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This program is captioned live. Changing China - the country's outgoing president calls for major reform. Barack to work - President Obama gets on with leading the country in the face of more economic woes. Behind bars - the man behind the anti-Islam video that sparked global outrage ordered back to prison.

back to prison.Government used the proceedings to chill my client's First Amendment rights fullJulia Gillard refuses to speak with Iran's leader at a democracy meeting in Bali.Iran and the president of Iran does not appear to be listening to the rest of the world.Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Ricardo Goncalves. China's ruling Communist Party has begun a once in a decade transfer of power. China's outgoing leader, Hu Jintao, has warned the country's ruling Communist party it must tackle corruption or face collapse. Thousands of Communist Party members from all over China are in Beijing for a week-long congress that will usher in a fifth generation of leaders. This Communist Party is tightening up the suppression of human rights and freedom of speech. We're calling upon the end to one-party dictatorship. The Hong Kong protest was held as thousands of Communist Party members came to put Beijing for a pivotal Congress. There were reports that six Tibetans have set themselves on fire as it got under way with protests against Chinese rule in Chinese rule in Tibet. Human rights activists say hundreds of activists were detained ahead of the Congress. And tenement the Congress. And tenement square was swarming with police making sure nothing interrupted the choreographed event. Some delegates still have high expectations. China's departing President opened the congress in the Great Hall of the people with a speech calling for an end to corruption.

corruption. For his remarks followed the murder and corruption scandal involving the provincial party leader. He also spoke about the need for reform that was not talking about Western-style democracy. He said a new model for growth was w model for growth was needed as the economy slows. Behind closed doors, a new leadership in waiting has been chosen. This is the start of a carefully managed and smooth transition of power to the vice- president. This is the start of a carefully managed and transition of power to the president who to the vice- president who are set to become the most powerful man in China for for the next 10 years.

the next 10 years. So, what impact will this have on China? Analyst Linda Jakobsen says although it won't become a multi-party democracy, there is a push for a more just society.People are fed up with rampant corruption, nepotism, and just generally the lack of a rule of a law, so there's a lot of expectations that this new leadership will implement what I call political legal reform it's not purely political reform, China is not going to be become a multi- party democracy but people really are demanding that China would transform bit by bit at least into a more just society and at the moment I think that's the biggest complaint, social injustice.And go to our website for more analysis on China's once-in-a-generation change in leadership. Global investors have greeted the re-election of US President Barack Obama by pressing the sell button. They're concerned he'll face a steeper uphill battle with opposition parties to find a compromise to avert the fiscal cliff. It threatens to send America's economy into recession if not addressed. The President is now back in Washington after celebrating his election victory with his family in Chicago. From Washington, SBS Senior Correspondent Brian Thomson reports. It was the one race he didn't win - the President's daughter Sasha beating him to the top of the stairs of Airforce One. The first family returning to Washington after a night of celebrations in Chicago the party a brief respite from the host of thorny issues facing the President - not least the economy.

the economy. The stock market plunging today - not so much in reaction to the president's re- election, more out of fear over his ability to get Congress to work with him to prevent America from falling off the so-called fiscal cliff. The president today reaching out to both Democrats and Republicans here on Capitol Hill seeking to find some common ground. But the Republican leadership is sticking to its guns - rejecting the notion that President Obama has won a mandate to increase taxes on the rich. The Republicans still pushing a mix of budget cuts and tax reform, but not tax hikes. There's an alternative to going over the fiscal cliff, in whole or in part. It involves making real changes to the financial structure of entitlement programs and reforming our tax code to curb special interest loopholes and deductions. By working together and creating a fairer, simpler, cleaner tax code, we can give our country a stronger, healthier economy.The Republicans may have retained control of the House but the President's re-election has left some in the party wondering if they can ever again win control of the White House. The grand old party apparently out of step with a changing country. Last night's election saw the youth vote push through the legalisation of marijuana in two states - not just for medical use but for recreational purposes.Today, the state of Washington looked at 75 years of a national marijuana prohibition and said, "It is time for a new approach."another two states voted to legalise gay marriage and a record number of women made it into the Senate - one openly gay.I am well aware that I will be the first openly-gay member. But I didn't run to make history. I ran to make a difference.The Republican platform opposing most social issues, including gay marriage and a woman's right to choose, sending many voters flocking towards the Democrats but it was the Republican's opposition to immigration reform and its perceived demonization of Hispanics that ruined Mitt Romney's chances. The rise in the number of Hispanic voters and the decline in the number of whites a critical problem for the Republicans. So too the image of some of its leading figures.

figures.Donald Trump, who has driven well past the last exit to relevance.Tweets calling for a revolution against the re-election of the president, not only raising the ire of newsreaders, but also feeding into the perception that the party is controlled by angry white men. The man behind the anti- Islam video which sparked violent protests around the world has been jailed for one year. But the sentence isn't in relation to the film - rather for breaching the terms of his probation for a previous offense. Mark Basseley Youssef was facing up to two years behind bars but that was reduced to a year as part of a plea deal. In 2009, he was jailed for 21 months for fraud, and ordered not to use computers or the internet for five years without authorisation. During his supervised release, he was banned from using fictitious names, but as the protests emerged, sparked by his video, it was revealed Youseff had been using fake identities like Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.He made his admission today to the government and to the court. He is going to abide by his agreement with the government and the court and proceed further and hopefully be reunited with family as soon as he has completed his incarceration. The defense lawyer insists his client was the victim in the case. You can draw your own conclusions regarding the outcome of this matter. My opinion is the government used this process to kill my client's first amendment rights and clearly was that all along,The prosecution said Youseff betrayed the actors in his movie, 'Innocence of Muslims", by not telling them he was a recently convicted felon and for dubbing anti-Islamic dialogue over their lines. American embassies, schools and businesses were targeted by protestors angry at the 14-minute clip, which was distributed on YouTube. Coming up - what the heck! Protesters spark anger as they gate-crash the launch of Labor's energy white paper.

The Prime Minister has strongly criticised the President of Iran and has refused to meet him during democracy talks in Bali.

democracy talks in Bali. SBS Correspondent, Richard Davis reports from Bali. They've shared the world stage. But Julia Gillard and Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won't share a word. They're two of the more than 70 dignitaries who've gathered in Bali to discuss just one thing: democracy.But there are universal and enduring values, enshrined in international law.The Bali Democracy Forum was set up by Indonesia to promote good governance across the region. It's proud to be one of the world's largest democracies.I am confident that through sharing and exchanging views and experiences, this forum will contribute positively to the attainment of democracy in the region.Julia Gillard has praised Indonesia on its path to democracy. She was invited by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to co-chair the forum. From the first, Australia has understood and shared your vision for this to be an open means to promote discussion about democracy, not a closed meeting between democracies.She's provided nearly $2 million dollars to help Indonesia continue its work.To exchange views promote dialogue and produce solutions.But not every leader here has a spotless record. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is attending the summit for the first time.Iran and the President of Iran does not appear to be listening to the concerns of the world about Iran's nuclear program.So does Julia Gillard mind sharing the stage with him?I am here at President Yudhoyono's invitation as are other leaders.She says she won't meet the Iranian President. Critics argue this meeting is being exploited by countries such as Iran. They say they're using the forum to try boost their democratic credentials and gain some false legitimacy. The Prime Minister's used this forum to meet some of Australia's key allies. She's held talks with South Korea's President. Three Australian soldiers have been wounded by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. The soldiers from the 3rd battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment Task Group were moving between bases in Uruzgan province when their armoured truck hit an improvised explosive device on Tuesday. There were evacuated to Tarin Kowt and are said to be in satisfactory condition. Qantas will cut more than 250 jobs from Melbourne's Avalon maintenance facility. It's in line with the airline's previous announcement of job cuts in its maintenance divisions. Sydney's engineering operations have also been hit. The company insists its planes will still be among the safest in the world. The government has released its roadmap for vital reforms in the energy sector which it's hoped will ease the pain of rocketing electricity bills. But the white paper got off to a rocky start. Thank you, Mr Ferguson.Martin Ferguson had been outlining the challenges facing Australia's energy sector when members of the Quit Coal Group burst on stage. Once they were removed, the Minister detailed planned reforms - including expanding the use of natural gas and deregulating markets to drive down energy costs. 75-year-old pensioner Beverly George says she's paying three times what she used to.You just hunker down. And watch television without the lights on.They've risen by 40% nationally over the past four years.This is hurting households and businesses and it is simply not sustainable.Tony Abbott spent the morning with one family battling rising electricity bills. The bills are our biggest expense at the moment.Martin Ferguson says there's no quick fix. The Opposition Leader thinks he can name one.If the government was serious about getting power prices down, it would scrap the carbon tax. At least one expert says it's not that simple.The impact of the carbon price is very small when it comes to the recent increases in electricity costs that we've seen. Most of the increase in costs has come from the fact that was to have these networks available for the peak demand periods.One suggested solution - smart metres - which allow consumers to choose when to use electricity, avoiding high prices at peak times. Getting agreement from the states on deregulating power prices and expanding the use of gas will be a major challenge. The issue high on the agenda at next month's COAG meeting. New South Wales says it'll continue to regulate prices until there is more competition in the market.It take a bit of charm and a bit of force and I will be exerting that, come December. Perhaps another fight in future on the use of nuclear power. Martin Ferguson says there will be ongoing debate on that.

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, have touched down in Sydney for a whirlwind visit that marks the final stop of their visit to Australia. The royal couple arrived from southern Tasmania, where Charles sampled the local beer and produce and visited a sheep farm. They will finish their regional tour in New Zealand.

their regional tour in New Zealand.
There are fears the death toll in Guatemala will rise after a powerful earthquake struck about 160 kilometres from the capital. More than 45 people are confirmed to have died.. Another 150 injured following the 7.4 magnitude tremor. Worst hit was the northwestern province of San Marcos, where the majority of people still missing are believed to be located. An American man who served 14 months in a Thai jail for posting links on the internet to a banned biography of Thailand's king says the nation must change its laws. Joe Gordon was convicted under lese majeste legislation, which protects the most senior members of the royal family from threats and insults. Though he now denies committing any crime, Gordon, who was born in Thailand, pleaded guilty. He received a royal pardon in July and says the sentence almost killed him. The clinic inside the jail - when the doctors know that your case is lese majeste, you are a red shirt or you are a political prisoner, they are not going to treat you or give you medicine. Freedom of expression is not harassment. And Thai people don't understand that.

Thai people don't understand that.
10,000 new jobs were created in October but Australia's unemployment rate remained at 5.4%. That's because more people gave up the search for work, lowering the participation rate to 65.1%. And tonight there's some good news for Australian Mining Company Lynas, which has won a court battle allowing it to start production at an $800 million rare earth plant in Malaysia. It'll become one of the few sites outside China to process the material which is used in high- tech equipment from missiles to mobile phones. The site has seen protests that as seen protests that mining will contaminate groundwater. To the Australian share market

Australian share market which finished lower today as profit takers swooped in. BHP fell Harvey Norman dropped to its lowest since 1998 and Qantas was weaker also. The big banks were mixed despite passing the latest round of stress testing by Australia's banking regulator, APRA. ANZ did go ex- dividend today. In Japan, the Nikkei closed weaker. Shares on Wall Street fell as investors focused on the key issues facing US President Barack Obama, including the fiscal cliff, which if isn't dealt with by the end of the year, may force the American economy into recession. The Australian dollar is stronger against the euro. It's also up against the New Zealand dollar and down across the other major global currencies. And on the commodity markets, both gold and oil are weaker.

commodity markets, both gold and
oil are weaker. Next - the weather and the Aussie lifesavers taking their trade to new depths in a country where drowning is all too common.

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More than 1,000 Sri Lankans drown each year, and that statistic has prompted Life Saving Victoria to act. It's developed an unlikely alliance with its Sri Lankan counterparts, delivering crucial training and developing a new generation of leaders in the process. Sri Lankan life saver Sahan Rupasinghe prepares to hit the water at Rescue 2012, an international competition for elite life savers.Take your mark.Until recently, it's a competition he had little hope of making. But in July this year, Sahan participated in a development course in Columbo where 6 Australian life savers delivered a range of water-based theory and first-aid trainingWe got some more advanced skills which were more easier and more advanced ways of giving methods Jack has a broken leg up here so I'm going to tie it under his knee nice and firm keeping those legs together.We got new advanced skills which were more technically advanced.For years, Sri Lankan life savers have performed an admirable role despite poor resources, training and out- dated techniques, so the young Australians' brief was simple.To build the capacity of Sri Lankan life savers so they can take over the roles and develop the swimming capabilities of Sri Lankans generally and provide the surveillance skills.But it did far more. It helped the Australians grow as leaders and importantly developed a much-needed skill in a country sadly over-represented in drowning fatalities. And with tourism gaining momentum after 3 decades of war, the Sri Lankan trainees were dispatched to remote and regional communities to impart their water-safety knowledge.All these trainers will go to their clubs, start training and also at surrounding schools - they have already start most of them.Sahan Rupasinghe didn't claim a medal today, but by competing and learning, the experience has been life changing and saving.It has certainly opened up a new era in life saving in Sri Lanka.Even though they were different people, at the end of the program, they we actual friends with us.Life Saving Victoria now plans to make annual visits to Sri Lanka. The Wallabies have kept goalkicking ace Mike Harris at fullback for the Spring Tour opener against France on Sunday morning. Sekope, Dave Dennis and Kane Douglas are all named in the forward

the forward pack, while Berrick Barnes returns from injury to take over from Drew Mitchell on the bench. Stephen Moore will become the most capped hooker in Wallabies history if he's required to take the field. France was demolished 59 points to 16 in the same fixture two years ago.

points to 16 in the same fixture
two years ago. And briefly, Newcastle Knights Danny Buderus' decision to spend one day a week helping to coach Rugby Union's ACT Brumbies until the next NRL season gets under way may be blocked by the Rugby League Commission. Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins is expected to leave hospital later tonight after he was hit by car during a training session. The accident reportedly giving the 32- year-old broken ribs and a wrist injury. But he's expected to make a speedy recovery. The driver of the car was unhurt. 49-year-old jockey Jim Cassidy has won his fourth Oaks at Ladies Day at Flemington. Cassidy piloted Dear Demi to victory in the million-dollar race for three-year-old fillies. His mount started second favourite behind Zydeco and emerged from the pack before striding out to win for the veteran jockey, and veteran trainer Clarry Conners. Cassidy last won the Oaks on board Weekend Delight in 1990. First-round play in the Singapore Open has been suspended because of the risk of lighting after a storm hit the play. Thomas Bjorn was the clubhouse leader. The tournament will resume tomorrow morning.

leader. The tournament will resume
tomorrow morning. To the forecast - and a broad slow-moving trough is generating showers and storms from Tasmania to the Top End. A front is bringing light showers to southern parts of Victoria and South Australia. A high in the west is bringing clear skies to most of WA. In the major centres, thunderstorms in Brisbane and Darwin. Showers for Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Fine in Cairns. Looking further afield, fine for Auckland and Wellington. Showers for Samoa and Nadi. Patchy cloud in Noumea. In South East Asia, thunderstorms in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Plenty of rain for Phnom Penh and Port Moresby. Further north, a cool and sunny day ahead for Seoul and Beijing. Overcast in Taipei and Tokyo. Rainy in Manila and Shanghai. Heading West, fine and warm in Mumbai, Riyadh and Islamabad. Scattered rain for Jerusalem. Foggy in Delhi. Thunder in Tehran. To Europe, drizzle in Warsaw. Cold and wet in Stockholm and Moscow. Cloud in Berlin and Rome. Showers in Istanbul. In Africa, thundery conditions for Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg. Grey and muggy in Dakar and Algiers. In South America, patchy cloud for Bogota and Buenos Aires. Fine and sunny in La Paz. Drizzle for Santiago. And for North America, continued snow for New York. Some cloud in Washington DC and Chicago. Fine in Denver and Dallas.

And Sydney motorists have been treated to a rare sight on the roads today. Kitoto the 2-year-old giraffe has moved from Dubbo to the million-dollar views at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. Zoo officials say she had to make the 400 kilometre journey now before she got too tall to pass under bridges and overpasses. She'll stay in isolation tonight before meeting her three new mates in the morning. That's the world this Thursday. I'm Ricardo Goncalves. I'll see you at the same time tomorrow. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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