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next five days, nights are a bit cooler, three to twenty on Saturday Mon
twenty-two on Sunday, showers on this
Monday. And that' s WIN News for Thomso
this Thursday Night. I' m Greg Thomson...Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello. Welcome to A Current Affair. First tonight - for the past 18 months, Kathryn and Lauren Lucas have been under siege. Their home has been firebombed, vandalised and shot at by a string of tenants living next door. They've been begging the real estate agency that manages the property to sort it out. But incredibly the agent is not interested.Don't touch the camera. They firebombed our house.Tenant came home and said there is a bullet hole in the front door.I have no peace and quiet. I'm not sleeping properly. I can't handle the stress anymore.It's not just abuse which gets hurled over the fence in this neighbourhood war. Beer cans, dead animals were thrown over. And the fence was set on fire. I'd like the real estate age tonight please explain. Extraordinary tales of how a quiet street has been plunged in to chaos.

Kagts rnrr Lucas is one long- suffering land -- Kathryn Lucas is one long-suffering landlord. And her daughter is her very fed-up tenant.People shouldn't be allowed to do

tenant.People shouldn't be allowed
to do this.Their home has been under attack for the last 18 months from various people who have rened this house next door. Kathryn and Lauren say that when they complain, nobody wants to listen.I'm sorry. I can't speak to you at the moment. I'm late for an appointment.Day after day they claim they try to make appointments with the original manager.

make appointments with the original
manager.When can I make an appointment?I'm not sure.They're left to fend for themselves from neighbours like these.Loud. Screaming doors. Screaming kids. Swearing. Dogs barking constantly.S fighting with each other.She says you're causing all the noise.With kids running around?People yelling at her and abusing her.

The abuse, threats, violence and damage started when John Doyle moved into the house next door.His son was throwing oranges at my house.They say John Doyle started by smashing windows. Not long after that, a bullet was fired into their house by an unknown person and caught John Doyle on camera setting fire to their fence.I heard a crackling noise and there were flames coming up from the bottom of the fence. When John Doyle finally left and new tenants arrived, the situation changed from fires, bullets and vandalism to all-night parties. People coming and going all hours of the day.They're fed up with neighbours like this moving in.

Kathryn has been trying to get answers from the original property manager for a year and a half without success. Don't touch the camera, mate. He wasn't talking today either. Do you do any checks when you put people in these houses? Or is it anyone goes? Don't touch the camera, mate. As he quickly went inside Ipswich police station, Kathryn still cune get her answers.Animal matter thrown over the fence. A broken window.This is what happened when we knocked next door.I'll let my dog out in a minute.

Whether someone comes on your property, that's very scary.The agent should be held accountable. Tim O'Dwyer says Kathryn is stuck with bad neighbours, unless Professionals Thornton Real Estate get them out.The only person that can get neighbours out are the neighbours themselves or their landlord or their agent.Lauren is now moving out, which means Kathryn has to find someone else who is prepared to live next to this.What have I done?And in a statement this afternoon, Professionals Thornton Real Estate tells us its staff have been well aware of complaints from neighbours about those tenants for the past 18 months and those complaints are matched in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. They're the cameras monitoring your every move. We have an incluseive look inside the CCTV super centre watching you 24/7. The camera sees all.Operators can rotate, pan, zoom the cameras. Give 360 degree coverage.You can never have enough CCTV cameras.You may not know where they are but CCTV cameras are everywhere. They're on all day and night and monitored by trained professionals which means in an emergency, help could be on the way before you even dial 000.They perform a reactive role in our police investigations.They're the latest weapon in the fight against crime. State-of-the-art cameras that watch over our major cities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We're preventing assaults and preventing crime happening by immediate intervention.They're monitored by a special team of officers who are locked away under tight security. Tonight A Current Affair has been given exclusive access to their control room but for the security reasons we can't reveal their -- where they are.We want to give the public the assurance they can walk around the streets of Sydney with no fear of their privacy being invaded or the vision being misused in any way. Gary Harding says operators can follow possible offenders the whole way from one end of the city to the other by jumping from one camera to the next. They can zoom right in and get clear facial images which are handed to police.They can almost detect the colour of your eyes from a long distance.The cameras record all the time but unless the vision is requested by police, it's usually wiped after 28 days. The evidence can be used if it captures a serious offence.The information can be quite integerate to an investigation.The chief inspector says the cameras not only prove assaults but can help officers identify false reports. Most recently we've had an investigation where a crime was alleged by a victim. We were able to backtrack through the camera network and it allowed us to discount the claims she had been assaulted.In Sydney, there are 87 cameras in the CBD in key entertainment precincts. They cost $1.7 million a year and are completely funded by ratepayers.We need to probably question whether or not the State and Federal Government should be making more of a contribution to the CCTV camera program.In the city of Melbourne, there are 53 high-tech CCTV cameras and the council is considering adding more.Police being able to respond quickly often not only addresses the needs of the victim but addresses the offender and the offenders are raersed quickly. Brisbane City Council has -- arrested quickly. Brisbane City Council has 62. They're trying to bolster the network, offering businesses grants of up to $10,000 to install their own cameras boss it's impossible for council to cover every corner or every shop front. In Adelaide, the city has over 60 cameras. In Perth, there's 180 across the CBD and North Bridge. The cameras are usually positioned in the busiest parts of the city. We're told they can overlap and it's possible to see a person on multiple cameras at the same time. I'm staning out the front of Town Hall. I can be seen on three different cameras. One of them is across the road. The second of them is directly to my left. And the third is on the next street corner. What we're going to do now is an experiment. I'm going to walk down George Street and see how many more times I can be picked up on CCTV cameras. While I walk down the street past shops, restaurant and movie cinemas, the operator in the control room will watch my every move and it seems unbelieveb but for the entire five blocks I'm never unseen. My whole 900 metre walk is captured on camera. With no black spots whatsoever. I just walked down George Street and I was spotted on nine different cameras. Now I'm going to walk down Sussex Street which is one street over and see how many times by comparison I can be spotted on this road. Walking the same distance along Sussex Street, I'm only spotted once. Some businesses do have cameras but we don't even know if they're turned on. Police advise for your own safety, if you're out on the town, stay on the main drag. If the worst should happen, someone is watching and can call for help immediately.Cameras are a good thing. For those civil libertarians that say it's an invasion of privacy, I'd say we can't afford not to have CCTV.If you have a story from your neighbourhood you'd like us to know about, please send us an email or give us a call. When we first brought you the story of Penny Pratt who was murdered after a 000 call taker disregarded her cries for help, many of you asked how such a desperate call could be ignored. Now we can tell you why and how it could easily happen again.A friendly message to Melbourne.

If you're looking for sympathy, you'll find it in the dictionary - The true confessions of a 000 call- taker. What's your response to that?Response to?As a bloke? As a person?To, sorry?Face to face with her boss. If you're not horrified, you're not human. Am I right or wrong? You're not human if you're not horrified by it.The whole circumstance was tragic.The heartache of a mother who has lost her daughter. And the ferocious family of a killer. Your son killed. Very nice, mate. Someone have a handkerchief?Why are you hiding in a bush?Like Penny Pratt, murered soon after this frapbtsic call. We've all heard the call and most - - frantic call. We've all heard that call and most will think that the call-taker was very low on compassion. She did not want to go to work that day. She didants want to do any work. She just could not be bother. How do we know all this? Because she posted it on Facebook.

It certainly doesn't bode well for the attitude of her coming into the shift that night.The general manager of ESTA. What is she doing on Facebook when she's taking 000 calls?I won't try and judge that comment on Facebook.On the afternoon of November 28, 2010, before Penny was murdered, the call-taker posted:

The woman Penny prats would later call to save her -- Pratt would later call to save her, posted:Did you know about that? I think they're inappropriate.Penny Pratt made her desperate call to be saved from two men she feared. 10 minutes after refusing to contact police for her, the call-taker posted this.

It's a really difficult situation. Difficult for Penny Pratt.It's a balancing acts for our call-takers. They need to be assertive.Julie Pratt wonders how much more she can take. The murder of her daughter, revelations of a call-taker's insensitivity and incompetence and now the discovery of her Facebook posts. Clearly someone who hates her job.

posts. Clearly someone who hates
her job. And clearly not someone in the right frame of mind to handle life and death phone calls with distressed citizens.The circumstances of Penny Pratt's death is tragic. And we regret what's happen. We also wants to apologise to Penny's mother and the family for not providing the opportunity for them to ask questions and be heard.All too late for Penny Pratt. Too late for her two children, her sisters.If you want to speak to them you'll have to call them directly.Not a sackable offence?In this instance it wasn't. We removed them from the call-taking.How was she disciplined?That's a private matter. We're talking about the personal circumstances of individual employees. I kaen discuss that.The call-taker was transferred to fire brigade emergency calls. Several days after this interview and two years after Penny Pratt's death, she resigned. Will today give you some sort of closure?Not until he's dead.He is James Potter, one of two men who killed Penny. Julie wants Potter to get life. He doesn't. Instead, he receives a minimum sentence of 20 years.It doesn't seem like there is any justice.Clearly Potter's family isn't happy either. In court, their behaviour showed it.Stuck his fingers up at me. The fathers said I should have taken better care of my own daughter.Can I ask your reaction to the sentence? (Bleep).Get out of the way. Get away from my father. You can't. No comments!

Your son killed her. Very nice, mate. Thanks very much.As for the call-taker, you should be held accountable for what you didn't do. You didn't do your job. My daughter called you for help and you let her die alone without sending the police. You made that choice.They were just damning revelations on an already horrific

were just damning revelations on an
already horrific story. Let's move on to urongoing campaign for fairer pricing -- our ongoing campaign for fairer pricing. There are ways you can pay what they do in the US without leaving home.People call it the Australia Tax.International price discrimination.It's the same product.We're paying more simply for living here. It's happening right across the board. In some cases, Australians are forking out up to 80% more than the US for products that are exactly the same. It's easier than ever to see we're being taken for a ride. A quick trip around one of Australia's biggest shopping centres confirms it. These women's Levi jeans are in store for $119. In the US, they're just $50.

The excuse that's most often giveson that it costs more to do business in Australia. We don't buy that excuse.Price discrimination is at its worst in the digital sector. They've investigated 200 IT products and found astonishing differences. Nintendo Wii games are 88% more expensive here. We pay 41% more for a number of big computer brands.It doesn't make any difference whether you're in San Francisco or Sydney.Choice found itunes prices in Australia are 52% more here than in the US. For example, you can log on to the Australian itunes store and get a song for $2.19. On the US store, it's $1.99. Technology expert Trevor Long says there's lots of ways Aussie consumers are starting to cut corners.Lots of Australian consumers are setting their computers up to pretend they're in another country.That's not the only way some Aussie consumers are getting cheaper prices.There's an increasing number of services that operate as a US post box. They'll operate as the middle man. You ship the product to the business. They'll even buy it for you and then they ship it to Australia. If they're not choosing to make it available here at that price, we think you have the right to go around and get it cheaper.You have to think about things like the price that it cost things to come here. The retail rent market is quite competitive, so the price of that has to be considered.Amy is the associate editor of a shopping magazine. There are some major companies that are taking a stand. There are a couple of huge international beauty brands that have reduced their prices.But for Australian consumers to keep the retail dollar here, a lot more of the big names will have to follow suit.They have to be competitive or we will just buy overseas. And for more information on that story, head to our website. Coming up - we name Australia's harest- working suburbs. Are they better off? I think families are suffering. Relationships are suffering.

This program is not captioned. MAN: Saturday -
sports day -

the day we all support
sharks, tigers, dolphins

and the odd little devil, where success isn't measured in tries but the number of triers...

..and the only thing better than
cheering on your team is the sausage sizzle. We love supporting local teams too.
Your local club.

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Welcome back. Australians pride ourselves on being hard workers and according to new government research, some parts of the country are working a lot harder than others. But who is better off?

How many hours a week do you work?. 50 to 60.10 hours a day.How many days a week?Six.Working like a dog? Tell me about it. We all are. Since when did a 40 hour a week become a 50 hour a week. Is this the price of modern life?I suspect Australians have become addicted to a particular lifestyle.This demographer has mapped Australia's work ethic and discovered our hardest-working suburbs where workers may toil up to 49 hours a more a week.All of that nice things require an income. Often two per household. And we're working long hours.The gold medal goes too and this may come as a surprise - Campbell. Close behind is Millers Point and Darling Point.

Melbourne's workers seem better balanced overall. A smaller proportion of them work the 49 hours or more a week.I am a victim. I'm working seven days a week. Angela confesses that her job is taking over the rest of her life. The smartphone and Internet have blurred the boundaries of work and home for her and millions of others. Creating huge social problems. Families are suffering but I think relationships are suffering because a relationship can't exist without some quality time and communication. Maybe there will be mass concern for burnout in the 2020s, as we've had one or two decades of people trying to live the corporate lifestyle, keeping up with the Joness. I think you can do it for a while but after some time, you'll river burning out.We have this notion of success as being the person that gets the highest, that earns the most money and has the most televisions and the best home. If we recalibrated what success meant, we would be looking at healthier lives, longer lives, more time with the people we love.In these tough times, most believe that just to be able to pay the bills and feed the kids is success enough.You do it because you need a job. You need to pay your bills. You're crazy, aren't you?I'm making money.We do seem to be working more. Do you agree? We'd like to know your thoughts. Jump on our Facebook page or send us a tweet. After the break - from multimillionaire to living on the pension, the family feud that's left this widow with nothing.

This program is not captioned.

The family feud that's cost an elderly widow her fortune. From multimillionaire to living on the pension. Her bitter fight over an Arnotte's Bivt fortune. Plus - the 80-year-olds begging for help as their property literally slides away. Those stories tomorrow night only on A Current Affair. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned.

SONG: # Get away # Get away, you gotta get away # Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh... # Hi there. Welcome to
a very special Getaway event. Well, after 20 years,
we've decided to let you in on what we think
are the best getaways ever, the holidays and destinations that
we've found ourselves visiting time and time again, because they are just so good. And to help me
work our way through the list is my old mate Jason Dundas, who just happens to be
living in New York these days.

Thanks, Nat. Yes, based here at the moment, in between flying visits
to Australia. I have to say,
watching these stories tonight will make you fall in love
with travel all over again.

From the lagoon at Bora Bora to Italy's divine Cinque Terre, one of the world's best drives
through Canada, plus New Zealand's spectacular
Milford Sound.

These really are
the best getaways ever.

First up, here's Jason on the
magical Greek island of Santorini.

OK, everyone, tonight
I want to try a little
experiment, so bear with me. Now, what image comes to your mind
if I ask you to imagine yourself right now holidaying
in the Greek islands?

The Greek islands decorate
the blue waters of the Aegean between Greece and Turkey. 1,400 different ways
to live the dream. And a 4.5-hour ferry ride or 45-minute flight from
the Greek capital, Athens, is one of the most romantic islands
on earth - Santorini.

Santorini IS romance, whether it's
the island's fairytale backstreets, mythical sunsets
or dramatic landscapes. It's as if Aphrodite herself
came here and created this place for couples to come and...
you know what I mean.

Every year, Santorini makes lists
from around the world as one of the top five most
desirable destinations
for honeymooners, and it's easy to see why.

About 3,500 years ago, a massive volcano eruption
tore the island apart, re-forming it into these
spectacular cliff tops surrounding an underwater caldera. So when it comes to getting
each other into the mood, the views here are breathtaking.

Now, fellas, by choosing Santorini
in the first place, you're already ahead of the game. But, remember, her first taste
of how deep your love really is lies with the room.