike Harris has hung on to kicking duties for the Wallabies, speaking of rugby union, for the opening clash against France. That means Berrick Barnes comes off the bench while Robbie Deans has added Sekope Kepu, Dave Dennis and Kane Douglas to the forward pack. That's been a trend for us for a while now. You know, you always go out there and try and put on your best performance week in week out. Good mos appearing about the place. Stephen Moore will join Barnes on the bench. The tonight Melbourne Heart host Brisbane Roar in the A-League. Sydney FC welcome back Alessandro Del Piero, who returns from a hamstring journey that saw him sidelined from the Sky Blues' 7-2 loss to the mayor anothers.We have all the championship in -- Mariners. We have all the championship in front of us. That's why we have to change our future.Sydney takes on the Melbourne Victory tomorrow night with Alessandro. Now, Casey Stoner are revealing this morning exactly why he quit Moto GP at the age of 27. He says he lost respect for the sport, admitting it would take drastic changes for him to come out of retirement. He's quit at the end of the season and is looking forward to settling down following his championship wins in 2007 and 2011. And 8-time Paralympic gold medallist Jacqui Freeney has capped off her stellar campaign in London by taking out the Paralympian of the Year award. Congratulations to Jacqui. She won every event she entered, setting two world records in the process.From a young child, my parents have always supported me and even if I wasn't a child with special needs, I was definitely not wrapped up with cotton wool.She's terrific. We'll catch up with Jacqui, we're happy to say, just after 8am. So stay tuned. Jacqui will be here this morning. What a star! Every event.And by at country mile. Thanks, Fordo.

-- by a country mile. Thanks, Fordo.

That's your Friday weather. Let's see what your Friday gossip is looking like. Richard Reid is in position. What's going on?Well, Ellen is throwing Miley Cyrus a bachelor yet party. Oh, that's right! It is a send-off she'll never forget as Ellen brings on the male strippers! I got more for you just like this coming up!

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Welcome back to the show. We have got so much money to give away today it's almost embarrassing. But that's a little bit later on in the show. Right now it's gossip time. You want something embarrassing? You got something?I've always got something.You're growing a mo?I'm attempting to, Karl. Thanks for that.This is Steve - this is a mo. Is he doing Movember or is that just a bad choice?He's from the union. Do you want to have a crack at him?No.Something to aim for, Richard.I'm looking in the mirror going, "Why did I do that?" thanks for the stitch-up, boys. It's ongoing. Richard Reid, nice to see you, dear fellow. It seems Miley Cyrus is keen to get our Liam down the aisle ASAP.Hey, you know, when you got a good thing, you gotta seal the deal. OK, I was the first to say Miley Cyrus was going to have three - count them, three - big weddings. Well, she's clearing up those rumours and telling her good friend Ellen the real story. Have a listen. There's some rumour going around that I'm having 47 weddings. I'm not. I'm having one wedding, that's my day and whatever I want on that day, it will be about me and that moment and that look of love.Yeah. What about Liam?OK. Then Ellen brought out the male strippers. That's right. It was a real-life bachelorette party, Miley having a good old time. I am telling ya - bumping and grinding. She was in her element. At one point, she even smacked the booty of one of those strippers. So it's a good send-off and I think it's a good omen for Miley's upcoming nuptials. Ah. I've got two words - poor Liam. Huh? Sitting back at home watching the telly and you see your wife-to- be - oh!Oh, you've seen worse, Richard. You've seen much worse. Let's move on. Lindsey Lohan is crying foul. She reckons they're out to get her.That's right! Lindsey's paranoid! She insists that the Los Angeles Police Department have a conspiracy theory against her. You know, I told you earlier in the week she may face jail time for lying to the police about that car accident last June. Well, now she's convinced the district attorney, the cops, anyone in any bit of power wants to see her downfall. I think maybe she's on something? Just a guess.Well, she doesn't do a lot to help her cause. Let's be honest, Richard. But, um, there you go. Hey, listen, we have to leave it there for now but we'll be back with you in an hour's time and I know you're busting with other stuff. See you then.You got it Mr Mo.Thank you, boys. See you soon, Dickie. Coming up this hour on Today - Sydney hit by a freak storm. Emergency crews assess the damage with more rain expected.And the Victoria's Secret angels are back and of course our very own Miranda Kerr looked absolutely stunning. We've got more of than on the way. It's top of the hour and time for the top of the news. Here's Georgie. Thank you very much. Good morning. A number of suburbs in Sydney's west and south-west have been battered by a powerful storm which left thousands of homes without power and brought wind gusts of more than 100km/h. For more, we're joined on the phone by the NSW SES commissioner Murray Kear. Murray, good morning to you. It's been a busy night for emergency crews, I imagine.Yeah, good morning, Georgie. It certainly has. Just after four o'clock yesterday afternoon, we started receiving calls, right through to, you know, the early hours of this morning. Really intense localised damage, only about 215 calls received for different premises. That was through the Penrith area, through the Campbelltown area - shops damaged, homes. The main calls are to trees down and roof damage. And we have crews out again this morning assisting with those, you know, communities that still have jobs outstanding.We hear as many as 7,000 homes lost power. Do you know if that's all pretty much been restored now?Yeah, my understanding from the energy utilities is that most power has been restored. There might be still one or two isolated premises without power but those people should contact their, you know, you related energy companies this morning.Alright. Commissioner, we appreciate your time. Vea thank you very much. Busy day ahead.Thanks, Georgie.There's been widespread damage as a result of that storm, you may have heard. Let's go now to Sylvia Jeffreys. Sylvia, which areas were hardest hit?Well, Georgie, here at Cambridge Park, as you can see, quite a few homes have sustained quite significant damage. Among the other areas affected are Penrith, cambling town, Liverpool, St Andrews, Ingleburn and Mount Druitt. It was a very intense and severe system, but remarkably no- one was injured during the storm. But there were certainly some very near misses or very close calls across the city's west yesterday. Here at Cambridge Park, one woman had to be freed from her car. She was trapped under power lines. She escaped with only minor injuries. In St Andrews, a huge tree collapsed on top of a dental injury right above where a dentist had been working on a patient. At Ingleburn, there was a lot of flash flooding. Residents said they'd never seen anything like it.I heard this big crash and I looked out through the French doors and this huge branch had just hit the house. And then I'm looking to the other side of the house and there's these other branches coming down. And I've never witnessed anything so, um... So huge. Now, Denham Court was another area hit hard. There's a big mop-up ahead for people today. For now, the skies are clear, which gives us a good chance to begin the clean-up, but the forecast for Sydney later today is for a few showers and unfortunately, Georgie, a possible storm.Sylvia Jeffreys, thank you very much for the update. A crime scene has been set up after a fire broke out at a historic museum south-west of Brisbane overnight. Fire crews were called to the workshops Rail Museum in north Ipswich at about 1am but a building on the same property was already alight. It's still unclear what was inside.This is part of the historic Ipswich railway workshops which have been partly sold off. It's a real disappointment that part of Ipswich's heritage has gone and if there are arsonists responsible for this, they should get the full force of the law against them.This fire follows an incident last year in which a teenager was charged with arson after an inferno destroyed three buildings at the same site. The Prime Minister will today meet with the Indonesian President to discuss the issue of asylum seekers. Yesterday, Julia Gillard co-chaired the Democracy Forum in Bali and met with other world leaders. The talks come as the Federal Government prepares to reopen the Manus Island processing centre within the next few days. The PM returns to Australia later this morning. Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission is investigating claims that doctors are illegally pocketing fees from private patients despite operating in public hospitals. Even though senior medical officers can treat private patients in the public system, they're usually required to pay a percentage of the fee to the hospital where the operation was carried out. But new evidence has found some doctors are failing to declare millions of dollars in fees. The alleged rort has been exposed by a report recently handed to the Queensland Government. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived in a drizzly Sydney last night. Today, the royal couple will meet Australian defence personnel at Garden Island before splitting up for a variety of functions. They include Camilla being named at Colonel-in-Chief of the Military Police at Government House. Yesterday, the couple moved slowly meeting locals in the Tasmanian heritage town of Richmond. Do you have to go back to school? Yeah.It was so amazing.They had lunch at a local pub and there was a stop-off at a sheep stud. Prince Charles showed why he's called the organic prince, asking a continuous stream of questions about food and farming. Now to finance:

It's time to get some sport so it's over to Ben. Thank you, Georgie. A big day on Channel Nine today. Michael Clarke will wait until the toss to reveal the final make-up of the Aussie team to take on South Africa in Brisbane. Ricky Ponting will definitely be in the side after passing a fitness test on his hamstrings with the only question mark about whether or not Nathan Lyon will play.At this stage we're still deciding do we play four fast bowlers, or three fast bowlers and Nathan. Danny Buderus won't be able to take up a part-time coaching role with the Brumbies super rugby franchise. He was planning to do this job alongside his commitments with the Knights but the NRL intervened following a media conference yesterday and it is off the boil for now. Sydney FC are hoping the return of Alessandro Del Piero will see a change in the club's fortunes against the Melbourne Victory. That -- Victory. That game is tomorrow night. The Italian One-winner misted the Sky Blues' 7-2 lost to the Mariners last weekend. And a special milestone for fed fed fed yesterday - victory number 70 for the year. The straight-sets result over David Ferrer puts him into the knock-out stages of the ATP World Finals in London. It's a great day for anyone with the day off work and can watch the cricket or if you have a kind boss who allows you to have the TV on at work. It's the beginning of summer, isn't it?Even the sound of the commentators -Those voices, yeah. I can't wait for it. I've got the couch all laid out. I've got the esky -Is Cass aware of that.No, she's not. I took your advice yesterday. I've got the vacuum cleaner plugged in upstairs and I'll turn the vacuum on and sit there and watch TI feel guilty being an accomplice in that now. I'll blame you. "Lisa said..." Coming up - thanks, Fordo - we could be calling you with a whopping $50,000 Coles voucher. Also Luke Mangan is in the house whipping up a fabulous weekend treat. And parents, brace yourselves - the new One Direction album is out today and we look at what the boys have in store for the kids out there and some of the parents.Hear that song? You're going to be hearing that a lot! They love them.They do, don't they?

Let's check out the weather for today. Stevie, what will be the -- what will the weekend look like? We've got all the details coming up on the weather throughout the morning but brace yourself, Lisa. Christmas is upon us. For those of you who haven't thought about it, start getting gift ideas ready. For those with kids, I'm sure it's at the forefront of your mind and with 175 years of Christmas history, the David Jones store in Elizabeth Street now has its Christmas windows - morning - oh, for God's sake! It's the magic of Christmas! Get out of the way! (LAUGHTER) We're off to a good start. Flying squirrels and Christmas carols and you name it. Christmas is here and the windows are on display at the Sydney store of David Jones. Come and check them out. Let's see what's happening around the maps today.

Showers and storms extending from the north-east Kimberly to the northern and eastern parts of NSW. Showers continue in the south-east and Tasmania, mostly about the coast with some snow on the higher peaks and it is looking fine elsewhere. And it is looking like a white Christmas here at David Jones this morning. There are six magnificent window displays and all of them have a traditional carols theme. This is 'It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas' with dogs dressed in uniform and koalas with prams. I'm not sure what traditional carol this is about but they've been interpreted individually here. It's getting pretty exciting. We've got Santa arriving for us for the very first time and for those of you that haven't thought about it yet, Karl and Lisa, there are only 46 shoplifting days left until Christmas.You didn't just say that, did you?I don't think I did.Good. Because that would have been really bad if you had, Stevie.Terrible. Terrible faux pas. Let's not draw attention to it, though! Let's concentrate on sanity yarks first sighting of the season. That'll be great. Thank you, Stevie. He's in a cheeky mood this morning, isn't he? After the break - how the pollies plan to keep power prices down. We're joined by Tony Abbott. And the fight to free a whale tangled in rope in Sydney Harbour. We've got all the latest details

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Welcome back to the show. The Federal Government is encouraging the States to embark on bold electricity reforms to help families deal with the rising cost of electricity. It's part of the energy white paper unveiled yesterday with changes including the use of smart meters to help households manage their bills. Joining us to discuss how the Coalition will tackle this issue is Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. Good morning to you, Mr Abbott.Good morning, Lisa.A good proposal by the Government to bring energy prices down?Well, this is a Government which has presided over a massive increase in prices. Power prices are up 89% since Kevin Rudd became prime minister, and the carbon tax is now making a bad situation worse. I think if the Government was serious about bringing prices down, it wouldn't be lecturing the States about what they might do. It would be doing what it could do and that is getting rid of the carbon tax and that would instantly, on the Government's own figures, reduce prices by 10%.But the truth is that carbon tax is only contributing a small amount to those price rises. It's only been in since July 1. And for these proposals that the Government is putting forward to work, it does need cooperation from State governments to deregulate power prices. Now, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has already said no. We're getting similar indications from the NSW Coalition government. Is that because it's actually politically convenient to keep those prices high leading up to the federal election and keep blaming it on the carbon tax?No-one wants to see prices high. Everyone wants to see prices down. But the most practical thing the Commonwealth could do right now to get power prices down is to take off the carbon tax. And, you know, the whole point of the carbon tax, Lisa, is to raise power prices. The point I keep making is every time your power bill goes up, the Prime Minister has a smile on her face because that is the carbon tax just doing its job.Alright. Well, you've already promised that, should you be elected prime minister, you will get rid of that carbon tax. That leaves you 79% of those price rises you've got to play with. Can you guarantee that an Abbott government will bring energy prices down beyond taking off the carbon tax?Well, that's a very, very good start. That is a very good start. And we have the ACCC out there making sure that businesses did not profiteer once the carbon tax was off.OK. But you still haven't answered my question. How much will you bring down energy prices beyond taking off the carbon tax?Well, we will do vastly better than the Labor Party, Lisa, because there will be no carbon tax - You're still not answering my question, Mr Abbott.But, Lisa, I'm saying there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead and when I say that, I'm telling the truth. So should I get from that that you don't actually have a plan on how to bring prices down beyond the carbon tax?Getting rid of the carbon tax -Beyond the carbon tax, Mr Abbott.That's a very, very good start.I'll have to take it that you don't have a plan. Unless you're going to put one forward, it doesn't look like you've got a plan, Mr Abbott.Lisa, the plan starts with getting rid of the carbon tax. OK. I think you've answered the question.No-one who is serious about getting power prices down whacks on a carbon tax, because the whole point of a carbon tax is to get prices up. If they don't go up, the carbon tax is not working. That's the whole point of a price signal.OK. Let's move on. The front page of the 'Financial Review' this morning - the heading is "Boxing in Abbott - Labor's Obama strategy". It says, "The Labor Party plans to borrow staty and campaigning techniques from Barack Obama's election campaign to convince key groups, including women, to reject Liberal leader, Tony Abbott." Mr Obama was swept to power this week. How does that make you feel?Look, I congratulate President Obama on what was a hard- fought victory. I think regardless of who leads the United States, regardless of who leads Australia for that matter, the relationship between America and Australia will be strong. But what I don't think Australians particularly want to see is the importation into this country of American-style political campaigning. And I don't believe the Australian people, Lisa, want to see the nasty personal side which sometimes came into the American campaign coming into our campaign, which is why every day I'm out there talking to people about how their lives can be better. Alright - but the -That's what I was doing yesterday. That's what I do every day.But the assessment seems to be, though, that it was women who were very significant in having Mr Obama re-elected. The other problem is that assessment is that -- the other assessment it is that the Republicans didn't off an economic alternative to the country's financial woes. That's also something that's an area of concern for you, isn't it?Well, if we can get government spending down, if we can get taxes down, if we can get productivity up, then we get growth up. And that's the heart of our economic plan. And you only have to look at what happened last time the Coalition was in government. We did get taxes down. We did get spending down. We did get productivity up. We did get growth up. And that's why that now looks like a golden age of prosperity.So when will you start revealing those plans, Mr Abbott? Every day, I'm talking about what we are going to do. For instance, in Melbourne yesterday I was talking about our plan to get the East-West Link built. We want work under way within 12 to 18 months of a government change in Canberra. That's going to allow people to get home from work earlier, spend more time with their families. They don't spend as much time sitting in traffic jams. This is an economic reform as well as a social improvement.Alright. Well, we look forward to seeing how some of those numbers play out, hopefully in the months to come. Mr Abbott, we thank you very much for your time this morning.Good on you, Lisa.Over to you, Karl. After the break - Miranda Kerr rocks the Victoria's Secret catwalk. There's a bit of a change of pace for you.

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Alright. Thank you very much. Can your bank give you the cash
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Welcome back to the show. $50 thousand to give away today. But right now it's -- $50,000 to give away today but right now it's time for most clicked and Miranda Kerr has taken to the catwalk for the Victoria's Secret extravaganza last night, walking with ease despite large feather wings. She's done that before with these, though. She looks like Sarah Murdoch.She does a bit. This is candies Swanepole but the highlight was model Alessandra Ambrosio's outfit featuring a $2.5 million fantasy bra.Is that a hibiscus.That would be an orchid. That's a bit awkward, isn't it?I'm impressed that you saw the flowers. At number two, this little girl gets the shock of her life. Check it out.

Look at him. That's cute. He just wanted to say hello.She? She wanted to say hello?Look at that intelligent face. Yeah, I think it's a she.Whatever we're up to, the next one, this is young Sam, a young American football prodigy tearing up the field. Here is the catch - Sam is short for Samantha. She's a 9-year-old girl playing in a league full of boys and it's her first season of playing the game. Have a look at Samantha. Touchdown time.She is fast! Well done, smantya.The only girl on the field and she leaves all of the boys in her weeks. Look at the little legs on her go!Wow! Wow!News is next and then it's a new album for One Direction, folks, stay with us. You're watching Today.

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Welcome pack to the show. Coming up - we could be calling you with a $50,000 Coles voucher.Right now it's news time with Georgie.Thank you, Lisa. Good morning. A ferocious storm has lashed Sydney's west and south-west, packing winds of more than 100km/h and cutting power to 8,000 homes. Around 400 properties are without electricity this morning although it's hoped power will be restored to all customers by midday. No-one was hurt as a result of the wild weather but there were several close calls. A dentist and his patient narrowly avoided injury when a tree came crashing through a surgery at St Andrews.Finishing with a patient over there and we heard a crack of lightning and before we know it, a big bang and a free was -- tree was in front of us. The patient screamed her head off, nearly died, the poor thing. Emergency crews were kept busy overnight with the SES responding to around 200 calls for help. A Government scheme to overhaul the power market and curb soaring prices depends on States agreeing to privatise electricity assets. Currently, the cost of high prices during peak demand periods is shared by all customers, whether they use it during that time or not. But the States are reluctant to deregulate. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he's better equipment to reduce prices.No-one who is serious about getting power prices down whacks on a carbon tax. Alright.The whole point of a carbon tax is to get prices up.But the carbon tax accounts for just 8% of the price rise and Mr Abbott wouldn't lay out a plan to reduce prices any further than that. Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will wake up in Sydney this morning for what promises to be a very busy day. The couple's agenda is full of engagements, including meeting defence personnel at Garden Island and a reception at the Opera House. Prince Charles will also watch an NRL footy demonstration and visit the Museum of Contemporary Art. Yesterday was more leisurely, the couple taking their time meeting locals in the Tasmanian town of Richmond before a late lunch at a local pub and a sheep-shearing demonstration. Pre-schools and kindergartens will receive a much-needed cash boost with the Federal Government set to announce more than $1 billion in funding today. The new plan will help create a place of at least 15 hours a week for every child under a 3-year agreement with the States. The deal follows new research, which found sending 4-year-olds to early learning centres ultimately makes them better students. We've got some breaking news now. The man who shot US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona last year has just been sentenced to life in prison. He killed six people at the shooting rampage at a political event in January. The Congresswoman survived, despite being shot in the head. A music fan has been crushed to death after scaffolding collapsed at a concert in South Africa. American rock band Linkin Park was performing in Cape Town when high winds brought down a temporary billboard outside the venue. One woman was killed and 19 others injured. The band has issued a statement expressing its sadness over the incident and sent condolences to the victim's family. Now an update of the finance figures for you:

Well, attempts to free a baby whale tangled in fishing lines in Sydney Harbour will resume this morning. The rescue operation was called off yesterday because of poor weather. The young calf was frolicking with its mother when it became caught in the fishing line and some -- in fishing line and some buoys and was eventually spotted by a group on board a whale-watching boat. Probably fishing tackle that's been entangled on the way, on this southern migration, a long way off shore.Police helicopters and volunteers tracked the mother and calf overnight after rescue efforts were suspended. The National Parks and Wildlife Service will reassess the situation later this morning. Patience and Wildlife are calling on anyone who might spot that calf to make contact with them. We saw it on the news last night and the kids were really concerned about the whale and there were lots of questions about how it would possibly happen. They want an update. We're trying our best but it's difficult to get information from National Parks and Wildlife because they simply don't know and that's why they're after any information you can provide to them. Hopefully they'll get out and about this morning and we'll send our chopper up and try and locate the poor little thing.Last night they thought it was OK. They didn't seem to think it was injured. So fingers crossed that's still the situation this morning.Imagine dragging that thing around, though.What an operation, too. They'll actually pull up alongside it and attempt to get the rope off.If we spot it this morning, we'll bring you live pictures of that as well. We probably should give it a name, Karl. What do you think?Do you think it's too soon.No?Is it too soon for a name?I think Charles.I worry about naming something because it just adds to the burden. You think so?Yeah.You also want to get the gender right. Remember Colin.That's OK. Gay marriage is just around the corner.Colin turned out to be female.Charles or Camilla, while they're in town, possibly. Is that too formal?Maybe keep it -Why is that?Keep it unisex. Something like -What? Australia opens up its summer of cricket today when they face - I'm doing my best - South Africa.Both skippers expect it to be a battle of fast bowlers with Michael Clarke - we could call him Clarkey! - still undecided if it's three or four pacemen. Stephen Moore will return to the Wallabies team against France this weekend, named on the bench for Sunday morning's match in Paris. Berrick Barnes is also on the sidelines, overlooked for fellow kicker Mike Harris.It gives me a lot of confidence that Robbie's chosen me and, um, backed me in that 15 jersey again.Kasey Stoner says it would take something -- Casey Stoner says it would take something drastic to lure him back to Moto GP racing. He retires at the end of the year with rumours circulating he'll join the V8 supercar circuit. Liverpool's European ambitions have taken a hit beaten by little-known Russian side Angie 1-0 in their Europa League fans this morning. Fans will be shocked. Wait for the shot too. T signs for the Today show. This is Eileen from a mothers' group - oh, wow! Look at that! A mothers' group on the NSW Central Coast. Wow! 10 crying babies in the shape of a Today show T. It looks like the mums are on the tiles as well!Alex from Queensland gave us a T sign in front of the Today show jeeps that go out and about. Beautiful. And Tracy from WA sent in this one. It is - yes - a bunny rabbit in a bunny cage. It's dug up a Today show T sign.The animal kingdom likes us.Yeah. I think so.In light of the cricket starting today, we should call that whales Tangles. That works. That works.Send us your suggestion. Let's go ahead and name it. It will be fine, the little thing.Tangles.Coming up - Paul Kelly and Neil Finn join forces for a national tour. Hurrah! That's a double act!Yeah.Also - memories of World War II ahead of Remembrance Day. We speak to the nurses who made such a difference and helped heal the wounded.Great story, that. And we catch up with Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian on their new clothing range.You're talking to them.I thought that was next week. Anyway, I got confused. Can't wait.I'm looking forward to that.Have to. It's time for the best local forecast with Stevie. Karl and Lisa, we're getting a sneak peek into Santa's magic cave which opened at -- opens at David Jones tomorrow and it's full of Christmas wonders to delight the children, including Santa Claus himself and David the talking Christmas tree. Karl and Lisa, speaking of talking things, I have just found THE best gift for Christmas. It is called a Chatter Munk and it repeats everything you say in a chipmunk voice.

Isn't it awesome?No. That's annoying. OK. Go away now. Alright. Go away now.Oh, alright. It's cute. Let's see what's happening with the weather at your place today.

Well, Santa's magic cave has got all kids -- is for all kids young and old as long as you believe in the magic of Christmas and you're under 150cm. This is the first height chart I've ever blown off the scale, Karl and Lisa! Is it a good feeling?I might just get in. Highs in a cheeky mood this morning. Let's get entertainment now with Richard Wilkins. It was about this time yesterday - sorry... I'm sorry. Look, we have lots coming up yesterday, Paul Kelly, Neil Finn, One Direction - crank it up. The boys are next. That wasn't funny, Richard. (All sing) # I won't let these little things # Slip out of my mouth # But if it's true, it's you # It's This program is not captioned. We've got the right product for your budget, your job
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are just the beginning.

Huggies nappies Christmas
designs are coming to town, but they won't be here for long.

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Good morning, again. We have a full slab of showbiz stuff today. One Direction, the Beatles, Elton John's awesome opening act. And first up - two of Australasia's finest-ever singer/songwriters have teamed up to tour early next year, Paul Kelly and Neil Finn. They're the pop-rock poets of their respective homelands. Neil Finn amassing an awesome collection of songs with Split Enz, Crowded House and as a solo act. Paul Kelly, who's been telling stories to successive generations. (Sings) # So watch me walking out the door... # And now they're together. Whose idea was this?I couldn't say when it first came up but it's been talked about for a while, you know? There was going to be a time. You've been friends and fans of each other's for many moons now, I would suspect.We actually have toured together way back. The first time I played in America was opening up to Crowded House with my band. And it was the idea of making a show that was a blended show using the same band, playing each other's songs, you know, maybe swapping a couple of songs around to sing.When I first heard about it, I was getting flashbacks of Elton John and Billy Joel when they did it with duelling pianos, playing each other's songs, which was fantastic.We won't do any Billy Joel songs but we'll definitely sing each other's songs. What about recording together? There's a chance of writing something together because we'll be spending a fair bit of time together. We've never sat down and tried but it could happen.We're trying to talk around it but it's quite likely.So definite maybe? Something like that.Fingers crossed for that. Neil Finn and Paul Kelly on tour together in February/March next year. Dates and details are on our website. Now, another couple of talented lads are touring with Elton. Two Chel owes breathing fresh life into all-time classics. Check them out. -- two Cellos breathing fresh life into all-time classics. Check them out. And look what happens when Guitar Hero Steve Vy plugs in.

Hero Steve Vy plugs in.
-- Steve Vai plugs in. How good is that? The lads' current album is called 'In2ition'. We'll catch up with them soon. Two Cellos kick off the Elton tour tonight in Perth. Alright. We've had the first single from the new album. Now, One Direction have released the new video for 'Little Things'. (All sing) # I won't let these little things spill out of my mouth # But if it's true # It's you # It's # I'm in love with you # And all your little things... # There you go. One Direction and their 'Little Things' and the great news is the album 'Take Me Home' is out today. This is what the 'Take Me Home' yearbook edition looks like. Four additional tracks on that one. This will roar into the charts. The new album from One Direction - how cool is that? This is the acid test for them. The first album was a smash. It's the sophomore album as they say in the trade.Ooh, Dickie!Industry stuff! Now to the legendary Beatles. How good is this - all of their 14 studio albums have been remastered and re-released on 180g vinyl. They are available individually or in a box collection accompanied by a beautiful 252-page hardbound book. The limited-edition box sets are worth about 500 bucks which is in the cheap but if you've got a good friend or a partner who is a major Beatles fan, whether or not you can play the vinyl, owning it is a buzz. This is the perfect present. It is also out today. Now, THAT 'S a boy band. Don't forget the lovely and talented Taylor Swift will perform on our show on Monday 26 November. We've been inundated with requests for tickets to come along. And I can reveal that we are going to give you all the details, full details, on Monday morning on how you can join us here in the studio. We've been sorting it out. We've got it together. We're going to let you know on Monday morning. Because, as you would understand, there are thousands, tens of thousands, anyway hundreds of thousands of people wanting to join us.You've just announce the the details of when you're going to announce the details.You keep dragging this out, Dickie.There's a lot of organisation. Monday morning. Taylor is performing at the ARIA Awards with Missy Higgins and many more. Ticket details for the ARIAs on our website. There you go. Monday morning.On Monday, you're announcing that there'll be a release date on when you're announcing the tickets -On Monday morning we'll say how you can join us -Oh, rolling your eyes?Sorry. Did I roll my eyes? It's the moustache.That's not the moustache. What about the guy from the Qantas unions. This is the sort of stuff you're competing with.That's what you're aiming for.You've got nothing.I reckon he had a head start.Oh, what?Yours is coming along nicely.He might have had Mojune and Mojuly warming up for that.Oh! Coming up - we'll have an update on the fight to save a baby whale tangled in rope in Sydney Harbour.Plus the new app helping One Direction fans track their every move and it was created by an Aussie dad.Oh, yes!Brilliant! Is that not stalking?And just in time for Movember, Dickie, check oat Bryan Ferry's mo. Remember this classic in 1976? Take it away! (Sings) # Come on, come on, This program is not captioned. (MODEM NOISES)

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Welcome back it the show. Mortgage Monday is back. All we need you to do is pick up the phone within five rings and say the magic words "I wake up with Today".

The unemployment rate of 5.4% in October remains one of the great shining economic achievements. I know many people don't believe the number, they point to the survey, picking up people working just one hour per week. Those who work few hours are in the minority, they don't effect the overall number. This rate flies in the face of all the jobs lost like Banksia and Darrell Lea and the building construction companies that fall over by the week. The number of hours worked by Australians. This goes back six years. It hasn't fallen off a cliff. The unemployment rate has been low for so long, it has to be believed. People who lose their jobs have found it straightforward getting new work. The survey doesn't tell us whether they get paid the same amount, that's important for quality of life. Working remains better than the alternative. The unemployment rate should be 6% in the coming year. Right now that's defying most of those casts, which I think is good news.Let's get an express hit of gossip.Richard Reid, let's kick-off with Jennifer Aniston. Could she possibly behaving a little baby bump on wedding day?Don't say that. She may sue you. She's not pregnant. There ain't no bun in the oven. Apparently, a tabloid star has said she's having a boy and is overjoid. Not so fast she says to retract the story or else.Let's get a little Hollywood update. Leonardo Di Caprio putting his pad on the market?Earlier this week he kicked his model girlfriend to the kerb and now he's getting rid of his bachelor pad, the price tag $23 million. It's a modest home, a little guest house, it's very private but it's the view of the ocean. He thinks it's worth $23 million.Finally, mike Jackman's big brother changing his name. What's going on there?This is the weird story of the day. Germane has filed to change the spelling of his name to JACKSUN for artistic

name to JACKSUN for artistic
reasonsHere are the top stories on Today. Black-outs and trees down after a freak storm batters Sydney. Whale rescue - the del delicate whale rescue. The woman who claimed she was drugged. Remenbrance Day, the World War II nurses who heeled the wounded. One Direction, the Gold Coast dad who is following their every move. And the angels have landed for Victoria's Secret. Good morning to you all across this great country of ours. A major clean-up is under way after a freak storm battered Sydney's west and south-west last night. The storm hit hard and fast. What sort of damage did it do?There's widespread damage this morning mainly caused by fallen trees and powerlines. This tree here, you can see it was entirely uprooted. It has come down and crashed on top of this fence by has been completely crushed. A very close call for the residents in this home. The storms rolled through around 4:00 in the afternoon, they intense, winds over 100km/h and rain which caused quite a lot of flash flooding. Among the worst hit areas was Penrith, Liverpool, Campbelltown, saint Andrew's. The SES responded to 215 calls for help. This morning the crews will be out on the road again responding to the final minor reports of damage. A lot of damage there in a very quick amount of time. Thousands of power are without power. Has it all been restored yet?At the peak of the storm there were 8,000 homes without power, that's down to 400 and energy crews will be out repairing that. The forecast for today is cleaver. You can see the clouds are starting to move in. A couple of showers are forecast along with a possible of storms. It's remarkable that nobody was injured. Meetologyists say the strength of the storm was rare but that parts of NSW and Queensland should brace for more thunderstorms today. A superior cell is the most dangerous type of storm. It brought gale force winds, flash flooding and hail.It's not entirely unusual. Can we expect more in Sydney?We are into the peak of the storm season now. The trough of low pressure responsible yesterday is moving north. Our focus is north- east NSW and Queensland which could include Brisbane later today. For Sydney, the slight chance of a storm this afternoon, it's the coastal suburbs that will be favoured. Any storms today will not be as intense. An historic railway museum south- west of Brisbane is under guard after a massive fire broke out this morning. Around 30 firefighters were called to the Rail Museum to find three buildings well alight. It's believed that the museum was one of those on fire.This is part of the historic railway workshops which have been partly sold off. It's a real disappointment that part of the heritage is gone. If there are arsonists responsible, the full force of the law should be against them.One building was completely destroyed, it's the second blaze to hit the tourist attraction in more than a year. Ted Baillieu insists the State government did all it could to prevent hundreds of Qantas jobs being slashed. 400 workers from two states will go, as part of an overhall. Qantas management has assured there will be no impact to safety.More than 250 staff and contracters will be lost while 200 workers face the sack in Sydney. 120 jobs will be transferred from Melbourne to Brisbane. A woman who was filmed at the Melbourne Cup apparently drunk and lashing out at fellow race goers has told people to get over it and claims she was drugged. This video has gone viral for obvious reasons and the woman has come to prominence as a drunken Australian enjoying the races.This woman has made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. The video shows the woman in a dress and high heels staggering. She punches a bloke and repeatedly falls to the ground and lands in some rose bushes. Moments later she gets up and lashing out at others and grabs a female by the hair. She has said that she was drugged and her behaviour was totally out of character. It's now a police matter. She has told people commenting to get over it. We should also of course state that it's not an isolate the incident. Images of plenty of drunk revellers at the Melbourne Cup have made headlines overseas. It's probably not a great image for Australia. Vision of race goers in a rather poor state has made headlines around the world. There's photographs of a woman pole dancing and people drunk. Papers in the UK have splashed images of women lying on the grass and a lot of people really intoxicated. They say this is an embarrassment considering the guests of honour were Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. 75 people were kicked out and two people were arrested for stealing a wheelchair. If you'd like to comment on this today The mission to save a whale calf this morning resumes with wildlife officers due to head out to Sydney Harbour to find the baby. It is caught up in a rope, its its mother and a third whale have been protecting the calf. Joining us now is whale expert is Libby. Do we know what condition the whale is in this morning?I haven't received any reports this morning. I don't think anybody has cited the whales this morning. The last that I heard is that National Parks and Wildlife Service at first light would go out and find the whales, which could be difficult. They were seen at 5:30 this afternoon heading in an easterly direction.The mother became quite erratic and aggressive yesterday as I mentioned. How dangerous if you can access the whales is the rescue attempt going to be?It can be a dangerous operation. The people are specifically trained with how to disentangle whales. There's special training with freeing whales from nets and so on. It's not something that the lay person should go you the and try to do by themselves because it's a dangerous situation. Did you manage to get a good look at the baby whale yesterday and how tangled it is. Could the baby potentially free itself?I don't think it's a situation where it will free itself. It looked like the line was around one of the flippers and wrapped quite tight and there was a lot of line and three buoys trailing behind it. Hopefully they will be able to do a few cuts and free the animal. Hopefully, it won't get more entangled.Is it normal for another whale to try and protect the calf when they feel there's a problem? Humpback whales at this time of the year are making their way back down south. The females and calves are often joined by escorts which are male whales. He's more interested in the mother than the calf.If people spot the whales, who should they call?National Parks and Wildlife Service The summer of cricket begins today up against South Africa at the Gabba. Michael Slater joins us. It will be a huge day. Let's focus in on Rob Quiney. He is going out into the middle. It will be a very nervous time for him. How will he handle it?He will be up with nervous energy. I can't believe the first day of the summer is here cricket wise. He scored 85 in the Australian A team last week and the selecters have gone with form. They know he's a great team man. He is the form matsman around the country. There's probably a couple of others. I like this selection. Number three, let's not underestimate how difficult the position is. Ponting the year covered for many years. Michael Clarke has given him strong support. We wish him all of the best.There is a story today where they detail the fact that he was 150kg couch potato, he's lost 28KGs just to be there. Just on selections. Are we going to have four pacemen? Will naith Lyon get a call-up?I hope we don't. There's going to be a bit of a green tinge and rain later tonight and through tomorrow. It may encourage the extra quick to be picked. I think you need a spinner up here. I don't know that Michael Clarke, he has a dodgy back. We'll wait and see. I get a sense that they are going in with four quicks but you need a spinner up here.Very briefly, who will win the first test?Australia have to play extremely well to win this first test match.I'm not back in the podiums.Yes you are. Go the Australians.You can watch all of the action including Michael Slater here on the Nine Network. Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall touchdown in Sydney overnight. They have been setting quite the pace around the country. Today's Christine Ahern has been following their journey. The Royals seemed to have a great time in Tasmania yesterday?They had a ball. They had a bit of beer drinking at a local pub and had some sheep sheering. They had to dodge rain. They seemed to have a ball, as did all of the locals. They are winning all of the locals. We were beside one bloke who greeted Prince Charles. It after finishing in Richmond the prince went on to a sheep sheering. I'm told I the locals that he threw a fleece pretty well. They both greeted locals. They couldn't have been more happier with the reception that they received.Apparently that grey suit was made of Australian wool which is a good thing. As to today, the Royals are in Sydney now. They will visit Garden Island.They will catch a barge and meet defence personal and families. It must be a big day for everybody here on the navy base?It is. W